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Top Pick: Pacific Coast Touch

If you’re looking for Best Down Pillows, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Pacific Coast Touch as our first choice.

In your mind, you might picture the luxurious hotel bedding made from the best down pillows, or Kate Winslet’s character submerging herself in Cameron Diaz’s bed filled with pillows. If you have ever slept with a down pillow, you can get the same luxurious experience at home. It is popular to use best down pillows as they are lightweight, puffy, and breathable. Nevertheless, the form seems to serve a different purpose when it comes to sleeping better, as Keith Cushner of sleep-product review website Tuck explains. It’s best to choose something softer or plusher, such as down, instead of a firmer pillow if you know your head gets always hot or you have sensitive ears or you sleep on your side.

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When choosing the best down pillows, we also spoke to nine other experts. Loft, fill ratio (the proportion of material inside the pillow) are two things to consider. Fill power is usually used to measure loft. The fill power of a pillow determines its size, fluffyness, insulation, and weight. The CEO of National Pool Fences hopes you think of fill power in that way. It is not uncommon to find pillows with fill powers of up to 800, although Wood explains that 650 is a good starting point. All-down pillows are considered even more luxurious and are typically more expensive since they contain a mixture of goose or duck down as well as feathers. As Marina Vaamonde, PhD, founder of PropertyCashin, explained, “Best Down pillows are not as durable as synthetic pillows. The better the down content, the longer they will last. ComfyBeddy founder Laura Bates recommends checking the composition of any pillow, as some brands may call a pillow down but add feathers and down. Feathers can poke through a pillow covering because they are dense and minute.

We have found that down pillows are suitable to be used by all types of sleepers, according to our experts. The right down pillow will make any position during the night comfortable and support your neck and shoulder areas so you feel well rested regardless of whether you are sleeping on your side, stomach, back, or in another position. The firmness level of the best down pillows is also variable. In her article, Creative and Design Director Melissa Wagner shows how the different levels of firmness correspond to a variety of sleeping positions. If you sleep on your side, you need a firm pillow; if you sleep on your belly, you need a soft pillow; and if you sleep on your back, you need a medium pillow. According to Johanna Lundgren, director of product and design at vacation rental service Jurny, if you switch positions during the night, a medium-density option should be sufficient.

The best down pillows are recommended based on the suggestions of our experts. Here are some of their recommended options from a few companies they trust, along with some ultra-luxury pillows. It is important to wash down pillows on a regular basis or have them dry cleaned to extend their life expectancy. Between washings, it is highly recommended to shake pillows and beat them. Simply exposing them to the sun will make them last longer.”

All-Around Best Down Pillow

`1. Down Parachute Pillow

The down pillow from Parachute is the best in feel and quality by far, according to four of our experts. With its 750 fill power, he says, this pillow will provide luxurious comfort. He says the pillows have a plush, lofty, but soft feel, according to Airbnb host Brandon Lee. Covered in 100% cotton, this pillow is filled with 85% down and 15% feathers and down. The pillow is available in hard, soft, and medium densities, so customers may select the density they prefer. Additionally, the pillow comes with a three-year warranty, which is praised by both Wagner and Cushner. The pillow you’ll get will be very nice if you’re willing to spend more, Cushner says.

Best down pillow

2. Best Down Pillows from Brooklinen

Cushner isn’t the only Sleeping Ocean founder who recommended the Brooklinen down pillow. Sleeping Ocean founder Alex Savy is a sleep science expert. The price of this option is reasonable and the quality is good in comparison to other options,” says Savy. Each of Brooklinen’s pillows has a different fill composition, and three different densities are available. Compared to a plush pillow, a firm pillow has a higher proportion of feathers to down. There is a feather layer underneath the outer layer of down in the mid-plush. Despite the density of the pillow, Savy describes the cover as being stitched with a 100 percent cotton sateen weave, and being silky soft and silky to the touch like a cloud.

Down Pillow with Medium Firmness

3. Touch of down pillows by Pacific Coast Hotel

Lundgren named the Touch of Down style as one of her best down pillows, among two experts who praised Pacific Coast’s down pillows. This medium-firm bed features feathers, 550-fill power down, and a cotton shell with a cotton inner chamber. The company’s pillow-in-pillow structure provides her with the softness and support most down pillows lack, as she believes it is an ideal way to provide these advantages. 

Down Pillow with Medium Plushness

4. Double Down Around Medium Pillow Standard

In order to make Savy’s experience a bit more fulfilling, Pacific Coast suggests Double DownAround pillows. The cover of this mattress is made of cotton, and it is also surrounded by 550-fill-power down-filled inside. This pillow is considered to be suitable for individuals of a wide range of sleep habits since it is able to adapt to the shape of the neck and head. The result is a relaxing and comfortable experience for the user.

The Best Down Pillow Made from Goose Down

5. Down Pillows from Kassatex European White Goose

Several expert opinion sources state that the best down pillows made of goose down are the most luxurious ones you can purchase. The down of the goose is usually softer than that of the duck, as wood refers to goose down as “the best.” With that in mind, Cushner admits that most people are unlikely to notice the difference: “it will likely be difficult to detect.” This is an affordable pillow, according to Cushner. Made from 100% cotton and filled with 650-filament goose down, this sham is highlighted with 650-fill-power. This pillow comes in three support levels but is currently out of stock. According to Wood, it has “high-quality fabric, is very comfortable, and easiest to wash.”

Goose Down Is the Most Luxurious Filling

6. Feather & Down  Goose Down Pillow 750 fill power

Down & Feather Co.’s all-goose down pillow is among Wood’s favorites. He calls Hungarian goose down “the absolute apogee” of down since it has 750 fill power. This, of course, will cost you more. There are four supported options available on this pillow, ranging from very soft to extra firm, as well as a 10-year limited warranty. You can also order this pillow upon order. “It is comfortable, it cradles your head, and it is of exceptional quality,” Wood explains of the pillow as a great investment.

Down Pillow with The Most Support

7. Feather and Down Helix Pillow

With a combination of down and feathers, this Helix pillow provides resilient support, Savvy says. In addition to providing gentle cushioning, the 550 fill-power down on the outside provides support. 95 percent of the down in the interior chamber is replaced with feathers, and five percent with feathers. A cotton cover is attached to the pillow, and it is one-year guaranteed. The pillow is quite springy, and “heavenly soft, yet supportive at the same time.”

Best Two-In-One Down Pillow

8. Set of Two Down Pillows, Royal Hotel

Bates recommends Royal Hotel’s down pillow set if you want to save a few bucks and get quality best down pillows. She says the pillows feature a cotton cover that is natural and breathable and are made with 750 g of 750-fill-power down and feathers. You can pick the firmness of the pillow set just like other pillows on this list.

Best Down pillow (YouTube) Review

A Down Pillow Twofer

9. COMBO of 2 WENERSIS Down-Blended Pillows, set of 2

A sleep-science coach and co-owner of Nolah Mattress, Stephen Light, recommends this set of best down pillows for those who like the comfort of down. Each pillow comes with a cotton cover and comes in two support levels, soft and firm. Light claims each pillow to contain 85 percent of down and 15 percent of feathers, which are ‘blended together to avoid any crunch’, although it does not provide a fill power listing.

Two-For-One Deal on All-Goose Down Pillows

10. Set of 2 European Goose Down Pillows, 800 fill power, from East Coast Bedding

There is nothing better than the 2-for-1 deal of a goose-down pillow set, and East Coast Bedding’s 800-fill-power pillows are the perfect set. Certainly, they offer pure goose down pillows that are some of the most reasonably priced options available on the market, according to her. In addition, the cotton-satin shells begin at $130 and they go up from there.

Alternative Down Pillows that Are Best

11. Down Alternative Pillow, Slumber Cloud

Certain people may prefer pillows that simulate down, but don’t actually contain it. Allergic reactions, ethical concerns, or other reasons may lead to this. These pillows by Lee sound perfect if you’re looking for one that regulates temperature, as down-alternative pillows are generally firmer. The fabric is lined with a NASA-approved fabric known as Outlast, which is effective at absorbing, storing, and releasing heat. The machine-washable pillow on this list is similar to many of the others.

Two Best Alternatives to Down Pillows

12. Set of 2 Le’vista pillow

best down pillows

In addition to being machine washable and soft and springy, the 4D polyester filling mimics the texture of the best down pillows in the market, providing support without sacrificing softness.