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Top Pick: Fat Bed BenchMade Modern

If you’re looking for the best stylish bed frame, but don’t have the time to spare on your own research and compare prices, then just go for this one.

After long research, we chose Fat Bed BenchMade Modern as our first choice.

Tests to determine whether best bed frames are good might seem like leisurely nodding off in the office. However, every aspect of the process is thoroughly scrutinized. As a result of spending weeks researching, sweating, and yes, collapsing to sleep to figure out what the best frames are, we ended up with six frames we like the most. We recommend products that are both high quality and durable. We have selected the best under $50 option for a more budget-friendly option as well.

Our Choice

Fat Bed BenchMade Modern

A Lifetime Warranty, Unlimited Fabric and Color Options

There are more than 100 color and fabric combinations available with the Skinny Fat upholstered bed. It features classic mid-century details. Moreover, it has a lifetime warranty and is easily assembled.

  • Best for. Beds that are durable and long-lasting and fit the needs of people who appreciate mid-century design.
  • What makes it great. We considered many best bed frames, but this one stand out from every other choice due to its unbeatable color variety. In this wonderful cornucopia of fabric, color, and leg finishes, you can mix and match till your heart’s content. Those who firmly believe in the label “picky” will find it a perfect bed frame. Among the three beds we measured, only the Skinny Fat frame had a headboard and footboard, adding a more classic, midcentury look. However, with its clean lines and tapered legs, it is compatible with other decors, too.

During testing, I found assembling the Skinny Fat bed to be easy. Eight parts fit inside a single box. Our recommendation is to skip BenchMade Modern’s $250 white-glove service, which includes unwrapping, assembly, and cleanup. This best bed frame is built by matching four color-coded parts, then securing them with a nut wrench. Although the headboard is light, two people are needed to set it up. As a mattress support, four fabric-covered wood sheets are mounted on the tapered dowel legs. While unwrapping each part, the actual process of attaching it will likely take longer.

Among our top ten products, the Skinny Fat Bed is just one of two that includes a lifetime warranty. With BenchMade Modern bed frames, the fabric-covered support is wider in comparison with narrower, resulting in greater mattress stability. Solid platforms should not be selected in lieu of slatted ones, as experts warn that mattresses that aren’t ventilated enough may grow mold. You may want to consider the best bed frame with extra slats if you live in a humid climate. The boards also have legs under them. Our previous frames did not offer the same level of support as this one did.

In short, the Skinny Fat feels very comfortable once it is covered with a mattress, and displays similar design to its slatted counterpart. Regardless of whether we slept on our stomachs, sides, or backs, the foam mattress did not creak, squeak, or feel compressed.

  • Not a deal breaker, but a flaw nonetheless. It’s possible that the boards can wobble if your floor is uneven, like the one we tested in. This is because the boards are not attached to the frame. Unless the table has an upholstered top, it can be shortened by sanding down the legs.

Our Choice

Article Tessu

  • Is an Affordable Curved Upholstered Frame.

We are pleased to announce that here is one of the most budget-friendly options we have in our store, and it is available in five colors. It can be difficult to assemble, however, due to its high weight.

  • Suitable for. People looking for a neutral bed that looks good but won’t cost a lot.
  • What makes it great. Tessu’s eyeglasses have a clean, pared-down aesthetic that blends in rather than makes a statement. The best thing about a new home or apartment is its affordability, as well as its commonality. The mid-century design of this chair is a subtle elegance, with tapered legs, clean lines, and linen-blend upholstery. You are sure to love it. Most Tessu beds will not fit in bedrooms with beds that are too small, unless your bed is too small.

While it took two people over an hour to assemble the bed, including cleaning and unpacking, once it is put together you have a comfortable bed that is well made and lightweight, does not creak and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In our tests, the 16 pine slats felt soft, comfortable, and supportive as those found on any other of the 20 beds we reviewed. The slats measure 12 inches thick, which we recommend for all the beds we recommend. In contrast with our pricey picks, the Tessu does not compare favorably with toughness. Softwoods such as pine, despite being regarded as durable, are not as rugged as hardwoods. We cracked a slat during our testing because we took one too many leaps. The customer service department at Article responded immediately, and in a few days, the company sent a new slat.

Not a deal breaker, but a flaw nonetheless. Taking approximately 25 minutes, our couple was able to unpack the queen-sized and king-sized Tessu frames. Every time a brittle foam sheet broke, tiny pieces of featherweights were hurled into the boxes. A lot of the clear tape had to be removed before we could get to Tessu’s 21 major parts. This is in contrast to Blu Dot’s Nook best bed frame, which came in three boxes, but was very well-packaged and had only seven parts. The Tessu can be unpacked easily, but you will need practice with the hex wrench included. Compared to other beds we tested, this bed took more work to assemble. Long-term use may cause durability concerns with pine slats. It appears that the pricing is misleading as well. There is a small print stating that a queen of this type usually sells for $599. Article only sells beds through its website, so the listed price is likely just the standard price.

Our Choice

Blu Dot Nook

Design High-End

We prefer this upholstered bed because it has an angular headboard and a steel frame, but it is more expensive than other beds we looked at.

Suitable for. For those willing to invest a little more, there is luxury hotel design, contemporary color choices, and durability.

What makes it great. The Blue Dot Nook is most notable for its unusual name, which refers to its angled headboard that looks like an alcove. There is a medium level of privacy created by the Nook’s wings, which block both sound and light. Light sleepers will find it appealing. It has a very cool design, as well. Fabrics are available in seven trendy colors made from acrylic and wool.

In addition to the Nook, we evaluated the Akron and the Thuma, two other beds costing around $1,000. As a result, it is heavier and bigger, weighing 141 pounds. Fourteen hardwood plywood slats support the mattress, each of which is 344 inches thick. Pre-assembled, they cannot move around in the frame since they are attached pre-assembled. Due to only seven major components, assembly only took about 40 minutes. With this bed, you won’t have to worry about it breaking, bending, or flexing. With its solid slab of support, the Nook doesn’t creak or squeak when you get into and out of bed, and it’s heft prevents it from sliding.

Not a deal breaker, but a flaw nonetheless. Compared with other similarly priced beds we tested, the Nook has the lowest warranty of our recommendations.

Our Choice

Thuma The Bed

Elegantly Crafted, with A Sturdy Platform.

Taking only a little while to assemble, the bed can be assembled by one person without tools. In our tests, we discovered that the Thuma bed was the most weight-capable at 1,500 pounds. In addition, the bed comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Best for. This bed is simple, strong, and affordable, and is ideal for those looking for simplicity, strength, and bare wood frames.
  • What makes it great. We found Thumba’s The Bed to be the most beautiful and easiest-to-assemble bed we tested. Several of the beds we found do not require tools to assemble, so if you move around often or want a low-cost bed, this is an excellent option. In order to join these large components, Japanese joinery techniques are used that use friction and tension to connect the components. The result is an appealing bed that does not require any hardware, unlike a pile of wood collapsed after the bed is completed. Medium walnut finishes go well with almost any decor because they are neither too light nor too dark. When compared with other elements of the room, the headboard only comes in grays (light or dark). In either setting, the bed would look stunning, but it would look great in either.

If you want to avoid hauling bulky boxes up stairs, into elevators, or down long, narrow hallways, Thuma’s bed is the ideal solution. Despite its accessibility and convenience, it is not out of reach financially. After it ships in three boxes, this bed can be easily transported by a fit person in two trips. Thuma boxes contain no polystyrene or plastic packaging, which makes unpacking them much easier than other boxes we examined.

Despite being pieced together without fasteners, the Bed proved to be quiet, stable, and comfortable. All-wood legs are padded with cork and lined with felt to reduce shifting and noise, which is the only attribute we found on the frame we tested. All of the loads we tested it with appeared to be no problem for the frame. It is compatible with loads up to 1,500 pounds, according to Thuma. We found that many beds didn’t indicate a load capacity, which is more than any other bed we tested. Our experience has shown that quality beds often include lifetime warranties.

  • Not a deal breaker, but a flaw nonetheless. I have a thick mattress, but I feel like the box top was thrown in there as if it were an afterthought. The headboard is lightweight foam, but it needs to be propped up against the wall securely. It is impossible to place a bed in the center of a room.

Our Choice

Casper Repose Headboard and Mattress

High-Quality Frames Available in A Variety of Budgets

All the materials appeared to be well-made and the best bed frame was easy to assemble. It has beech slats, curled legs, and an amazing pillow headboard. Reading can be done while leaning against the headboard’s slightly angled surface.

  • Best for. If you are looking for an elegant design with an optional pillow or wood headboard, this bed might be just what you are looking for.
  • What makes it great. With Casper, beds are no longer the sole focus of the company. Casper now also sells mattress frames and mattresses. The smooth, rounded corners and edges of the Repose Frame create a seamless, seamless appearance that minimizes shin contact. Air is allowed to flow between solid beechwood slats, while providing adequate support. Also tested was a version that includes a bolstered pillow headboard with a soft pink, light gray, or navy headboard that adds $500. She enjoys how comfortable the headboard is as she reads before bed because of its support and V-shaped angle. It was also noted that the assembly instructions were easy to follow. Using the hex key and wooden handle included in the kit, it can be assembled in no time. For a less expensive option, you can opt for a plywood and oak veneer headboard. The cost of the Article Tessu bed is about the same, except that there are a few customization options. Despite the headboard, the price is competitive.
  • Not a deal breaker, but a flaw nonetheless. Casper offers only one shipping option for a $150 fee, which is the only delivery option Casper offers. This appears to be one of the most inexpensive options based upon our comparison. Since curbside delivery is not an option that clients can opt-out of, the company should offer it. Furthermore, apart from removing any old bed frames you may have in your home, this service also includes the removal of mattresses. In the event that you choose to build it on your own, however, you will have to pay the full rate.

Our Choice

Mikkel Bed by Rove Concepts

Is the Most Comfortable Bed to Lounge In

Our tests proved that neither the mikkel nor any of the other beds we tested were as supportive as this one’s flexible slats. Additionally, its pillowy headboard provides the most comfort when leaning against it.

  • What makes it great. Our favorite bed was the Mikkel Bed from Rove Concepts. The design is modern and the comfort is superior to other beds. This bed provides significant support and reduces movement while you read in bed thanks to its plush headboard and split slats. This Danish-style low-profile frame, with its angular legs and low profile, complements high ceilings the best, but it suits lower ceiling rooms as well without dominating them with tall furniture. It seems that this bed is conveying the message “Relax”.

Among all the models we tested, the Mikkel stands out because of its European flexible slat system, which is a wooden slat bending over a metal frame. As the support is slightly higher, the mattress doesn’t slide around while in the bed, ensuring that it won’t slide. Unlike other beds, our bed is flexible due to its thinner slats. Using side rails in a thin mattress can help reduce sagging in the middle and add to comfort by providing individualized support to every side. The person who flexes independently may not notice dips in shifting due to the fact that they are not watching their partner. Despite its high price tag, the Mikkel was our most comfortable recommendation. We tested several frames and found it to be the most supportive.

The bed was comfortable, steady, and quiet, despite the lack of fasteners. A wooden frame with cork-covered, felt-lined legs reduces shifting and noise. The only frame tested with these features is the one we know of. A load of about 15 pounds did not seem to affect the performance of this solid bed frame. A Thuma representative says it has a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds. Despite many of them not even indicating weight capacity, they were more stable than any other bed we tested. A lifetime warranty means that the best bed frame is made with high-quality materials.

  • Not a deal-breaker, but flaws nonetheless. To hold the headboard upright, a thin layer of light foam must be placed against a wall. This bed will not float in a small room.

Our Choice

Casper Repose Headboard and Mattress

The frame is of great quality and available at a variety of prices. All the materials appear to be well made and this best bed frame was easy to assemble. Aside from the solid beech slats, the rounded legs and slightly angled pillow headboard look great. While lying in bed reading, you can lean against the support of the pillow headboard while leaning against it.

  • Best for. It can be customized with a pillow or a wood headboard, depending on your needs.
  • What makes it great. With its recent expansion into the best bed frames, Casper has grown from its traditional mattress product offering. Natural or dark oak finishes allow the Repose Frame to be finished with smooth rounded corners that do away with sharp edges that cause shin contact pain. It features a beechwood slatted frame that offers airflow while remaining supportive. Pillow headboards can be purchased for $500 in shades of light pink, gray, or navy tweed. Before bed, she sits up against the headboard and feels supported as she reads. In addition, she was quite humbled by the instructions for assembly. A wooden handle and a hex key are included, as well as all the tools you need for assembly. Choosing an oak veneer and plywood headboard instead will cost you a little more but will look better. The Article Tessu is slightly more expensive than the bed because it offers some customization options. While the headboard increases the price, the price remains competitive.
  • Not a deal breaker, but it has flaws. Casper delivers only to select areas. Deliveries are not included in the $150 setup fee. White glove delivery has few cheaper options. There is no way to opt out of curbside delivery with Casper. Furthermore, your old bed frame will also be hauled away if you want it removed. Our first action upon arrival was to decline the home setup since we wanted to construct the frame for testing. You can also do this if you wish, but you will still be charged for the full fee.

Our Choice

Mikkel Bed by Rove Concepts

Mikkel’s bowed slats dampen excessive movement and provide a more comfortable sleeping experience than other beds with this frame. Leaning against this headboard is also a very comfortable experience.

  • What makes it great. Mikkel Beds offer a fashionable and comfortable look when compared to other beds. Reading is possible in bed with this headboard, and the frame’s split slat support system is perfect for couples who don’t like to move around too much. Mikkel’s low height and Scandinavian-style wood frame makes it equally suited to rooms with high ceilings as well as rooms with lower ceilings where tall furniture might overshadow things. This bed appears to say, “Rock back and relax.”.

The Mikkel is distinguished from its competitors by its European flexible slat system. Wooden slats are connected to a metal framework by two rows. The bed’s wood frame provides good support, as well as preventing the mattress from slipping as it sinks a few inches below the other beds. The slats on this bed are thinner than those on other beds we’ve tried, which makes it more flexible. If you’re using a thin, foam mattress, they provide you with individual support on each side. A thinner mattress is prone to sagging in the middle due to its thinness, so they reduce this problem. The partner will also be less likely to flex independently on each side to cause dips or excessive movement. Our testers found the Mikkel’s more supportive feel to be superior in comparison to any other model that they tested, making it a clear choice for couples sharing one bed.

Mikkel was assembled in no time by two people. From beginning to end, it took about 45 minutes. A single complaint exists: a missing instruction manual. We received a download link from the customer service department after contacting the company. Anyone who has assembled IKEA furniture before will have no problem assembling this bed thanks to the short and easy instructions. The fasteners provided by Rove Concepts to protect the wood throughout the assembly process are also a welcome addition. Metal corner supports, which reduce squeaks by ensuring a tight fit between the pieces, aid in tightening the fit between the pieces. As headboard pillows can be easily detached, cleaning them is simple.

Not a deal breaker, but it has flaws. The bed requires medium-density fibreboard instead of hardwood or plywood since it costs such a lot.

Our Choice

Bed, St. Mysa, Akron

Its low profile and clean appearance make it easy to assemble. Mysa is built with solid white oak, but does not come with a warranty.

  • Suitable for. People who want a bed that can be displayed on a ledge or placed against the wall.
  • What makes it great. A simple bed frame like this would be Marie Kondo’s favorite. The 7-inch platform is an understated, yet handsome design that fits tall mattresses and is ideal for small bedrooms due to its understated aesthetic. As a result of its low profile and wide legs, the Mysa appears to float above the ground. With Nordic and Japanese influences, this minimalist bed will last for years to come. The frame consists of four solid oak slats that are held together in individual slots by 15 acacia pine slats for strength and stability. Because the wood is finished in matte lacquer and has four sides, it can be placed up against a wall without disrupting the wall.

Putting together the Mysa feels like piecing together something from IKEA, like some of our other picks. A clear package, sealed with a vacuum, includes all the hardware of the Mysa. We assembled both main frame sections within ten minutes with only a hex wrench for secure locking. The Mysa has one quirk: To reach the center beam, flip the frame over once the four corner supports are installed. The frame is not easy to lift, and you may need two people to lift it safely.

Mysa provided even weight distribution so that our test mattress felt comfortable on top that I took a nap in the afternoon. Having a small bedroom that barely fits my bed and dresser, and being of the modernist aesthetic, I have long searched for a bedroom upgrade like this.

  • Not a deal breaker, but a flaw nonetheless. Neither the slats nor the frame of the Mysa are connected. Slats are held in place by slots that fit into each other. The bed did creak a bit, however, when we got in and out of it. Additionally, some of the slats on the softwood bed arrived bent, but we assemble the bed anyway and notice that it is stable after all.

The Advantages of A Pricey Bedframe

It is important to keep mattresses off the floor when using platform beds. You can create an affordable and healthy bedroom with this collection of frames under $300. The slats on a more expensive mattress will be thicker and smoother, as well as better constructed and easier to assemble. Your design options will also be more varied if your budget is larger. To create a more pleasing sleeping environment in your bedroom, you should invest in a sturdy, stylish/best bed frame.

A platform bed frame can be used with any type of mattress, including spring, foam, and hybrid models. Therefore, a platform bed frame does not require a foundation or box spring. Also, our mattresses are equipped with slats for proper support. Besides allowing for air circulation in the mattress, the slats also prevent minor mildew and mold growth.

Picking and Testing

Online providers and online retailers were analyzed alongside large retailers and direct-to-consumer companies. Our selection of modern styles was based on the fact that they complement a wide range of interior design schemes. These are easier to assemble due to the simpler construction than more complicated styles. We reviewed 28 different best bed frames in 2019. The selected frames totaled six. In 2021, one of our editors added more bed frames to the list. Based on The Features Below, an Analysis Was Conducted:

  • A modern design that works with different decor styles
  • Minimum 500-pound weight capacity
  • In the range of $600 to $1,800
  • A three-inch space between each slat provides stability and support
  • A complete toolkit is included

In order for the frame to work, it must have at least 3 feet on each side, regardless of the design, material, or weight. An unstable frame can be damaged by placing it too close or too far from a wall or other piece of furniture. We Chose the Beds Based on The Following Criteria:

  • Easily assembled, disassembled, and moved by two people
  • They should be sturdy, with a wood or steel frame ideally.
  • To be comfortable walking up and down stairs, narrow hallways and doors, a box should be large enough for two people to hold comfortably,
  • provide easy step-by-step instructions and 
  • are returnable and have good warranties

Mattress manufacturers recommend that bed slats be no farther apart than three inches for the safety of the customer and the mattress. The mattress will be sufficiently supported without the presence of a traditional box spring by Leesa, Casper, and Purple. If you don’t follow these specifications, you can void the warranty. Probably not, said Jeff Chapin, co-founder and head of product design at Casper. Slats, including their thickness, account for more of the mattress’ total support than the 3-inch rule. A faire rule of thumb is to measure slats according to their thickness and spacing, as Chapin points out. To prevent mold and moisture form, a solid platform needs to have sides instead of slats. If your bed frame is too thin, bent or broken, or the slats are too far apart, you can also purchase a bunkie board (which slides into the bed frame to provide support).


Besides being very affordable and having a 10 year warranty, the Floyd Platform Bed also comes with a headboard and underbed storage to add to its appeal, and it is very easy to assemble, doesn’t require any tools, and is easy to assemble. In addition, the large wooden panels beneath the mattress are airtight, so mold growth is increasing with this arrangement.

Beautiful wooden frames can be found at Tuft & Needle. Despite being made from solid walnut or oak hardwoods, a queen-size version costs less than $900. Additionally, the free trial is valid for 100 nights and comes with a 12-year warranty. The shortage of stock caused our initial tests to fail. Then, if it is available, it would be a good choice.

In addition to its tool-free assembly, the Slash/Bed is made from sustainably harvested wood, just like the Thuma and the Floyd. We tested the Thuma’s Japanese joinery design instead because the assembly videos offered a more complicated and less secure process. Our search for this brand or bed has turned up nothing, and the website seems to be offline as of June 2021.

A contender at first glance, the Aspen best Bed frame, created from solid African mahogany and constructed with ease, appears to be built by Case Study Furniture to be a contender. We soon noticed that there were not enough slats and there were extraordinarily long distances between each one.