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Top Pick: A Plushloft Blanket Made of Garnet

If you’re in search of the best blanket, but don’t want to waste time doing your own research and comparing prices, then just go for this one.

We ranked A Plushloft Blanket Made of Garnet as our first choice.

A comfy bed and the best blankets are among life’s greatest pleasures after a long day. You need a warm blanket that is also soft, breathable, stylish, and should last for years. An excellent blanket provides all three elements. During our 500+ hour testing process, we tested 44 blankets, and seven of them will make you eager to sleep.

1. A Plushloft Blanket Made of Garnet

Coziest Blanket Ever

There was no other blanket that we tested that felt more warm and soft than this quilted blanket. Children and pets will have no problem with it.

  • Suitable for. Winter and fall
  • What it felt like. The fluffy kind. Cool and soft quilted faux fur covers one side.
  • What makes it so great. Staff and testers love this blanket for its warmth, soft feel, and durability. As a comforter, this looks and feels like a quilt, but is not one. L.L. Bean’s thin polyester fill and printed top are less luxurious than Garnet Hill’s. Blanket from Bean’s Wicked Cozy. My daughter and her dog made a special place for themselves in the PlushLoft in her bedroom while we wrote the guide. This comforter keeps you cool and can be worn as a comforter. In addition, it is available in a wide range of sizes. The only gift we’ve selected in throw size is this one, so choose it if you want to take a nap on the couch. Any item purchased from Garnet Hill can be exchanged or returned.

The PlushLoft blanket is the clear winner of the five loft blankets we tested. During the testing, the fabric maintained its press and no snags developed. The fabric after washing was softer and easier to sew. It has only happened to a few owners whose blankets fell off their beds at night. Plush-Loft, when used for two winters, slumps towards the floor due to its heavy weight. Even so, pulling it helps us feel comforted. It hasn’t pilled or worn much after nearly 100 washings. Still, the softness remains. The children of our staff were kept warm and comfortable with Plush-Loft blankets. Lint can collect on darker colors, according to most people. Depending on their size, the blankets may need to be washed at a laundry mat since smaller washers may not be able to handle them.

  • The flaws are not deal breakers. In addition to these longer queen-size blankets, there were some that were shorter. We found that, after washing our pillowcases, they shrank, leaving little slack at the feet of our king-size bed. It is essential to understand what is happening. The crinkly sateen of the blanket makes it loud, too. We found that drying the blanket on low took the longest.

2. Wicked Comfortable Blanket by L.L.Bean

Luxurious Fleece

Fleece blankets like this are softer and have less chance of causing you to sweat. This blanket warmed cold feet faster than most of the blankets we tested.

  • Suitable for. Winter and fall
  • The way it feels. The texture is plush and velvety instead of polar fleece.
  • What makes it so great. A total of seventeen fleece blankets were tested, and the Wicked best Blankets from L.L.Bean was the most comfortable. This blanket feels much better, feels softer, and is more dynamic than the cheap fleece blankets At big-box retailers, we saw this. A person who is always cold would find it comfortable with this blanket; my feet stayed warmer under it more than they did under many other blankets which we tested. A lighter version was also tested and found to be just as warm, though a little light.

Unlike Garnet Hill’s cotton fleece, Wicked Cozy fared better in the wash test than it did in Garnet Hill’s. We didn’t encounter this issue. Some owners have raved about how the Wicked Comfortable sheds lot while drying. Comparatively, it dried quicker than most of the others we picked. One of several blankets we tested did not shrink after being washed. Since its release three winters ago, this blanket has been consistently in stock. Wicked Cozy has been keeping a staff member warm and comfortable this fall and also winter in New England. The company offers a 1-year policy of return.

  • The flaws are not deal breakers. Our sleep tests revealed that I overheated when we used this blanket. I did not overheat while using the light version. Our cotton and wool original was clingy, so it threw us off our bed a bit at night. We tumbling dried the blanket on the lowest heat setting and then finished the process by turning off the dryer. However, the care instructions recommend tumbling dry without heat. You can also prevent static electricity with the help of dryer sheets.

3. Hand-Stitched Organic Quilt with Coyuchi Pebbles

Quilts for Investment that Are Stunning

It gets its distinctive style and personality from centuries of hand embroidery, a tradition that dates back centuries. It’s made from organic cotton, so it’s soft and warm.

  • Suitable for. Winter, fall, spring
  • The way it feels. When the material is washed, the rippled texture enhances its beauty. Compared with a normal cotton blanket, it is bulkier.
  • What makes it so great. I have appreciated the A hand-stitched organic quilt with coyuchi pebbles throughout my 15-year career as a quilter. This product is made from company that practices ethical business practices and has traditional quilt design details. We also like the blanket’s versatility. The price of a quilt is generally higher than a blanket, bedspread, or coverlet since quilt is the investment piece that elevates your bedroom with its details. As expected, it is our most expensive pick. The price of a handcrafted quilt is comparable to that of a handmade one.

There are single swaths of fabric used for the Coyuchi quilt, so it is whole cloth design. Probably you have seen patchwork quilts in the past, which are created by sewing together small bits of fabric to create unique design. Just as with Coychis, solid-colored quilts often feature geometric designs that make the stitching visible on the surface. In both designs of quilts, the middle layer provides warmth and also texture.

What stands out most about the Coyuchi can be the stitching. A kantha quilt found in Bangladesh and India served as the inspiration for this quilt, embroidered in India. All of the quilt’s surface is embroidered thickly. There is a contrast thread used in its design, which stands out against the slightly brushed fabric, creating an almost meditative pattern. Washing and drying the material makes it bunch and pucker, adding character to the appearance while preserving its softness. Quilts come with GOTS certification, but they do not comply with Fair Trade standards.

Although it is light, you still get plenty of warmth from this blanket, even though it is lighter than the bulkier picks here. These all-wool blankets are among the warmest we’ve tested, and they offer a variety of colors and stitching that makes them look a lot more contemporary than many of the others. A generously sized blanket, it folds into sides of its bed easily. We found that the blanket Wool blankets shrank than the others after washing, and it looked better afterward than what it did before. I have no issues with the Pure & Simple, even after my dog punctures, snags, or otherwise damages the protective material for two winters. In addition, most nights with comforter have been warm in the Northwest. If a blanket is defective after thirty days, it can be returned for repair or replacement if it is defective.

  • The flaws are not deal breakers. If you want a warmer effect, choose a woolen blanket from the contest page. The Pure & Simple blanket won the test against wool blankets. Among all the fabrics, this is the lightest and warmest. The smell of animal hair can be particularly strong after wool blankets have been laundered in addition to strongly smelling of moisture. I dried the blanket on low heat for an hour and the smell was gone within minutes. After the dryer became clogged with lint, I had to wash it again

4. CottonTwill Blanket from L.L.Bean

Cotton Blanket with No Fuss

An elegant, classic look adds a touch of style to any bed with this tightly made twill blanket. Testing over a long period of time has shown it to be indestructible.

  • Suitable for. When the climate is colder, all year long
  • The way it feels. With a smooth, tightly woven back and little fuzzy back, this sweater feels thin, yet weighty.
  • What makes it so great. A layering blanket like a Maine-Made Cotton Twill Blanket allows you to keep warm under a comforter. For the past three winters, I have worn the top layering piece every day. I’ve washed it so many times, but it still looks brand new, and under two fluffy comforters, it’s just so soft and comfortable. It has a simple, no-fuss design, making it seem like it would belong in a beach house. New Englanders highly recommend this summer blanket. Unless you live in a frigid climate year-round, we still recommend using this blanket in fall, winter, and spring.

Our tests revealed that Maine-Made blanket draped well, felt soft, snagged the least, and piled the least after laundering compared to the other four blankets. There were no visible signs of damage on the mattress after children and pets jumped, played, and jumped on it. Our heavier cotton blankets shrank less than this blanket. It’s a tough, long-lasting blanket. The company’s return policy lasts a year.

  • The flaws are not deal breakers. A longer side would have been better for tall mattresses. Additionally, the lightweight cotton and also wool blankets crease more easily than the heavier Maine-Made blankets. That’s why you should remove it from dryer soon as it’s finished drying.

Blanket with Bolls and Branches

Waffle Weave Is Our Favorite

Waffle-weave blankets feel more springy and luxurious than organic cotton blankets do. It adds beautiful texture as well as keeping it breathable.

  • Suitable for. In mild climates, year-round
  • What it feels like. Unlike traditional waffle weave, this fabric is extra fluffy.
  • What makes it so great. We asked our testers to choose the blanket they liked best among the four chunkier knit blankets we tested. They chose the Boll and Branch Waffle Blanket for its sumptuous appearance, springy feel, and overall warmth. However, the open weave feels great to run your hands and feet over, and adding the texture to anything as a top layer would add appeal to it. The cotton blanket we tested was lighter on the skin, because it had more loft than the others. They engrossed themselves in it for quite some time while sitting on the couch. The weather is good all year, as long as the temperatures don’t get too cold in the evening.

In 68 °F, we stayed comfortable by layering the blanket over the sheets. A comforter under it provided significant warmth. I had no problem tucking the king-sized blanket into this one. The Boll and Branch returns policy is 30 days, and the company is Fair Trade Certified.

  • The flaws are not deal breakers. With a weave like this, snagging is inevitable. Pet claws, jewelry, also long toenails are likely to rip loose, raised yarns.

Cotton textured coverlet Riley

The Perfect Coverlet for Summer

It has a ribbed texture that makes it look unfussy on a bed, unlike other cotton blankets. An airy sleeping bag is made with cotton and gauze at the top.

  • Suitable for. summer
  • What it feels like. Cool in the summer, sturdy, and crinkly.
  • What makes it so great. With the Riley Textured Cotton Coverlet, you get style, durability, and breathability. Casual style meets elegance in this bed. There is an apparent ribbed texture on the top, but it actually feels like seersucker. The puffiness persists even after being washed. Despite their volume, Riley sheets are very rigid and lay flat on the bed because of the Gauze on both the top and the back. Summer blankets made entirely of gauze are considerably heavier and more durable than Rileys. A number of years will be necessary for testing the Riley’s durability. It can be used as quilt underlayer or comforter not only in the summer, but throughout the year.

In comparison with Hay Crinkle Bedspreads, our previous lightweight pick, Riley’s four neutral colors and full/queen/king size options are better. There are many benefits to using Riley blankets over stretchy gauze blankets, including their substantial nature as well as their easier handling. If you are looking for a blanket that size with a crinkle texture, you can’t go wrong with the Isa Stonewashed Organic Cotton Blanket form Garnet Hill. Fabrics such as gauze feel heavier underfoot than Riley because they are less durable. OEKO-TEX certification ensures this coverlet is free from harmful chemicals so there is still a 100-day return policy.

  • The flaws are not deal breakers. While Riley blanket tops don’t feel as soft on the skin as other cotton blankets, gauze backs are truly fantastic. IKEA Vareld Bedspread and Parachute Matelasse Coverlet are slightly different in terms of softness. Our beef with most blankets is that they can’t be found in brighter colors, and the Riley could do that.

I and three other experts spent hours researching the original 2018 guide, which includes some new companies and offerings that were not included in previous guides. On the basis of the list of 104 blankets gathered from large-box and department stores, six stores were visited. In order to select the 21 blankets for testing, we reviewed owner reviews, compared available options, and assessed each brand’s reputation for quality and customer service. Cotton, wool, acrylic, and polyester fabrics were available in a variety of weaves. A total of 76 comforters of all types and designs were reviewed in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The test I took gave me a score of 23.

These are the characteristics I’ve observed in the best blankets. Hundreds of blankets have been studied, washed, wore, and tested.

  • Comfort. Having a warm blanket to snuggle under is a wonderful feeling. If a blanket is warm enough to make you sweat, do not overheat or sweat there. Cotton and wool perform better than other materials for providing warmth with breathability. If you sleep hot, you shouldn’t use acrylic and polyester fleece blankets, despite their softness and warmth.
  • Durability. Our blanket recommendations should be designed to last for a long time and be washed many times, as long as all the conditions are met. In blankets with open weaves – waffle weaves and gauzes – snags are more likely to occur. Children who like to scramble on bed and cats who enjoy kneading things might not need most delicate blanket. The Inn Kitchen Kettle market innkeeper and Area’s owner, Anki Spets, also told me they often see holes in blankets caused by long nails. Put on socks and trim your nails.
  • Availability. We already love many blankets, some of which are more affordable. The designs for blankets change from year to year, but we select those that have remained available year after year or that we are confident will be available in the future. Every time we select pick, we check for availability.
  • Easy to maintenance. In cases of frequent spills, allergies, kids, and pets, a bed blanket may end up in the washer. We like minimum maintenance fibers such as wools that hot water can be used to wash kill germs, fleeces that can withstand frequent laundering, and also cotton that hot water can be used to wash kill bacteria.
  • The bed looks neat and clean. A bed that clings to its sheets and is hard to straighten will not look crisp. To ensure the edges don’t show, a blanket should have generous dimensions so that it will comfortably tuck in.
  • Customer support that is responsive and efficientNew blanket may not suit your tastes or preferences, and it may be a disappointment to you after purchasing it. There are no return policies or customer service issues with any of our picks.
  • The price is fair. We test each blanket meticulously to ensure it is durable enough to make the price worthwhile. We chose blankets that cost $100 and more for queen size in this guide. For great sleep, we think it’s worth investing in a comfortable each day blanket. Even so, we are never without a lower-priced option at hand, but as of yet, none have matched our requirements.

My initial testing in 2018 lasted four weeks. Each blanket was measured and checked immediately after it was removed from the package, then washed and dried, followed by a second measurement to determine shrinkage. Rather than examining sheets, I investigated blankets, which are longer. The amount of blankets and a comforter I used was 18 over two nights. Four more times, I washed the blankets. We also played tug-of-war with my 6-year-old and threw pillows at the fabrics. Six members of our staff in New York City tested the final 12 blankets before I made my decision. This blanket is by L.L.Bean called Wicked Cozy. In addition to Boll & Branch and LL Bean, there is the L.L. One of the products in the collection is the Bean Power Blanket. Although they remain favorites in the guide, Bean Maine-Made Cotton Twill remains a favorite.

As we measured, washed, and dried our first several blankets in 2018 and 2019, we have added several more to this guide. There are three new tested blanket versions. I evaluated the mattresses by sleeping on them or napping on them for an entire night. Using pinking shears, we checked to see if there had been any damage. I conducted these tests with the help of my dog and child.

Maintenance and Care

If one want your blanket to last, you must follow the care instructions. We tested some blankets that could be dried, others that required tumble-drying at low heat. If you follow the care instructions, your cotton and also wool will shrink less. The fibers of all materials can be damaged over time by intense heat. A knit blanket should not be snagged on jewellery, buttons, rough skin, or long nails when used under a comforter. While you will not touch the blanket, accidental brushing can pull the loose weave. Likewise, when putting and taking out towels, avoid catching them on door handles or edges.

Available Competition

  It feels nice and springy to use gauze blankets when it is hot outside, thanks to their crinkly texture and breathability. This all-gauze blanket from Garnet Hill also features stonewashed organic cotton, and has a bigger selection of sizes than Riley’s pick. Since a blanket made entirely of gauze would likely not hold up as well, even a well-made Isa blanket shouldn’t wear out as quickly as a Riley blanket. If the sharp lines of the Riley aren’t appealing to you, the subtler rippled texture of the Isa might be. In addition to the three neutral colors and the blue we love about the Riley, more colors would be welcome. With frequent sales at Garnet Hill, you might find a good deal depending on how patient you are.

Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt and Coyuchi Quilt are both excellent choices. The Brooklinen, with its black, navy and white shades, feels plumper and looks elegant, as well as being slightly warmer. As a result of the thin cotton fabric, we found that Brooklinen quilts are not as durable as Coyuchi quilts. Black Lorimer was the pattern used in our tests. After washing, the perfectly crisp design became wrinkly. Its thick, pillowy batting made Brooklinen quilts resemble comforters rather than conventional quilts. For those seeking something more traditional, Coyuchi is a better choice.

Our children and pets loved the softness of the Garnet Hill Dream Quilt. It looks like a quilt, but it’s actually the same color as the fabric like in Coyuchi and Brooklinen. Compared to other quilts, the quilt lacks contrast. This quilt is less ornamental and more utilitarian due to the highly visible decorative stitching. It has a wider variety of colors and sizes than any other quilt that we’ve tested. In comparison with the other quilts we tried, this one was much less expensive.

Rest of It


In the past, we have featured the Hay Crinkle Bedspread as a soft and breathable bed spread. It’s not the only gauze blanket that offers a single size, as there are others that offer more colors and sizes. It rippled and tore when we tested the 2020 blanket. Furthermore, the bedcover was not attractive because it was too thin and too versatile.

In our review of the Snowe Softexture Coverlet for 2019, we discovered a few construction flaws. We found it to be comfortable and light, but its construction could have been better. Fifteen washes reduced shrinkage by a significant amount after fraying and snagging. Until recently, Target sold an affordable, tried-and-true bed blanket. As a result of its affordability, threshold gauge won our hearts. Since we last saw the blanket in a store, it’s quality and construction have changed, making our recommendation no longer valid.


Riley Textured Cotton Coverlet has a rougher texture even though it is durable, and it may not be suitable for mild climates. This is due to the fact that it is warmer than in summer. The Riley bed topper is also quite modern, so it stands out from the rest. In 2020, the IKEA Vareld Bedspread will be our cheapest blanket. This year’s tests found it to be the least soft, lightweight, and only available in one size. The organic microfibre blankets from Cascade Organic are lightweight and warm during the summer, but heavy and can’t retain enough heat during the winter. As a bed topper, it wasn’t very practical, despite its pretty appearance.

Chunky Knit

Boll & Branch’s Waffle blanket seems to be more luxurious compared to Restoration Hardware’s Chunky Waffle weft cotton blanket. We found more snags on Frontgate’s Egyptian Thermal Blanket than on Restoration Hardware’s blanket and the Egyptian Thermal Blanket has a rougher feel than Restoration Hardware’s blanket.

We did not enjoy the Threshold Sweater Knit Blanket, despite it being soft and having beautiful colors. When I washed it, it expanded rapidly, and I had hard time keeping it on bed. In addition, the dog was able to chew through it easily. Underneath it, however, I slept comfortably.

Heavier Cottons

A Constant Comfort Blanket is available at Vermont Store, as we mentioned previously. Cotton blankets remain popular despite their reissue. There is no need for other recommendations. The German Flannel Blanket from Cuddledown almost made it to the end of our tests. I slept well in the warm, soft bed. A further five times of washing and drying had failed to prevent the pilling.

A cotton weave blanket is extremely warm, but not as comfortable as a more conventional cotton blanket due to its rough surface. Wamsutta Micro Dream Zone Blanket from Bed Bath & Beyond are comfortable, easy to care for, and amazingly cool to sleep on. A wash distorted the picture’s edges.

One of the products we tested was the Target Threshold Solid Blanket. While it was affordable, it also had a rough and heavy feel that was prone to snagging. Upon discontinuing Wamsutta blanket, I began testing Macy’s Hotel Collection Premier MicroCotton Blanket.


All the 100% wool blankets we’ve tested, except for the choose from Faribault, have been discontinued, even though we prefer their feel and warmth over blends.

Its price, despite its many positive characteristics, is relatively high for the Coyuchi Sequoia Washable Organic Cotton & Wool & Cotton Coyuchi Sequoia Blanket. This blanket cannot be covered by a king-sized bed after washing because the sides are too wide. Despite being a 70/30 cotton and wool blend, this blanket is heavier than other wool blankets we tested and does not shed wool fuzz like some other blankets do. Although it is warm and comes in four colors, it costs about 60 percent more than the Faribault Pure & Simple blanket made from 100% wool.


Brooklinen Linen Quilts are among the softest and most comfortable fabrics we have ever used, though they are thin and fragile. You can put this on top of a comforter and linen duvet top if you’d like something cooler. A linen front is featured on the Parachute Linen Linen Quilt, as is its cotton back. While less comfortable, the material is also significantly scratchier.

With a gauze fabric outside and a pillowy inside, Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Quilt is absolutely stunning. After washing, the cloth ripped into pieces like paper, creating the appearance of a comforter. There was an enormous quilt enclosed in scratchy fabric that was filled with fluffy stuffing. It is a warm comforter, we found it difficult to use because it was too heavy. During the washing process, the sample we used for the review tore, so we were forced to go to the laundromat.


It was uncomfortably cheap and was hard to wash. Squeezing the fabric makes it look like memory foam. Despite feeling warm under their toes, our testers avoided touching them for more than just a passing touch. As soon as it was removed from its packaging, the product seemed to resemble a polar fleece vest. The material became matted and pilled after being wet, so we stopped testing.


It can be difficult to differentiate between the colors of Company Store LaCrosse RDS Certified Down Blankets and the Garnet Hill Essential down blankets. This comforter does not require a duvet cover since it can be washed. This blanket wasn’t as soft and crinkly as Garnet Hill’s. If you want a blanket that is warm without having a fuzzy backing, the Plush-Loft blanket is perfect. Additionally, The Company Store and Garnet Hill offer alternative versions. The edges of the Superior Down Blanket rippled and distorted after being washed for the first time. Several testers felt the blanket would have been complete with a cover. The Wool Fill Quilted Blanket from Pottery Barn has been discontinued since the test was conducted. It was largely dry after half an hour, and a strong animal smell emanated from it.