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Top Pick: Topper Supreme by Tempur-Pedic

When you’re in the market for the Best Mattresses toppers, but don’t have the time to look around and compare prices, then try this one. 

We recommend Topper Supreme by Tempur-Pedic as our first choice following an extensive research process

The best mattress topper is crucial, especially if you have a mattress that is very firm, which could affect your quality of sleep. A 40-hour research process found that we produced positive results with four mattress toppers after testing 17 different toppers. Besides using memory foam, latex (for additional cushioning), as well as fiber fill they also manufacture their mattresses with a lifetime warranty.

Best Pick

Topper Supreme by Tempur-Pedic

The topper is both supple and supportive.

Our testers experienced less discomfort and pressure point cradling with this topper compared to memory foam models. It is, however, very expensive.

Our testing of three different mattress toppers revealed that the Tempurpedic Tempur (Topper Supreme) was the best mattress topper. This mattress provides extra support (like cradling pressure joints like the shoulders as well as hips) thanks to its memory foam top. In contrast to cheaper alternatives, this mattress will soften as it wears because its three (inches) of foam won’t flatten or bulge out. We liked the topper’s ease of cleaning and removal, despite the different material. We found no other mattress topper with a longer warranty. Tempur-Pedic has the longest warranty of any topper we found.

Best Choice

2 Inch Malouf Ventilated Isolus

Under $300 mattresses that feature memory foam

The memory (foam) topper did not dip or bottom out though it did not feel as splendid as some of the best mattress topper. Tempur-Pedic’s topper was highly expensive, but it didn’t have a cheaper alternative. $323 from US-MattressThere are alternatives for those unable to afford $400 per piece. In addition to being more expensive, memory foam is as well made of the same material as the regular foam. Tempur-Pedic has more support than Malouf, which has the highest memory foam density. The cheap toppers stank out of box, overheated and bottomed out, instead of this one. The light weight of Malouf makes it easy to transport as a temporary mattress than Tempur-Pedic. A waterproof pad will be needed on top of the topper because it does not come with one.

Our Choice

Natural Green Sleeping on Latex topper

Bouncy Mattress toppers made of latexs

There are a variety of densities and thicknesses of toppers made of latex to suit any sleeping position. In comparison with memory foam, the spring rate of this foam is higher. Natural Mattress toppers made of latex like Natural Green Sleeping on latexTopper are great if you prefer a cushiony feel instead of memory (foam’s) sinking feeling. From Amazon (queen).This topper has consistently received great reviews from customers. Due to its springiness, latex is not sunk into it as easily as memory foam. We studied the Sleeping on latex toppers and found them to be among the affordable latex toppers we evaluated. Our team decided that the topper offered the most customization options. There is also an option for a washable encasement to simplify the maintenance process.

Best pick

Feather Replacement for Parachute Down

Mattress topper made of lofty, plush fibers

Soft and lofty, Microfiber-filled toppers keep their loft the better they’re fluffed (when done regularly), but they do not provide as much support as latex or memory foam. Those who are looking for primarily comfort in their beds may find a Feather alternative to down bed from Parachute to be an excellent choice. Despite being soft, it is not very effective in relieving pressure points or providing additional support. Among all fibre-filled toppers tested, the Parachute topping is the loftiest, and it did not flatten out as abruptly as some of the more expensive models. It is recommended that this mattress topper be fluffed at least once every six to eight weeks in order to maintain its shape.

Every Recommendation We Make

Our Choice

Topper Supreme Tempur-Pedic

Mattress Toppers Filled with Luscious Memory Foam

These dense memory foam mattress toppers were the most comfortable of all of the ones tried, and they didn’t overheat having used them. However, it is quite pricey.

Our pick

2 Inch Malouf Ventilated Isolus

Under $300 Memory (Foam) Mattress Topper

Compared with other best mattress topper we tried, Soft and supple memory foam topper isn’t as luxurious, but we found it didn’t bottom out when we tested it. Our search for a similar topper at a lower price couldn’t yield results.

Our Choice

Mattress Toppers Made of Latex (Pure) Green

A Bouncy Mattress Toppers Made of Latex

Latex mattress toppers are available in several different densities and thicknesses in order to accommodate the needs of different sleeping positions. In comparison to memory foam, it is much more springy. We consistently receive positive feedback from customers as this is the best latex topper to be found at an outstanding price.

Best Pick

Parachute Feather Alternative to Down Bed

Is a Plush and Lofty Topper Made of Fibre.

This Soft and Plush Topper and Maintains Its Loft Over Time (if Fluffed frequently), but It Doesn’t Provide the Same Amount of Cushioning as Memory Foam/Latex.


When to Use Mattress Topper

The use of mattress toppers can help you sleep better if you have a too-firm mattress. To avoid sinking into the mattress at the shoulders, hips, and knees, add some padding to the mattress.

A mattress topper will not be able to fix a sagging or lumpy bed. You will notice that a soft mattress shapes and hugges to all pressure points (such as your shoulders, hips, and knees) as soon as it is evenly cushioned. According to an expert in the field, if your mattress isn’t designed for mattress topper addition, then you don’t want to add one. The best way to get a good night’s sleep is by purchasing a firm mattress rather than adding a mattress topper on top of your current mattress.

When you are having trouble sleeping or wake up with neck pain, you should try replacing the topper or mattress first since it can be much more expensive than replacing the mattress itself.

Our Choice

Topper Supreme Tempur-Pedic

Mattress Topper Made of Memory Foam

Our testers experienced less discomfort and pressure point cradling with this topper compared to other (memory) foam models. Tempur-Pedic charges $320 for the mattress, but it is quite pricey.

  • Who it’s for. Memory foam is an excellent way to add softness and support to too-firm (and yet supportive) beds. A thin, expensive mattress will sink into your mattress more than a dense, soft mattress will.
  • What makes it great. In terms of luxury and comfort, Tempur-Topper Supreme is our first ever alternative toppers that match Tempur-Topper. A result of the dense foam material that composes the pillow, it provides comfort to users due to the way the foam cradles them. The top tested by us to make sure it wouldn’t fall into a crater as we were doing the testing. There was no comparison in terms of cushioning between the three models. When the testers woke up in the middle of the night, they admitted that the smell of the memory foam toppers was not so overwhelming, like in other memory foam toppers.

Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam bed system exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort. Before I selected a mattress topper that works for me, I have tried dozens over the past year. Despite the fact that my mattress was in relatively good condition, I had to replace it because I slept on my side, and I didn’t want to purchase a new one yet. With the Tempur-Pedic mattress in my bedroom, I am sleeping better than ever. It is an enjoyable experience for me to go to sleep every night with a topper.

As the queen bed costs $400, it is not the most economical choice if you are only looking for a quick fix. The value of your old mattress can be as high as thousands of dollars if it’s still functional. It was able to last three mattresses, which is the longest time we’ve ever seen with a mattress topper. A removable cover is included with this topper so the topper can be easily washed.

  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. Tempur-Pedic’s 36-pound mattress toppers make it hard to move around. There will be no problem with it slipping around or falling off the bed once it is placed on it.

Our pick

Two-Inch Ventilated Malouf Isolus

Mattress toppers under $300 with memory foam

In spite of our testing out many other (memory) foam toppers, this memory foam topper remained stable throughout our testing. As we had other options, the latter proved to be less attractive, and we had to pay more for it.

  • Its purpose. For $400, Tempur-Pedic provides an envelope-like feel that memory foam lovers crave. While Malouf’s topper may not be as luxurious of a mattress topper, it will still give a mattress years of extra longevity while also providing solid support.
  • What makes it great. In addition to looking and feeling good, Tempur-Pedic toppers cannot be layered as Tempur-Pedic mattresses can. Cheaper toppers made the bed underneath smell, feel hot, and bottom out. We avoid hassles that come with cheap toppers with TopperLife. While it’s not as comfortable as something like a Tempur-Pedic, this tent might wake you up at night (assuming you have a partner).

The Malouf mattress topper may be more expensive than the average mattress topper, but it is still among the best. Aside from being so uncomfortable (under $100), we tested six cheaper toppers, all of which were less than ideal. If certainly you want to make real improvement on your mattress without changing it completely, then the Malouf is an excellent choice.

If you want to soften up a sofa bed/air mattress (or whatever temporary sleeping arrangements may call for) with something lightweight and easy to transport, soften up the couch or (air mattress) first best mattress topper. Its recommend using a waterproof pad with this mattress topper as it does not have a cover and foam cannot be washed.

  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. Maybe the Malouf isn’t the best choice for you if it makes you sweat. Sleeping on latex or Tempur-Pedic mattresses are the best mattresses. Our testers generally prefer a three-inch top, however, even though the Malouf topper is two inches thick. Due to repeated unpackings and packings, there were a few small cracks in the foam. A less frequently moved item will last longer. The following mattress topper can be found at a low price.

Our Choice

Natural Latex Sleep Top – Sleeping on latex (Pure Green)

Made of Bouncy Latex

In comparison to memory foam, these latex toppers offer more resilience. The variety in density and thickness of this mattress allows it to accommodate every sleeping position. Customers who have purchased this topper have consistently given it excellent ratings.

  • Its purpose. Foam mattresses provide a cooling and cushioning effect without letting the sleeper sink into the mattress. Dense foam provides support and comfort by cradling the body.
  • What makes it greatIts reputation for being well-reviewed and affordable helps it stand out despite its price. In contrast with traditional toppers, Sleeping on latex has three densities and three firmness levels. As someone who has slept on my side most of my life, I recommend the best-selling mattress in the company’s lineup. While more expensive (despite the fact that they feel more comfortable), I find Tempur-Pedic toppers better cradle my pressure points. Sleeping on Latex recommends middle density mattresses, which can be stiffened up to increase the sides of soft mattresses (except for back sleepers and couples with very different preferences).

Due to Sleeping on latex‘s separate cotton encasement which protects the latex, the mattress cover can be washed whenever gets dirty. In the event that the foam and cover get dirty, they can be cleaned immediately to prevent damage. Due to their lack of covers, foam toppers are more likely to stain and accumulate dust than latex or memory foam toppers. Best mattress topper could be useful if you have pets or children who you share bed with. There are also king and twin XL mattresses manufactured by Sleeping on latex. There are many mattresses toppers we have seen that come with a 5-year warranty.

  • Not a dealbreaker, but it has flaws. Despite the fact that latex mattresses are more breathable as compared to memory foam, our testers woke up with soaking wet clothes. Aside from its bulk and weight, the bed is also hard to move and weighs more than Parachute. For it to be on bed, we needed to work together.

Our Choice

Feather Bed Alternative to Parachute Down

Plush And Lofty

With the right care, this carpet will stay soft and fluffy (as long as it is fluffed quite often). It is because of this reason it doesn’t provide the same degree of cushioning as memory foam as well as latex, which means it works less well as a bed pillow.

  • It`s purpose. They prefer a pillowtop mattress over a foam mattress, don’t require pressure relief, and just want an added layer of cushioning. I like the topper because it is thin and supple, and it feels airy/fluffy on my skin.
  • What makes it greatThe most lofty beds we have tested (including leather and feather beds) have consistently been the fiber filled beds. Baffle (box) construction evenly distributes microfiber fill, unlike other filled toppers (which tend to feel flat/lumpy). Compared to featherbeds, parachute beds do not flatten out as quickly when in contact with the pillow top.

According to our tester, the Parachute has the advantage of being soft, meaning you don’t sink into it like foam would. The tester who slept on the mattress for 6 months said it felt softer and much more comfortable, but she had to fluff it frequently. Other test subjects reported minor irritations with the topper, such as having to remove the edges and fluff them every two nights. There are four sizes available: twin, queen, king, full as well as California king. With Parachute, a 3-year warranty is included as well as free return shipping.

The Parachute was tested and found to retain loft better and need more fluffing than other filled toppers. In comparison with some Fiberbeds we reviewed, the topper provides less comfort, but it isn’t excessively uncomfortable either. Furthermore, the mattress comes with a set of easier-to-use fasteners. Toppers made of latex or memory foam are suitable. Because of the need to dry-clean it (unless you are using a waterproof pad), this mattress is not suitable for children or pets. In contrast to a heavy, unfilled topper, a fluffy one may require more adjustment (fluffing and pulling when making the bed).

The Best Mattress Topper: A Guide

Mattress with a pillow top

Mattress toppers of this type offer a softer feel and a slower recovery rate, so they provide more support. Memory foam, or viscoelastic foam, is material that can cradle and hug. The slow recovery and contouring properties of this mattress make it soft and supportive. After a few minutes, the foam will resume its original shape (this is the “memory” effect). Density (measured in cubic feet) is another factor which can affect the performance of (memory) foam toppers, with firmer and more expensive foams being denser.

The temperature in its surroundings determines the firmness or softness of a material. Because the foam reflects heat, your body will sweat during the warming process. A cooling mattress (also known as a cooling bed) is advertised as one that absorbs body heat through its cooling gels. You may, therefore, find it hard to sleep when using foam infused with gel. According to our tests, fabric-covered toppers produced the most sweat. The toppers’ materials, polyester and Lycra, prevented our test subjects from sweating.

(Unless it has been treated differently) this material does not retain much heat. In spite of the fact that it offers a decent amount of pressure reduction, it may cause a bad smell in certain cases and does not allow people to wash it; otherwise, it can be a hindrance in terms of their comfort and intimacy

Mattress Toppers Made of Latex

Compared to a feather or fibre topper, a latex topper provides enhanced structural support.
Latex is a more stable material, so you sink into it. Memory foam, on the other hand, is a more springy material. The material rests on top of it instead. People who do not like the feeling of foam hugging those around them prefer memory foam due to its buoyancy which helps to minimize this feeling. The following is a great option if you are looking to purchase a latex mattress. According to some sources, memory foam may reduce the heat resistance of latex when compared to latex. As the density and thickness of the toppers determine how you prefer to position your mattress, you can select the type of padding and position you prefer.

Best Mattress Topper Containing Fibre

Polyester or other synthetic fibers are used to fill fibre-filled beds, sometimes referred to as down alternative bolsters. These will provide extra cushioning to your mattress if it is hard. One of our test subjects likened sleeping with a Parachute down alternative to sleeping with a warm blanket. If you suffer from shoulder, hip, or back pain, then fibre beds do not make sense because there is no cushioning. You can soften your mattress with an inexpensive, comfortable fibre mattress topper. It is possible to machine wash fibre-filled beds as well as dry-clean fibre-filled beds.

Pros & Cons

The hypoallergenic qualities of these pillows are due to their absence of feathers and the periodic fluffing required, so you don’t have to worry about feeling deprived of sleep. As it doesn’t off-gas, it may need to be dry cleaned

Various Mattress Toppers

For a firm mattress, it is advisable to use only toppers in the form of memory foam, latex, or fibres.The other options, however, may appeal to you if you desire a luxurious feel or more control over temperature. The coating of softness may only be necessary in some cases.

Mattress Toppers Made of Wool

Despite its breezy nature and ability to regulate temperature, wool is also the expensive in our study, and provides the least amount of comfort. Wool toppers differ from fibre-filled toppers in that they can be machine washed and dried unlike fiber-filled toppers that cannot be. Its thickness varies between two and three inches. You can sometimes machine-wash wool coat toppers, but some will need to be dried.

Feather Toppers

These feather beds utilize sewn-in baffle boxes to keep feathers and holds from shifting, just like fiber-filled beds. As soon as it comes out from the bag, the topper feels luxurious, and shaking it periodically will keep it from losing loft. Different from other types are the feathers that poke through. Spot cleaning the feather toppers is the only way to keep them clean.

Our Selection and Testing of Mattress Toppers

Included the Following Principles:

  • Feeling Comfortable. There should be no lumps or bumps on the toppers we choose. In addition to providing extra support, a good mattress topper should also provide some extra padding to allow for some extra comfort. A thick layer of two to three inches on top is recommended, according to Terri Long. It was important not to sleep with someone who was overheating.
  • The fit is excellent. A fit-under fitted sheet that would stay in place despite moving throughout the night was our goal. Furthermore, we had to ensure that they would not shift after being used.
  • A very good warranty. A long warranty and a pricey model were preferred. Furthermore, there is a return policy on top of the return window and return ability.

There are several retailers that carry most of the items on the list, based on best and most popular reviews. These retailers include Amazon, Cuddledown, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, and Target. A contributor from our team assessed each memory foam topper’s construction and smell (some had particularly strong smells that took many days to dissipate). We then compared their star ratings with user reviews of popular mattresses.

Suppose a mattress (queen-size) were covered in a fitting sheet and a topper and I were wondering if they would work. In order to protect the toppers, sheets were first placed over each one. In spite of our rolling, the comfort level of the cushions remained high since the consistency, the volume, and the amount of cushioning were not affected by them.

The comfort of each finalist mattress was evaluated by sleeping on it at least twice. In order to eliminate toppers that were uncomfortable, poorly fitting, or smelled, we eliminated them. Layered on top of Gold Bond innerspring mattresses that were three years old, our mattresses were made of high quality materials. The experience of sleeping on high-quality mattress cannot be replicated by any mattress topper, but we identified models that would be similar.

The Competition

Memory foam

In 2018, we reordered the toppers for testing and found that two of them were distinctly unpleasantly scented. an additional bedroom remained overwhelmingly scented even after air drying for three days. It has also been mentioned in Amazon reviews by many owners. We found that these mattresses offered less support and comfort than Tempur-Pedic as well as Malouf during the short period we tested them.

It was not as supportive as other mattress toppers when it came to providing support. In addition, while sitting on it, it collapsed inwards rapidly. A hammock mattress lay on top of the hammock. The Zinus 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper made me wake up stiff at the beginning of the day. Having a thin and poorly supported mattress made sleeping uncomfortable.

Even though I found it very comfortable, Linenspa’s 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper is uncomfortable. Since we were unable to use Red Nomad gel raw (it is neither gel nor gel top) in 2018, we used Red Nomad’s gelatin brother instead (both DreamFoam gel and Red Nomad gel were too stinky to walk on).

We had a difficult time rolling Langria’s 3-Inch Memory Foam Topper around like other toppers. Our mattress was incredibly comfortable and supportive despite the bamboo cover (which should be more widely used by companies).


Comparing the Selected Luxury E.C.O. Naturally Dunlop 2-inch Mattress Topper to the top latex mattresses on the list of our selects, it is hard to believe it costs half as much. The Talalay latex topper from PlushBeds was the only latex topper Pure Beds carried at the time of our investigation (it didn’t remain in stock at the time).

Fibers and Polyester Fabrics:

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft had no padding, so we were unable to test it overnight. Since Duck & Goose Co plush toppers have short elastic bands, they are difficult to keep in place since the elastic is difficult to hold on top of mattress toppers. Additionally, they are extremely cold, making their touch extremely uncomfortable. The baffles of the topper can be felt by those who are uncomfortable lying on it.


Wool pillows of various thicknesses are available with the Imperial Wool Mattress Pad. Company Store Wool Pillows are thinner than Company Store Wool Fleece Mattress Pads. Both products are based on the same blend of wool and fleece. A wool topper is significantly more expensive than other types and provides significantly less cushioning.


As opposed to traditional featherbeds with baffled outer surfaces and sewn-through boxes, the new quilt top featherbed from Pacific Coast has vertical channels instead. At first glance, the feathers appeared fluffy and soft, however after a considerable period of time, they became flattened. From my order from the Company Store, I received a baffled square goose down featherbed along with four feathers. In spite of having slept on it for ten minutes, we decided not to test it over night.

Research by our experts ensures that we recommend the best mattress topper based on research.


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