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In our testing process, which included washing, drying, stretching, rubbing and sleeping on sets of best bed sheets, the L.L.Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set was the best out of all the sets we tested. The following options are available for those interested in silky flannel, plush sateen, or airy linen.

Bedsheets, 280 Thread Count, Cotton Percale, L.L.Bean

There are very few best bed sheets that offer the comfort, breathability, and reasonable price that are comparable to those of these sheets. There will be eight neutral colours in the entire collection and it will retail for $150 at L.L.Bean.

Exceptional Cotton Sheets Made of Percale and Sateen, Both Breathable and Soft

Our reasons for liking them. Anyone’s bedding collection should include soft, breathable cotton sheets. From 2014 onwards people have preferred Wrinkle Guard’s 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheets and the 400-Thread-Count Sateen best bed Sheets. The sets feel lovely, as well as being twice as expensive and wearing exceptionally well. From L.L. Bean, percale bedding. Cool and crisp, Bean feels like boutique hotel bedding in warm weather. Silkier and heavier textures create a warmer, silkier feel with sateen bed sets. Almost no wrinkles are visible on the sheets. With both sets, your bed will look great at any time of the year.

  • The drawbacks aren’t deal-breakers. Percale sets from L.L.Bean aren’t for everyone. If you like a smooth fabric, go for a sateen set. Percale is textured, but sateen is smooth. Sheets by Wrinkle Guard are generally good, but some static cling can occur when folded. Also, since we recommended them in 2014, their brand has changed three times. All the brands of sheets we tested are of the same high quality even though they are all the same sheets.
  • Available sizes. You can choose from twins, fulls, queens, and kings in L.L.Bean percale sets. A wrinkle retardant sateen fabric is available as well as full, queen, and king sizes.

A sheet set made of 100% Pima cotton by L.L. Bean

Top-Rated Percale Sheets

These bedsheets are trendy, breathable, and comfortable to sleep on. They come in a wide variety of colors. This bed frame set is available in four sizes: twin, full, and king. Eight neutral colors are available in each size.

Set of 400-TC Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets

Satin Bedsheets are the Best

It feels luxurious and is better than sets twice as expensive if you prefer soft and smooth sheets that resist wrinkles.

Summer Sheets, or Linen Sheets for Hot Sleepers

What makes them so special. We found that Culturalier Sheets were not as soft as advertised, and that they didn’t come in the best prints or colors. We mention in our guide to the best linen sheets that the Cultiver collection is softer than the others we tested. In addition, owner reviews indicate that this set is less likely to wear thin. Samples of any color can be ordered before purchase so you can feel the fabric.

Not a dealbreaker, but there are flaws. In addition to being wrinkle-prone, linen sheets are also prone to losing color with time. It is likely that you will not enjoy these sheets if you do not enjoy wrinkled or crumpled sheets. It is not as extensive as the selection offered by other brands when it comes to the size options. As part of the Cultiver package, there is no warranty included, and returns can be made only within 30 days after the product was received.

Available sizes. A set of queen- and also king-sized sheets and a fitted sheet for each size, plus one-size sheets for each

A Culturer’s Linen Sheet

Summer sheets at its best

There are different colors and prints available and it’s one of the softest sets we tried. The fabric has also worn out less quickly.

Core Sheets from Brooklinen

Featuring Classic and Quirky Prints

Percale sheets feel crisp and cool when you touch them. It changes every few months, but the bold prints are always stylish.

  • What makes them so special. Among our favorite cotton best bed sheets for summer is Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheet Set, available in a rotating selection of modern prints. These sheets are made from a percale weave which feels light and crisp. This percale sheet is thinner than L.L.Bean’s top pick for percale sheets, so you feel crisp and airy when you sleep between them. They are remarkably smooth to the touch, yet are strong enough to endure repeated washings thanks to their long-staple cotton. Its designs are changed every three months, and it has more traditional prints than Brooklinen. Stunning abstract artworks are just as timeless as pinstripes and windowpanes. Also recommended is the Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover if you want your entire bed to match.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but there are flaws. A number of L.L.Bean sheets have been tested by Jackie Reeve over the past 4 years, and each set has been washed several times. In the long run, they are sturdy, but can stiffen. The items can be returned within one year if they aren’t right for you. It’s best to order your favorite print right away so you don’t miss it.
  • Available sizes. There are limited edition prints available for twin XL, twin, queen, king, and California king bed frames.

Bedsheets for Under $50: Best Sheets for Children or Guests

  • What makes them so special. The Threshold Performance 400 Thread Count Sheet Set proved to be more scratchy or cheap than many cheap sets. Although our tests showed that they outperformed sets four times the price, Threshold Performance sheets do not quite compete with our favourite sateen and percale sets. Due to the material’s sateen, they drape well and have a smooth finish. Soft fabrics and cool temperatures will appeal to you if you have a preference for these.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but there are flaws. In addition to pet hair and lint, the sheets do a good job of cleaning themselves.

A Performance Sheet Set with 400 Thread Counts

Under $50 Sheets that You Should Buy

Target sateen sheets take almost four times longer to iron than sets that cost a lot more.

The Best Sheets for Twin Xl Beds

  • What makes them so special. It should be able to last you a semester or more if you need twin XL sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. Compared to other sheets we have used, Heartland sheets are just as soft. Compared to cotton-poly sheets found in most college linen packages, these 100% cotton sheets provide more breathability. An affordable printed set of college dorm essentials is featured in our guide to college essentials.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but there are flaws. Their solid colors are too muted for our liking, and they wrinkle more than other sets we’ve seen.

400-Thread-Count Solid Sateen Sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond

XL Twin Sheets

It feels even softer, and has more breathability, than three-fold more expensive linens. A solid color usually comes in eight different shades.

California King Sheets that Are the Best

We recommend just four California king sets. Budget sateen sheets like this are among our favorites. Our upgrade choices percale and sateen are Riley 400 Thread Count Percale Sheet Set and Cuddledown 400 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set. It is hardly a surprise that we love Pottery Barn’s and West Elm’s budget linen sheets. The standard king measures 72 by 84 inches, while the California king is one inch larger and narrower. We have tested best bed sheets that fit California kings in some cases, but not all of them. Consider California king sheets’ dimensions before purchasing another sheet set that isn’t available in this size.

Using Flannel Sheets to Stay Warm in Winter

  • What makes them so special. L.L.Bean’s Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set is a great choice if you prefer the feeling of flannel. L.L.Bean’s “Long Island Flannel” sheets consistently rank among the plushest and never feel clingy among the dozens of sets we’ve tested for our best flannel sheets guide since 2016. Keeping these best bed sheets in good condition will ensure their longevity since they are made from high-quality long-staple cotton. Some Wirecutter employees have been using these sheets for years, and they adore them.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but there are flaws. Our testing showed that this set shed more lint than others we examined. They are likely to lose their plushness in time. However, it will probably take many years for that to happen.

Sheet Set with Ultrasoft Cotton Flannel by Ll Bean

Flannel sheets are both soft and affordable, making them an excellent choice for cold winter nights.

Is Organic Cotton a Good Option?

Choosing organic cotton sheets can be worthwhile if you are committed to organic growing practices. However, organic cotton might not make the best sheet. Our favorite sets haven’t been beaten by organic cotton sheets. The sets we recommend are certified as Oeko-Tex, meaning they do not contain harmful chemicals like heavy metals or formaldehyde. Cotton Sateen Bedding from Cuddledown and Riley, and Pima Cotton Percale Sheets from L.L.Bean are all Organic Cotton certified. These sets are recommended for people with very sensitive skin.

Set of Cotton Percale Sheets, 280-Ton Count, from L.L.Bean

It’s very comfortable, breathable, and reasonably priced if you prefer cool, crisp sheets. Our neutral colors range from twin to king in eight sizes.

Set of Riley Percale Sheets

Sheet Set Made of Smoother, Cooler Percale

These are the smoothest percale sheets we have ever used. They feel and look just like a crisp buttondown, they are so smooth. They are also one of the most vibrant plants that we’ve ever come across.

Sateen Sheet Set made with 400 thread counts by Cuddledown

Sateen Sheets with a Lighter Sheen

Best bed Sheets made from this material feel more luxurious, lighter, and spacious than those made from JCPenney Home sateen. A 60 percent price increase also applies.

Performance Sheet Set with 400 threads/cm2

This Is the Best Sheet Set Under $50 that We Tested

The result of our tests is that these sateen best bed sheets cost less than half the price of sets that cost four times as much.

Don’t Buy Bamboo Sheets or Microfiber Sheets

Bamboo sheets, microfiber sheets, and other alternatives are frequently asked about by our customers. Our extensive research of alternative sheeting fabrics has shown that most people are better suited to cotton or linen sheeting fabrics. Because bamboo viscose is made with a solvent, even though its texture is soft, it can cause pollution in the air and water. Washing microfiber sheets pollutes oceans and lakes, despite their affordability. The other type of rayon, tencel, however, tends to be less environmentally harmful and therefore more expensive than cotton sheets. As all our experts recommended cotton or linen sheets anyway, we decided not to test other bed sheets made of other fabrics.