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Top Pick: Stearns and Foster Estate

If you’re looking forward to buying the best mattress for back sleepers, but don’t have the time for research and compare prices with other options, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Stearns and Foster Estate as our first choice.

The Best mattresses for back sleepers should be medium-firm. As a result of this, back-sleeper mattresses provide both a comfortable sleeping surface and help keep your spine aligned. We have reviewed many mattresses, both foam and innerspring, over past few years and, specifically for those of you who prefer to sleep on your back, we recommend 7 best mattresses for back sleepers. Dr. Ben Barson conducted a discussion with mattress experts about the pros also cons of sleeping on your back, so you will be able to make an informed decision when searching for the best mattress.

Our Recommendation

Stearns and Foster Estate

Superior Support and Pressure Relief

Luxury, comfort, and an upscale appearance are the characteristics of this bed, and it has the ability to provide strong support, as an innerspring bed does, with the added benefit of memory foam to make it even more comfortable among the best mattresses for back sleepers. A quilt design that has a prominent appearance is certainly not for everyone because of its quilting style.

We tested three mattresses, and we found that the Estate Rockwell mattress by Stearns and Foster offered the best combination of comfort and support. With its extra thickness as well as pressure-relieving, Cushion Top Memory Foam Pillow provides a 5 star hotel experience for back sleepers. Our testers complained about bumpy texture on the surface of the quilt due to deep quilting. Nevertheless, there have been instances during which the price of an Estate Rockwell sold by Stearns and Foster has dropped significantly. If you bought your mattress in a store, you will want to check their return policy to make sure your mattress can be returned.

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Our Recommendation


An Excellent Mattress, but It Is Expensive

Tempur-Adapt mattresses are not only known for the luxury of their feel and slow-sink foam, but also for the comfort and support they provide at the edges of the bed. This, however, comes at a significant cost, which is between 2 and 4 times as much as it used to be.

Tempur-Adapt combines foam in coil technology that keeps spine aligned with memory foam sinkage that slows down at the edges, making this the second among best mattresses for back sleepers. Because it conforms so well to your body, despite being firm, it does not feel stiff because it conforms so well to you. In addition to being displayed in shops all across the country, it is also available at department stores. During the first 90 days after you have purchased the mattress, you are entitled to full refund on the mattress, less the transportation fees.

Our Recommendation


A Good Mattress with Plenty of Coils

WinkBed’s coil layer provides rigid edge support and resilience. There is no feeling of sticky residue on a thick pillow top.

With more than 200 coils on the base layers, the WinkBed expands upon the prior model’s microcoils. As a result, this mattress offers comfortably cushioned, supportive, and comfortable support for back sleepers. Even without fluff, the Winkbed 3 is rated third among the top mattresses for back sleepers because it retains its extensive collection of high-quality materials. The WinkBed comes with a lifetime warranty and can be tried for 120 days.

Our Pick

Charles Rogers Estate

The Super-Durable

Flippable two-piece mattress with latex and durable coils is superior to even more expensive mattresses. The set up of this item will likely require extra fees as the set up is heavy.

Regardless of a person’s taste, the mattress’ 13-inch thickness should satisfy all back sleepers. This mattress is made up of 2 pieces: A flippable bottom, and a high-quality, durable latex mattress with coils that are insulated. Top piece of mattress is springy, allowing you to feel gentle cushioning and conforming for your shoulders, upper hips and back. This is the fourth choice among the best mattresses for back sleepers designed for users who don’t want lots of billowy material above their shoulders. Even people over 200 pounds will benefit from this mattress due to its strong materials. In the event that you decide to return the Estate within 100 days, you will receive full refund less the cost of the company’s white-glove service.

Our Recommendation

Novaform ComfortGrande

Under $1,000 Foam Mattress

The foam used in this mattress that’s a Costco favorite just as dense, effective, and durable as the foam used in mattresses that’s twice as expensive. A couple of test subjects confirmed that it gave them a cuddly feel while being supportive at the same time.

It is true that the surface of the ComfortGrande mattress has the appearance of being a soft and cuddly one, but underneath the mattress is extremely supportive, making it the best mattress for back sleepers and anyone who occasionally lays on the sides as well. The back of the chair does not overarch because it is constructed in such a way that it is more convenient to the lower back, shoulders, and hips. This mattress is recommended for people that weigh below 200 pounds based on the foam density of the mattress. Costco offers all mattress-buyers the option to have their mattresses refunded at any time, for the reason

Our Recommenation


An Ideal Mattresses Made from Latex

Zenhaven, from Saatva, can be flipped around. A popular mattress on one side can be medium firm, that makes it a good choice for people who sleep mostly on their backs, but sometimes also on their sides. There is a slight difference in firmness on one side of the mattress, which is even more useful if you are a person who spends most of the time lying on your back. There is a possibility that individuals who are unsure of their preferred firmness level may be more attracted to these offers, which are flexible.

It comes in all sizes from 10 to 16 inches, although there are less expensive latex mattresses that are just as supportive, if not more so, the ten inch Zenhaven can fit your body better than others and provides excellent cushioning for your shoulders, and hips. Further, the foam cushion is characterized by a pleasant intrinsic springiness, which needs to be taken into account by people who wish to enjoy the feel of a foam feeling without experiencing the stickiness. If you would like to return the bed in 180 days of purchase, the mattress will be refunded in full less the shipping costs if you return the bed.

Our Recommendation

Leesa Hybrid

A Cradling Coil of Foam that Bounces Gently

There are just enough layers of padding and bounce in Leesa’s hybrid mattress for maximum comfort. There is not much difference between the GX5 and the competition, except that the GX5 offers a better cooling system and thicker cover.

If you are a back sleeper who is looking for a mixture of comfort and support in a mattress, Leesa Hybrid would be good option. As a consequence, despite the fact that the mattress rests on the soft end of the medium-firm spectrum, thanks to the coil component it has a bouncy feel that makes it superior to foam mattresses and even some hybrid mattresses (which combine foam and coil components). The design of the company also incorporates a denser foam than other beds of the same quality (four pounds/cubic foot, instead of three), thus making the mattress far more durable and strong than its competition. Should you find the mattress to be unsatisfactory for any reason after using it for at least 100 nights, you are entitled to full refund.

The Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

In comparison to side sleepers, the weight of people who sleep on their backs is more evenly distributed. In order to prevent excessive spinal flexion while ensuring sufficient cushioning for your shoulder, hip, and lower back, one should choose a mid-firm mattress if you sleep on your back. This will keep the heavier parts of your body from sinking too deeply to the mattress. As explained in the mattress guide on buying, improper mattress alignment can cause back pain, neck pain, and other bodily aches and pains.

An excellent mattress will allow you to sleep on your back in a neutral position so your spine can align correctly. In order to improve the support of back sleepers, it is important to draw line between their neck, their lumbar region (lower spine), and their knees.

The perfect mattress for you may differ depending on your body type and weight. Before buying a mattress, try it out in a store (if possible). Laid down on the floor for a few minutes, letting your body absorb the sensations. While shopping, trace a line from your head to your pelvis from top to bottom if you want to take a picture of yourself.

If you lie face-up, Vincent Verhaert, Co-founder of Equilli, recommends placing your hands under your lower back to relax the lower back. As long as it just fits right, it should be perfect for him. Verhaert, a mechanical engineering doctoral candidate, says mattresses can become too soft in narrow spaces. The hand will almost certainly slide through a firm mattress fairly easily. A spinal issue like hyperlordosis cannot be treated with this technique. If you’re in this situation, here’s how to visually check alignment.

Your body is also affected by the alignment of your pillow. Fill up the gap between your mattress and neck with a neck roll stuffed into your pillowcase (or in your mattress if you don’t have one). When lying down, a pillow placed under a person’s knees can help align the hips and knees, improving posture and allowing them to sleep better with lower back pain. Keeping the spine tight during sleep prevents hyperextension, according to a pain-management specialist in West Orange, NJ.

In both our foam as well as innerspring guides, you can find a wide selection of medium-firm picks. Back sleepers should choose mattresses that will provide them with the support they need for a healthy spine, such as medium-firm mattresses. It is a practice to first use firmest pick, followed by the softer one (relatively speaking). We have provided a picture below that explains the way our picks stack up and some notable contenders.

Our Recommendation

Stearns and Foster Rockwell

Excellent Support and Pressure Relief

An innerspring bed is given an elegant upgrade with foam for a lofty and upscale look by adding the extra cushioning. However, not everyone will enjoy the quilting style of this quilt, even though it is distinctive.

  • Its purpose. Those who are back-sleepers and like a firm, quilted surface may enjoy Rockwell Estate by Stearns and Foster.
  • What it feels like. The mattress provides supreme support, but for mid-firm mattress with a pillowtop that makes the mattress feel less stiff, it feels like a mid-firm mattress.
  • What makes it great. People who sleep on their back prefer innerspring mattresses with a traditional look and a firm feel. It is possible to relieve pressure on shoulders and hips by using a foam pad. In the innerspring support layer there are 166 coils encased by pockets, which are a good measure of spinal support and conformity. There are 344 coils encircling the perimeter of this mattress, making it a supportive mattress. Consumer Reports found that the mattress felt similar to the Estate, but its cushioning was more traditional.
  • Not a deal breaker, but not without flaws either. Quilting on the mattress, which forms deep ridges, caused polarization between our testers. People over 200 pounds should use foam with density of 334 pounds/cubic foot to reduce pressure points. One test subject laughed, “I don’t like sleeping on molehills.” It’s unlikely, however, that you’ll experience sagging over time with an innerspring mattress due to its steel coils. You should, however, rotate mattress regularly so that there are no body imprints on the surface. Since mattresses must be purchased from third-parties, return policies differ significantly.

Our Recommendation


Comfortable, but Expensive

In addition to the Tempur-Adapt’s luxurious feel and slow-sinking mattress, it’s also hard to argue over its edge support and edge comfort. This however comes at a price of between two and four times what it used to cost.

  • Its purpose. Back-sleepers often recommend Tempur-Adapt mattress, which offers support while at the same time allowing memory-foam to slowly sink to the mattress. As long as the weight does not exceed 200 pounds, this can hold up rather well.
  • What it feels like. Even though this mattress is moderately firm and firm, it is huggable because it is topped with memory-foam, so that you don’t get a feeling of stiffness when you sleep on it.
  • What makes it great. It is not just that this bed provides spine alignment to back sleepers, but it also provides a good amount of comfort, cushioning, and support to their shoulders, lower backs, as well as their hips. Additionally, the foam components, as well as having a small number of springs, provide a cushioned feel as they work in unison with the springs. The mattress has a thickness of 3 inches in depth, density of 412 memory foam, and density of 212 polyfoam on the top. The mattress is designed durable for people that weigh more than 200 pounds.
  • Not dealbreakers, but flaws nonetheless. In general, Tempur-Adapt is expensive than most foam mattresses purchased online. Featuring a 90-day free trial, you have the option of returning the product if you don’t like it. Tempur-Pedic provides ninety day trial period for the Tempur-Pedic ComfortGrande (if you are on a budget.) The shipping costs are a separate charge and can reach over $100. The shipping cost cannot be included in the purchase price. In addition, Tempur-Pedic does not offer return policies for purchases made from department stores, however we welcome you to visit our store first in order to browse the selection.

Our Recommendation


Exceptional Coils at Its Core

  • Its purpose. WinkBed has been designed especially for back sleepers and cushioned top sleepers, but can also accommodate the needs of those who sleep on their side or stomach (or both!) at night.

It feels so firm immediately upon initial contact, but gradually starts to lean towards medium firmness after two weeks of breaking it in. This surface has been cushioned, although the sink does not have a foam sink.

  • What makes it great. This mattress had the first microcoils in its upper layer that were replaced with polyfoam in early 2021, making it the first mattress in the world to have more coils in its top layer than the base layer. We made certain changes to our mattress to make it more appealing to back sleepers who are searching for substantial mattress. The mattress is made of springs and was designed to give you a feeling of comfort without making you feel stiff at all. In addition to the adequate cushioning of the foam, the back should also be prevented from arching excessively due to this foam.

There hasn’t been a lot of reviews on this mattress. Although there are nine reviews on Winkbed’s site that mention rigidity (but do not specify which sleep position it is preferred to sleep in), there is only one that mentions a soft bed. There are those who found it too firm, and there are others who wished it was softer. Despite the small sample size, it can be seen from the descriptions provided that firmness varies from individual to individual. The mattress seems rank highly among the best mattresses for back sleepers, a feature that’s very important.

For WinkBeds to accept returns or exchanges, the bed must be used for at least 30 days before it can be returned or exchanged. The cost of replacing a mattress is half as much after the 120-night period has ended. If you wish, you may keep the mattress for many years.

  • Not a deal breaker, but not without flaws either. WinkBed does not have a storefront or any retail outlets nationwide and therefore, one cannot try out the mattress before spending money on it. In light of this, we cannot compare the features WinkBed offers with those of other companies. The Firmer mattress, which is designed specifically back-sleepers and also stomach sleepers, is a disappointment since both types of sleepers are likely to be interested in this mattress.

With some pillow covers, like most pillow covers, the top of the pillow can leave body impressions. For the first three months, the company recommends rotating the beds every 2 weeks, and for the following two months, every 2 months is recommended. Despite its weight and lack of handles, we find that this bed is very heavy, as well as being difficult to maintain. It is widely accepted that mattresses should be rotated every 6 months. However, this may not invariably suffice for some, since many online reviews complain about the body impressions left on mattresses.

Our recommendation

Charles Rogers SE Estate

Convenience in the Box

A flippable mattress is designed with the highest-quality, most durable materials you can find among more expensive mattresses, such like latex and also extra-stiff coils. In spite of its weight, it might require an additional fee for the installation, so you might want to consider that.

  • Its purpose. Those who sleep on their backs, or hot sleepers who are often changing their positions during the night, will benefit the most from this product. As a result of its sturdy construction, a person who weighs over 200 pounds should have no problem sleeping on this mattress.
  • What it feels like. Sleepers can decide who is more comfortable on this two-sided mattress in person if they aren’t sure which side is firmer. It provides cushiony surface that is not overly billowy (a separate piece).
  • What makes it great. Charles Rogers ships the Estate SE’s upper comfort portion as well as lower support portion separately because the product is heavy. Based on the way its label is positioned on bed frame, you can turn the support layer into a firmer or softer mattress. Back sleepers should align their spines on both sides. The mattress has thick layers of padding on both sides, which provide supple support for the shoulder and hip area. (Both pieces come with fitted sheets to keep them in place. This bed features 1,222 sturdy pocket coils and a latex mattress. It should be able to hold up to people of all sizes and weights. If you like the feel of the mattress on both sides, you can flip it periodically to increase its life expectancy. If you opt for white-glove service, you are entitled to full refund for mattresses.
  • They do have flaws, but are not deal-breakers. The Charles P. Rogers Estate SE is only available in four stores If you order a mattress over 45 pounds per box (depending on the size), FedEx will ship it free of charge. The company, based in New Jersey, provides unboxed mattresses free of charge for 100 miles surrounding the plant. It costs $150 otherwise to ship white-gloved.

Our Recommendation

Novaform ComfortGrande

Mattresses Under $1,000 that Are Made of Foam

Its purpose. For those under 200 pounds and who are back-sleepers or who do not need a lot of sinking in their backs and sides, this is an excellent mattress choice. In my opinion, it is the perfect option for people who prefer mattresses that are plush without sinking too much.

What it feels like. In terms of firmness level firm, Novaform’s ComfortGrande mattress has been rated perfectly by our testers.

What makes it great. The Mattress keeps back-sleepers secure as they switch to their sides, thanks to its firmness that accommodates their spines and cuddliness that keeps shoulders and hips secure. According to company representatives, memory foam is typically between 312 and 312 pounds/cubic foot and polyfoam about 2 pounds/cubic foot. For individuals weighing below 200 pounds, these densities suggest reasonable durability. Refunds and pick-ups can be arranged any time, without a fee, if you return the mattress within five business days of receiving it — much faster shipping times than many other mattresses we have tested.

With the Novaform, we’ve added cool gel foam (although it has been found that cooling foams are often ineffective) and a new cover that is more moisture-wicking. It has also been fitted with handles. We don’t expect a change in performance for the Novaform due to its foam density and construction remaining unchanged. A new version of the software will be tested.

Faults, but not fatal flaws. When a Novaform mattress is taken out of box there is a noticeable amount of gas. Some customers report that mattress does not inflate to the full height immediately after being opened. We didn’t experience any of these problems. Tempur-Adapt and Zenhaven un-boxed mattresses are better options if you’re concerned about these issues, but still prefer foam mattress (returns are subject to a fee).

Our Recommendation


Latex Foam Mattresses

This mattress offers excellent value for money, even though latex mattresses tend to be expensive.

  • Its purpose. Zenhaven mattresses may benefit back sleepers trying to stay flexible around their elbows and hips but without a lot of spinal support. Its innate durability makes it a great choice, including for those that weigh above 200 pounds. Since latex inherently lasts for 20 years, we think it will last the lifetime of the mattress.
  • How it feels. Zenhaven’s flippable, all-latex mattresses come in two different designs: Luxurious Plush, which is on the softer side, and Gentle Firm, which is on the firmer side (we think that’s about right). People who order flippable mattresses can choose the firmness level of the mattresses after they receive them.
  • What makes it great. Rubber trees are used in the production of latex, an ingredient in Zenhaven mattresses. Zenhaven uses Talalay latex instead of Dunlop latex. Mattresses made of rubber feel more consistent and supple than latex mattresses. Sleepers on their backs benefit from the support and comfort provided by the cushions on both sides. The Luxury Plush side may be useful for both back sleepers and side sleepers. Unlike memory foam or polyfoam, this mattress will last longer because of the inherent durability of latex.
  • They do have flaws, but are not deal-breakers. Despite being softer than low cost latex mattresses, the Zenhaven doesn’t have the same perception as a silky soft foam mattress. For those who like a comfortable mattress, both WinkBed and Saatva Classic are excellent mattresses. The Zenhaven requires an additional boxspring structure, or platform frame, to support its heavy construction (as illustrated above). You can take advantage of a 90-day free trial at Saatva’s showroom in NYC, though the software can only be tested there. When returning mattress, you will be charged $100 for transportation.

Our Recommendation

Leesa Hybrid

Features a Foam with Coil Construction with A Gentle Bounce.

There are just enough layers of padding and bounce in Leesa’s hybrid mattress for maximum comfort. In addition, it offers good cooling than the competition, as well as thicker cover.

  • Its purpose. If you’re a back sleeper (or if you like sleeping on your side too) who wants a mattress that gives you a cushiony feel, but also provides back support, this is a good option for you. Most people, like those that weigh above 200 pounds, will be able to use the foam long term because it has density of 4 pounds/cubic foot.
  • The way it feels. It comes with a little more give when compared to the others on our list, such as this hybrid mattress.
  • What makes it great. Leesa Hybrid’s solid feel and support is more significant than Leesa. Combined with memory-foam cover, the springs provide back-sleepers with cushioning that prevents them from being stuck. It also has a softer feel than most online mattresses in addition to its thick cover. The memory foam’s density, 4 pounds/cubic foot, is adequate for the most people, even those weighing more than 200 pounds. During a trial period of 100 nights, they will arrange collection and refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Not a deal breaker, but not without flaws either. This hybrid mattress has alot motion transfer than the other hybrids that we tested, but you get that as a result of its bounce and ease of moving. It is unclear on how long people have owned their mattresses or how they weight, but since Leesa has consistently received positive customer service feedback, we recommend contacting the company to resolve the problem.

Health Risks of Sleeping on Your Back

The Better Sleep Council surveyed a large sample of adults and found that they should probably sleep on the backs more often. The average American sleeps on his or her back 18% of the time. Face-up sleeping is considered to be among the healthiest positions. Whether your arms are up and down, your weight is evenly distributed across the mattress when you sleep on your back. Pressure points are rare in back sleepers (unless there are pre-existing health issues). It is also more likely to wake up with a stiff neck if you choose a relatively low, soft pillow than if you sleep on your stomach.

Research has shown back sleepers with their heads on their chests and the hands to side are more likely to suffer from neck and shoulder injuries. When they sleep on the backs, people with obstructive sleep repeatedly block their airways, which results in low blood oxygen levels. The Sleep journal published a study in 2017 supporting side-sleeping as an effective treatment for sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your back during pregnancy has been linked with a high risk of stillbirth and other potentially harmful outcomes, according to a study as reported in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Sleeping on your back in the middle of the night has nothing to do with being alarmed. According to an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists book, most women change positions throughout the night anyway.

Worth Considering Among the Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

The following are best mattresses for back sleeping individuals. For a variety of reasons, we didn’t appreciate this pick as much as you, but you may still find some of these items useful. Here you will find queen-sized mattress prices, which may vary.

You might like IKEA Hesstun ($500) if you are a back-sleeper and like a supportive, soft mattress. These innerspring beds have fewer outer coils than other innerspring beds (594 total), but each coil is pocketed for excellent motion isolation. They are topped with memory foam as well as offer a Euro top for comfort and support. Polyfoam and memory foam have densities comparable to expensive mattresses (1.5/1.6 pound, respectively). It has a tendency to puff up and some testers complained about sagging (which usually occurs with cheap mattresses). An IKEA mattress can only be returned for an exchange (not a return), and you must return it yourself.

This Saatva Classic innerspring mattress ($1,300) features a bit of bounce for a mid-range mattress. For back sleepers, this is a good option since it’s not too fluffy, yet it’s plush. The mattress has become softer since about 18 months after it was first tested and slept on. Overall, side sleepers should be most interested in this mattress since it is just comfortable enough to keep your shoulders, hips, and spine aligned while you sleep. Each six-month rotation is recommended in order to avoid body impressions. There are even more pocketed coils in the comfort layer, but there are only 416 individually pocketed coils in the support layer. Since your partner is not pocketed in this scenario, you may feel him or her turn and throw next to you.

Its core consists of a polyfoam mattress in a medium-firm firmness. The Novaform ComfortGrande may not look like a luxurious mattress (it typically costs about $600), but it will be comfortable for back sleepers who find memory foam uncomfortable, like the Nexform ComfortRouge. Although it was spongy on top, I was able to sleep well (at 128 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches tall), but my brother, who weighs 100 pounds more and is 5 feet 7 inches tall, preferred the lower layer for its firmer support. Foam of between 1.8 pounds and 2.8 pounds per cubic foot should be adequate for most people under 200 pounds (and probably even heavier people too). To make sure your mattress stays in good condition, rotate it at least every six months. The money will be refunded to you within 100 days of the purchase date.

Note: This mattresses are tested by out in staff for them to rank in this list of best mattresses for back sleepers.