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Top Pick: Air Mattress by Sound Asleep (Queen)

If you’re looking for Best Air Mattress, but don’t want to perform long research, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Air Mattress by Sound Asleep (Queen) as our first choice.

Are you in the market for an air mattress that won’t break the bank? If so, you’ll want to check out our top picks for the best air mattresses for money in 2022. These air mattresses are affordable and will provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep no matter where you are. Whether you’re on vacation or at home, these mattresses will have you sleeping soundly and without any of the uncomfortable pressure points that other beds may cause. So if you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable way to sleep, be sure to take a look at our top picks!

SoundAsleep Dream Series has been tested and proven to be the best air mattress out of seven. It’s a great choice to purchase a motorized bed which includes a bed-like sleep surface, a powerful built-in pump, and a warranty.

Our Choice

Air Mattress by Sound Asleep (Queen)

Certainly One of the Best of This Kind.

Our five-year experience with SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattresses has convinced us it will last for a long time. As compared to other mattresses, you won’t hear it as much with SoundAsleep. While it’s not completely silent, it is quieter than other mattresses. During our testing, we found that this mattress is among the most comfortable we’ve ever used (it didn’t deflate dramatically over night, which is beneficial for back support), and it can be inflated to the firmness you want. As the platform got higher, it became easier to climb compared to its cheaper competitors. There are twin, queen, and king mattresses available in this collection. Its built-in pump was louder than those of other mattress motors that we tested, so it will be suitable for people worried about waking sleeping partners or children (or if you are sensitive to noise). There is a one-year warranty on this pump and responsive customer support in the event of a malfunction. 


Airbed with Built-in Pump by Coleman

Offers Comfort and Convenience

Despite offering the same level of comfort and affordability as other (best air mattresses), Coleman’s mattress was easier and cheaper to purchase. Despite its lower price, the SoundAsleep mattress comes with a height of 18 inches and a built-in pump similar to this one. The customer service at Coleman is excellent as well. A significant difference between SoundAsleep and Coleman is its quick-release valve. It is better to buy SoundAsleep, even though this one is less expensive. Furthermore, Coleman’s pump produces more noise and does not have a cord storage slot, which could negatively affect its reliability. It took quite some time for the smell of the mattress to dissipate on our bedding after opening it. A queen and twin size Coleman is available.


Our Pick

First Runner-Up

Airbed with Built-In Pump, Coleman Support Rest Elite

Extremely Comfortable

In comparison to other air mattresses, the Coleman air mattress was just as comfortable but more affordable. Although the pump is very loud, you cannot escape the odor of plastic when you remove this mattress from its bag.

Cheap air mattresses are obvious – whether they leak slowly or their pumps sputter mid-air as soon as they are inflated. Air Mattress by Sound Asleep is the result of sound research and testing on seven air mattresses. Its bed-like surface, built-in pump, and long warranty make it a reasonable choice for guests.

Our Pick

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress (Queen)

The Best Air Mattress

SoundAsleep mattresses scored highest on comfort, owner satisfaction and customer service in our tests. It is rarely possible to tell whether one air mattress holds air better than another, but after testing Air Mattress by Sound Asleep for five years, we’re confident in its durability. It’s easy to control the inflation level, especially with adjustable air mattresses (they don’t deflate as much at night and have excellent back support). You can easily climb onto this mattress because it is taller than less expensive air mattresses because it comes in twin, queen, and king sizes. Our evaluation found that SoundAsleep’s pump(built-in) is significantly quieter than other motors in mattresses, so it could be helpful if you are sensitive with noise (or want to sleep with your children). SoundAsleep also provides one-year warranty coverage and responsive service for customer in the event that the pump stops working or the mattress leaks.

Runner-Up Among Best Air Mattresses

A Double-High Airbed from Coleman

Features Comfort and Convenience

Inflating and deflating an air bed like this is fast and cheaper than using another type. The Coleman SoundAsleep, which costs less and has a pump built in, has several similarities with the SoundAsleep. A copy of this article cost $105 at the time of publication. Amazon currently has it for $141. With this sleeping bag, you can easily open the quick-release valve. It is the best air mattress when compared to the SoundAsleep. We aren’t sure how long Coleman’s pump will last because it is noisier and doesn’t have a cord storage compartment. After opening the box, we noticed an immediate plasticky smell. There are two sizes of Coleman: twin and queen.

Our Choice

SoundAsleep Air Mattress

Air Mattress You Can Rely On

In our tests, the SoundAsleep mattress was the most comfortable, had the best consumer service, and was the most owner-satisfying.


Double High Coleman Airbed with Pump in the SupportRest Elite

Providing Comfort and Convenience

In addition to being cheaper and easier to inflate as well as deflate than other air mattresses, the Coleman mattress offers a similar feel to other air mattresses. Despite its louder pump, the mattress smells somewhat plasticky after it is opened.

When temporarily moving into a new place, it is most convenient for you to use an air mattress (either for your guests or yourself). You won’t be able to sleep on a real bed (or even use the normal sheets), when you don’t have an air mattress. An air mattress is similar to a futon, a camping pad, or a folding cot in terms of height and size. As a result, there will be a corresponding compact deflation. When it comes to using an air mattress, it is necessary to use it once every two weeks at most. When it comes to sleeping on a mattress, a foam mattress may be superior to an air mattress if the primary consideration is the feel of the mattress rather than its storage capability.

Recommendations for Affordable Mattresses

Where to Buy Memory Mattresses (Foam) Online

As part of Mattress Reviews’ ongoing testing, we have analyzed how thousands of air mattresses work as well as requested expert recommendations for putting together memory foam mattresses on the market today.

Things to Get Prepared for in New Mattresses

Even if it is well made or how expensive the air mattress may be, it cannot replace real mattress. Using a mattress as a primary bed will void warranty (and most mattresses cannot be used continuously for that purpose). Make sure that new mattresses don’t leak air and deflate substantially overnight (this is normal for new mattresses). In case of issues, you should contact the manufacturer right away, and if the product is still within its warranty period, get a replacement. In our maintenance and care section, you can learn more about air mattress care.

How We Select Candidates

The test models we tested did not provide as much comfort as real beds, but some were better than others.

Our Experience Testing the Air Mattresses from 2014 Has Shown that These Factors Set Apart Good Air Mattresses for Domestic Use:

Pump with an electric motor built in. Pumps with attachments don’t require an additional item to store (or find). It is possible to inflate as well as deflate as fast and as efficiently as possible. The synthetic powered or manually operated pumps are not required if you’re using a mattress indoors, near an outlet. Campers can benefit from manual or battery-operated air mattresses. Additionally, sleep pads are better suited for camping than air mattresses. It took several hours to inflate as well as deflate the air mattresses.

An acceptable sleeping surface. Despite their lack of comfort, air mattresses do need to be inflated before each successive sleep even when they aren’t as luxurious as real mattresses. The air is thought to be evenly distributed through the interior constructions (such as air chambers and coils). If the mattress is leaky, your body may still be constrained even if the bed was attractively designed. You should not feel excessive shaking or rattling when lying on a mattress or pump. In order to make getting in and out of bed easier, air mattresses must have a height of at least 18 inches. About the height of this type of mattress is a mattress on a boxspring on the ground.

An adequate warranty and good consumer service. There is no guarantee that air mattresses will last. As we have seen, thick vinyl cannot be completely free of leaks or tears. In the last five years, four air mattresses have died, according to Wirecutter’s deputy editor. Amazon reviews also follow a similar pattern. The Review site for sleep products Sleep Like The Dead stated that air mattresses should last for one to four years if used regularly, and between one and two years if used occasionally. The chances of the air mattress malfunctioning are virtually nonexistent, so it is essential to purchase one from the company offering a warranty on both the mattress and pump as well as responsive consumer service. Since air mattresses are seldom used, we were able to find a one-year warranty on air mattresses. Considering the short warranty period, we believe that it is not sufficient for protecting against unforeseeable defects. There are fewer guarantees and good consumer service options with cheap air mattresses. Rather than spending so much money on an air mattress, especially a very expensive one, many of these come with extras, such as metal and foam toppers.

Sleep Like The Dead and Amazon products were narrowed down based on their prices, ratings, and warranties. Additionally, we contacted each store’s customer service department, either by telephone or email, to find out how quickly they responded to customer complaints regarding broken mattresses, and how they handled them.

A few of the brands we have tried in the past included SoundAsleep, Coleman and Intex. Apart from SoundAsleep and Coleman SupportRest, there were several other options retested. Several mattress types were considered including King Koil with inbuilt pumps and AeroBed with a touch pump.

One/two mattresses may be used by each family member at night. Three factors were taken into consideration when evaluating this mattress: comfort, air loss, and ease of inflation and deflation. A twin mattress can be up to 280 pounds in weight, but there were no limitations on its size. Our research involved comparing warranty periods between companies, contacting customer service, and comparing how quickly broken mattresses were repaired.

We tried four twin-sized air mattresses by placing 150 pounds on them for two nights, and then letting the air under the mattresses remain. We found by weighing air mattresses overnight and sleeping on the mattresses provided the most reliable measure of their durability. We could use this method to see if the mattresses flooded, while it would be uncomfortable. We tested the comfort of each bed both during and immediately after the deflation test.

Our Choice

Sleep Sound Air Mattress

A Best Air Mattress

In our tests, we compared it to others and found that SoundAsleep had the most quiet motor. In comparison with other air mattresses, A series of SoundAsleep Dreams provides superior comfort, performance, and customer service. The mattress is well worth the price because of its quality as well as lacking extras.

The sound sleeping mattress took just two minutes to expand to its fullest extent. The mattress was neither the fastest nor the shortest in the world. Motorized pumps are also more quiet than others in our testing, making them ideal for late-night mattress inflations (or for firmness adjustment without disturbing others). Compared to mattresses that have a specific setting, SoundAsleep’s mattress offers an easier way to adjust inflation. This makes it easier to achieve the perfect firmness. In addition to the quick deflation, we were impressed with how compact the SoundAsleep mattress is.

We have never experienced anything as comfortable as an air mattress as SoundAsleep. Unlike some of the other mattresses we tested, our air mattress didn’t lose air as we slept. A top-up was not necessary after two consecutive nights, in contrast to competing mattresses like the King Koil. As long as SoundAsleep mattresses are inflated to 19 inches long (twin beds are 18 inches long), they are similar to box spring mattresses. Since this mattress is longer, getting in and out of it is easier than short air mattresses.When two people sleep in the same bed, the mattress creaks and jiggles more than if just one person sleeps in it. In addition to the SoundAsleep, you may also need to add a mattress topper or padding for additional insulation and cushioning. Study participants reported that they slept comfortably the following day without feeling stiff or sore.

They are made from plastic and feature a fabric top that is flocked and velvety. It feels softer, however, than plastic-covered air mattress. The mattress is deep that fitted sheets won’t fit snugly, but deep sheets might have helped (we didn’t test deep sheets).

The warranty of SoundAsleep lasts for one year. The first year after you purchase your mattress, SoundAsleep will repair or replace it free of charge if it leaks or has a coil fail in the inner layer. If the mattress is defective, according to an employee of SoundAsleep, you may need to simply email or mail it back. SoundAsleep says the responsibility of paying for shipping usually does not fall to the customer. Although they requested receipts and pictures, the experience was similar to Coleman.

Compared to more than 31,000 other best air mattresses, these are the ones with the most reviews (4.4 out of 5 stars). The majority of competitors had less than a thousand reviews.

Notes on Long-Term Testing of Best Air Mattresses

SoundAsleep puts customer satisfaction first. Their performance always exceeds expectations. After an accident in which Harry Sawyers’ mattress leaked at the pump, a manufacturer agreed to repair the mattress, even though it was out of warranty.

In addition to its size, Sawyers appreciates the ability to fit a folded mattress inside this bag with ease, which is a very practical feature. When inflating a mattress, a number of factors must be considered. He underinflated his tires even though he thought they were fully inflated. Fill the mattress entirely and slowly release the air until it feels firm enough. We filled up our mattress in about two minutes, instead of the 412 minutes claimed by the company. The mattress cannot be overinflated since air won’t be allowed into it by the motor. A motor that has stopped immediately shuts off so as to prevent overheating, then does not turn on for nearly half an hour.

Also Great

Coleman’s Support Rest Elite Airbed Hasaa Inbuilt Pump

Provides Comfort and Convenience

In addition to being the best air mattress, Coleman’s are also cheaper to purchase and inflate than others. Upon removing this mattress from its bag, it smells plasticky and its pump is very noisy.

It’s slightly cheaper than SoundAsleep also it has a inbuilt pump, a bed profile of 18 inches, flocked PVC cover, and the bed is 18 inches wide. Compared to other mattresses, this one had a noisier motor, and its material was more strongly scented after it was opened. Our main pick would likely cost you between $20 and $30 more (depending on the size).

Although the Coleman air mattress inflates very quickly (just a minute), it sleeps flat during the night. Our only other recommendation is the SoundAsleep. (unlike SoundAsleep, it requires pumping for deflation before packing). If you wish to store your equipment in a more compact way, you should still use the pump. While Coleman does not offer a cable storage cubby, SoundAsleep does. Using web chat, we were able to receive assistance within minutes of contacting Coleman. The receipt and photos of the damage must be provided along with the claim.

There were 250 reviews on Amazon for the Coleman mattress, while 900 reviews were written for the Coleman twin mattress. Although SoundAsleep has fewer 5-star reviews (31) than our top pick, it still has around the same number as our top pick. It has been my sleeping partner for five years, and I recommend it to everyone. Continuing to test Coleman will allow us to find out how well it held up. Compared with our other mattresses, the Coleman had a stronger plastic smell. The sheets (which once stank of plastic) have lasted a little longer this year.

Maintaining an Air Mattress

It is recommended that air mattresses be cleaned by water and mild soap, then allowed to air dry. The material(PVC) on your air mattress might bend after the first time it is filled with air. In addition to extreme temperature swings, air mattresses can also susceptible to excessive humidity. The basement or garage are probably inappropriate places for storing your air mattress. If you discover a leak on your mattress, follow the following instructions.

What to Expect

Any of our picks doesn’t come in full-size. Despite its size, a queen bed does not offer enough room to fit both a fitted and flat sheet. It is most reliable to order air mattresses from Intex and AeroBed (52 inches wide). It comes with a one-year warranty. The PremAire I Elevated Airbed with Full Dura-Beam and an Internal Pump has a one-year warranty. Periodically, parts become unavailable. Intex air mattresses can be recommended if they are available. Despite using Aerobed for several years, we were not pleased with its low quality and high cost. If they meet our requirements, we will continue looking for full-sized air mattresses.


We earlier recommended eBay’s Coleman GuestRest as the best air mattress (which Target sells). In the same way as the SupportRest, it lacked an integrated pump and the holding bag. The Coleman GuestRest with External Pump was not tested before the update to this guide was published due to the ease of using internal pumps. (Coleman also offers mattresses without a pump.) In the past, we have reviewed mattresses without pumps, but here at WeGotReview, we are reviewing two King Koil models that lost air overnight.

It was difficult for tall people to lie on the mattress because you were near the end of it with the pillow. As the cord is only accessible from one direction for this mattress, the electrical outlet is not accessible. Another comfort pump that we found useful was a one-touch one. As a result, the taller mattresses were harder to enter and exit. Our mattress took two minutes to inflate even when we remained on the bed the entire time.

SoundAsleep manufactures a mattress with similar features, the Insta-Bed Raised Mattress with EverFlat Pump. Rather than functioning as an inflation and deflation mechanism, the traditional pump functions as an air pump. A filling can be either firm, medium, or plush. Those who enjoy adjusting settings may enjoy presets, while those who prefer presets may not. You can rehydrate the mattress overnight with the secondary NeverFlat pump on the Insta-Bed. A slight buzz can be heard when the pump is in standby mode, whether it is plugged in or unplugged (regardless of whether it is plugged in or unplugged).

There are many seams on a pump, raising the chances of a leak in the pipework. Pillow rests range from about 1612mm tall to the ones we used. It was not possible to place the cable near an outlet, as with the King Koil. The product comes with a warranty of 90 days. Other options are also available, but many of them cost too much money, have unnecessary additions (such as a bed frame and skirt), or don’t share their warranty information with you.

The information provided above is done by our experts specifically guided to give you information about the best air mattresses available.