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Top Pick: Novaform ComfortGrande

This is the best Mattress you can buy if you’re looking forward to buying one but don’t have time to research it.

This Novaform ComfortGrande is the first choice we recommend after extensive research.

The best mattress can make sleeping peacefully a lot easier. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, so finding the perfect match is extremely difficult. There is no such thing as the best mattress. The objective information we provide on our website, including details about durability and construction, is different from other online guides, such as shopping malls or publications.

We have tested mattresses at our test site and interviewed experts to determine which is the best mattress on the market. We also slept on the mattresses in our own beds as part of our process to find the best mattress on the market. On this page, you can find out more about the mattress coverage we offer. Our objective is to help you find the right mattress so you can get the best sleep possible.

How to Choose the Best Mattress

It is important to separate marketing hype from actual benefits in order to select the best mattress. How to tell if a mattress will give you enough support and pressure relief for your body is covered in our mattress guide. Moreover, it provides information on how to find the best mattress retailer (or customer service representative) as well as how to determine the mattress’ durability.

Understanding Types of Mattresses

Online memory foam mattresses are trending these days. Is there a model with innersprings? What are your thoughts on the concept of hybrid cars? Is latex a good choice? With this primer, you will learn everything you need to know about what’s inside that rectangle of fabric.

The Best Mattresses (Foam)

When choosing the best mattress that doesn’t sink due to weight, polyurethane foam (aka polyfoam) is your best option. When you lie on them, they are generally ready to conform to your body shape and can also provide you with a delightful and very comfortable enveloping sensation. A non-memory foam mattress offers less contouring, but offers more mobility. You can choose between polyurethane foam and memory foam as the best mattresses in our guide to the best mattresses. It varies in price depending on the type of foam mattress. The Novaform ComfortGrande and Tuft & Needle Original are both under $1,000 and are our top picks in terms of price and quality. Even though it is twice as expensive as conventional memory foams, we still recommend the Loom & Leaf (Relaxed Firm).

Our Top Picks

Novaform ComfortGrande

The Best Mattresses at Costco

Costco customers love this mattress because its foam layers are nearly as dense (and almost as durable) as mattresses twice its price. Others found it too firm, while others found it cuddly and supportive.

Loom & Leaf

A Luxurious, Non-Bouncing Foam Mattress

Due to its thick quilted top and the highest density of foam that we’ve seen in a mattress, the Loom & Leaf feels more substantial than most mattresses under $1,000 (and is likely to last longer). There is no need to worry about off-gassing since it comes unboxed.

The Original Tuft & Needle

Top-foam mattresses without memory foam

Tuft & Needle Original mattresses do not contour to every curve since they lack memory foam. This mattress provides both support and cushion due to its soft top and firm underlayer.

The Best Latex Mattress

In contrast to memory foam and polyfoam mattresses, latex mattresses are generally springier, more breathable, and have less rigidity. It is usually more expensive to buy a mattress made of these materials than a typical foam mattress. The inherent durability of leather is one of its best features. A latex mattress may be a good investment for anyone who weighs more than 200 pounds or wants a mattress that will last beyond a normal warranty period of ten years. Comparing the Zenhaven mattress (shown here with a box spring) to the other two models, it provided a softer feel that enhanced comfort and support.


The best latex-foam mattresses

Zenhaven’s all-latex mattresses typically cost $1,000 more than comparable mattresses available online, but they last longer and are breathable (and, by extension, cooler) than foam mattresses. A good deal on a natural latex mattress is difficult to come by. A sturdy bedframe or box spring is necessary because of the mattress’ weight.

Hybrid Mattress Reviews

There is no official definition for hybrid mattresses. We evaluated several types of best mattresses as part of our comprehensive review, including foam-top mattresses with innerspring coils and coil mattresses with cotton covers. The Leesa Hybrid and the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) have always placed among our top favorites in our foam mattress tests since 2008. One of our top choices from our best innerspring mattress list is the WinkBed (Luxury Firm) hybrid mattress, which features a knitted cover, polyfoam, and coils. Among our top picks for best mattresses under $400, we reviewed the Adaptive Copper Hybrid from Zinus.

Leesa Hybrid

Memory Foam That’s Cradling and Responsive

A Leesa Hybrid mattress is made up of both memory foam and spring mattresses. The hybrid is priced well, and it provides a thicker cover and better cooling than its competition.


Comfortable but Pricey

The Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) stands out from other beds due to its luxurious slow-sinking foam and plenty of edge support. The cost is, however, higher.

Best Innerspring Mattresses

Best Mattresses made with steel coils provide buoyancy because layers of fibers and foam can be stacked on top of each other. It is important to choose a foam mattress that has bounce, firmness, and airflow if you are concerned you will sink in or overheat. Despite their relative ease of purchase, innerspring mattresses vary widely in brands, features, and specifications, making comparisons extremely difficult. With a review of innerspring mattresses, the top picks were the WinkBed (Luxury Firm) and Asteria Beth (Pillow Top), while the IKEA Hesstun (Medium Firm) also scored well. As an example, the WinkBed can be purchased online. If the product is not your preferred choice after some testing, you can return it if not satisfied.

Best Picks


An airy mattress with a billowy feel.

Best mattress boasts a comfortable surface and firm edge support as a result of its thick coil core at the base and its firm coils at the perimeter. Pillowtops made out of polyfoam feature a loose, cradling feel that does not sink in or feel clingy.

Asteria Beth

Soft, Comfy, and Luxurious

Designed for pampering yourself, this mattress offers softness, comfort, and luxurious materials (much more than those we suggest for our other picks). Best mattress In addition to the castors at the bottom of the bed, there is great support with this bed no matter where you sleep. Sale prices can save you a lot of money.

IKEA Hesstun (Medium Firm)

Medium-firm mattress with thick and fluffy layers.

The quality of this mattress is high despite its low price, and it features two features normally found in best mattresses costing more. Micro coils that confirm your curve and a plush Euro top. Depending on the nature of the defect, IKEA may provide you with the option to return the item.

Affordable mattresses

Cheap (under $400) mattresses are usually simple designs. Most highly ranking best mattresses at Mattress Firm are foam mattresses (or hybrid mattresses) with few layers, and more affordable as compared to more expensive mattresses (including free trials). It feels thin, undersupplied, and uncomfortable. (We found this during our testing of innerspring mattresses in this price range). When it comes to comfort, support, and substantiality, the Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus, Best Price Memory Foam, and Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam, for example, exceeded the performance of most other best mattresses of their price ranges.

Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus

Under $400: Best Mattress

The mattress, while being extremely durable, provides both comfort and value. The device still offers good motion isolation and edge support even with its average features.

Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Provides Comfort for Back Sleepers

Best mattress (green tea mattress) is great for back sleepers because of its firmness and support. However, this mattress may not last as long as some of our other picks because it provides good edge support and movement isolation.

Mattress by Classic Brands.

Softer and More Comfortable than Memory Foam.

Classic Brands’ foam tops had a soft, pleasant feel to them that certainly did not overshadow the fact that they would not last very long.

The Best Mattress for Your Sleeping Position

We often change positions several times during the night, which can cause us to miss a nap. The best mattress may offer you greater comfort if your head hits the pillow as you lay on it. You should be able to sleep comfortably on a mattress that fits your sleeping position.

Best mattresses for side-sleepers

Most side sleepers prefer medium-firm or medium-soft mattresses. The best mattress provided cushioning for the shoulders and hips, while keeping the spine in alignment. In terms of feel, the Leesa Hybrid Mattress is firmer and more resilient, whereas the non-foam Loom & Leaf Mattress (Relaxed Firm) is cradling and not too soft. Those who want a mattress that is incredibly pillowy might want to consider the Serta Perfect Sleeper Kleinmon II (Pillow Top Plush). In our guide to the best mattresses for side-sleepers, you’ll find a few more recommendations.

Also Read

Best Picks

Loom & Leaf

A Luxurious Foam Mattress that Doesn’t Bounce

The quilted cover provides supportive comfort, while firm foam (one of our firmest choices) makes the mattress feel more substantial than cheap online mattresses.

Leesa Hybrid

– a Soft, Firm, and A Medium Mattress with 1,000 Coils

Side sleepers who desire a bit more firmness will enjoy the Leesa Hybrid mattress, which features both memory foam and 1,000 coils. A thick and sturdy cover is also included.

Serta Perfect Mattress

Mattress for Under $1000

According to our tests, this is the softest bed under $1,000 we have ever tested. Side sleepers benefit from adequate shoulder and hip pressure relief as well as decent edge support.

Best Mattresses for Back-Sleepers

Best Mattresses that are medium-firm tend to be preferred by back sleepers. As well as preventing spine flexion, these cushions also ease shoulder, lower back, and hip pain. Novaform comfort grande is best suited to those seeking firmness combined with little plushness, but tempur-adapt (medium hybrid) is best suited for those who would like pressure relief while avoiding the “fluff”. those who like a smoother, softer feel may prefer an innerspring of this type. The guide to the best mattresses for those who sleep on their backs provides more recommendations.

Novaform ComfortGrande

Back sleepers seeking a soft, supportive mattress can find it in Soft Mattresses Under $1000. The mattress consists of dense foam layers (twice as thick and durable as mattresses worth twice as much).


Costly, but super-comfortable

As a matter of fact, unless you can give up support, you will not be able to find true comfort. The memory foam cushioned your shoulders, hips, and heels in addition to preventing your spine from arching.

A Box of Super Durability

Those who prefer to sleep on their backs or who wish to relieve pressure while sleeping should consider a two-piece flipping mattress. Compared to its lower side, this mattress has a firmer upper side due to its high-quality materials. A catch, however, is that if more setup assistance is required, the cost may be higher.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

The preference of stomach sleepers is a medium or firm mattress. You will not arch your back when you sleep on a good mattress because your stomach is not cradled. The Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell combines the buoyant innerspring lift with the Stearns & Foster Estate (“Pillow Top Firm”). As compared to other hybrid Best mattresses, the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) provides good pressure relief and good back support. Zenhaven’s all-latex bed not only provides comfortable cushioning, but also decent back support (for most people). Our guide to the best mattresses contains more mattress recommendations for stomach sleepers.

Best Picks

Rockwell Estate by Stearns and Foster

Supports and relieves pressure

By combining the support of innersprings with the comfort of Memory Foam, the Estate Rockwell is a great option for sleeping on your stomach while at the same time reducing pressure on the rib cage.


Costly, but super-comfortable

With its slow-sinking quality and excellent pressure relief, Tempur-Pedic’s entry-level mattress allows you to sleep on your stomach for long periods of time without arching your back.


Choosing the right latex mattress

One of the two sides of the Zenhaven is firmer than the other, so it can be flipped easily. An individual’s spine should not arch over either side of him or her while they are sleeping. The latex used for this mattress tends to last longer, so we believe it offers good value for money.

Best Mattresses for The Back

Individuals with back pain should ensure the alignment of their spines is consistent. In the study, medium-firm mattresses were deemed the best mattresses for back pain sufferers because they are more comfortable than soft mattresses over night. In contrast, Novaform ComfortGrand foam mattresses and Tempur-Adapt (medium hybrid) mattresses with firm ends fall into this range. You can choose either of the latex-based Zenhaven or the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, which provide a suppler feel (and two firmness levels) at the same time.

Back pain can be treated effectively with The Following Best Mattresses.

Novaform ComfortGrande

Under $1,000 Foam Mattress

There are many differences in mattresses bought online and at Costco (and they look much nicer and last longer). Consequently, this best mattress offers medium-firm support, while still maintaining a soft feel, which is ideal for those coping with back pain. Buying from Costco for $580


Expensive, but Super-Comfortable

This medium-firm mattress is designed to provide comfort and support for your back while conforming to the natural curves of your body. There are people that feel as though they are standing on quicksand as they enjoy the gently convex shape of the sink, while there are others who find it to be heaven.

Boxes with super-durability

A durable latex and coil support system is provided for backache sufferers. The top layer of the bed can be flipped over to make it more firm.

The Best Mattress Reviews

There is no guarantee that the best mattress you choose will meet your needs, just because it has rave reviews online. The most expensive models may not always deliver the highest value. The best mattresses tend to be entry-level or midrange. In addition to extensive information about mattress brands, we also review some online retailers and provide information about our own testing. That way, you can make an informed decision about which mattress to buy.

A popular online best mattress company offered us the chance to test a number of its new products beginning in late 2020. Casper mattresses are generally good, but they are quite pricey when compared to the features they offer, in addition to some “special” features that may not be as valuable as their company claims they are. Casper Original is, according to us, the most popular mattress variation.

In addition to offering a wide variety of beds for different sleep positions, Helix also offers the best mattresses with different firmness levels. As we noted in our Helix Plus 2020 review, the mattress proved to be a popular choice among testers of a wide range of sizes, who seek durability and comfort.

For a while, Leesa, an online retailer of foam mattresses, offered an all-foam mattress for under $1,000. Aside from providing hybrid beds, the company has also expanded into offering budget, luxury, and even natural bedding. Since our first review of Leesa Hybrid in 2018, this mattress has consistently impressed us with its just-springy-enough feeling.

Best Pick Among the Best Mattresses

Leesa Hybrid

Cradling Foam-And-Coil Mattress

Thanks to Leesa Hybrid mattress, comprising memory foam and springs, you can expect an exceptional sleep experience. A truly remarkable price is being offered for an exceptional cooling system and a case.

Medical-grade cushions are used in purple mattresses since they are made from an exclusive gel foam. Purples have been in the hands of two members of our staff and their spouses for at least a year now, but they believe they’re trustworthy. The Purple Original’s feel is less jellylike than that of a hybrid or leading model.

The Saatva Company
You will find a wide selection of mattresses made by Saatva, including innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses, plus-size hybrids, as well as adjustable air beds and toddler beds. You can look up some of the most comprehensive, high-quality materials online using the most up-to-date technology.

Top Pick

Loom & Leaf

No bounce, Luxe foam mattress

Despite its lower price (and longer expected longevity), the Loom & Leaf offers a luxurious feel, mainly thanks to its quilted tops and high-density foam.

Customers can now compare the products in Tempur-Pedic stores and its retail partners, since the sinks’ ergonomic design either contours and relieves pressure, or it turns them away. No matter what mattress you choose, even the entry-level models of Tempur-Adapt provide a great chance to experience the technology.

Our Pick


Pricey but super-comfortable

Its luxurious foam sinks slowly and its exceptional edge support make Tempur-Adapt far superior to most other best mattresses. The cost is, however, higher.

Tuft & Needle
There is a new line of (best mattresses) from Tuft & Needle that also includes standard foam beds, cooling foam beds, and hybrids. Despite testing only a limited number of styles of beds, some of our long-term testers noted a slight depreciation in their original mattresses over time. However, they still enjoyed the firm feel and found the foamy mattress to be a reasonable alternative.

Tuft & Needle Original

Best Mattress (Regular Foam)

The original Tuft & Needle does not conform to your body, since it does not contain memory foam. A soft top layer and firm underlayer will support you while cushioning you at the same time.

Sleep Number

The smart bed from Sleep Number allows couples to select different levels of firmness and track their sleep. As you add cushioning to a model, the price increases. For those who enjoy a plush mattress and good support, we felt that the i8 was the best mattress option available.

We recommend: 360 i8 Smart Bed


Nectar has no special characteristics in the mattress industry, but its soft surface (best mattresses) may appeal to side sleepers or those who like to roll over because it is so easy to do. The Nectar mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, which is an important factor for us. One of Nectar’s three best mattress models, the original mattress has been positioned as its entry-level model.

Consider this: The Nectar Original