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Top Pick: Organic Percale Sheets from Sol Organics

If you’re in the market for the best cooling sheet for hot sleeper, but don’t want to go down the road of doing your own research and compare prices, then just go for this one.

We rank Organic Percale Sheets from Sol Organics as our first choice.

Summer can make it difficult to sleep, regardless of how cool your house is, if you’re one of those people who gets hot and sweaty in bed. Cooling sheets come into play. In addition to making sleeping more comfortable, cooling sheets, experts say, can prevent sleepers from overheating by releasing air with ease or by using materials known for wicking moisture away from sweaty people. Keith Cushner, founder of the website Tuck that reviews sleep products, points out that some sheets claim to be cool, but are not. He says you should be especially careful when purchasing sheets with moisture-wicking properties because they may not be breathable.

As a sleep and health researcher at the University of Arizona, Dr. Michael Grandner says the best cooling sheets are those that circulate the most air. Sleep is governed by the ability of the body to regulate its temperature, says Harman. When you sleep with breathable sheets, your body absorbs moisture from the sheets, evaporating it into the air, keeping you cool. As a result, you wake up sweaty if you have less breathable sheets.

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The experts told us sweating during sleep can also arise from medical conditions. If you experience night sweats, talk to your doctor immediately. When you are simply feeling hot, you can use cooling sheets to alleviate the discomfort. Clinical sleep educator Terry Cralle says that 65 degrees degree sleep is the ideal temperature, so sheeting that is breathable and moisture-wicking can significantly improve your sleep. To find out which ones are the crispiest and coolest, we spoke with 14 sleep doctors and experts. Unless stated otherwise, every option is queen-size.

Cooling Sheets With a Breathable Design

Organic Percale Sheets from Sol Organics

The majority of sleep experts agree that natural fiber sheets are the most breathable because they are made of cotton and linen. According to seven experts, crisp percale cotton is the best choice. Dr. Margarita Oks, a pulmonologist at Lenox Hill Hospital, says the more breathable the fabric, the better it is. It is a blend of polyester and cotton, which makes it a wonderful fabric for sleeping. Moreover, Percale sheets, which have a tighter weave than Satin, will keep the room cooler. In her book The Women’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia, Shelby Harris says percale is a good option for cotton sheets. The Happy Sleeper author Heather Turgeon enjoys the way percale feels as it is crisp and light.

For something cooling and reasonably priced, Cushner recommends percale-cotton sheets. Ben Trapskin, founder of reading site the Sleep Sherpa, explains that a single-ply percale sheet will be made from one thread, rather than two. Among the products liked by Trapskin are natural sheets made by SOL Organics at a good price. Trapskin says organic sheets do not contain harsh pesticides that weaken the cotton fibers. Sustainability and economics go hand in hand with these sheets.

A Great Linen Sheet

Sheet Set, Brooklinen Linen, Queen

A number of sleep experts discussed linen sheets with us. As a sleep specialist pointed out to me, linen is very breathable and can “pick up cool air.” Oks also points out that the loose weave of the linen means that it is less likely to trap heat. Thomas Harris echoed this theory, observing that linen sheets are considerably more breathable as well as a lot cooler in general. I also admire the crisp, clean look.” Oks says that many of her sleep-apnea patients appreciate the Brooklinen linen sheets, which are available in 11 colors and patterns. Cushner says linen is the most breathable of all bedding materials, but admits it can be somewhat rougher and more expensive than cotton.. Rather than waking up sweating, you’ll remain comfortable as you sleep with these sheets, according to Lauren Levy, a former Strategist senior writer.

Best Cooling Linen Sheets

Linen Sheet Set Parachute, Queen

A lighter-colored shirt is more likely to keep you cool when it’s hot outside, says Cralle. Therefore, when it’s hot outside, you ought to pick a lighter-colored shirt and use cooling sheets. The linen sheets from Parachutes come in 11 different colors, including the gray seen in the picture. This linen sheet set is recommended by Trapskin, as is the Brooklinen sheet set. The sheets arrive in two pieces, so you will need to remember that the set includes a fitted sheet as well.

Eucalyptus Sheets that Are Best for Cooling

Eucalyptus Sheet Set from Sheets & Giggles, Queen

Oks says that eucalyptus fiber tends to have natural temperature-regulating properties, making it another excellent option for sheets. Despite not being scientifically proven to provide cooling benefits, Eucalyptus sheets, which provide excellent air circulation, are comfortable to wear while sweating. Sheets & Giggles, which offers eucalyptus sheets, is a brand Oks recommends to her patients.

Choosing Breathable and Moisture-Wicking Cooling Sheets Is Key

Sheet set Arctic Aire MAX from Sheex, Queen

A breathable and moisture-wicking Tencel sheet is an excellent option for sweaty sleepers. A Tencel fabric is highly absorbent of moisture, making it a perfect choice for people who sweat a lot while sleeping. In addition to being wrinkle-resistant, Tencel is also sustainably crafted. Harris describes it as a good pick for sweaty sleepers because it keeps moisture from creeping into the fabric. As a moisture-wicking sheet, these Tencel sheets from Sheex are recommended by Gelb, a sleep specialist. Sheex is also recommended by Annie Schlecht, an occupational therapist and sleep consultant who has tried organic products but failed.

The Softest Tencel Sheets

Zoma Tencel Sheets – Gray

Alex Savy, the founder of Sleeping Ocean and a sleep expert, also offers this advice. Due to their natural breathability and temperature regulating properties, Tencel sheets are a good choice for sleeping. One of his favorite sheet sets are these Zoma sets, which come with a one-year warranty and have a silky weave.

The Best Cooling Sheets Made of Tencel and Cotton

Sheet Set Molecule Percale, Queen

Those looking to save even more money should check out the Molecule Tencel sheets. According to Trapskin, Molecule sheets provide a more comfortable feel with their Tencel-cotton blend. Due to the cotton sheets and mattresses, Molecule manufactures cooling mattresses as well.

Bamboo Sheets with The Best Cooling Properties

BedVoyage Pure Bamboo Sheet Set, Queen

A sleep doctor says bamboo sheets are as good as eucalyptus and Tencel. The bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly, says Tani Tal, who likes how light and soft they feel. The sheets from Ishka Designs are supersoft, according to their co-owner Anishka Clarke. Generally twice as long lasting as cotton, and as soft as baby’s skin.

Best Cooling Bamboo Sheets

100% Bamboo Sheet Set Gokotta, Queen

This more affordable – and “extremely breathable” – 100 percent bamboo-rayon sheet set is used by Airbnb host Brandon Lee, who itself identifies as a hot sleeper. Besides being softer and lighter, bamboo rayon is also moisture-wicking. The bamboo rayon fabric outperformed all of the other bedsheet fabrics in my tests.

Cool Bamboo-Cotton Sheets

Gravity Bamboo Sheet Set, Queen

The bamboo sheets may also be a good choice for those who sweat excessively while they sleep. This advice comes from Savvy. According to him, it is very breathable, drys quickly, and wicks away excess moisture quickly. Cotton and bamboo are blended together to make these shirts. According to Chen, bamboo fibers can not only prevent allergic reactions but can also help you keep yourself free from pesticides that cause allergy flare-ups.

A Cooling Bamboo Sheet Infused with Silver

Bamboo Sheets with Silver Infused by Rowe, Queen

As an added bonus, they’re infused with silver, which gives them even greater antimicrobial properties. They’re recommended by sleep-science expert Stephen Light, the co-owner of Nolah Mattress. Thus, the sheets do not have to be washed as often because they prevent odors from accumulating. Like most people who mention bamboo, he mentions its ability to wick moisture, breathe well, and be very lightweight.

Heavy Sweaters and Cooling Sheets

Moisture-Wicking Sheets by Wicked Sheets, Full

According with Dr. Jeremy Fenton of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in Chicago, synthetic fiber sheets are better for those who sweat regardless of the temperature, whereas natural fiber sheets are gentler on the skin. According to International Hyperhidrosis Society executive director Lisa J. Pieretti, those who suffer from night sweats should consider Wicked Sheets. In the same way that athletic wear wicks moisture away from the body, poly-nylon blend sheets do the same. In addition to using a UV-protected fabric, the sheets contain trace copper elements to inhibit bacterial growth.