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Top Pick: Memory Foam Layla

If you’re looking for the Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia Pain Sufferers, but don’t have the time to do your own research and compare prices, then this one will be perfect for you.

Based on our research, we recommend Memory Foam Layla as the best option. 

Living with Fibromyalgia, It can seem impossible to get decent sleep. FM has many symptoms that make it difficult to fall and stay asleep. That`s why our qualified team at Reinierdejong did research to highlight some of the Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia Pain.

Age-related pains and aches are common in older people. Having spent the day doing yardwork may cause you to sleep a little sore the next morning. There’s simply not as much recovery time as there once was following a grueling workout plan.

Puffy Mattress

  • Support and comfort
  • Design and materials of luxury

Layla Mattress

  • Easily flippable
  • Support and comfort

Nolah Mattress

  • Pressure-absorbing
  • Offers support

After vigorous exercise, some people may experience soreness and fatigue that cannot be directly attributed to vigorous exercise, although there is no cause known for these conditions.

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, which is an unknown chronic pain condition. Pain can wear you down for months, even years, and eventually it becomes a daily occurrence. When you experience severe pain from fibromyalgia, a new mattress could provide some relief. Sleeping comfortably and restfully can be achieved by following these tips.

I am going to go over what fibromyalgia is, how it feels, and how it affects you everyday life in this article. I will discuss possible solutions for fibromyalgia pain management as well as upgrading your mattress. In addition to this, you can find out which are the best mattresses for people with fibromyalgia.

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What Does Fibromyalgia Mean?

Fybromyalgia. Chronic pain as well as fatigue and sleep disturbance are symptoms of this condition. There are many conditions whose symptoms resemble this one. The diagnosis cannot be confirmed by a test. The notion that fibromyalgia even existed was questioned by health care providers.

Genetics may play a role in the development of fibromyalgia, but the cause remains unclear. Researchers believe brain changes can occur in people with fibromyalgia because past trauma or illness can trigger it.

In the brain, certain chemicals are present at abnormally high levels, which results in the feeling of pain. As well as having a memory of the pain, the brain’s pain receptors also appear to increase the signal to the brain corresponding to the pain. This causes them to gain a greater sensitivity to pain and to react to it more strongly when it occurs.

Fibromyalgia Can Cause the Following Symptoms:

  • Anxiety and pain at multiple sites in the body
  • Irritability
  • Sleeping problems
  • Feeling tired while sleeping
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Focusing problems
  • The lower belly feels achy or achy
  • Anxiety and fatigue
  • Incontinence

Fibromyalgia is not only a physical condition, but it can also have psychological effects. It can be difficult to focus and remain alert due to chronic fatigue or brain fog, which can cause fatigue. Several potential causes of widespread pain may be ruled out in order to diagnose fibromyalgia. You can discuss treatment options with your doctor once you have a diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia Pain Management Tips

The only treatment for fibromyalgia is testing and error, as there is no cure for the condition. Treatment for pain and sleep difficulties and various lifestyle changes may help you feel better and improve the quality of your life. A therapist or support group may be helpful to some people.

The Following Tips Will Help You Manage Fibromyalgia Pain:

  • Among the low-impact exercises you can try are stretching, walking, yoga, and swimming as low-impact exercises to improve your circulation, ease pain, and improve sleep.
  • Various types of therapies are available, such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, or cold therapy.
  • Having your muscles toned and mobility increased will help you feel better. Your pain will be lessened by the exercises.
  • Avoid sugar, processed foods, and foods high in inflammatory protein and carbohydrates to reduce your pain.
  • Set a daily routine to prepare your body for sleep by giving yourself enough time to get eight hours of sleep every night.
  • When you feel especially fatigued one day, you may find that taking a day off and resting is the best thing for you. Pay attention to your symptoms and listen to your body.

As you learn how to reduce pain levels during the day, you may wonder whether you can do so at night.

If you upgrade your mattress, you may sleep better, but it won’t cure your fibromyalgia. The next day, you may feel less pain and have an easier time focusing when you wake up feeling rested.

What a New Mattress Can Do for Your Health

Sleeping well requires multiple components. As well as your nightly routine, your bedroom environment is a key factor. It’s crucial to stick to the same sleep and wake-up times every day. The more flexible your body’s internal clock becomes, the easier it will be to maintain. You may also be able to relax before sleep if you develop a nightly routine.

Ensure that your bedroom environment is conducive to sleep, along with creating a bedtime routine. If you wish to avoid being woken up by light or sound, make sure that your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet.

If you want to sleep better at night, you need a supportive mattress. Choose a mattress that is right for you after considering your sleeping style and preferences.

To Help You Select the Perfect Mattress, Here Are a Few Tips:

  • Choose a mattress type that meets your needs. There are several good reasons to choose memory foam or latex over innerspring mattresses. In addition to a coil mattress, you may want to consider a hybrid mattress.
  • The right material and firmness level should be determined by your sleeping style. A slightly firmer mattress may be necessary for back and stomach sleepers. The hips and shoulders are at risk of pressure ulcers if side sleepers do not get adequate pressure relief.
  • Make sure that the mattress has a firm base. For extra strength, pocket coils or high density foam are better than continuous springs.
  • Maintain a proper alignment of your spine while you sleep by choosing a mattress that offers pressure relief. The firmness or softness of a mattress can result in pressure points.
  • In particular, if you tend to sleep hot, think about the temperature regulation of the materials as well. You may not feel as comfortable when you sleep on memory foam because it absorbs heat. Mattresses made with organic materials such as organic latex and gel foam are considered hybrid mattresses.

Fibromyalgia may not be cured by a new mattress, but it is unlikely to cause any harm. The pain your joints and spine suffer from a hard mattress might be reduced as a result of a supportive mattress.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Mattresses

There is no one best mattress to choose when it comes to chronic pain sufferers. A mattress should meet your material and comfort preferences and be suited to your sleeping style. You can narrow down your choices by examining our mattresses recommendations below once you have determined what kind of mattress you prefer.

To Help Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain, We’ve Selected the Best Mattresses

Memory Foam Layla

Best Overall. Sleeping is difficult for those suffering from fibromyalgia. A bad position one night can become comfortable the next. This is in addition to how your preferences change. Mattresses like the Layla memory foam mattress adapt to the needs of each sleeper. The flippable design allows you to select a firmness level between 4 and 7 on a scale of 10 according to your comfort preferences.

Layers of Max Airflow support foam, copper gel memory foam, and copper gel memory foam make up each side of the Layla mattress. The mattress has a 4-inch core foam for the middle. With these special materials you stay cool while sleeping, but at the same time you get the airy comfort you need. With Layla mattresses, a zipper is included for ease of removal and the cover is equipped with Thermo-Gel cooling technology. The Layla mattress trial period lasts for 120 nights and they offer a lifetime warranty.

  • Advantages. This memory foam design is flippable and provides support on both sides.
  • Disadvantages. It may be difficult to move when foam has a slow response time

Puffy Original

Best in Terms of Cost-Effectiveness. Not only will you not enjoy sleeping on a worn-out mattress, but you will also not benefit from draining your wallet for a new one. There are many ways to improve your sleep without spending a fortune. Using only foam, Puffy offers comfortable and stable mattresses at unexpectedly low prices. Puffy 10-inch mattresses are recommended for those on a budget.

A three-layered foam mattress that relieves pressure and reduces heat, but does not become too hot. Using proprietary cooling clouds and climate comfort foams, Puffy lays over a firm core support foam base. This mattress relieves pressure while maintaining proper spinal alignment, so it is ideal for all types of sleep. According to the firmness scale of 10 points, it is rated as medium-firm. The Huffy mattress has a lifetime warranty and a 101-night trial period.

  • Advantages. It has three layers of high-quality foam, providing excellent pressure relief, and cooling comfort.
  • Disadvantages. It could be better to provide edge support, as foams are perhaps a little slower to respond

Aurora Brooklyn Bedding

Best Luxury. Sleeping well every night is something you deserve. The Aurora mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a good night’s sleep. It uses patented copper-infused foam and individually wrapped Ascension X coils to create optimal conditions for a relaxing night’s sleep.

You can choose from three different levels of firmness within the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress. Over 1,000 coils disperse pressure and absorb motion on a base of 1-inch high-density foam. Three layers of CopperFlex foam and TitanCool fabric secure the swirl-viscoelastic and hyper-elastic TitanFlex foam. Due to the specific design of this mattress, you can get a good night’s sleep that is comfortable and supportive. Also available is the 120-night sleep trial with Brooklyn Bedding, which offers free shipping and returns.

  • Advantages. Sleeps cooler than foam, relieves pressure points, reduces motion transfer
  • Disadvantages. Not as bouncey as some other models, is a bit pricy compared to other models

Bear Pro

The Best Foam. If you suffer from fibromyalgia pain, you need pressure relief for a good night’s rest. So you don’t wake up stiff and sore in the morning, you require a mattress that adapts to the curves of your body. Foam is ideal for fibromyalgia patients in that respect, and that’s why we suggest the Bear Pro as our top choice.

Memory foam provides pressure relief and exceptional cooling on the Bear Pro mattress. Those foam layers covered with Celliant make this bed an excellent choice for muscle recovery. Copper-infused foam makes up the top layer of this mattress, while memory foam makes up the middle layer. The pressure relief and balance support are provided by a supportive transition foam layer followed by a high-density foam layer. With each Bear mattress, you can sleep for up to 100 nights and get free delivery and returns.

  • Advantages. All types of bed foundations can be supported by copper-infused foam.
  • Disadvantages. A few people may find it too firm, and heavy people may find it too uncomfortable

Botanical Bliss by PlushBeds

Best Latex. Oftentimes, memory foam is criticized for trapping heat and not being as elastic as it would like to be. Changing positions frequently during the night may make you feel trapped in the mattress because memory foam has a slow response time. We recommend latex for those who seek a material that responds quickly. It is our top pick for PlushBeds Botanical Bliss.

Organic cotton, wool, and latex layers, as well as organic cotton and wool covers, are available a PlushBeds Botanical Bliss. Find pressure relief and supportive comfort with PlushBeds Botanical Bliss. A variety of firmness levels are available on this range of premium mattresses. The Botanical Bliss mattress is a great option for allergy sufferers due to its chemical-free composition and natural structure. You can try it for 100 nights for free with free shipping.

  • Advantages. Material is natural/organic, it is pressure-absorbing, supports the body, and offers three levels of firmness. 
  • Disadvantages. The bounce of latex is greater than many other models and therefore more expensive

Helix’s Birch

Best Hybrid. It may not be the same way to sleep every night if you are suffering from fibromyalgia pain. We recommend a hybrid mattress because of its ability to adapt to your comfort needs each night. On top of the coils in the base layer, a layer of memory foam provides pressure relief, while the top layer provides support and relief from motion. With organic cotton and wool in this mattress from Helix, you are sure to rest easy.

This mattress is topped with an individually wrapped layer of natural wool batting. It is made of 100% organic wool as a base material. It is topped with a comfort layer of organic Birch wool and a pressure-relieving layer of Talalay latex. No matter what sleeping style you prefer, this all-natural mattress makes you feel comfortable. Ergonomic pressure relief and edge support are provided by a cushion whose perimeter has been expanded. A free trial and a 25-year warranty come with the mattress, which is handmade in the USA.

  • Advantages. The hybrid construction provides pressure relief and support with decreased sinkage when compared to memory foam.
  • Disadvantages. Latex materials might not be for everyone since they are bouncy

Saatva Classic

The Best Innerspring. Classics are sometimes unbeatable. Saatva Classic is a good choice if you prefer innerspring mattresses. Its better back support is a result of the individual coils that make this mattress. A chiropractic state association approved it in fact. You can benefit from the support and pressure relief offered by the luxury euro pillow top combined with the pocket coil base

All the comfort and luxury of a Saatva Classic mattress under one roof. There are three different firmness levels – Soft, Medium, and Firm, so you are able to choose the option that fits your needs. An innovative coil-on-coil design will provide superior edge support. A lavish euro pillow top with softness will add to the luxurious feeling. Take advantage of free white glove delivery and setup for 120 nights when you try it risk-free.

  • Advantages. You can choose between three different levels of firmness to best suit your sleeping style and needs.
  • Disadvantages. Foam mattresses conform more to your body than hybrid mattresses

Amerisleep AS5

The Best Soft. You need proper spinal alignment to be able to sleep comfortably on a mattress that is too soft. Soreness and stiffness result from pressure points. The softer the mattress, however, the better for people with fibromyalgia pain. The Amerisleep AS5 is our recommendation in that case.

The mattress is cool because BioPur foam is a light, breathable foam that allows better air flow than regular foam. This ensures that after lying on the mattress, your feet won’t feel stuck or experience pressing points. A 20-year sagging warranty accompanies AS5 mattresses. The cover is soft and breathable, making it a comfortable mattress.

  • Advantages. It provides pressure relief, excellent bounce back, and a breathable cover.
  • Disadvantages. Somewhat costly, overly soft for stomach sleepers, and somewhat pricy compared with other models

Saatva’s Loom and Leaf

Best Firm. Fibromyalgia pain can worsen if you sleep on a hard mattress. In addition to this, a mattress that’s too soft is also not favorable. Mattresses that conform to the contours of your body can relieve pressure on pressure points if you sleep on your stomach or back. To accommodate firmer sleeping preferences, Saatva’s Loom & Leaf mattress is a great choice.

Featuring a handmade foam cover and organic cotton fabrication, the Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress provides the best sleep possible. Providing deep contouring, this mattress is made up of layers of supportive foam. The low back is provided with optimal support by adding Spinal Zone Gel after adding premium foam. You can choose between two levels of firmness with the Loom & Leaf. We offer our customers a hassle-free, full refund if they don’t love the mattress.

  • Advantages. Aside from the materials being high quality, you can also adjust the firmness and height of the mattress.
  • Disadvantages. Some users may find the cushion too firm, considering how expensive it is compared to many models

Nolah Signature

Lightweight Sleepers Will Find It Best. Mattresses are usually designed for people with average weights. Even a medium-firm mattress may be too firm for you if you weigh less than 130 pounds. Having an adequate amount of sinking under your body for pressure relief may require a softer mattress. A dual-sided design makes him a good choice for memory foam mattresses. Adjust the firmness of the mattress by flipping it over.

Featuring medium-soft and medium-firm sides, the Nolah Mattress has a 12-inch memory foam mattress. It is insulated with AirFoam and keeps you cool while absorbing pressure. You wake up feeling renewed after sleeping on this mattress because it conforms to your body. AirFoam’s pressure relief is four times greater and its durability is 300% better than traditional memory foam.

  • Advantages. Comfortable cooling foam, a 120-night trial period, two-sided design for choice of firmness and price.
  • Disadvantages. Compared to other heavyweight sleepers, a little more expensive

Saatva HD

The Best Choice to Heavyweight Sleepers. Even a firm mattress may not provide adequate support for a person who weighs more than 200 or 250 pounds. It’s crucial that your mattress provides both support and pressure relief for your body’s weight, to minimize the effects of fibromyalgia pain. We recommend the Saatva HD as the top choice for people who are heavy.

Mattresses like the Saatva HD are particularly designed to support individuals who weigh more than average. The firmer mattress isn’t the only advantage. While providing support, pressure relief is not compromised. It is combined with a Talalay latex top layer for maximum comfort and pressure relief, and tempered steel coils are used for the base, providing high durability and strength over the standard in the industry. The 120-night sleep trial is free and comes with white glove delivery.

  • Advantages. With its luxury hybrid design, it has 5 zones of support and is specially designed for heavier individuals.
  • Disadvantages. A substantial increase in cost over typical mattress

If you have chronic pain or fibromyalgia, it is important to choose the right mattress regardless of how good the mattress is. Don’t forget to choose a mattress with good support in addition to pressure relief. In order to get a good night’s sleep, your spine needs to be aligned properly and the joints need to be relieved of pressure.

Having fibromyalgia pain can be very uncomfortable, but your mattress may be able to reduce it during the night, and that might provide you with better sleep.

This is the right place for you if you’re considering getting a new mattress. Take the knowledge you’ve gained here and apply it when it’s time to shop. Check out our recommendations above for a starting point to narrow down your options if you are not quite ready to make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain: Is there a Mattress that Caters to That Problem?

Pain associated with fibromyalgia differs from arthritis pain in that it is widespread, musculoskeletal in nature. In arthritis, the joints are damaged and inflamed, causing pain. It is a pain disorder, not a disorder of the joints or soft tissues. To alleviate chronic pain with a mattress, it all boils down to its support. As a result of an unsupportive mattress, your spine is likely to sag, worsening fibromyalgia pain. Pressure relief and spinal alignment can be achieved with memory foam mattresses, but other materials also work. Your sleeping style should be taken into consideration when choosing a mattress.

Does Fibromyalgia Benefit from Waterbeds?

A waterbed doesn’t provide much support for your back and can therefore be harmful. The best mattress is one that conforms to your body’s contours by absorbing pressure. Memory foam, latex, and hybrid spring mattresses provide the most comfortable and supportive sleep for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

What Is the Recommended Amount of Sleep for People with Fibromyalgia?

tuft and needle mattress review

Adults with fibromyalgia may need more sleep than the average adult. The ideal amount of sleep is between 8 and 10 hours. To determine what works best for you, you will probably have to experiment a little bit.

Do My Fibromyalgia Symptoms Get Worse at Night?

TempurPedic reviews

Pain typically worsens at night for people suffering from fibromyalgia. A fibromyalgia sufferer often finds it difficult to relax their muscles, and some even report awaking from sleep to pain because of an automatic arousal in the brain. Joint or back pain may be triggered by sleeping on the wrong mattress. The pain you experience during the night may be more pronounced if you have fibromyalgia. You may be able to sleep better by switching to a more supportive mattress.

Why Do I Feel Tired when I Have Fibromyalgia?

Leesa mattress review

An alternative theory proposes fatigue is caused by the repeatedly dealing with pain that characterizes fibromyalgia. You can feel lethargic and have trouble sleeping at night when the muscles in your body are firing pain signals all the time. A better mattress can improve your sleep and relieve pressure that may be causing you pain.