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Top Pick: Puffy Mattress

If you’re in the market for the best mattress that doesn’t sag, but don’t want to go down the road of doing your own research and compare prices, then just go for this one.

We have ranked Puffy Mattress as our first choice.

Getting the best mattresses that won`t sag is very hard in this jungle of online sellers. If you have ever followed a friend to bed, have you ever noticed that the bed feels much different from your own? At night, settling into your bed feels comfortable and familiar. If your bed is same style as someone else’s, it may feel strange – even uncomfortable.

Puffy Mattress

  • Materials that Adapt to Climate Change
  • Relief of Pressure

Overall Best

Mattress Nectar

  • 365-Day Trial Period
  • Multilayered Foam

Value for Money

Mattress Nolah

  • Foam Cooling
  • The Trial Period Lasts 120 Nights

Repeated use can eventually result in body impressions on a mattress. You will always wake up in the same spot if you sleep on the same side of mattress each night. As long as no more than a slight degree of dent is present, the spine is allowed to move properly and pressure is relieved. The case is different when the center of bed dips.

Your body and sleep quality will both suffer from sagging mattress. You lose the necessary support from sagging mattress, and it may even result in pressure points being exacerbated. Sagging is most prevalent in old and cheap mattresses, so consider upgrading.

Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing how body impressions and mattress sagging affect your mattress’ appearance and feel. Benefits of switching to new mattress are also discussed along with sagging mattress tips.

Why Do Mattresses Sag?

The cushioning materials in your mattress will become softer and softer with extended use – this happens completely naturally over time. Sagging can occur in mattresses even if they are innerspring mattresses. The majority of people observe sagging in their hips, midsections, chests, or shoulders, the parts of their body that support most weight. Having a partner, you might also notice denting in the middle of your bed. The flexibility of the spine may be beneficial, but a general sag can cause misalignment.

Mattresses Sag for Three Main Reasons:

  • Material of poor quality
  • The foundation is poor
  • Damage caused by liquids

It is essential to use durable and long-lasting construction materials. Often, less quality materials are used by manufacturers to cut costs and increase profits. Materials simply do not have the strength or bearing capacity to offer adequate support for two bodies each night.

In spite of the fact that they are of high quality, it is important to ensure that materials function optimally. Whenever a mattress sags prematurely, it is often due to it having an inadequate foundation or frame that was poorly designed. For warranty purposes, some manufacturers of mattresses require that one use a specific foundation. If your mattress is unsupportable, then your mattress manufacturer will not pay for repairs or replacements.

Mood sag is caused most often by liquid damage to mattresses. Water can still gwt through a mattress’ water-resistant cover and damage it. The liquid may be hard to remove once it has penetrated the cover. Any signs of soil and stains will invalidate the warranty, so a waterproof mattress cover is an excellent investment.

Materials Used in Modern Mattresses

In years past, mattresses were padded over coil bases. Mattresses today are got from a diverse range of materials — some of them are even mixed together. When selecting the right mattress, it’s good to know which materials will keep their shape.

These are the Most Popular Mattress Materials Today:

  • Innerspring. A traditional innerspring mattress had a single unbroken coil, similar to the style you’re used to. Although supposedly lasting for a decade, springs may loose tension after five or six years. At this point, there is no way to fix sagging that results.
  • Pocket Coils. Some mattresses comprise individual coils encased in fabric, instead of using a single unbroken coil. Motion is independent of the coils, it might be less likely to sag. You will still feel muscle tension after sleeping in same spot for hours on end if you do not rotate your mattress and do not move around at all.
  • Foam. Shape of the your body is adapted to by polyfoam and memory foam, which provides excellent pressure relief. Leaving the material in same spot every night may prevent it from regaining its shape over time. Five years is the average lifespan of softer foams.
  • Latex. Memory foam is less durable and tends to sink more than this material. It’s possible that the mattress begins to sag after several years of use, but not as much as with polyfoam or memory foam.
  • Hybrid.  Hybrid mattresses are mattresses that consist of more than one material. The coil base is often topped with latex or foam. An older hybrid mattress will last longer before sagging if it has a thick comfort layer.

When manufactured and supported properly, mattresses formed from the above materials will last for many years. However, your mattress will need some maintenance in order to be as long-lasting and supportive as possible.

Keeping Your Mattress from Sagging

There are a few ways you can prevent sagging in a mattress independent of the quality of the mattress. You can easily extend the life of the mattress by following a few steps.

You can Prevent a Sagging Mattress by Following These Tips: 

  • A properly supported mattress is a must. Mattresses that are laid on floor will last much less than those with a box spring or proper foundation.
  • If your bedframe has slats, the distance between them should not exceed three inches. It is possible to use plywood for slat tops if needed.
  • Thick mattress cover can extend the life of your mattress by several yrs once the impressions begin to appear. has become indented, it’s better to replace it rather than try to reverse sagging.
  • Sharing a bed with someone can result in an immediate impression, so you might want to switch sides in weekly basis.
  • Flip your two-sided mattress at least once every six months if it has two sides. Rotate the mattress every three to six foot and head for months alternate.

Consider how sagging affects just the appearance and durability of your mattress when deciding whether or not to rotate it. When you sleep on an rough surface, your sensitive areas can be irritated and you can get aching shoulders, necks, hips, and backs. In the spring mattresses, sagging can cause creaking and squeaking, as well as restrict airflow, making your mattress sleep hotter.

Best Mattresses that Won`t Sag

A variety of factors should be considered when buying new mattress. You should also consider how a material’s sagging tendency may affect support also pressure relief in addition to considering how it may affect sagging. Consider your typical resting style and your own body weight when choosing your firmness level.

It can also be hard to choose right mattress because there are so many different types. Since our mattresses are made from highly durable materials and will not sag if properly cared for and maintained, they are tough to sagging.

Here is Our List of Best Mattresses which Do Not Sag;

AS3 Amerisleep

The best of the best. A mattress made of quality materials will not sag over time. A popular online mattress company like Amerisleep is not surprising. Each model is made of bio-derived materials, and all are designed to relieve targeted pressure; yet, they remain undetectable to the body. The AS3 model from Amerisleep would be our top pick.

Density foam can be utilized with open cells and density foam for breathable comfort and pressure reduction. Furthermore, the mattress relieves pressure which means you won’t feel trapped all night long. Designed for long-term comfort, the AS3 comes with a twenty-year warranty. Also, you can return it for free if you don’t like it.

  • Pros. The pressure relief ranges from 0.5-1.5 inches, and there are five different models.
  • Cons. Edge support could be better, and some sleepers may not be able to get enough bounce


The Most Budget-Friendly. Good sleep can’t be purchased, but a new mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Considering Nectar is a good choice if you want mattress that is durable and supportive without budget-breaking prices. Sleeping on Nectar mattress feels like floating on the cloud thanks to its elegant layers of premium foam. Your body will feel refreshed no matter what sleeping style you choose to use.

An airy and soft mattress cover covers the top of the Nectar foam mattress. Memory foam(Gel) evens out weight and heat distribution throughout the mattress. Tencel is used for the cover, which acts as a cooling layer. Nectar mattresses are reasonably priced, and they ship for free. Additionally, you have full year to test it out before truly deciding.

  • Pros. The mattress comes with a A 365-day trial period, it has multiple layers of foam, and it is comfortable and supportive.
  • Cons. It may take some time for foam to respond to heavy sleepers

Saatva Zenhaven

Best Luxury. The process of selecting new mattress that can be overwhelming, and then setting it up at home can be equally frustrating. Saatva’s Zenhaven mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and luxury. White Glove also installation are provided for this natural and organic mattress. You won’t have to worry about anything!

Sleep in luxury and soundly on Zenhaven mattresses made from organic cotton and natural Talalay latex. Cotton is more flexible and durable than foam (memory). A unique feature of Zenhaven is that you can flip between a Gentle Firm and Luxury Plush feel while lying on it. As well as a quilted organic cotton cover for breathable comfort, the mattress has a 5-zone comfort layer that provides firmer support in the lumbar area.

  • Advantages. Unlike conventional flip-up mattresses which produce gas fumes upon opening, this one has two levels of firmness.
  • Disadvantages. Although neither side is ideal to side sleepers because it is significantly more expensive than most models

Saatva’s Loom and Leaf

A great memory foam. Maintaining memory foam properly can extend its lifespan to five years or longer. As a memory foam mattress with pressure relief, Saatva’s Loom and Leaf is a great choice. A low price is also maintained by the organic cotton covers of Loom and Leaf mattresses. 

Multiple layers of support foam are used in the construction of a Loom and Leaf mattress to provide optimal comfort also alignment. Combining layers like this provides pressure relief and comfort at the same time. Material quality ensures that it cannot sag. The firmness level is Relaxed Firm and Firm, based on your preferences. Similarly to any other Saatva mattress, you’ll receive free installation and delivery to your home.

  • Advantages. High-quality materials, design adjustable bases, two firmness levels
  • Disadvantages. Comparatively, it is fairly expensive, but some users may find it too firm

Bliss Botanical PlushBeds

Best Latex. Unlike memory foam, latex doesn’t absorb moisture nearly as much as natural materials. Additionally, it is usually a bit more durable, as well as sleeping a little cooler. Among our best picks for latex mattresses that prevent sagging, the Botanical Bliss from PlushBeds takes the top spot. It is difficult to find a mattress of better quality for less money than the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss.

Organic cotton, organic wool, and Dunlop latex also make up the mattress. Using a combination of materials makes it antimicrobial and dust-mite-resistant. A mattress comes in two firmness levels in addition. Mattress heights range from 5 inches to 16 inches. The sagging of the mattress and other physical defects are protected for 25 years by the Botanical Bliss mattresses.

  • Advantages. The natural and organic materials provide support and pressure absorption. 3 firmness levels are offered. 
  • Disadvantages. Pricey compared to varied models

Saatva Classic

The Best Innerspring. A foam mattress is less likely to sag than an innerspring mattress due to the prolonged use of the springs. Motion gets transferred and the mattress loses tension in time with traditional coil mattresses. With its unique design also quality materials, the Saatva Classic is a favorite. Innerspring mattresses aren’t what you’re used to. A single pocketed coil responds independently to movement instead of continuous coil.

Saatva Classic is a pocket coil mattress which features a Euro pillowtop and pocket coil base, making it an excellent choice for people looking to achieve outstanding support without sagging. With the Saatva Classic, you’ll be able to customize the firmness level and height, according to your preferences. Every sleeping position is supported while joint and back pain are reduced. The 120-day trial of Saatva sleep is free, in addition to the free white glove delivery and setup.

  • Advantages. Besides being breathable and also supportive, there are three firmness options.
  • Disadvantages. Hybrid mattresses are generally heavier and contour less compared to foam mattresses, which is why they’re heavier

Nolah Signature

Among the finest dual-sided products. You may not be able to extend the life of your mattress by turning it every three to six months, which involves flipping it every few months. However, it is uncommon for mattresses to be turned both sides. Addition to its extended durability, Nolah Signature offers two stages of firmness. Medium-Soft or Medium-Firm can be selected by flipping the toggle back and forth.

With organic cotton covering, you can sleep comfortably, as the organic cotton provides optimum cooling. A high-density base is further supported by high-resilience foam. A mattress’ firmness is determined by the layers of air foam on either side. During the 120-day trial, you’ll be able to trial Nolah Signature on any foundation.

  • Advantages. We offer two firmness levels, two levels of cooling foam to 120-day trial periods.
  • Disadvantages. It is more expensive than other mattresses that could be good option for heavyweights


Good Hybrid. The advantages of different mattress materials can be combined, so why choose between them? The positives of hybrid mattresses include coil support, pressure relief, and comfort. These properties prevent sagging. As far as durability, quality, and comfort are concerned, DreamCloud is our favorite hybrid mattress prevent sagging. The cover is made of cashmere blend that provides comfortable cushioning over the top of the quilted Euro cover.

Besides being built to last, DreamCloud mattresses offer exceptional comfort. Designed with five zones to provide targeted support, the innerspring coil system is pocketed. Multiple layers of foam make up the mattress. You can easily change your sleep position by combining comfort and support with it at any time during the night. This mattress is rated 6.5 out of 10 so you can test it for a full year without any risk.

  • Advantages. Luxury materials, memory foam, also encased coils are a few benefits of hybrid mattresses. 
  • Disadvantages. Weight tends to be an issue with hybrid mattresses

Gel for idle plush

Suitable for cooling. Perhaps you are concerned about trying memory mattress if you tend to sleep hot. In addition to its conforming abilities, memory foam offers a sense of support without sacrificing comfort. It traps body heat, which is problematic. Natural cotton fibers and gel-infused foam make up the Idle Sleep Plush Gel mattress, made with natural cotton fiber, is a great choice if you like a mattress that keeps you cool and you’re looking for a mattress that feels like memory foam.

In addition to providing comfort and also support, the Idle Sleep Plush Gel mattress resists sagging. For discerning sleepers, an eight-inch premium foam base along with three memory foam Idle layers create the perfect sleeping experience. There is also a layer of foam that is infused with gel for a faster reaction and cooler sleep. A natural fiber cover enhances breathability along with the cooling foam on top. You can get the best mattress for your sleeping needs with Ide Sleep’s free 18-month inhome trial period.

  • Pros. Rather than conventional memory foam, this mattress wicks away heat, is pressure-relieving, and conforms to contours of the body. 
  • Cons. In other models of Idle Sleep, it is possible to flip away from the edge, but not this model.

Puffy Lux

Pressure relief at its best. While side sleepers tend to be interested in pressure relief, anyone can benefit from it. Pressure points can occur on a mattress that does not conform to your body’s curves, causing you to be stiff and sore. Puffy Lux is one of our favorite memory foam mattresses. There is a 101-day trial period included and free shipping on this Puffy mattress. We will refund your money if you don’t like it.

Puffy Lux mattresses also minimize heat retention and pressure with their multiple layers of construction and materials. An added layer of comfort from It consists of a dense transition layer gives you the perfect combination of contouring and balance support. A Medium Plush is between five and seven on the firmness scale of 10 based on the materials used by Puffy. It also features luxury fabric top, an upgrade from the original Puffy.

  • Advantage. A large range of climates can be accommodated with its cooling comfort also support.
  • Disadvantage. Despite being relatively cheap, this mattress weakens quickly when rolled up

WinkBeds Plus

Heavy sleepers will enjoy this mattress. Mattresses that support heavier sleepers can be difficult to find. Over 230 pounds can increase the risk of your mattress sinking or sagging. When looking for firm mattress that can support heavy sleepers, you may want to check out WinkBeds Plus. The mattress on this page is designed especially for people who weigh more than 300 pounds.

Combined with comfort of the foam and the support in coils, WinkBeds Plus mattress offers the best of both worlds. In addition to a Euro-style pillow top and coil base, this luxury hybrid mattress includes gel-infused pillow top and is ideal for cradling. A Tencel cover helps wick body heat away from the skin, and Support System Extra-Edge helps prevent sagging. Moreover, the motion-isolating technology found in SleepCalm gives you peace of mind no matter who sleeps next to you in bed. Make sure it’s the perfect fit for you by staying in the room for 120 nights.

  • Advantage. For individuals weighing more than 300 pounds, this mattress is sturdy and durable, featuring seven weight-supporting zones.
  • Disadvantage. It is not as supple as foam mattresses, so those with sensitive skin may find too firm

The wide array of mattresses available on the market can make mattress shopping challenging. The models we’ve reviewed above will all be worth your money if you want a mattress will last. They’re made of quality materials so they won’t sag. In order to provide you with a wide range of options, we have included variety of categories to enable you to select the right option based on the needs you have. Please have a look at these and feel free to leave us a comment about what you think!

Questions Asked Frequently About the Best Mattresses that Won’t Sag

How can I Fix the Sagging in My Mattress? 

best bed skirts

Most often, sagging is caused by the amount of wear on other side of the mattress. It’s common to notice sagging on the other side of a bed if you sleep alone and mostly on the other side. You may notice that the bed sags more on heavier side of your bed if you share it with a partner. Mattresses with better edge support will still sag on the other sides as aging and less-quality materials work together.

When Will a Mattress Sag?

Durability depends with construction and quality, but on average mattresses last about seven years. You should rotate your mattress every months to allow your mattress to wear evenly. Keeping your mattress rotated will prevent it from sagging or deflating.

Are Mattress Warranties Valid if the Mattress Sags?

Leesa mattress review

Physical defects with mattresses, such as sagging, are typically covered by a mattress warranty. Generally, manufacturers expect at least 2 inches of sagging from the mattress when no individual is lying on it. Comfort issues aren’t covered by the warranty, and you may not be able to get a warranty if the mattress is not on a sturdy foundation.

Are you Capable of Fixing Sagging Mattress?

The problem may be temporarily resolved if compressed materials are present, but it cannot be reversed afterwards. In the event your mattress sags, consider mattress topper or consider placing pillows with indentations on your bed. A foundation replacement may be a better solution for a permanent fix. A mattress must be replaced at some point, however.

Should I File Mattress Sag Warranty Claim?

If you have a problem with your mattress, you should contact its manufacturer. The warranty information can be found on the packaging or on the company’s website. Warranty claims are handled by separate departments at some manufacturers.

Note; This guide is written by our experts to give you a direction to the best mattresses that won`t sag in the market. Good Luck