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Top Pick: Saatva Classic

If you’re looking for the best mattress for back pain, but don’t have the time to do extensive research and to compare prices, then this one is the best option.

After a long finding, we recommend Saatva Classic as our first choice.

One cannot find the best mattress for back pain specifically. Mattresses that are firm will not give you a better night’s sleep. Regardless of how you define medium-firmness, people with back pain are most likely to benefit from a medium-firm mattress when it comes to reducing back pain. Through our research and testing, we identified six of the best mattresses for back pain that will likely relieve back pain and selected models with features and prices that match a variety of budgets. Also on our website are more details on notable contenders. As well as our reviews of foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and cheap mattresses, we also have reviews of medium-firm mattresses.

Our Pick

Saatva Classic

Makes an Ideal Innerspring Mattress.

You’ll get a soft, understated Eurotop mattress along with a traditional innerspring mattress with the Saatva. It is a good motion isolation system, but its performance is not at its peak.

People suffering from back pain who are looking for a good cushion without excessive fluff will likely appreciate the Saatva Classic. Comfortable and medium-firm, the Luxury Firm mattress provides just the right amount of cuddling. Its memory foam, quilted polyfoam, and pocketed coils hug the body to provide a personalized level of support. This mattress has pocketed coils, but it lacks motion isolation, making it more suitable for people who sleep alone in their beds. You can rotate the mattress every six months to avoid body impressions. (If you have difficulty climbing into bed due to back pain, consider the 1112-inch-thick version.) Additionally, you will be charged a $100 transportation fee if you return the Classic within 180 days.

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Our pick

Leesa Hybrid

Softly Bounces Mattress Encapsulated in Foam-On-Coils.

With the Leesa Hybrid mattress you get just the right amount of bounce. Cooling is improved by the thicker cover of the laptop.

Leesa Hybrid is among the best mattress for back pain but it is more loose, tension-relieving embrace may prove more beneficial than a more tightly embraced Leesa. With its dense foam (4 pounds per cubic foot) and net pockets that help with pressure points, this mattress can provide you with relief from your back pain. It will be able to accommodate an average weight of 200 pounds and more. Almost any sleeping position can be accommodated by Leesa Hybrid’s medium firmness. People with back pain and those simply looking for something rigid and ergonomic would find this to be a good choice. A Leesa showroom or one of Leesa’s partner retailers will offer attendees the opportunity to try out the Leesa Hybrid before making a purchase. The Leesa service comes with a 100-day money back guarantee if you don’t keep it.

Our pick


With an All-Latex Mattress

Like the Zenhaven you can sleep cooler because it is all latex, which is expensive but more durable and breathable (and hence cool) than similar mattresses. This latex mattress offers solid value for the price.

When comfort is your highest priority, the Saatva Zenhaven all-latex mattress is a great choice, even for people weighing more than 200 pounds. A springy surface also makes it a great choice for those who suffer from back pain and have a hard time moving on sinking and fluffy surfaces. Unlike memory foam or polyurethane foam, latex is derived from rubber tree sap. There are two levels of firmness on the Zenhaven too: The Gentle Firm side offers almost firm support for stomach or back sleepers, while the Luxury Plush side provides supple, medium-firm support for back sleepers. Compared to Dunlop latex mattresses on the market, Talalay latex mattresses provide greater breathability and cushioning. Although heavy, it can be supported either with a platform bed frame or box spring. The Zenhaven can be tried for 180 nights and returned if it’s not for you (you pay $100 fee).

Our pick

Novaform ComfortGrande

Foam Mattress Is Priced Under $1,000.

Costco’s favorite mattress uses foam layers that are as dense (and probably just as durable) as mattresses costing twice as much. Others loved how cuddly the mattress was despite some testers complaint that it was too firm.

Budget-conscious consumers will find Novaform ComfortGrande mattresses to be a good option. The Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) is one of the best mattress for back pain on the market, offering exceptional comfort as well as durability. However, sinks like those from Tempur-Adapt do not conform to your body like those from Tempur-Pedic. In order to prevent body impressions on your mattress, rotate it every six months, and sleep on the different corners. The company recommends the ComfortGrande mattress for people weighing less than 200 lbs (it declined to disclose the density). Should you be unsatisfied with the ComfortGrande, Costco will refund the full purchase price.

Our pick

An Ultra-Durable, Flippable Mattress

This Flippable Durable in a Box Mattress is made up of materials such as foam, latex, and coil springs that are much more durable than those that are usually found in even the most expensive mattresses. If you need assistance assembling it, you may need to pay more.

Being the best mattress for back pain (and anyone else), this two-piece cushion from Charles P. Rogers Estate SE features a high-quality coil design and latex foam for a strong, durable support. Its quilted top is made of cotton and latex that cushions sore muscles and joints as well. Flip an upside-down coil unit and it becomes softer, and when it’s stacked upside-down it becomes medium firm. Traditional coils, regardless of whether they are made with latex or not, provide enough bounce to allow aching sleepers to move freely. Those who weigh more than 200 pounds should be able to use these products for many years to come. To function properly, the Estate SE needs a platform or box spring. In the event that you opt for FedEx shipping instead of free shipping, you will receive a refund for the mattress price (minus $200).

Here’s What We Picked Among the Best Mattress for Back Pain


Comfortable, but Expensive

There is exceptional edge support and this foam mattress doesn’t sink into the bottom like many foam mattresses do. Additionally, the price is four to five times higher.

You get pressure relief as well as comfort while sleeping on Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid). The 4.5 pounds in weight per cubic foot density of tempur-adapt foam makes it comfortable for people over 200 pounds for the long run. As that foam feels huggable when you lie down on it, people with back pain who frequently change positions may have difficulty moving around on it. There are many mattress showrooms and departments stores where consumers can test out mattresses. For a full refund (less shipping), you can return the mattress after sleeping on it for 30 days. Depending on what you purchase from them, third-party sellers may have different return policies.

Our Pick

Saatva Classic

Plush Innersprings that Bounce

The Saatva mattress might be the right pick for those who want to lay back without feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have the best motion isolation.

Our Pick

Leesa Hybrid

Coils and Foam Work Together to Provide Cradling Comfort and A Mellow Bounce

Because of its resilient foam layers and perfect bounce, the Leesa Hybrid makes for a great sleep surface. Also, the cover is more comfortable and thicker than that of the competition.


Foam and Latex Mattresses

Mattresses sold by Zenhaven are all-latex, so they will probably be more comfortable, durable, and cool (from a temperature standpoint). This latex mattress is worth the price, even though it is an expensive model.

ComfortGrande from Novaform

Under $1,000 Best Mattresses

Mattresses costing twice as much as this one from Costco boast layers of foam that are as dense (and durable). The testers liked the supple and supportive feel, though some found the firmness too much.

A Box of Flippable Durability

The flippable, two-piece mattress comes with latex and extra-dense coils, which are unusual in mattresses. Due to its weight, the installation will cost you more.

Our pick


Pricey, but Super Comfortable

Unlike other foam mattresses we tested, the Tempur-Adapt mattress has a surprisingly strong foundation and luxurious foam. However, the price is twice as much.

Choosing the Best Mattress for People with Back Pain

It was traditionally recommended by doctors and well-meaning friends that people suffering from back pain sleep on firm mattresses. It turned out that advice was inaccurate in the end. A medium-firm mattress is best for feeling comfortable according to recent research.

The focus is on you. There is a wide variation in the firmness of individuals. On the same mattress, some owners feel too soft, while others feel too hard. A person’s weight and shape will also influence the feel of a mattress, in addition to personal preferences. A soft mattress may feel as if it is floating on top of me. Due to his rapid descent into the lowest support layer, my brother, who weighs 230 pounds, could also experience discomfort on the same mattress.

This is how it works. The best way to relieve backache is not to buy a bed with zones, layers, or other special features aimed at spinal-focused consumers, but rather to purchase a medium-firm bed. Medium-firm mattresses are the best option for sleeping on your back, stomach, or side because they will maintain the natural curve of your spine. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a study, co-authored by Ahmed Radwan, Ph.D., which found that even if you prefer one way of falling asleep, people can switch positions a lot at night. For example, a good mattress should let you sleep in many positions while preventing pain and discomfort in the morning.

They determine that a medium-firm mattress is the best mattress for back pain.

Mattresses of medium firmness relieve pressure points (which change depending on what direction you sleep) while supporting heavier body parts without sinking too deeply. While you sleep on your back on a medium-firm mattress, the concave shape of the lumbar (lower back) region remains. However, since the hammock is cushioned, as well as supported, you cannot collapse into it when you are lying on your stomach. In lying on your side, your spine will be well supported and it will not bend or twist.

Pressure points form on your mattress when your skeleton or heavy items press against it. Providing adequate cushioning can help prevent soreness and discomfort.

The purpose of the “firm” side of a medium-firm is to keep the spine aligned. Make sure that you are buying a mattress that will fit your body correctly (see our mattress buying guide). You should be able to draw a line from your neck down to your lower spine (lumbar region). For someone who sleeps on its side, drawing a line from the ear to the shoulder and hips should be possible.

To test out mattresses before buying them, try them out in person whenever possible (we have helpful suggestions if you can’t). Try lying on each bed for at least 15 minutes and observing your spine. Are you feeling relaxed or strained? If you sleep on your back, are you also able to rest comfortably because the mattress is cushioned rather than pressing against your body? (Use our bed-pillow guide to find the ideal pillow for your sleeping position.)

The next morning you shouldn’t wake up feeling stiff and sore because you aligned your body while you slept.

You may suffer from back pain even with a new medium-firm mattress if your old mattress caused you back pain. Most patients enquire, “Does your mattress have a warranty?” when they wake up with the worst low back pain. In response, the respondent says, “Oh, maybe 20 years? “, or ‘the number’. Materials and construction don’t matter much when it comes to the expected lifespan of mattresses. The statement comes from Marl. Theo Gonzalez-Fernández, MD, PhD, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University.

According to research, these claims are true. Researchers measured back and shoulder pain in 33 men and 29 women for 28 days in 2008, taking into account the beds in participants’ homes (which were, on average, nine and a half years old). The results were then compared to the same pain in beds of comparable quality. 62.8% and 58.4% of the back pain and stiffness were reduced, respectively, with the new mattresses. Dr. Bert Jacobson, a professor at Oklahoma State University and expert on human health and performance, explained that mattresses can sag with time. A worn mattress makes the spine less capable of being aligned. Ten years from now, the mattress you sleep on today may look very different.

The best mattress for back pain in this guide is medium-firm; however, we can’t tell exactly how that feels to you. So we selected 10 mattresses that, based on what we know, should feel medium-firm to most people. You should not miss out on trial periods and return policies, no matter which way you decide. González-Fernández stresses the importance of trying a mattress for as long as you can, saying that it can ensure the mattress fits the individual.

Increased Mattress Coverage

Back Sleeper’s Best Mattress

  • The medium-firm mattress aligns the spine by supporting the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Mattresses for Side Sleepers

  • People who frequently sleep on their sides should choose mattresses that provide firm support and align their spines. Our favorite is this one.

Stomach Sleepers Should Consider These Mattresses

  • In addition to being supportive, cushioning, and aligning the spine, the mid-firm mattresses within this list are also supportive, cushioning, and provide enough support to support stomach sleepers.

If You Are Unable to Visit a Store

If you don’t lie on the mattress, you can’t determine whether it’s right for you. It has always been our recommendation to feel a mattress first before purchasing it if you are buying the best mattress for back pain. It is subjective how firm, relieved pressure, and supported a person feels. The task is difficult, though. For those planning to buy a mattress without seeing it first, we recommend that you look for one that has a generous return policy as an alternative to our usual try-before-you-buy advice.

Here Are Your Best Options when It Comes to Returns and Trial Periods:

  • It is hard to beat the value of the Novaform ComfortGrande memory foam mattress, even when compared to its competition. The Novaform ComfortGrande is a Costco exclusive, so you can return it whenever you like. My husband, who prefers firm beds, says it’s excellent.
  • There is a Leesa Hybrid that can accommodate almost any sleep position. After completing the trial period of 100 days, you should take at least 30 days to think about it before returning. In 2018, we rated the Leesa Hybrid as the best. Leesa will pick up the hybrid mattress for free and issue you a full refund in the event that you decide to return it — finding it an ideal choice for those who can’t try it before buying.
  • Charles P. Rogers Estate SE offers similar features to the Leesa Hybrid, such as a 100-day trial and a 100 percent refund guarantee (less a $200 gray-glove delivery fee if you don’t want FedEx to deliver it for free). To choose between medium or firm firmness, flip the Estate SE’s flippable base: On one side, it’s medium-firm, while on the other, it’s slightly firmer.

A Broader Mattress Coverage

Mattress Buying Guide

  • This mattress-buying guide contains all of our top tips for choosing a mattress you’ll love.

Best Online Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Thousands of mattresses have been reviewed and evaluated, and our team consulted experts in order to select the best mattress for every budget.

Here’s What We Picked

Saatva Classic

Super-Bouncy Innersprings

The Saatva mattress might be the right pick for those who want to lay back without feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have the best motion isolation.

  • For whom it’s intended. In addition to providing a traditional, innerspring mattress with a just-cushioned top, the Saatva Classic in Luxury Firm caters to back-pain sufferers. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, you’ll likely find it comfortable.
  • What it feels like. We’ve been long-term testing our Saatva Classic for more than a year, and it has softened slightly from a stiff medium-firm to a plusher medium-firm.
  • What makes it great. Saatva Classic was among the most reasonably priced innerspring mattresses we tested. This memory foam mattress came with a polyfoam and cotton-quilted Euro top (this layer of cushion is sewn at the bottom of the mattress cover) that created a down-like surface that was comfortable and cushioned my sore shoulder muscles without being too soft. With 800 individually pocketed micro springs and memory foam, your curves will be molded to the bed, and thicker coils at the base will keep your spine from sinking. Our staffer who tried it said it felt almost like he was lifted. Many Saatva owners mention how comfortable the bed is after owning it for a few months to a couple of years (even though comfort is highly subjective).
  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. It contains 416 coils across the bottom half of the mattress, but they’re about half the number compared with a similar WinkBed (Luxury Firm), which we’ve admired in the past. Motion can also travel between them due to no individual wrapping. People who sleep alone or can’t be easily woken by their partner rolling over will find Saatva ideal. The Charles P. Rogers Estate SE may be a better choice (if you prefer a firmer feel, it has a firmer latex cushion than the Saatva).

The Saatva Classic in Luxury Firm, although side sleepers complain that it is too firm (we did not test the Soft or Firm models), may be the ideal mattress for those who suffer from back pain or who tend to move a lot while sleeping. It is recommended that you rotate the Saatva Classic every six months to minimize body impressions (as is recommended for all thick, euro-top mattresses). You’ll get a full refund if you return it in 180 days of purchasing it. A deduction will be made from the refund, however, in order to cover transportation costs.

Here’s what we picked

Leesa Hybrid

Comfortable and Cradling Yellow Bounce Foam

Thanks to its layers of durable foam and perfect bounce, Leesa Hybrid is a good sleep option. Its cover is also thicker and more comfortable than those of its competitors.

  • Its purpose. A Leesa Hybrid mattress combines the springy feel of a foam mattress with the comfort of a foam mattress. A wall with a density of 200 pounds or more can support people weighing more than that.
  • How it feels. Its coils provide a lot of bounce, so it is softer than a traditional medium-firm mattress.
  • What makes it great. The Leesa Hybrid is more balanced in its foam-innerspring mix than the Tempur-Adapt, which is dominated by memory foam. Leesa Hybrid mattresses feature 1,000 pocketed coils on 1 inch of memory foam per cubic foot, which support your spine in your sleep and conform to (and cushion) your curves. Our tester who slept on his back and side said that the mattress was sturdy but not rigid. Further, the edges are not slippery. In contrast to the Saatva Classic, Leesa mattresses can be purchased directly from the company, allowing you to try them before deciding to purchase them. After sleeping on your mattress for 30 days, you can request a refund for the first 100 nights.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. During our testing, both the Tempur-Adapt and the Saatva Classic had significantly more motion than the others. The movements of your partner can be felt during the night. Some consumers report that their side-to-side experiences with Leesa’s hybrid mattress are too hard (those who know what it is like to sleep on innerspring mattresses). Those who need back support will find this to be adequate, as it doesn’t provide a great deal of softness. Those who are bothered by that may enjoy the Saatva Classicor Charles P. Rogers Estate SE.

Here’s what we picked


Is a More Durable Latex Mattress with Foam

The Zenhaven mattress’ $1,000 price difference doesn’t discount the fact that it possesses characteristics like more durability and ventilation (and therefore is cooler) than most foam mattresses. Even though the mattress is pricey, it offers good value.

  • For whom it’s intended. For back-pain sufferers without a need for memory foam, a Zenhaven flippable mattress may prove advantageous, since it conforms to the body without sinking slowly. As well as those who change their positions frequently (called rotational sleepers), back and stomach sleepers will benefit from it most. In addition to holding people up to 200 lbs, a durable seat should have good acoustics.
  • What it feels like. A Zenhaven bed is divided into two sides, including Luxury Plush, which offers a softer feel, as well as Gentle Firm, which is slightly firmer (about 20% more firm than Luxury Plush, according to Zenhaven).
  • What makes it great. A rubber-derived material called Talalay (which is made from milky sap) is more breathable and supple than Dunlop, which is usually used for its lower cost. This mattress is perfect for people who have back pain because it is elastic and resilient. The difference for Mattress on Latex Pure Green (our former pick) is more pronounced than for cheaper latex mattresses. Both my husband and I experienced great support from the Zenhaven. With its pressure-relieving cushion, it caused my shoulders and hips to be restrained. His preferred side, however, is Gentle Firm. (You can alternate between different firmness levels from flippable mattresses and also flip the mattress periodically so that it lasts for as long as possible.) It also offers movers who can flip a mattress in case a customer changes their mind about which side to sleep on, an excellent service for back-pain sufferers.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. While the Zenhaven is pliable compared with cheaper latex options, latex is not inherently cuddly. There are two mattresses that are better for people with back pain as they provide more comfort without slowing them down while they sleep. Zenhaven is only available at Saatva’s New York City showroom, along with the Saatva Classic. Since a mattress weighs 200 pounds, a platform bed frame (not slatted) or box spring is required. During the 180-day trial period, it is yours to keep or return for a $100 shipping fee if you are not pleased.

Our Pick

ComfortGrande by Novaform

Foam Mattress Under $1,000

These mattresses from Costco are as dense as mattresses that cost twice as much (and most likely last as long). The testers liked the supple and supportive feel, though some found the firmness too much.

  • For whom it’s intended. A memory-foam hug with a good deal (who doesn’t like a deal?) makes the Novaform ComfortGrande an attractive option for back-pain sufferers. A solid mattress that should be comfortable for side-sleepers, back- or stomach-sleepers looking for a cuddly surface.
  • The way it feels. Novaform ComfortGrande mattresses are available in medium-firm firmness levels, which corroborated our tests.
  • What makes it great. For $600 and $500, respectively, you can get the Novaform ComfortGrande exclusively at Costco (non-Costco customers pay 5%). In addition to his desire for firm mattresses, my husband suffers from back spasms and said he was satisfied with the mattress. The density of memory foam is between 3 and 3.5 pounds per cubic foot (the company refused to disclose exact measurements). Memory foam cradles loosely and feels comfortable. Polyfoam has a density of 1.8 to 2 pounds per cubic foot, which is more stable than metal. Novaform’s values indicate that the cushions should last up to 200 pounds, however individuals who are heavier are more likely to suffer from the cushion’s sagging. (If that describes you, a denser mattress – such as the Tempur-Adapt, which has a sinking memory foam section, or the springier Zenhaven – might reduce the chances of marks appearing in the mattress). Costco offers free pickup and a full refund on all available Novaform ComfortGrande mattresses.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. Experts consider the ComfortGrande mattress suitable for people over 200 pounds due to less than four pounds per cubic foot foam density. The 30 good-quality online reviews of this mattress that we collected don’t mention body impressions (evenhanded, detailed), but it’s unclear how long the vast majority of owners had the Novaform ComfortGrande before writing their reviews (and how much each weighs, either). While we did not encounter this problem in our own testing, we did hear repeated complaints about floppy corners.

It is extremely durable, flippable, innerspring mattress, which we picked because of its durability and flippability. Here’s what we picked

Has a Flippable Design

This two-piece flippable mattress is usually not made with materials such as latex and extra-durable coils as this mattress is. It will cost you an additional fee to have it set up because it is heavy.

  • For whom it’s intended. With extra-firm coil support and a plush-yet not billowy-sleeping surface, the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE is a great choice for back pain sufferers. These two-piece, flippable mattresses are designed to accommodate people who tend to drift off on their backs and stomachs, as well as those who occasionally roll onto their sides. All people weighing more than 200 pounds should be able to use it.
  • What it feels like. Despite having two sides of similar firmness, the mattress feels slightly firmer on one side than the other.
  • What makes it great. While providing support for back-pain sufferers, the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE does not feel like a kitchen countertop. Besides the 1,221 pocketed, housemade coils at the base, two layers of rugged Dunlop latex are used to reinforce it. A 2-inch layer of Talalay latex and two layers of fiber padding are zipped into the quilted cotton cover. Turn the bottom part upside-down for a more firm surface or use it right-side up for a medium-firm feel. (In practice, people who are unsure of their firmness preferences or who don’t care too much about the feel of their mattress can use the flippability factor to extend the life of their mattress). As part of its design, the Estate SE has stronger (thicker) coils around the perimeter, as opposed to foam encasements or coils that have more turns or are more closely packed (which is commonly found in other innerspring mattresses). Changing positions is also easier with Talalay latex’s slight springiness. This mattress will maintain its shape (for all weights) for a number of years to come since it is constructed with Latex, which is intrinsically more durable than memory foam or regular polyurethane foam. During the first 100 days of ownership, you can return it for a full refund (minus the $200 white-glove delivery service fee, if that was the option you selected instead of free FedEx delivery).
  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. There are three showrooms (in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) where you can test drive the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE. Typically, mattresses are shipped via FedEx for free, but the boxes weigh between 45 and 150 pounds (depending on the mattress size), so assistance may be needed to assemble the bed. Within 100 miles of Charles P. Rogers’ facility in East Rutherford, NJ, Charles P. Rogers delivers unboxed mattresses, normally for no extra charge. Mattresses are very heavy, therefore platform frames (not slatted) or box springs are necessary. It costs $200 to deliver white-gloved goods.

A substantive, body-conforming hybrid: Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid)

What We Picked


Super Comfortable but Pricey

The Tempur-Adapt mattress stands out from the crowd for its luxurious feel and slow-sinking foam material. However, the cost is double.

  • For whom it’s intended.  Memory foam and supportive memory foam combine to make the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) an appealing mattress for people who suffer from back pain. No matter which way you sleep, this mattress should be comfortable and durable over the long term. It should be able to hold up for people weighing up to 200 pounds as well.
  • The way it feels.  As a coil-on-foam mattress, this one feels more medium-firm than firm. The foam conforms to the shape of your body, so it isn’t stiff.
  • What makes it great.  In this guide, the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) offers perhaps the greatest amount of pressure relief. A Tempur-Pedic mattress is one of the most durable and densest mattresses we recommend for back pain due to its special memory foam layer (4.5 pounds per cubic foot). The top layer is composed of a proprietary, polyfoam-like compound (2.5 pounds per cubic foot, a density good for polyfoam). This layer moves slowly and gradually cushions the body (as opposed to instantly). Dense materials make mattresses less likely to accumulate body impressions and sag. A total of more than 1,100 pocketed coils provide extra support and conformity, but are not as resilient as their pocketed counterparts. In addition to the Tempur-Pedic showrooms, many department and furniture stores nationwide offer the opportunity to try this mattress in person.
  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws.  This mattress was either a hit or a miss with our testers. Slow sinks were described as wonderfully “transporting” by some, while others called them frightening (“like quicksand”). It might be difficult to switch positions on the Tempur-Adapt because of its pronounced memory-foam sink. Instead, consider the Leesa Hybrid, a hybrid mattress made of almost-as-dense memory foam but with more of an innerspring feel. A refund is available within 90 days of the purchase of the Medium Hybrid, but shipping costs must be paid, which can exceed $100. To make browsing in-store as convenient as possible, we strongly encourage it. The mattress may come with a return policy, but it may not be as generous as Tempur-Pedic’s if you buy it from a department store rather than the company’s site or showroom.

Notable contenders

These mattresses were good, but they didn’t match our top picks for a number of reasons. You may still find one of these suitable. All times listed are for queen-size mattresses (price is subject to change).

You might consider the $500 IKEA Hesstun (Medium Firm) if you’re looking for an innerspring model for less than $500. Its feel is somewhat more firm than what the firm is categorized under. The mattress has 600 miniature pocket springs on top (plus the same number on the bottom), providing a firm and expensive support. (We have not yet tested the Plush or Firm versions). Euro tops add softness, but some testers found them too “stuffed” (as in, they were filled with feathers), not to mention they didn’t fit properly. Polyfoam density (1.7 and 1.8 pounds per cubic foot) for the Hesstun is typical for mattresses between $500 and $1,200-and steel coil construction helps prevent sagging when used with foam. According to the Hesstun product line, a lot of people under 200 pounds should be able to sit on it comfortably. Due to the Hesstun’s fewer coils, individuals who weigh more may experience body impressions or dips over time. (Hesstuns are important regardless of weight; alternate where you sleep on it if possible). Within 180 days of receiving your Hesstun mattress, you can return it or exchange it for a full refund, but you have to pick it up from your local IKEA store.

The 11-inch-thick Purple Hybrid mattress ($1,700) or the 12- or 13-inch-thick Purple Hybrid Premier mattress ($2,300-$3,000) may be suitable for people with back problems. Purple Grid or Purple Grid Ultra is used to cover 540 pocket coils, which are made of 1312-gauge wire, on top of different thicknesses of Purple Grid (two to four inches for Hybrid and Premier). In addition to being highly stretchy and resilient, Purple Grid also jiggles as it becomes thicker. But underneath that cushioning there is a strong, supportive foundation. As a result of its composition, the original Purple did not appeal to our testing participants in 2018. In the past year, two employees have used Purple mattresses, and they are very happy with them. One of my employees who chose the 4-inch Hybrid Premier mattress did not complain, even though he isn’t sure the mattress helped with his back pain. This mattress was more comfortable than spring mattresses, he said. There are some retailers nationwide that sell it, so you can select it based on what works best for you.

Here Are Some Things You Can Look Forward to Concerning Best Mattress for Back Pain

WinkBed beds provide some of the best innerspring mattresses that we have reviewed. WinkBed’s Luxury Firm WinkBed ($1,600) features a bed that measures 1,312 x 1312. In the past, we recommended this mattress to people who had back pain and wished for a large surface. Coils are at the bottom, while polyfoam is on top. We will test WinkBed 2.0 after it is updated, and update this guide as soon as we learn if it is the best mattress for back pain.


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