Top Pick: Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus

If you’re looking to buy the best affordable mattress for under $500, but don’t want to perform your own long research, then just go for this one.

We recommend Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus as our first choice after extensive research.

The Best affordable mattress is essential when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. In addition, buying new mattress may be quite a challenge. The cost of foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, or hybrid mattresses (coils and foam) keeps many people from buying them. In today’s world, mattresses can be purchased online for less but that does not mean that you will get a better mattress; they are often uncomfortable, sag, and appear excessive over time.

Our attention was drawn to this option because it cost not more than $400. In our office, we tested the five top candidates for a week. Adaptive Copper Cooling Mattress by Zinus is my recommendation for the best affordable mattress on the basis of the factors I mentioned above.

Pick of The Week

Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus

Mattresses less than $400

The combination of springy foam and memory foam makes Adaptive Hybrid Copper beds so comfortable, high-quality, and without looking cheap. Though it offers decent motion isolation, its edge support is only mediocre.

The best affordable mattresses under $400 featured memory foam as a common feature. The coil layer does however have a hint of springiness. The medium-firmness of the mattress makes it a great mattress for back, stomach, or side sleepers. Both the home and office tests were won by the Adaptive Hybrid Copper. In addition to the generous a hundred-night money back guarantee (when purchased through Zinus), the company offers a flexible 30-day return policy.

Also Great

Memory Foam Best Price by Green Tea

Firm(Medium) Mattress with a Firm Feel

For back-sleepers, Memory Foam(Green Tea) may offer a firmer, more supportive feel. This mattress does not have as much durability as our top picks, despite its good edge support and motion isolation.

It is good choice for back sleepers and those who prefer a firmer mattress. It’s firmer than a medium-firm mattress. Though this mattress sinks a bit more than other models we tested, it still feels like it’s nestled in. Furthermore, Green Tea Foam(Memory) provides a high level of comfort. This mattress is lighter and smaller than other under $500 picks, so it might not last as long. Regardless of whether you choose to test Best cost Mattress, its 10-year limited warranty makes it an attractive option for those seeking a free period for trial.

Also Great

Foam Mattresses (Memory) by Classic Brands

Memory Foam Mattress That’s Plusher and Softer

The Classic mattress was topped off with soft foam, which was very comfortable, but also susceptible to tearing over time.

This is the reasons why Classic Brands are considered some of the firmest and most comfortable mattresses in the market at this price range. There is nothing like this mattress (best affordable mattress) for a softer and better sleeping experience. However, its soft top may be comfortable, but it is not as durable or as motion-isolating as our picks. Mattresses come with a ten year warranty and can be trialed at third-party retailers.

Our Choice

Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus

For Under Less than $400

Featuring both the comfort and bounce of a spring mattress, this mattress combines both comfort and bounce. Regarding edge support and motion isolation, there are no surprises.

Also Great

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

– A Firm and Supportive Mattress

There is no doubt that a supportive and firm mattress will be the best one for back sleepers. Compared with the others for the price, the mattress provides better edge support, however its durability may be a little questionable.

Also Great

Foam Mattress with Gel Coolant from Classic Brands

More Cushioned and Softer Memory Foam

While Classic Brands mattresses are generally quite comfy, their foam tops raise durability concerns.

The Best Way to Buy a low cost Mattress

For these guide, we selected a queen mattress that costs around $400-500 (although mattress prices fluctuate). In fact, 70,000 Amazon reviews of these mattresses as of this writing have been posted, making them the most famous mattresses in Amazon (along with the best affordable models). As a result of trying mattresses over the years, we have discovered that expensive mattresses are not often durable. Where does the value of cheap mattresses come from?

In these price range, foam mattresses are more common than innersprings. Low-cost mattresses tend to get made with lower-quality foams and polyfoams, and are unlikely to be contoured or cooled. Polyester and poly-jacquard were the most commonly used mattress covers under $500.

Mattresses that are priced in the budget range usually use foams that are less expensive. A few people find this to be concerning.

Mattresses that are cheap (and cheapest) are generally firmer than mattresses that cost more. There were no softer mattresses among the nine we tested. Mattresses usually have firmer foam in their construction to make them appear more luxurious. Almost all of the beds we recommend more than $1,000, including Saatva Classic and the Loom and Leaf, have only one firmness setting.

Investing in a mattress made with high quality materials will likely outlast mattresses made from cheaper materials. According to Stephen Carr, a University of Northwestern professor, budget mattresses need less durable foams. Each bubble in memory foam is separated by a thin membrane, and that’s why it is not an open-cell foam. When the foam of a mattress is low quality, the membranes may break easily, affecting integrity of the mattress over time.

There was less information provided by affordable mattress companies about how their mattresses are made than by more expensive mattress companies, making assessing their quality challenging. We only found mattresses with different foam densities at AmazonBasics, IKEA and Best cost Mattress.

Top Recommendations

The Best Way To Buy a Mattress

  • Learn what to look for when buying a mattress that you will enjoy sleeping in every night.

To meet the flammability requirements, inexpensive foam mattresses often contain fiberglass (a fire-resistant component). After reading reviews by customers in mattresses of this range, we discovered that some owners complained of irritation on the skin after opening the cover. Covers can generally be put back on (even if they have zippers), so long as they aren’t damaged or removed.

There is also a problem with cheap foam mattresses. Unlike memory foam, polyurethane foam hydrolyzes when moist (like moisture from air/sweat). As a result of this chemical reaction, urea is the primary component of urine. Rather than using foam additives to curb hydrolysis, Carr believes inexpensive mattresses may use shortcuts. After sleeping for some time in your bed, you may smell urine.

You may also lose valuable customer service when you buy cheap mattresses. During the research and writing for this article, I couldn’t get in touch with many mattress company consumer service lines. It has happened at least once to me to be disconnected while waiting for a call to come through. In order to ensure that their customers are satisfied, full-service mattress companies, often receive much better ratings for their service. A few firms, like Zinus, offer free trials of their mattresses, though most do not. The company will refund all purchases made on its website in 30 days from the purchase date. On Amazon, you can find a wide array of affordable mattresses.

The vast majority of mattresses that we tested are comfortable despite the fact that only a few of them are from cheap manufacturers. However, some people might feel the same way (as I did) with the more expensive Novaform ComfortGrande (about $600 without sales) which is the company favorite memory foam mattress below $1,000. Depending on your budget, what you need, and how much you can tolerate, will determine your price range. If you are looking at mattresses at this cost level, you can likely get good ones (although your experience will depend on how you build, your preferences, and your needs).

Our Choice

Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus

Cheap Mattresses Under $400

By combining a springy feel with the comfort and suppleness of memory foam, the Copper Adaptive Hybrid mattress feels substantial, but not cheap. However, it struggles to isolate motion and support edges.

  • For whom it is intended. In this 12-inch mattress from Zinus, the foam is soft, but has a slight springy feel so it’s comforting for people who prefer sleeping in all positions.
  • What it feels like. Mattresses of this type are medium-firm.
  • What makes it great. Although it seemed that the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid was made from foam, I could tell it was made from foam and springs from the moment I stretched out on it. My tests of the Copper Cooling Adaptive Hybrid mattresses showed that it was the most adaptable. Though it provided some sinkage, it remained springy, allowing movement without being restricted.
  • The company won’t disclose the density of its foam. This is the heaviest inexpensive mattresses we reviewed, because it weighs 10412 pounds as well as having 588 coils (it may have been constructed using denser, stronger foams than others on our list). This mattress’ cooling copper coils make it more resistant than memory foam.

My apartment was greatly improved by the Copper Hybrid (Adaptive). The mattress did not soften when I tested it. In addition, I liked it when I was sleeping on it, rather than when I was working on it. A medium to firm copper (cooling) mattress (I weigh 185 lbs and am 5’9″) provided excellent pressure relief even though I normally prefer very soft mattresses. This mattress, though covered in a poly-jacquard fabric, has a more elevated feel thanks to the quilting. Sleeping with the top is said to be cool. On these mattress, I did not feel particularly cool, but I did not get hot either. A layer of copper as well as green tea is supposed to prevent bacteria from breeding on Zinus’ cover, but that does not sound antimicrobial to us. Even though they employ a variety of cooling technologies, they rarely seem to reduce the room temperature noticeably.

There are very few mattresses in this price range that offer a longer free trial period. You should know that the 30-day return policy is applicable if you purchase the mattress from Amazon.

  • Not a deal breaker, but has flaws. This cooling adaptive hybrid (copper) is the most luxurious mattresses I’ve ever owned; however, the two mattresses on either side aren’t as supportive of the edge and are less isolation when it comes to movement. Foam mattresses, which are usually cheaper, tend not to isolate motion as well as mattresses made of hard materials. In spite of being on edge, I did not feel threatened or propped up in any way.

As of yet, none of the Zeros representatives have been able to inform us of the foam’s density or the dimensions regarding the foam. Moreover, Zenus has a low rating from the Business Bureau (Better), and at the time of this writing, the average consumer rating is 1.2 out of 5, making it the lowest rating among all mattresses.

Mid 2020 saw 28 Amazon reviews with a rating between one and four stars. I found it more comfortable at home than at work since I slept better on it at homes after lightly breaking it in than at work despite being too firm at first. (I found it too firm before breaking it in; I found it too soft after doing so.)

Also Great

Memory Foam Mattress at The Best Price

Mattresses used by Back Sleepers that Are Medium-Firm

This mattress is ideal for back layers, as Green Tea Foam is firmer and less spongy. Even though the durability of this mattress isn’t as good as our subsequent picks, it provides better edge support and motion isolation.

  • It’s for who. Sleepers who sleep while on their stomachs or backs will benefit from this size mattress. Still, a side-sleeper will be somewhat comfortable on the mattress despite that.
  • What it feels like. It’s a good description of this mattress to say it’s medium-firm.
  • Here’s why it’s great. As a foam mattress, this one feels dense and supports edges well while isolating motions. All mattresses that I tried provided my spine with the most support when sleeping on the back with the Green Tea Memory Foam mattress. Foam mattresses tested by us do not compare to this mattress in terms of size or durability, and the price tag does not suggest an inexpensive product.

The best mattress suitable for back sleeping individuals, both our guide and our list, are medium-firm mattresses, which provide them with support and cushioning while they sleep on their backs. It offers a similar level of edge and motion support to those of our picks under $400 in our review. Cloud’s memory foam felt firmer than that of Best cost Mattress’ Green Memory Foam. This memory foam mattress was very supportive and fit surprisingly well, even though some others sank deeper. While sleeping into my home, I was comfortable with the Best cost Mattress. Soft mattresses cannot compare to its comfort.

We will eventually infuse green tea into the top layer of memory foam. Green tea doesn’t relieve stress as well as copper hybrid cooling. There are probably going to be similar updates to the updated version.

A poly-jacquard base sock adorns Best affordable mattresss Green Tea Foam, which is loosely shaped to cradle the mattress. In comparison with the Zinus Copper Hybrid(Adaptive) cover, this looks cheap.

  • Not a deal breaker, but has flaws.  When I lay on the side instead of my back on the Green Memory Foam, I didn’t feel the same pressure relief as I did when I slept on my back. Sleeping on your back, stomach, or stomach would suit this model better than sleeping on your side.

The mattress’ foam density was provided by Best cost Mattress, which isn’t the case with many other companies. Based on these statistics, there is a high risk of a mattress sagging or being indented by the body. Approximately 212 inches of memory foam are on top, followed by 3 inches of 3-inch perforated polyfoam, along with a base of 612 inches of foam. Those under 100 kilograms should consider a memory foam layer containing at least three pounds/cubic foot and a polyfoam layer containing no less than 2 pounds/foot in our mattress guide. An all-foam Best Price Mattress that weighs 65 pounds differs from a traditional Classic Brands mattress by 20 pounds.

It is rated F by the Better Bureau for Business (despite the fact that it only has two complaints go on) based on criticisms that went unanswered by the company. Depending on where one purchased the mattress, Best Price Mattress has different return policies.

Only 11 four-star Amazon reviews were included in our sample for mid 2020, and feedback from Amazon sellers did not reveal any trends. The most common complaint throughout all reviews concerned the mattress’ firmness.

Also Great

Memory foam beds by Classic Brands

Memory Foam that Is Softer and More Cushioned

Classic Brands mattresses featured a foam top that provided very comfortable sleeping, but many people were concerned about durability.

  • Its purpose.  Gel memory foam mattresses from Classic Brands feature a cushier top, but still provide overall support for any other type of sleep. Those who sleep on their sides especially benefit from pressure relief.
  • What it feels like.  Medium mattresses are available.
  • What makes it great.  Definitely the most cushiony of the foam mattresses I tried it for the guide, the Classic Brands Gel Memory (Cool) Foam should offer best pressure relief to those who sleep on their sides.

When you sit on the edge of this mattress, you can tell that it does not provide good edge support. When you’re lying down, you won’t feel like you’re sliding off.

The Classic Brands mattress is more luxurious than the top affordable mattresses we tested. It does not feel like a mattress only made for sleeping; a slab of foam was turned into a comfortable bed. As compared to most other cheap mattresses, this mattress was far more nuanced and cushioned. The plushness of the blanket and the way it hugged me, without too much pressure, gave me an ahhh feeling when lying on it.

The queen-sized Cool Gel Foam mattress weighed the most out of all the foam mattresses we weighed in our testing. As a result, this mattress provides longer-lasting comfort and could last longer than many foam mattresses at the same price.

Classic Brands provided the best customer service I have ever experienced (and their hold music was one of the most catchy I’ve ever heard). A representative of mine emailed us the warranty information when I contacted him about the warranty.

Not a deal breaker, but has some flaws. A mattress with a softer top layer is more prone to indentation and sagging. In addition to the cushy top, the mattress had a decent edge support. It seemed as if there was no extra support for the bed, so I was somewhat concerned about falling off. We found that it scored below average on our motion isolation test compared to other cheap mattresses, such as Zinus’ cooling copper adaptive hybrid mattress and Best Price Mattress. While Best Price’s other picks’ top layers appear more dense, ours appeared to be less dense and loose to us, despite the fact that Best Price’s was more dense.

Twelve high-quality reviewers rated the mattress from one to four stars in the second half of 2020. Besides being too firm or too firm, eight people complained about its softness, plushness, or firmness. Although comfort and preference are highly subjective, it is important to understand them both.

Tests and Evaluations of the Best Affordable Mattresses

This guide involves evaluating around 24 cheap mattresses based on the same criteria we use when recommending foam, hybrids, and innerspring mattresses. Our criteria are as follows:

  • Durability. We generally recommend that memory foam mattresses be at least 3 pounds per cubic foot and non-memory polyfoam mattresses be at least 1.8 pounds per cubic foot if you plan to buy our mattress guide. Density information was not provided to us for this guide by mattress manufacturers. Weight, thickness, and number of layers of foam are measured when determining how substantial a mattress is. We also assessed how many coils there were in addition to the number of springs. For innerspring mattresses to be comfortable and supportive, their coil count needs to reach 500.
  • The trial period is free. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, you can return it to the company and get your refund. There are fewer 90 – 100 night trials when compared to mattresses in higher price ranges. You will learn how long your trial period is when you sign up with Classic Brands.
  • Warranty. With more expensive brands, it is difficult to find a mattress with a longer warranty, which is not the case with mattresses in this price range. The companies we tested stand behind their products, at least nominally, so we didn’t test mattresses with warranties under 10 years.

Customer treatment was not considered in our final decision. In comparison with other mattress sellers, the quality of customer treatment was poor. After several minutes on hold, several of the firms I contacted didn’t offer any information, including the density of the mattress’ foam. Better Bureau (Business) ratings are poor for a few companies. Mattresses that are cheaper typically offer limited customization and customer service.

Our top pick, Novaform ComfortGrande, was one of nine memory foam mattresses we tested. Most Novaform mattresses that cost $600 for the queen can be compared to the features of cheaper models. The mattresses I evaluated over 2 days in our office were compared and evaluated by us. As a result of the Ebola pandemic, we were unable to conduct a blind collective test. I worked on my iPhone. My first assessment was done by member of operations, who covered all mattresses in bedbug covers and put them under white fitted sheets, labeling them with letters so as I could not tell the brands apart. Prior to testing any mattress for the first time, I made sure to thoroughly research each brand/model.

The number 1 pick of mine is not the same as number 4 pick, despite comparing as well as ranking them multiple times. My weight and height affected what I perceived as sink and firmness. If you consider my opinion, you are better off coming to your own conclusion.

The Competition

As a result of its affordability, we considered it one of our top picks for budget foam mattresses in the past. Since the mattress was tested in 2018, these changes have significantly increased its firmness. Best cost Mattress was now compared with it. As Zinus has added most foam to base layer, the foam appears to be thicker and denser. It had a low response rate, a slow sink rate, and was pretty huggy, making it hard to change positions.

Zinus Green Memory(Tea) Foam performed exceptionally well during our testing, providing both excellent edge support and motion isolation. It may not be the best fit with your sleep style or you might not like its unique feel, as this mattress is considered among the most comfortable in the industry.

The Gel Foam mattress(Memory) was the least expensive and least comfortable mattress I chose in the house test. We were able to change positions with ease because of motion isolation and edge support. I slept using it for one week and found it to be relatively uncomfortable. In comparison with memory foam, this foam is incredibly resilient and sinks very little. On the firm side of medium to firm, this foam is quite firm. It weighs 82 pounds (as do Classic Brands), but it falls towards the heavier end of the scale for heaviness, and its other features seem the same as its Classic Brands counterparts. We offer much better customer service and more comfortable options. Additionally, Classic Brands makes an excellent customer service program in addition to its Cool Gel Foam (Memory).

Other Affordable Mattresses Include

  1. Memory foam with gel-filled core from Amazon Basics.  Foam densities for Amazon’s mattresses have only been revealed by the company. Foam is the top layer, followed by polyfoam in the middle, with a layer of gel foam sitting in between. Motion isolation is decent, but it’s not particularly comfortable (but it doesn’t seem to be padded around the edges). Testers observed a rather flat mattress and felt more like they were sleeping on a slab on foam.
  2. Haugesund IKEA. Compared to the Linenspa Hybrid Plush (Memory) mattress, the Haugesund is not comparable. When I was a child lying on Haugesund, I experienced the same sensation as if I had been sleeping on an innerspring twin mattress. Haugesund mattresses are lightweight, bounce well, are edge-supported, and offer excellent motion isolation despite being basic innerspring mattresses. While the Zinus copper (cooling)hybrid mattress has fewer coils, it has an additional two foam layers for added comfort. We found the Haugesund to be thinner and have less foam than some of the mattresses that we tested, which totaled 9.5 inches. The IKEA Hesstun is an excellent option if you need a traditional coiled mattress at a very reasonable price.
  3. Plush Linenspa Hybrid.  Among our highest expectations was the Amazon bestseller Linenspa Hybrid Plush(Memory). When I sat on the ten inch mattress, I noticed it bulged out and was twisted so badly that I was concerned the frame would crack. The mattress felt uncomfortable when I leaned back onto it. Neither the top nor the springs provided any relief to pressure (and may in fact have worsened the situation). The twelve inch version could not be tested, so we cannot guarantee a better experience.
  4. Memory Foam by Zinus Cloud.  Cloud Foam(Memory) was a wonderful 12-inch mattress, quite firm and supportive at the edge of the bed. It was almost as though I was sleeping on carpet since there was no give in the mattress. Compared to the other best affordable mattresses, I didn’t enjoy lying on it.