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If you’re looking for Best Mattress for Heavy Individual, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend GEL MEMORY FOAM BY GRAMERCY EURO-TOP CLASSIC as our first choice.

Each mattress has different thicknesses, firmness, and compositions which affect its comfort, making it more or less comfortable for different body types. A mattress with minimal cushion and strong support system is regarded as the best mattress for heavy person. The most comfortable mattress depends on the individual. We can give general recommendations based on feedback from sleepers with different weight profiles, but ultimately you will know which mattress is most comfortable for you based on your own weight profile.

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You should look for a mattress that you can sleep on well for a whole night without sagging or sinking the next day if you are a heavier person. Weight is usually considered as heavy if the person is over 150 lbs in weight. It is when the weight of a person exceeds 150 lbs that it will be considered as heavy. The mattress should have a capacity that is at least twice as large as the person sleeping on it.

It is important to put effort into choosing a mattress that will suit your needs. Amongst the top best mattress for heavy person, I will offer a list of the top 10 mattresses based on consumer reviews and ratings.

Consumer Ratings & Reports on The Best Mattress for Heavy Persons

My research has led me to compile a list of the 10 best mattresses for overweight and obese people based on consumer reviews and reports from 2021.


For the individuals who are seeking an exceptional mattress that measures 14 inches, there is a high-quality mattress from this brand as another option. This amazing mattress has the measurements of 80 inches by 60 inches by 14 inches.

It is a medium-firm mattress. You should wait 72 hours before using this mattress as it offers amazing comfort. A hybrid innerspring mattress with a memory foam top has been created. For the relief of pain as well as for the ultimate comfort, this mattress for heavy person is indeed absolutely amazing. A memory foam mattress made of gel infused memory foam is designed to regulate the body’s temperature.

This is what we like!

  • Infused gel mattress with adjustable support
  • fits perfectly


  • The device may not be able to expand or adjust.


Need to make sure that your mattress is comfortable and relaxing to sleep on? Well, Zinus is the place to shop for such a mattress. Memory foam mattress for heavy person with gel-infused technology offers a good level of pressure relief, while being comfortable at night. There are times when you or your partner move too much, which interferes with your sleep quality, so a mattress like this one can be a blessing in disguise.

You will find a calming sleep even if your partner disturbs you, thanks to the unique and independent coil system in this mattress. Throughout the long time you spend sleeping on this mattress, you will be able to experience a soothing, cooling sensation that will completely relax your body and mind. To have a rejuvenating rest, you will need a mattress that combines a motion-reducing coil system, well-constructed edges, and layers of plush foam.

A lot of bells and whistles are installed for ease of mobility and convenience. The gel regulates the body’s temperature through its thermal properties, while also ensuring the user’s comfort and providing the ultimate in user comfort. This mattress for heavy person is made up of foam layers at the top that give comfort, while the low-density foam at the bottom provides maximum support. It is the supportive pocket innerspring base layer that makes this mattress appeal to you the most.

Additionally, this best mattress for heavy person provides comfort and immobility while you sleep. CERTIPUR US Certification is a testament to the quality and performance of the mattress, and it is a guarantee of good quality.

This is what we like!

  • Memory foam with green tea swirls
  • optimal airflow and thermoregulation
  • Pocket innersprings to isolate motion


  • Firm, not suitable for side sleepers


During sleep, people with excess body weight need to support their spines. They can now enjoy natural ingredients in their memory foam thanks to Lucid. Both support and comfort are acquired by combining the two infusions. Bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera infuse the 3.5-inch memory foam mattress, giving it its unique texture and promoting the growth of microbes. The steel coils are individually encased by the foam in order to make this foam flexible while allowing the user to move freely.

As well as keeping your body temperature under control, these coils also maintain air flow and make sure that you are breathing freely. In addition to providing spine support, the steel coils combined with the edge support will give you the relief you need. Its cradling properties enable you to experience a comfortable night’s sleep as it cradles every part of your body.

Aloe vera, charcoal, and bamboo are infused into this mattress to prevent odors and other kinds of odors that can negatively impact a person’s health. Aside from that, this infusion helps promote a healthy, youthful body by creating a relaxed sleep environment. Affordable luxury mattresses are available. During the purchase process, you can feel more at ease with the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It is possible to get a full refund even if you are not satisfied with your purchase after sleeping for 100 days.

This is what we like!

  • Steel Coils of High Quality
  • Guaranteed for 10 Years
  • Odorless


  • A little firmer than expected


Next, we have a mattress that we need to replace. It has a hybrid construction. Not only is it grey, but the construction is hybrid. It has a medium level of firmness. Additionally, this mattress for heavy person offers just the kind of comfort you are looking for. Besides the comfort and support that the mattress provides, this mattress contains gel-infused memory foam, which adds to its durability and comfort.

An astonishing amount of pockets springs provides the perfect amount of comfort, relief from pain points, and support for the sleeper. For people with a little extra weight, this mattress is a great choice, and also, for people who suffer from back pain, this mattress can also help. The warranty for this mattress lasts for 10 years.

This is what we like!

  • High-quality mattress with gel-infused innersprings
  • extremely comfortable


  • There may be some issues with the packaging.


It features a 12 inch memory foam mattress, which makes it stand out from other mattresses. In addition to its comfort, it comes in a queen size. For ultimate comfort, this memory foam mattress can be used by people who are heavier. Despite its firm construction, it has a plush firmness.

If you are looking for a mattress for heavy person that is absolutely comfortable, then this memory foam mattress is an excellent option. There are 59 x 79 x 12 inches of space on this mattress, and it is made of hypoallergenic material. Almost every bed can be used with it, and it is easy to assemble. The mattress must be unpacked correctly by cutting the protective wrap. The mattress has no odor or smell, but if you notice any, you should leave it out for 72 hours for it to disappear.

The things we like!

  • Astonishingly firm
  • Unboxing is simple


  • Uncomfortable


The mattress quality is absolutely top notch and is the most affordable option when it comes to king size mattresses. It is composed of a polyester blend and it’s whitish-gray. It is absolutely amazing how much comfort this mattress for heavy person provides, so it is amazing that this mattress is so good.

The mattress possesses a perfect temperature regulation system that facilitates a comfortable sleep for the user with a sleep that is comfortable. There are no risks involved with its use for more than ten years. Its composition makes the mattress not only incredibly comfortable, but it is also incredibly cool, which provides a superior sleeping experience over other mattresses.

The high density of this mattress will provide you with a comfortable nights sleep along with motion separation.

The Things We Like!

  • Utilisation of plush techniques
  • provides firm and comfortable support
  • regulates body temperature


  • Quite heavy


With this memory foam from Zinus, you can be sure that there is nothing better on the market to improve your sleep quality. It was thanks to charcoal and green tea that the manufacturer was able to create a product that was able to effectively relieve pain and discomfort. Thus, you feel energized and fresh every day.

The benefits of green tea include the prevention of bad odors and feeling fresh. You can enjoy a rejuvenating rest with this combination. Pressure-relieving cushions like this are usually made of eight inches of high-density foam, two inches of comfort foam, and three inches of memory foam. Each of these foams is covered by a jacquard fabric.

Memory foam mattress for heavy person secured with this CERTIPUR US Certification has been proven to be high-quality. As a result, it is in your best interest to invest in this foam in order to reap the benefits over time. This foam was tightly compressed by the manufacturer before packing in order to reduce your shipping cost. This foam should be laid out for three days after you detach it from the box. Once it has regained its original shape, then it can be used. As well as providing adequate support for shoulders, backs, and other body areas, this mattress uses natural ingredients to enhance the quality of sleep.

These comfortable and thick mattresses are perfect for side sleepers.

How We Like It!

  • Sleep Quality with Natural Ingredients
  • that meet quality standards.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years.


  • Customer service non-existent


Overheating is a common complaint among overweight people. Vibe gel foam certainly meets the specifications if you are looking for a mattress for heavy person that regulates temperature. Contains two inches of extra gel-infused foam so you can sleep comfortably without sweating while you sleep.

The seven-inch-wide base gives you not only the support you need but it also allows you to sleep anywhere you like. You can sleep one night and wake up the next morning pain free and fresh. The use of high-density foam also offers the user a feeling of breathability and orthopedic support.

To keep your body as cool as possible, a cooling gel is infused into the foam. When paired with foam, knitted fiber covers add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Sleeping on memory foam is comfortable as its porous design ensures proper air circulation. Therefore, you won’t sweat as much as you would on a typical mattress as a result.

Memory foam filled in and reshapes as you sleep in order to cradle everyone and support their various sleeping positions. It is a cushion from which low motion transfer is prohibited.

CertiPUR-US approved, the Vibe Gel Foam Mattress is made from gel foam material. The mattress won’t emit any harmful gases into the surrounding environment.

With this product you can sleep soundly and experience a healthy night’s sleep.

The things we like!

  • Memory foam that contours the body
  • use of cool gel
  • provides breathable comfort and orthopedic support


  • A medium-firm mattress, not a medium-plush one.


Our next mattress for heavy person is another hybrid mattress that combines memory foam and innersprings. It is a twin-size mattress that is absolutely amazing. As a result of its amazing comfort, this mattress from this company is awesome because it is made up of only the softest memory foam for maximum comfort and breathability. An excellent mattress for those with back pain, but is also an excellent choice if you are a bit heavier.

In order to make shipping and delivery easier we have compressed it into a box. You can unbox it easily and easily without any trouble at all, allowing you to use it straight away.

If you are not satisfied with the mattress, you are free to exchange it or return it.

The Things We Like!

  • Has a 10-year warranty
  • ensuring durability and support

Things to Consider!

  • May have trouble holding its shape.


In case you are concerned about bacteria and dust mites, you would be relieved if you bought a high-quality mattress from Bed Story. In addition to deterring bacteria and mold, this fabric is hypoallergenic, so your bed will always remain clean from mites and mite droppings.

A flame retardant layer of viscose combined with low melting point PET fibers ensures a perfect flame retardant barrier. Throughout the day, this gel-infused foam will ensure that your spine, shoulders, and other parts of your body are well supported. The dual-layer Convolute foam will maintain airflow and keep the mattress adequately ventilated as well.

High density foam will prevent you from sinking into the mattress as it provides you with the desired firmness while you sleep. In this mattress, each steel coil is individually enclosed. Thus, foam relieves pressure points and supports every body part. You won’t suffer any disturbance of any kind from the movements of your bed partner, despite how often they move.

Carbon steel springs ensure the mattress won’t shift under your weight.

The things we like!

  • Cover made of hypoallergenic material
  • fire-resistant layer
  • constructed of breathable convolutions


  • Not medium-firm, but very soft

A Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress for Heavy People

These are some factors you should consider before you purchase a mattress for someone who is heavy.

Capacity for Weight

Keeping this in mind, a mattress should be able to bear two times as much weight as what you are carrying.

Anti Allergen

Dust mites, bacteria, etc. should not be allowed to infest a mattress.

Memory Foam and Gel

The best gel beads can only be made with the best possible foam with a dense base and most dense gel beads.

Cleans Easily

The best way to ensure that you clean your covers regularly is to get covers that are compatible.

Manufactured in The USA

If a warranty claim is required, it is preferred because it is easier to return locally.

Installation Is Easy

If you look for a Mattress that is packaged in a box, it will make installation and packing a lot easier for you in the future.

Sizes King & Queen

You should adjust the size of the picture based on your height if you are an average sized person.

Us Certified Certipur

Get a mattress which is certified by CertiPUR US as these are the accepted standards for judging the quality and reliability of a mattress.


A few companies offer warranties of 10 years, and others offer warranties of 20 years.

Final Verdict

No matter where you choose to shop, you can choose a national or local brand. I recommend sticking to local brands so that you can easily communicate with them.

A manufacturing problem or an installation issue can sometimes occur. Based on the consumer ratings on Amazon, you should be able to see that the brands I’ve presented have the highest ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Mattress for Heavy Person

Is It Possible for A Mattress to Last 20 Years?

With the GhostBed Mattress Queen Cooling Gel Memory Foam you can get a warranty period. A typical warranty is 10 years, which means you can easily go for 13 to 15 years.

Is There a Mattress that Is Best for A Heavy Person?

Following is a list compiled by our editors;

  • Overweight Bariatric Mattress – Made in the USA
  • Memory Foam Mattress with Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • GhostBed Mattresses Queen – Made in the USA
  • Zunus Green Tea Memory Foam
  • 12′′ Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Free Pillows

Is There a Weight Limit on Memory Foam Mattresses?

It does not matter how much weight you have on the memory foam, but other parts such as springs, foundations, and frames do have a weight restriction.

Do Heavy Sleepers Have Any Trouble Sleeping in A Box?

Yes, mattresses that are intended for heavy people are typically shipped in boxes. In today’s world, technology has progressed, so that you no longer need heavy, bulky materials for reliable reliability.

Is There a Mattress that Would Be Comfortable for Someone Weighing 300 Pounds?

There are so many mattresses available today that choosing the right one can be difficult, but I recommend the GhostBed Mattress Queen Cooling Gel Memory Foam | US Made since it is backed by a 20-year warranty.

What Type of Mattress Lasts the Longest?

A good mattress can last for 20 years, but if you take good care of it, it can last a great deal longer.

As opposed to a flat bed surface, a platform bed supports the mattress with evenly spaced slats and legs. If spacing between the slats is too wide, a mattress for heavy person will sag between the cracks, resulting in loss of support and reduced durability. Weight above 230 pounds may exacerbate the problem. However, proper spacing between slats can reduce the need for a box spring and foundation.