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Top Pick: Saatva Classic

If you’re in search of the best Mattress for Side Sleepers, but don’t want to spare time to perform long research, then this is the one for you.

After a long research, we recommend Saatva Classic as our first choice.

When choosing the best mattress for side sleepers it is important to pick an ideal mattress that should reduce shoulder and hip pressure for side sleepers. It is necessary to have some cushioning, but gravity will cause you to be too comfortable. Side sleepers usually prefer a medium-firm or medium-soft mattress. In addition to the foam versions, we have tested three innerspring-based models, one hybrid model, and a model designed for side sleepers. For those who frequently turn their backs or stomachs, or simply to complement mattresses that are a little firmer, some slightly firmer mattresses have been included.

Our Choice

Loom and Leaf

It has a luxurious feel and doesn’t bounce

As we’ve tested several online mattress brands, the Loom and Leaf ranked highly in our best mattress for side sleepers and also one of the most substantial (and should last a long time), due to its quilted top and highest density foam.

The foam bed from Loom and Leaf is a great choice for sleepers who are looking for a very firm bed. In our tests, this foam mattress proved to be the most durable and plush we have ever tested. Several layers of foam keep the spine in alignment, but you’ll also enjoy a cradling effect thanks to Quilted top with padding. The Loom and Leaf’s denser foam helps it to remain in shape in time.


Our Choice

Saatva Classic

Plush, bouncy innersprings

Saatva, one of the most comfortable innerspring mattresses on the market, offers classic bounce plus the comfort of a Euro top. However, the motion isolation isn’t the best.

Among the best side sleeping mattresses for people who don’t like the cadling sensation in memory foam is Saatva Classic. With coils attached to the spine, you can easily switch sides since the coils support your spine. The place where Euro top connects to the top fabric is what allows the cushion to stay in place without the need for significant pressure points to form. Saatva is the only innerspring mattress that offers a longer trial period than other innerspring mattresses (although there is a shipping charge of $100).

Our Choice

Kleinmon II Ultra Plush by Serta Sleeper (Perfect)

Under $900 Innerspring Bed

The softest bed we’ve found under $1000 that sinks into your body. It provides side sleepers with a decent shoulder and hip support, and it provides good edge support.

Its firm surface and reliable edge support make it a popular choice among side sleepers. Polyfoam and memory foam are used to make this top. Kleinmon has a fewer coils (but still is supportive), bounces well, and transfers motion well despite its lower price point. People who occasionally sleep with their stomachs or backs will find this mattress uncomfortable. Mattresses with low prices have a tendency to sag or develop indentations.

Upgrade Choice

Asteria Beth

A Substantial, Plush Innerspring

With 1,000 pocket coils and soft latex foam, this luxurious tufted mattress provides supportive and appealing comfort for all sleeping positions. It is quilted with foam, wool and silk for an extra layer of plushness. However, wait for sale so that you don’t lose money.

There is an Asteria Beth mattress offered by Bloomingdale’s that is 13 inches in height and has a plush, pillow top. Your curves are cradled by latex foam and microcoils. The damask cover, feathered foam, cotton as well as wool fibers contributed to this bed’s plushness, making it feel more comfortable than more fluffy beds. With Asteria’s tufts instead of glue, its layers are more durable and less likely to shift as time marches on. When considering the mattress, wait for sale.

Our Choice

Leesa Hybrid

With a Soft Bounce and Foam on Coils

A Leesa Hybrid mattress combines memory foam with springs for optimal comfort. The laptop is more affordable and offers good cooling than the competitors

Leesa’s hybrid mattress offers an excellent balance of bounce and firmness for side sleepers. As you lie on the memory foam, every coil lifts your body. The firmness of hybrid mattresses makes it convenient for you to change positions comfortably, especially if you sleep on your stomach or back sometimes. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, you may benefit from a large mattress, such as Leesa Hybrid.

Our Choice

Novaform ComfortGrande

Cheapest foam mattresses under $1000

Our best mattress for side sleepers features layer of foam of comparable durability (and density) to mattresses costing many times as much as this one. Some testers thought the material was too firm, while others praised its cuddliness.

If you sleep on your side, you might benefit from a firmer mattress since your shoulders and hips will require cushioning. Side sleepers will find the Novaform ComfortGrande ideal. A set of weaving and leaf picks costs half what a high-end foam pick, so it is less expensive. Buying products on-site can further reduce Costco members’ expenses.

While their construction may be similar, the feel of the 2 mattresses differs slightly. This feels cuddlier than Novaform, although it is a little stiffer. Generally, mattresses with a density of four pounds/cubic foot work best for people weighing more than 200 pounds (their durability is also impacted by density). Tempur-Adapt or Loom & Leaf would be good choices if such needs are met.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

For a comfortable sleep, we advise people to bring their favorite pillow with them when purchasing a mattress from our store. The best way to find the right mattress for you might be to bring your favorite mattress to the store and try it out before buying it. When lying on the side for 10-15 minutes, make sure that you pay attention to your back, hips and shoulders.

Providing Side-Sleepers with Optimal Spinal Alignment

In order for a mattress to provide good support and be referred to as best mattress for side sleepers, it must be aligned with the spine. You should lay on your side while lying on a mattress which will maintain a neutral posture, and have your photo taken from the back as you do so. A straight line can be able so to be drawn from your ears, hips and shoulders, that passes through the middle of each of these points. When you find that your mattress is sinking too much at the hips as well as shoulders, you may want to contemplate getting a firmer mattress to ensure better comfort.

Pressure Points on Side-Sleepers

The best mattress for side sleepers should also take this factor into consideration. In addition to pressure relief, spinal alignment is also very important at night since individuals move a lot during the night. From the standpoint of comfort, side sleepers should consider pressure points on the side of the body. When side sleepers are heavier than the other, they compress their body against the bed. In his current interview, Best Mattress President Buddy Delaney said side sleepers prefer thick, cushioned top layers.

Amount of cushioning you desire may differ depending on your body weight and proportions. In general, we suggest medium-soft or medium-firm mattresses for side sleepers. Since they have a plush top layer along with two layers of support, the Saatva Classic and the Loom and Leaf have two firmness levels. Instead of a medium-firm mattress, you might want to consider a mattress topper. In addition, your pillow should be higher than your shoulder so that it can cushion your shoulder while you sleep. During the aging process of a mattress, softening often occurs.

Buying a Mattress Online

Aside from comfort, firmness and pressure relief, side sleepers should also take into account when choosing a mattress. It is impossible to eradicate a pandemic, no matter how serious it may be. A mattress’ overall fit can only be determined by testing it out for yourself. If you buy a mattress online, make sure it has a reputable return policy so you’ll know how to return it if you’re not satisfied.

Aside from providing side sleepers with a comfortable feel, Leesa hybrid offers good back support (a little bounce) and a bit of cushiony comfort (like foam). Leesa mattresses can be returned after at least thirty days of use for full refund if you have not been satisfied with the product.

A top-notch memory foam mattress such as the ComfortGrande from Novaform can give you the support and benefits that you need. Costco offers an nice return policy as well. If you are not happy with your purchase, you are free to return the mattress and receive an entire refund.

Our Choice

Loom and Leaf

It has a luxurious feel and doesn’t bounce

As we’ve tested several online mattress brands, the Loom and Leaf is one of the most substantial (and should last a long time), due to its quilted top and highest density foam.

  • Its purpose. Loom and Leaf’s (Relaxed Firm) lack of quicksand feel will appeal side sleepers that like a mattress that cradles their bodies. Regardless of your weight, it works well even for larger people (although rotating is crucial).
  • What it feels like. In terms of firmness, this is a medium-to-firm mattress, with non-foam support.
  • What makes it great. Moreover, the Loom & Leaf mattress comes with a quilted top for extra comfort between the foam layers. It took me a week for this mattress to break in because I sleep on my side. In the morning, I felt like it was rickety rather than billowy. There are five times as many pounds of density in memory foam as there are in a cheaper mattress. The Loom and Leaf is a company that people can rely on to last.
  • They are flawed but are not dealbreakers. Sleeping on this mattress was quite warm for my husband and me. I was delighted to find the hotel bed warm since my husband and I normally sleep cool. My husband, however, fell into his innerspring bed immediately following his rage. We recommend rotating Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm cushions every six months to prevent sagging in older individuals (for best results). There are alternate good sleep options as well, such as Tempur-Adapt and Charles P. Rogers Estate SE (both available on Noble competitors). Loom & Leaf charges $100 for returning a product during these 180 days.

Our Choice

Saatva Classic

Soft and Bouncy Innerspring

In addition to the traditional bounce of an innerspring mattress, Saatva offers the comfort of a Euro-top mattress. The problem with motion isolation is that it isn’t always as effective as it might seem.

  • Its purpose. If you sleep on your side, you will be able to nest comfortably in Saatva Classic. Although most mattresses are suitable for weights up to 200 pounds, people who weigh extra than that should rotate their mattresses at least once a year.
  • The way it feels. It is hard to tell how firm this mattress(innerspring) is until several months of use have passed.
  • What makes it great. Our Saatva Classics have an upper section of memory foam for extra snuggle. While lugging heavy bags a few days ago, I strained my left shoulder, which was comfortable today. Its upper layers incorporate 800 microspring layers which are designed to provide contouring and supportive cushioning. Mattress coils are unpocketed at the base to provide support for the spine and to ensure you can move freely throughout the bed. A Classic’s representative says only coils secure the mattress, so a 200-pound individual should be able to use it without sagging. Memory foam is not a part of the mattress’ outer layer, but coils prevent the mattress from sagging. Those who like soft mattresses may prefer it if they sleep on their sides. Saatva Classic Plush Soft has not been tested by us.
  • A few flaws, but nothing too serious. A Eurotop mattress has pillowy padding that produces more body impressions than Saatva Classic mattresses, which have a flat top. Although this may be uncomfortable, the reward is a good night’s rest. Indentations may appear on the body if you weigh over 200 pounds. Try rotating flat-surfaced mattresses at least once a year like regular mattresses. This mattress may not be right for you if you move a lot in bed or if you share your bed with a partner who moves a lot. Despite its absence of coils (like the Beth), there haven’t been any complaints about the edges of the Saatva sagging. A $100 transport fee applies to all Loom & Leaf returns.

Our Choice

Kleinmon II Ultra Plush by Serta Sleeper (Perfect)

A Side-Sleeper Innerspring for Less than $1,000

Despite its low price, this mattress sinks right into your body. It provides side sleepers with a decent shoulder and hip support, and it provides decent support.

  • Its purpose. This soft top is comfortable for side sleepers, although lighter people might find it less supportive. Feelings. Medium-soft is the description of this innerspring. It has a lot of reasons to be loved.

Our tests showed that the Kneinmon II Pillow Plush has the most luxurious feel among the innerspring mattresses we have tested. I liked the mattress’ fluffiness in comparison to the similarly priced IKEA Hesstun. Its 882 pocket coils and amazingly stable corners make the Kleinmon II a good choice for sleeping. (Since they are also motion isolation mattresses, I am comfortable sleeping on them.) The patched layers of foam on my Kleinmon II felt like they shielded and cradled my shoulder while I was sleeping. No fatal defects, but many defects.

Often cheap mattresses as well as mattresses with such soft feel are associated with body impressions. To avoid leaving permanent impressions on shared beds, rotate them frequently. This mattress is not sold directly by the manufacturer. Instead, you must buy it from a third party, which has different return policies and mattress thickness options.

Upgrade Choice

Asteria Beth

An Innerspring Full of Plushness and Substance

With 1,000 pocket coils and soft latex foam, this luxurious tufted mattress provides supportive and appealing comfort for all sleeping positions. It is quilted with foam, silk, and wool for an extra layer of plushness. However, wait for the sale so that you don’t lose money.

  • Its purpose. Asteria Beth has plush-yet-bouncy surface that can adjust to different body shapes without compromising its comfort. It is designed for those who frequently move from side to side. This mattress (innerspring) feels medium-soft while being amazingly supportive in same time.
  • What makes it great. In addition, the latex core and 524 microcoils provide optimal pressure relief and conform to the body’s contours. Silk, wool, and cashmere are used as the materials in the mattress. Side sleepers who change positions frequently will find that more than 1,000 pocket coils support them. Glue is not needed to hold layers in place with a quilt (a piece of yarn threaded between two sides of a mattress). Asteria Beth firmness levels can only be compared at Bloomingdale’s.
  • A few flaws, but nothing too serious. This model is likely to be less expensive once a sale comes around (the lowest price we have seen so far is $2,300). Platform beds (no slats) are required for Asteria Beth due to its heavy weight. Platform bed under $300 is our recommendation if this requirement can be met (and our suggestions are the basis for our platform bed recommendations under $300); a good box spring may also provide this capability. When you exchange a mattress within first year, Bloomingdale charges a $10 collection fee and a portion in original price. When you plan to purchase a mattress, you should test it first.

Our Choice

Leesa Hybrid

This Combo Features Foam and Coils for Cradling and Mellow Bounce

A Leesa Hybrid mattress combines memory foam with springs for optimal comfort. The mattress is more affordable and offers good cooling than the competitors.

  • Its purpose. Memory foam sinking, springiness, and firmness of Leesa Hybrid will appeal side sleepers and people who change positions during the night. Anyone with a weight of more than 100 kilograms is welcome at the gym.
  • What it feels like. Rather than being medium-firm, these hybrid mattress should be called medium-firm.
  • What makes it great. Leesa Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with springs to provide you with stability and support as you sleep. This mattress will not sink into your shoulders as well as hips like other mattresses do. Sleeping comfortably no matter what your weight is is possible thanks to the pocketed coils and the memory foam layer. When it was tested, I noticed that the coils lifted my shoulders as well as hips while hugging my shoulders and hips. When we tested the Notable contenders, our judges found that Leesa Hybrid sleeps much more comfortably than the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid). Customers may return unsatisfactory products for free.
  • It has flaws, but they aren’t deal breakers. Additionally, Leesa Hybrid might cost more than what’s typically offered online, but it’s more durable and more durable. There is no other mattress that can match this one’s plushness (if so, there are the alternatives in the list above). Novaform ComfortGrande is much more expensive and less bounce than Saatva Classic mattress. If you are used to sleeping on a spring mattress, you may find this mattress less resilient.

Our Choice

Novaform ComfortGrande

Cheap Mattresses that Are the Best

The company’s most popular mattress is made of foam which has the same density (and toughness) as mattresses which cost twice much. A few testers were disappointed with the pillow’s cuddly feel, while others were pleased with it.

  • Its purpose. Those who are side sleepers or occasionally sleep on their stomachs or backs will find the Novaform ComfortGrande mattress to be ideal. Mattresses of this type are most effective for people weighing under 200 pounds.
  • What it feels like. According to our test subjects, Novaform ComfortGrande is a medium-firm mattress.
  • What makes it great. They cost $600-600 online (in-store, they’re $550 if they’re not on sale). Despite its firmness, however, it has served for many years as a comfortable side sleeping pillow because it has a moderately soft feel and is warm enough to accommodate your shoulders as well as hips. It isn’t as dense as the Loom and Leaf model. A ComfortGrande mattress typically weighs between 3-3.5 pounds/cubic foot (Novaform suggests users weighing up to 200 pounds may have no problems using the mattress, but heavier people may need to rotate it more frequently). Beds made of this material are dense, with only 1.83 pounds/cubic foot, that helps prevent them from slumping. Whenever mattresses are returned to Costco, they are picked up free of charge. We have upgraded ComfortGrand’s gel foam to a cooling one (even though we have found that the foam is ineffective). In addition, company says its cover now wicks away moisture. It has also been given a handle (it, too, now has a handle). The mattress’ construction and density have not changed. As of October 2020, Justin Redman, follow staff writer, says the ComfortGrande mattress is unchanged. To determine Novaform’s cooling abilities, a sleep study is scheduled soon.
  • It has flaws, but they aren’t deal breakers. You will pay about $30 more for a mattress if you are not a member of Costco (about 5% off). Although the ComfortGrande costs more than our top picks for the side sleepers, it remains the least expensive option.. There is a difference in firmness between these two mattresses.

The Health Risks of Side Sleepers

You may want to try side sleeping if you have acid reflux, painful back, or sleep apnea. There are also downsides to side-sleeping. The morning, you can find it sore and painful due to a fetal position that is too tight, according to Ahmed Radwan. Eventually, shoulders and hips can become sore if you do not move regularly. In addition to hip bursitis and shoulder tendinitis, side-sleeping is also associated with long-term bursitis in the hips which calls one to have the best mattress for side sleepers.

It is not harmful or dangerous to sleep on your side, especially if the mattress is firm. Braman told us that people move more to they think they do, so an overall great mattress will be comfortable and supporting for you. Make sure none of your shoulders hangs from your pillow, and that your neck forms a linear line with your abdomen and knees. Between your knees is sometimes placed a small pillow as well.

Below Are Other Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Most types of side sleepers would not be attracted to the following mattresses due to several factors. It is possible that the “best bed” you envision has some disadvantages, but it could be as valuable as compensating for them.

In addition to firmer feel, Tempur-Adapt features memory foam sinking, which distinguishes it from most hybrid beds. In spite of having coils, it is easy to maneuver since it contours around your body. The density and weight of foam mattresses are very different, so even a 412-pound mattress should not sag or leave body imprints after one year. There are some differences between Tempur-Pedic mattresses and other brands. Mattresses can be returned within ninety days after use for not less than 30 days (unless the shipping fee is over $100 depending upon your location). If you move frequently, you may benefit from a hybrid bed or innerspring mattress.

While Casper Nova is among the most comfortable beds-in-a-box we have ever experienced, the pricing is way too high. Another queen-sized bed we recommend with retail cost of just under $2000 has more pocket coils and is more supportive. Our knowledge of the coil numbers for Nova Hybrid is limited to its “above 600 coils” feature. Designed to support weights as high as 200 pounds/cubic foot, this mattress is dense, durable, and comfortable due to the foam that makes it.

Additionally, Nova Hybrid has a cradling sensation that does not feel sinky, which is somewhat dissimilar from what we find on our other picks. The retailer Casper offers a version of these beds that is made of only foam. Our testing suggests the foam will have more resilience than our hybrid. There is a hundred night trial period available on all Casper mattresses.

This should be quite comfortable for people on a tight budget who want to save some money. A Consumer Reports guide to best affordable mattresses under $400 tested several mattresses under $400. As compared to mattresses within this price range, this mattress feels more luxurious, padded, and nuanced. When he laid down, a strong feeling of peace arose in him. Its heavy weight implies that its polyfoam and memory foam(gel) inside are more durable (and therefore denser) than those found in similarly priced mattresses. The mattress does not offer the same edge support or motion isolation as other mattresses of higher price. Retailers can purchase Classic Brands’ limited 10-year warranty. Before buying a mattress, be sure to check the company’s policy.

A product of this quality shouldn’t have a price tag as high as that. The Copper Hybrid Mattress (Adaptive) is capable of providing adequate springiness without feeling stiff or tacky. Christina prefers soft mattresses, but Justin tested a medium to firm Zinus mattress over a week found it to provide substantial support for their combined weight of 195 lbs. Justin was pleased with the results of his test. I tried Zinus’ mattress at the office and found it to have the best edge motion and support isolation, but the company wouldn’t reveal its components. In comparison to other mattresses under $400, Cooling Copper Hybrid (Adaptive) Mattress offers a free trial period of one month. 

As with other memory foam mattresses, Nectar Original mattress is made up of two layers made of foam covered in sock. The mattress also has no special features. Having a flat spine, Justin found that the mattress’ balanced feel was both comfortable and pressure-relieving. Those who like ample pressure relief and who often switch positions while sleeping should find the mattress suitable.

This cushion is made of kind of soft foam, which gives it a cushioned feel that isn’t too sticky. It persists that we are hesitant. In a mattress store, I found that most mattresses had a similar feel to beds in box, and had nothing special about them.You should consider your mattress should have a weight per cubic foot of at least 4 pounds if you weigh more than 200 pounds. The top layer of the mattress is solid, but it is not durable enough to meet our standards of solidity and longevity. Although the 1 year trial time and the lifetime warranty should make some of the issues unlikely. We have made picking the best mattress for side sleepers an easy task.