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Top Pick: Puredown White Feather Down Pillow

If you’re in search of the best down pillow, but don’t want to perform your own research and compare prices, then just go for this one.

We ranked Puredown White Feather Down Pillow as our first choice.

Oftentimes, we ignore the fact that having the best down pillows is necessary to a good night`s sleep. The wrong pillows prevent you from feeling comfortable. As one of the most common types of pillows on the market, the term comfortable pillows often brings to mind the term ‘down pillow.’ Additionally, down pillows are of above average quality. As soon as possible you should buy one or more down pillows if you think that you can find a solution to your sleepless nights in these pillows. In order to simplify the process of buying a down pillow, I have laid out a list of the top six consumer reviews on the best down pillows. You can refer to the list in order to make the right choice.

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Consumer Reports and Ratings for The 6 Best Down Pillows

1. Puredown White Feather Down Pillow

Among the best down pillows, the Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow is the kind that provides a soothing effect to the brain when it’s used because it offers a soothing feeling to one’s head while lying on it. There are a number of sizes available, but for the sake of my discussion, let’s use the standard size as I think that’s the one everyone is most likely to use. In order to make the best down pillow as comfortable and durable as it can be, the product has been covered with a cotton fabric of the highest quality. It is true that this pillow set can be used by anyone; however, those suffering from pain in their backs and necks, who have used these pillows for a considerable period of time, will surely find great relief after using them.

2. 100% Puredown Goose Feather Pillows

This is another best down pillow from Puredown, which is filled with goose down primarily, but would also be filled with feathers if you wanted to. It features contrasting brown piping within its double lattice quilting, providing a very appealing appearance. Hypoallergenic material will prevent dust, mites, and mildew from settling on its surface, so your chances of developing sneezing or rashes will be reduced. There have been large numbers of people who have benefited from using this pillow as many have experienced huge relief from neck and back pain after using it.

3. Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows 2 Pack by East Coast Bedding 

With East Coast Bedding, you can choose from two pillows filled with down, which can make sleeping on the bed as comfortable as possible. Whether you are setting up your bedroom or decorating it, these pillows make the perfect addition. It is most important to make sure you have a safe place to put the pillow set because the best feeling that you can get is when you place the pillow set on a memory foam mattress. It is important that you unpack the product as soon as you receive it to enable the smell to dissipate over time. Once the product is unpacked, you can use it as you wish.

With this particular pillow set, unlike many on the market, you have the perfect pillow for any type of sleeper. The cushion is extremely resistant to wrinkles and stains due to 85 percent down and 15 percent feathers, so it can withstand everyday wear for years. A cotton shell is made of 100% cotton fabric that has a 300 thread count, which makes the pillow last a long time unlike standard covers. Furthermore, the pillow is designed with a pillow protector as an extra layer of protection for its users.

4. Down Pillow with 100% White Goose Down by Continental Bedding


One of the softest and best down pillows you can find in the market has a down filling, and it is one of the most luxurious pillows. I tested the standard size, soft material and a standard-size pillow that comes in various sizes. One of the most durable down pillows on the market today has a fill power of 550, making it one of the most durable. I like using pillows featuring white goose down that is made from premium quality down; it feels as if they are of extra softness and comfort. This pillow is made of cotton fabric with a thread count of 300, which gives it a long-lasting and durable texture. If you are one of those who sleep on their backs or sides, this pillow is for you. If you don’t sleep on your back or sides, this pillow is for you.

5. Down and feather pillows from JA COMFORTS

Generally speaking, people tend to think feather pillows are incredibly expensive and therefore should never buy them, but what is true is that they are not. The feather pillows offered by JA COMFORTS are just as luxurious and comfortable in appearance and feel, as well as being affordable. For this reason, the firm uses the highest quality feathers in its pillows in order to facilitate air flow, making the sleeping environment more comfortable for its users.

As a matter of fact, the down used in this particular pillow is used in a particular manner, i.e., to cushion the pillow’s edge. The feathers that make up the rest of the filling contribute to the resilience of the pillow. Furthermore, the pillow is machine washable as well as covered by a 3-year warranty. Moreover, a 90-day trial period is provided in order for you to see whether this pillow is right for you.

6. 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow by Continental Bedding

Those best down pillows are manufactured by the company that is known for its quality bedding accessories, and they are produced by the house of that company. When you review this pillow, you will discover that it is made of superior quality materials. This pillow has 700 fillings. As a result, it contains high quality down feathers to keep the pillow light, lofty, fluffy, and comfortable.

The use of cotton material for its construction makes a pillow made of 100 percent cotton breathable. A 300-count Hungarian cotton pillow offers a soft surface on which to rest your head as its 300 thread count makes it soft. People who wish to sleep on a side or on their back are most likely to use this pillow, as they are suffering from back or neck pain.

Down Pillow Types

It is important that you are aware of the different types of down pillows that are available on the market before you start with the purchase of the best down pillows.


The best down pillows made from goose feathers is among the finest that can be found on the market. Goose down pillows are soft and comfortable, but they are a bit pricey. The best goose down comes from Hungary, which produces the best goose down. Therefore, premium goose down pillows should be made from goose down collected from Hungary. In addition to these countries, Canadian, Chinese, and Russian goose feathers are also sourced from those countries.

Duck Down

There are many options to choose from if you are wanting to make the best down pillows of the highest quality. With this kind of pen, not only are you given a premium feel but also your budget isn’t burnt to the bone. A comparison between the goose and the duck reveals that the duck is of a lower quality, but at the same time, it is cheaper. Nevertheless, the comfort and quality of this material makes it the perfect choice for any consumer.

Down Alternative

It should be noted that the polyester microfiber used in the manufacture of down alternative pillows is quite expensive, given that it is made of man-made fibers, the most common of which are polyester. It is one of the best materials used to manufacture pillows because of its high-quality filling.

What to Look for In the Best Down Pillows

It is important to consider a few factors before deciding on which down pillow to buy, which you will find in the following section:

Filling Material

Furthermore, down pillows that contain 100 percent down are also available on the market. There are down pillows available in the market if you look for them. The term “down pillow” may be used to describe some types of pillows. Due to the fact that some pillows combine both feathers and down in them, this difference occurs. Some pillows are composed largely of down, whereas others have a higher proportion of feathers.

Fill Power

A down pillow’s fill power is one way to determine its durability as well as its ability to maintain its shape with time. In order for a pillow to be durable and long-lasting, it should have a fill power of at least 700. Furthermore, it will come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs for many years to come.

Filling Weight

In order to choose a pillow that is soft or firm, the weight of the down fill should be taken into account when determining the weight of the pillow. The firmer the pillow, the more weight it will have.


The best down pillows can be soft, medium, medium-firm, or firm. There are four different types of down pillows in terms of their firmness. The firmness levels that we offer cater to different sets of people based on the types of work they do. Those who sleep on their stomachs should use a soft down pillow, while those who sleep on their side or back should utilize a medium or medium-firm pillow. It is a good choice for side sleepers looking for a firm down pillow.


It should not prove difficult for you to find a down pillow that is the perfect size for you after reading this review of several pillows that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The size of the down pillow you select below your head will depend on your particular sleeping conditions. This is something you need to consider carefully when choosing a down pillow.


As much as down pillows have a longer lifespan than other types of pillows, you will need to cover them with quality covers if you want to get the most out of them. Additionally, by using a cover on your pillow you will eliminate the possibility of feathers poking their way into the pillow. You can protect your sleep surface by keeping your pillow cover fresh and clean.


Down pillows can be your answer to the problem of finding a pillow comfortable enough to help you sleep through the night. It is important to find the best down pillows that works for your body, since all down pillows do not work in the same way. There are six down pillows I have compiled that offer a wide range of features, and each of them has its own special qualities. If you are considering buying a down pillow, you should decide what will provide the most comfort for your body and mind. Once you have made this decision, then you should go ahead and purchase the best down pillows in the market.