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Top Pick: Saatva Classic

Those who are looking for Best Mattresses for Older Adults, but who don’t have the time to do their own research and compare prices, should choose this one.

After researching for a long time, we recommend Saatva Classic as our first choice.

There is a wide range of health problems experienced by older adults, which makes choosing the best mattress for older adults necessary. As a famous saying “age brings wisdom”. It’s not just the aches and pains of joints that come with aging, but this also comes with health challenges. When you wake up stiff and sore on a day when you are getting older, you may find it impossible to think about all of the benefits that may accrue as you grow older.

Bear Mattress

  • Moderate firmness
  • All foundations are compatible

Overall Best

The Saatva Mattress

  • Constructed in a luxury hybrid style
  • Supportive and breathable


Dreamcloud Mattress

  • Support and comfort
  • Design and materials of luxury

When you are a little older, you realize that wasting time on things that don’t mean anything to you is harder. Now you realize what matters most in life and the value of your time. Regardless of what you value or prioritize in the past, your need to sleep has not changed. Sleep is essential to your body and mind, and neither of them can function effectively without it. Regardless of your age, sleep is essential. Due to health issues that interfere with sleep, sleeping becomes more difficult as you age.

Here we’ll examine a number of health issues that senior citizens face, including some that adversely affect sleep. The following sections provide suggestions for how to choose a new mattress, as well as information about the benefits you can get from upgrading. The best mattresses for older adults are also included in our reviews.

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How Do Seniors Generally Feel About Their Health?

Age-related degeneration of the body is unavoidable. During the evening you could go out with your friends without feeling sore after practicing basketball for two hours straight after school. Excessive exercise made you sore a little while when you were in your thirties, but you soon recovered.

It will be very difficult for your body to complain about anything after you’ve climbed the hill. It is all it takes for your joints to start aching when you do just a little extra climb up and down the stairs or take a walk around the block.

You may have to deal with that if you’re lucky. As you get older, you are more likely to develop serious health issues. Elderly people on average have several health issues, including Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, respiratory disorders, and vision problems. Additionally, seniors are more likely to develop sleep problems.

Older Adults Suffer from the Following Sleep Issues: 

  • Arthritis . Osteoarthritis refers to inflammation and tenderness of the joints, and is one of the more common ailments of older adults. The two major types are rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and they worsen with age.
  • Back Pain. Even though back pain is often due to arthritis, it may also result from scoliosis, osteoporosis, ruptured discs, or spondylosis, an age-related condition. Sleep issues in particular are often caused by low back pain.
  • Fibromyalgia. The condition called fibromyalgia results in widespread chronic pain which is accompanied by abnormalities of the nervous system. The pain and discomfort may not be related to advancing age, but they make sleeping very difficult.
  • Dementia. The likelihood of mental disorders resulting from dementia and Parkinson’s is higher than physical disorders. Dementia patients, however, often experience insomnia.
  • Bladder Issues. You may have more frequent urination during the night if you have bladder or prostate issues as you age. The quality of your sleep can be greatly impacted if you have to get up to use the bathroom during the night.
  • Sleep Apnea.  Getting a good night’s sleep becomes more difficult as you age due to sleep apnea. Untreated sleep apnea can cause severe complications, including nighttime breathing pauses.

Sleeping well is important for everyone, no matter how old you are. Sleep can be challenging for seniors when factors such as those listed above make it difficult for them to sleep well. Those over the age of 65 should get at least seven hours of quality sleep per night, but up to nine hours is preferred. A poorly designed mattress can increase your spinal pressure or lead to your hips and shoulders becoming misaligned.

Some mattresses seem to offer better support and pressure relief than others, however there may not be a best mattress for seniors. As you age, there are some factors that might make you want to think about upgrading your mattress.

New Mattresses Should Be Considered by Older Adults

In light of the fact that you have already worked hard for your money, it would be a waste to waste it on things you don’t really need. Even though they may be a luxury, mattresses serve a crucial purpose in our lives. It is possible that a pressure point mattress will make it difficult for you to sleep well.

An average person sleeps more than half of their waking hours. Thus, does it not make sense to invest in their comfort to ensure that they have a good night’s sleep?

A New Mattress can Provide you with the Following Benefits: 

  • If a mattress is older than seven years, it will not provide adequate support.
  • Modern mattresses often feature hypoallergenic materials to help keep allergies under control. A new mattress can help you get a better night’s sleep by removing dust and allergens.
  • You benefit from a better mattress not only in terms of improved health, but also in terms of your cognitive efficiency when you wake up the next morning.
  • Your spine and joints may be helped if you switch to a mattress that is more supportive or appropriate for your sleeping style.
  • Buying directly from a company is a very cost-effective way of saving money on mattresses, especially when you shop online.

New mattresses have many advantages, but where do we start? To sort through all the options would take too much time. Reviewing the top mattresses on the market allowed us to offer you some recommendations tailored to your needs. See them in the next few paragraphs!

A Mattress That is Right for Seniors

It is tempting to hop into the car and dash down to the local mattress store when it is time to buy a new mattress. However, even in the case of trying something before purchasing, your priority is nonetheless to be aware of what you intend to purchase and their price. Purchasing a mattress is more than just looking at materials.

To Help you Choose a New Mattress, Here are Some Tips: 

  • The right level of firmness depends on your sleeping style. Mattresses should be firmer for back and stomach sleepers. The hips and shoulders should be relieved of pressure when sleeping on their sides.
  • Exploring new materials isn’t a bad thing. Mattresses made of innersprings have been a tradition for many years, however modern materials like memory foam and latex have their own merits. Additionally, you may want to consider a hybrid mattress that combines several types of material.
  • Mattresses made with supportive bases are the best. A pocket coil mattress is recommended over a continuous spring mattress for innerspring and hybrid mattresses. The density of foam used in foam mattresses and latex mattresses is more important than their density.
  • Maintain proper spinal alignment while you sleep by choosing a mattress that offers pressure relief. Mattresses that are too soft or too firm can actually cause pressure points.
  • If you sleep hot, you should think about temperature regulation. It may be problematic to use memory foam because it absorbs heat. Hybrid, gel, and latex mattresses may keep your body at a cooler temperature.

Mattress shopping season has begun! Now, here’s what you should be looking for. Let’s go shopping! For help launching your search, see our recommendations next.

An Older Adult’s Best Mattress

Good mattresses make a difference for people of all ages. It’s possible that your mattress is causing you sleep troubles. Getting the perfect mattress for you doesn’t always have to be an expensive endeavor, even if you have arthritis, back pain, or another health issue.

To help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect mattress, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for the best mattresses in each category.

Based on Our Research, these are Top Mattresses for Seniors: 

Saatva Classic

Overall Best. For older adults, finding the perfect mattress requires taking into account many factors. Every person has their own preferences, so having options is important. In addition to its integrated Lumbar Zone Support System, Saatva Classic’s pillow top and pocket coil base support the spine. There are no problems with it.

Two height options and three firmness levels are available with the Saatva Classic, allowing you to select whichever option suits your needs best. A luxurious Euro pillow top and excellent edge support round out this mattress. You can sleep comfortably on the Saatva Classic because it’s both supportive and breathable. Additionally, set up and delivery are free!

  • Advantages. Our beds come in three firmness options, breathable and supportive mattresses, and luxury hybrids.
  • Disadvantages. A hybrid mattress is heavier and contours less than a foam mattress

Bear Pro

The Most Budget-Friendly. Even the best mattress doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Our experts believe that Bear is one of the best mattresses for seniors because of its affordability and excellent quality. Cooling comfort without sacrificing spinal support is provided by this mattress.

A breathable Celliant cover covers the four foam layers in the Bear Pro mattress. Besides keeping you cool while you sleep, this mattress can help you recover quickly after injury. Afterwards, a layer of gel memory foam will help remove body heat so the user’s body will be cool and comfortable. An additional layer of high-density foam serves as a base and provides a layer of pressure relief and balanced support.

  • Advantages. A medium-firm feel and a wide range of compatibility makes the cooling foam an excellent choice for any foundation.
  • Disadvantages: Heavy people may find it hard to support them, and people who are exceptionally heavy may not be able to do so


Exceptional Luxury. It’s worth spending a few extra dollars to keep yourself comfortable while you sleep, as you spend roughly one third of your life asleep. The DreamCloud is our top pick for luxury mattresses. This hybrid mattress utilizes coils and foam to create an experience like sleeping on a cloud.

With DreamCloud, you have the option to take part in a 365-day trial period without committing to anything. The mattress is soft, luxurious, and breathable thanks to its cashmere blend cover and quilted Euro top. There are five zones of pocketed coils in this mattress. A layer of memory foam is layered on top of the mattress. It is designed to cradle any sleeping style, so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Advantages. Comfort and support provided by memory foam layers and coils encased in premium materials.
  • Disadvantages. Weight tends to be an issue with hybrid mattresses

Memory Foam Layla

Arthritis-Friendly. Among older adults with arthritis, sleeping can be challenging. By sleeping on the wrong mattress, you can further aggravate the problem by preventing yourself from receiving the healing benefits of sleep the next day. As one of the best mattresses for arthritis-suffering seniors, we recommend the Layla memory foam mattress.

The Layla is a memory foam mattress that has many unique characteristics. You can select between two levels of firmness thanks to the flippable design of the copper foam. The mattress has four inches of memory foam, two inches of copper gel memory foam, and two inches of Max Airflow suppWith wicking materials like these, you will remain cool and comfortable all day long and not feel any pressure.mfortable. Both sides have a rating of Plush and Firm.

  • Advantages. Copper-infused memory foam provides cooling comfort also support, with a flippable, two-sided design.
  • Disadvantages. Position changes may be difficult with slow-reacting foam

Leesa Hybrid

Suitable for Treating Back Pain. The opposite may be true when it comes to people who suffer from back pain. A firm mattress isn’t a bad thing. A low-quality mattress might not support proper spinal alignment, which can result in back pain, especially if you sleep on your back or stomach. It is ideal for sleeping on all sleeping positions, even when sleeping on the side, and it is medium-firm, like the Leesa Hybrid.

The Leesa Hybrid mattress combines layers of memory foam and pocketed springs to provide pressure relief and support. With this mattress, there won’t be too much sinking in, and a lot of motion transfer won’t occur. With a seamless cover, the Leesa Hybrid features a thick layer of foam that has been hole bunched at the top so it does not overheat.

  • Advantages. High-quality hybrid design with stabilizing pocket coils for comfort and support
  • Disadvantages. Mattresses made of foam are more expensive

Puffy Lux

Suitable for Treating Hip Pain. An uncomfortable mattress can worsen hip pain, so choosing one that is comfortable is imperative. Materials and firmness levels that don’t support the spine adequately can actually create pressure points. In our opinion, the Puffy Lux is the best mattress for hip pain. In addition to offering a 101-night trial period and a lifetime guarantee, the Puffy Lux is designed for side or back sleepers.

It features an exclusive layer of Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam, which is made up of four layers of premium foam materials. On a 10-point scale, its firmness is rated between 5 and 7. This mattress utilizes unique materials that ensure a cool sleeping environment in addition to creating a comfortable sleeping environment. In addition, it comes with a luxurious fabric cover, which is an upgrade from the original. The Puffy mattress has a 100-percent money back guarantee, so if it is not right for you, you simply have to return it.

  • Advantages. It adjusts to changing climatic conditions and provides support and cooling comfort.
  • Disadvantages. The cost is substantial in comparison with other models, but the stomach sleeper may not find the cushion enough to be comfortable

Luxe Helix Midnight

Pain Relief for Shoulders. A bad mattress does not adequately relieve pressure when sleeping on your side, leaving you with shoulder pain. Our top pick for side sleepers suffering from pressure points is the Helix Midnight Luxe. According to the firmness rating, it is Medium, which isn’t firm enough to accommodate heavier sleepers, but still good for the average sleeper.

Over 1,000 individually wrapped coils make up the Zonal Body Shape layer that’s a part of the Helix Midnight Luxe. In addition to providing advanced lumbar support and motion isolation, these coils respond individually to pressure and motion. This bed is composed of dense foam layers, gel-infused polyfoam, and memory plus foam that relieve pressure while also providing maximum comfort.

  • Advantages. Comfortable and pressure-relieving, 100-night trial of high-end hybrid mattress.
  • Disadvantages. Some brands are more expensive than others. It has been reported that heavy sleepers find it too soft

Helix By Birch

The Best Option for Circulation. Health problems can result from poorly functioning circulation, especially in older individuals. Although a new mattress will not immediately solve all your problems, it could be a great start. When you spend all night out of alignment, you may experience circulation problems that are worse than they were the previous day. This can also lead to stiffness or soreness the next day due to your spine being out of alignment. In our opinion, the Birch mattress by Helix is the best mattress for circulation.

Made with luxury materials such as Talalay latex, cotton, and wool, the Birch mattress is all natural and hypoallergenic. Mattresses like this one are made to relieve pressure, so they support the spine and reduce pain. Additionally, it is free from harmful chemicals, such as polyurethane-based foams. Aside from free shipping, Birch offers a trial period of 100 nights, and a 25-year warranty.

  • Advantages. Hybrid construction allows for a more comfortable feel than memory foam, with less sinking sensation
  • Disadvantages. Latex materials may not be to everyone’s taste due to their bounce

Saatva Zenhaven

Allergy-Friendly. You find that the materials used to make things become extremely important to you when you have allergies. There’s nothing to worry about when you have the Saatva Zenhaven mattress. Sleep in natural comfort with this mattress that provides breathable airflow and targeted spine support. There is also a 40-yr warranty and an at-home trial period of 120 days.

Our mattress is free of chemicals, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. Additionally, organic cotton and wool are used in mattress manufacturing in order to provide the best level of comfort, durability, and support. On this mattress, there are five zones, so it provides firm support in the lumbar area as needed, however pressure relief in all of the other zones.

  • Advantages. A natural and organic product that does not produce any fumes is available.
  • Disadvantages.Expensive and unsuitable for side sleepers, neither side is ideals

Amerisleep AS5

The Best Soft. A firm mattress might not be comfortable for you if you suffer from chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia or severe joint pain. A plush mattress that isn’t too soft can be chosen if you desire something plush. Amerisleep AS5 is a soft mattress we recommend if you prefer a softer mattress. With just enough bounce that you won’t feel stuck on this mattress, you’ll be wrapped in plush comfort to relieve pressure and pain.

As you sleep, the Americleep AS5 mattress wicks moisture away, ensuring that you stay cool all night. Providing contouring comfort, the material relieves pressure on pressure points and is durable and of high quality. The BioCore base ensures it won’t sag or develop soft spots due to its four layers of foam. The AS5 falls between degrees 5 and 6 on the firmness scale, which means it is between degrees 5 and 6. Deliveries are free, and you can try it for 100 days.

  • Advantages. Features a soft, breathable cover and provides pressure relief.
  • Disadvantages. In addition, it is quite expensive in comparison with other models, and it might be too soft for stomach sleepers.

Original Nectar

A Good Medium. It is generally recommended that patients with back pain or sore joints sleep on medium-firm mattresses. You can wake up stiff and sore because of pressure points created by a soft mattress. As one of the best medium mattresses, we recommend the Nectar foam mattress. There is a lifetime warranty on this product and it ships free. The trial period lasts 365 nights, so you can try it without being concerned about returning it.

Mattress and fabric technology went into designing the Nectar mattress. In addition to providing cooling comfort, a gel memory foam mattress disperses pressure over a larger area. The quilted memory foam cover offers comfort and support in addition to a firm base layer. A mattress that minimizes motion transfer is ideal for couples sharing a bed. Nectar offers adjustable bases too, in addition to mattresses. According to the ten-point scale, 6.5 is a firm rating.

  • Advantages. There are multiple foam layers in this mattress providing comfort and support, and a 365-night trial period.
  • Disadvantages. Heavy sleepers may not like the mattress, and the foam may not respond quickly

Saatva’s Loom and Leaf

Best Firm. It’s perfectly fine for some people to choose a firmer mattress. It might be more beneficial to have a firmer mattress if you sleep on your back or stomach, or if you are quite heavy. You need to look for a mattress that is supportive enough for your body. When you think that you need a firm mattress, then we recommend the Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva.

With a base of foam that is multi-layered to offer deep contouring, Loom & Leaf provides deep support. An intermediate layer of foam lies next, followed by Spinal Zone Gel, which provides optimal lumbar support and stays cool throughout the night. This mattress is available in two firmness levels. Additionally, you will enjoy knowing that it uses organic cotton.

  • Advantages. Mattresses come in two firmness levels and are made from premium materials.
  • Disadvantages. Although this is a fairly expensive model in comparison to many others, some might find it hard to handle

If you want a mattress that will last, you should never wait until you’re too old or too young. You may not realize how much you miss until you wake up the next morning until you go to sleep on an actual mattress that supports your body. A new mattress may be right for you if you have arthritis pain or are looking for support. You can make smart choices by following the advice in this article. Wishing you all the best!

Frequently Asked Questions Asked on Best Mattress for Older Adults

Where can Seniors with Arthritis Buy the Best Mattress?

Supporting your joints without putting pressure on them is a very important aspect of your mattress. Since they conform to the contours of your body, responsive materials such as memory foam and latex relieve pressure very effectively. The mattress you choose should offer neither too much softness nor too much firmness, so your spinal column is properly aligned.

Back Pain can be Relieved by Memory Foam?

Helix mattress reviews

For seniors with back pain, memory foam actually works quite well. The support offered by memory foam also aids in alignment of your spine. Sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed is possible with this combination of features.

How Does One Choose a Mattress that Promotes Circulation?

The poor circulation of many people also causes them to have trouble sleeping. Circulation problems can contribute to sleep disorders. Despite the lack of one best mattress for poor circulation, you should still choose one that supports proper spinal alignment. By retaining your spine’s natural contours through an adjustable mattress, you probably will experience healthy blood flow. The ability to raise the foot of the bed may also be helpful if you suffer from edema or a specific circulatory issue.

When it Comes to Beds for Elderly People, how High Should They be?

best mattress for sleep apnea sufferers

You can’t just think about the materials when you choose the best mattress for seniors – you also need to consider the bed’s height and its foundation. Too high and too low mattresses may make it difficult for you to get into bed, while a too low mattress may cause joint stress. Persons who are over 50 years old should have an average height of 20 to 23 inches. Your feet should be flat on the ground as you sit on the edge of your bed.

Can Older Adults Benefit from Adjustable Beds?

No matter how old you are, adjustable beds offer many benefits. You can adjust the head and foot of your bed in order to ensure that it is comfortable for you. Those suffering from arthritis with troublesome joints can have their neck, back, and arms adjusted to relieve pressure. Edema, a swelling caused by excess fluid, is also a common problem among seniors. By raising the foot of a bed, you can reduce pain and disperse fluids.