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Top Pick: Saatva’s Loom & Leaf collection

Choose this mattress if you are looking for the Best Mattresses for Acid Reflux, but do not have the time to do your own research and compare prices.

Our first choice is Saatva’s Loom & Leaf collection after much research.

I can understand why people find it easy to grasp that feeling of burning in their lower chest after having eaten a particularly heavy meal or consuming a plate of fried food after having eaten a heavy meal or greasy meal. There are millions of us who experience heartburn from time to time. The symptoms are mild and rarely severe enough that they don’t cause great concern. A simple antacid can usually alleviate symptoms. It may be difficult to find relief from heartburn if you experience it on a regular basis but with the help of having the Best Mattresses for Acid Reflux you can reduce its effects.

Puffy Mattress

  • Materials that are climate-adaptable
  • Relieves strong pressure

Nectar Mattress

  • Trial period of 365 nights
  • Multilayered foam

Nolah Mattress

  • For comfort, cool foam
  • Try it out for 120 nights

Change Your Mattress and you Might be Surprised at the Results

Acid reflux can be caused by both triggers and causes, and this article explores both of them in depth. In addition to changing your mattress or changing your sleep habits, we’ll discuss lifestyle changes that may help reduce reflux. Our top picks for the best acid reflux mattresses will be shown, along with tips for choosing a new mattress.

Acid Reflux – What are the Causes of it?

A burning sensation in the lower chest area is actually referred to as acid reflux, and is the actual term used to describe this sensation. There is a condition called reflux esophagitis caused by the reflux of acid into the esophagus of the stomach.

You’re protected from bacteria and harmful pathogens by the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. It is unique to your stomach and esophagus that the stomach’s lining has the ability to resist acid. The muscle ring acts as an extra layer of protection against acids coming from the stomach.

An acid reflux disorder is caused by a weak lower esophageal sphincter. This results in regurgitation of contents from the stomach into the esophagus. GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux, is a condition that causes repeated reflux symptoms.

GERD Manifests Itself in The Following Ways: 

  • Frequently experiencing heartburn
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • When you bend over or lie down, you get heartburn
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Heartburn that worsens after eating
  • Problems with the respiratory system
  • Having trouble swallowing or pain

GERD affects approximately 20% of the U.S. population, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. In spite of its seeming insignificance, GERD can cause esophagitis, esophageal strictures, asthma, and even changes as serious as cancer.

It is usually relatively straightforward to treat occasional reflux and GERD. Proton pump inhibitors, H2 receptor blockers, and antacids are some of the over-the-counter medications that your doctor may prescribe. The potential for side effects should nevertheless be taken into consideration.

Surgery may be necessary if over-the-counter medications do not provide relief. A medication and lifestyle change is usually enough to prevent or reduce symptoms in most people.

Reducing Reflux with Lifestyle Changes

Addressing risk factors and avoiding triggers is the key to reducing acid reflux symptoms. Pregnancy, connective tissue disorders, and pregnancy are the other risk factors for GERD, in addition to obesity, pregnancy, and hiatal hernia. NSAID use, large meals, caffeine consumption, and alcohol consumption are some lifestyle choices that may contribute to reflux.

Reflux Can Be Reduced by Making These Lifestyle Changes: 

  • Foods high in fat, spices, and acidity should be avoided.
  • Try eating smaller, more frequent meals – as an alternative to 3 large meals per day, you may find it helpful to eat them slowly and chew them thoroughly.
  • Keep plain water handy when eating – avoid carbonated beverages.
  • If you plan to exercise after dinner, limit your activity to a gentle stroll rather than vigorous exercise within several hours
  • Due to the stretching of the muscles that support the lower esophageal sphincter when we gain weight, we relax the lower esophageal sphincter and it relaxes.
  • Smokers have a greater risk of acid reflux and GERD because nicotine relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter.
  • If you need to digest your food properly, rise up and walk around instead of lying down after eating.
  • You can use several herbal remedies to ease your illness, in addition to chamomile and licorice root.
  • If you sleep on your back, you are more likely to experience more reflux of stomach acid.

You may notice things that impact your reflux symptoms when you begin changing your diet and lifestyle. You can avoid future triggers if you know what they are. If you plan dinner an hour earlier and take an antacid before eating a large meal, this may help combat heartburn. A new mattress would also be a good idea.

New Mattress Shopping Tips

Making adjustments to your sleeping position may improve reflux symptoms more directly than changing your mattress. In order to prevent symptoms of reflux, you can keep stomach acid from backing up into the esophagus.

For many people, elevating their pillow while they are asleep will reduce their symptoms of reflux. It may also be helpful to place a wedge pillow a couple of inches in front of your head to help you lift your head. You can also raise the head of your bed permanently by using bed risers, if you’re willing to invest in an adjustable base.

Acid reflux can also be reduced by sleeping on your side. It’s highly likely that if you drastically change how you sleep, you will need to replace your mattress in order to maintain your correct alignment of your spine.

You Need to Look at the following Characteristics in Side-Sleeper Mattress: 

  • Getting a cheap mattress will bring some comfort and support compromises over time as it sags.
  • You can have back and hip problems with a mattress that is too firm. Consider a softer mattress instead.
  • Pressure points can be alleviated by using memory foam mattresses or by purchasing a hybrid mattress that combines foam and latex.
  • In addition to support from above, you also need support from the base of the mattress.
  • It is best if the bed has an adjustable base to provide better support for your hips and shoulders. Changing the position of your bed head may also help ease reflux.

As a result of knowing that sleeping on your side can relieve reflux symptoms, making your decision to purchase a mattress becomes a lot easier. These are our top choices for acid reflux mattresses in different categories. 

For those Suffering from Acid Reflux, Here are the Best Mattresses

In order to reduce reflux, you can sleep on your side at night, but if you want to make a permanent change, you might need to upgrade your mattress. Your mattress’ firmness or softness may prevent it from supporting correct spinal alignment. As a result of your hips sinking into soft mattresses, your spine may be forced out of alignment, while firm mattresses can create pressure points at the hips and shoulders.

Mattresses that are medium-firm or a little bit softer are generally preferred by side sleepers. These mattresses have been constructed with an upper layer that uses a pressure-relieving material. Despite the need for pressure relief in mattresses, it is still important that the mattress has a supportive base.

We Selected the Following Mattresses for Acid Reflux as Our Top Picks: 

Saatva’s Loom & Leaf collection

Overall Best. You want a mattress that will last if you plan on buying one to help relieve acid reflux symptoms. Due to its moderate price point and high quality materials, Loom & Leaf is an excellent option. The relaxed firm is an excellent choice for side sleepers since it comes in two firmness levels.

There are multiple layers of premium foam and organic cotton on Loom & Leaf mattresses. In addition to providing optimal comfort and body contouring support, the mattress’ base is covered with a supportive foam layer. The mattress is equipped with a layer of eco-friendly memory foam that relieves pressure points in addition to Spinal Zone Gel.

  • Advantages. There are two firmness levels on the mattress and it’s adjustable. It’s made of premium materials.
  • Disadvantages. It is relatively expensive in comparison to other models, but some users may find it too firm

Original Nectar

The Most Budget-Friendly Option. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new mattress. Don’t put money into something you won’t benefit from. Its affordable price and excellent quality make it one of the best mattresses on the market. Additionally, if you don’t love it, you can return it easy and hassle-free for a full year.

The original Nectar mattress has a transition layer of adaptive memory foam layered over a base of stabilizing foam. Overnight you will remain cool and comfortable due to the gel memory foam layer on top. You can balance your spine alignment while still achieving the optimal level of pressure relief around your hips and shoulders when using this foam. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on clouds with its quilted memory foam top.

  • Advantages. Besides having a 365-day trial period, this mattress also provides comfort, support, and multilayering.
  • Disadvantages. Heavy sleepers may find the mattress too soft, as the foam may take a long time to respond

Leesa Hybrid

Luxurious. High-quality mattresses might last much longer than a 7-year old mattress. In addition to a comfortable and supportive mattress, Leesa Hybrid mattresses offer excellent durability and a luxurious feel. While Leesa Hybrid mattresses are more expensive than other mattresses, they are worth the cost.

The Leesa Hybrid mattress is not just comprised of pocketed springs and premium foam – it also boasts a number of other features. This mattress provides edge-to-edge support and stability, but also relieves pressure points. A layer of cooling, sculpting foam underlies the mattress to provide you with superior cooling comfort. The mattress contains approximately 1,000 springs, which conform to your body movements and shape to your body. Leesa Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial and free delivery, and it is rated medium-firm, so it is perfect for side sleepers.

  • Advantages. Luxurious hybrid mattresses feature pocket coil bases that stabilize them for comfort and support.
  • Disadvantages. The price of memory foam mattresses is higher

Amerisleep AS3

Best for Bases with Adjustable Height. Increasing the head of the bed helps many sufferers of acid reflux. That means either you prop up your head with pillows or you elevate your bed permanently with risers. With adjustable feet, you can find the level of comfort that works best for you, regardless of how upright or upright you sleep.

For adjustable beds, we chose Amerisleep’s AS3 mattress. The mattress is also ideal for side sleepers because it works great with adjustable bases. With the AS3, you get pressure relief, comfort, and softness with an astonishing value. Cooler than traditional foam due to its unique Bio-Pur material. It feels medium-soft to the touch. In addition to the 100-day trial period, Amerisleep mattresses come with free shipping and hassle-free returns as well.

  • Advantages. The pressure relief system targets all pressure points and is reversible. There are five models to choose from.
  • Disdvantages. Some sleepers may not like the lack of bounce or its edge support

Helix Sunset

Lightweight People are Best Suited for it. As a rule, mattresses that are medium-firm are best, as too soft mattresses will not be able to support the spine correctly. In fact, it could be too firm even for someone under 130 pounds.

The mattress should conform to your body’s contours so that your hips and shoulders are relieved of pressure. If you are a lightweight sleeper, then the Helix Sunset mattress is what we recommend. A 2-3 firmness rating on the firmness scale, the Helix Sunset has been designed to relieve pressure while regulating body temperature. The Helix Midnight is a good option for people who prefer a firmer mattress.

You might find this mattress interesting if you share your bed with a heavier partner as it has a multi-layered hybrid design to cradle the body while limiting motion transfer. A component of the transition layer is Helix dynamic foam, while a component of the comfort layer is memory foam that relieves pressure.

  • Advantages. Comfortable and pressure-relieving combination, while also providing less motion transfer.
  • Diadvantages. Some sleepers may find it too soft, and it may not last as long as firmer mattresses

WinkBed Plus

If you Sleep a Lot, this Mattress is Ideal for you. Mattresses are typically designed for couples who weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. Your selection of the right mattress is based on your weight and the amount of pressure relief you need. For weights of 300 pounds and higher, WikBed Plus mattresses are recommended.

Despite being tested for durability and support, the WinkBed Plus continues to offer the same quality standards as its predecessor. It includes a unique seven-zoned support layer made from latex that prevents body impressions from forming. In addition to transporting heat efficiently, it also holds its shape better than foam thanks to its open-cell design. It is firm enough for individuals who weigh over 300 pounds, and a bit firmer for individuals who weigh less than 200 pounds, around 8/10 on a 10-point scale.

  • Advantages. The unique layering design allows for maximum heat transfer, perfect for people over 300 pounds
  • Disadvantages. Some find it too firm while others find it sinks less than other foam mattresses

Nolah Signature

Ideal to Hot Sleepers. When you decide to sleep on your side for acid reflux, memory foam is a great option for pressure relief. Sleeping on memory foam can be uncomfortable at night because it tends to trap heat. Nolah Signature is a great mattress if you like to sleep cool. A 120-night trial period and a lifetime warranty are included with this mattress.

Furthermore, the Nolah Signature offers a versatile mattress that can be adjusted to two firmness levels, making it the best choice for hot sleepers. An additional layer of high-resilience foam is layered over the 700-density foam base for support. A Nolah AirFoam layer is located on either side of the mattress to relieve pressure while retaining heat. There are 12 inches of height on the exterior of this organic cotton mattress.

  • Advantages. We offer a 120-night, easy-to-install and elegant two-sided trial period. Sleeping comfortably is made easier by the cooling foam.
  • Disadvantages. Rather expensive, and not recommended for heavyweights

Puffy Lux

Combines Well with Sleepers. Acid reflux can be relieved by sleeping on your side, but this might not be possible all night long. Mattresses with a bit of give are ideal for those who change positions throughout the night. Throughout the night, you will be supported by the Puffy Lux’s supportive layers while allowing your body to conform.

Puffy Lux mattresses are rated between a 5 and 7 on a scale of 10 factors, according to the five-point scale. Dual cloud layers adapt to the body and are designed with Puffy’s iconic Cooling Cloud and Climate Comfort foams. It’s a supportive but relaxing sleep environment that is topped with a firm base of foam support. With a luxury comfort touch that adds a hint of premium comfort, this mattress adapts well to all sleeping styles.

  • Advantages. It offers comfort and support, climate adaptation, and pressure relief.
  • Disadvantages: Quite expensive and it’s not as firm as many models

Saatva Classic

The Best Innerspring. Old mattresses are likely to be innerspring mattresses. A traditional innerspring mattress has coils that are arranged in a continuous pattern that is durable and provides decent support, but does not isolate motion well. Unlike spring mattresses, innerspring mattresses feature individually wrapped coils, thereby providing more comfort for people sharing a bed.

We recommend the Saatva Classic as the best innerspring mattress. Because it incorporates a Euro pillow top, it qualifies as a hybrid mattress with innersprings. Each spring is individually encased and an excellent spinal support zone is located in the middle of the mattress. A triple-tempered steel base has been oven- baked upon the coils in order to guarantee maximum strength. The Saatva Classic is a great option if you need strong spinal support but want pressure relief when you sleep on your side.

  • Advantages. Three firmness levels are available on this mattress. The construction is a luxury hybrid, there is a breathable layer, and there is a supportive element throughout.
  • Disadvantages. Foam mattresses have a higher contouring ability and are generally lighter than hybrid mattresses

Bear Hybrid

The best hybrid. With a foam mattress as well as an innerspring mattress why choose one over the other? An innerspring mattress that is topped with foam provides the support and contouring of an innerspring mattress. In terms of top-rated hybrid mattresses for acid reflux, we recommend the Bear Hybrid.

This mattress offers the best in comfort and support with six cooling comfort layers and pressure relief. Afterward, Quantum Edge Coils are used to provide outstanding alignment. Adaptable to any body type and sleeping position, the next layer is transition foam, followed by comfort foam. An ultra-soft layer of cooling gel foam sits on top of the hand-quilted Celliant product. There is no risk to buying first mattress with this one, and the shipping is free as well.

  • Advantages. Cooling and supportive, relieves muscle soreness and is supportive of all body types.
  • Disadvantages. A heavy sleeper or someone who sleeps on their stomach might not feel supported


Top-Quality Latex. Some people find sleeping on memory foam too hot, however memory foam is truly excellent for relieving pressure. The bounce of cotton is slightly higher than that of polyester. You can sleep on your side if you change positions often during the night by adding a bounce to your mattress. Birch is Helix’s top latex mattress among the best.

In addition to providing maximum breathability and pressure relief, Helix’s Birch mattresses are made from all-natural materials. This cradling support layer allows your body to lie comfortably while providing ample support without restricting your movement. Talalay latex is covered with a comfort layer made from organic birch wool to contour pressure points. You can rest assured that any GOTS or Greenguard Gold certified product does not contain polyurethane foams or chemicals. A 100-night trial period is also offered.

  • Advantages. A combination of pressure relief and support are used in this mattress, whereas memory foam gives the feeling of sinking less.
  • Disadvantages. Latex materials may not appeal to everyone due to their bouncy feel

Tuft and Needle Mint

All-Foam Best. You can find what you need in memory foam, whether it is a mattress to relieve pressure or one to support spinal alignment. It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on luxury when you have Tuft & Needle’s Mint mattress. A memory foam mattress can be very expensive. This is the best foam mattress for acid reflux because of its affordability and pressure relieving support while also providing comfort.

There are three layers of luxury materials used to make the Mint mattress, including two layers of patented T&N Adaptive foam and four inches of progressive support foam. The interior cover also features soft material and open-cell construction for maximum breathability. This mattress has a 30% more gel-infused transition layer than other mattresses, which offers more support. The sides are also protected by reinforced edges. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty if you sleep on it for 100 nights.

  • Advantages. Three layers of material provide three layers of comfort within the 100-day trial, making the model stylish, affordable, and designed with breathable cooling material.
  • Disadvantages. The edge support is lacking, and some may find it too firm.

Every month, sixty million people in the United States suffer from acid reflux, which is something 15 million of them experience on a daily basis. Identify your triggers, and adapt your lifestyle to fit around those triggers, if you want to manage reflux.

You could consider changing your mattress as well as changing the position in which you sleep to modify your sleep patterns. In addition to some factors to consider, one of the best mattresses for GERD and acid reflux is a firm surface. We have provided you with helpful recommendations for mattresses designed for side sleepers. Think about the options we’ve recommended above based on what you’ve learned here!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Mattresses for Acid Reflux

Are there Any Mattresses that can Help with Acid Reflux?

Anti-reflux mattresses can disappoint if you’re shopping for one. While a magical mattress may not help with reflux, a change in sleeping position may bring some relief. In order to reduce reflux, side sleepers might benefit from anti-reflux mattresses. Mattresses that relieve pressure points while still providing spine support are ideal.

Does a Tilt-a-Whirl Bed Help with Acid Reflux?

When you’re lying flat at night, you may experience worse symptoms of acid reflux. You may wonder how to elevate bed for GERD, even though it can help in many cases. The wedge pillows can also be purchased separately, as they are specifically designed for this purpose. A bed that can be adjusted is another option. Easily adjust the height of your bed’s head with the touch of a button – this is by far the easiest method of inclining your bed. As well as the feet, you can adjust them for a better fit.

In Order to Prevent Acid Reflux, how High Should the Bed be Elevated?

Generally, the higher your bed’s head, the more comfortable it will be. Sitting upright may make it difficult for you to sleep. Test different bed heights to see what feels most comfortable for you if you have an adjustable bed. Acid reflux in the evening is typically relieved by a mattress that is between 6 and 8 inches in size.

Does My Bed Need to be Elevated in Any Other Way?

For those with acid reflux who do not wish to invest in an adjustable bed, you might consider using bed risers rather than wedge pillows. You can effectively elevate your bed by several inches by placing risers under the legs at the head. When selecting risers, make sure they can support not only the weight of your bed, but also your partner and yourself as well.

In What Position Should you Sleep to Prevent Acid Reflux?

Changes in your sleeping position could have a greater effect on reflux symptoms than changing your mattress. Acid reflux can occur when your stomach acid is elevated to your esophagus when you sleep on your back, due to the extra pressure on your stomach. If you’re overweight, you are at risk for having stomach acid rise into your esophagus due to this pressure. It has been shown that sleeping on your side is the best way to reduce reflux. Place a pillow between your knees and consider a side-sleeper mattress as necessary to maintain your spine alignment.