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Top Pick: A Nest Bedding Cool Breath Pillow

This is the best bed pillow you can buy if you’re looking forward to buying one but don’t have time to research it.

We rank A Nest Bedding Cool Breath Pillow as our first choice.

Finding the best bed pillow is not easy, but once you’ve found it, your life will be transformed. The perfect pillow depends on ones body shape, sleep position, and your sleep position. Our recommendation for the stomach sleepers is either the down-alternative shredded foam pillow Nest Bedding Cool Breath Pillow , or the Ultimate Plush Comfort Pillow from Sleep Number. It is possible to adjust the pillows so that they fit perfectly.

1. A Nest Bedding Cool Breath Pillow

Side and Back-Sleeper Mattresses with Adjustable Shredded Foam

Because it provides steady support for back and also side sleepers due to its moldable, customizable filling, it has been a long-time favorite among our reviewers. It has no lingering smell of chemicals, unlike other foams.

2. Ultimate Plush Comfort Pillow from Sleep Number

Stomach Sleepers Will Find This Easy to Adjust

Its molded design and the possibility of shaping it to your preference make this alternative best bed pillow an excellent choice by stomach sleepers that desire a loftier pillow than Nest Breather. Additionally, adjusting it is easier.

Nest Bedding testers consistently chose this pillow for its steady, adjustable support. In addition to its smelly foam, Xtreme Comforts headrest was our former top choice. Easy Breathers can be unzippered and the shredded filling scooped out if it doesn’t have enough loft. The process can be messy, but it allows you to find the right mattress for you. Side-sleeper versions have not been tested. There are four sizes of Easy Breather. The return guidelines and warranty on our other top picks are generous.

The Ultimate ComfortFit Pillow by Sleep Number is an innovative alternative pillow that we have tested and found to be perfect for the stomach sleepers that cannot find just the right height. You can customize each layer according to your preferences as each layer is removable and sealed. The PlushComfort Ultimate pillow combines all three options. In addition to cushioned back support, PlushComfort Ultimate comes with a comfortable height. There is a 30-day exchange period and one-year warranty for Sleep Number pillows. We recommend visiting SleepNumber stores ahead of the pandemic as they cannot be returned. You may be interested in our Notable competition if you are looking for the best bed pillow that is more flexible.

3. Ultimate ComfortFit Pillow by Sleep Number

Several advantages make this alternative pillow an ideal choice for people who prefer to sleep on their backs or sides, as the shredded foam and down provide a firm, supportive touch.

Down Pillow by Garnet Hill

Sleep Like a Cloud with This Cloud-Like Down

In our review, lifetime guarantee is offered by this firm-supporting pillow, giving it the broadest policy of the that pillow we reviewed.

There are three layers sealed together that make it one of our loftiest pillows. This best bed pillow is more customizable than any other we have found so far. As opposed to being made solely from down alternatives, this mattress uses both foam and down alternatives. This mattress is more suitable for side- or back sleepers who are undecided about how much loft they need, as the Easy Breather has clumps that make adjusting it more difficult. As with our other Sleep Number pick, this one is also backed by a 30-day exchange policy. If you are unable to visit a Sleep Number store or if you need to return the Sleep Number mattress, you may consider the Nest Easy Breather. Warranty information for the ComfortFit can be found here.

Our test subjects preferred Garnet Hill’s Signature Down Pillow over all of the other pillows due to its softness and give. Frontgate Resort offers Luxury Goose Down Gusseted Pillows, for example, that can be customized to fit your neck and shoulders more comfortably. Garnet Hill’s lifetime guarantee is one of our top picks. In addition, they offer excellent return policies and warranties.

4. The Xtreme Comfort Shredded Foam Pillow

Is Suitable for Side, Back, and also Stomach Sleepers.

Designed to support side, back, and also stomach sleepers, it is much cheap than any other shredded pillows. It might, however, smell strongly of chemicals.

Since 2016, Xtreme Comforts has recommended the Shredded Foam best bed Pillow from the company, but several of our staff members and also readers have complained about the pillow’s horrific smell. As a result of several weeks of testing, half of the pillows were so unpleasant to sleep on that we were unable to sleep for several weeks. Xtreme Comforts mattress line offers a medium loft as well as customized filling options. It costs half as much as Easy Breather, also you can return it no queries asked for 30 days.

What Pillow Works Best for You

A change in pillows can be the first step in getting better sleep, says Terry Cralle, nursing educator and registered nurse. There may be a problem with your pillow, or your body may require a change of position. In our experts’ opinion, there is no perfect pillow, but there are several pillows that meet different needs. Standing upright, your head and neck have the same position relative to each other. It is beneficial to choose the best bed pillow for those who tend to sleep on their backs, sides, and stomachs.

There Are Different Requirements for Different Types of Sleepers:

  • Side-Sleepers. fetal position and relatively straight body is necessary for receiving adequate pillow support. Approximately half of all people sleep on their sides.
  • Back-Sleepers. Stay aligned by requiring relatively less loft.
  • Stomach-Sleepers. A person who sleeps on their side and rests their head on pillows needs the least support. Especially if you sleep tucked underneath your arms, on your sides, or have subtle breasts, you might find you need a cushion with more cushioning.

Although some manufacturers target their pillows specifically towards side-, stomach-, or back-sleepers, there is no industry standard that determines what constitutes the best bed pillow for these sleep positions. The pillow’s level of support is also determined by the material inside. Our testers have consistently chosen down, shredded foam, and down alternative pillows over latex, buckwheat, also solid foam(memory).


  • Pros. It is made with materials that are chemical-free, durable, comfortable, and gives better neck support. It is common for the stomach sleepers to appreciate how the pillow adapts easily to their heads.
  • Cons. Due to the cost and allergies associated with it, most people choose other fills, which require less care.

Memory Foam Shredded

  • Pros. Low maintenance, easy to contain, less allergen concern, doesn’t use animals. Because the moldable fill is easily adjustable, it is suitable for a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Cons. Heat retention, shorter lifespan, smells.

Alternate Option:

  • Pros. It’s comfortable and provides better neck support. It’s also non-animal sourced. There are no issues with stiffness or the mattress staying lofty with testers in sleeping positions.
  • Cons. Its durability and fluffiness are less than that of down.

The Selection Process

To choose the best bed pillow that will work for you, you should evaluate the following factors based on your best sleeping position and also preferred fill type. Our selections are based on the this criteria:

  • Comfort. Following a full night of sleeping and viewing many pillows, we settled on those that were comfortable, offered excellent neck support, and did not bunch or roll the night. Sweaty pillows and overheating have been ruled out. Our testers also preferred pillows that was easily adjustable, so they could add and remove filling according to their needs.
  • Construction. The covers we observed had smooth, soft fabrics and were stitched neatly. Piping or binding on the seams was noted, as well as the smoothness of the fabric. Down was chosen because it was densely woven and wouldn’t leak filling. We made sure the pillow was free from chemical odors that would make it unusable.

The only real way to choose a pillow that is right for you is to try it out at a retailer’s store, and we typically preferred retailers with generous returns policies. The higher the quality, the more likely the warranty is to cover faulty workmanship, as opposed to manufacturing defects. We sought manufacturers that offered warranties of least 2 years, regardless of how diverse they were.

With years of reading pillow owner reviews, as well as reading all the information of our experts had to offer, we’ve read hundreds of testimonials over the period. Throughout 2019, we aimed to focus on pillows made by familiar and respected brands, but we also considered pillows made by new and emerging brands. As a result of reading the owner reviews, we have narrowed down the list.

We have spent 1,000 nights night sleeping on 119 pillows since 2016 thanks to our team of 29 testers. 2018 and 2019 will be our second year of testing. A round of elimination preceded the testing of dozens of pillows. Following this, each sleep position was represented by a panel of testers. To test the comfort of each best bed pillow, each participant slept on it for one to three nights, depending on its level of comfort. Alternatively, if our choices do not meet your needs, feel free to browse our noteworthy competitions section.

Pillow from Nest Bedding Made from Easy-Breathable Material

Its moldable, adjustable filling has been rated as one of our testers’ favorites because it provides firm support both back sleepers and also side sleepers. Unlike some shredded foam products, this foam does not emit any chemical odors. Easy Breather Pillows from the Nest Bedding have been tester favorites since i first suggested them in 2016. With a return policy that’s reasonable and materials of high quality, this pillow is the best option for side and back sleepers.

We have been using our Easy Breather for years and we find it provides both comfortable and supportive support for our neck without causing pain. The Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic pillows outperformed the Xtreme, Leesa Hybrids, and also Sleep Number Xtreme Comforts in our tests. Our panelists spoke positively about Easy Breathers in 2018, five months after long-term testing was complete. The participants did not report back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain. I have been using Easy Breather pillow for many years—the pillow does require occasional fluffing, but otherwise, it stays lightweight, flat, and supportive.

Unlike Sleep Number pillows and Xtreme Comfort pillows, Easy Breather pillows allow you to adjust the fill. It’s an exceptional choice for the majority because foam clumps can be easily removed until the loft is just right. According to back sleepers, the best pillow they found was a super understuffed pillow. The pillow was perfect after removing about a third of its filling. There are also side-sleeper pillows in addition to the standard and king-sized pillows. Our preferred Easy Breather due to its thick blend of Tencel and shredded foam, which conceals the lumpy fill underneath.

Foam pillows from Easy Breather, Layla, or Brooklyn Bedding, by contrast, feel well-made and luxurious with their covers. Although memory foam in general is chemically scented, Xtreme Comforts brand memory foam didn’t have an extremely foul odor. A reviewer of Easy Breather complained in 2019 that the best bed pillow had a faint smell, but no previous complaints had been made.

Easy Breather can be returned within 30 days, and for two years if the manufacturer deems it to be defective. There are many different shredded picks on the market, but this is by far the most generous in terms of warranty and return. There are nest store locations that offer you the opportunity to try Easy Breather before you buy it.

There are Some Flaws, but They’re Not Deal Breakers

After finding out what our readers received in 2020, a number of them reported that it had been different from what we tested last year. Our team bought a best Easy Breather anonymously to test, and it matched the quality of the previous models. It’s believed that the readers received unfinished samples from Nest because of a mix-up in the warehouse. There was no harm done, and the company has offered to replace the batteries, so we don’t think this is a major problem.

The shredded foam is easy to remove with a large hand, but our testers note that it is messy to remove it with the large hand, because of its adjustability. Consider the Sleep ComfortFit Ultimate for example, which has been upgraded with neatly covered envelopes of the fill, should you not like the idea of your bedroom being filled with dusty clumps of foam.

1. A Sleep Number Pillow with The Ultimate Comfort Fit

Stomach Sleepers Will Find This Easy to Adjust

Its molded design and the possibility of shaping it to your preference make this down alternative pillow an excellent choice by stomach sleepers that desire a loftier pillow than Nest Breather. Additionally, adjusting it is easier.

With more and more individual designs being offered in pillows, we prefer customizability more and more. And of all the alternative best bed pillows we’ve tested, the Ultimate Plush Comfort Pillow from Sleep Number gives you the most customization options. When you sleep on your stomach, down alternative is the best choice because it’s soft and doesn’t smell, two vital things when you’re nestled inside stuffing. There are layers to suit the body shape on this Sleep Number pillow, and the layers are sealed so nothing will leak out. A supportive design makes it ideal for the stomach sleepers of all types. The warranty is one of best we have seen, and it is well made.

A standard cotton cover zipped up to three layers of the down-alternative fillings, so that our testers could find their perfect height. Our testers chose the Ultimate version due to its customizable features over its Classic counterpart. After removing one of 3 inserts, stomach sleepers found the pillow comfortable as well. Many side and back sleepers preferred the firmer ComfortFit Ultimate version, which is made of shredded-foam.

Because stomach sleepers require different pillows, it has consistently been difficult to find pillows that compliment them, but the three layers available in PlushComfort Ultimate provide even more choice. As compared to the Riley pillow, the Brooklinen pillow offers less resistance to stomach sleepers. These and other brands of the best bed pillows have been tested. The best bed pillow can make a big difference in your sleep. This mattress has a three-level adjustable comfort system that lets you choose what’s right for you. You can also try Sleep Number pillows before purchasing them, which is a unique feature in an online-only world.  

This down alternative comforter has a plush cotton cover that is thicker than those on Brooklinen, Riley, and Snowe pillows we tested. The three-sided zipper cover makes it easier to pull out and push back in layers. We tested several models of these beds, both of which have a cotton cover in which the outer layer crinklier than the interior layer. This did not show up in the sleep tests, also we are confident that it will hold it up well over time.

Not a Dealbreaker, but Flaws

Sleep Number is the only place where items can be exchanged. The pandemic makes it more harder for many people to try the pillow in person, and it makes it worse because there is no return policy. With Notable’s competition, you can find alternatives you can order online with return policy. Other than that, this best bed pillow has only one drawback: It’s difficult to open it in the middle of the night to change the inserts – but that’s better than sleeping with wrong pillow.

2. Ultimate ComfortFit Pillow by Sleep Number

Luxurious, Adjustable, Side- or Back-Sleepers Welcome

Layers of shredded-foam are removable, enabling you to tailor this down alternative comforter to your body shape while providing ample back support and side support for both back and the side sleepers.

You won’t have to remove bulky amounts of filling from the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow Ultimate to keep your head in a comfortable position. We tested three best bed pillows that were adjustable in 2019. ComfortFit Ultimate foam pillows offer soft down-alternatives and supportive foam. You can customize it quickly and easily. An additional three layers of filling are placed on top of the sealed bottom layer of the implant. Layers can be easily removed since it zips three sides. Most of the testers said that the fit was comfortable. A tester, who said that she absolutely loves the foam when she slept on her back with the insert removed, stated that the foam adjusts perfectly to back sleeping when the insert is removed.

During our testers’ tests, there were no lumps in foam, nor was there any overheating. Soft, smooth cover was appreciated by all testers. This pillow is made soft and noise-free by the Jersey knit wrap that wraps the layers of filling. Unlike the Easy Breather comforter, ours required only a few days so as it can air out, unlike the Xtreme Comforts. The ComfortFit Ultimate may be long-term tested, but the user reports no significant pain. Besides sleeping on his stomach and side, he also sleeps on his back. If you want extra loft, this tallest foam pillow might be the right choice.

Sleep Number has a few drawbacks, however. During the Pandemic, the company does not allow returns, but offers a thirty-day return policy. In case you are concerned about return policy, you should consider the Nest Breather(Easy). Sleep Number is no longer offering a 5-year warranty on this pillow, as it did when we test it in 2015.

3. Down Pillow by Garnet Hill

Stomach-Sleepers Get Clouds of Down

It had lifetime guarantee, and was the most rigid of the plans we reviewed, despite being supportive and moldable at the same time.

When you sleep with your stomach, this down pillow will pamper your head also neck with its luxurious feel. This pillow worked better in testing, so stomach-sleepers that switch positions should find it particularly comfortable. Our testers also tested the soft also medium densities. In general, stomach or back sleepers tend to favor down pillows over those who sleep on their sides or backs, who need firmer suport. Sleepers expressed that they enjoyed it because it allowed them to customize it to their preferences when the sleep on their stomachs and sides.

In comparison with other down comforters we’ve tried with a down fill, this one is more moldable and although it can’t be adjusted to any specific height, it’s more comfortable by stomach sleepers that frequently turn during night-time as well.

In the Signature Down Pillow, approximately 80 percent of the down is derived from a responsible supplier. The Supima cotton cover was silkier than Frontgate cotton cover when used on this pillow, and both pillowcases tested performed similarly. Its thick weave prevents feathers from poking through. The weave is tight and thick, which prevents feathers from poking through. Garnet Hill’s pillows come with a lifetime warranty. There is a chance to return it if it is not to your taste. Our most expensive comfortable is an investment that requires a long-term test to assess its value.

4. By Xtreme Comforts – Memory Foam Shredded Pillow

The adjustable pillow offers better support than other foam pillows for the stomach sleepers and other positions, when compared with other shredded-foam pillows. A strong smell may, however, accompany it.

It consistently performed better than many more expensive pillows over the course of our four-year testing. We were not able to use two out of four best bed pillows tested in our 2019 testing due to strong chemical odors. It’s usually half price of this pillow if it doesn’t smell like that cushion from the Nest Bedding. The pillow provides softer help for your neck than loftier pillows, which can be stiff. Keeping you cool in hot weather are bamboo viscose also polyester microperforated covers, and you can remove the shredded-foam filling to customize your pillow. It may have taken some time for our testers to get accustomed to the lumpier texture compared with this Easy Breather, but most of the stomach-, back-, and also side-sleepers seem to be enjoying it. Our side sleeper told us that the pillow provides better neck support than any of his down pillows.

One year after purchasing the pillows, some readers and staffers still experienced migraines due to the strong chemical smell. It still smelled after a month after being aired out. The two pillows we could not sleep on were Xtreme Comforts pillows. We have also tested two other pillows in past years that were just as comfortable and good as the new ones. If you’re not bothered about potentially having to return your pillow, you may want to give this one a try since Xtreme Comforts allows returns for 30 days.

Maintenance and Care

Getting rid of the crud that makes its way past pillowcases also pillow protectors is not something that comes naturally to us, but we find it necessary to do so on a regular basis. Jack Sukalac, a representative from All About Down, and Christian Alexander, director of Nest Bedding, discuss proper ways to wash pillowcases and how to prevent mold.

There are some pillows you can put in washer and dryer, however, most of our pillows are shredded foam. Covers can be washed, however. It is recommended that you do either outside and somewhere that it is easy for the mess to be contained, such as in the bathtub, to contain the shredded foam. Once the covers have been washed, Alexander said they can be air dried. A year is not enough, according to him. You can as well try spot cleaning your foam pillow if it becomes stained.

In spite of the fact that pillows are just as delicate as any other type of bedding, they need to be cleaned from time to time. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can wash your pillow, regardless of the type.

However, down pillows can still be washed at home, despite the higher maintenance required. If wet or dirty, down becomes sticky and loses loft, Sukalac said. When you experience these symptoms, it’s important to wash your pillow, but you should also be cautious when doing so. Dogs should not be overwashed. Just as dirt and sweat build up, soap residue does as well. After doing a quick-wash, make sure you wash the dish without detergent for a second time.

Keep the dryer at a low temperature as well. When the pillow is baked down, it damages the pillow, as heat kills germs the most effectively. Specifically, according to Sukalac, the first twenty minutes of drying should be done at high heat, followed by the remaining time on low and medium heat. He also removes the pillows every twenty minutes and fluffs them to ensure even distribution of the down. He told me that getting out the water was difficult. Once [the pillow] has been removed, repeat the process until it is completely dry. Manually unclumping the pillow may require beating it up.

Taking care of down-alternative pillows is as simple and straightforward as it gets. Follow the instructions on the label when it comes to care. If you are concerned about retaining the fluffy appearance of down alternatives, Sukalac’s tips can also be applied to down alternatives.

Keep foam pillows fresh by using the air-drying cycle in the dryer between major washes. Once in a week, Alexander recommends keeping shredded foam from your pillow open. In addition to drying down pillows – and down alternatives as well – on regular heat for an hour every three to four weeks, Sukalac recommends drying the padding every three to four weeks to evaporate moisture and also perspiration. This will result in a longer-lasting pillow. In case of allergies or dust mites, it is best to heat the room for 20 minutes at a high temperature, then to lower it for an hour.

Competitors to Watch

Testers provided wildly varied opinions on pillows, so when reading this section, keep your own tastes in mind. There may be factor that makes some pillows unsatisfactory for you, but we found one to be unfavorable for us. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and also stomach sleepers need to know what pillows they prefer.


Our L.L. sleep test passed with one density. Other than that, only one acted. This bean pillow is made from 700Fill-Power. Stomach-sleeper even said that it adapted to her position perfectly. If you sleep on your sideand back, or use both at the same time, this mattress may work for you. As well as these pillows being out of the stock, it is not uncommon.

Down Pillow by Parachute
The Parachute softest pillow is still the best option for the stomach sleepers looking for a pillow that will just give them a hint of support. As recorded by those who sleep on their stomachs, “the material does not break down over time.”. This is a blanket I feel comfortable with and find it to be quite soft. My stomach and side combination-sleeper, however, was not able to stay in this Parachute due to its thinness.

Pillow Made out of Parachute Down
It used to be the soft version of Parachute down pillows that we recommended, and we think that this pillow is an excellent choice if you like down pillows. The headrest did not stay as lofty as some testers had hoped, but there were also testers who loved on how it cushioned their heads.

Down Pillows
Pillows that provide less support are not as well liked by stomach sleepers, but they are loved by those who prefer soft, squishy pillows. Some stomach sleepers describe the experience as feeling like “Floating weightlessly on the top of Clouds from heaven freaking out.” Their heads felt like they were floating weightlessly.

A fill power goose pillow is available from Cuddledown.
Cuddledown’s medium pillow has been a big hit with back sleepers, but it has been less popular with side sleepers. An individual who sleeps on her stomach said: “I like the comfort and the support it provides to my neck.”. I felt that the mattress was supportive but not too firm at the same time. Despite the fact that it has multi-purpose properties, it is a little pricey, also it is a little much for stomach and also back sleepers.

Down Pillow with 700-Fill from Feathered Friends

Suitable For: Side and Back Sleepers
Pillows with 700-fill from Feathered Friends are perfect for back and the side sleepers. The firm version was considered better by some, while the medium version was considered better by others. Unless you are concerned with the environment, you can get down products from Feathered Friends that are RDS-certified. During the summer of 2020, more pillows will likely not be available due to the COVID-19 production interruption.

Goose Pillow from Crane & Canopy
Testers generally found the Back Sleeper from Crane & Canopy to be comfortable. The bed was described as not sufficiently supportive to some, and as causing their heads to roll to the side during night time. If you’re looking for a down pillow with medium fill, the medium-filled down pillow is definitely worth a look.

Down Pillow Made of Linen
It’s not quite as lofty as a pillow made only of down, however, because of the mixture of feathers and also down that is used. The firmness of the pillow did not make it very comfortable for side sleepers, however.

Down Pillow with Linen Cover
A few back sleepers have complained that this pillow doesn’t provide as much loft as they expected and that it does not provide them with as much comfort as they anticipated.

Down Alternative

Classic PlushComfort Pillow by Sleep Number
Even though PlushComfort Classic is more comfortable than the PlushComfort Ultimate, it offers a better adjustment range. For side sleepers who are looking for a softer, more supportive pillow than the Brooklinen Down Alternative comforters, the best choice is the Hooly Loft pillow. This is an excellent pillow for people who enjoy sleep with medium-density pillows.

Pillow with Parachute Side Instead of Down
Our back-sleepers enjoyed the Parachute side-sleeper best bed pillow, even though it may seem counterintuitive. It felt a little squishy by morning for those who prefer lower-loft comforter, but they did not feel uncomfortable. The gussets inside the cover, in addition to being well constructed, ensure that the filling is distributed evenly. You might prefer this pillow instead of Sleep PlushComfort Ultimate.

Suitable For: Side-Sleepers
A firm mattress without foam pillows is a perfect choice for people who prefer a firm mattress. Since then, a small group of testers has tested the pillow’s soft and overfilled densities. Because of their quality of support and firmness, Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic mattresses are a great option for side sleepers. Stacking the pillow with two down alternatives or on its own, the pillow performed just as well. An individual who sleeps on his side benefited from adding two down alternative pillows together in order to achieve additional height.  

Satin Pillow with Synthetic Filling. 450-Thread-Count
There were many different scores for this pillow. Another stomach sleeper found it very puffy and firm, but another found it to be one of the best bed pillows. Side sleepers have said, “I tried two pillows at first, and switched mid-night.”. I thought that was cool even by itself.”

Sateen Material with Synthetic Fill, 450 Thread Count
When you want a pillow that is soft in density but doesn’t have too much loft, the Cuddledown is an excellent choice. If Sleep PlushComfort Ultimate isn’t available, you can select the soft density. We found it to be more comfortable than the Parachute down pillow, although it is less supportive than the PlushComfort. Once the pillow was enclosed in a pillowcase, even though our tester disliked the outer shell, it wasn’t noticeable. Compared to the Parachute, the shell and fabric of the jacket are thicker.

This Hybrid Pillow since it has tufted sides that give the pillow a full look and feel. An additional removable insert made of synthetic materials is also constructed into the pillow and is enveloped by a gel insert. The pillow has a thin inner end similar to airline pillows for those who like thin pillows. This has been deemed a good feature by one tester. Her pillow, which she has been using for five months, was purchased five months ago. Apparently, another reviewer found the pillow to be comfortable whether he slept on his side also back. The pillow was also straightforward to adjust to suit different head positions. In addition, we squeezed the best bed pillow until it was overstuffed, which caused pain at night to our third sleeper.

Adapts to Any Sleeping Position
In the past, this guide included a test for MyPillow. It was happy with the customization choices available when the sleep panel met at that time. We ask a few questions and then suggest two pillows based on color, rather than offering descriptions. The pillow has received praise from back sleepers and also side sleepers alike for its weak support. Unlike yellow and also white fabrics, our testers found yellow fabrics lumpy and unsupportive. Testing findings, however, were not favored by the testers. After false statements were made about Covid treatment options and voting machines, there will be lawsuits filed against the CEO in January 2021. PlushComfort pillows from Sleep Number may be a good option.

Alternative down pillow riley
Recommended for the stomach sleepers
The firm pillow riley used caused him earaches. Even though the filling is solid, after when you lie on it frequently or stack several pillows on top of it, it may feel stiff. We could not compare its performance to those of other pillows.

Parachute’s alternative to down pillows
There is no comparison between this and what parachute’s competitors offer in terms of the quality of the pillow. Both its competitors’ pillows are not much worse than the pillow of this product.

This down-alternative pillow is perfect to stomach sleepers
Compared to other pillows of its kind, it is a soft, fluffy piece that provides less support. Despite having less substance than its competitors’ pillows, it is as comfortable as them.

Pillows made by casper can be used in any sleep position
There was only one tester who liked the application, but the other testers did not. as a result, either side sleepers or back sleepers did not find the mattress satisfying. The pillow that is placed between the back and the stomach of the sleeper becomes a back pillow if he turns over while sleeping.

Shredded foam

Comfort fit classic pillows from sleep number 
Can be used in any position.
Side sleepers and also stomach sleepers alike love this pillow. Nest bedding appears to have produced an easy breather mattress that is identical to that of xtreme comforts.

Pillow saatva 
Suits side sleepers because 
Saatva pillows are made from natural latex and polyfill. Saatva’s soft yet firm pillow won jackie reeve’s pillow test in 2019. jackie feels like she’s floating on a cloud when she uses a saatva pillow. Large and firm, that is the pillow she prefers. As a result of sleeping on talalay latex, the tester found it totally unsupportive. There are removable cores in talalay pillows. The texture of down alternative pillows is much like the texture of wool pillows.

Genuine 50-fill pillows
Are suitable for both back and the side sleepers.
The pillow performed better than easy breather during the sleep testing we conducted in spring 2020. in spite of having air conditioning, one additional side-sleeper became overheated from the polyester cover. This down-alternative pillow features foam shredded and microfiber to provide loft and squishiness. It will be necessary for the company to manufacture masks in order to manufacture ear plugs in case of the covid-19 pandemic.

Sleepers who sleep on their backs
It is no longer possible to purchase shredded-foam pillows like langria. Though the easy breather pillow has an improvement in performance, it still did not outperform the comfort fit ultimate or xtreme comforts pillows.

Xtreme comforts’ slim sleeper shredded foam pillow
Is best for the stomach sleepers

As far as budget-friendly mattresses go, we believe the xtreme comforts would be a great choice. The down should be used in flat pillows if you want them to be flat. For people who require a lot of support, you should choose the best bed pillows that have a higher loft.

With nest bedding’s easy breather natural best bed pillow, made from shredded latex, nest bedding’s easy breather mattress replacement uses organic cotton foam. Our arrival caused the smell to dissipate quickly. We didn’t test the second mattress because we first tested the first mattress.

Memory foam in one piece

A gel memory foam pillow 
The best memory foam pillows we reviewed in 2019 are budget-friendly. It does not overheat despite its low price, so it’s a good choice if you’re unsure about foam. As a medium-sized memory foam pillow, this pillow may be suitable for individuals who prefer medium-sized pillows.

Tempur-pedic cooling pillow
As well as being tall, the design is unique and it is made very well. As far as we are concerned, this is the best memory foam pillow on the market. In other words, it molds around your neck and head rather than sinking too low. this is one of the reasons why it is rated as one of the best solid foam pillows. The pillows don’t have the same level of comfort as pillow made of shredded foam since they cannot be adjusted.

Ecosa pillow
We recommend

Ecosa is our top pick for the best contoured memory foam pillow when it comes to a guide to contoured memory foam pillows. In addition to chronic headaches and migraine headaches, it can provide relief from neck pain. Despite having your neck twist around it, the ecosa remains comfortable.

Tuft & needle foam pillow 
Sleepers who sleep on their stomachs

The tuft & needle is recommended by us for the stomach sleepers until further testing is completed. The mattress may not be the best option for those who sleep on their backs. When i slept on my side or back, it was too stiff to provide me with a comfortable sleep.

In our first test of these pillows this year, we found them uncomfortable. Solid-foam pillows have been problematic for us in the past. They are hard, flat, and inflexible, which has disenchanted a small group of people.

Rest of it


Pillow with goose down gusset from frontgate resort.
2019 sleep tests showed that some testers preferred the softer versions of these pillows over the firmer versions. It was viewed by some as too high, and by others as not high enough. While the pillow cover material was not quite as smooth as garnet hill’s white goose down pillow, it nonetheless was a good quality product. There were too few densities and not enough support to satisfy our reviewers.

Down pillow by garnet hill
Even though it’s a firmer version and our upgrade from a soft pillow, our testers found it more comfortable for back sleepers. The same as sleeping on a tea towel, it has proven comfortable in testing. A pillow might be hiding somewhere in here, don’t you think?”

A down pillow from snowe 
– due to customer service problems and quality issues, we are no longer recommending this brand. We have tried all three densities. We have concerns about the quality and customer service of the brand as well as the firm density down pillow we tested. Our latest purchase was a down pillow with firm density, which was a snowe pick.

Pillows with parachute down
Before testing a down alternative, we were worried that the down will sink easily and won’t provide as much comfort as the alternative.

Lands’ end goose down pillow
The warmth and softness of this goose down pillow did not impress our side sleepers or back sleepers. The fact that some of the down had already seeped out also disappointed me.

Malouf z cotton restraint down blend pillow
This was the best option we found on amazon when testing down/feather pillows under $100. to feel comfortable, side sleepers require more height during the night. Although back sleepers enjoy the length and support of the mattress, the flatness and firmness make long-term use unpleasant.

Royal bedding’s luxurious down pillow 
We tested this item twice before reviewing it, despite it being an amazon best seller. It doesn’t impress me. according to people who sleep on their backs and sides, this pillow is average. Apart from that, sleeping on my back is extremely comfortable for me.

A parachuted down pillow
As far as the firm and soft versions of this pillow were concerned, they were outstanding, but the medium version was disappointing. It was noted by the testers that the product did not flatten out easily, and tended to bunch up easily in the middle.

Down pillow by riley
The strange smell that both the pillows and chicken coop had upon delivery is the reason why one tester compared them to their chicken coops. We must emphasize that neither of them has been subjected to any sleep tests.

Down alternative

Alternative down pillow
This pillow is one of our favorites because of its medium density and softness. My husband no longer had back pain or floppy pillows after a year. Although they were popular with testers, my husband found them short-lived. Providing quality products and services to customers has also been challenging for snowe. This was a down alternative pillow we purchased late in 2019 and it was somewhat good, but it did not endure, and i would not recommend it.

Pillow riley down alternative 
Our tests of the riley down alternative best bed pillow showed that the firm variant was better suited to sleep studies than the plush version. Despite its softness, however, it was not as supportive as i expected.

Down alternative pillows by brooklinen
Sleep-tests were performed on these brooklinen pillows in three different densities, including the midplush and firm pillows. The panelists reported they were all uncomfortable with their sleep environment.

A down-alternative best bed pillow from garnet hill 
Our signature down-alternative pillows didn’t win any distinctions based on their densities among the 2 different densities available last year. Both models were not tested while they were asleep.

Garnet hill primaloft comfort pillow
As we had already tried riley and brooklinen pillows, we decided to not sleep test this particular pillow. However, it was too uncomfortable to serve as a sleeping test material.

Pillow loft aire down substitute
It was not tested by our team because we did not think that it provided a higher level of comfort than other pillows in the same category.

A Down alternative pillow from company store
There is a distinct difference in softness between this pillow and most down alternatives, which are typically stiff. Its softness, however, causes it to compress excessively when wet. few bottom feeders agreed with the idea since they were concerned with it being too lofty.

Pillow made from parachute down alternative
According to our tests, due to the density of this particular best bed pillow, we do not think it is suitable for people who sleep on their back.

Shredded foam

Snuggle-pedic pillow 
Cooper’s home goods pillow seemed heavier even though it wasn’t as big as that from snuggle-pedic. Despite the fact that mattresses were supposed to provide comfort, they failed to do so.

Loft pillow by cooper home goods
Suitable for all sleeping positions

The pillow scored lower than the easy breather pillow in our tests due to its thin cover and difficult to identify how much filling to remove.

Gel plush pillow with xtreme comforts 
The original pillow was much more comfortable for us, so we haven’t tested this one yet. this gel version had a slight odor.

This brooklyn bedding pillow is made with shredded foam
The majority of our testers found the pillow too low and too hard during the first round of testing. Additionally, memory foam clumps could be seen scattered all over the cover. During the testing period, no sleep was taken.

Kapok tree tissue and memory foam
This best bed pillow has been made with kapok tree material and memory foam. Since it was uncomfortable also during our first test, we decided not to sleep on it. another tester, who kept falling off the pillow when it was inflated, complained about an odd smell and an uncomfortable texture.

Memory foam in one piece

Purple pillow
During our comparison guide, we tested various foam mattresses along with a discontinued version of purple’s pillow. The pillow was made of the same purple, flexible material as the purple mattress. According to the testers, it was extremely unsatisfactory.

Our testers found it rather stiff
However, despite being almost twice as expensive as the weekender pillow, our testers found it rather stiff. Whilst it is a great pillow for its price, our testers find it to be a little too stiff.

Epabo contour pillow, memory foam 
While this pillow provides adequate head support when compared to ecosa and therapedic contoured pillows, it does not feature a concave dip in the center which allows you to sink into the best bed pillow comfortably.