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Top Pick: Flatweaves Area Rugs

This is the best area rug you can buy if you’re looking forward to buying one but don’t have time to research it.

Our first recommendation is Flatweaves Area Rugs, following extensive research.

Having the best area rugs not only brings out the best ambiance of the room but also gives your living area a cozy feeling. As a result, rugs are great for covering unsightly floors, preventing you from hearing your downstairs neighbor, or just adding a bit of warmth to your living space without spending a lot of money. As we browsed the internet for hundreds of budget rugs, we interviewed experts and tested rugs with panelists over another 60 hours. Thirteen of the 42 rugs we looked at were available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Every situation can be handled by a rug, whether a flat-woven rug, a high-pile rug, or a low-pile rug.

During the search process, we kept the focus mainly on 8-by-10-foot-size rugs priced at a price range of $500 or less. Our tests found that flatwoven best area rugs often outperform those with higher piles, while polypropylene rugs outperform cotton rugs in terms of durability. As a result, nylon rugs are recommended within this price range.

Even if you do not fall in love with any of the rugs included in the guide, there is enough information here to lead you in the right direction. Whether you are on the lookout for a rug that is high traffic or low-traffic, professional designers, like ourselves, can offer advice on the kinds of rugs, sizes, and patterns that will work best in each environment.

Our Choices on Best Area Rugs

The best area rugs should feel good under our feet and we made sure to choose rugs that fulfilled that requirement. In spite of our differences of opinion, we did agree that certain rugs were beautifully designed, and others just looked like ugly prints, which might have been hidden by their design. The products we selected, many of which passed the staining and clawing tests, performed exceptionally well. In our guide, we’ve compiled a list of the top rugs based on the performance they obtained in our test, the rooms where they looked the best, and the shipping costs when you purchase a rug online.

1. Flatweaves

As flatweave rugs have no pile, they do not consist of fibers that stick up. The budget rugs mentioned here are perfect for a large area or for a location with a high traffic volume. Flatwoven rugs are generally less expensive than rugs with pile, and are considerably easier to keep up over time compared to their pile-coated counterparts. In most cases, flatweaves can be cleaned by vacuuming or wiping easily. In addition, they don’t trap dirt like woven rugs do, and they are easier to maintain than pile rugs. It can even be machine-washed, for instance, a rug that is a rag rug. When stains occur they are often reversible once the stain is removed.

A rug with a flat weave is best suited for use in kitchens and dining rooms. These rugs can also be used as rugs for children’s play rooms. Soft pillows are also available that can be placed in the bedrooms in order to make them more comfortable. When you start with a flat weave, like a carpet, and then add a few smaller shag rugs or high pile rugs, the room will feel cozier and more comfortable.

By adding a thick rug pad to rugs that are cushioned, they can be made so comfortable that they can be used in a bedroom. It will feel like every bump in this rug’s construction is felt by your feet, if the rug is put on bare floors or over a thin anti-slip lining. It is important to use a thick, cushioned rug pad in order to minimize the impact of rough surfaces.

Flatweaves can slip and become hazardous if they don’t have a pad. Additionally, a rug of this type will not conceal bad stains like a higher-pile rug would.

2. Safavieh Rag

Is Washable and Inexpensive.

Suitable for. The kitchen and dining room

  • What makes it great. In spite of having some loose yarns or some wear spots on rugs, they still look good since they are machine washable and have a rustic appearance. A Safavieh rag rug features a handmade construction, feels comfortable underfoot, and comes in many different colors and sizes. The design conceals most small stain with variegated yarns. You can easily flip it over or wash it-though the larger versions might require a large washer at a laundromat. Having a cheap replacement option is at least an advantage if the device is really damaged. Our multicolored editor’s version of this rug has a few yarns pulling out slightly since 2015. Shannon washes her white dishtowel every two weeks to keep its color nice; I’ve been using the white one for a couple years now in the kitchen. It is possible that Amazon’s prices on Safavieh’s rugs are better, though the selection is not as large as Safavieh’s website. Walmart and Target also sell a version with a white center and a bold border in a variety of colors in addition to the version with a brightly colored border.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but some flaws. In spite of the fact that the rug is soft to the touch, it has a rougher texture and does not have a flat weave like most flat weaves. The pad we recommend for this rug should be thick as it is very soft. Choosing a rug size according to the size of your room can be tricky, and you may find that it shrinks over time. After washing a floor runner, one of our editors saw its length shrink by several inches. It is not surprising if the rug warped from the chairs and claws of the cat, because the weave of the rug is loose.

3. Hook & Loom Flatweave Eco-Cotton Rugs

Our Choice

For the Best Eco-Friendly Rug

What makes it great. Because of their interesting designs, these flatweaves were chosen by our testers as their favorites. Colors and patterns are most varied in this single line. However, despite their lack of pile, these rugs have a softer feel than most flatweaves. In comparison to our test rug, this rug felt less bumpy underfoot because of its tighter weave.

The flatweaves will not wear out immediately. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom have been tested with polyester and cotton blends since 2016. In her article, Jessica Probus noted that geometric patterns on these rugs disguise marks and stains. These products are ideal for spill-prone areas since they can be easily machine washed. Laundry of larger sizes is needed, however.

A flaw, but not a dealbreaker. Former employees of this company reported that a rug exhibited this problem initially. She was offered a refund and the rug could be kept by company officials who handled her complaint. After moving it to a less-trafficked area, she cleaned it a few times in her bedroom. It is possible that pilling will occur.

1. Dash & Albert Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug

A Subtle Pattern in A Neutral Color

Regardless of the room’s style, this rug’s attractive weaving pattern will bring texture and interest to any room without overpowering it. Graphite is a fine weave material, so minor stains will not be noticeable since it is so finely woven.

  • What makes it great. Overly loud or boring patterns characterize most rugs. Rugs woven with herringbone patterns by Dash & Albert strike a balance between being understated and interesting. A silky, neutral Navy and Cream will be elevated by neutral colors such as corals, stone, and dove gray. The herringbone pattern will also hide stains and marks. This rug offers a pleasant texture underfoot that feels nice underfoot, although it isn’t as soft as some others. We have received a lot of compliments about this rug from our editor with a child and dog, who says it is a durable option for him or her. Due to being in one of the busiest areas of the apartment, there are a few small snags here and there, but they don’t seem to be that noticeable. The design effectively hides dirt and stains, and the material is easily cleaned.”
  • Not a dealbreaker, but some flaws. Generally speaking, white rugs come in light colors. The item probably shouldn’t be used in rooms with high traffic or pets or children tracking dirt. The rug also costs more than most of the rugs we examined for this guide. The Dahs & Albert website recommends hand washing or having the rug professionally cleaned after it’s been washed and dried because rugs like this will shrink by 10%. To prevent slipping on flatwoven rugs, rug padding is recommended.

2. Safavieh Ramona

– Smooth, Reversible Flat Weave.

It is the least expensive and also one of the most comfortable rugs we have tested, out of a number of rugs we tested. The loose weave of the carpet will probably be destroyed by having cats in the house, which can lead to its wearing out quickly.

What makes it great. You get a softer rug feel from the Ramona Rug by Safavieh than from other flatwoven ones we tested, but it is also easier to vacuum than a rug with pile. Regardless of where you walk barefoot, you can wear it in your bedroom if you like. A wine spill that was not thoroughly cleaned did not distract from the olive pattern when we tested it, and the diamond pattern was very subtle but interesting.

Not a dealbreaker, but some flaws. One of the testers has commented the threads are so loose that there is a feeling they may pop apart if cats turn their heads on them. It was discovered by one of our staff members who has been running on the test rug since 2017, that some of the threads have come loose. Colors appear to be a little dated at times. As a result of going through the washer and dryer, the Ramona rug shrank in the same way as the other rug we cleaned.

3. IKEA Stockholm

Features Cheap Wool Rugs

We Have Been Able to Find the Most Supple, Nicest Wool Rug in Our Area for About $300. Due to Its Four Different Patterns, This Is a Favorite Option for Bloggers Who Design Blogs.

  • What makes it great. Our study of the Stockholm Rug by IKEA found that it contains a substantial amount of wool. From the entire collection of flatwoven rugs in the large rug under $500 category at IKEA, we picked this rug. This wool rug is surprisingly soft despite being a wool rug. Blogs about design mainly feature the black-and-white stripes of Stockholm. It adds color and brightness to an antique-filled room to make it seem more youthful. The IKEA rug may be worth picking up in person for those of you living near an outlet store.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but some flaws. The wool should be vacuumed regularly to prevent it from becoming dirty. The striped variant of the furniture in a showroom at IKEA looked a bit dirty due to excessive foot traffic. It is not advisable to use the black-and-white version of the material in a home where there are lots of children. This flat weave also feels rougher than our favorite flat weaves.

4. Safavieh Juliette

A striped cotton rug

This all-cotton rug may be the right choice for you if you like the striped Stockholm, but prefer something softer or have a preference for a variety of color options. The smaller stripes do not appear as bold when compared to the larger stripes.

  • What makes it great. It is possible to compare the Safavieh Juliette Rug with the Stockholm Rug which is offered by IKEA. Furthermore, it also comes in a variety of sizes that are appealing to testers because of its soft feel — it’s even softer than Stockholm. Since cotton can be thrown into the washing machine, it can be washed so there is no need to dry it.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but some flaws. Although this rug is made of cotton, it sucked up a lot of fiber the first several times we vacuumed it. In comparison to Stockholm’s rug, these smaller stripes emphasize the rug’s beachier appearance. A white area of the rug enables dirt and stains to appear more easily. The same size shade isn’t always available in every shade. Cotton rugs shrink slightly upon drying, as do all rugs made of cotton.

5. Burrow Cape Rug

This neutral modern area rug boasts a neutral design that is both contemporary and modern, and its 100% recycled polyester flatweave ensures that it can be used in practically any environment, regardless of the decor. Besides being easy to clean, durable, and comfortable, it’s also simple to maintain.

  • What makes it great. A contemporary, neutral design such as the Burrow Cape House rug screams hygge just by looks alone. The subtle, heathered pattern of this chevron top makes it distinct from all-time favorite sweaters. The cats shouldn’t have eaten that, said a couple of people. The tightly woven rug was also impressive in its ability to resist tearing caused by stretching cat claws. This results in low maintenance costs and easy upkeep, as the rug was chunky and did not have a silky or slick surface.
  • The flaws are not fatal. Because the Cape House rug is flatwoven, it should be protected with a rug pad underneath. As an additional service from Burrow, rug pads are available when choosing your rug size.

Low pile

When a low-pile rug is under 1/8″ thick, the backing will usually be visible. In contrast to a flat surface, a flat weave rug offers both flatness and support. They provide a nice surface for bare feet, and since chairs can be moved around on them, they can be used in dining rooms. Rugs with low piles are easier to maintain than rugs with high piles, so they’re ideal for kids’ rooms. When you let your kids play on them, they can roll around on them. These rugs will also benefit from a thick rug pad.

1. Teal Rug – Rugged Quadra

Machine-Washable Best Area Rugs

These lightweight rugs provide hundreds of styles in nine sizes in high and low piles, and they’re machine washable.

  • Why it’s great. Ruggable rugs are unique to our testing because they offer features of carpet tiles and look like traditional floor rugs. There are various colors and designs available in Ruggable’s chenille rugs, which include the Quadra Teal. Due to their thinness, they can be thrown into most average-sized washing machines. In rugs that are ruggable, the rug pad is mandatory, but the rug cover is not, just like most rugs we recommend. A water-resistant polyester rug cover is attached to an 18-inch thick polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber rug pad.

Low-pile rugs look and feel like carpet tiles, but they are more comfortable, not cozy. Ruggable’s design is an excellent consideration for spaces where spills are a daily reality of life, where comfort must be sacrificed for durability. In terms of the smaller sample, the mat was adequate for cardio use, cushioned and nonslip, and didn’t pill. Another of their shag rugs did not impress us much either.

  • Defects, but not fatal. We used a kettle bell to secure the stubborn corners of the rug after it had already rolled flat upon unrolling. There is some squeaking when the rug is first laid down, but as the rug compacts, this becomes less noticeable.

Lowe’s Pebble Path Carpet Tile

Why it’s great. This Lowe’s floor tile would be a great choice if you want to cover carpeting or linoleum in your living room. As well as being cheaper per square foot, we tested them against other rugs. These can be easily installed anywhere with their peel-and-stick backing. Flor’s indoor and outdoor products have a similar texture: rough, but a little cushy. If a tile does get damaged, it is easily replaced since children or pets cause a lot of traffic in these areas. The adhesive should be easily removed from the floor with a cleaning solution.

Not a deal-breaker, but flaws. Those tiles look like they would be found in an office building or elementary school. In addition to this rug, we recommend the following rugs, which are the roughest of all the things we recommend. The edges do not have finishes, so it is better suited as a wall-to-wall covering. Bedrooms or living rooms aren’t the best places to put these.

2. Persian Trellis Area Rug

Obtain a Cheap, Supersoft Rug for Your Living Room or Bedroom

Among the inexpensive rugs we tried, this is the softest. If you are looking for a large, affordable carpet for a living room or bedroom, this rug would be perfect. It may begin to look dingy after several years.

  • What makes it awesome. In terms of low-budget options, our favorite was the Persian best Area Rugs 3028 Moroccan Trellis Area Rug. Rugs in a similar price range tend to be a bit softer than Lowe’s tiles. Putting it on your wall will instantly make the room look cozier and more hospitable. Even though it’s cushier than a pillow, it doesn’t provide the same level of comfort. It has been found that the light-gray version of cat barf can be washed off with water. According to an Amazon reviewer, the rug is very well made for the price.”. Fluffy and of the same color as advertised, the rug is just as advertised. Additionally, Gregory found in 2020 that exercising at home while quarantined is safe because shedding is negligible. In addition to being easy to clean, he found it to be great for caring for a sick cat.
  • Flaws but not dealbreakers: After using the light-gray version in a living room for five months, we found that it needed regular vacuuming to look nice, and that even small dark stains stood out. According to rug cleaner Lisa Wagner, this tends to be a problem with low-pile polypropylene rugs.

3. IKEA Hovslund

Rugs with nylon pile tend to stain less than rugs with low pile. Its neutral color and trellis pattern provide a beautiful backdrop for more dramatic room décor.

  • What makes it awesome. Hovslund’s Hovslund has a pattern somewhat similar to Persian best Area Rugs’ 3028 Moroccan Trellis, but it’s easier to clean and stain resistant. There is less softness to the texture, however. Grey is a great neutral rug color, according to our design experts. Dirt is hidden and khaki or white becomes more interesting with a dark pattern. White patterns by Hovslund add depth while remaining subtle.
  • Not a deal-breaker, but flaws nonetheless. Stains will be easier to see when the rug has a lot of white in it, but thin lines allow smaller changes in color to blend in as well as if it had a lot of white. Because it has a super-low pile, this rug is easy to wipe clean since it has a nylon pile.

Higher pile

If you have kids or babies, and you want to make sure they are comfortable, you may want to consider more high-pile rugs in these areas. The rug is considered high pile if its pile exceeds half an inch. Medium pile rugs have more than a quarter inch of fiber. The longer fibers in plush and shag rugs make them look more luxurious. It will also be larger, softer, and harder to clean a rug with a high pile.

Jessica Probus, interior designer and author, noted that shag rugs are especially cozy for a room. However, they are great for catching dirt, as crumbs, sand, and hair are attracted to them the most of all the budget rugs. Polypropylene is believed to attract surface oils more than materials like wool, according to rug cleaner Lisa Wagner. For these rugs to look decent, they must also be steam cleaned regularly.

When bare feet are sitting on a piece of furniture, these rugs act as blankets and support bare feet. As well as accent rugs for playrooms, these can be used as reading rugs for kids to curl up with a book.

Despite the fact that shag rugs and high-pile rugs are straightforward in their style, it is impossible to buy them on the internet without seeing and feeling them first; additionally, we might want to ask for expert advice. There was a considerable amount of polypropylene fiber in the rugs we examined, which was dry, scratchy, thinly spread, and had flat surfaces instead of plush ones.

Shag by Safavieh

The plushest of shags

For any room where you would like to add an extra feeling of comfort, this rug would be perfect for a child’s room.

  • The best choice for. Room for kids, bedroom
  • What makes it awesome. You can feel the softness underfoot!In regards to the Milan Shag, Safavieh explains that he is “so in love with it!”This was one of the best area rugs we’ve tested out of six budget shags; the others didn’t have dry fibers.
  • Not a deal-breaker, but flaws nonetheless. There are 2 inches of fibers in the mat, and they tend to trap dirt. Our “dirt” test found that even after vacuuming, the rug retained some quinoa particles. For a more luxurious shag rug at a lower price point, you should check out the Hay Raw rug. Buying a small size will let you test it out before deciding whether to order the larger size.

Hain Raw Rug

Stylish and luxurious

This tufted wool rug is stunning in its simplicity, yet elegant in its feel and design. This rug stands out for its rich colors and its luxuriously soft texture.

What makes it awesome. There’s nothing like Hay’s Cloud Soft Rug to make your room especially cozy, and it has a plush, cloud-like texture. The rug we tested had the most comfortable and supple feel. In a bedroom or living room, kids can play with it. This 100% wool throw is backed with cotton. The scratch left by our cats, for example, doesn’t disappear after a few minutes. Wool-friendly detergent and water kept it clean with little extra effort. It does not require any pre-washing.

Not a dealbreaker, but not without flaws. In high-traffic environments, it might not be the most popular rug. In “no shoes inside” households, this is probably best. With two office chairs in an office, this rug sheds significantly. During high-intensity workouts, we also discovered that it pilled. A powerful vacuum is also necessary, since this pile is deeper.

An Affordable Rug that Is Good Quality

Rugs can cost a lot of money. Persian rugs can cost thousands, even at the price point of luxury. It is possible to find large rugs for over a thousand dollars in such stores as Crate and Barrel and West Elm. Hand-made wool rugs can easily cost $20 each square foot, rug cleaner Lisa Wagner told us. Used wool rugs will generally cost around $10 each square foot. A rug like that will last for decades, costing you even more in the process of having people like Wagner make it look brand new again.

In a high-traffic area of your home, you won’t be able to expect even the best area rugs to last a decade.

Rugs can be purchased online and cost quite a bit. We have covered a wide range of rugs in this guide. We set a price cap of $4 per square foot. Therefore, most 8-by-10-foot rugs we recommend cost no more than $300, and a few cost $400 or $500. It’s the same with cheap rugs. They can be used for a variety of purposes. It is possible that they will not look as good in a few years but still look quite attractive in the meantime. It may even be more, depending on your level of caution. You will not be able to keep these rugs for more than a decade if you have both kids and pets in your home. Choosing them means you will be able to use them and enjoy their beauty for a long time. It is important to remember, though, that repurchasing a rug every few years can be expensive. The appearance of cheap materials can be maintained by steam cleaning several times each year.

Picking and Testing

Amazon and other home furnishing sites, as well as Overstock and Wayfair, offer a large selection of discounted rugs. We also investigated Walmart, Target, and West Elm, along with Crate and Barrel and Pier 1 Imports. While I had second-generation rug cleaner Lisa Wagner’s advice, I still was reticent to consider rugs from big-box stores since they are often made with the same type of materials as those found on discount sites.

  • Materials. In most cases, the rugs we examined were 100 percent nylon, 100 percent cotton, 100 percent wool, 100 percent polypropylene, 100 percent polyester, and blends thereof. Polypropylene rugs won’t last as long as rugs made from other materials, but they’re less expensive.
  • Weave. We considered low-pile rugs, high-pile rugs, and flat-woven rugs. Flatweaves are ideal for high traffic areas because of their relatively smooth texture and ease of maintenance. Rugs with more pile or fibers on them are usually preferable for living rooms and bedrooms. Because these are less expensive, our picks tend to gravitate towards flatwoven rugs.
  • Size. Jessica Probus, an interior designer and writer, suggests that a room’s main rug be relatively large so that it can accommodate at least part of the furniture in the room. A reasonable price for large rugs was our goal, as well as large rugs that were still available in large sizes.
  • Price. A rug measuring 8′ by 10′ had to cost no more than $500 in our search. Rugs at that price do not differ significantly from those at twice the price, including those made of nylon, cotton, and rayon blends. A few of the more expensive rugs caught our eye, but swatches can be ordered online if you want to make sure they are right for you.
  • Design. A neutral rug should be layered on top of accent rugs, according to Probus. In the same way you would choose a simple couch to add a throw pillow, a neutral rug will work well as a base layer. The general taste of our clients is to avoid rugs with just a distinct, bold design. Bright colors and small and large size rugs are preferred.

Among 38 rugs we collected, we obtained samples from major retailers and retailers whose buyer reviews were positive. These two rugs quickly went, as one resembles a dish towel and the other resembles a thin, faded Persian rug. In Wirecutter’s New York City headquarters, nine people walked around each rug and discussed how it feels and looks. Our Los Angeles writer Gregory tested four new rug styles as part of the October 2020 update. Because of the pandemic, many people have stayed at home. A new rug will be brought in the office in the future to get more feedback.

Adding a colorful throw pillow on a neutral couch is the same as adding an accent rug on top of the rug.

Then, we tested the vacuum. Rather than adding dry quinoa, cinnamon, and crumbled toast to the rugs of varying pile heights, we sprinkled them with quinoa, cinnamon, and toastcrumbs to simulate messes that stick to them. It is important not to spill dry quinoa on the floor during this experiment. There was a lot of vacuuming to do.

To determine how easy it is to clean ice cream and wine stains from several rugs, swatches of both were stained with ice cream. Our final test was to let a cat play on several rugs. In response to catnip and treats he test-driven which rugs would withstand his claws. In 2020, Gregory tested his rugs by walking his two senior cats over them and piddling all over them.

These tests do not require a lab visit. Swatches of rugs can be purchased for as little as $1 on many websites. There are often small rugs available for purchase online from retailers such as Amazon or Wayfair, such as those measuring 3′ by 5′. To ensure that you are selecting the right product, it is strongly recommended that you order samples and swatches of your top few options, test them, and let your pet play with them. When rugs are held in person, they look and feel very different from what they do online. We’ve found that they’re often rougher. Returning a rug that is 80 square feet will be difficult if you’re not satisfied.

Felted Rug Pad Dual Surface by Mohawk Home

One of Our Favorites

The felt-and-rubber pad we tested was one of the best rug stabilisers due to its cushioning properties underfoot.

If your rug has an antiskid rubberized backing, you might not need a rug pad. Rug pads provide both cushion underfoot and help keep your rug firmly in place on your floor. A rug pad will also protect your floor from excessive wear and tear.

In order for the rug to lie flat on the floor and not become a tripping hazard, the pad should be 1 to 2 inches smaller on all sides than the rug. As a result, the pad is hidden and wear is reduced. The pad should hold in place without any additional adhesive if it is of good quality.

We tested 15 types of Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felted Rug Pads and found that a 12-inch thick rug pad was the best solution for cushioning and grip. As well as Durahold Plus Non Slip Rug Pad, Rug Pad USA Super Lock Natural is a good option if you need an extra bit of grip.

Below Are the Items We Recommend You Put Under Your Rugs

  • A study of 23 rug pads and testing of 15 found that the Mohawk Home Supreme Dual Surface Felted Rug Pad had the best combination of grip and cushion.

What Rugs to Choose for Each Room of The House

Two testers reading on couches with a rug on the floor.

The best way to ensure your rugs last as long as possible is to select the right type of rug for each room. It will be necessary to choose significantly more durable best area rugs in a kitchen or entryway as opposed to softer rugs in a bedroom. Below are five types of rugs that are best suited for each room.

  • Kitchen. It may be more comfortable to stand on rugs than to chop vegetables or wash dishes. A rug also adds color and texture to a floor in an unexpected way. Besides being easy to clean, rugs should also be comfortable to stand on for extended periods. Flatweaves and low-pile materials that can be cleaned or washed are used. Outdoor rugs can usually withstand some usage abuse and are more durable than indoor rugs. Place a small rug or runner next to the counter to tie the room together. You might also consider buying a standing mat if you spend so much time standing in your kitchen that creating a colorful rug is not very important.
  • Dining room. Chairs won’t scratch the floor when they sit on rug in the dining area. Those with small children should make sure their dining area rug is easily cleaned. Dining room rugs should be flat weave or low pile for easy chair movement. You can conceal small stains by using a pattern in a small size.
  • Bedroom. When spending more money, you should spend it on the rug in this area. A rug should feel comfortable under your feet and enhance the feel of your bedroom. Unlike other rugs in your home, the rug will not wear out as much from high traffic. Consider small rugs that go around your bed instead of buying a huge rug that will be hidden under your bed.
  • Rugs in living rooms can help define areas for relaxing. In the living room, you’re less likely to go barefoot as you are in your bedroom. It is better to have flatweaves and low-pile rugs in a living room. When you cannot afford to cover the gaps between your furniture, consider placing multiple rugs where conversation happens to fill the spaces between them.
  • Kids room. Colorful rugs are a great way to introduce colorful patterns and colors into a child’s room that can look out-of-place in other parts of the house. Adding low-pile or flatweave rugs to the area next to your bed, reading chair, or children’s play area can provide a soft surface for curling up on.

How to Choose a Rug Size

By setting your requirements before you begin shopping for a rug, you can narrow down your choices immediately. As Apartment Therapy suggests, you should mark the rug and the border with masking tape so that you can determine the distance between them.

Which edges should they have? It is suggested that a room rug should allow a few feet of space between the ends of the furniture and the rug. This arrangement improves the appearance of the room. Even if the rug isn’t large enough to cover the entire floor, you should pick one that will cover some of every piece of furniture.

Getting away with a smaller area rug can save you money if you’re tight on cash. A rug “everywhere your feet go” is ideal in the bedroom, according to Probus. You can even think that having a rug under the bed is a waste of money. To solve the problem, she covers each side of the bed with small rugs.

When selecting a rug, be sure to select one with enough room to accommodate the entire dining table, without catching on the edges. Depending on the length of each chair, you should extend your rug at least six inches beyond your table. According to Probus, ideally, a minimum of two feet should be used, but ideally four feet should be used. If you’re considering washing it, consider buying a cotton rug that’s bigger than you need.

Although best area rugs should not be overpowering, they should still be at least 1 foot apart from adjacent walls just to ensure they don’t take over the space. Jessica Romm Perez and Shani Silver recommend this. The rest of the presentation seems sloppy.


Natural fibers

It is natural, affordable, and versatile, all of which make cotton the best choice when it comes to inexpensive best area rugs online. Our personal experience is that jute rugs don’t do well in living rooms or offices because they are not as soft as rugs made from other plant-based fibers. Feel the rug in person before you purchase a natural-fiber rug if at all possible. Blogger and rug cleaner Lisa Wagner advises using a fiber protector.

  • Cotton. Rugs made with cotton are typically flat weaves because cotton is soft underfoot and can be machine washed so it is a very good material for carpet rugs.
  • Sisal. In the past, agave leaves have been used to make a fiber known as agave fiber, which is a fiber made from the leaves of agave plants. Natural fibers such as this are durable, abrasion-resistant, and highly absorbent due to their coarseness. Although it is a natural fiber, its tendency is to stain more than other natural fibers.
  • Seagrass. Seagrass is durable, just like sisal. Due to its ability to resist stains and dyes, sisal is only offered in its natural light green or khaki color.
  • Jute. The jute plant is mainly grown in Asia, which produces this material. They are usually woven into a thick, bumpy rug because the fibers aren’t very strong and they fall apart fairly easily. Although we didn’t test jute rugs, they may work in a kitchen if you like the rustic look.
  • Wool. It can last for years and years with occasional professional rug cleaning when it comes from New Zealand sheep or Himalayan sheep. In general, you should avoid tufted wool rugs, which are often made in India, as they will shed badly. Lisa Wagner cautioned us against chemically processed cheap wool rugs, as they will shed badly. The backs of glued-together rugs will be covered with materials, and in addition to that shortcut, inferior wool is often used. One of our top picks, the Hay Raw Rug, is made of tufted wool that sheds a little, but not too much, and is best suited for areas that see less traffic.
  • Viscose/rayon. Cotton fibers and wood pulp waste are used for making these materials. Wagner said to avoid purchasing a viscose rug given that it “sheds, wears, yellows, and stains permanently with very light use.” She told us one of her clients ordered a sample to see if it could withstand pets. In addition, red wine had been splattered all over them. This viscose fabric for the family room was recommended by the designer, said Wagner. As she discovers, none of the materials are holding up, so we did not test them ourselves.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers, however stain-resistant, are more prone to damage during wear than natural fibers. Unlike plastic Tupperware, Wagner said, these containers can be soiled but they aren’t permanently discolored. Tupperware can become scratched and cloudy when scratched, just as synthetic rugs are prone to getting smashed and attracting dirt. Nevertheless, they must be replaced every couple of years. You can also steam clean them to preserve their appearance, as you can with wall-to-wall carpeting.

  • Nylon. The manufacturer of this fiber recommended it for cheap rugs, Wagner told us. It’s easy to clean, and it will hold up relatively well to wear and tear compared with other options, though it will cost a little more.
  • Polypropylene. Not as durable as nylon, according to Wagner, but cheaper. “Most commercial office carpet is olefin, and so this is why in the areas with roller office chairs and in the entry you see shadowing and it wears down,” she said. It’s worth your money if you are okay with tossing a rug after a couple of years, though.
  • Polyester. Similar to polypropylenethis material is fairly stain resistant but in higher-pile rugs it smushes easily. We found that it can sometimes lend rugs a slick or silky feel.

Colors and Patterns

Your living room’s mood can be significantly affected by the color and pattern of a large rug. The dark rugs give a room a feeling of warmth, cozy, and grounding, said Atwood, whereas the light rugs make the room look more open. A light rug will be a good starting point because they are the most effective at hiding dirt and pet hair.

Think of bright, colorful best area rugs as you would accent pillows: there to add a little bit of texture and color, easy to swap out if you get tired of the design.

A neutral-colored rug is the perfect base for any room, regardless of your personal style. Jessica Probus suggests gray, navy, or a darker beige as alternatives to tan. Nancy Atwood suggests “soft versions of colors like blush, mint, gray-lilac, and taupe.” Neutral isn’t always synonymous with “solid.” Patterns created with a neutral palette can be “much more interesting than straightforward two-tone patterns,” Atwood said. A texture or small-scale pattern can also lessen the visual impact of small stains and marks, Probus said.

When you use stripes in a room, even a dark rug can appear open. As Atwood said, vertical stripes make spaces appear longer. “You can immerse yourself into a room with stripes,” she said.

Take note of designs that are more bold if they appeal to you – but use caution. Many times, rugs that are seen in magazines don’t come out looking right when purchased, according to Elana Frankel, a design consultant. Frankel urged rug shoppers to start with those bolder styles. Find a similar rug pattern in a neutral palette, or buy a smaller rug that won’t dominate so much space, if you like the neat style of a pink and orange striped rug in a magazine.

Jessica Probus suggested thinking of bright, colorful best area rugs as you would accent pillows: there to add a little bit of texture and color, easy to swap out if you get tired of the design. When accent rugs are hung individually in the middle of a room, they work best. “Have it peeking out from under a chair or behind two legs,” Probus suggested.

Frankel suggests modeling the rug using construction paper to see how it will appear on your floor if you really think it would look great in your living room. You can just put down enough to get an idea of how a section of the room will look.

Buy only what you can’t put down! “It should move your heart.” Rebecca Atwood, writer and designer. When searching for best area rugs, consider your individual style. “If you look through the pieces in your home that hold the most significance to you, create a mood board that includes colors, textures, patterns, interior elements, and photographs that resonate with you,” Atwood suggested. Using this guide, pick the pieces you want.” If you do not have a mood board, even a few days of reflection is prudent before making a rug purchase. Buying something one cannot put down is according to Atwood. You should feel your heart ripped out.”