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Top Pick: Dreamcloud

If you are looking for the Best Mattresses for Snoring, but can’t find the time to compare prices and do your own research, then choose this one.

We recommend Dreamcloud as our first choice following a long research process.

Maintaining mental and physical health requires a good night’s sleep. Sleep quality can be affected by many factors, however, including snoring. People who snore may also find it difficult to sleep due to the breathing disruption caused by snoring. But through research done by our team we have sorted out the best mattresses for snoring 

Layla Mattress

  • A cooling effect
  • Support and comfort

Dreamcloud Mattress

  • Support and comfort
  • Stylish and luxurious materials

Helix Mattress

  • Pressure relief and comfort
  • Sleep trial of 100 nights

In the United States, half of the population snores at least once, but habitual snorers account for about 40% of adults. Those who sleep on their backs tend to snore more, and it runs in families. Although snoring less may benefit you, snoring with heavy gusto may increase your risk of diabetes and stroke, among other health risks.

There is nothing wrong with snoring if it isn’t frequent. Frequent snoring can cause disruption for both you and your partner. Consider switching mattresses and speaking with your physician about solutions.

We will learn what causes snoring and the risks that it poses in this article. Find out what to look for when choosing a bed to stop snoring and how to stop snoring naturally. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions and give our best picks for the top snore mattresses.

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How Does Snoring Occur?

Snoring is a common habit that most people have from time to time. As you sleep, the tissues cause the surrounding air to vibrate as it cannot move freely through the nose and throat. People snore for a variety of reasons, so if you snore frequently, you should find out why.

Snoring Can Be Caused by A Number of Factors:

  • Age. Snoring may occur as a result of the narrowing of the throat and a decline in muscle tone as you age.
  • Obesity. Being overweight or having excessive body weight can cause you to snore.
  • Anatomy. Snoring is more common in men because of their narrower airways. A cleft palate, enlarged tonsils, and narrow throats are all anatomical problems that cause snoring.
  • Illness. Inhaling can be difficult if your airways are blocked or if you have a stuffy nose.
  • Habits. In addition to smoking and some medications, drinking alcohol can also cause snoring. Snoring is caused by muscle relaxation brought on by tranquilizers like lorazepam.
  • Sleep Position. Snoring can occur when the throat flesh relaxes and clears, resulting in a blocked airway. Changing your sleeping position may improve your sleep.

Snoring can be caused by a number of conditions, including sleep apnea, so you should identify the source of the problem. The results are repeated interruptions of breathing during sleep, which is known as sleep apnea. A large number of sleep apnea symptoms include daytime sleepiness, snoring, slow reflexes, and depression.

Keeping a sleep diary can help you figure out what is causing your snoring. You may also be able to get some help from your sleep partner. A change in lifestyle or sleep habits may help if you snore only on your back. If you snore with your mouth closed, you may have a tongue problem, and if you snore with your mouth open, you may have a throat problem.

There could be more serious causes of snoring if it happens in every sleep position. Find out what health risks snoring poses.

How Does Snoring Affect Your Health?

It may not be obvious to you, but snoring can interfere with a sleep partner’s quality of sleep, especially in those who suffer from sleep apnea. About 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. In most severe and moderate cases there is no diagnosis.

In addition to being overweight, male, having a small airway, and having enlarged tonsils, you will be more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. A sleep apnea condition leads to repetitive waking up and stopping of breathing during sleep, as well as interference with your sleep quality. Over the long run, smoking can cause serious health problems.

These Conditions Are More Common Among Patients with Sleep Apnea:

  • Thrombosis and coronarid atherosclerosis
  • Arrhythmia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Acid reflux disease
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Mental health problems
  • Incontinence or nocturia

If you ignore sleep apnea, you could suffer from dangerous complications. Even if you or your partner snore occasionally or mildly, medical attention may not be necessary. The following are some tips for stopping snoring naturally, so read on.

A Few Tips for Preventing Snoring

Finding out what causes snoring is the best way to stop it. It could be an anatomical problem, in which case you should speak with your physician. If you want to try a permanent solution, you can get a snoring pillow or use an oral device if it does not work.

You Can Stop Snoring by following these Simple Tips: 

  • Snoring may be reduced if you lose weight if you are overweight or obese.
  • You can place a pillow behind you to avoid rolling back over while you are sleeping if you choose to sleep on your side instead of your back.
  • Utilize a wedge pillow or a adjustable bedframe to elevate the head of your bed four inches.
  • The muscles of the throat can relax as a result of alcohol consumption and sedative use before bed.
  • Use a snore guard – this device keeps your mouth open to prevent snoring.

It may take a bit of trial and error to address a snoring problem. Trying out different solutions will help you figure out what works. Don’t give up on your method if it works! You may want to consider a new mattress if you’re still having trouble with snoring.

Mattress Buying Guide

Both long-term health and the ability to function well during the day depend on good sleep. It may cause long-term sleep deprivation for you or your partner if you snore, and that isn’t good for your health.

Finding the right combination of comfort and support is crucial for a restful night’s sleep. The degree of comfort is largely determined by how you sleep. It may help you if you sleep on your side instead of your back if you snore. You may also need a new mattress if you change sleeping positions or if you don’t sleep on your side. If you don’t sleep on your side, you must find a mattress that supports your back and spine. Your spine may slip out of alignment if you sleep on an improper mattress, causing other problems besides snoring.

A New Mattress should have the Following Features: 

  • Before you shop, consider your budget. So that you can immediately eliminate options over your price range, you should know what price range you are comfortable with.
  • Try to decide how your mattress should “feel”. For a mattress that feels like you are sleeping “in” instead of “on”, choose memory foam.
  • Take into account temperature regulation. A cooling mattress like gel or copper foam is recommended if you are a hot sleeper or share your bed with a partner.
  • Your sleeping style will determine the firmness level you should choose. Side sleepers may require extra contouring to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. Back and stomach sleepers need firmness to support spine alignment.
  • Upgrade your mattress to one that’s compatible with an adjustable frame. You can raise your bed’s head to reduce snoring if you have an adjustable frame.
  • If you have asthma or allergies, make sure that the material you’re using is high-quality. Make sure the clothing is OEKO-Tex certified and CertiPUR-US certified.

It’s time to start shopping for a new mattress now that your knowledge of snoring has grown beyond what you ever dreamed of. We have provided you with a number of different mattress options so that you can find the perfect fit for you and your partner.

The Best Mattress for Snoring

The comfort level of the mattress will determine whether or not it is the best for snorers. If you sleep with a partner, you should choose a mattress that fits their sleeping style as well as your own. Take a look at the below options and consider your preferences in firmness and materials.

Check out Some of Our Favourite Snore-Stopping Mattresses


Overall Best. It is vital that you find a sleeping position that is comfortable and supportive. Sleep in contoured comfort with DreamCloud’s pressure-relieving support. A luxury mattress can also be quite affordable.

Effortlessly adaptable, comfortable, and comes with a 365-night trial period, the DreamCloud mattress is a great choice for snorers. A high density memory foam layer is layered underneath the Euro pillow top on this mattress; this creates a perfect balance between softness and breathability. With a pocket coil system to support everything, as well as a foam innerspring base who stays in place, this mattress follows the contours of your body.

In addition to offering free shipping and returns, DreamCloud offers competitive pricing to make mattress shopping easier. It is easy to return it if you do not like it during the first year. A lifetime warranty also gives you peace of mind.

  • Advantages. Featuring luxurious materials, foams, and coils, and a comfortable and supportive feel
  • Disadvantages. Mattresses made of hybrid materials are usually quite heavy

Amerisleep AS1

Sleeping Well is Not a Luxury. A mattress from Amerisleep is an affordable choice if you are looking for one. All of their hybrid mattresses are priced competitively and they offer five different options. As the AS1 is the most budget-friendly, we highly recommend it.

Amerisleep’s AS1 mattress helps relieve pressure points and pain while being soft yet firm. Bio-Pur, a plant-based material, is used in the mattress’ open-cell design. Furthermore, the mattress offers a 20-year warranty and is built to last. You won’t have to worry about it sagging or developing soft spots over time. A mattress that works well with adjustable bed frames and a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial provide you with American Sleep.

There are other options to consider if the AS1 isn’t an appropriate fit for you. The AS5 14-inch has a soft surface. Mattresses AS2, AS3, and AS4 are recommended for medium-firm sleepers. Greenguard fire socks are included with every mattress.

  • Advantages. A foam mattress that offers cooling and support for the price of a spring mattress. 
  • Disadvantages. Sleepers may find it too firm, and the edges could be better supported

Luxe Midnight Helix

Best Luxury. The Helix mattress can deliver a good night’s sleep for the most reasonable price. Thanks to its medium-firm texture, Luxe midnight mattress is able to offer pressure relief. It may benefit both you and your partner if you sleep well and support your body well.

Six layers of support and comfort are found within the midnight luxe. This mattress offers body contouring support and a cozy feeling thanks to over 1,000 individually wrapped coils. DuraDense foam provides durability over the DuraDense base. Topped with a cooling gel visco foam support layer, there is a transition layer of high-grade foam. The top of the pillow is made of breathable Tencel cooling fabric and a comfort layer of memory foam.

Our 100-night trial is risk-free, and we offer free shipping. A mattress with an OEKO-Tex certificate is guaranteed to be safe. Every single one of them is made in America. Additionally, they are covered by a 10-year warranty.

  • Advantages. Hybrid design, medium firmness, pressure relief, and luxury.
  • Disadvantages. Comparatively, it is fairly expensive

Hybrid idle sleep

Best Hybrid. Your decision between an innerspring or memory foam mattress doesn’t have to be a big deal! Ide Sleep Hybrid could be the perfect option for you if you are seeking benefits from hybrid mattresses. It offers pressure relief, support, and cooling benefits thanks to its premium composition.

It is unique in making use of two sides for one price, in addition to being made from premium materials. On the medium-firm side of the bed, there are varying levels of firmness. A 4-inch transition foam layer and 6-inch pocket coil edge-to-edge give this mattress great support. The Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam layer and the quilted foam cover make this one of the best mattresses on the market. There are also handles on the mattress so you can easily transport it.

  • Advantages. Features dual-sided coils and foam for optimal comfort, generous 18-month trial period 
  • Disadvantages. There is a 30-day break-in period, and the unit is heavy and difficult to move

Puffy Lux

Best of All Foams. It is comfortable and supportive for a snorer to sleep on memory foam mattresses. In addition to giving you a cooling experience, the Puffy Lux includes spine-alignment and pressure relief so you can sleep on your side with peace of mind. You can also try it for 101 nights without paying a dime.

This 14-inch all-foam mattress provides unmatched comfort and support, regardless of your sleeping style. This mattress provides good support and contouring while preventing it from retaining heat. Climate-adapted materials prevent the mattress from retaining heat. It can be used on most surfaces, including adjustable beds, due to its luxurious cover that allows it to breath.

Dual cloud foam layers with cooling and body-adaptive properties act together to reduce pressure points on your body. By keeping your spine aligned and supporting your neck, you can breathe easily.

  • Advantages. Four layers of foam provide medium firmness, cooling properties, comfort, and support. 
  • Disadvantages. A few people may find the mattress too soft

Saatva Zenhaven

Best Latex. Some people find that memory foam sinks too much for their tastes, despite the fact that it provides excellent pressure relief. There is also a material called LATEX, which has a similar feel to that of jersey, but has a slower response time. Think about a latex mattress like the Zenhaven by Saatva if you prefer memory foam but are worried about performance.

The Zenhaven mattress from Saatva is a quality product. In order to align the spine properly, the five-zone comfort zones are composed of 100% natural Talalay latex. A cotton cover with a layer of organic wool for additional breathability and moisture wicking covers the mattress with pinholes to aid in breathability and moisture management. As an extra bonus, Zenhaven features a Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm side, so you can choose your preferred comfort preference just by flipping the mattress.

  • Adavantages. There are two firmness levels on the cover, both of them natural and organic.
  • Disadvantages. This model may not be ideal for side sleepers since neither side is as cheap as many other models

Saatva Loom and Leaf

For Use with Adjustable Bases. Some people find wedge pillows uncomfortable, even though elevating the head of your bed reduces snoring. Saatva’s Loom & Leaf mattress is an excellent choice if you’re considering an adjustable frame. Depending on your body weight and preference, it can also be adjusted in firmness.

Spinal Zone Gel foam with propriety quilting is used in these mattresses made from organic cotton. Different layers of memory foam provide a luxurious cushioning and contouring effect for the body. 0% financing is available on this mattress for 120 days. In terms of foam mattresses designed for adjustable bed frames, it’s hard to beat Loom & Leaf.

  • Advantages. The mattress is designed to work with adjustable bases, made from premium materials.
  • Disadvantages. In comparison to most other models, it is quite expensive, and some users find it too firm

Bear Pro

Suitable for Hot Sleepers. A mattress that gets too hot will not be comfortable, no matter how supportive it is. Mattresses that wick away body heat instead of trapping it around you are better choices if you tend to struggle in the heat. Bear Pro offers a cooling mattress at an attractive price.

It provides plenty of support without sacrificing comfort, which makes it an excellent choice for snorers. Starting with a high-density base layer, this mattress has five layers of premium foam. Gel memory foam is then layered on top after the transition foam to alleviate unwanted body heat. It is then wrapped in a Celliant cover that is breathable and features copper-infused foam. It is simply a cool mattress.

  • Advantages. Copper is antiviral and antibacterial, as is CertiPUR-US foam.
  • Disadvantages. Sleepers who are extremely heavy may not find this mattress supportive enough

Memory Foam Layla

Ideal for Side Sleepers. By sleeping on your side, you reduce your snoring and relieve some pressure off of your hips and shoulders. These pressure points can be relieved if your mattress conforms to your body. Because the Layla features two flippable sides, it is a top choice for side sleepers.

During the night, you will be kept cool and comfortable all night with the Layla memory foam that is made up of copper-gel and Layla Max AirFlow.”. To adjust the firmness of the mattress, flip it to the side you prefer. It has a supple fabric covering a layer of high-density foam, adding longevity to the product. This mattress is built to last for many years, which saves you the cost of throwing out a mattress after a few years, even if your preferences change. The Layla mattress is cheap and built to last because you can change your firmness preference without buying a new one.

  • Advantages. A core provides motion transfer control, and both soft and firm layers are available.
  • Disadvantages. Changing positions may be difficult if the foam is slow to respond


Ideal for Stomach Sleepers. When sleeping on your stomach, it is essential that your mattress supports your back without being too soft. In addition to providing comfort, pressure relief, and support, the WinkBed hybrid is one of our top recommendations for stomach sleepers.

With this luxurious hybrid mattress, you’re guaranteed the best nights sleep of your life with two layers of gel-infused foam infused into the coils. In order to prevent sagging, the Top-Edge support system gives support to the individual coils of the WinkBed. To further isolate motion and to improve air circulation, a second layer of microcoils is placed over that layer. It also features a Tencel cooling cover in addition to its Euro pillow top.

  • Advantages. The hybrid coil-on-coil design provides pressure and motion relief, while the Tencel cover ensures a good cooling environment. 
  • Disadvantages. Shipping is slower than other companies, and pricing is somewhat higher than other models

People snore for a variety of reasons. Even if your partner is violating your sleep, you are still suffering from it.

People with sleep apnea often snore, which is a serious problem. You may also try changing your sleeping position, lifestyle, or mattress, if your physician releases you. Sleeping on a mattress that supports your spine might help you stop snoring, but there is no magical anti-snoring mattress. To make sure you shop smart, we’ve provided you with as much information as possible.

Now that you know what to look for in a mattress, you can start shopping for a new one with our tips. To get started, take a look at the recommendations above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Mattresses for Snoring

Does Snoring Occur when You Sleep on an Old Mattress?

Keeping your spine aligned is key to a good night’s sleep. Your hips, shoulders, or back may sink in an inefficient way if your old mattress does not support your body’s weight properly. Unsupportive mattresses can also contribute to snoring due to the tension they place on your back and neck. Consider upgrading your mattress.

Is There a Better Mattress for Snorers?

If you snore often when you sleep on your back, you might consider sleeping on your side and selecting a mattress with side-support. A good mattress for side sleepers should be soft enough to prevent the spine from being twisted but provide enough support so that the spine remains aligned. Pressure relief is provided by memory foam mattresses. A memory foam or pillow top mattress can also be found if you prefer an innerspring mattress.

How Effective Are Anti-Snoring Pillows?

To prevent snoring, you will need a pillow that supports your neck properly and that relieves pressure on your airway. Choosing a pillow that features contouring, padding, and support rather than a snore-preventing label might be more beneficial.

Can a Bed Be Adjusted to Stop Snoring?

You should switch to your side if you snore when sleeping on your back. You might find it easier to fall asleep if your bed’s head is elevated. Depending upon the model, you’ll be able to adjust the height of the head as well as the feet of your bed – and in some cases, you’ll be able to do that independently for each side. Aside from relieved hips and shoulders and good support for the midsection, adjustable beds encourage side sleepers.

What Is the Best Sleeping Position to Prevent Snoring?

Side sleeping is the most effective position for eliminating snoring. You sometimes block your airway when sleeping on your back since your throat tissues collapse. To maximize spinal alignment and neck comfort while sleeping, you should select the right mattress and pillow.