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Top Pick: Amerisleep AS3

If you would like the Best Mattresses for Guest Rooms, but don’t have the time to research and compare prices, then go for this one.

Our top choice is Amerisleep AS3, following considerable research.

Goldilocks and Three Bears is one of the most well known and popular stories. In order to choose the best mattress for young girl, she must consider whether the mattresses are neither too soft nor too hard.

We all need the perfect mattress, and that is the problem. The preferences of individuals may differ to the point that what one finds perfect and comfortable for themselves may not necessarily be the same as what another finds comfortable. This is not an issue since you generally don’t buy things for others, so it’s not a big deal. There must be a compromise between you or the other party will have to let go of their inclinations.


  • A climate-adaptive material
  • Relieves pressure well

Nectar Mattress

  • One year nights of testing 
  • Multilayered foam

Amerisleep Mattress

  • Bio-Purification using plants
  • Reduced pressure targeted at a specific area

Which mattress is best for the guest bedroom? Choosing the right mattress for the guest room is a must, but how will you do that? You want a bed that isn’t too hard or too soft if you’re looking for the best one. In fact, the firmness of this is about average. Most guests will be able to get by with a medium-firm mattress, so choosing a good Guest bed won’t be a hassle.

We will cover several points in this page that should be taken into account when buying a guestroom mattress. You will learn a few helpful details during the following discussion that will simplify your selection of the right mattress material. Furthermore, you will also be able to test out the best mattresses for the guest room.

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Mattresses that Works to Everyone

In most cases, your guests’ preferences will not automatically align with your own preferences – and you may even not particularly indicate what design of they mattress they like. When they are staying in your house and sleeping in your bed, you might not think they have much say in the mattress.

If you are planning to host future events, you do not have to ask everyone which mattress they find comfortable. The most comfortable choice, however, is one that will be preferred by the majority. Considering who will be attending your events most frequently is beneficial, just incase there are any special needs. Take your preferences into consideration.

In Order to Choose the Right Mattress, You Need to Ask Yourself these Questions: 

  • The mattress will be used by which kind of the guests?
  • What special needs do your expected guests have?
  • Are certain guests more likely to use the guests rooms?
  • Is anyone with allergies a frequent guest of yours?
  • Do you have a budget in mind for guest bed?
  • What will be the life expectancy of the mattress in your guest room?

It is important to consider what type of mattress can most comfortably accommodate specific guest when furnishing guest bedroom or anticipating hosting similar guests often. In the case, sleeping position is the most important factor to consider.

How well a mattress supports you ultimately determines the best choice. Test position to maintain spine alignment is usually to sleep on your back. In order to avoid sinking too much, a mattress should be both firm but soft so that it does not inhibit joint movement. Side sleepers typically require a little more support and cushioning than back or stomach sleepers for relief from sore hips.

Knowing what to consider when buying guest bed might have led you to wonder what options are available to you. Find out which mattress type is right for you by reading on.

What Kinds of the Mattresses are Available?

There is no such thing as a perfect mattress. One might think selecting right firmness for your mattress is as simple as picking the right mattress. Different materials are used in making mattresses, and these materials have a variety of effects on a mattress’ firmness beyond how firm it is.

To Help You Choose a Mattress, here are the types we Recommend: 

  • Memory Foam. Viscoelastic foam conforms to the body’s contours and is quite resilient. Due to its density, memory foam may trap heat and is less responsive than variant materials.
  • Latex. While latex contours like memory foam, it is a better choice for people who like a slightly firmer and more buoyant mattress. In addition to being hypoallergenic, natural latex may be cooler to sleep on foam.
  • Innerspring. In 1800s, inventions such as innerspring mattresses were invented, which feature fabric covers and coil bases. The modern innerspring mattress may feature a number, type, or configuration of particular coils surrounded by foam.
  • Hybrid. A mattress incorporating more than one type of mattress material is available. Foam/latex are used in combination with coils to relieve pressure points in hybrid mattresses.
  • Air Mattress. There are generally several air chambers inside the mattress, which inflate to provide shape and support. The firmness of a mattress is determined by the level of inflation.

To understand mattresses, we must first understand their construction. Once we have a good understanding of how the material of the mattress affects the mattress’ overall quality, we can evaluate the effects of that material on the mattress’ firmness, support, and pressure relief.

When Shopping the Mattresses, Look for The Following:

You may place a different emphasis on quality than if you were shopping for mattress you would sleep on each night. Budget is a good place to start. If you can, limit yourself to certain dollar amount, but consider the range within which you are willing to shop. If its quality and durability can be affected by its price, the guest bed can be a longterm investment.

Choosing your budget after determining your mattress needs is important. If you are not furnishing the room for a specific guest, you might want to leave room for various positions in the bed. In order to benefit from both of these methods, you would be best off picking something in the mid-firm range. Durability and construction are two other important aspects of a mattress. Save your money by avoiding low-quality mattresses that will last less than two years. Purchasing a mattress that isn’t comfortable for your guests is the worst thing you can do. It is important to select mattress with solid base and reinforced edges that prevent sagging.

Here are the Best Guest Bedroom Mattresses You Should Buy

You may not find a perfect mattress in every guest room. Medium or medium-firm mattresses are recommended if you want some flexibility. Your budget may determine the type of mattress you select if you plan to host guests. Here is a list of options that will help you narrow down your choices.

These are the Best Mattresses for the Guest Room, According to Our Opinion

Amerisleep AS3

Overall Best. Your guests’ needs must be taken into consideration when selecting a mattress. Maintaining a budget while providing guests with comfortable accommodations is important. As a top overall choice, we chose Amerisleep AS3. There are multiple excellent qualities of this bed, such as a moderate firmness level, affordability, and balanced support also pressure reliefs. Our company offers 4 other models and several hybrid models if this model is not what you are looking for.

The Amerisleep AS3 features a BioPur open-cell foam construction, ensuring maximum cooling while offering plenty of support and comfort. Furthermore, it has a more responsive feel than traditional foam, so guests who aren’t familiar with foam mattresses will find it an excellent choice. The cushion hasn’t sagged or worn out over the past 20 years, which makes it an excellent value. The use of the room is risk-free for 100 nights. Guests who are dissatisfied can receive a refund.

  • Advantages. Five models offered in Bio-Pur plant-based materials.
  • Disadvantages. Edge support that may be insufficient for particular sleepers, and bounce may be too high


The Most Budget-Friendly. You should be comfortable, too, since you are spending so much money on the hotel. For the most comfortable, supportive, and budget-friendly mattress, we recommend Nectar. You can try it out for a full 365 days. Not only does it look great and feel great, but it comes with a 365-day trial. You can also rest yourself on it if you want.

For the Nectar Mattress, multiple layers of foam are used. Heat is distributed evenly when the mattress cover is made of quilted memory foam and the bottom is made of gel memory foam. An outer layer of memory foam makes sure that you don’t sink too far into the bed, as it is high-core and adaptable. This mattress is an excellent choice for anyone lying in any position because it has stabilizing foam to support and align the spine.

  • Advantages. Cushioning, support, and comfort are all included in the 365-sleep trial period.
  • Disadvantages. Heavy sleepers may have trouble keeping their heads up due to the foam’s slow response


The Best Luxury. A good guest bed mattress can make your guests feel at home, so you might be willing to spend a bit more money on one. There’s nothing exorbitant about the price of a Puffy Lux mattress. This mattress provides maximum comfort, support, and pressure relief thanks to the eco-friendly fabric cover and climate-sensitive foam.

Its unique blend of climate comfort and supportive base foam makes this product durable and strong. A second layer of Puffy Lux is the Dual Cloud Foam, which is an exclusive component. Pressure points are relieved by this foam. With its lightweight fabric cover and Cooling Cloud foam, this pillow will make sleeping a pleasure. The Puffy Lux mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty and comes with a trial period of 101 nights.

  • Advantages. As well as providing cooling comfort, the product is made of cool, sustainable, climate-sensitive materials.
  • Disadvantages. A heavy mattress could cause people to feel sick if they sleep on their stomachs  

Tuft and Needle Mint

A Good Memory Foam. A good material for mattresses that appeal to wide range of sleepers is memory foam. No matter what type of sleeping style you choose, this mattress provides excellent pressure relief. It is a good choice for people on a budget as well as for bed lovers who like medium firm beds.

This luxury foam mattress from Tuft and Needle is designed for pressure relief and cooling comfort. Graphite and also gel used in the construction of this foam pull away body heat. Regardless of how hot it gets, thanks to the cover’s cozy knit, you will stay cool during the night. It comes with a ten year warranty and can be tried for 100 days. Furthermore, it comes free of charge.

  • Advantages. Price is very reasonable, the materials are quality, the 3-layer construction is very breathable, and the features are very luxurious.
  • Disadvantages. The edge support is lacking somewhat, and some people may find it too firm

Less Costly Latex

Exceptional Latex. The feel of memory foam is not for everyone, even though it has great benefits. People sometimes complain about memory foam sinking too much or feeling trapped by it because they feel like it molds to their body rather than supporting it. It might be worth considering latex if you want something bouncy. It is the Latex for Less mattress that we recommend for guests as the best latex mattress. The 120-day trial comes in a convenient box and is shipped free of charge.

Natural latex and organic cotton are used in the construction of this mattress. These mattresses have an overall firmness of 9 inches, while the soft side has an overall firmness of 7 inches. When guests want a certain level of firmness they only have to turn over the mattress. Organic cotton provides the mattress with breathability in addition to the natural properties of latex.

  • Advantages. Easily adjustable in medium or the firm firmness, these are made in America from premium natural materials.
  • Disadvantages. Softer than memory foam, less contouring than memory foam

The Saatva Classic

Innersprings of the Best Quality. It may be more comfortable for your guests to sleep on spring mattresses rather than memory foam, depending on their age. In order to keep your child’s comfort without the downsides of an old continuous coil mattress, you should opt for an innerspring mattress made with modern pocketed coil technology. Saatva Classic, the top innerspring mattress, comes in at number one. This feature allows the guest room to be customized completely, both in terms of height and firmness.

The Saatva Classic innerspring mattress is built with more than 400 coils of high-quality steel. More than 800 individually wrapped coils will ensure your body gets the support it needs. It is possible to decide if this mattress is suitable for you during the 120-night trial period. What about white glove delivery and free shipping?

  • Advantages. There are three firmness choices, luxury hybrids, and breathable also supportive mattresses. 
  • Disadvantages. In comparison to foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses are quite heavy and they contour/hug less well


The Best Hybrid. There is no need to choose between different types of mattress when you are having a difficult time choosing one for the guest room. The best of both worlds can be achieved with hybrid mattresses that combine different mattress make. Among best hybrid mattresses, we recommend the DreamCloud.

The DreamCloud mattress is constructed with multiple layers of memory foam for added comfort. In addition to its five pocket coil zones, the mattress also isolates motion. The five zones of coil are topped with a layer of memory foam to provide additional comfort. Due to the hybrid design, this mattress is surprisingly affordable while offering high quality. The 365-day trial also gives you a full understanding of how the product works. The experiment will be covered for the full year, no matter who is invited!

  • Advantages. Comfort and support provided by memory foam layers and coils encased in premium materials.
  • Disadvantages. Mattresses with hybrid materials seem to be heavier

Saatva Solaire

A Good Air Mattress. Air mattresses are typically pictured as the kind of thin blow-up mattresses we use within tents. Modern air mattresses differ from their older counterparts, but you may not immediately notice them. When your guests are staying with you, air mattresses can be adjusted to ensure their comfort level. As far as we are concerned, Saatva Solaire is the best air mattress on the market.

A Saatva Solaire air mattress is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. By releasing or inflating in increments of 50 firmness, the device works quietly. It is possible to adjust the air chambers on each side of the bed independently. No matter what firmness preference guests have, this mattress can accommodate them. It may be costly, but you will be sure that it will last for many years, and your guests will have a great time sitting on it.

  • Advantages. It incorporates gel foam and latex and can be adjusted to fifty firmness levels. 
  • Disadvantages. The air may leak overnight, as it is a substantially more expensive model

Leesa Hybrid

Couples Will Love it. There is no limit to how many guests you can host in a guest room, but number of beds might restrict how many guests you can invite. You will need to choose a mattress accordingly if you plan to accommodate couples. For partners, especially for guest bedrooms, we recommend the Leesa Hybrid mattress.

Additionally, Leesa hybrid mattresses offer eco-friendly materials in addition to many award-winning features. By active response of its more than 1,000 springs, the mattress is designed to provide durability and stability. It has multiple benefits: breathing, pressure relief, hugging, and bouncing. There is also a 10-year warranty as well as free shipping. It’s not really necessary to provide more details, is it?

  • Advantages. A luxury hybrid mattress that provides security and comfort with pocket coils.
  • Disadvantages. It is more expensive to buy a mattress with foam core than without one

Helix Midnight

Strongest in Terms of Durability. In addition to not spending money on new mattress that has to be replaced in one yr or two, you also should not invest in a new guest room mattress. The Helix Midnight is a good option if you’re looking for the durable mattress at a reasonable price. Hybrid mattresses offer superior comfort and durability at a lower price than all-foam mattresses. This mattress is priced below $1,000. Luxe model is also available if you wish.

Hybrid coiled springs and DuraDense foam provide support for the Helix Midnight. Top layers of the cushion consist of polyfoam and also Memory foam (Plus), which provide support and pressure relief. On a 10-point rating system, the mattress falls between a medium-firm range of 4 to 7.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your mattress, consider upgrading to the Helix Midnight Luxe. It’s equipped with quilted lumbar support along with a Tencel cover and enhances contouring with zoned lumbar support. Midnight has grown by 2 inches since it was originally released.

  • Advantages. Both back and stomach sleepers will find this design comfortable and supportive.
  • Disadvantages. The mattresses are soft and durable, but not as durable as those of the Luxe line

Air Mattress Dream Series by SoundAsleep

Designed to be Portable. A guesthouse might not be necessary for your house all the time, but it may be helpful from each time. Choosing an air mattress may be your best option if you need a portable bed that is also affordable. Air mattress advantages include the fact that they’re not often designed to last long. It will save you money because you won’t spend money on the bed you will only use occasionally. SoundAsleep’s Dream Air Mattress is the best choice for us.

Buying an air mattress under $200 is usually hard, but SoundAsleep Dream Air Mattress is a great choice. The SureGrip Technology and ComfortCoil Technology of this mattress ensure optimal firmness and stability. Furthermore, the mattress has 40 internal coils that keep the mattress firm and flat, in addition to a patented 1-click pump that inflates and deflates the bed quickly. If you’re finished with it, it can be easily deflated, rolled, and put in the included bag.

  • Advantages. It uses an internal pump to inflate quickly and has a sure grip bottom and ComfortCoil technology.
  • Disadvantages. You should not use the pillow every day and the air inside could deflate some over time

If you want to accommodate guests in your home, then you should have at least one guest room. You might want to take into account this service, even if your home lacks the space.

You may not think it is easy to furnish guest room. In addition to your budget, your style, and your guests’ comfort, think about how to make the most of the space. If you are buying a mattress for guest room, it is particularly important to consider this. As we have provided all of the useful advice in this guide, we have also offered some suggestions to help you in your search for the perfect guest bed. If you are uncertain about how to get started and still confused, we have provided you with some recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Mattresses for Guest Rooms

My Guestroom Needs New Mattress. What Is the Best Price?

Choosing the right guestroom mattress can be confusing – there isn`t absolute price. Several factors, including your budget, are involved. The size, durability, and frequency of use of mattress are all things you should consider before purchasing. When furnishing guest room, take the preferences of your guests into consideration. Generally, guestroom mattresses cost between $750-$1,750. It is important to remember that not all things are equal, both in quality and price.

Mattresses for Guest Beds: Which Are the Best?

Choose a guest bed that most people will find comfortable when choosing a good guest bed. Many people are choosing memory foam mattresses instead of spring mattresses. As guestroom mattress, memory foam fits multiple sleeping styles and is reasonably priced. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses may be more suitable if you prefer durability or an older-fashioned feel.

Is the Guest Room Mattress Too Firm?

Offhours Homecoat

As you may recall, the story about Goldilocks had her choose the bed which is neither too soft nor too firm. You want your hotel room to appeal to as many people as possible, so choose something which is appealing to as many people as possible. An ideal mattress would fall somewhere between a 5 and a 7 on the firmness scale. In most cases, medium-firm mattresses fall into this category.

Is Air Mattress Good Choice for Guests’ Bedrooms?

In case you’re looking for inexpensive, portable mattress, you may consider air mattress. Despite their convenience, air mattresses aren’t always as durable as they should be or as comfortable as they should be. When possible, do not forget to provide a full-sized bed in your guest room.

How Long Does a Guest bed Mattress Last?

Motion isolation mattress

Generally, experts recommend replacing mattresses every seven years. The recommendations given here assume there is no reason why you shouldn’t be sleeping on your mattress each night. It may be unlikely that your guest bedroom bed will get more use if you furnish it. The mattress won’t necessarily last longer because of this, however. A low-quality material will usually lose strength and tension, in addition to being less durable, regardless of whether it is in use. In choosing a type of mattress and budget, keep in mind how long you wish to use the mattress.