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Top Pick: Nectar

If you’re in the search for the best teenage mattress, but don’t want to go down the process of doing your own research and comparing prices, then just go for this one.

We have ranked Nectar as our first choice.

As your children grow up, imagine how the world will be for them when they become someday grownups, which someday calls for you to choose the best mattress for teenagers. In the beginning, all new parents often fail to comprehend that their children will grow up much more rapidly than they anticipate.

Nolah Mattress

  • Affordability
  • Double-sided design

Best Overall

Nectar Mattress

  • Trial period of 365 nights
  • Foam with multiple layers



  • Luxurious Hybrid Design
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable

It takes 18 years to be a parent, as your child will undergo constant change in that time. The children’s intellectual development and personality develops very rapidly, as do their physical growth patterns. The baby you’re growing out of his crib is suddenly an adult and it’s time for the older child to have a bedding to match.

Teenager are challenging child to parent. However, it is up to you do what you can to make life worth living for them. A good mattress is also one of the things you need to choose. There is more to choosing a mattress than you may think, and the decision will have lasting effects. Sleep affects your teen’s daily life, so you should choose a mattress that will enhance his sleep as well as his mood. He may not be able to perform well in school and may even experience developmental problems in his 20s and 30s because the brain is still developing  .

Choosing the type of mattress your teenager sleeps on, you should let him/her make their own decision, but you can advise him accurately about best options if you do some research. In addition to providing you with information, we also provided recommendations for you to consider.

In What Ways Does Sleep Help Teenagers?

For a healthy and happy life, sleep is as essential as eating healthy foods and breathing fresh air. Research suggests teens benefit the most from 8-10 hours of rest per night. An average adult needs to sleep between seven and nine hours each night. In addition to school, sports, also extracurricular activities, teenagers are prone to developing irregular sleeping patterns due to the hectic schedules they lead.

You may think that your teen won’t get sick from not getting enough sleep but you’re very wrong. You can stop your teen from learning, concentrating, and solving problems if they don’t get adequate sleep. Inappropriate behaviors and impulsive emotional outbursts may occur, as well as unhealthy dietary habits such as consuming too much sugar. Alcohol is amplified, and nicotine and caffeine consumption may rise as well.

These Tips Will Help Your Teen Get the Sleep They Deserve: 

  • Set up daily routine for your teen, making sure he or she finishes homework before bedtime and going to dinner together at same time every day.
  • Make sure your teen gets enough sleep before dinner so he doesn’t become accustomed to sleeping in on the weekends.
  • Let your teen set his or her biological clock on track by starting the day with sunshine. You can eat breakfast outside on a sunny porch or next to a window.
  • Teens shouldn’t use technology in their bedrooms. The light in the screens can not only interfere with sleep, but also suppress sleep-inducing hormones.
  • It is important for the teen to understand how sleep affects both academics and athletics. Ask him how sleep impacts both so that he understands his own feelings.

You need to start searching for a new mattress for your teen now that you know how to guide him to get the needed amount of sleep especially since he cannot be a couch potato forever. Here are our tips on how to narrow down your options from the many options available to you among the almost limitless ones.

Mattress Buying Tips

The sheer variety of options may overwhelm you if you have not purchased a mattress in while. There is more to choosing mattress than deciding how firm it is, since mattresses don’t come in just springs and padding. In order to narrow down your options, determine your feelings regarding each factor.

Taking Care of These Factors Will Help one Find the Right Mattress:  

  • Thickness. Thickness plays a key role in the level of support that a mattress can provide; it’s largely matter of the preference. There are mattresses available with thin profiles of 8 to 10 inches thick as well as those with high profiles of up to fourteen inches thick.
  • Firmness. Mattresses are typically scored 1-10 according to their firmness. A medium-firm mattress will generally be chosen by people who weigh more than those who prefer a softer mattress. Consider 5-8/10 if you aren’t sure.
  • Materials. Mattresses today are manufactured using diverse materials such as foam, latex, and springs and coils arranged in different ways. There are often multiple layers and contours on latex and memory foam mattresses, whereas spring mattresses are more supportive. When you’re looking for both support also pressure relief, a hybrid mattress might just be your best option.
  • Support. High-density memory foam, latex or the coils form the base of most mattresses. Your spine stays in a proper alignment when you sleep on a mattress that is supportive and minimizes sagging.
  • Pressure Relief. As a result of the materials used in mattresses and the firmness of the bed, mattresses need to sink little under a person’s weight to reduce pressure points. Memory foam is generally the most effective pressure relief material.

You can save money by shopping online for a mattress instead of taking teen to the showroom. Mattress-in-box that companies offer the best prices and a wide selection. If after using the mattress for a trial period your teen is not satisfied, we will fully refund your money.

Mattresses for Teenage Boys and Girls

Finding the right “perfect” mattress for your teen, especially if he or she is moody and picky, it can prove a challenge. For your teenage child to have optimal brain also body health, there are a few things to watch out for.

Through our large collection of mattresses, we hope to simplify the process of narrowing down your selections. We have selected the best mattresses for teens based on the following factors:


All-around best. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on a mattress for the teenagers that will last a lifetime. It’s important for your teen to find the mattress which is both firm and supportive. There are many advantages to Nectar foam (memory) mattresses, including their 365-night trial period, which allows you to return them if the customer is not satisfied.

Quilted foam (memory) cover keeps you cool and eliminates motion transfer on this four-layer memory foam mattress. The fabric top is layered with a layer of the gel-infused memory foam and then followed by an adaptable memory foam layer. Providing non-stop airflow, this design will keep your teen feeling cool and comfortable.

  • Advantage. It is advantageous to have a 365-day trial and multiple layers of foam
  • Disadvantage. A heavier sleeper may find this mattress too soft, or the foam may not react quickly

Tuft and Needle Mint

The Most Budget-Friendly Option. There is no need to endure paying fortune for a mattress. It is affordable and a great choice for teens under $1,000. Plus, teen clients can try the program for 100 nights for free so they aren’t tied to it.

For less than the price of a standard mattress, the Mint mattress offers the luxury foam experience of a luxury mattress. Foam infused with graphite and gel beads are used in this mattress to wick away heat, thus keeping you comfortable and cool all night long. Plus, the cover of the chair is made of knit fabric, adding another layer of comfort to the chair.

  • Advantage. The mattress is an affordable purchase with three layers, breathable materials, and a trial period of 100 nights – plus there is no warranty. 
  • Disadvantage. Not as supportive at the edge as some other mattresses, better for people who sleep on their sides


Luxurious. teen mattresses dreamcloud is the best on the market. The prices of DreamCloud are quite reasonable despite their quality and also luxury. A full year of bedding experience is available to your teen. We will refund you for any items that aren’t perfect fit.

Designed with an individually wrapped coil system and memory foam, DreamCloud mattress delivers luxury comfort. Using innerspring coils to create pockets of support and layers of thick memory foam, this mattress delivers targeted support. With this mattress, your teen can relax and stay cool while you save half off the price of a synthetic mattress.

  • Advantage. A memory foam mattress can provide a luxurious feel, excellent support, and a soft feel.
  • Disadvantage. Mattresses made with hybrid materials are usually heavier

Nolah Signature

An Excellent Memory Foam. Teen mattresses made with memory foam adapt to the different sleeping styles and body types of teens. Nolah Signature memory foam mattress is different from other memory foam mattresses because it doesn’t sleep hot like other memory foam mattresses. A lifetime warranty is included in the cooling mattress and a trial period of 120 nights is included for free.

There is one side that is steady and one side that is plush to create a unique memory foam mattress. Featuring a durable high-density foundation with high-resilience foam underlay, this double-sided mattress provides ultimate durability and support. Nolah AirFoam is the secret to providing pressure relief and cooling the body on both sides of the mattress.

  • Advantage. Choose between two firmnesses, 120-day trial, cooling foam.
  • Disadvantage. Perhaps not the best choice for heavyweights; pricey compared to other Choices.

Saatva Classic

Innerspring of Best Quality. Saatva Classic is another excellent option for teens who prefer a classic innerspring feel. A modern pocket coil mattress, with soft memory foam and bouncy bounce, will provide you with the bounce and support you’re looking for. In comparison with hybrid innerspring mattresses, Saatva Classic mattresses are quite affordable.

There are three levels of firmness and two thicknesses of the Saatva Classic. It is triple tempered, oven baked and enhanced with dual perimeter edges to strengthen the frame’s metal coil base layer. A luxurious Euro pillowtop is wrapped around over 800 equally wrapped coils. Plus, you’ll get free delivery and setup as well as 120 nights try this mattress.

  • Advantage. All hybrid construction is breathable and also supportive, and comes in 3 firmness levels.
  • Disadvantage. There is less contouring and hugging with hybrid mattresses than the foam mattresses

Aurora Bedding Brooklyn 

The best hybrid. Benefits of multiple materials are offered by a hybrid mattress. It uses advanced cooling tech and is available in 3 firmness levels, which makes the Aurora Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding an excellent choice. You can also try this mattress for 120 nights for free.

Over 1,000 equally wrapped Ascension Xcoils are built into the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid mattress over a firm base of high-density foam. Besides bio-elastic foam (memory) on the top, TitanFlex and CopperFlex foams are layered. Sleep on a cool mattress that offers your teenager the support he or she needs.

  • Advantage. Some sleepers may not be satisfied with the bounce in hybrid designs because they reduce pressure and absorb motion.
  • Disadvantage. Some sleepers may not enjoy the bounce of this mattress as much as other models

Amerisleep AS2

Back Sleepers Will Love This Mattress. Your teen may prefer lightly firmer mattress if he sleeps on his back. We recommended Amerisleep AS2 mattress for back sleepers to ensure the spine remains aligned. There is two-inch difference between this mattress and other well-known firm mattresses.

A teenager needs support and pressure relief, and Amerisleep AS2 provides them with it. With the three layers of foam found in the HIVE differential layer, you get targeted pressure relief as breathability. Their 20-yr warranty and also 100-day trial period come at no additional cost, and American Sleep Mattresses offers no shipping fees.

  • Advantage. Material quality is high, and pressure relief is targeted. 
  • Side sleepers may find this too firm like the innerspring mattress, as with less bounce.

Luxe Helix Midnight

Side Sleepers Will Find This Mattress Most Comfortable. The hips also shoulders can be impacted by mattresses that are too firm for side sleepers. Teenagers will appreciate the medium feel, luxurious features, and the specific design of this mattress for side sleepers.

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress has a quilted headrest top and a Tencel fabric cover. Moreover, it possesses just the right amount of firmness for side sleepers, providing pressure relief to hips and shoulders. This one is a little pricey, so if you can’t afford a Helix Midnight, get the original. Free 100-night trials are available on both mattresses.

  • Advantage. High quality, soft to the touch, medium firmness, 100-night trials, comfortable and pressure-relieving.
  • Disadvantage. It costs a lot compared to others, and may not be suitable for the heavy sleepers

3in 1 Luxi

Best Adjustable. It seems that teens change their minds every day. When you’re worried that your teenager will drop the mattress the following day, you should consider buying the Luxi 3in-1 mattress. The bigger sizes allow you to adjust each position independently, and they each feature three firmness levels.

A grid column cover ensures that you stay cool and breathe easily while still feeling relieved from pressure with our Luxi 3-in-1 mattress. It comes with a luxurious appearance, as well as edge support also low motion. You can try it free for 100 nights, plus it’s fast and free.

  • Advantage. The mattress is breathable for added comfort and cooling, adjustable for firmness, and constructed with memory foam.
  • Disadvantage. There is a restricted warranty, and some people may find it stiff in the morning

Bear Original

Athletes Should Use This. The bodies of teenage athletes are constantly being strained and stressed. Your child’s bed should be supported so that he or she can get a full night’s rest and restoration. As an athlete’s mattress, the Bear is also a great choice for teenagers. Your teen shall enjoy how soft it is, and you will love the price.

Graphite-gel memory foam is layered on top of a layer of compressible transition foam. The Bear Original has high density support foam base. Additionally, Celliant’s cover is breathable. It keeps your teen cool and comfortable, as well as providing him with restful night’s sleep. For a perfect night’s sleep, the adjustable head rest positions itself according to the sleeper’s body curve and position.

  • Advantage. Support and also pressure relief from three layers of foam, environmentally friendly.
  • Disadvantage. Heavy individuals may not find the foam to be stiff enough, and some offgassing may occur first


Perfect for Tall Teenagers. If your teen is taller than average, choosing the right mattress may be challenging. Size isn’t the only thing to consider. A mattress that offers adequate body support to your teenager is essential. The company is therefore highly recommended. A 365-night free trial period and free shipping are also welcome features.

The 9 inch thick Awara mattresses feature a luxury exotic design that includes individual pocketed coils. By adjusting the coils, you can customize the mattress to suit your teen’s sleeping style. A plush European pillowtop made from 100% organic cotton and wool from New Zealand rounds out the mattress.

  • Advantage. An elegant hybrid design with Dunlop latex and natural latex, and individual pocketed coils of 9 inches.
  • Disadvantage. I couldn’t move it around due to its heavy weight, which made it difficult to isolate motion.

Leesa Original

Lightweight Teens Should Choose This. If the teen lays is on the smaller side, a “typical” mattress is likely to make him uncomfortable since it’s designed for adults with average weights. Leesa Original mattresses feature three layers of foam to provide excellent support while also ensuring that the pressure is distributed evenly throughout. Suitable for teens, it is rated as medium firm.

There is a memory foam layer atop the base layer that is designed to isolate motion and relieve pressure. A twill cover reinforces the breathability, comfort, and bounce of the teen mattress. There is no cost for shipping or a risk-free 100-night trial with this mattress.

  • Advantage. Comfortable and supportive, all-foam construction, good pressure relief.
  • Disadvantage. Sleeping on your back or the stomach may be difficult due to the lack of firmness

WinkBed Plus

Good for teens who are heavy. Mattresses manufactured for teens may not be comfortable enough for them. You can have your teen sink in and receive less comfort and support by having a mattress that’s not firm enough for him. WinkBed Plus is an excellent mattress for large and heavy sleepers.

A coil-coil design ensures that you will have complete support with WinkBed Plus. Mattresses are constructed from individually made coils around the edges with another layers of coils surfaced on top. This pillow top is constructed using two layers of gel foam that wick away heat, providing a cool sleeping experience. There is nothing more comfortable, highly supportive, and extremely durable than this mattress.

  • Advantage. With 7 zones of support and max heat transfer, it is unique for people over 300 pounds.
  • Disadvantage. Some find too firm, and possible less sink than traditional foam mattresses

Sleep is essential to the health and well-being of everyone. Despite all claims to the contrary, teenagers need sleep. No matter how well he sleeps, the mattress will affect it.

If you are a parent, then it is your duty to ensure your child is getting the best mattress he can sleep on. Here we have provided you with 13 different recommendations, all of which we think will help you make smart decision. Take a look at our picks above if you don’t know where you should start!

Questions Asked Frequently on Best Mattress for Teenagers

Is there a Recommended Bed Size for Teenagers?

Perhaps your child’s bed has been upgraded numerous times already, but we hope it will still be useful when he is a teenager. The bed will most likely be used in high school, as well as in college if the teen doesn’t live in an apartment. There are various factors that determine teens’ bed sizes, but primarily their height. For larger teens, twin XL, queen, full or even a queen bed will be needed.

Is there a Mattress that is Best for Tall Teenagers?

You may want to upgrade your teen’s mattress if he or she is taller than average. As a comparison, twin XL is five inches longer than a standard twin. It is the equal size as a full or queen-sized bed to get twin XL or a full-sized bed. Cali kings, which are 84 inches long, are the standard sizes longer than 70inches.

How Long Will the Bed Last My Teen?

Mattresses need to be replaced roughly every 6 to 8 yrs. You may extend the lifespan of a high-quality or firm mattress if one maintain them by turning them often. The type of use a mattress receives can affect its lifespan, however. It is likely that your bed will wear out more quickly if your teenager is restless or overweight. Buy a mattress that won’t wear out in ten years and you’ll be happy. Most teens won’t stick to their mattresses for such a long period of time.

Is Firmness the Right Thing for Teenagers?

platform bed

As much as the type of mattress and its firmness, the choice of firmness is influenced by personal preference. A firmer mattress is needed for heavier teens to ensure they get the support their bodies need. Choosing a medium firm mattress in a range of five to seven should be fine if you’re not sure or if your teenager doesn’t have a set preference.

Do Expensive Mattresses Make Sense for My Teenager?

There is a reason why teenagers are unsure about buying expensive mattresses. Mattresses are expensive since teens are not always careful with them. You should not gamble with the health of your teenager to save money on a mattress since the quality of the mattress is associated with the price. Once you have established a budget that works for you, you can then shop for the best mattress for teenagers within that budget.