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Top Pick: Casper Sleep Elements Mattresses

If you’re looking for Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Casper Sleep Elements Mattresses as our first choice.

Choosing the best heated mattress pad helps to keep low the cost of keeping your bed warm in cold weather and drafty houses, but electric bedding costs pennies per night. This heated mattress pad from Sunbeam is one of the best options available for most people who want a heated mattress pad. It offers superior cushioning and fewer wires than most models, so it’s an excellent choice. Those who seek comfort from a heated blanket have several options to choose from.

Our Pick

Heat Pad for Sunbeam Quilted Mattresses

A great heated mattress pad

It was the most comfortable heated mattress pad because the top was made from all-cotton and it had 300 grams of padding. We felt better after our mattress warmed up. The warm mattress pad from Sunbeam had the thickest cushion and a cotton top, thus making it the winner. Users without any technical knowledge can easily control it by using the simple, intuitive controls. Moreover, the blanket’s port is locked by the locking mechanism so that the plug cannot be removed.

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Budget Choice

Sunbeam Heated Quilted Bed Sheet.

Cheaper and less cushy.

With only 5 ounces of padding, this thinner polyester pad is even more uncomfortable than the more expensive Premium Quilted model, but it still provides the same level of warmth.

There is a heated mattress pad called Mattress pad with a quilted design from Sunbeam that costs between 50 and 70 dollars less than the Quilted pad (Premium). Compared to quilted polyester, polymer is less effective at wicking away moisture from the body (especially sweat). Although it didn’t mask the wires particularly well, we found this pad to be comfortable. Although the pad has fewer settings than its Premium Quilted counterpart, its temperature range is the same.

Our pick

Plush Velvet Sunbeam Heated Blanket

An excellent electric blanket

Despite not being as comfortable as other blankets, it took less time to assemble, only used one outlet, and had a lockable cord plug.

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blankets are a great alternative to electric blankets if you’re looking for a comfortable blanket instead of an electric blanket. By its safety locking plug as well as its digital controls, the cable is stored securely in place. Besides being a best heated mattress pad, it can also be used with Sunbeam favorites. In comparison to our other blankets, the Velvet Plush feels plush and velour-like. It was possible to feel the wires when we slept, but they did not bother us. Despite its safety complaints, Sunbeam’s Velvet Plush electric blankets are the most luxurious ones that we tested, because Biddeford (whose blanket came in second) has historically received more safety complaints than Sunbeam’s.


Electric Blanket in Sherpa Microplush

Soft but With Annoying Cords

Despite having a softer fabric, this blanket had wires intertwined in it that were less noticeable. Neither queen-size nor king-size beds have more than two outlets, that is inconvenient.

In addition to being softer than Sunbeam’s electric blanket, the Biddeford Microplush Sherpa electric blanket is also more durable. Though the Sunbeam blanket has a silkier side, it was more comfortable as it did not slip around as much. Unlike Sunbeam bed, the Biddeford bed requires an extra outlet because of its two power cords (instead of one) that must pass over. Design-wise, it doesn’t make sense. It is not equipped with a lock for safety, so accidently pulling it out can be disastrous. There have been fewer complaints about the quality of Biddeford homes than Sunbeams, but Biddeford homes have higher scores overall.

Our Choice

Heated Quilted Mattress Pad by Sunbeam

Best Heated Mattress Pad.

In our tests, this mattress pad is the most comfortable, thanks to its cotton top, cushioning made of 9 ounces, and 100% cotton bottom. It felt better when our mattress was warm.

Budget pick

Heated Quilted Mattress Pad from Sunbeam

Mattress pad that is less plush,

Despite being lighter than the more expensive Premium Quilted blanket, the five-ounce blanket is likely to provide similar warmth, but may not be as comfortable to sleep on.

Our Choice

Heated Velvet Blanket with Sunbeam Velvet

The Best Electric Blanket

Considering its overall quality, this blanket is a good choice. You only need one outlet to use it, and it has an easy-to-lock plug and a better control system than other models on the market.

Aldo Good

Biddeford Sherpa Microplush Blanket

The Fabric of Corded Blankets Is Softer, but They Are Also Annoying.

Despite having a softer fabric, this blanket had wires intertwined in it that were less noticeable. Neither queen-size nor king-size beds have more than two outlets, that are inconvenient.

Choosing the Right Heated Mattress Pad Over the Right Electric Blanket

A heated mattress pad is the best option for adding additional warmth to the bed at night as compared to electric blankets. As your body and bedding provide insulation, the pads mask the heating wires better. Moreover, mattresses have no folds or bunches, which can cause overheating, which is not the case with electric blankets. As an alternative to a mattress pad, blankets can be a better option if you have a mattress topper you love. When you only need heated bedding occasionally, an electric blanket works just as well as a mattress pad.

Most people save money by just heating their beds in the winter rather than heating the entire house or room. By lowering your thermostat one degree for at least eight hours, the US Department of Energy reports that you save one percent in utilities costs (subscription required). As a result of using Kill A Watt meters in 2017, we were able to determine that our bed choices consume only 3* to 5* watts of power. From November through March, the cost of running a heated bed is likely to range between $3.20 and $6. If you have a warm place, sufficient insulation in your bedding, and the right setting for your mattress, it works well.

Our Tests and Picks for the Best Heated Mattress Pad

  • Heating bedding is all of the same design. Usually, the controller is connected to the bedding with the help of an encased cord or a port, or the battery is connected to the controller via a cable. A number of safety mechanisms and thermostats regulate the temperature of the wires as they heat up. Generally, bedding companies use a single heating system for all their products. There is no difference in the outer fabric covering a mattress or a blanket from any manufacturer; only the controls (digital or dial, number of heat settings) differ.
  • All models must be certified by either UI or ETL. There is a high failure rate for heated bedding, regardless of the manufacturer or model. Safety was not a significant concern for most of them (although there were only a few safety complaints), but rather the comforter wasn’t heating up or it stopped after only a short time period. The mattresses that do not have a five-year warranty were removed.
  • Electric blankets made of polyester were all we found. A polyester fabric may be less prone to warping because it resists stretching and shrinking. Besides cotton and also polyester mattress pads, cotton-based mattress pads were also available. With its ability to wick away sweat and moisture, cotton provides a feeling of comfort. Due to the warmth in heated bedding, some people might sweat a little (but you should always keep the temperature down so you are not sweating excessively). In comparison to cotton, polyester has a lower absorbency rating.
  • Electric blankets, as a rule, are intended for use at night. To be effective, warm blankets should be laid flat on the bed, not coiled around the body (because that would build up heat). Because of that, you cannot use the blankets on a couch. There are some companies that make smaller heated throws intended for lap use rather than larger throws. An interior padding (called a “fill”) was also disqualified because it obscures the lines of the mattress.

Thousands of owner reviews went into the analysis, as well as any fire hazards reported by owners in regard to testing heated bedding. Since there are just a few electric blankets available, we compared their websites, including Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and others, to get a better idea of their features. A selection of models based on Amazon customer reviews and retailer websites was included in our search. Due to the fact that heated bedding often saves a person money, we decided to eliminate the most expensive heated pads.

A minimum of two people tested the items, and sometimes more than two. Tests were done using cotton sateen and cotton percale sheets as well as midweight comforter. Temperatures in the bedroom remained below 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the testing.

As a Result of Our Testing, We Evaluated the Following:

  • The wires were how noticeable?
  • How long did it take for the bedding to reach its maximum temperature?
  • Which bedding material was most comfortable?
  • Could you see and also adjust the controls while in dark condition?
  • What was the temperature of the blankets? How did they affect the temperature?

Several factors affected the temperature measurement, A room’s temperature, for instance (which we cannot change), the bedding’s insulation, and the inconsistent heating. A blanket or pad was subjectively evaluated as well, rather than objectively in terms of whether it had the feel of freshly dried sheets.

We laundered 2017 winners according to their care instructions to prevent excessive shedding, stretching, or shrinkage. In our laundry for 2019, none of them were touched, so we washed only the top picks. All of the blankets and pads looked great after they were cleaned, without signs of shedding, stretching, or shrinking. Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad was the most affordable heated mattress pad we reviewed in 2020.

Our Choice

Heated Sunbeam Quilted Mattress Pad

Recommended by Testers

Our testers considered this the comfiest mattress pad of all the ones we tested. Its all-cotton top added a lot of padding. Our mattress felt better after it got warm.

With its soft texture and fewer visible heating wires, Sunbeam’s Premium Quilted Heated Mattress Pad ranked highest among the mattress pads we tested. Through its convenient preheat feature and temperature settings, it offers a wide variety of cooking options. Compared to other heated bedding we’ve tested from Perfect Fit and Biddeford, these mats include two controllers (one for each temperature). Since the top is entirely cotton, we won’t expect this model’s fill to shift significantly. Other brands of pads did not have this feature, including the connectors, which could not be locked into place. Compared to other brands, Sunbeam heated bedding often produces fewer safety complaints.

The interior of the device had 9 ounces of padding that led to a minimal appearance of its heating wires that was virtually unnoticeable. There is nothing more comfortable than a mattress with a quilted top. It is also true that a sunbeam pad is quite effective at masking wires, but we found the Perfect Fit pad to be cozier, and all the reviews that were posted by its customers were not concerned.

This mattress pad provided the most temperature settings among the mattress pads we tested, with 20 options. The number of settings makes distinguishing between 14 and 15 impossible. As soon as you choose the highest heat setting on the heating feature, the bed will heat up rapidly, then return to its original temperature. Nevertheless, you can save time and energy by using the pre-heating feature rather than adjusting manually.

The shiny green LEDs mounted behind the digital controls looked nice and they were a lot softer than the lights on other controllers, but they were still bright enough to be able to read the controls in the dark without glasses for the nearsighted tester. There were some models that had sizeable and ergonomically designed handles that were largely similar to those of the other models, making it easier for you to use them.

The mattress pads and blankets that we review are all heated by dual remote controls, allowing us to control the warmth of each section of the mattress pad separately. This is the case for queen, king, and California king size mattresses. The company’s design actually uses two outlets to power two controllers, even though Sunbeam uses a single outlet to power BOTH of them.

The cotton pad options were limited (all the other test pads that we found were made of polyester). The high-quality fabric can be beneficial for people that sleep warm, but it was not more breathable than the polyester pad we tried. This quilt is stitched to prevent shifting of the fill more effectively than seams that are stitched vertically only. Among the few quilted pads that we found, the Premium Quilted Pad was one of the most popular.

In order to connect Sunbeam’s heated beddings to its controllers and power source, each side includes a unique plug securing it by a strong lock. While they are difficult to plug in or unplug, the controllers are not easily loose. In addition to this being practical (you will not have to switch off the heat source while you sleep), it is also an additional precaution (loose connections can lead to sparks). When using heated blankets or mattress pads, Sunbeam recommends avoiding extension cords. At 13 feet, 4 inches, it can reach most outlets without issue. As with most other heated pads, this Sunbeam model has a single connection in the middle. Several others were tried too, including the Perfect Fit Soft Heat, which had a dual insertion point, leading to cord tangles.

In the same manner as the others, the Quilted Mattress Pad also warmed up. The maximum temperature was reached after 20 minutes at the highest setting. I didn’t feel sweltering but I felt comfortable after leaving it there for 10 minutes. After we turned it off, the pad cooled down quickly, and the pad was responsive at a lower temperature.

This Sunbeam pad (for heated bedding) scored over 4 stars in almost 500 reviews Amazon at the time of this writing. As a result, Sunbeam bedding is less commonly complained about than those we consider for testing. Mattress pads from this manufacturer come with warranties of up to five years.

Sunbeam’s Water-Resistant Heated Mattress Pad, for instance, is comparable in terms of its features to the Sunbeam’s Premium Quilted Mattress Pad, but this one comes with less padding and is 100% cotton on top. You will not have to worry about spilled liquids reaching your mattress because Sunbeam pads are made out of waterproof material. Basically, all wires, electronics, and covers used in heated bedding are insulated, so no matter how wet they get, they will not get damaged.

Notes on Long-Term Use

A busy work schedule in Buffalo, New York had caused him to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over the years. After the Sunbeam washing machine stopped working in December, when the pad was washed, it stopped working. As a result of Mr. Smith’s story, our air conditioner had been cleaning itself automatically, and we will continue this regularly, so we haven’t had any problems with our air conditioner. Please follow the recommendations we provided to ensure proper care and maintenance of the unit.

It’s a flaw, but not a dealbreaker

Approximately ten to fifteen negative reviews of heated bedding appear on Amazon. This suggests a defective product. The reviews on Amazon for this mattress were mixed, including some positive reviews. In some cases, best heated mattress pads failed to perform properly or failed to heat up properly after repeated use. The warranty did not cover some mattress pads as well. There have been a few safety failures with Sunbeam bedding products, but not many complaints have been reported.

In the washing and drying process, the elastic skirting came unravelled. Lint traps can get ripped and cause damage to the machine. A lengthy drying time was specified in the washing instructions. In regards to Sunbeam warranty services, a company representative informed us that a return label is available for the mattress pad. The mat can then be taken to a local repair shop for service. There will be no charge for this repair or replacement. The company responded within five days after we completed the online warranty form.

Another complaint is that the controllers are connected to a port on the base that brushes against the feet of the pad. Unless you reach nearly the edge of your bed, at which point you would touch the port, it is about six inches away from your feet.

Budget Pick

Heated Sunbeam Quilted Mattress Pad

It’s Cheaper and Less Cushy

One of the few heated mattress pads out there that do not come with covers or cushions, is it is one of the most affordable heated mattress pads out there. Despite the fact it offers many of the same advantages of Sunbeam’s Premium Quilted, it is just a bit less expensive than its more luxurious counterpart. During the coldest winter months, it may be more comfortable to have the wires from inside the pad than the wires from outside the pad.

Sunbeam’s quilted pad had fewer fill ounces than most less than $100 models, but was equally comfortable. The wire pattern on the mattress pad will be uncomfortable for side sleepers in particular. Nevertheless, they did not disturb me in the middle of the night. It was easier to cover up the feel for the wires when using thicker flannel sheets.

Sunbeam’s quilted pad instead of the Premium Quilted top has seven-inch vertical seams, making it easier to move. The polyester top of this pad does not emit moisture as effectively as cotton, and it provides less cushioning than a Premium Quilted pad.

My top pick peaked at the same temperature as I did in only 20 minutes what took me an hour in my second pick. The company’s Premium Quilted pad comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and an industry-leading guarantee, but there is also a lock mechanism on the port. The following list of the best heated mattresses pads for queen and king size beds is of the highest quality. There is less precision with this dial since it only allows you to adjust the temperature 10 times. However, most consumers will not notice the difference. You should raise the temperature of the pad before going to bed, and then lower it afterward, in order to make the bed as warm as possible as quickly as possible.

Our Choice

Warm Mat Heated Blanket, SunnyBeam

Electric Blanket that Works Pretty Well

However, it is easier to use, and less comfortable. The cords are locked in place safely, and two outlets are not required. All electric blankets had wires that were particularly noticeable. The products also had poor workmanship as well as disappointing fabrics. Due to its softness, control, performance, and protective features, the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket was the clear winner of our test group.

100% polyester Velvet Plush is brushed to give it a soft, velour-like texture. Sunbeam blankets tested the most comfortable and best at covering wires due to their velvety-soft surfaces. They determined that a midweight blanket, Velvet Plush has a velvet finish and a plush feel to it that it does not feel stiff or heavy atop their bodies.

As we experienced with all of our blankets, the Velvet Plush blanket warmed up in 20 minutes as well. One of the versions that we tested had ten heating options. The settings could be manually changed by you if you wish. Certain Sunbeam heated blankets, such as the Premium Quilted (best heated mattress pad), offer as many as 20 different temperature settings. This particular blanket comes with many features which are not found in most blankets. According to your blanket purchase location, you will likely receive a specific type of controller with your blanket.

Even with dual-controller versions, you must still have one outlet always available, even if you are running heated bedding with two outlets. It was also necessary to plug in two outlets to use the blanket from another manufacturer. A Sunbeam exclusive is the safety latch at the bottom of the slide, which is a part of the design.

Velvet Plush featured wires, but they were visible and weren’t as obvious as wires in the other blankets. It made the wires less noticeable on the bed once the blanket was sandwiched between the top sheet and the comforter. I had a good night’s sleep despite this. There is less risk of them digging into the body or causing pressure points since the wires rest on the top of the blanket rather than beneath it.

Having a velvety blanket paired by sateen sheets made us worried it might be slippery. This problem didn’t happen with sheets made of cotton flannel/percale. Customers on Amazon have expressed concern about the blanket’s slippery surface.

The wires on this blanket may shift a lot more than those of other blankets (such as the Biddeford blanket), since they are made of metal. The Sunbeam channels are narrower and so the cables can swing sideways, leading to hot and cold spots in comparison to Sunbeam.

There have been a number of Sunbeam blankets that have not worked well or broke soon after use, as well as Velvet-Plush blankets that failed to heat evenly. Our staffer was shocked by a Sunbeam blanket that was left unplugged. It is possible that Dynamic is responsible for the problem. The bedding products we offer have all been rigorously tested for safety, and they are all certified by UL/ETL. There were jolts and sparks reported by Amazon customers who used the service.


Sherpa Microplush Electric Blanket by Biddeford

Cords on the blanket make it feel softer

This blanket’s softer fabric made the wires less prominent since they were sandwiched between it and the fabric. King and queen sizes require 2 outlets.

This is thicker and hides the wires better than the Velvet Plush from Sunbeam. Neither of them feels heavy to me. We did not like having to use each outlet separately on both blankets (which means using more electrical outlets). I could not control the temperature with the Biddeford blanket, although the blanket had two sets of controls for the temperature, but the controls were easier to use on the blanket. We found a more positive review of the Biddeford hotel at the time we looked at it, indicating that there were no safety concerns as well as a high number of complaints regarding the quality of the rooms.

The Biddeford Comfort best heated mattress pad is our best and most comfortable heated mattress pad. There was less cable visible on the bed, and the cable moved less. Unlike Sunbeam’s velvety fleece, which only has a thin layer of polyester on one side, Microplush has thick layers of fleece that conceal the wires better. In addition to wiring channels, the Biddeford has power outlets and data outlets. Both blankets got plenty warm, warmed up fairly quickly, and maintained their temperatures well. There was not a lot of difference between them.

Therefore, Biddeford needs to use blankets that have two ports and outlets on the bottom in order to accommodate blankets with dual controls (queen and king). Only one port is required to connect the Sunbeam. In this area, having so many plugs can get cluttered and cause tripping hazards. Similar to the Sunbeam’s ports, the Biddeford’s ports are not locked down, which makes them more vulnerable to accidental damage.

If new and functioning properly, every item of Biddeford bedding is UL-certified. Amazon reviewers reported past incidents of Biddeford blankets overheating and giving out smoke. Seven bats were sighted, even though there were more Sunbeams. During the update, there were no safety concerns raised by owner reviews. Both brands failed to deliver on their promises after the short time, according to our research. In spite of this, Sunbeam’s historically low complaint rate is likely to please many shoppers given people’s frequent concerns over electrical fires. In the same way that Sunbeam heaters have a 5 years warranty, Biddeford heating products do as well.

Electric Bedding Safety

Some people may feel nervous when bedding is combined with electricity. In a recent statement, the UL consumer safety director for North America, John Drengenberg, explained that heated bedding that has been certified by a third party can help to reduce household fires. A National Fire Protection Association survey of home electrical fires collected from Canadian fire departments found that mattresses and bedding caused approximately 270 fires in a year between 2012 and 2016.

When we interviewed Judy Comoletti, an NFPA’s public education manager, she shared with me the importance of UL certification for blankets and pads.

Heating bedding products are tested with the same results by ETL to ensure their compliance with UL safety standards. In addition to durability and corrosion resistance, UL-certified heating sheets have also been tested to ensure that they remain safe during cleaning and washing. A corrosion test has also been conducted on the electrical components. Drengenberg noted that heater wires are connected with fewer connectors (reducing the possibility of failure), which makes these devices safer.

There are some precautions to be taken while using bedding (heated), despite its many benefits. Our experts have some tips to ensure that your bedding will not get damaged by cords, wires, or ports:

It is not a good idea to let pets access heated bedding since they will scratch and chew it. Heating bedding should not be folded, bundled, or pinched. A failure of safety mechanisms can result in excessive heat damaging wires. A light blanket or comforter should be placed in top of heated bedding rather than an electric blanket. Explicitly doing this can result in a buildup of heat. Using a heated pad and electric blanket at the same time is not recommended because they may get too hot. It is not recommended to heat bedding with an electrical extension cord.

When electric bedding is operated without your presence, it is never a good idea. Unless there are odors coming from it, it should be turned off. The bedding should be stopped from being used as soon as it ceases to function properly. Children and adults with low heat sensitivity may be not able to bear the heat of heated bedding, as well as those who are unable to turn off the bedding and get out of the room immediately if it becomes too hot. In the event of a wet heated bedding set, no damage is caused to the wires or electronics. Once bedding has been washed and dried, it should be completely dried.

Maintenance and Care

Heating blankets and heating pads can be machine washed and dried, but they need to be handled with care. Weekly washing is not recommended. Laundering your heated bed more than necessary is not recommended. All controllers as well as cords should be disconnected before laundering, regardless of the model. Multiplying the drying and washing process can lead to bad results. It is not recommended to dry clean, iron, or bleach bedding that has been heat-protected. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying bed linens, especially if your bedding is to be dried on a low temperature after being washed on a short, cold cycle.

When you use a commercial dryer, which is usually much hotter, you may damage wiring in your residential dryer. The manufacturers of clothes recommend avoiding cycles that are too long or too hot. Heat-generating bedding should be wrapped carefully with the cord. You can avoid, bending, pressing, or warping wires when you roll or gently fold the bedding. Heating bedding can be fragile, so take care when storing it. Under no circumstances should heavy items be compressed, vacuumed, or stored.


Heated Mattress Pads

Our heated mattress pad comes with half of the filling, so you shouldn’t worry about spills when you sleep on it. She has received high endorsements from Wirecutter editor Smirniotis. His filling of 6 ounces isn’t luxurious, but he said they are fine. My mind was taken over by the comfort of my bed that I forgot I had wires.

It was nice to see some quilting on the Quilted Heated Mattress Pad by Sunbeam, though the top was polyester. I felt uncomfortable with a fill of five ounces. There are, however, several shortcomings with this product, which is very much alike Sunbeam’s Quilted best Heated Mattress Pad.

This model also comes with a remote control in addition to two unidentical cords. We chose it over our top selection because it has a bit more complexity. It takes time to learn to use, so if slept with someone you might pass it back as well as forth. Zoned heating does not relieve aches and pains as effectively as heating pads. Those who need to relieve tension in the muscle will find the top of pick provides the equal benefit (the Amazon picture shows the actual remote that was included with the pad.) Cold feet can be warmed as much as possible with this model.

Neither the Company Store nor Biddeford offered Quilted best Heated Mattress Pads (offered by Biddeford) or Heated Mattress (Sherpa) Pads due to the fact that their outlets were under the mattress. Further, the cords and sockets under the bed made it hard to tuck in the sheets.

With its micro-plush cover and soft wool interior, this heated mattress pad provides a perfect fit for any mattress. Soft Heat’s line of wires is virtually undetectable by the naked eye (but still capable of igniting a fire), and the system is powered by DC instead of AC. AC power is converted into DC by two low-voltage converters and outlets are provided on each. An additional queen-sized pad accompanies the box.

There have been reports of controller’s connector ports being burned, melted, or brown in cases connected to bedding. The port was reported to have caused minor burns when contacted, but no such cases were encountered. There has been a common theme in many reviews. He mentioned that melting, browning, and pinched/folded connectors can occur when overheating is present. A damaged material may become hotter but not catch fire, depending on how much damage has been done.

Electric Blankets

As we did not want scratchy polyester next to our skin, we did not choose the Birmingham Comfort Knit Blanket(Heated) for runner-up. There were two switches on each plug socket, making it less convenient than a single socket on a Sunbeam.

This electric blanket didn’t reach the desired temperature after 20 minutes due to some components. In the city, there were also differences in temperatures.

Our tests revealed that the blanket we tested was most comfortable as it was made of a soft, fuzzy microfleece. There were almost no wires visible, including the fine ones. Although it was slightly textured, this bed topper did not feel soft. It was eliminated for same reason as Heated mattress pad with Micro-Plush Micro-Texture. The cords caused irritation. The electric blankets offered by Sunbeam come in different thicknesses. Consequently, the material seemed heavy and scaly as if it were made by a mutt. By staying in contact with us all of your questions regarding the best heated mattress pad will be answered. We understand how hard it is to choose the best heated mattress pad.