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Top Pick: Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow

If you’re looking for Best Back Support Pillows and Cushions, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow as our first choice.

Just for a moment, consider your posture. What are you doing right now? Are you holding your phone in one hand or hunching over the computer in the other? Where is your foot when you are talking on the phone? As long as we’re all contributing to this phenomenon, it makes sense that tweaking our daily positions can make a massive difference whenever we’re experiencing back pain.

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A lumbar cushion used at your desk can help improve your posture as well as some best back support pillows and cushions that can help with back pain. PhysioLogic’s Dr. Rudy Gehrman, founder and CEO, says it’s always about restoring proper posture to the lower spine. Since you probably spend about the same amount of time working as sleeping, this makes sense. You can sleep with your head raised no matter what time of day it is. Below are some of our favorite pillows and cushions.

Best Seat Cushions to Support Your Back

1. Sitback Rest by Core Products

According to Erhman, when you sit in a straight back chair without any back support, the weight of the body will fall on the disc, and so the sitting will be more comfortable. Randi Jaffe, a chiropractor, tells us that this cushion can be positioned in whatever position you like so that you can enhance your good chairs or improve your bad ones. Depending upon your height, you want to place the best back support pillows and cushions between your shoulders and the curve of your spine. According to Jan Lefkowitz, a physiotherapist from Body in Balance Chiropractic, the lower back has a natural inward curve. It is recommended for the lower back to be supported in this area.

2. Lumbar Cushion by Core Products

As a result of the difference in the natural curve of the spine between straight and curved spinal curves, Gehrman frequently recommends this adjustable best back support pillows and cushions to his patients. An air chamber can be inflated with the help of a hand pump so that it provides 1.5 to 3 inches of support. You can gradually increase the level of support, if you have never used a cushion before. It is important to restore the curve of the lumbar spine when a person doesn’t have any curve at all in their spine. However, Gehrman says that if the person doesn’t have any back support, it risks causing injury if they have too much support.

3. Orthopedic Comfort Seat Cushion for Coccyx by Aylio

The pelvis and lower back are the place to start when practicing good posture, explains Lefkowitz. The pelvis and lower back are the foundation for every posture exercise. In addition to providing some support for your lower spine, the memory foam seat cushion also relieves pressure from your tailbone.

Best Bed Pillows for Back Support

4. Pillow for sleep TEMPUR-ProForm from Tempur-Pedic

Whether you are choosing pillows for your bed or sitting on them in your favourite place, a chiropractor at Back & Body Medical suggests you should always look for the best back support pillows and cushions with plenty of support, no matter where you place it. Those who sleep on their back should place a pillow under the knees with their legs slightly bent, whereas those who sleep on their side should place a pillow between their knees. This will prevent the hand on top from and pulling down on the pelvis causing back pain. Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam pillow is ideal for preventing flattening under the body.

5. MattressTempur-Pedic Body Pillow

In addition to recommending body pillows for sleeping, Perna and Jaffe recommend moving around and changing positions during the night to prevent back pain. The pillow should extend a good height so that it can support your head and neck. Perna says you could also have the pillow come up between your knees on one side. In addition to its neutral position, Jaffe emphasizes that these long pillows can also be easily moved between the knees and between the legs.

Side Sleeping Pillows that Support the Back

6. Leg Spacer Positional Pillow by Core Products

Jaffe says that in the event that you prefer to sleep on your side exclusively, it may be more beneficial to buy a dedicated leg spacer pillow. This means that, in effect, the knee is raised a tiny bit and, as a result, helps keep the spine and pelvis in a natural position, which will help the sleeper avoid sinking into an unnatural position that may be uncomfortable in the long run.

7. Shoulder Relief System from MedCline LP

It will soon be possible for side sleepers who suffer from back pain that is concentrated in the shoulders to find relief with this innovative ramp-like pillow as it has a hole for your arm to slide through. With the patented Perna pillow, you can have the same spinal alignment while sleeping as well as reduce torque on your neck during sleep. You can also place a body pillow between your knees during sleep for similar spinal alignment as well. Sleeping on your side calls for this type of the Best Back Support Pillows and Cushions, which has been gaining in popularity.