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Top Pick: Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet

If you’re looking for Best Bed Sheets but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet as our first choice.

My experience working as a fashion editor in a fancy hotel had taught me a few things about thread counts and Egyptian cotton. Those of us who heard Donatella Versace’s story about her sheets would argue about Frette and Pratesi sheets when we were in the Four Seasons hotel in Milan or some crazy-expensive shop on the Via San Andrea dedicated to embroidered linen sheets.

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Initially, I ignored them as my first reaction. The sheets hadn’t the slightest bearing on me so I ignored them. As a young adult, my Dad usually provided me with the striped oxford cloth Polo Ralph Lauren sheets that he’d gotten on a Bloomingdale’s white sale a few years ago. The thread count at the Four Seasons wasn’t on my mind to begin with because I was busy fretting over my next byline.

Fitted sheet by John Robshaw

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A week later, I spent a week at a friend’s house in southern France. A beautiful lilac and celadon pattern was woven into the sheets in very pale, neutral shades for our guest bedrooms. In spite of the blazing heat of August, there was a hint of wear and tear on them. He had placed light cotton quilts at the foot of every bed in every bedroom that he owned. The quilts were designed by the same person. I later learned that John Robshaw discovered the block-printing traditions of the Indian artisan before he settled in England after studying textile printing in China. He also creates his own line of cotton bed linen, quilts, and pillows, all of which are handmade. As well as traveling throughout India several months a year, he also develops his Indian cotton bedding line. While the price of Robshaw’s bedding can reach $195 for a queen-size fitted sheet, the quality of the cotton, the patterns, and the inspirations from the exotic Rajasthani dreamscape make it a worthwhile purchase. The John Robshaw Queen Fitted Sheets are also extremely durable, though owning one set will always make you want to get more.