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Top Pick: Luxe Helix Midnight

Do you want to buy the best cuddling mattress without going through long research? Then just go for this one.

Luxe Helix Midnight is the best choice available in the market.

In some instances, you might feel as if you need to punch your partner over the head to get him to stop bothering you. Sleepless nights can also be experienced by snoring partners. Below we have highlighted the best mattresses for cuddling, hoping it can reverse the effects of bad sleeping habits from your partner.

Bear Mattress

  • Cools and comforts at the same time
  • Suitable for all types of body

Fairly Priced

Nectar Mattress

  • Design and materials of luxury
  • Trial period of 365 nights

Best Choice

Helix Mattress

  • Excellent for those who sleep on their backs
  • Feels soft

Although it is possible that you would be happier if you didn’t have your partner, even if you sometimes get frustrated with them. However, finding a position that offers enough support from both of you to make it comfortable may be challenging. Finding a mattress that suits both of your preferences can be quite difficult if you are looking for one that meets both of them.

You need to consider a mattress that is good for cuddling while looking for a new mattress for yourself and your significant other. Besides sleeping, there is so much more you can do in bed than sleeping. Apart from your personal preferences, there are many things to consider when looking for the perfect mattress for couples. As well as some general tips for finding the right mattress, we’ll also cover what goes into the best mattress for cuddling. The best mattress for couples are also included in our guide.

What Are the Best Mattresses for Cuddling?

Are there Any Good Mattresses for Couples?

You might say you know your partner as well as you know yourself – maybe better. It doesn’t mean that you and another person are alike just because both of you know each other well. A sleep-friendly environment plays a critical role in ensuring you’ll have a restful night’s sleep. Your sleeping position influences what kind of mattress is best for you, depending on what position you prefer. Finding a mattress that fits both of your preferences can be challenging if your partner also has preferences.

In Order to Understand Which Mattress Is Right for Couples, Let’s Look at A Few Factors:

  • Supporting Two Bodies with Sufficient Firmness. For back support, a medium firmness mattress is recommended. Mattress firmness is typically measured from 1 to 10. Mattresses vary in firmness depending on your body weight, however.
  • Two Sleepers can be Accommodated. When you and a friend are sharing a bed, it can be challenging to feel like your edge will pull you off the bed. In order to align your spine properly, support is also essential.
  • Prevents the Formation of Pressure Points. When you are cuddling, your mattress should relieve stress while ensuring you have support. This is especially true when your partner is on their side. Pressure relief tends to be a benefit of mattresses that absorb motion.
  • Traps No Body Heat. If you like to cuddle with your partner, you will be warm at night on mattresses that absorb body heat. However, some mattresses retain it more than others. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses.
  • Motion Transfer and Noise are Minimized. Your partner should not be woken up with motion or noise whenever you change positions. A mattress made from memory foam or latex, as well as some hybrid models, is designed to absorb and isolate motion.

The mattress’ responsiveness for general activities is another factor that plays into its suitability for cuddling as well as these other factors. You can achieve a lot with a little bounce. Motion isolation mattresses will usually not be responsive, so you’ll usually have to compromise on responsiveness if you want them to be effective.

Mattress Buying Tips

Talking with your partner about your preferences will help you choose the perfect mattress for cuddling. Discuss mattress firmness and type of materials you are looking for with the salesperson. These are things you may not have considered if you’ve never purchased a mattress before. Consider learning about mattresses first before talking to someone about them.

Taking Care of These Factors Will Help you Find the Right Mattress:  

  • Thickness. A standard mattress is typically 8 to 10 inches thick, but can include 15-inch mattresses in some cases. The materials used in heavier and more firm mattresses provide better motion absorption.
  • Firmness. It’s best to choose something on the medium-firm side if you’re not sure how firm you like your skin. As well, there are mattress models that can be flipped so they can provide a wide range of firmness levels depending on which side is facing up.
  • Materials. There is no need to stick with innerspring mattresses, even though they are still available. Memory foam, latex, and pocketed coil innerspring mattresses are among the products available today with modern materials. You might also want to consider hybrids!
  • Support. The right support will keep your spine aligned, which is crucial for sleep. There should be some sinkage in the mattress, but it shouldn’t sag. A few mattresses have targeted support around the edges and in the lumbar region of the
  • Pressure Relief. Pressure relief is especially important for side sleepers, though it is of great importance to all sleepers. The best mattresses for this area tend to be memory foam and latex.

After understanding how your partner’s sleep affects yours – and what should be a factor when selecting a mattress – it’s time to go shopping!You should understand what you’re looking for when choosing the best mattress for cuddling. Also, knowing what is out there doesn’t hurt. The following explains what we think are the best mattresses for couples, especially those that are good for cuddling. 

Mattresses that are Perfect for Cuddling

Your relationship with your partner is unique because you are two distinct individuals. It does take work to keep a healthy relationship, although it may seem like a match made in heaven. It is essential for the health of your relationship as well as your personal health to find a mattress that keeps you both comfortable at night.

The goal of our company is to provide a variety of mattresses that can improve your life to a significant degree. We have compiled a list of our top picks for mattresses that are best for cuddling:

Luxe Helix Midnight

Best Overall. The decision to choose a mattress can be particularly difficult for couples who can’t seem to agree on anything. Finding the right solution that is entirely tailored to your needs is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Helix is the answer to that problem. It offers a number of kinds and styles of mattresses and a sleep quiz to help you choose the right one.

This mattress is a great choice for couples because it offers durability, comfort, and support. Individually wrapped coils and DuraDense foam provide added comfort and stability. Both have the same 100-night risk-free trial as the original model, despite the improvements. Helix Sleep has a range of firmness and softness options, so you can find the perfect mattress to suit your preferences.

  • Advantage: Comfortable, pressure relieving, luxurious hybrid design
  • Disadvantage. Priced relatively high compared to similar brands, it is not suitable for very strong sleepers


The Most Budget-Friendly Option. It’s a significant investment to buy a new mattress, but you will not have to spend a fortune on it. Consider Nectar if you are searching for a comfortable mattress which is also affordable. Nectar mattresses are known for their affordability and premium materials, so sleeping on one is like floating on a cloud. Tencel cooling cover and gel memory foam are among the latest innovations in fabric and mattress technology.

This mattress features a layer of gel memory foam that helps disperse body heat in addition to its multiple layers of memory foam and a quilted memory foam mattress cover. Hi-core adaptive memory foam prevents too much sinking into the mattress as a base of stabilizing foam helps align the spine. If you and your partner don’t like the mattress, you can return it within the 365-night trial period offered by Nectar.

  • Advantage. Comfortable and supportive with a long trial period of 365 nights
  • Disadvantage: The foam may take a while to react to heavy sleepers

A Luxury Bliss with PlushBeds

Best Luxury. You and your partner should go organic if you want to get the best results. A pocketed coil system additionally enhances the comfort of this organic latex mattress. You and your partner will enjoy the layers of cooling comfort created by organic cotton, natural latex, and fabric-encased coils.

This Natural Bliss mattress from PlushBeds improves your spinal alignment while you sleep thanks to its unique combination of coils and organic latex. Designed with coils lasting for years to come, this mattress is made with an organic cotton cover for breathability, and its cover is made of organic cotton. With a generous 25-year warranty, you can also test the mattress for 100 days with no risk.

  • Advantage. Two firmness levels are offered alongside 25-yr warranty, latex cover, and pocketed coils.
  • Disadvantage. Some sleepers may find it too firm and expensive compared to other options

Foam Memory Layla

An Excellent Memory Foam. It is great for cuddling and isolates motion as well as reduces noise. But memory foam mattresses also reduce motion! With memory foam, you’re not limited to size, and pressure is reduced due to the contouring of the foam to your body. Layla Memory Foam mattress was our top pick when it comes to memory foam mattresses. You can try it for 120 nights risk-free. When you do this, the warranty is lifetime.

A 4-inch core of support foam is surrounded by Max Airflow foam and copper gel memory foam. You can flip this mattress over to customize it to suit the cuddling preferences of you and your partner. There is a firm side and a soft side. Whether you sleep on one side or the other, you’re sure to sleep in a cool and comfortable manner.

  • Advantage. This memory foam is supportive, cooling, and comfortable, with flippable design.
  • Disadvantage. Changes in position may be difficult with slow-response foam

Avocado Green

Best Latex. Because memory foam absorbs motion and reduces noise, it is a good option for couples. It may not be responsive enough to allow active cuddling, but for some people it does. Since latex does not trap you like memory foam, it is the best choice for reducing pressure and providing motion isolation. Avocado Green, a mattress made with organic cotton and certified organic latex, is our top pick for the best latex mattress for couples.

Organic and natural materials are used in the production of Avocado Green’s mattress. You have the option to add a pillow-top to this mattress for “affordable organic luxury”. With an 11-inch thick core and a gentle cover, Avocado Green provides individuals of different sleep styles with support. A hand-tufted top adds further luxury, and pocket coils at the bed’s foundation provide supreme support.

  • Advantages. Its organic materials include pillow-top that is optional.
  • Cons. The motion isolation of this mattress might make it more suitable for small or side sleepers, even if it is more powerful.

Hybrid Casper Nova

Best Hybrid. Each of you may have a different opinion which could cause you to disagree sometimes. The materials used for mattresses can vary. Because hybrid mattresses combine two or more materials, you both can find what you want with them. In our opinion, the Casper Nova Hybrid is the best hybrid mattress for cuddling. Support, comfort, and cool sleeping are guaranteed with this advanced foam construction and pocketed coil base.

The Casper Nova Hybrid sleep system is different from other mattresses since it is fully integrated. This hybrid mattress has seven zones of support and two layers of perforated foam for cooling. A top that is extra soft ensures you sink into the bed. Pocketed coils help lift and circulate the air throughout the mattress. Free shipping and returns are included with the Casper Nova Hybrid’s 100-night trial.

  • Advantage. The blend of softness and also support is perfect, and the pressure relief is very effective.
  • Disadvantage. A little pricier than other models, it may seem a little thick to some people.

Layla Hybrid

Top Flippable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share a bed with your loved one that you both would find comfortable? Two-sided flippable mattress is what we are discussing. It is as if you are spending the price of two mattresses in one. You are going to enjoy it for sure.

Both the Soft and Firm sides of the Layla Hybrid can be flipped between your partner and you, while both sides feature a luxurious cover in Thermocool. Copper-infused foam and Max Airflow foam layers cover this two-sided mattress that is made up of individually wrapped coils. Integrated handles make flipping the mattress easy, and the fabric cover is super soft and breathable.

  • Advantage. Support and pressure relief are provided, as well as comfort from pocket coils.
  • Disadvantage. Mattresses like this can be unsuitable for stomach sleepers since they are the softest of the foam models

Saatva Solaire

Easily Adjustable. There will be some things about your relationship that you simply won’t agree on, no matter how much you care for each other. You would benefit most from an adjustable bed because you can customize each side to your liking. Saatva Solaire’s unique features allow you to adjust your side to your personal preference when you’re finished cuddling and ready to sleep. With this mattress, you’ll understand what air mattresses really mean.

The Saatva Solaire offers the most precise bed ever thanks to its 6 layers of comfort and over 50 firmness options. The Saatva Solaire is equipped with a rail mounted air compressor that allows the enclosure perimeter to be reinforced. A layer of gel-infused memory foam surrounds your body for cooling comfort and spinal support, while vulcanized air chambers allow you to customize the mattress in different areas. Even though it costs more, this mattress is definitely worth it – and setup is completely free!

  • Advantages. The mattress comes with white glove delivery and is adjustable to 50 different firmness levels.
  • Disadvantage. A higher price tag may be associated with this model and less air purification may be available

Bear Hybrid

A Good Choice for Couples. In that case, you might need the mattress that is responsive and comfortable while providing cooling comfort. This mattress is an excellent choice, and it is surprisingly inexpensive. It comes with a 20-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial. The bed has to keep you cool during the hot months in the bedroom, and this bed really delivers.

In addition to the Quantum Edge Coil System, Bear Hybrid mattress also features Hypersoft Cooling Gel-Foam. In addition to the high density foam, this mattress also features a pocketed coil system to provide superb support and airflow. An additional layer of cooling gel foam is layered on top of the responsive transition foam. The Celliant cover provides extra breathability thanks to hand-quilted stitching.

  • Advantage. Supports all body types, relieves muscle pain, offers cooling and comfort
  • Disdvantage. Heavy or stomach sleepers may not find it comfortable

Leesa Hybrid

Hot Sleepers Will Love This Mattress. Sleeping hot is merely a personal preference. Keeping all of your body heat where you do not want it is the last thing you want when you’re cuddling your partner. Leesa Hybrid is the best cooling mattress we’ve ever tested. A 10-year warranty and an award-winning design distinguish this award-winning mattress from other hybrids and memory foam mattresses.

Whether you prefer a cool, comfy mattress or a supportive one, you will love Leesa Hybrid mattresses. Its hole-punched top layer ensures breathability and pressure relief by hugging and bouncing. It is possible to return a mattress for a full refund within 100 nights if you and your partner are unsatisfied.

  • Advantage. Design for comfort also support, stabilizing pocket coils, luxury hybrid construction
  • Disadvantage. Mattresses with more foam are more expensive

WinkBed Plus

Ideal for Couples with Heavy Weights. The average mattress is designed to accommodate people who sleep on their backs. It may be necessary for you and your partner to have a mattress that is designed specifically for you. The WinkBed company offers a variety of heavy sleeper bed models. Spine decompression, optimal sleep temperatures and pressure point relief are just some of the great features you can expect when purchasing WinkBed Plus.

It features a gel-infused top and individual coil bases, with multiple support zones. Tencel fabric offers extra edge support, as it wicks away body heat and keeps it from heating up the mattress. Additionally, the chair also offers a layer of stabilizer gel foam for muscle tension relief with spinal alignment. If you can both agree, allow the proposal to rest for 120 days so you are both clear if it is right.

  • Advantage. With 7 zones of support and maximum heat transfer, it is unique for people over 300 pounds.
  • Disadvantage. Some find it too firm, and possible less sink than traditional foam mattresses

Mattresses are a very personal thing, but when two people are involved, it becomes even trickier. Choosing a new mattress for yourself and your spouse can be a challenge, even when you’re shopping for yourself. To ensure that you and your partner can find a mattress that you both like, we’ve provided a variety of mattress types. Let us know how you like one of our suggestions!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Mattresses for Cuddling

The Best Way for a Couple to Pick a Mattress?

Couples have several factors to consider when selecting a mattress. Ideally, you should start with a mattress that is at least a full size and fits both of you comfortably. Think about your preferences for mattress materials next. Couples concerned with motion transfer may prefer memory foam or latex, while those who tend to sleep hot might prefer innerspring or hybrid mattresses. You can narrow down your options based on your preference for firmness and your weight.

A Couple’s Mattress Should be how Thick?

There are mattresses with thicknesses ranging from eight to fourteen inches. Mattresses with more thickness are generally more supportive. Especially if you’re going to concentrate both your body weight in the same area while cuddling, you should make sure your mattress will support both of you. You should pick a mattress that has at least 10 inches of thickness, but if your partner is heavy, you might prefer a mattress with at least 12 inches.

How Big of a Bed Should Couples have?

Having an adequate amount of space for sleeping alone is as important as getting a comfortable cushion for cuddling. Ideally, you will want a queen-size bed at least, but we recommend a full. You will have about 30 inches of space each when you’re not cuddling in the queen bed, since it’s about 5 inches longer and 7 inches wider than a full bed.

Does Motion Transfer Affect the Quality of a Mattress?

The amount of motion you feel on your partner’s side of the bed is known as motion transfer. A mattress is motion-isolating or motion-absorbing to a certain degree. It conforms to your body and moves slowly, which makes memory foam the most effective motion isolation material. However, some couples prefer the responsiveness of leather, which is great for some couples as well. Rather than choosing a continuous coil mattress, opt for a pocketed coil mattress to prevent motion transfer.

Are there Any Ways to Extend the Life of a Mattress?

best mattress for hip pain

Consider how to extend the life of your mattress if you share it with a partner. As if you were the only one using it, it gets twice as much use. The important thing to know is that common positions and areas of the mattress cause more wear and tear than how many people sleep on them. Rotating your mattress every month or every three months is the best way to extend its life. To build up tire wear in your mattress, try sleeping in different areas on the mattress every couple days. If you really want to go crazy with it, try switching sides with your partner every few days.