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Top Pick: Steelcase Gesture

If you’re looking for the best chair for backpain, but don’t have the time to go through long research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Steelcase Gesture as our first choice.

Make Your Workday More Comfortable with the Best Office Chair

The majority of cheap office desk chairs make you feel cramped, uncomfortable, so the best option is to upgrade to a quality model. Designed specifically for your body, it can provide you with a comfortable sitting position, regardless of what type of sitting position you are in or how much time has passed. Based on over a dozen different brands’ careful research and comparisons we have come to the conclusion that Steelcase Gesture provides the best, all-round alternative, both in terms of comfort and durability over time.

Who is it for?

Did you know that if the chair isn’t comfortable, it can lead to back pain and even long-term health concerns like obesity? It’s important not only for your comfort but also because of all the time spent sitting in a chair. Over 14,000 hours is what someone spends on their office chair over 10 years! That means so much more than just being nice to sit down in – this could mean better posture or less weight gain due to lack of exercise from spending too many hours at work.

The tally doesn’t include all of those late nights, weekends when your called into the office, or unfortunate occasions where you have to scarf down lunch while sitting on your computer screen. And let’s not forget about any late-night gaming sessions that might be a part of this equation as well!

The best chairs for home office workers are those that avoid putting you in positions such as hunched over your desk.

We all know how bad sitting can be to our health, but having a poorly designed chair only adds to the problem by forcing us into uncomfortable and unhealthy postures. If you work from home on occasion, finding an ergonomic seat is worth investing time in because it will make your daily tasks more comfortable and better for long-term well being.

If you don’t spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, then an ergonomic chair isn’t necessary. If it’s just for occasional email checking or playing games, buy whichever one is most comfortable to sit on and looks good where you need them. Many people find they’re happy with using their dining room chairs if needed because there are less adjustments such as height adjustment that have to be made when occupying these seats throughout your day-to-day activities at home.

Ergonomic expert Alan Hedge warns that finding the right chair is like trying to find a good pair of shoes–you want it to fit your needs exactly, and you’ll consider materials, quality, aesthetics. The only way for this process when choosing chairs from different manufacturers will be trial-and-error (or better yet: try before buy!), but at least now you have some helpful pointers as well!

The perfect office chair can be hard to find in stores, but don’t fret! When looking for a new or used desk chair consider checking out an architectural salvage store like Habitat’s ReStore. They’re filled with old furniture that has been refurbished and should suit your needs just fine. If you are unable to visit the store there is still hope for finding the right fit; many online retailers offer generous return policies of at least 30 days so if it doesn’t quite feel right when you get home then send it back before being stuck with something uncomfortable all day long!

You spend hours sitting at your desk. You deserve a seat that not only supports you comfortably, but also looks and feels great. We found the best office chair of 2021.

Our Pick: Steelcase Gesture

The Steelcase Gesture is a top pick among ergonomics experts, as well as our own testers. Though this chair is a bit pricey, it performs as well as our upgrade pick at relieving back pain and keeping your hips in a comfortable position. The Gesture has the same type of backrest adjustment lever that we love on the Herman Miller Aeron but without the carbon-fiber look (and price tag).

It also has the same five-star base of our upgrade pick. The entire thing is balanced by a weighted ball on four shock absorbers. The benefit is that movement is virtually silent, unlike less-expensive chairs that can creak and groan when you lean back or move around.

Most office chairs in the market today provide pain relieving features that help support the back from slouching backward and stretching too much forward. However, not much emphasis has been placed on the sitting posture of the thighs during the long hours of work.

With Steelcase Gesture Chair, you are provided with full body support with flexibility around the thighs. Seat that contours to comfort and provides a wide range of movement to enable individual relaxation. The edge of the seat is flexible so that you can bend it around the thighs for improved comfort and relief against pressure points. With emphasis on the lower body’s health benefits, users can now enjoy premium seat comfort, all day long.

The Steelcase Gesture comes with sensors that accurately sense when someone is sitting or standing to adjust to his or her height and weight. It has an advanced suspension system that helps it glide across any flooring. And the 26-inch flat-free wheels on this model let you roll from place to place with ease. But most importantly, it is comfortable.

In 2021, it is convenient to say that most people are employed in establishments where they are mandated to sit for over 10 hours at their office desk. We at ReinierDeJong can authoritatively say that this trend is inevitable, and research has shown that it is taking a negative toll on these individuals. Some of the common consequences of this sedentary jobs include back pain.

There are lots of possible solutions to prevent, or at least alleviate the conditions that accompany sitting for too long. Most importantly, as far as we cannot always decide our 9 to 5, one move that seems quite simple but is very useful is selecting one of the best office chairs for back pain. Some of these products are also the best office chairs for sciatica pain.

Picking the best office chair for back pain in 2021 may not be an entirely straightforward process, because there are lots of factors that would have to be put into consideration, before selecting what is suitable for every individual’s unique body structure. The right office chair will help manage back pain and can also help to eliminate the condition. It is also quite useful for the improvement of posture.

Paying attention to the best office chairs for long sitting has become all the more critical in recent times. Sitting at work is inevitable, and research has shown that the average individual will spend ten consecutive years of their life in a sitting position. What better way to minimize the negative impact of sitting than selecting the best chairs? It is the only decision that will make these ten years as pain-free as possible. There is no cost too high to pay for good health, after all.

How We Picked and Tested

One crucial consideration when choosing an office chair that keeps its occupant happy is how much pressure they put on each part of their lower back because prolonged compression can lead to chronic pain or discomfort – which may make working from home unappealing! To help narrow down our selection today, we looked through over 50 models before narrowing them down by these requirements:

  • Comfort: The most interesting aspect of finding an ideal work desk isn’t just about choosing a seat that provides maximum support for both back and buttocks; what’s even more vital to consider are whether or not any armrests will interfere with typing ergonomics—and if there aren’t enough adjustments on offer so as to keep all employees comfortable no matter their height, weight distribution, general posture etc., then chances are this won’t be the right fit for everyone.
  • Lumbar and Back Support: The office is the place where we often spend most of our time. It’s important to be comfortable while you’re working so that your concentration doesn’t go down and you stay productive throughout the day. A good backrest can help with this, but not all chairs are created equal in terms of lumbar support features as well as adjustable height options for a more personalized fit.
  • Ease of Reclining: Reclining is important for “sustainable sitting,” according to our experts. This will allow you some relief from the static position of your body by allowing movement while seated. For office chairs that are comfortable and ergonomic, look for models with a backrest that can be adjusted horizontally or vertically in order to let you recline without feeling like you’re at pilates class!

The Best Lumbar Support Office Chairs to Buy in 2021

Back Pain: Best Office Chair

Now let’s examine some of these office chairs and their distinguishing features. This evaluation is based on personal experience and popular opinion.

1- KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather

Kadirya High Back is one of the top quality Executive Office Chairs available in the market. It has a sleek appearance, and its distinctive design made of bonded leather speaks class. The appearance of the chair is stylish but not limited to mere aesthetics since it is very comfortable as well.

People can sit for hours comfortably with this seat as it relieves pressure from the hamstrings and has a padded seat for the same effect. Implicitly, the notion is that users can sit for hours comfortably without experiencing any pain in this region. It reclines for about 120 degrees, and this makes it useful for relaxation during working hours. It has a very unique design that enables it to stand out against its competitors. Its reclining features tilt it back slightly even when I am sitting up straight.

It offers unique arm and shoulder support with its flip-up arm design. Swivels for a standard 360 degrees for mobility while working. The KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather has BIFIMA certification. It supports weights as much as 250 pounds enabled by its unique nylon casters and strong nylon base. It is not just a stylish and executive chair, but it is also designed for durability and stability. The effort put into its unusual design may have made the recline features a bit too clumsy.


  • Sleek Appearance
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Recline features
  • Arm and shoulder Support


  • Clumsy recline design


The KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Office Chair offers back support, comfort, and class.

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2- Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair

Among its unique features include the fact that it is suitable for buyers with $200, and this is also a useful ergonomic mesh computer office chair. The components are BIFIMA certified, and the procedure for installation is straightforward and easy. The seat can support weight as massive as 250 pounds. Typical of all computer chairs, the seat is broad, and heights may be adjusted accordingly. It is one of the best office chairs for lower back pain, and can be reclined for comfort. It has unique recline features that can tilt to about 135 degrees.

This chair is made with top-notch production materials, a breathable mesh, and its back support is designed to accommodate the S shape of the spine, especially. It also comes with ergonomic lumbar support made with nylon. It’s a swivelling chair that turns 360 degrees, which means its users can be moderately mobile while actively using the chair. Another aspect worthy of mention is the unique, robust, and resistant metal base.

The few drawbacks are its very firm seats and questionable durability. The armrests too seem somewhat too low for adjustments, and this may not be suitable for very tall individuals.


  • User-friendly installation
  • Wide seat
  • BIFIMA-certification
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Effective lumbar support


  • Armrests too low for tall people
  • Questionable durability
  • Seats are too firm for comfort


The Massage Office Chair has outstanding features that cater to preferences but has questionable durability, and its armrest may not be suitable for tall people.

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3- The Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair

The Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair is considered to be one of the Best chairs for Lower Back Pain. It holds this unique status because of it’s adjustable back angle. It is useful for reclining and keeping the back comfortable while taking this position. Unlike the conventional chair, while reclining with Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair, the pressure is taken off the spine. It also relieves the pain in the lower back.

The backseat and headrest of the chair can also be adjusted to suit individual preferences. The chair is designed such that every individual can adjust the chair to their customized perfection. This customized adjustment will help to prevent back pain. The chair also contains adjustable lumbar support that serves people with back pains if adjusted accordingly.

The Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair enforces the most effective posture to prevent back pain. Since it is established that bad posture is the most common cause of back pain, using a chair that can lead to the most effective posture has become very important. It is uniquely designed with a synchronized tilt mechanism and has a seat depth that can be adjusted accordingly. All these features, combined with breathable mesh construction, makes it one of the best in its category.


  • Special recline features
  • Customizable
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • Effective lumbar Support
  • Improves posture


  • It is more suitable for tall people.


The Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair is wonderful for improving posture. Its distinctive features also make it great for back support.

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4- Herman Miller SAYL Chair

The makers of the Herman Miller SAYL Chair are aware that for most modern-day work establishments, the plan and structural design are quite different from what was obtainable in the past. The advanced work environment is not only designed to be sleek and attractive but is also structured to enable maximum productivity among workers. Now there is an office chair that is designed to balance this well thought out formation. The Herman Miller SAYL Chair by Herman Miller was structured by Yves Behar, one of San Francisco’s finest architects. The driving force behind the idea used in creating this unique office chair is similar to the concept behind the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Considering the esoteric plan and creative exploits behind the design of this unique chair, the Herman Miller SAYL Chair is arguably one of the most exceptional looking office chairs available anywhere today. Created with a restrictive Y Tower design, this chair pampers your back with all the support that it needs. Another unique element is that its Arcspan grapples the elastomer strands that complete the chair’s rear area. The exquisite design of this chair is not all that it offers, as we already pointed out, it enables productivity. The elastomer strands are solidified in essential places on the back, which ensures that the right posture to minimize stress to the body is adopted. The strands are also adaptable, so while in different spots, unreserved movement is enabled.

The chair is also manufactured with fewer materials than the popular models, and this makes it natural while ensuring cordiality.


  • Elegance
  • Comfort
  • Warranty
  • Adjustable


  • Expensive
  • Not for very tall people
  • Lacks headrest/Neck rest


If you are not above 6FT plus, you may go for this masterpiece.

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5- The Herman Miller Embody Chair

Among the best office chairs, Herman Miller products stand out. The Herman Miller Embody chair may as well be the Best Chair for Back Pain. It is one of the most exclusive in its category. The makers of the Herman Miller Embody Chair used a combination of simplicity, and design, it has few levers and knobs, and this makes it very easy to use. The components of the chair are designed to ensure proper weight distribution. Since the terrible posture that leads to back pain is caused by adopting a wrongful sitting posture.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is ergonomically designed such that it moves with your body. It is also very flexible as users can adjust the chair to suit different purposes. However producing the chair in more sizes will improve its marketability as the Herman Miller Embody chair used currently comes in a single size. Some of the unique features of the chair include a sturdy graphite base, tilt limiter, flexible arms and seats, and a frame. All these are part of what makes it easy to use whether you decide to sit upright or lean backward.

Like other Herman Miller products, the Herman Miller Embody Chair is Made in the United States and comes with a 12-year warranty. This chair is very firm, and this makes it very useful for people who suffer from back pain or compressed discs. The features, however, mean it may not be convenient for people who have a preference for softer chairs.


  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable and Fitting
  • Durability
  • Comfortable
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Very Breathable
  • Attractive warranty


  • Expensive
  • It comes in just one single size.


The Herman Miller Embody chair relieves spine pressure and balances posture due to its even weight distribution.

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6- Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller with its customized Aeron Chair lumbar pad is one of the best Ergonomic Office Chair currently available in the market. Since decades ago, when this chair was first manufactured, its popularity has not declined, and this is a pointer to its effectiveness and acceptance. This chair comes in three different sizes, so every individual has options to choose from at any time. It is an ergonomic office chair and comes with elegant Aeron Chair Casters, and an Aeron Chair lumbar pad. In the event that these Aeron Chair Casters develop faults after prolonged use, they are easily replaceable. Its design comes with a follicle suspension and a curved backrest that is perfect for the S shape of the spine. It is also made with a mesh making it very breathable.

The Aeron chair is sturdy in design and is manufactured from top quality material. Its unique design makes swiveling on the chair come naturally. The headrest for Herman Miller Aeron chair makes it one of the best office chair for neck pain. The impact of the headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair does not just make it the best office chair for neck pain, its distinct swiveling features qualifies it as one the best office chair for lower back pain, and one of the best office chairs for long sitting. This particular feature is a product of its patented kinematic tilt mechanism, which is unique to the manufacturers. While using this chair, there is a tendency to align the spine with the pelvis because of its posture fit mechanism design. This design pushes the user to tilt forward and adopt the best posture to minimize and prevent back pain.


  • Offers special spine support
  • Sturdy
  • Easily adjustable
  • Ergonomic
  • Customized Aeron chair lumbar pad


  • The armrest’s adjustment is limited.


The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is the perfect ergonomic chair as it is designed to support the S shape spine of its users.

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7- The Modway Articulate Ergonomic Chair

The Modway Articulate mesh chair comes with some very unique features. It has an adjustable armrest, those who spend lots of time on the desk with their work computers will find this to be quite useful. The back seat and seat depth is also adjustable just in case the armrest’s flexibility is not as customizable as users require. It also comes with a safety locking function for its unique recline feature.

Modway Articulate mesh chair supports weight as high as 330 pounds. It is a pocket-friendly office chair with five hooded caster wheels, and this allows users to be very mobile even when they are seated at work. These wheels are smooth on various carpet types. It is also accompanied by a swivel that can rotate at 360 degrees. Although it supports enormous weights, the cushion on the seats to be too thin, especially once they start using it regularly.


  • Affordable
  • Recline Features
  • User-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Flexibility


  • Cushion seats are too thin
  • Armrests adjustment is restricted


The Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh office chair is affordable for the features it offers. Its components are flexible for suitable adjustment, and it is convenient to use. However, some users will find the cushion ion the seats too thin eventually.

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8- TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair

It has a unique Ergonomic design with a Skeletal Back Synchronous Mechanism that benefits the spine. Its synchronous mechanism and position lock which can tilt for about 145 degrees allow the user to recline comfortably. This chair also comes with lumbar support features which can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. The armrest can also be adjusted to enforce ergonomic positions while the headrest’s unique flexibility makes it possible to adjust in 3 different positions. These features explains the demand for Topsky gaming chairs.

The mesh used in the production is of the best quality, so the chair is as breathable as it can be. It is user-friendly and designed to support weights as massive as 330 pounds. Users will find extraordinary uses for the sleek hanger on the backrest.

Some setbacks, however, include that other chairs in the same category offer more component adjustment features, especially for lower back pain. Its 1-year warranty puts its durability into serious questions.


  • Special Lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Unique recline features
  • Very User-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Special Backrest hanger


  • Questionable durability
  • Some component parts are not so adjustable


The TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair is useful for lumbar support, and its other unique features, however, the 1-year warranty attached puts its durability in doubt.

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9- La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Chair

There is a shortage of office chairs for very tall people, and this is definitely manufacturers thought of while creating the La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Chair. It portrays an elegant appearance with its chestnut bonded leather upholstery which combines well with the wood components shaded in walnut colour. This elegance is also accompanied by a distinct supple leather that is quite comfortable and easy to clean. The conclusions that can be drawn from the informative La Z boy executive chair assembly instructions is that this chair manufacturers pay a well-detailed attention to its elegance and an office chair that aligns with modern office designs.

Some of the serious firmness of the chair is padded with an extra cushion that balances the general feeling, and it is quite suited to taste even if not everyone agrees. Its design is specifically for very tall individuals and people who are heavyweights, and this explains why the seat is wide to accommodate up to 400 pounds conveniently.

Being a chair for all heights, it is adjustable for comfort and to make relaxation very easy. Furthermore, the La Z boy Executive Chair assembly instructions are also succinctly elaborated even for the inexperienced users and requires strict adherence to maximize the chairs potentials for users in the workplace.


  • Sleek design
  • Recline feature
  • Firm chair
  • Adjustable features
  • Endearing leather


  • Detailed leather generates heat.


The La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Chair is an executive office chair, its distinctive features include elegance and comfort, but the excessive leather padding generates heat.

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10- VANBOW Leather Memory Foam Office Chair

VANBOW Leather Memory Foam Office Chair is quite distinctive with its flexible foam used to support the whole body. The primary purpose of the Vanbow chair is to alleviate the pain in the lower back region as one can always shield the entire back area as one deems fit. Although some will consider the seat pads to be hard, it is useful for reducing the pressure on the calves and the thighs.

The Vanbow chair is designed with lumbar support that keeps the lower back active. It is quite innovative as the power of the weight can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of every individual. This seat makes the lowering or expansion of stature easy because of the standard-affirmed gas lift attached.

With the Vanbow chair, users can be sure of a protected seat, although it may not be suited to benefit excessive weight. Even though the base is designed with quality nylon, it does not appear to be overwhelmingly strong. One other flaw is that the instructions are not so direct and may be difficult comprehension for some individuals. With proposed elements of 27.6″ x 29.9″ x 42.1″-45.1″, this seat will shield your back and legs during long stretches of office hour. In any event that some aspects of using this chair are causing a level of discomfort after purchasing this product, there is a 1-year guarantee attached by the manufacturers so buyers can contact them to lay relevant complaints.


  • Adjustable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Mobility
  • Comfort


  • Material easily deteriorates


It is beneficial for back pain, but the materials used in manufacturing the chair may not be top quality materials.

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11- Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair

This office chair is an Amazon Best Seller and is an Amazon top pick. The Amazon Basics swivel chair is a combination of comfort and a sleek appearance. It comes with a unique upholstery that is in PVC and bonded black leather. It may not be suitable for an office without an AC or proper ventilation. It comes with a sufficiently padded backrest and seats designed for sitting for extended periods. Its swivel features go 360 degrees allowing the user to be mobile while sitting.
The backrest reclines slightly and promotes the best posture. It has a valid 1-year warranty. It is a very durable chair, and users will not regret purchasing the chair. It is even more likely if the 250 pounds weight limit instructed is not in any way violated.

There are some drawbacks with this chair. If the chair is regularly used, there is the tendency of squeaking unnecessarily. The recline features of the backrest also seem to be too excessive as it reclines with slight weight.


  • Affordability
  • Enforces good posture
  • Comfort
  • Sleek
  • Durability


  • Upholstery generates heat
  • May become squeaky from prolonged use


The Amazon Basics High-Back Chair is durable and has an elegant appearance, but might the chair quickly start to squeak from prolonged use.

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12- The Steelcase Gesture Chair

Among the Steelcase chairs Amazon sells, the Steelcase Gesture Chair is useful as a practical Computer Chair for those spending Long Hours on their desk with a computer. It passes the Steelcase gesture test as its most outstanding feature is the fact that it supports the natural movement of the spine while sitting. It can, therefore, adapt to a lot of very modern and trendy technologies. Its qualities that cater to the spine emanates from its S-shaped backrest, which is moulded after the spine. The Steelcase Gesture Chair with headrest review underscores the importance of a headrest which is absent even though the featured armrest is heaved backwards so that sitting relaxed is easier.

This chair has a 360 arm support setting that mimics all the possible movements of the arm, and this means that any activity that can be carried out in these modern times on a device is enabled in the design of this chair. This unique feature goes for all technological tools we can currently encounter.

The back support and seats are all adjustable; this makes sitting comfortable and can also assist in the enforcement of the best posture. These seats are equipped with soft edges and air pockets for its foam paddings. All these combines for natural support and makes sitting for extended periods not to be a nightmare. Another distinct feature is the core equalizer technology used for the chair’s back support. This technology essentially gives it reliable back support.

A major flaw for most users according to the Steelcase Gesture Chair with headrest review is that asides from the headrest that is lacking, some users advocate for an arm lock mechanism for controlling movement. This product passes the Steelcase gesture test for its tech-friendliness.


  • Sleek Appearance
  • Spine support backrest
  • Comfortable seat
  • Technologically advanced Armrests
  • Effective Lumbar Support


  • Swivelling armrest lacks lock mechanism
  • There is no headrest


The Steelcase Gesture Chair is designed to be tech-friendly as it allows you to use various modern-day devices with its innovative armrest.

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13- Argomax Black High Back Desk

The Argomax Office Chair is considered to be among the best office chair for sciatica. The effectiveness of this chair that qualifies it for the best office chair for sciatica is from its ergonomic features. It also has a padded armrest and very adjustable headrest.

It is recommended for the enforcement of a good posture. The Smart Auto-adaptive Base that accompanies its design allows the backrest to adjust accordingly to your weight effortlessly. The chair has one lever with a three-way lock mechanism; it reclines to a decent 135 degrees and is easily adjustable.

Another reason for its effectiveness for the alleviation of sciatic nerve pain is as a result of its S-shaped backrest, which is perfect for the spine, and the neck. It remains one of the best office chair for sciatica currently in the market.

BIFMA and SGS certify the Argomax Black High Back Desk, this is one of the most valued certifications in this regard and speaks volume about the quality of the chair. It comes with durable nylon and a glass fibre frame. It also has a mesh backrest which makes the chair very breathable.

People suffering from sciatica will find the firm seats very useful; this is because the foam pads are quite dense and offer relative comfort that strikes a balance. Although the makers could have been more creative with the armrest, the waterfall design for the seat edge will benefit the hamstrings and support sitting for very long hours.


  • Ergonomic chair
  • Headrest and backrest can be adjusted easily
  • Enforces correct posture
  • Recline features
  • Benefits the hamstrings
  • Rugged


  • Makers could have made the armrest more adjustable.


The chair is designed for comfort and productivity, but the armrest could use more adjustments.

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The Best Massage Home Office Chair Desk

Humanscale Freedom Chair

The Humanscale Chair is designed for its functional effectiveness, Humanscale freedom chair like the name suggests, offers freedom from back and neck pain, and it is a top-rated chair in this regard. The Humanscale chair design is a product of a rigorous population sampling technique as it is produced to assuage the inevitable consequences of sedentary habits. Using the Humanscale chair will help users to minimize the occurrence of pain in the neck and the back especially. For those seeking for where to buy humanscale chairs, check the trusted recommendations from Reinier De Jong.

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The Best Massage Home Office Desk Chair

It is a comfortable chair that offers stability and very supple cushions. It is not an ergonomic office chair in the sense of it but is very useful for people who sit for an extended period. It has mobile wheels that are smooth on carpets but is not very suitable for people suffering from pain in the lower back.

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Amazon Basics MidBack Mesh Chair

It comes with a pneumatic seat height adjustment. This seat is also adequately padded, and the chair is designed to support huge weights. It offers users comfort tailored to their uniqueness.

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KADIRYA Ergonomic High Back Leather Chair

The Kadirya ergonomic High Back leather chair is an executive chair with an exquisite appearance. It is made of quality PU leather and designed for comfort. It has special adjustable features to ensure maximum comfort.

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The Ikea MARKUS has exceptional built-in lumbar support. It is quite useful as a gaming chair, although it is not designed with so much flexibility for adjustment. The Ikea Markus price range for most of its products are decent and the Ikea Markus gaming chair lie others in its line passes the Ikea Markus test for effectiveness.

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Serta Mid Back Office Chair

It has a very unique and innovative design. The air kinetic support is beneficial for the lumbar region. It also has supple pillows to massage the body and ensure comfort. Its major drawback, however, is its flexibility as it has limited adjustment features. The Serta office chairs come in different varieties, this chair is different from the Serta big and tall computer chair.

The Serta big and tall computer chair supports up to 350 pounds.

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Black PU Leather Ergonomic

The Black PU leather ergonomic office chair is of top quality. It is a combination of class and durability, which matches its high-end price tag. It is designed to be rugged and durable, yet the ample padding ensures comfort. A significant drawback, however, is that the chair’s leather upholstery may generate too much heat and the chair always seem to lean back a bit.

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Steelcase Leap Chair

The SteelCase Leap Chair is ergonomic chair. It offers excellent support to the spine and makes the spine and chair movement completely natural. The special feature and effect are attributed to its unique LiveBack technology which is patented. Although it is an ergonomic office chair, the limited padding on the seat makes prolonged continuous sitting somewhat tricky.

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Poly and Bark Inverness Ergonomic Chair

The Poly and Bark Office Chair is an ergonomic chair that has very flexible features giving room for desirable adjustment to suit the user. The major drawback of the Poly and Bark office chair is its size and enormous weight. However, for the large individuals, the Poly and Bark Inverness Ergonomic Chair will proof to be useful.

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Where to Buy your Office Chair

The effectiveness of an office chair for back pain can only be confirmed from a trial, so testing is a must. The implication is that you should either purchase your chair physically from a store where you can test your options accordingly or from a platform with an excellent reputation, reasonable warranties and return policies. Amazon’s 30-days return policy is beneficial in this regard, and this is why the platform is highly recommended. The platform also has a global shipping presence which explains why it is one of the most trusted stores online. Check What is Selling the Best on Amazon

Research on the Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

They say the most constant thing in life is change, and the most consistent change of all is certainly age. You’re never asked how young you are but how old you are. Sooner or later, when age starts to creep in, the decisions we have made about the lifestyle we adopted in the past will begin to take a toll. Back pain is one condition that comes with age, poor sitting postures and a sedentary lifestyle. Five out of ten actively employed adult will experience this at one particular time or the other. The severity of back pain has been further worsened with technology. Most jobs place a preponderance on an IT-enabled workspace, and this encourages sitting for extended periods. The need to be proactive has never been more real; an aggregate of decisions must be taken to prevent falling into the trap of back pain. If one is already experience this, there are counteractive actions that can alleviate the situation.

How to Choose an Office Chair for Back Pain

A few distinctive office chairs are being manufactured in recent times to cater for the increasingly dominant workspace culture of sitting. These office chairs are designed for various effects, and they offer varying degrees of comfort for multiple needs. There are office chairs that cater to lower back pain, those for very tall individuals and other various unique physiques. The materials used in making these chairs are also not the same just as they are designed differently.

Before purchasing an office chair for lower back pain or whatever particular condition, the priority is to select an office chair that is specifically designed to give the specific comfort required. The buyer will live with the decision for a long time so being thorough to ensure the office chair is designed to alleviate lower back pain is essential. Go for the office chair that will give you maximum back support, especially since you might have to sit in this chair for several hours of the day.

Furthermore, some office chairs do not have the regular conventional designs of the regular office chairs. Some of these chairs look entirely different from what is obtainable everywhere and the opinion that people have about them from the first appearance is not that of an office chair. The ball chair is a unique example. This office chair is designed to force the user to stay active and use the centre muscles to maintain the best posture.

It is quite useful and comforting for those who have suffered lower back pain for a long time and seek immediate relief. The use of an ergonomic knee rest can also be used to support this chair. The effect is the removal of the strain on the knees. Also, it adequately balanced the distribution of weight all around the body. It is beneficial for preventing and soothing lower back pain. No matter what particular condition prompts our decision to buy an office chair, whether for back support, lumber comfort or what have you, there are not too many options available, but the options available are effective. The most crucial thing in making a final choice is picking what addresses your particular condition.

The Features of the Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

The unique thing about some chairs is their flexibility. Users can customize these office chairs to soothe lower back pain. The customization may require adjusting the length or the headrest as one deems appropriate.

For those who do not have these modern office chairs with ergonomic features, all hope is not lost because there are some add on that can make what is available more comforting. An example is an attachment of a lumber pad on the rear end of the chair to give lumbar support and reduce lower back pain. Office chairs are adjustable, some are inflatable, and some can be pre-framed accordingly to suit different needs. Some people also improvise by adding towels to pad up the chair. All these are not the best, and nothing beats purchasing a super office chair for back support but doing something is better than doing nothing.

Back pain remains one of the most reported complaints made by actively employed workers globally. This complaint is particularly the case for people who spend most of their time sitting during work hours. The very first move to make daily to prevent lower back pain is to be actively mobile. Moving around from time to time will with the specific aim of exercising all parts of the body help to engage all the muscles of the body and prevent back pain conditions. It is also essential not to be static in the same posture for over 30 minutes. All these precautions and adopting a beneficial sitting posture will help to minimize back pain from arising.


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Moreover, here are some essential habits to incorporate into our daily lives that will help in the prevention or at least minimize the occurrence of back pain during work hours. Using the best office chairs alone is not enough to perfect your workspace, but certain adjustments will enhance the productivity of our workspace and minimize back problems.

Shoulder to Body Alignment:

You may do this by rolling them back and down before squaring them over your hips. The key here is like an attempt to balance something that mustn’t tumble off on your head.

Adopt the Right Sitting Posture:

When you sit with your legs crossed, keeping the spine straight will be difficult. It will also put unnecessary pressure on the pelvic muscles. There is the need always to sit appropriately because this is the number one suspect for back pain.

Support Your Sitting Posture with the Other Parts of the Body:

The best way to sit at work and minimize back pain is to keep the feet level on the floor. The chair should be upright enough so that the thighs may edge down reasonably. The usefulness of this posture is that there won’t be unnecessary pressure on the lower back, but bodyweight will spread around the bones you sit on.

Adjust the Height of Tray for Arm Support:

The goal here is to keep it high enough so that the elbows can tilt around 90 degrees easily. With this in play, you would not have to lower your shoulders to type or perform your regular tasks on the desk. If the tray is too low and makes proper adjustment impossible, the entire workspace should be adjusted.

Position You Work Computer Monitor Accordingly:

The screen of your work computer should be almost on the same level as your jawline. The size of the screen will determine how the screen is adjusted. The idea is to keep it on virtually the same level.

Carefully Pick the Most Suitable Chair:

The most effective office chair is the one that gives lumbar support to your back. It should lean back marginally to provide the body with comfort.

Move Your Butt Regularly:

Most people used to think sitting was cool until the awareness of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle began to emerge. The more you sit, the more your posture suffers. To avoid back pain, move around at least every 30 minutes, a restroom break, tea break, quick pacing about, or anything at all to be mobile regularly.

The Common Causes of Back Pain

We have all been advised at one particular time or the other on the proper posture. The list of suggestions is endless. You should always stand upright and not slouch, learn to keep your head straight, etc., these instructions are so many that it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all without conscious effort. If the suggestions are practised consciously; however, you are bound to grow and get used to a standard posture that will help you avoid conditions such as back pain eventually.

For every back pain, neck pain, joint problems and the likes, there is the careless individual who refused to pay adequate care to advise. When we adopt a bad posture, it quickly becomes a habit that is hard to break and is a recipe for back pain. It also makes us uncomfortable and allows some medical conditions to thrive in our bodies. Adopting a good posture is non-negotiable. You should choose one and practice it in different situations until you are entirely accustomed to it no matter where you are or what you are doing. It will not only enhance the physique but will also strengthen your spine and keep it in perfect shape. A good posture is not just healthy; it has a great appeal.

Certain practices may lead to back pain if they are not corrected. Some of these are not even practices but postures or physical mannerism that enable back problems to arise. Anyone conscious of their health should avoid the following at all cost.

Avoid Slumping

No matter your position or psychomotor activity, slumping is not allowed. You might be sitting, standing or taking a walk, always endeavor as much as possible to be in an upright position. The body’s posture while standing should have a Shape to keep the spine in shape but hunching forward forms a C shape which over time hurts the spine and the back.

Do Not Crimp Your Neck

The IT explosion is partly responsible for this. It is not unusual to find people holding their phone between the neck and head for phone conversations. This act is a recipe for cerebral pain and will hurt the neck and the spine sooner or later. There is a need to consciously balance every part of the body appropriately during any activity to avoid causing problems.

Always Bend Your Knees while Lifting Objects

We exert too much pressure on the back when we try to lift objects without bending our knees. Bending the knees will balance the weight and put appropriate pressure on the legs rather than the back.

Avoid Putting too Much Pressure On One Side of the Body

Whether you are carrying heavy objects or the moderately heavy objects always balance it up on both sides. If you cannot use an appropriate means of transportation for one reason or the other, try not to force your spine to a disadvantaged posture. Such objects should be balanced on both the right and the left side and should be kept forward reasonably.

Avoid Immobility Over Extended Periods

It is the usual suspect, and you will find lots of literature now documenting the dangers of being in one position for a very long time. You should remember that research has now shown that the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle outweigh the effects of smoking. This revelation calls for concern for anyone careless about this in the past. Always time to move around, stretch your body and take new positions. Be conscious of your posture, your movement, and positioning daily. If you find it too hard to monitor yourself effectively, you may ask for support from your colleagues at work as their assessment will most likely be more objective than yours. You only live once, and a sound mind in a sound body is essential for healthy living.

Remember whether you have a home office or the traditional office, as much as you love to produce satisfactory work, so should your attention and care for a healthy body be emphasized. If your original work is done at a desk, you need to pay attention to that workspace to optimize productivity and at the same time, keep your body in perfect condition. The chances are that those running a small business may not have the resources to consult an ergonomics expert for the best structural modification to make in their workspace, but this should not in any way be an impediment. There are lots of practical steps that if taken, will not only make the best out of your workspace but will also keep your body, especially your back in its best shape. Being busy at your desk does not have to be a death wish.

One of the best decisions to make in this regard is choosing the best office chair for lower back pain. These type of office chairs are specially designed to prevent and manage pain. It can, therefore, improve comfort, ensure good health and secure work productivity. Certain factors must be considered while deciding on this office chair, especially if your target is an office chair for back pain, whether for prevention or counteraction — the priority factor to be considered is how this chair ensures back support. For maximum effectiveness, the chair must have lumbar support. It must also include cushions that will ensure its user sits straight and remove too much pressure from the lower back. The office chair in question must also be very flexible. Adjustable features should accompany its design so that the user can make adjustments to suit physical needs. The armrest, back support angle and height of the chair are some of the parts that should be flexible and easily adjustable.


While trying to buy the best office chair for lower back pain, it is also essential to consider the material used in manufacturing the chair. If the office chair is of top-notch quality, it will most likely have a cushioned or meshed back. The headrest and seat cushion should be adequately padded to give maximum support to the user. The cost of chairs for back pain vary. You may find some lower than $100 and will also find the expensive ones that are above $1000. Your final decision is all about choice and the depth of your wallet. No price is too much to pay for a good back. Those who are already suffering from a bad back will tell you this. If making use of a well-designed office chair will reduce your back problems by more than half, there is a justification for whatever amount spent on the chair. Also, remember to accompany the purchase of your office chair with these tips to enjoy a pain-free back.