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Top Pick: Leesa Hybrid

If you’re in quest of the Best Memory Foam Mattress available online, but don’t have the time to do your long research on their quality and prices, then just go for this one.

After extensive research, Leesa Hybrid is our first choice.

Finding the best memory foam mattress can be challenging in this online jungle of random mattresses. This has caused us to test dozens of mattresses since 2016. Since our team cannot test mattresses together due to the pandemic, employees are evaluating mattresses on their own. A new budget pick is included in the section on notable contenders, as well as additional options (ranging from softer to firmer).

You can use this guide to determine which coil mattress is best for you, or choose a mattress that includes both springs and foam (many of the mattresses in this guide do that). We have compiled a list of the best cheap mattresses (under $400) that don’t sacrifice quality.

Our Choice

Leesa Hybrid

Providing Cradling Comfort and Great Bounce

Best Memory foam mattress and springs are both used in the Leesa Hybrid mattress. While maintaining a very competitive price, it offers better performance and better cooling than its competition.

As a hybrid mattress, it topped the polls when tested for the first time in 2018 (as it was then referred to). Its position as the favourite appears likely to remain the same until the end of the season. Memory foam provides pressure relief and bounce on the Leesa mattress’ top layer and coils provide support below it. Because of its high-quality materials and durable design, this product is a great value. If you sleep on your side, back, or stomach or if you weigh over 200 pounds, then this mattress might be the right choice. There is also a 100-day free trial included with Leesa Hybrid in addition to the 10-year warranty.

Our Choice


Comfortable, but expensive

Tempur-Adapt is an edge-supported best memory foam mattress that sinks relatively slowly. Beds are also more expensive than we recommend.

You can pick this mattress if you want exceptional comfort and support on a budget. Aside from hugging you tightly, this mattress was also safe for everyone to use (including the edges, so you won’t fall off). In addition to cushioning the mattress, the coil layer also adds durability (though it is not as durable as mattresses with only innersprings). A 90-day trial period is available for this mattress. In this bed, individuals can sleep in any position they prefer, and their body types can range from those who weigh less than 100 pounds to those who weigh more than 200 pounds. If you wish to return something, however, shipping charges will apply.

Our Choice

Loom & Leaf

A Foam Mattress with A Luxe Feel, No Bounce

Loom and Leaf’s mattress feels more substantial than cheaper mattresses thanks to its quilted top and high density foam. There is less likelihood of off-gassing with this product because it is delivered unboxed.

Saatva’s Loom and Leaf was the most comfortable mattress we tested since it did not have springs and also looked the best. The quilted cover of this top makes it feel spongy, yet it moves very little. Compared to cheaper all best memory foam mattresses, this mattress might last longer due to its denser foam (and may be a good option for heavier individuals). It can be adjusted to various sleeping positions with the help of its two firmness levels. We are especially glad about the 15-year warranty and 180-day trial period offered by the company. It will still cost you over $100 to return the Loom and Leaf.

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Our Choice

Novaform ComfortGrande

Under $1,000 best memory Foam Mattress

Costco’s most popular mattresses, for example, are a good value, and the foam layers are just as dense (and just as durable) as those found inside mattresses costing twice as much. During the support session, participants enjoyed cuddling. The firmness, however, left some feeling uncomfortable.

As a mattress with a good value and solid support, the 14-inch Novaform ComfortGrande consistently scores well in our ratings. Purchasing the Novaform mattress online often referred to as the best memory foam mattress throws you into a soft, cuddly feeling without sinking into memory foam. It is recommended to use this mattress if you prefer a firm mattress and you sleep on your back or stomach. Those who weigh over 200 pounds may find it uncomfortably soft since the mattress isn’t as dense as other mattresses. A 20-year warranty is provided by Novaform for the ComfortGrande. Costco’s generous return policy (which is the best we have seen) allows you to request a pick up and a refund when necessary.

Our Choice

Tuft and Needle Original

Memory-Foam Mattresses

Since it is not made of memory foam, the Tuff & Needle Original does not conform to every contour. Because of the firm underlayer and soft top, this mattress will provide both support and cushioning.

It is perfect for people who rotate during the night because it doesn’t have memory foam on the top. This is an alternative to memory foam that offers affordability, convenience, and comfort. Despite being thick and durable, Tuft & Needle originals cannot withstand weights over 200 pounds (unlike most queen beds under $1,000). Also included, you can return it for a 100% refund within 100 days, and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Budget Choice

Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid

A Decent and Affordable Hybrid

In spite of its modest price tag, this mattress is medium firm, cushiony and supportive at the same time. Motion isolation is not the best, and the edge support is not the best, but for the price, it’s well-built.

Sleepers will be surprised at how inexpensive foam-and-coil mattresses can be (though I cannot guarantee their delight). A comparison of the Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid with cheap mattresses revealed that its firmness and softness were both perfect. This mattress is suitable for sleeping on your back, your stomach, and even on your side because of its slightly firmer feel. Material density is likely to be lower (and as a result, less durable), and motion isolation and edge support are not excellent. Zinus offers a trial period of 100 days and a 10-year warranty for the Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid (when purchased directly from them).

Our Choice


Mattresses Made of Latex-Foam

Comparatively to comparable mattresses available online, Zenhaven’s all-latex mattresses are stronger and more ventilated (and should feel cooler). The Saatva Zenhaven latex mattress was the most comfortable, affordable, and durable mattress we tested. From Saatva(queen), it costs $2,200. By using a 10-inch thick mattress, Zenhaven provides a classic coil bed feel with springiness. It is ideal for people who sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides. Flip-able bed featuring medium-firm and firm sides. Furthermore, Zenhaven offers 20 years of warranty along with its 180-day money back guarantee (but shipping is almost $100). This mattress warranty is far shorter in duration than one for the best memory foam mattress.

Our Choice of The Best Memory Foam Mattress

Leesa Hybrid

Providing Cradling Comfort and Great Bounce

Memory foam and springs combine in this Leesa Hybrid mattress. It offers higher performance and better cooling than its competition, while maintaining a very competitive price.

Our Choice


Comfortable, but Expensive

Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) is an edge-supported foam mattress that sinks relatively slowly. In addition to high-end beds, we recommend this.

Our Choice

Loom & Leaf

A Foam Mattress with A Luxe Feel, No Bounce

This mattress offers one of the highest foam densities we have seen in an online mattress, which makes it feel more substantial (and will last longer) than mattresses that cost less than $1,000. You also won’t have to worry about it off-gassing in your house since it comes unboxed.

The foam used in this Costco favorite is as dense (and probably as durable) as the foam in mattresses costing twice as much. The cuddly feeling coupled with support was enjoyed by testers. However, some found its firmness to be too much.

Our Choice

Tuft and Needle Original

Best Memory Foam Mattress

As Tuft & Needle Original is not made from memory foam, it doesn’t conform to every contour of your body. The top is supple, but the underlayer is firm, so you’ll feel cushioned while also supported.

Budget pick

Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid

A decent, affordable hybrid

The medium firmness of this mattress allows it to be both cushiony and supportive despite its modest price tag. Although its motion isolation isn’t great and it doesn’t provide great edge support, it feels quite substantial considering its price.

Our Choice


Best latex mattress

Compared with similar online options, the all-latex Zenhaven mattresses is $1,000 more expensive but produces better results in durability and ventilation (and would thus feel cooler). Our reviewer believes this latex mattress to be a good value for the price.

There Is No Perfect Mattress for Everyone

Foam (and sometimes springs) are stuffed under the cover of mattresses for comfort. It is true that no two mattresses are alike: There isn’t a mattress that suits everyone. Mattresses can be relied upon to make one person feel amazing, another person feel good, and the majority feel okay, according to our experts. Comfort and support will depend upon various factors, including your weight, your body type, the temperature you are experiencing, and your personal preferences.

Our general conclusion is that, to some extent, the price of service is proportional to the quality of service you receive. Higher-end mattresses, on average, have more layers and a smoother top-to-bottom transition (but not always). In terms of top and bottom prices (budget, moderate, and luxury), there has been little difference in competition. An $1,800 mattress may have more fans than a $600 mattress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a $600 mattress is better. It is impossible to find an air mattress that is “most comfortable” for everyone. Hence, the models we choose are broad enough in appeal and are priced competitively compared with the high quality of the components. A company that discloses its materials clearly and accurately is also preferred. How can consumers confidently shell out more than $1,000 if they’re not sure what they’re getting? We have uncovered a wide range of best memory foam mattress firmnesses ranging from medium (medium rarity in the mattress industry) to extra firm.

Generally (very generally), since a higher foam density is much more appropriate for people who weigh more than 200 pounds. If the foam density is higher, it would make cleaning easier. In this guide, we have outlined the best mattresses for people weighing over 200 pounds. (It is also typically more expensive to purchase mattresses with higher density foam.) When we tested them and those of other testers, we found unique differences within their specific firmness group (typically close to the middle of the market). You can still predict how comfortable a mattress will be based on its firmness level.

Those who sleep on their sides carry a much larger amount of body weight, which explains their preference for softer mattresses. Mattresses with a medium-firm feel provide neck, head, and knee support as well as cradling hips and knees for stomach sleepers. A medium-firm mattress that is squared will offer the most support and allow you to distribute your weight evenly, since you’re sleeping on your back. Our medium-firm mattress picks can accommodate all sleep positions, for example; keep in mind that your comfort preferences may differ from those of your sleep style. If you are shopping for a mattress, you can consult our mattress buying guide to find out if it will cushion and support you properly.

Our Choice

Leesa Hybrid

With Great Bounce, Memory Foam Cradles Your Body

Memory foam and springs are incorporated into the Leesa Hybrid Mattress, contrary to other hybrid mattresses. It offers higher performance and better cooling than its competition, while maintaining a very competitive price.

Who it’s for. Those who sleep on their sides, stomachs, or backs will all feel comfortable on the Leesa Hybrid. The springs in this mattress make it the best bed for those who change positions a lot (also known as a rotator). Furthermore, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you should consider it.

How it feels. As we have found from our research, it is on the medium-firm end of the spectrum, although it appears to be firmer online than medium-firm. The memory foam on top prevents pressure from building up, which results in a hug that is not overly tight. The springs in the mattress make the mattress bounce gently.

Why it’s great. We first reviewed the Leesa Sapira in 2018. Its name back then was the Leesa Sapira. In addition to providing the right amount of bounce, it still provides support and the right amount of innerspring. Our review of the Leesa Hybrid mattress in 2019 found it to be softer than the earlier version. We found that the Leesa mattress consistently outperformed similar hybrid mattresses from Casper, such as the Wave and the Casper hybrid equivalents, as well as the Serta iComfort and the Helix Plus. In our 2020 test, where it was compared to three other hybrids, the Leesa was named either the favourite or second favourite hybrid. A participant commented that the Leesa Sapira provides a good sink, bounce, and edge support. I had no sweating issue during my sleep test (a common complaint associated with foam mattresses), and I found no evidence of overheating. In comparison with the Leesa Hybrid, Wirecutter staff members slept on the Leesa Sapira at home (just as they do at home on the mattress).

There are currently four Leesa mattresses available. The Leesa team tested the Original mattress (a top pick) before the announcement of the hybrid. Hybrids and plug-ins both have their advantages, but we think the plug-in comes out on top. (If you are interested in learning more about the Leesa Legend and its entry-level model, please refer to our review of the Leesa Legend.) As with the original Leesa mattress, the Leesa Hybrid mattress also has a seamless cover that gives it a looser feeling than some best memory foam mattresses. However, its springs make it easy to manipulate while giving the edges better support. Unlike Leesa Originals (with a density of about 3 lbs per cubic foot), this memory foam mattress is firmer and more durable.

Owners of Leesa Original say that Original feels stronger than this. In the time since Leesa’s Hybrid was delivered, an employee has slept comfortably on it. In addition to being comfortable, the high density of the foam makes it suitable for individuals weighing more than 200 pounds. Because the sample size was so small (a fifth of the participants), it was hard to draw any definitive conclusions about comfort. In terms of hybrid mattresses, Leesa Hybrid and Casper Wave Hybrid came in second and third place, behind Tempur-Adapt and Casper Hybrid. The Leesa Hybrid and Helix Plus ranked as the most comfortable mattresses in 2020, while the Dual Hybrid came in second. Leesa Hybrid mattresses (as well as Signature foam mattresses) are available in select department stores.

He rolled into my room at 1 a.m. without waking me up with his bed roll motion. Motion transfer was higher in the Hybrid than in the Tempur-Adapt, which is one of our favorites. You can choose from the Novaform ComfortGrade or the Loom & Leaf if you are looking for motion isolation, or you may opt for the Tempur-Adapt if you want to experience a soft, memory foam feel. Hybrid mattresses perform very well in terms of motion control when compared to innerspring mattresses. You might have to get used to sleeping on top of your foam mattress rather than inside it, as with any best memory foam mattress. For those over 200 pounds, a bed in a box hybrid would be a better option (even though it isn’t as thick and very durable), which would provide even more bounce with only a hint of memory foam.

Leesa Hybrid is probably not for those who prefer softer mattresses. Most people complaining about how soft this mattress is in online reviews say it is too firm. Associate reporter Justin Redman found the mattress firm when he slept on his side. He believed that the mattress hardened because of temperatures that were too cool (from the fact that the mattress had been left unattended for such a long time).

Our Choice


Super-Comfortable, but Pricey

A slow-sinking foam and strong edge support make the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) as comfortable as any other mattress we tried. This bed is at the top of our recommended bed range, but is also quite expensive. A $2200 Delivery Fee from Tempur-Pedic $2200 from Wayfair (queen) $2200 from Amazon (queen)$2,200 from Amazon (queen) free delivery from Amazon (queen)

Who it’s for. With the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) you can sleep on your stomach or back, or request a firmer mattress for side sleepers. Overweight people will benefit from it.

How it feels. Medium-firm. With the memory foam top, this bed conforms well to the body, and the spring layer provides support, but it does not add much bounce (basically the same as the Leesa Hybrid).

Why it’s great. The slow-sinking sensations of Tempur-Pedic mattresses extend to Tempur-Adapt mattresses as well. With its layer of springs, at least this best memory foam mattress prevents a stuck-in-foam feeling, while its foam border provides a better edge support than many other models. Mattresses under $1,000 did not measure up to this mattress. We preferred the Hybrid due to its easier movement and sturdier edge (Tempur-Pedic also offers a similar version of the Tempur-Adapt without a spring).

We sank slowly into the Tempur-Adapt for a couple of seconds, although the top layers of most mattresses allowed us to sink in right away.

Over three years of testing, more testers chose the Tempur-Adapt as their favourite mattress than any other mattress. Upon wearing this product, a tester found that it provided immediate comfort. Softness can still be supportive, according to some people. Despite being a pushover for mattresses that are softer, Justin Redman, our associate sleep writer, was pleasantly surprised with how well it relieved the pressure. Unlike many best foam mattresses, the Edge of the Tempur-Adapt is only slightly sinking when weighted. When my son slept in bed with my husband and me, that edge kept me from falling out of bed when my son tossed and turned, and it isolated motion well enough for me to sleep. The Tempur-Adapt did not overheat us, despite the complaints of many owners.

Tempur-Adapt has more durable materials than most popular online mattresses, according to our assessments of the mattress. The adjacent layer is comprised of Memory Foam from Tempur, while the top layer is made up of polyfoam that is 212 lbs per cubic foot. Our brand-covered test features many companies that have been around for less than a decade, but Tempur-Pedic has been around for more than two decades. Basically, the company is likely to be available to you even if you run into issues with the warranty in the future. Tempur-Pedic offers the Tempur-Adapt at a reasonable price. Alternative to more expensive models, this mattress provides the same classic Tempur foam feel. (The company’s bed-in-a-box, the Tempur-Cloud, cost less than the Tempur-Adapt, but it uses different foams and sinks more slowly). You can try out Tempur-Adapt mattresses at numerous stores in order to determine for yourself whether the pricier lines’ huggier foam is worth the price.

Flaws but not dealbreakers. When you’re used to innerspring mattresses, the slow sinking sensation is difficult to adjust to when you’re used to Tempur-Adapt. Additionally, the Tempur-Adapt is approximate twice the price of many of the other best memory foam mattresses we recommend. Also, there are no refunds unless you pay for shipping, which can easily exceed $100, which is more complex than for most online brands. The first thing we recommend is browsing the store. The return policy of Tempur-Pedic will apply in this case, rather than that of the retailer if you buy your mattress from an independent retailer.

Our Choice

Loom and Leaf

Luxe Feel with No Bounce Mattress

It’s more substantial (and will likely last longer) than mattresses that cost under $1,000 thanks to its thick quilted top and a density that’s higher than we’ve seen in an online mattress. As it comes unboxed, you are less likely to inhale noxious gases when you receive it in your home.

  • To whom it is intended. Those who sleep on their sides will benefit from the Relaxed Firm version. A Firm model is recommended for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. They should also choose the model if they weigh more than 200 pounds.
  • What it feels like. As the surface feels cradling as opposed to sinking inward, the Relaxed Firm version is very comfortable due to its medium level of firmness. With the Firm version, you will find a sink of memory foam that is stronger, bigger, and more conventional than those of the Soft version.
  • What makes it great. Our Loom and Leaf foam mattress is slightly more expensive than most of the foam mattresses we have tried in the past. Our reviewers found it worth the extra cost because it offers upgraded features, improved comfort, and greater durability.

Our second group tested the Loom & Leaf against two other best memory foam mattresses that cost over $1,000: the Casper Wave (in 2019) and the Serta iComfort (in 2020). The best value was delivered by Loom & Leaf in both tests. As side sleepers, the Casper Wave and Serta iComfort both provide more cushioning and provide the ability to sink deeper. Serta mattresses performed better than Loom & Leaf mattresses for side sleepers; back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combo sleepers (back and stomach) all preferred the Serta mattress.

Casper Wave, even though it is hybrid, is likely to offer less cradling than Loom & Leaf. The quilted cover on Loom & Leaf’s best memory foam mattress is thicker than the cover on most innerspring mattresses (instead of a loose encasement). Unlike standard memory foam hugs, the cover of this hug feels cushiony, so you feel nestled into it rather than sinking into it. Since a springless mattress does not have springs, it is good for motion isolation.

Mattress manufacturers don’t share as much information about their materials as Saatva, which makes the Loom & Leaf bed. Having seen several online mattresses, Loom & Leaf’s offers one of the highest-quality materials: 2-pounds of viscoelastic foam on its top layer, and 5-pounds of memory foam layered beneath it (most online mattresses use 3-pounds).

Their density should allow these products to support users weighing over 200 pounds for many years to come. The three mattresses (for our friend, her grown children, and herself) she bought nearly four years ago have all done well. Our review of the Loom & Leaf mattress found it to be much softer than any foam mattress we’ve bought under $1,000 (including our top pick for under $1,000, the Novaform ComfortGrande). According to my brother, who weighs approximately 230 pounds, he felt like he was slithering through molasses rather than being propelled forward.

This Loom & Leaf mattress features a quilted top, which provides soft padding and helps prevent you from sinking into the mattress too quickly, which is not the case with cheaper all-foam mattresses.

Despite being an online all-foam mattress, the Loom & Leaf avoids many of the typical problems encountered. A boxed mattress can be heavy and unwieldy to unpack when it arrives squeezed into a box, so movers ship it instead. It doesn’t have to inflate before you use it (and you won’t have to wonder, “Is it done yet?”) since the mattress isn’t wrapped tightly in plastic.

Flaws but not dealbreakers. Even though the mattress has a gel swirl layer, my husband and I still felt hot when lying on it. Rather than retreat to the innerspring bed of one of my sons (which gives me more room), my husband fled into the drafty apartment of his brother. Tempur-Adapt’s edge support is not as firm as Serta iComfort, but it’s adequate considering its price point.

For those who need a mattress with very little give, Loom & Leaf also offers a Firm option. During my test, however, I found the Serta iComfort mattress to be too hard. You might be happier with iComfort (see the notable contenders section). According to test subjects, Serta mattresses feel firmer and more supportive than Loom & Leaf mattresses. Serta’s memory foam hug was slightly different from Tempur-Adapt’s, but still noticeable.

The Novaform ComfortGrande under $1K is another all best memory foam mattress that gives a firmer feel. But the density of the memory foam will probably not be enough for anyone over 200 pounds, due to the low density (the company would not specify it). Loom & Leaf mattresses can be returned or exchanged within 180 days of purchase, however shipping costs close to $100. Tempur-Adapt has both dense foam and what’s known as a memory-foam hug, both of which you might consider instead of Relaxed Firm (even though it is still firm).

Our Choice

Novaform ComfortGrande

Under $1,000 best memory foam mattress

This best memory foam mattress is one of the most popular choices among Costco members and aspiring members. It is as dense (and probably as durable) as mattresses costing five times as much. Many testers enjoyed its cuddly feel, but some found it overly firm.

Who it’s for. With the Novaform ComfortGrande, you will find a mattress that suits back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. People who weigh over 200 pounds should not use this product.

How it feels. We found most of our testers agreed that the Novaform ComfortGrande mattress is medium firm, which I believe is the firmest firmness level. Despite its billowing appearance, you don’t feel sunk but rather nestled in the surface of the water.

Why it’s great. It costs about $600 online for a Novaform ComfortGrande (1,200 pounds online, but needs to be carried home yourself). In our January 2020 tests, many of our participants preferred the Novaform to both the Tulo Medium (our previous under-$1,000 foam pick) and the Casper Essential. Six out of 29 testers have rated Novaform mattresses higher than foam and hybrid mattresses. Side-and-back sleepers like the mattress because it feels supportive, while their backs are well supported.

Novaform added a new cover and gel-infused foam (which Novaform claims has good breathability) to The ComfortGrande that we tested. We are confident that the new ComfortGrande is the same as its predecessor based on the observations of Justin Redman, our staff associate, and the specifications. As he tested it at home, he did not feel warm or cool. (As we highlighted in our guide to selecting a mattress, there are no significant differences in cooling capabilities between mattress companies.)

Novaform has a billowy surface and a gently cradling cuddle, but isn’t as plush as the more expensive Loom & Leaf. We also recommend Tuft & Needle Original (our choice for those who detest memory foam) and Casper Essential, both of which cuddle like the Novaform ComfortGrand. With the Tulo Medium (our former pick), you’ll experience a more traditional memory foam hug.

Due to its quilted top and thick 14-inch construction, the Novaform ComfortGrande is a more durable all-foam mattress than many other beds in its class. It was between 3 and 312/cubic feet (typical for mattresses costing around $1,000) and 1.8 to 2/cubic feet (similar to and sometimes denser than mattresses costing around $1,000 or more). If you do not weigh more than 200 pounds (unlike Leesa Originals and Casper Originals) and want a foam mattress, Novaform ComfortGrand mattresses are a great choice. Moreover, Novaform guarantees its products for 20 years.

Although I usually sleep on my side, I slept on my stomach and back with the Novaform ComfortGrande as I had strained my shoulder prior to trying it out. In spite of two other people sleeping in the bed (my son snuck in between my husband and me), I slept through the night; this is a testament to Novaform’s motion isolation.

In our test of other mattresses, the Novaform ComfortGrande mattress arrived significantly faster than many of its competitors. In addition to a full refund if you are unhappy with your mattress, Costco also picks it up for free, should there be any issues.

  • There are flaws, but they aren’t dealbreakers. Costco does not let you buy a queen without being a member, so you have to pay a 5% surcharge (about $30 more for a queen). With the convenience fee included, the Novaform ComfortGrande is cheap compared to all but one of our other recommendations.

The top layer’s density (between 312 and 312) meant this mattress sank less if you weigh over 200 pounds. However, a range of testers weighing between 125 pounds and over 200 pounds liked it regardless of their weight. In general, mattresses made of memory foam that weigh at least four pounds per cubic foot (such as the Leesa Hybrid or the Tempur-Adapt) are more supportive of those who weigh over 200 pounds as opposed to those made of latex foam (such as the Zenhaven). It is likely that the Novaform ComfortGrande bed would hold up to people weighing over 200 pounds for a very long time.

ComfortGrande has also been reported to have a smell when it is first unpacked. When we moved the mattress into my cramped bedroom the next day, I noticed the odor that none of the Wirecutter staff members noticed at our large testing site. There have been some reports that it has taken weeks for the scent to dissipate, but we haven’t heard this from anyone else. The ComfortGrande is another product that frequently receives online complaints about its inability to inflate fully, or never fluffs up to its original 16-inch height. The customer service at Costco is consistently willing to provide a refund if you run into this issue.

It isn’t particularly firm around the edge. When my son slept diagonally between my husband and me (who weighs a mere 128 pounds), my husband felt as if he had stepped off a cliff. But he did not fall off the bed. Sleeping on the bed didn’t cause any sinking, but sitting on the edge caused the edges to bow slightly when I leaned against them.

During our research, we spotted more complaints about the Novaform ComfortGrande’s support. Unlike all mattresses, it has been dismissed as both too soft and too firm. You’ll probably be disappointed in the Novaform ComfortGrande if you’re accustomed to super-plush mattresses (or if you’re a side sleeper prone to sore shoulders, like me). If you like the feel of memory foam, the ComfortGrande isn’t right for you. (We suggest the Loom & Leaf as an alternative, or pop into the store to try the Tulo Soft.) If you want a more conventional memory-foam feel (we enjoyed the Tempur-Adapt and Tulo Medium), try the similarly priced, zero-memory-foam Tuft & Needle.

Our Choice

Tuft and Needle (Original)

Best foam mattress with no memory

Due to its lack of memory foam, Original doesn’t hug your body when it comes to comfort. A soft top and a firm bottom make this a firm, cushioned mattress that you’ll enjoy for a good night’s sleep.

Its purpose. For every type of sleep position, especially for those who constantly switch positions, there is no better pillow than the Tuft & Needle Original. It is not recommended to lift more than 200 pounds.

What it feels like. Firmly-founded. According to one tester, the product is firm on the bottom and soft on top.

What makes it great. In place of memory foam, the Tuft & Needle Original does not have a top layer, which allows you to roll more easily. A tester commented, “I liked how much freedom of movement it gave me.”. Previously, we recommended this mattress for people who rotated their beds frequently, but now we recommend it for back sleepers.

When looking for a mattress that doesn’t sink, the Tuft & Needle is the best choice. In addition to offering good edge support, this mattress also isolates motion very well. It is recommended that polyfoam layers have a density of at least 112 pounds per square foot, because they will be durable (1.8 and 2.8 pounds per square foot).

The original Tuft & Needle has been sleeping on Wirecutter staff for nearly a decade now, and four employees (all side sleepers) still find it comfortable and supportive. One staffer says he plans to buy another after it becomes soft and indented after three years.

Also, customers can try out Tuft & Needle mattresses in select Tuft & Needle stores and in one of the company’s nationwide showrooms.

Not a dealbreaker, but has some flaws. Return policies sound complicated. A local charity is located and picked up by Tuft & Needle. The charity will need to arrange the pickup, give you receipts, and you will need to submit those to get a reimbursement.

The mattress may not be suitable for people who weigh more than 200 pounds. Though this mattress’ top layer of foam is of a decent density, it does not contain a transition layer between it and the firm support layer before it. However, when my brother, who weights 230 pounds, dropped through the top layer, he found it too firm. Tempur-Adapt, Loom & Leaf, and Leesa Hybrid are all excellent options to consider if this applies to you.

Budget choice

Adaptive Copper Cooling by Zinus

This is an affordable hybrid

Even though the mattress is priced modestly, it feels comfortable and supportive. The Motion Isolation and Edge Support are not stellar, but for the amount of money that you are paying you get a very large and heavy product.

For whom it’s intended. Mattresses such as this one ought to be sturdy enough to support all sleeping positions, including those that frequently change their positions. Those who weigh more than 200 pounds should avoid them.

What it feels like. An average-sized. With the foam cushions, you don’t sink into the bed, and the springs add a subtle bounce, so you can easily move around.

What makes it great. Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid 12-inch Mattress may be a good option if you are looking for an affordable mattress that does not feel cheap. Memory foam and coils offer comfort and support, while memory foam provides a subtle cradle.

As with our former budget pick, the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam, Justin Redman tested these other eight under-$400 mattresses in-office and at home in October 2020, but this was the most outstanding of the lot. It features memory foam that’s coated with coils so it offers subtle sinkage without feeling sticky. In comparison with typical budget mattresses, the quilted poly-jacquard cover looks and feels more luxurious.

We like the 588 pocketed coils in the IKEA Hesstun as our budget pick for the best innerspring mattress. Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) and the Leesa Hybrid are more expensive hybrids. This one costs about half the price. Justin noted however that it provides some support and resilience. In addition, he also reported lessening of pressure in his shoulders.

The cooling copper adaptable hybrid was just plain so-so when it came to the edge support.

Zinus pillows and mattresses offer 10-year warranties, and the Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid mattress is no exception. It is possible to try this mattress for 100 nights if you order it from the company’s website; it’s possible to return it within 30 days if you order it from Amazon. While Zinus’ warranty (like Novaform’s) allows returns or replacements up to 1 inch deep, some companies do not allow them.

Not a dealbreaker, but has some flaws. The cover and the corners of this mattress failed to inflate evenly, and the material did not stretch smoothly onto the mattress during our testing. The Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid’s motion isolation is just okay, and its edge support is kind of so-so, despite its individually wrapped coils that are usually found only in more expensive hybrid and innerspring mattresses. In our guide to the best cheap mattresses, we addressed some of its drawbacks. A different cheap mattress we tested, the Best Price Mattress Green Tea Memory Foam, ranked higher on these fronts.

Zinus won’t reveal the density of the foam layer on its memory-foam mattress, so it’s difficult to predict its long-term durability. Weight (104 pounds for a queen) and the fact that its foam density is higher than experts recommend for sleepers weighing no more than 200 pounds suggest it is built from better materials than most of those we dismissed. The Novaform ComfortGrande (114 pounds, one inch thinner and heavier than the Leesa Hybrid) might be worth considering if you want to know what is inside your mattress. It has a deeper memory foam hug, and also provides better edge support because it is 14 inches, rather than 12. Justin notes that it has a subtle memory foam hug and is more substantial in size.

The Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid in particular has been the subject of complaints online (such as this one about the cover leaking fiberglass). Zinus quotes a warning against removing the cover, regardless of its zipper, but we’re unable to determine if the cover contains fiberglass (fiberglass is often used as a fire retardant, particularly among cheap mattresses).

Justin’s Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid mattress didn’t make him feel hot nor cold. On Amazon, only two customers complained of heat retention in the second half of 2020. If you suffer from sleep disorders that contribute to a feeling of being hot, then you may benefit from the Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid mattress, as well as any other mattress that makes cooling claims. In our mattress buying guide, we provide some explanations.

As a company that makes budget mattresses, there isn’t always good customer service. Zinus, for instance, receives an “F” grade for failing to respond to complaints from consumers. Check out this page for more information on affordable mattresses.

Our choice

Zenhaven Mattress

Latex Mattresses that Are the Best

All-latex Zenhaven mattresses cost $1,000 more than competitive online mattresses, but they last longer and are breathable (which means cooler bed temperatures). It is difficult to find a good latex mattress at an affordable price, and this one offers decent value.

The purpose of it. Mattresses of this type are suitable for all sleeping positions. Gentle Firm is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, while Luxury Plush is ideal for side sleepers. Weights over 200 pounds should be able to use the foam without any problems.

What it feels like. Despite their differences, neither side differs greatly from the other. This side of the mattress cannot be described by a single word. Underfoot, it feels very supple and flexible, but it’s padded enough to feel good. The company claims it is 20% harder than Gently Firm (which sounds about right).

What makes it great. Unlike foam mattresses or memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses have a springier, lighter feel. In addition, these are more expensive. Often, a cheaper one feels too rigid and elastic. The Saatva mattress incorporates 100% latex-based cushioning to maximize the benefits of latex while minimizing its drawbacks. It feels supportive without being oppressive, unlike a memory-foam mattress. Although Zenhaven doesn’t have plush softness, it’s still pleasing to the touch. Latex lovers and those who can easily overheat should consider this product.

The Talalay latex on this mattress is a soft, breathable, consistent material. The Dunlop Pure Green is made of a more firm substance than cheaper Dunlop latex mattresses (such as Sleep On Latex Green, our previous top pick). A Zenhaven mattress can be used on both a firm and plush side, and is durable and does not feel rubbery (as may be the case with many latex mattresses). Medium-firm and firm mattresses were most popular among Zenhaven’s test subjects.

Depending on your preferences or needs, you can flip this mattress between the Luxury Plush side and the Gentle Firm side, giving you the flexibility to choose the firmness level that is most suitable for you. Should you wish to switch sides after having slept on one side, Saatva (the company that builds Zenhavens) will send movers to your home to flip it around once (one time only). In comparison with a typical memory foam mattress, the Zenhaven weighs about 30 to 40% more (at 125 pounds, the queen size).

Like other latex mattresses, Zenhaven mattresses can take some time to break in. When I tried the Zenhaven for the first time, I was surprised at how plush it is – on the plusher side of Luxury Plush. In 3 to 4 days, it loosened up, allowing my shoulders and hips to feel comfortable on my side as I rolled onto my back. My husband and I could use the entire bed despite my child sneaking in at night. The unique resilience and motion isolation of latex allowed my husband (who is able to sleep through anything) to sleep well. This mattress has an organic cotton cover quilted over a layer of wool. While these materials may look like natural breeches, they may be more comfortable for people with hot sleep.

Due to the fact that it is not packaged, there should be no off-gassing in your home. You can find out what time the delivery will arrive at your location using the map below. It is possible to wait up to 12 days for a package to arrive in New York City when you place your order. There are nine to 18 days of waiting for a transplant in Provo, Utah.

The organic-cotton cover fits snugly over a wool barrier, while two layers of Talalay latex have been added for additional protection.

Not a dealbreaker, but has some flaws. It’s not one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world, even though it offers more cushion than cheaper latex mattresses. It offers maximum comfort thanks to the Lotus Asana 6 Series. Saatva Classic is a good example of an innerspring mattress with a foam or latex pillow top that enhances comfort as well. The cost of polyester mattresses is higher, however.

Due to its particular weight and two-sided design, the Zenhaven requires a sturdy bed frame and boxspring in good condition. Metal frames and box springs (in two heights) are offered by Saatva for the Zenhaven.

Saatva’s New York showroom is the only place to test out the Zenhaven, as with the Saatva Classic. For nearly $100, you can return it after 180 days at home. However, it is not refundable.

Tests We Conducted on Memory Foam Mattresses

There is a challenge in evaluating mattresses since they are considered highly personal purchases. The fact that each reviewer has a different opinion about one mattress shouldn’t make us get hung up on what they claim. The person who says a mattress “provides just the right amount of support” shouldn’t be too worried about a mattress claiming to treat back ache if the former does so. In the event that you are not a clone of the writer, it is unlikely that your impressions of the mattress will match what the writer wrote about it, so its performance to you may largely be irrelevant.

The factors considered in choosing mattresses were also the same regardless of the product being evaluated. Included were:

  • Free trials are generously offered. Mattress manufacturers should offer a trial period and a refund if the customer is not satisfied. Unfortunately, mattresses do end up in landfills, with no easy way of donating or recycling them. As a result, if you can find them in a nearby store, we also recommend you try them there first.
  • A warranty of at least 10 years. That’s how it works. We feel anxious if the number is lower.
  • Customers are treated well. Initial research was based on ratings from the Better Business Bureau. We selected our final picks after reviewing online customer reviews, exchanging anonymous emails with customer service representatives, and live chatting with them.
  • Durability. You can gain an understanding of a mattress’ specifications simply by looking at its features. In our interview with mattress experts, it was recommended that people weighing less than 200 pounds choose a mattress with a 3 pound density per square foot density. There is 1.8 pounds of memory foam per square foot in the mattress. Polyurethane foam. Those who weigh more should opt for memory foam with a density better suited to their weight, along with polyfoam that is dense enough (at least in the top layer) to provide better long-term comfort. Low-density foams tend to compact more quickly, leaving a slope or indent on the bed. Aside from reviewing manufacturer specs, we also looked at owners’ reviews to see if deterioration or sagging was a concern.
  • A decent level of edge support. It helps to have a firm edge border (in the case of hybrid mattresses) if you want to rest easier and tie your shoes during your sleep.
  • Transfer of motion is minimal. The edge-to-edge movement of foam mattresses cannot be isolated, as it is with hybrid and traditional spring mattresses. Even though coils can make it difficult to completely isolate a mattress, they can sometimes be preferable to other construction methods (such as those using individually pocketed coils).

Our review of foam mattresses began five years ago. One of the top mattress brands displayed the models at its Los Angeles headquarters so staff members could evaluate them quickly and easily. Wirecutter published its first mattress guide in 2016, which outlined the best mattresses on the market. We tested out mattresses for a week and found them to be good. Meanwhile, Kevin was also testing other models at home and updating the guide accordingly. He incorporated reader surveys and his experience into the guide.

As of 2018, we are doing things differently. Our previous reviews covered only mattresses with all-foam construction that cost $500 or less, but we now evaluate hybrid beds and mattresses with premium features (up to around $2,800 for a queen). As of October of that year, we were recommended to consider 17 mattresses, including their latest revisions. Our criteria were met by two of the three.

Under fitted sheets, the ages and identities of each person were hidden beneath each mattress (video). Twenty-three of our test participants chose their favorite products by examining their performance in specific categories (foam, hybrids, latex, under $1,000, over $1,000) as well as on an overall basis. You should take into account the motion control, the edge support, and your overall impression when developing the program. In our entire room, we asked our staff to evaluate which mattress they liked least.

The five least liked mattresses were both eliminated and the remaining mattresses were each slept on between four and nine nights by my husband and me. My husband sleeps on his back the majority of the time, I most often sleep on my side; occasionally I sleep on my stomach. I tend to sleep on my side most of the time; occasionally I sleep on my stomach. It was noted that motion isolation and edge support were discussed, in addition to temperature control and anything else that came up. Each mattress was also examined by visitors and family members.

We covered each mattress with a fitted sheet so testers wouldn’t know which brands they were trying out.

During the first two months of 2020, we conducted similar tests in both offices and in the homes of the winners from the previous test as well as a new batch of foam and hybrid mattresses we thought merited more thorough examination. The newest mattresses from Casper and Leesa, as well as other products available in-store and online from other brands. My mattress comparisons included 12 distinct designs each time I slept on a new one.

The Washington Post, as part of its mattress testing for fall 2020, hired Justin Redman to review the best cheap mattresses. For about a week the best were slept on at home.

During the late summer and fall of 2020 and early spring of 2021, I slept on numerous mattresses at my house for up to two weeks at a time. As I sleep on different mattresses, I am able to notice the different sensations that different people experience.

We surveyed current mattress owners, as well as examined recent reviews of these mattresses on the web. A review should be unambiguous (for example, “I love this!”) and clear (for example, praising one brand while trashing another). Almost always positive reviews are found on forums, Reddit, and brand websites (which are avoided). Mattress reviews are usually not conducted to identify trends, specifically quality trends (since comfort is an individual preference). In addition to subjective opinions, long-term performance estimates have been incorporated into this guide.

What to look forward to

The Puffy Lux, Puffy Mattress, and Puffy Royal mattresses have currently been tested in the lab. A foam and hybrid version of the Lux and Royal are available at the moment, but the company says it will discontinue the foam version. With puffy mattresses, you can test them out for 101 days, and they come with a lifetime warranty. After we write a full review of Puffy, we will add our impressions of its offer to this guide.

The competition

Notable contenders

The following mattresses did not meet our top picks due to a variety of reasons. In any event, one of them may be beneficial to you. The queen-size mattresses are grouped according to their non-sale prices. There is a possibility of price changes.

This Best Price Mattress Green Tea Memory Foam is a good choice if you need a medium-firm to firm bed at an affordable price. Wirecutter associate staff writer Justin Redman tested five mattresses at this price point and found this one to be the most substantial. We chose Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid because its medium firmness makes it appealing to a wider audience. There is no return policy at Best Price Mattress that is based on where you purchased the mattress.

The Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam is also rated highly in our guide to the best cheap mattresses. This memory foam mattress has a medium feel and is softer and more luxurious than any other Justin tested; it is also naturally robust, weighing more than most queen-size mattresses of similar price and construction, suggesting durability as well. Since it relieves pressure, it should be beneficial to side sleepers. Budget shoppers are likely to be drawn to our budget pick, the medium-firm Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid, despite its poor edge support.

Less than $1,000

We almost made it a pick based on evaluations from our testers. In spite of this, the density of the polyfoam and the density of the memory foam are disconcerting: both are 1.3 pounds per cubic foot. Still, people who tested this mattress described it as high-end. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid placed third in 2018 with five people selecting it as their overall favorite hybrid. Softness and overall springiness of the top were also admired. Considering these specifications, our experts believe this mattress is a good choice for a short-term solution or rarely used guest room. Zinus Green Tea felt more bouncy on top than the foam-based Zinus solution.

Despite not getting a lot of rave reviews from our group testers, the Leesa Original remains a top pick in this 2016 guide. Throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018, Leesa Original was tested; this version is different from our review from 2016. Leesa’s new mattress has a flat top unlike many memory foam mattresses. Leesa Original’s plush top makes it appealing to side sleepers who prefer a plush surface over memory foam’s lower profile and body-contouring hug. We still felt that the Leesa Original was a good choice due to its price, however. While the foam density is similar to that of Novaform’s ComfortGrandde (so it should last as long), the price is considerably higher. In exchange for a few hundred more dollars, you can get the Leesa Hybrid couch (on sale) or the Loom & Leaf couches. You can find the Leesa Original at Pottery Barn and West Elm, but it is not available at all stores. If you prefer, Leesa has a showroom you can visit.

A foam mattress, Tulo Comfort, had been chosen previously. While offering three firmness levels has many benefits, complaints of delivery delays and unsatisfactory customer service have been too frequent lately. It would be nice if the Tulo (weighing 201 to 230 pounds) was more resilient. After sleeping on the Tulo for two years, the staffer reports no noticeable wear and tear. Novaform ComfortGrande is also on sale less frequently now than it was previously, which makes it a better value. The Tulo Comfort is a worthwhile purchase if you can find it for $500 or less if you get a sink with the same density and sink as the Tempur-Adapt. To try the Tulo mattress, visit any Mattress Firm store

A twelve inch memory foam mattress by Nectar Original is a largely generic, totally contradictory offering. Because the top layer of memory foam has a low density, I cannot ensure durability of the mattress for people under 200 pounds, which is where 3 pounds per cubic foot are usually needed. A Nectar Original slept on Justin’s bed for two weeks at home. Its medium-to-medium-soft feel is ideal for side-sleepers who like to switch positions without feeling stuck for long periods. (Even a mattress that costs half as much as the Nectar Original has the same top layer density.) Nectar’s feel is characterized by comfort and memory foam. As a matter of fact, the Original looked just like any other bed-in-a-box when I tried it in a store – a piece of everyday furniture with no real sense of luxury. The absence of distinction in the Nectar Original, however, may appeal to those who appreciate softer all best memory foam mattresses. Although the product appears to be durable, it isn’t. Nectar offers a free trial period of one year and a lifetime warranty, so that may eliminate some of those concerns.

Mattresses made of leather typically cost more than $2,000 each. Sleep On Latex Pure Green has a price of around $800 and is made up of all-latex. There are two layers of latex foam encased in cotton coverings and wool batting. The Soft, Medium, and Firm versions are available, and the return or exchange period is 100 days. It felt especially firm and strangely elasticky when our testers tried the Medium model in our office. It was also more reasonably priced than the IKEA Mausund latex mattress. There is an inherent weakness to Dunlop-latex mattresses compared to those made of Talalay latex (which takes longer and costs more to produce) or memory foam. Our Pure Green recommends itself to back- and stomach-sleepers that prefer firm to very firm mattresses and are in search of an affordable latex mattress. If you can spend an extra $1,000, we recommend the plusher Zenhaven mattress, which is more expensive.

Under $2,000

Casper will debut their Nova Hybrid mattress in early 2020. Our other polyfoam picks do not have the pillowsy comfort of this foam bed. Nonetheless, there is a cushiony feel rather than sinking. This mattress is composed of dense upper layers with more than 600 pocketed coils in the base (you will not feel much bounce). As such, we consider the Nova Hybrid to have decent long-term durability, regardless of whether you weigh 200 pounds or less. There are several retailers in our network selling foam mattresses with polyfoam bases that weigh 1.8 pounds per cubic foot (normal for mattresses in this price range). The hybrid mattress seems a little less springy than foam of this density; nevertheless, we would prefer coils over foam. Using a group test will be the best way to determine if this model is a favorite among side sleepers and foam lovers. (Turn your mattress regularly to prevent body impressions, especially with soft mattresses.) You can make your decision to buy this mattress at one of Casper’s sleep stores.

It is not as firm as the Element, but it is slightly firmer than the new Casper Original mattress. As for this mattress’ top memory-foam layer, it’s probably more durable than most similar in price, providing a cradling sensation (rather than a typical foam mattress’s slow sink). The Novaform ComfortGrande (which is slightly less expensive) is a better choice if you’re not a fan of the unique feel of this mattress, while the Loom & Leaf offers a more luxurious feel. When it comes to a mattress that offers a good deal of cushiony conformity, our picks and contenders are probably a better choice. Tempur-Adapt and Leesa Hybrid promise more than 1,000 individually pocketed coils each, but the company could not provide any detailed information. Although, the Casper Original Hybrid may be a good choice for you if you prefer a mattress with some memory foam and some resilience. Casper offers many sleep stores where you can try it before purchasing.

It is designed to accommodate plus-size individuals and can accommodate a weight limit of 500 pounds per side. Additionally, if you don’t need a plus-size mattress, you can chose to buy another mattress from the same manufacturer. Ten out of the 13 people who slept on it were under 150 pounds, so it’s the best hybrid mattress or the second best hybrid mattress that we tested in 2020. Even though the coils are firmer than memory foam, they still conform to the body without being overly rigid. It seemed that the staff did not agree on the winner of the mattress contest. Although, we think it is in keeping with the material of the mattress (two polyfoam layers sandwiched between two layers of memory foam). Memory foam is less resilient than third-layer latex. 212 pounds of latex weigh one cubic foot of this material. People who weigh more than 200 pounds will enjoy the Leesa Hybrid because it has a memory foam layer. Body conformity can be achieved by using 968 coils of 8 inches. As part of Helix’s free 100-day trial, you’re covered by a 10-year warranty.

We tested the Nest Alexander Signature in medium when it wasn’t yet flippable in 2018. In addition to the high density of foam, there was an impressive level of motion isolation. The option was even described as a “luxury” option by someone else. The tight surface, which felt soft beneath, confused me. Most testers complained that the mattress was “too soft.” If the mattress could be turned from medium to firm, perhaps more people would be interested. Nest has showrooms throughout the United States. You can visit one and make your own decision. If both sides are equally appealing to you, flipping your mattress may be a good idea.

One of Purple’s founders used buckling column gel foam to create a cushioned medical product called Purple Mattress. Our 2018 testers, however, found the mattress was “weird,” jiggly, and crackly when they laid on it. According to the manufacturer, this mattress offers excellent pressure relief. It may have taken a little time to get used to the Purple’s texture, but it was one of the least liked mattresses during group testing. Those with back or joint issues might want to consider the Purple mattress, which can be found at Macy’s and Mattress Firm nationwide. Our staff member has owned one of the original Purple mattresses for nearly three years, despite not being blown away by it. The Purple Hybrid incorporates springs, like the Purple Mattress.

Mattresses with Saatva Latex Hybrids are likely to best suit sleepers who prefer firm, durable mattresses. While it has thin coils (1334 and 1412) compared to our hybrid picks, it still belongs in our top 789 hybrids. We expect the mattress to last for most sleepers, including those who weigh over 200 pounds. It is constructed with three inches of latex, an increasingly durable type of foam, rather than polyfoam or memory foam. Moreover, Talalay is a superior latex to Dunlop, which means the bed will feel plusher, consistent, and more breathable. It may, however, lack plushness for some. The supervising editor of Wirecutter’s sleep team, Courtney Schley, says that the product didn’t feel luxurious. In the future, we plan to evaluate it with a broader group.

$2,000 and up

You might like the foam pressure relief and the steel coil bounce of a BedInABox Dual Hybrid. The springiness of this hybrid mattress wasn’t the leading reason staff members selected it as their favorite, but three out of five who viewed it as their favorite overall liked it too. There were many fans, but some felt the game wasn’t straight as a board. BedInABox makes its own foam, so the mattress has a consistent, foamy-springy feeling in addition to its foamy-springy feel. The full size seems to be more expensive than the queen size, despite this; we prefer the queen size. There is a 20-year warranty offered by mattress company BedInABox, and a 180-day trial period, but you must test it for at least 60 days before you can return it.

In addition to providing excellent support (including edge support), the Lotus Asana 6 features a latex/foam hybrid. A 2020 tester compared it favorably with our latex pick, the Zenhaven, because it feels luxurious. Over Talalay latex and polyfoam is a quilted foam-and-fiber top layer. The PranaSleep surface was praised by users (including me) for its buoyancy, making it the second favorite mattress overall. For those seeking a comfortable latex mattress, this option is still a good choice, even if it is not as comfortable as the top-of-the-line model. Several retailers offer free trials for PranaSleep mattresses. It is covered by a twenty-year warranty.

With the Purple Hybrid Premier you can choose from two thicknesses, and it has springs and gel foam. The Purple Hybrid Premier Purple Grid version has been used by a 210-pound staffer and his 110-pound wife to relieve joint pain. I think he would prefer a softer mattress for stomach sleep, but it is soft enough for side sleep.

It is Tempur-Pedic’s newest bed-in-a-box, the Tempur-Cloud. Compared with Casper and Leesa, this mattress is more substantial. As a result, it boasts a higher density of foams than its competitors: 4.5 pounds per cubic foot of memory foam (versus conventionally 3 pounds) and 2.5 pounds per cubic foot of base foam (versus conventionally 1.8 pounds). The price is about double that of other mattresses. Unrolling a Tempur-Cloud mattress has no chemical odor. It uses “re-engineered” Tempur memory foam, which sinks slowly, but its feel is shallower and more huggy than our favorite, Tempur Adapt. This bed might not be for you if you do not prefer firm mattresses. It provides a greater amount of pressure relief for about $200 more than the Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid. It is delivered conventionally by truck instead of a box and comes in 2 variations: “Relaxed Firm” and “Firm.”

Other contenders

Under $500

The previous budget pick was Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam 12-inch. This foam was thick and squishy, despite its low price. However, the most recent version was too hard and turned off staff homes. The Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid not only offers more cushioning (although it does not feel as huggable as memory foam) but is similarly priced.

We found the Allswell Luxe Hybrid, for an additional $300 or so, to be a much better option than the entry-level Allswell Hybrid. The Allswell has significantly lower specs than our favorites. A number of our testers expressed a sense of cheapness during our brand-veiled test. I tended to lean toward my husband because of the weight difference we have. The moment I moved away from him, I felt as if I was going over the edge despite the springs. While some might argue that having a king-size mattress didn’t make much of a difference, I was not able to tolerate it due to its size.

Although it’s a budget-friendly mattress, it is the thinnest best memory foam mattress we tested. Due to the mattresses’ similar foam densities, we suspect testers called them “floor mattresses.”

Under $1,000

BedInABox Original is an established manufacturer of online mattresses with a history of 14 years. Like other mattresses of similar price, this mattress had a dense layer of memory foam. “Huggy” and “muddy,” according to one staff member.

This Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a well-priced hybrid mattress (springs and coils), which is supportive without feeling too hard. According to me, it’s 11 inches thick, and we were satisfied with the specifications as well. This mattress feels bouncy while remaining sinky, the opposite of the Nest. It may be because the TitanFlex layer blends latex and foam properties, but it allows for a sinky feel. It might still be worth your while to take a look at this model. Arizona and several other cities across the U.S. are home to multiple showrooms for the company. Our test model was the Medium. If you want Soft or Firm, they are also available.

A new all best memory foam mattress will be available in 2020 with the Casper Element update to the Essential. We found that the earlier version was widely liked, however, the newer version has more firmness and may be more comfortable for back- and stomach- sleepers. In spite of the less detailed cushioning than Leesa’s other mattresses, the Element is still durable (particularly in comparison to the somewhat more expensive Studio). Thus, the top layer of polyfoam will last longer with our Element under all types of sleeping arrangements. Since there is no memory foam in this new model, it does not sink, but also provides a light cushion for comfort. We recommend the Novaform ComfortGrande because it is more luxurious and costs less. The Casper Element can be tested at an on-site store.

Its Cocoon foam mattress was liked by test subjects who liked softer mattresses. This soft version is comparable to the original Leesa in terms of density and edge support, as well as texture. Since the Tulo (on sale for $450 to $500) offers a similar sensation to our pick, the Leesa Cocoon did not make the cut. It may be better suited for those who like a softer feel to choose this mattress with its softer memory foam. It is not possible to try the 100-night trial in a store, only online.

The GhostBed is topped with a layer of gel-infused memory foam layered on top of a layer of latex (which is typically more breathable than memory foam). One Wirecutter staffer observed that the mattress was extraordinarily firm, perhaps too firm for most people. GhostBed is exceptionally firm with a density of 4 pounds, however people weighing over 200 lbs, due to its long-lasting latex, should consider it.

Our testers did not like Helix Midnight. In addition to the plushness, I liked the extra plushness. One person said they’d like it in a hotel, but not everyday. It’s unclear, however, whether the Midnight would hold up to people weighing closer to 200 pounds, since the foam densities are a bit more than 3 pounds per cubic foot (212). Mattresses like the Helix Plus can be adjusted to a wide range of sizes and weights.

In 2019, most of our testers were unimpressed by IKEA Mausund; they felt it was too firm and rubbery. There are two latex mattresses similar in price, but Zenhaven is more comfortable than Sleep on Latex. Compare the price of Sleep on Latex with that of this mattress.

As Leesa’s newest entry-level mattress, the Studio by Leesa has the same soft quilted cover (albeit less thick and soft) and seems just as irresistible due to its memory foam, as it does the Leesa Original. You can get luxury and extra firmness from Casper Element at an affordable price. Despite their relatively low density, the upper foam layers maintain their shape over time (experts recommend 3 pounds per cubic foot for people under 200 pounds). This may not be the best choice if you’re only going to use it occasionally or if the warranty only lasts 10 years. I think Leesa has been an overall positive experience; it looks great, it’s transparent, and its customer service is top-notch. Those things aren’t important if you’re looking for cheap mattresses.

New from Serta is a foam-only mattress called the iComfort. Our tests focused on the basic model, which has a thickness of 10 inches and looks like a mattress from a store. Memory foam moulds itself around the body in a way similar to the Tempur-Adapt. A majority of our 2020 test team, who tested mattresses over $1,000, preferred the Loom & Leaf to the Serta iComfort. People who prefer the Serta said it is firm, and it provides support and comfort. There was a change in the taste of the marshmallows from what they were before. You can spend less money on iComfort if you want to get the comfort of memory foam without having to spend extra on Tempur-Adapt.

Under $2,000

It is definitely an upgrade to the original Tuft & Needle mattress, the Hybrid. Featuring a pillowtop, a memory-foam layer (not found in other Tuft & Needle beds) and springs, the mattress offers exceptional comfort and durability. Compared to the other mattresses on our list, this one was stiff and saggy as a result of its stiff cover. It would have been better to make the Tuft & Needle Original more graceful because it costs over twice as much. My shoulder, however, felt pressured when I was lying on my side, my back and my stomach. This mattress will be tested with a wider audience in a future group test.

In spite of its higher price tag, the Premier feels similar to the Nectar Original. The Medium is an inch thicker and more firm than the Original, as it is a true medium and not a medium-soft. Despite its density, the memory-foam layer on top should be durable for people weighing up to 200 pounds. For the same price and even less than Casper Original, we recommend Loom & Leaf. The Premier Copper from Nectar is $400 more (in queen size) than the Premier, but the components are not significantly larger. There is a one-year trial period on each product, as well as a lifetime warranty.

Over $2,000

It features a 13-inch construction all made of foam, which makes it a medium-firm mattress. It even has a layer of Sonocore latex  which adds to its durability and springiness. It is, however, an expensive model. Tempur-Adapt features longer-lasting memory foam and at least 1,000 pocket coils for hundreds less than the Leesa Hybrid. For those not interested in memory foam, the flippable Charles P. Rogers Estate SE comes at a similar price sometimes. It might be better to buy the Loom & Leaf mattress, which costs a few hundred dollars less. In addition to the all-foam Wave, the 2020 model is available only from partner retailers.

This guide is written by our experienced expatriates in the field of mattresses so as to make sure that you get the best recommendation of best memory foam mattresses available online.