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Top Pick: Queen Size Sheet Set

If you’re looking for Jersey Sheets, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Queen Size Sheet Set as our first choice.

Are there jersey sheets that do not pill or become scratchier with each wash?

Whether we’re reviewing linen sheets or asking interior designers for their favorites, we write a lot about sheets at the Strategist. In our eyes, jersey sheets are the best of the best and rarely focus on them. College students often mention these incredibly comfortable and low-maintenance sheets, but I cannot see why they should be relegated to the undergrad set. The sheets at a high-end hotel are made of smooth cotton, and linen is trendy. With jersey sheets you can sleep with your favorite shirt all night long, since they don’t wrinkle.

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Jersey sheets are made up of a continuous loop of yarn that is knitted together. While cotton sheets are usually woven, jersey sheets are knitted. Thanks to this process, jersey sheets are able to retain their stretchiness and wrinkle resistance for a long time. I have watched as more and more manufacturers are offering jersey sheets larger than twin XL, and I have gradually selected a few favorites among them. As the jersey material is generally more affordable than other sheet materials, there are also quite a few sets available under $50, including sets in both king and queen sizes. In addition to the ones I have chosen, here are a few more jersey sheets that interior designers have recommended.

A Jersey Sheet Worth to Own

  1. Set of Ink + Ivy Jersey Knit Sheets in Cotton
jersey sheets

Right now, these sheets are covering my bed. The clothes have been washed and dried several times, and they remain soft after each wash and dry. Since then, the texture of the shirt has actually become more comfortable, just like a shirt you wear every day. In the end, I decided to go with a shade called “natural”. It is a heathered beige that matches well with a variety of comforters and duvets.

2. Sheet set in 100% cotton, 227 thread count by Mercury Row

The ones I use and the ones I buy from Ink+Ivy are similar in many ways; I switch between the two. Despite the lighter shade of the color and a thinner style, the jeans have managed to maintain their level of comfort without developing any holes or pilling. When I wear them, I feel as though I am wearing a vintage T-shirt. I wear my light gray version.

3. Heathered Jersey Sheets by AmazonBasics

This set of pullout sofas is among the cheapest I can find on Amazon, yet it includes a bed. My other favorite items in the store are also soft to touch, so I chose them. They are made in a manufacturer who meets high sustainability and safety standards, Amazon claims. Although I haven’t used these as much as the first two sets, at their price, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they needed replacing sooner. So far, they are feeling good and looking good.

4. Duvet Cover Solid Cotton Body by Calvin Klein

The number of jersey duvet and comforter options is also increasing these days. As I fall asleep, I like to feel enveloped in this Calvin Klein one in dark charcoal. Several layers of cotton and modal make it exceptional soft and stretchy, just like the brand’s popular underwear. It won’t be as soft and smooth as the duvet cover since I don’t own the matching sheets. We like that the fitted sheet and flat sheet are sold separately, since it gives us a chance to save some money if we do not use the flat sheet.

In the world of bedding, jersey sheets would be the sweatshirts, while T-shirts would be the sweatshirts. The fabric is still the same, but it is heavier, so that it will have an extra layer of warmth. Although the knotted “rosettes” in the quilt add a bit of texture, the quilt can still be machine washed, so it requires about as much maintenance as the sheets do. The color of my quilt is a light grey, and I absolutely love it.

There Are More Options for Jersey Sheets

5. Set of Jersey Sheets from Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn jersey sheets Nancy Charbonneau chose for her daughter’s college dorm were just the thing she needed. We talked to Charbonneau, who informed us that he had packed for her some jersey bed sheets so that she wouldn’t need to clean her bed. Besides being comfortable, Pottery Barn’s sheets are made with sustainable materials and do not contain harmful chemicals.

6. set of sheets by Latitude Run is made from 100% cotton.

Alexa Battista, style expert at Wayfair, says jersey sheets sets regularly receive five-star reviews from its customers. Featuring seafoam and navy polka dots as part of their color and print schemes, these beds can be found in sizes ranging from twin to California king.

7. Queen Size Sheet Set

In addition, jersey sheets sets with ruffled hems are a little bit difficult to find, but Battista gave me pointers on this the one that has a solid gray hem. In these shirts, you will find microfibers blended with polyester, so if you are looking for 100% cotton shirts, keep this in mind while shopping. However, despite the fact that some reviews claim these products are very good, over 200 of them are rated five stars.

Amongst the many high-end sets we offer, this one is our only fair-trade and organic offering in this list. The alternative is to sign up for a subscription program with Coyuchi, which allows you to upgrade your current sheets every month, sending the old ones back and recycling the old ones. Coyuchi’s linen sets and bath towels are favorites of our editors, but I haven’t tried its jersey sheets.

8. Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheet Set

The Strategist’s Lauren Ro found that she felt both supported and cocooned during her test of the brand’s mattress, so we’re willing to bet they make good jersey sheets. It is such a lovely color of marigold, isn’t it?