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Top Pick: WinkBed Mattress

If you’re looking for the best innerspring mattress, but don’t have the time to spare for research purposes and, then just go for this one.

After long research, we recommend WinkBed Mattress as our first choice.

Best innerspring mattresses is preferred In order to avoid the sensation of being hot and bothered from foam mattresses. There are more options than ever before for innerspring mattresses on the market today. In the past, innerspring mattresses were austere, creaky, and springy. For the same price as foam mattresses, foam mattresses are sometimes available online these days. Knowing what you want is crucial to achieving your goals. Over 40 people test the mattresses in our office and at our homes after visiting mattress stores, interviewing experts, and looking at specs. Listed below are our top seven recommendations.

Our Choice

1. WinkBed

Solid coils and cushions. Beds with quilted tops, coils, and dense foam give this moderately firm bed a substantial, comfortable feel. Despite its weight, overcoming this heavy mattress on the stairs may require some help from someone else.

A medium-firm mattress can be uncomfortable if it is too springy as it has a 1312-inch thickness (Luxury Firm). By 2021, microcoils will be replaced with foam in the top layer of the bed. Microcoils will be replaced by pocket coils by 2021. Due to the quilted top, dense polyfoam, and thick coils, the result is a less pillowy, more cushioned mattress. Because the edges are protected by perimeter coils, this reduces sagging. Even though it is heavy and large, the WinkBed is easily movable because it is lightweight and does not have handles. 120 nights are included in the trial period.

Our Choice

2. Saatva Classic

Bouncy and Soft

In addition to being ideal for people who prefer their beds to nestle rather than to feel smothered, innerspring mattresses offer the softness of Euro tops and the bounce of classic mattresses. This model does not have motion isolation.

Innerspring mattresses are scarce, especially those that are as affordable as the Saatva Classic. The tops of padded beds (with padding beneath the fabric cover) provide more comfort. In addition to microcoils, the bed includes cotton and memory foam. Compared to WinkBeds, fewer support components are needed and motion is transmitted at a greater level. This can be problematic for animals and couples. The thickness ranges from 1112 to 1412 inches, and they can last up to 180 nights.

Our Choice

For a Durable Mattress

Made with durable materials so lumps won’t affect your sleep, this flippable, two-piece mattress is a great bed. Although expensive mattresses are usually not filled with latex or extra-tough coils, they usually cannot be found in them. If you would like it setup for you, you may have to pay an additional fee. Heavily loaded.

This mattress combines breathable, durable latex with advanced coil systems from Charles P. Rogers for a luxurious, comfortable sleep. Fabrics made from other fibers (soft and breathable fabrics) can be molded to fit your body without being too bulky. There is no guarantee that a coil count mattress will feel more supportive than one with a firmer latex bottom and a supportive bottom piece. By flipping over the lower part of the mattress, you can adjust the firmness level according to your preferences. Two people will be needed to assemble the mattress (if it is to be delivered white-gloved). This mattress should have enough support for people who weigh more than 200 pounds, due to the quality of the materials used. If it does not meet your expectations, you can return it (less shipping fees).

It can be considered medium-firm without feeling excessively springy when it has a 1312-inch thickness (Luxury Firm). By 2021, microcoils will be replaced with foam in the top layer of the bed. Microcoils will be replaced by pocket coils by 2021. This mattress provides cushioning and is less puffy thanks to polyfoam, coils, and a thick mattress. Due to the perimeter coils protecting the edges, the mattress should sag less. Because it is lightweight and offers no handles, the WinkBed is still easily portable, no matter how large and heavy it may be. A trial period of 120 nights is included.

Our Choice

Saatva Classic

Soft and Springy

Those who prefer their mattresses nestled rather than smothered prefer innerspring mattresses as they offer both the softness of Euro tops and the bounce of traditional mattresses. Motion isolation is not available on this model.

There are very few innerspring mattresses, especially ones as affordable as Saatva Classic mattress. There is a 3-inch Eurotop under the fabric cover (which provides more comfort than a pillowy bed). Cotton layers and memory foam layers are found in the mattress, along with micro coils with pockets. Saatva’s lack of support components and motion transmission make it less comfortable for couples and pets than WinkBed. The thickness ranges from 1112 to 1412 inches, and they can last up to 180 nights.

Our Choice

For Best Durability

Lumpy and bumpy areas won’t be an issue with this flippable, two-piece mattress. Most expensive mattresses do not contain latex or extra-stiff coils, despite their high price. Depending on how heavy it is, you might have to pay for it to be set up for you.

Luxury coils, lightweight, breathable, and durable latex mattresses are available in the Estate SE line from Charles P. Rogers. Made of Talalay latex (a soft, breathable foam), this latex mattress conforms to you while you sleep without sinking too deep. Despite having a similar coil count, it has a firmer feel and more support than cheap mattresses. The bottom piece can be flipped up to adjust the support, according to your preferences. Unless you ordered white-glove delivery, mattresses will likely require two people to assemble (due to their immense weight). A mattress weighing more than 200 pounds can last a long time if it is made from high-quality materials. We will fully refund your purchase (minus shipping fees) if you are not satisfied within 100 days of purchase.

Our Choice

Kleinmon II Pillow Top Serta Perfect Sleeper Select

Under $1,000 Innerspring Bed

According to our test, this is the most comfortable and best-supported bed under $1,000. Side sleepers will benefit from it since it relieves pressure on their shoulders and hips. Those who sleep on their backs or stomachs may find that the mattress is too soft and might be prone to forming body indentions.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II (Pillow Top Plush) was our favorite mattress during our testing. As an added bonus, this mattress is one of the cheapest we have tested. Two of the main benefits of this model are its soft surface and its edge support. This mattress is designed for side sleepers because the top layer is made up of both memory foam and polyfoam. Even though this mattress has fewer coils than the mattresses that we recommend for more expensive products, it is quite comfortable and offers good motion isolation. There are complaints online that the mattress is too soft for those sleeping on their backs and stomachs, and that they claim it sags and indentations can be seen as it gets used over time.

Budget Choice

IKEA Hesstun

A Medium-Firm Mattress with A Fluffy Top

In addition to its plush Eurotop, I picked a mattress with other features typically found in more expensive beds. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact IKEA.

It has excellent support at an affordable price (for a queen size). IKEA’s Hesstun mattress has a smooth, comfortable feel. This mattress is ideal for those who do not mind sleeping on their stomachs or backs. A medium-firm coil base and a microcoil top make up the bottom half of the mattress. Cotton and rayon are better than it, but it does not appear to be silk. Furthermore, we appreciate that IKEA stores across the world offer Hesstun for test drives. Within 90 days of purchasing the mattress, it can be exchanged, but you’ll lose part of the price and need to return it.

Upgrade Choice

Estate Rockwell (Stearns & Foster)

Extra Support and Pressure Relief

A memory foam mattress provides firm support in a contemporary and upscale manner. Those who dislike the quilting style may be a minority.

Tempur-Pedic’s 15-inch Estate Rockwell (Pillow Top Firm) has the pillow top firmness and extra thickness of a five-star hotel mattress (thanks to its quilted surface and memory foam). With its medium firmness, the mattress is a good choice for stomach and back sleepers alike. Still, some testers complained about the blanket’s bumpy surface due to its deep texture. Since we had our estate sale, we’ve seen our Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell drop from around $2,000 to about $1,000. Depending on where you bought it, you may be able to return it.

Upgrade Choice

Asteria Beth

Bed that Provides Comfort and Substance

In addition to 520 micro-coils, this mattress contains quilted foam (more luxurious than the foam in our other picks) and Talalay latex, which is responsible for its luxurious feel and plush texture. This mattress has over 1,000 pocket coils beneath the top layer of the mattress that offer a comfortable sleeping position. Wait until there is a sale before you buy, so as not to break the bank.

For side sleepers, Asteria Beth (Pillow Top) by Bloomingdale’s is enhanced by a 13-inch top. The coil pocket construction of the mattress makes it a perfect choice for stomach and back sleepers. In addition, microcoils provide buoyancy by conforming to curves. The damask cover, quilted foam, and wool and cotton fibers provide more comfort when compared to similar beds at lower price points. A tuft strengthens strata, preventing them from shifting (instead of glue). Asteria Beth is not generally affordable for most consumers, although there are occasional sales (be sure to wait for a sale). During the first year, you can exchange the mattress, however, you’ll have to pay a pickup fee and part of the mattress’s price.

Our Choice


An Excellent Mattress with An Abundance of Coils

A thick foam layer is on top of the medium-firm bed, and there are pocket coils beneath. You may need to ask someone for help carrying this heavy mattress up the stairs, given its weight.

Pick from Our Choices

Saatva Classic

Plush, Bouncy

Those who prefer their mattresses nestled rather than smothered prefer innerspring mattresses as they offer both the softness of Euro tops and the bounce of traditional mattresses. Motion isolation is not available on this model.

Our Choice 

Boxed Mattress

Lumpy and bumpy areas won’t be an issue with this flippable, two-piece mattress. Although expensive mattresses are usually not filled with latex or extra-tough coils, they usually cannot be found in them. Although the unit is heavy, it will likely require assistance during installation.

Kleinmon II Pillow Top Serta Perfect Sleeper Select

Under $1,000 innerspring bed.

The bed was comfortable for us to sink into. This bedding is soft, as well as well-supported. Due to its tendency to form indentations over time, this mattress is unlikely to suit those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

Budget Choice

IKEA Hesstun

With this mattress, you get a plush Euro top and medium firmness. 

In spite of their cost, these mattresses have coils and a plush Euro top—features you’ll find in expensive models. IKEA must be contacted if you’re not satisfied with the item.

Upgrade Choice

Estate Rockwell (Stearns & Foster)

Provides Extra Comfort and Support

Memory foam cushions the bed, which gives it a more modern, upscale appearance while adding to its firm support as an innerspring bed. Despite its prominence, quilting is not for everyone.

Upgrade Choice

Asteria Beth

This Amazing Mattress Offers Luxurious Comfort. 

Quilted foam and Talalay latex are both paired with 100% organic cotton, silk and wool (a more luxurious material) to make this luxurious tufted mattress. At the bottom, you’ll find more than 1,000 pocket coils to provide you with maximum comfort, regardless of your sleeping position. Make sure not to go bankrupt when the sale occurs.

Here’s Why You Can Trust Us:

Our mattress testing began in 2016. As of late, I’ve been interested in innerspring mattresses after specializing in foam mattresses and hybrid beds for two years. I conducted research by traveling undercover to mattress showrooms and stores across the US and interviewing sleep doctors, materials scientists, mattress makers, and sellers. As part of our testing procedure, we examined all mattresses in depth, including their warranty and return policy. Analysis of online mattress reviews included looking at complaint topics. After testing them with a dozen participants in late 2019 in our Long Island City testing facility, I slept on the top-scoring models for about a week at my house after we had finished the testing.

Understanding Innerspring Mattresses

While finding specific innerspring models is a nightmare in general, it is especially difficult when it comes to finding innerspring mattresses. Almost every option has a dozen variants, and every variation has 100 variations. Further, mattresses of the same type are sold under different names by many brands. Salespeople approach you aggressively because foam beds in boxes are so popular online.

Yet, if your preference is for strong edge support rather than feeling sunk and hugged, it’s worth looking into alternatives. Mattresses used to be innerspring mattresses, which had little cuddling between the coils. They are gone now. The innerspring mattress is usually composed of thousands of metal coils (sometimes tiny microcoils) but the coils can also be individually wrapped (pocketed) for extra or less support.

Foam is also added to the coils by manufacturers. There is a good mix of memory foam and latex foam in these products. A hybrid innerspring (made of both foam and coils) remains nearly indistinguishable from one with foam. Innerspring mattresses are generally defined as having a quilted cover (instead of the traditional insulated cover stitched across the entire mattress) and little foam.

Pillowtop mattresses (which have extra padding on top of the cover) and Eurotop mattresses (which have higher-quality, denser filling) are also available. In general, these features determine the price and luxury level of the mattress.

It’s possible to get overwhelmed by so many choices, but chances are good that you will find something that’s perfect for you.

Here Are a Few Things You Should Know About Innerspring Mattresses.

  • All-foam mattresses aren’t as breathable as innerspring mattresses considering their coils. If your innerspring mattress has a lot of foam or a poor cover, it’s possible to retain some heat.
  • Queen-sized innerspring mattresses can cost more than $500. At a mattress retailer and manufacturer in Columbia, South Carolina, Buddy Delaney says: “If you want to put quality materials into a mattress that costs $2000 or $3000, you can’t. In midrange mattresses, there are fewer cushioning options and fewer coil structures to conform to the body. Such mattresses will not conform much, so they feel stiff and don’t isolate motion well.
  • Good innersprings should be in the $1,000-$2,000 range. You can sleep comfortably on a mattress that can support over 200 pounds per side by ensuring the mattress has sufficient coils (to stop motion transfer), foam and fiber padding (to increase conformity), and pocket coils. The mattress’s fabric cover may be better-looking, it may give off less noise, or the mattress itself may be more durable and lightweight. Some mattresses feature nice-to-haves, like tufting, extra-strong stitching, and latex foam (which is very breathable).
  • Innerspring mattresses tend to last longer than mattresses without coils (e.g. 10 to 20 years versus 5 to 10 years). The coils carry the mattress’ structure and weight instead of solely relying on foam, Delaney said. The lower the risk of sagging with an innerspring mattress, the more likely you will notice individual footprints (imprints of your weight) on the mattress. In the industry, it’s true that [body impressions] are not often discussed, but they cannot be avoided if supportive pillows and padding are used. A mattress should be rotated every six months from foot to head to prevent indents, according to Terri Long of Long’s Bedding & Interiors in New York City.
  • By counting the number of coils in a mattress, a mattress cannot be judged by its quality. The coil count of a lower-cost mattress is lower than that of a higher quality model (about 500-800 coils instead of 800-plus coils). The result will be a reduction in pressure, as more curves will be less supported. It includes how the coils are pocketed, and how thick and tall they are. Additionally, these aspects also impact how a mattress feels and how long it lasts. Coil gauges for mattresses should range between 13 and 15; higher gauges should take into consideration the density and firmness of the foam. In order to provide higher current flow rates, coil gauge and coil thickness must be balanced (the higher the gauge, the thicker the coil.
  • In particular, mattresses with innersprings often work poorly on slatted beds with a slat spacing of greater than three inches. Consider purchasing a platform bed frame and springs if you need to buy a sturdy bed.
  • You will pay full price when you purchase an innerspring from a third-party retailer. Contrary to foam mattresses, innerspring mattress manufacturers typically sell to consumers through third parties. It is the retailer that sets the final price for mattresses. Some manufacturers offer suggested retail prices (SRP), but retailers set the final price. It is possible for retailers to hike the price of a product temporarily before slashing it to a deep discount afterwards. The manufacturer’s or brand’s website is an excellent place to check if a retailer is offering a great deal on mattresses.
  • Retailers have return policies for innerspring mattresses. Mattress brands usually do not allow direct sales of mattresses to consumers. It is therefore vital to try a mattress before making a purchase. Look for a mattress that does not just support your spine but also relieves pressure points (such as shoulders and hips when you sleep on your side) and provides restful sleep.

Perfect Mattress Barely Exists

No mattress is a perfect fit for everyone, as we explained in our review of the top foam and hybrid mattresses. It is possible for mattresses to provide comfort to some people while causing pain to others. The right mattress should be selected based on your body shape, size, sleeping position, and muscular skeletal health. It is important to choose a pillow that you feel comfortable with so you can sleep well.

Try a softer or firmer version of the brand’s offering if you are uncomfortable with the firmness. In addition to the selections that made the cut, we have also highlighted mattresses that were finalists but weren’t highlighted. There might be something there that you’re looking for. Comfort and firmness are subjective concepts. The following is a ranking of our selections relative to one another, so you can see how we rank them.

Our Choice


offers a big selection of coils for a good price.

This bed is quilted and has pocket coils for excellent support and the foam is dense and supportive, providing a substantial feeling of comfort. I find it difficult to move this heavy mattress up the stairs because it lacks handles to help it up.

The intended audience. The WinkBed in Luxury Firm is not only great for stomach sleepers, but also for back sleepers and side sleepers as well. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, there is also a WinkBed Plus and a Firmer model.

  • What it feels like. A medium-firm like the original Luxury Firm is being reborn in 2021. Our reviewer thinks the top layer now feels more cushioned than fluffy since the microcoils have been replaced by polyfoam. Compared to the previous version, there are fewer springs.
  • What makes it great. WinkBed feels like a Saatva Classic mattress without the microcoils, but their feel is different. In this case, the new layer of foam just beneath the quilted surface is made of polyfoam, which is dense and contains 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. This new layer is layered atop 1,054 pocketed coils. Along the rim of the coils are 13 gauges and inside are 14.5 gauges. Together, these factors give the feeling of stability and support. The top layer of foam is generally less dense (1.55 pounds per cubic foot) and could allow body impressions to settle more readily (like many pillowtop mattresses), but the mattress’s materials should still prevent sagging for most people, including those over 200 pounds. You may consider the WinkBed Plus (we haven’t yet tried this bed if you weigh more than 300 pounds.)

It took me about two weeks to get used to the updated 2021 version of the WinkBed for home use. It’s firmer, more cushioned, and feels less pillowy than the original 2021 version. The top layer of the WinkBed made it extremely difficult for me to sleep on my side-it felt stiff and pressed against my shoulders. I started sleeping on the mattress about two weeks ago, and after that, the mattress developed a medium-firm feel that better accommodated my heavier body parts, such as my hips, shoulders, and lower back.

If our office reopens, we’ll conduct a group test of the mattress to better determine how people with different body sizes and shapes feel about it. According to our research, most side sleepers appreciate softer mattresses (such as the Softer mattress from WinkBed, which we haven’t yet tested).

Due to the mattress’ coil-encased perimeter, I expected it to offer excellent edge support (unlike the Saatva, which uses a foam encasement). Despite sleeping on the edge, the mattress did not let me down. Even so, as the foam softerened, there was some sloping on the edge of the couch as I sat on it. In a full-size bed, motion transfer is less pronounced and not as noticeable as in the Saatva, although it may still be detected by two people. It has been reported that it is less noticeable with a king-size bed (another staff member who owns this bed commented on this).

Sweat-wicking Tencel makes up the quilted cover of the WinkBed, an alternative option for cotton.

If you are not satisfied with your mattress, you can exchange it or return it within 120 days (you’ll have to pay $50, though). WinkBeds will let you exchange the mattress for half the cost (with shipping and haul-away charges) if you decide you prefer a different firmness level after 120 nights (or a year later).

  • Despite its flaws, it is not a deal breaker. There is no showroom for WinkBeds, and its mattresses are not available at national retailers, so you can’t try them out before buying-a problem that is compounded considering that there is a charge for exchanges.

According to the most recent 2- to 4-star reviews on the Winkbed site, more people find the Luxury Firm mattress too firm than too soft: eight of the nine reviews mentioning the firmness level found the mattress too hard or liked it but wished it had been softer. We will update this as soon as we get more feedback. This is of course a very small sample size.

According to WinkBed, the pillow tops are made from a special polyfoam called SupportCell, which feels springy and cool to the touch. I did not sleep particularly cool or hot, but we found that the foam wasn’t particularly more resilient than others we’ve tested. In addition, WinkBed says it has zones of support, though we think the effect depends on the amount of weight you place on the mattress and the way you lay down on it.

A queen WinkBed mattress costs $1,600 as of this writing, which makes it one of the most expensive mattresses we’ve tested to date. The Saatva Classic mattress, which is usually around $500 cheaper than the WinkBed, might be the best value if you don’t mind a bit more bounce. IKEA Hesstun is much cheaper and offers a firmer feel.

As with all thick pillow top mattresses, the WinkBed’s pillow top will wear over time. (Under Wink beds warranty, if an indentation measures more than 112 inches, Wink beds replaces the mattress; Saatva does not require indentures beyond one inch deep). In order to prolong the life of the mattress, it is recommended to rotate it every two months after three months. Handles would prevent the mattress from rotating so much. It is recommended to rotate once every six months, but concerns over body impressions are rampant, so a six-month schedule may not be sufficient.

In the past, mattresses took a little over a week to arrive from other online retailers (which took about a month before the Pandemic). Rolling up and weighing a lot, the WinkBed box is big and heavy. The delivery is free, but the setup is not (if you want the setup, you have to select the “Room of Your Choice” option, which costs an additional $130, and you also need to give the old mattress $130 to be removed).

Our Choice

Saatva Classic

Bounce and Comfort

You’ll feel cozy instead of overwhelmed on the Saatva’s classic innerspring bounce coupled with an understated, but cushy Euro top cover. Nonetheless, the motion isolation isn’t as good as it could be.

  • Its Purpose. We tried the Saatva Classic in Luxury Firm throughout the night. We think it’s the best choice for anyone who shifts positions during the night. Besides the Classic model (which we haven’t tried yet), there are Soft and Firm versions of the mattress – the Soft model is designed primarily for side sleepers, and the Firm model is designed for back and stomach sleepers.
  • The Way it Feels. Among the Saatva Classic models, Luxury Firm falls into the medium firm category. The medium-firmness mattress comes with lots of bounce, a three-inch thick Euro top (the layer of the mattress sewed under the cover), and moderate firmness. The rebound of Saatva Classic consistently met our testers’ expectations throughout the testing process. Additionally, they praised that the surface was cushiony rather than lumpy.
  • The Reason it’s Great. Saatva Classic offers a bit of bounce and comfort with its cushion top and stylish design.

A classic innerspring that appeals to a wide audience. There were 9 votes (out of 39) for the Saatva Classic in the moderately priced category, which included the Avocado and Parachute mattresses. The Saatva Classic was ranked second as the second best mattress overall by two of the nine testers, despite costing double. Five of the nine tried this mattress out, and they found it to be better than any mattress they had tried that day, including those twice as expensive.

Beds with a Saatva silhouette have a sleeker silhouette, but are quilted to make them feel softer and less thick. It feels plump and solid with the WinkBed, but smooth and streamlined with the Saatva. A tester described it as luxurious without feeling suffocating.

We chose Saatva’s Loom & Leaf as the top choice for its transparent philosophy regarding the materials used in our guide to foam mattresses. From what we know, the Saatva Classic has a solid construction and good edge support. Our test group of mattresses included quilting layers made of foam and fibers with comparable densities. According to the manufacturer, the memory foam layer weighs about 3 pounds per cubic foot, so anyone under 200 pounds should have no difficulty wearing it. Many people might enjoy the experience more if the memory foam is underneath the surface layers. Eighty-four microsprings accommodate the contours of the body in the upper section.

Luxury Firm Saatva Classic is stylish and cuddly. Similar to other midrange mattresses, the Stearns & Foster does not have the same level of edge support.

Over several weeks, I enjoyed sleeping on this mattress night after night. It was the coils that buoyed me, and the bed’s surface allowed me to feel embraced. I was able to sleep on my side despite having sore shoulders at the time of testing thanks to the padded Euro top of the Saatva Classic. My husband’s rolling over in bed didn’t wake me up because the bed bounced a little.

This innerspring mattress retails for $1,200, which is the lowest price among our tests. Moving companies will remove the box from the bed when the Saatva Classic is delivered. ‘White glove’ services are free of charge. According to owner reviews, Saatva’s customer service is responsive. There is a 15-year guarantee on it.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws nonetheless. One of the most common complaints about mattresses is body impressions, which occur in Saatva Classic mattresses, which have thicker pillowstopped or Euro tops. Several owners have voiced their complaints in their reviews, so it is understandable. Compromise is necessary to obtain a plush innerspring experience. For individuals who weigh more than 200 pounds, rotating their mattress every six months is especially important. Purchasing a mattress requires you to try it for 180 nights. Should you decide to return the mattress, you will have to pay a transportation fee of about $100.

We recommend WinkBed, Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, and all our other picks that are less expensive. Unlike the micro-coils near the surface, the 416 coils in the support section do not have pockets. Consequently, the mattress provides less motion isolation, too. The Saatva Classic might be a better choice if you frequently get motion sickness and sleep with a partner.

Foam encasing the mattress’ edge may not be as durable as a perimeter of coils, such as those found on the WinkBed. In terms of the interior of the home, there are no visible signs of sagging or softening.

Our Choice

Charles P. Rogers Estate SE

Is a Super Durable Mattress.

This flippable two-piece mattress has materials like latex and sturdy coils that are rare even in expensive mattresses. You’ll need assistance setting it up, as it is heavy.

  • Its purpose. Flippable mattresses with firm and medium sides are best suited for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs, while medium firm is better suited to those who sleep on their sides. Those who move around a lot at night, those who sleep hot, and people of all sizes and weights can benefit from this mattress. Latex foam is the top layer (an advanced material made from rubber trees’ sap).
  • The way it feels. One side of the mattress is medium firm, while the other side is a bit firmer. Additional fabric strips, made from fiber and latex (separate, separate piece) provide a pillowy surface without being too fluffy. It feels well cradled, however, according to the tester, who weighs 150 to 200 pounds. Lighter testers (weighing under 125 pounds) called it “nice and taut” and “good rebound.”
  • What makes it great. As well as its comfort and high breathability (the company not only makes mattresses, but is also a coil manufacturer, which is rare in the mattress space), it is easy to purchase via its boxed format online and offers affordable prices. The mattress is expected to last for many years.

In our testing of “mid-range” mattresses (including those from WinkBeds, Saatva, Parachute, and Avocado), the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE was not the top choice for many people, but nearly half did, showing it has a wide appeal.

Flippable base and top layer come packaged separately: the flippable base has coils and soft layers, and the top layer has two layers of fiber padding and a 2-inch layer of Talalay latex baked into a quilted covered cotton panel. As easy as flipping a base, you can change the firmness of your bed. There are no issues with either side of the topper. Many testers found the cushioning to be just right without being too soft.

The Charles P. Rogers Estate SE was the only mid-priced mattress we studied that contained Talalay latex. Talalay latex offers softer, more consistent, and breathable comfort than other types of foam, preventing the overly springy sensation sometimes associated with latex. (The Asteria Beth has Talalay latex, although the price is double even on sale.) Furthermore, as latex foam has greater durability, body prints are less likely to appear in the cushion. With this mattress, you will be able to sleep cool thanks to the latex and breathable materials.

Providing good motion isolation and robust support, the 1221 pocketed coils (which are similar to those found in more expensive picks) are a good option for the price. There are coils around the perimeter of the mattress that provide good edge support due to their thicker density. Among the testers, one was quick to mention, “This mattress didn’t feel cheap in general.”.

There is a nice, firm edge created by the coils, while a Talalay topper makes it more comfortable and provides some pressure relief.

My home sleep test started with the firmer side of my support base. In general, my 5-feet-7, 128-pound body finds sleeping on my stomach or back to be comfortable (at least for the type of person I am). The weight loss program was also well received by my husband, who weighs approximately 200 pounds. Since I prefer to sleep on my side, the soft side of the bed was more comfortable to me. The supple top layer worked much better than a plush one in helping me fall asleep quickly and sleep uninterrupted for the six nights of our trial. The bed was thoughtfully designed with handles on each side (which enable easy flipping and moving of the mattress).

If you want the Estate SE to be supported as well as other heavy innerspring mattresses, you will need a bed frame or platform bed that supports solidly and has a metal frame. Our Estate SE was used for testing on a Madera platform bed that is made of mahogany.

There is no warranty on the innerspring unit, but the rest of the mattress is covered for 20 years (twice the typical mattress warranty). Contrary to many online mattress sellers, Charles P. Rogers manufactures its own mattresses, including coils. An extensive history and a generous warranty allow this company to stand behind its product. If you’re not concerned about how firm your mattress is, flipping the base regularly can extend its life.

  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has its flaws. It is only available in four stores (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania where you can try it before buying it.

Using FedEx will entitle you to free delivery of this mattress, but you may need some help handling the two boxes each weighing between 45 and 150 pounds, depending on the mattress size. If you live within 100 miles of Charles P. Rogers’ factory in East Rutherford, New Jersey, you can receive your mattress unboxed from him via its own trucks, usually for free. Other options include having your order delivered wearing white gloves for $200. Within 100 days of purchase, we will refund the full amount (less shipping costs and surcharges, if you chose white-glove service).

Our Choice

Kleinmon II Pillow Top Serta Perfect Sleeper Select

Under $1,000 for Side Sleepers

This is the softest mattress we have tested that is priced under $1,000, and it has a decent edge support. Side sleepers will find it to be excellent for relieving pressure on their shoulders and hips; however, those who sleep on their backs and stomachs may find it too soft and susceptible to indentations from their bodies.

  • Its purpose. It is a perfect mattress for people who sleep on their sides like Serta Kleinmon II with Pillow Top Plush. Alternatively, there is a plush option (that feels more like an extra firm option) and a firm one. Mattresses with weights over 200 pounds may not be recommended due to body imprints (from sleeping in the same spot too much).
  • What it feels like. Medium softness is described for Pillow Top Plush. This mattress’ soft, cradling feeling was consistently cited by those who liked it.
  • What makes it great. It is a true innerspring mattress, but we have tested a couple of other innerspring mattresses under $1,000, but this Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II (Pillow Top Plush) is the most plush bed we have tried.

Even when compared to much more expensive mattresses, the Serta mattress rated second-best overall. Some complaints, however, claimed that it had a cradling feeling and a “cloudlike” feeling, which are rare characteristics among cheaper mattresses.

A Kleinmon II is constructed from 882 pocketed coils, a similar number to the WinkBed, which costs more than double as much. There are no thicker perimeter coils in this mattress (as there are in the Charles P. Rogers) but they are made in a way that still provides a decent edge for such a soft mattress. A well-isolated motion is also present.

In spite of the Serta’s design for side sleepers, it remains a good bed. Its polyfoam and memory foam layers make it more nuanced and cushiony than IKEA Hesstun. Throughout the night, the quilted layers of foam cradled my shoulders while cushioning them at the same time. Microcoils were not present (though there were no electrical wires).

  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has its flaws. This mattress’ appeal is narrower than other mattresses we suggest since it targets side sleepers seeking pressure relief. This mattress may be too soft for back- or stomach-sleepers. After I tested the Serta for a week, my husband, who sleeps on his back and prefers firm sleeping surfaces, slept in the son’s bedroom and was not impressed.

Despite the fact that this mattress is manufactured by Serta, the company does not reveal information about the density of its foams. Though it had a vintage look with a few loose threads, we found that the cover was solid and quite soft despite the old-fashioned appearance.

A third-party company is the only one who sells Kleinmon II, as the company does not sell it directly. In this context, you should expect a range of thicknesses, prices, and warranties when shopping for insulation. Consider the retailer’s 1012 or 1332-inch-thick Kleinmon II offer if you’re looking to buy one. There are different warranty terms and conditions, but a standard warranty lasts for 10 years.

In several online reviews we reviewed, we found that the body of the underwear was sagging or indented. It is common for mattresses under $1,000 (such as those from IKEA and Sealy Response Performance) to lose comfort, especially if they are soft and you have a lot of weight. The best way to prevent indentations in your mattress is to rotate it frequently. Regardless of whether you share your bed with someone or not, it’s a good idea to spread out in the middle of the bed occasionally.

Budget Choice 

IKEA Hesstun

A Medium-Firm Mattress with A Plush Euro Top.

In spite of its low price tag, this mattress feels more luxurious than it is since it has a plush Euro top and curve-confirming microcoils throughout. In the event that you were to not like it, you can drive back to IKEA and exchange it for a new one.

  • Its purpose. If you want a firmer mattress, you can try the Hesstun medium firm mattress instead. We have not tested the Firm or Plush versions, however.
  • The way it feels. In fact, the Medium Firm mattress feels similarly firm, with a more puffy top that is less foamy. “It’s squishy and soft, while still providing support,” a tester said.
  • What makes it great. This IKEA Hesstun (Medium Firm) has a plush Euro top, deep pockets near the surface, and another layer of pockets on the bottom that compare with products twice its price. Hesstun’s support and pressure relief continue to be adequate despite having fewer coils (594 per layer). It can comfortably support adults up to 200 pounds (although some owners report sagging), and the polyester-cotton cover provides long-term comfort (despite some owners reporting sagging).

We conducted our blind test without disclosing the brand and price of any mattresses under $1,000 so we couldn’t determine the top favorite. However, when testers learned the prices and were asked for their opinions, the IKEA Hesstun received an average of 15 votes out of 39, which was the most of any mattress. The quality and price were good, according to tests. (The Saatva Classic came in second in voting with 16 votes.

I felt like I was sleeping on a medium firm mattress when I slept on the Hesstun. When I first lay down, it had a poufy sensation, but after that it gradually grew more comfortable to me. Despite its degree of firmness, it was more comfortable for me to sleep on my back or stomach, than on my side due to the relative firmness of the mattress.

Those who live near IKEA stores can easily purchase the mattress if they live near one, so if you live nearby, you can try the mattress.

  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has its flaws. As our tests showed, the Euro top’s feathery texture did not always appeal to all members of our team, since it felt as if feathers were stuffed in it. The mattress “feels like it was made in the 1800s,” commented one tester.

Generally, the negative reviews of mattress owners refer to sagging and body imprints, especially if the mattress is a more affordable model. It is possible to return or exchange your IKEA mattress within 90 days of the purchase date. It appears that our online research indicates that customer service responds to complaints in an effective manner (at least in relation to recent complaints).

The Hesstun mattress was found to have a tendency to be too firm and not too soft by more owners than the soft Hesstun mattress. If you are considering buying the medium firm version, this is a good choice since it definitely leans towards the more firm side of the spectrum when it comes to medium-sized firms.

Free delivery is not available. With IKEA online purchases, you are entitled to free in-room installation according to your distance from the warehouse. If you purchase from a store, your delivery fee will be near $50 (though depending on the distance from your location an additional fee may apply). We recommend that you bring the mattress to the store if you wish to exchange it. You can pick up your furniture from IKEA stores in some cases.

Upgrade Pick

Rockwell of Stearns & Foster

Additional Pressure Relief with Extra Support

Beds like this can be just as comfortable as classic innerspring beds, but they can also be much more luxurious thanks to their memory-foam cushions. It’s quilting style, however, is unpopular with some people.

  • Its purpose. It is also available in a pillowtop version, firm, and ultra firm. As well as plush and pillowtop versions, the Estate Rockwell is also available in a firm, pillowtop firm, and ultra firm version. Those who prefer a fluffy mattress may not be satisfied with the Pillow Top Firm, which is recommended for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.
  • How it feels. Pillow Top Firm’s cushioning at the top makes it feel medium-firm despite its firmness. Its coil structure and quilt pattern are tightly stitched, so when you lie down on this mattress, you feel supported. Though its name indicates it will be plush, it is not as plush as it sounds. Testers of a range of weights indicated that they liked the sense of firmness without feeling hard, and that they sunk in and still felt supported.
  • What makes it great. Featuring a luxurious look, sturdy construction and good (and innovative memory foam), this Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell (Pillow Top Firm) is frequently on sale for a price similar to many bed-in-a-box mattresses of lesser quality.

In Sealy’s Stearns & Foster line, the Estate Rockwell pillow is the most popular mattress. The company may not offer the cheapest mattress in the line, but this one is half the price of the average mattress in the line, and uses memory foam (developed by the same company as the mattress we recommend). One online reviewer described the feeling as “solid cloud.” The two of us are completely in agreement. The firmness of this mattress will probably make you want more cushioning.

The innerspring support layer consists of 1,160 coils (more than twice as many as in the budget Sealy we tested), which suggests good body conformity and support; they’re also pocketed, which helps with motion isolation. An additional 344 firmer coils support the edge. This is good for people who dislike having a sloping perimeter. Unlike the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, this mattress gave us a feeling of firmness and cushioning that was similar to that of a traditional mattress.

I slept uninterrupted on my back and stomach when I tried out this mattress at home. During this period, my husband rolled into bed later than I did on most nights, and I was oblivious. True, I was dead tired, but perhaps the motion isolation had something to do with it, too. The edge support was fantastic, which I appreciated when my son slept diagonally between us.

According to the group test, 21 of the 39 people who tried the mattress rated it either the absolute best or the second best among high-end mattresses. While its price is usually double (39), Asteria Beth Pillow Top received 26 votes. The Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell and the Asteria Beth have been chosen as the two most popular mattresses by our testers.

A store near you is probably carrying the Estate Rockwell. I highly recommend trying before you buy, as you may find a different firmness to be more comfortable.

  • Not a dealbreaker, but flaws. Even though I like firm mattresses, the quilting mounds were not appreciated by my husband. He did not seem overjoyed at this selection, which surprised me. “I would prefer to not make mountains out of molehills,” said one tester in the office.

The mattress was rated as the best for side sleepers by one of the 11 high-end mattress testers. This was mostly popular with stomach- and back-sleepers as well as exclusively with stomach- and back-sleepers.

As a result, Tempur-Pedic products are less dense than those made by Sealy. Memory foam is generally considered durable for people who weigh over 200 pounds since it has a density of just under 4 pounds per cubic foot. Despite our expectations, innerspring construction turned out to be quite challenging. The coils in a mattress provide the majority of support. If you want the mattress to stay free of body imprints, rotate it regularly – ideally twice a year or more. The warranty does not cover indentations over 112 inches.

Shipping, exchange, and return policies vary widely among third-party retailers selling this mattress. In Macy’s case, mattresses can be returned or exchanged for 120 days only (shipping, surcharges, and a preference fee of 15 percent may apply). A person might be able to exchange a product for up to 90 days with P.C. Richard and Son for $75, but they can make a replacement only for the purchase price or above.

Upgrade Choice

Asteria Beth

Comfortable and Comforting

Besides quilted foam, the bedding is made of silk, wool and Talalay latex (a more luxurious material than our other picks). Micro-coils are also included to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Because it has pocket coils at its bottom, it provides a comfortable sleep surface regardless of your sleeping position. When you wait for a sale, you can save money.

  • Its purpose. Those who sleep on their side or stomach will find that Astoria Beth Pillow Top offers excellent support. These programs would also be beneficial to people who are overweight.
  • The way it feels. With this set, the pillow tops are bolstered without being sticky, so they’re a great addition to any bed. The firmness and pressure-relieving properties of this product were praised by customers. Despite its softness, this was my second favorite. It would have been better if it was less soft.
  • What makes it great. One of the coziest mattresses we have tested is the Asteria Beth (Pillow Top) mattress, but even those who prefer firm mattresses will feel comfortable on it. By using cotton, silk, wool, and latex (materials that breathe) in mattresses, you can also greatly increase their comfort. There are times when this mattress is sold for as low as $2,500, despite retailing for nearly $5,000. It is only at those sorts of on-sale prices that we would personally consider buying this mattress.

There are over 1,000 pocket coils in the lower portion of the bed, just as with Stearns & Foster. A soft, floaty surface is created by 524 microcoils, natural fibers, and layers of latex, while an upper portion of the cushion is composed of 524 microcoils. As a result, the layers don’t move and no glue is needed – a characteristic typically found in lower-cost mattresses. A stitch (in this case, wool yarn) holds the layers together. Material tufting should lay flat and remain lump-free, whereas glue can cause materials to shift. Due to its microcoils and latex composition, this mattress has a softer feel than either Charles P. Rogers Estate SE (which has latex and fibers in the comfort layer) or WinkBed (which only uses microcoils).

In contrast, a base that supports edges has sturdy coils beneath a surface that conforms to the body.

As a side sleeper without sore shoulders, I adored this mattress’ softness as well as the ability of my son to jump and roll on it. Cradling the soft mattress, I could feel my mouth watering. In our test, I overslept until 8:40am when I was woken up by my son. My kid was at baseball practice in plenty of time for me because I had naturally woken up before 7:45 am. A similar incident occurred the following day. Even though he weighs just over 200 pounds more than I do (70 pounds more), my husband loved the firm mattress.

This plush mattress ranked as both the most preferred and the second-favorite mattress in the high-end category (26 out of 39 votes), despite its extremely plush surface. If you are looking for a plush mattress with supportive innersprings, the WinkBed won (15 votes versus 14 votes), but if you have a more flexible budget, Asteria Beth could be an option. With Bloomingdale’s, you can make sure the Asteria is right for you before purchasing. Check out the Stearns & Foster and Beautyrest Black models as well as the other firmness levels. The price of a mattress may be cheaper elsewhere.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws nonetheless. Although the Asteria Beth is on sale right now, it’s still expensive. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a mattress. Customers who want a mattress without latex or tufting may prefer the Estate Rockwell or Beautyrest Black (see Notable contenders), where the coil count and foams are comparable, albeit with different constructions. You might find WinkBed Softer comparable to WinkBed Softer since both contain microcoiled upper layers. For those looking for a budget-friendly mattress, Serta’s Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Pillow Top Plush may fit the bill, but it does not offer enough support (and may not survive durability) for someone my husband’s size, and there is no luxury component.

Users with platform beds (no slats), beds that have no more than three to four inches between slats, or boxes with frames should still be able to get it to work.

Bloomingdale doesn’t grant many trial periods. You can exchange your current mattress for another one and receive a refund. You will lose some of your original purchase price in the process, in addition to owing $110 in pickup charges. Until you’ve tried out a mattress, you shouldn’t buy one.

Testing Innerspring Mattresses and How We Chose Them

Generally, innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses cannot be compared. Different mattress manufacturers offer different mattress firmness levels, and retailers offer different mattress designs.

Our November 2019 mattress review was based on research into online mattress forums, talking to mattress experts, and talking to retailers and retailers. We asked each of the 12 brands for a model and feel they found universally appealing. As a result, we have produced the following:

We Considered the Following Factors when Making Our Selections:

  • Good materials. Innerspring mattress manufacturers tend to be less transparent about their components than foam mattress manufacturers. On and off the record, we collected information to form our recommendations and reservations. It is recommended that a mattress have 400 to 500 coils or more support coils in order to provide top-notch comfort and prevent sagging and body odors. An enclosed (or wrapped) coil controls motion transfer. Unless components are arranged in a cohesive way, they will not matter. The same considerations were applied here.
  • Good edge support. The mattress must have a non-rolling edge so we do not have to worry about rolling off it. In addition, sock wear can be made easier by a perimeter around the bed.
  • Motion isolation is adequate. By contrast, pockets of coils and layers of foam isolate motion considerably better than innerspring mattresses.
  • A minimum of ten years of warranty. It is pretty standard to cover this much ground. We are not overly impressed by warranties longer than that, since we are aware that companies may not honor such warranties for various reasons.
  • Reliable return policy. It is scarce that innerspring mattress manufacturers offer free trials or returns, so we looked for firms that would provide recourse if you weren’t satisfied with your purchase.
  • Feedback from the testers. Testers were instructed to simulate how a mattress shopper would feel if they went to a mattress store that only carried excellent mattress (they lay on each mattress for several minutes to over an hour and evaluated its performance). As well, our tests were not considered final decisions, but rather ways to determine what factors to take into account for making the decision, such as expert advice, reviews online, etc. In a panel test, we cover each mattress with identical fitted sheets to hide the retailer’s suggested retail price, and then group mattresses by their suggested retail price – under $1,000, $1,000 to $2,000, and $300+. Wirecutter staff and friends (from 39 of the mattress categories) picked their favorite and second-favorite products for each category.
  • Excellent customer service. We contacted customer service anonymously and assessed how helpful they were in their responses by email, phone, and live chat.
  • Home-based test. In addition, I took notes on both my and my husband’s sleep experiences while sleeping on each of the top contenders.
  • Reviews from owners. Depending on the availability of owner reviews, we examined owners’ online reviews to discover a mattress’ general weak points.

A temporary modification was made to our in-person testing process due to the pandemic in October 2020. Our guide to under $400 mattresses evaluated the Haugesund and Memory Hybrid Plush mattresses from IKEA and Linenspa, respectively.


Notable contenders

Although we thought these two models were particularly good, we thought most people would choose one of our picks. You could find the right one among them

Sealy Performance Firm Cushion. A mattress like this doesn’t have any flimsy parts; it’s comfortable for stomach as well as back sleepers. We tested both the IKEA Hesstun and this mattress. While both mattresses have similar coil counts (around 500), this mattress feels firmer than the IKEA Hesstun, and our testers were not as impressed. We suspect we would have won over more testers if we had evaluated the plush Sealy mattress (which would have cost an additional $725). We should try softer versions of Sealy mattresses the next time around. Reviewers are mainly concerned with premature sagging and too much body indentation as the main reasons behind negative remarks on the internet. For individuals who weigh less than 200 pounds, the best mattress would minimize these problems.

L-Class Original in Black, Medium. With a Serta Simmons mattress, you’ll feel like you’re floating over the surface and won’t sink in too much. Beautyrest is typically more expensive than Stearns & Foster, but its foam features are similar to that of Stearns & Foster. This mattress is the ideal option for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs despite its plush and fluff-like texture. There were almost the same number of testers of the Stearns & Foster as the Cozy Sleep, although fewer chose it as the best mattress in general. We did not test the pillow top version (which is even more expensive). If the mattress is not right for you, you can return it for a full refund within 100 nights of your purchase. There are no hidden fees with direct purchases from Beautyrest.

The rest

Raymour & Flanigan Pure Luxury Somerset Firm. Mattresses created for particular retailers are included in the Aireloom mattress collection. Kluft, manufacturer of the Aireloom collection, consistently came up in my survey of mattress experts regarding quality mattresses. Pure Luxury Somerset is the most popular Aireloom from Raymour & Flanigan. In comparison to more expensive mattresses with microcoils in the top layer, the Talalay mattress has Talalay latex, foam, and cotton quilting. A little less firm than a pillow, but still cushiony to the touch. This rug also has wool and silk fibers, in addition to tufted surfaces (preventing them from shifting). A buttoned piping and other luxurious details highlight the Asteria Beth. The high-end category was won by it the most votes, but Interia Beth scored much better than it (26 testers chose it as best or second-best). The Asteria Beth, made of Talalay latex, or the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, both of which are made of Talalay latex, offer a better value (we’ve seen them for as low as $3,000).

Green Avocado Mattress. Rather than being glued, the layers in this trendy mattress are stitched together, and the layers are composed of cotton, wool, and Dunlop latex. The bottom layer of the mattress is supported by 1,414 coils. It was the most preferred option among our moderately priced testers, and the second most preferred by two others. Even though the Avocado is a stylish and high-quality mattress, I found it to be light and delicate. (The 11-inch-thick, queen size Avocado weighs 97 pounds rather than 110 pounds of the atlas Queen Classic mattress, which lacks the heavier inherently latex.) Finally, the surface was elastic. Our favorite feature is that you can return the product for a full refund after a year if you are not happy with it. An alternative is the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, which has Talalay latex for cushioning and is similarly priced when on sale.

Haugesund, IKEA. Its price is half what we picked as our best innerspring pick, the IKEA Hesstun, which we tested in October 2020. While it does have decent edge support and appears far more durable than the Linenspa Memory Hybrid Plus (our other cheap innerspring), we think the Hesstun is worth the additional cost. Nearly three inches thinner than the Hesstun is the barely 10-inch Haugesund. It is possible, however, that the top layer of polyfoam is even more susceptible to impressions from the body since it is less dense.

Hybrid Plush Linenspa. Only one of the other mattresses we tested were innersprings: the IKEA Haugesund. As the test demonstrates, Justin Redman (4’10” and 185 pounds) felt the 10-inch version of the mattress bottomed out and made him feel as though he were sleeping in a hammock. As a result, it feels neither too firm nor supportive.

The Mattress Parachute ($1,900). Another way Parachute sets itself apart from Avocado is its eco-friendliness. Its softer feel stems from the fact that it is made of organic cotton and wool, as opposed to avocado. We found that 8 of 39 testers preferred it over the other mid-range mattresses. A few microcoils made the upper layers of the Parachute wiggly rather than springy to me. There was also a less perfect transition between the top and bottom coils (1,160 pocketed coils). $1,900 seemed a bit steep for this mattress. You can try out the mattress feel for yourself by visiting one of nine Parachute stores in major cities.