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Top Pick: Nest Bedding Comforter Pillow – Easy Breathable

If you’re looking forward to buying the best pillow for side sleepers without the hassle of going through the research process, then just go for this one.

We consider Nest Bedding Comforter Pillow – Easy Breathable as our first choice.

Choosing the best pillow for side sleepers can be more difficult since side sleepers typically need more head and neck support. The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow is the best for both side sleepers and those who prefer to sleep on their stomach. We tested over 1,000 pillows and found a variety of options.

Side-Sleepers Will Enjoy It

In addition to offering firm support, this pillow can also accommodate side sleepers. The foam does not have the lingering chemical smell of other shredded foams. The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow is a top recommendation for both side and back sleepers in our comprehensive guide to bed pillows. Furthermore, it provides comfortable neck support so stomach sleepers will not experience discomfort.

Many pillow manufacturers advertise specific positions for sleeping, but in our experience, we find they don’t quite match up. Due to its moldability, shredded memory foam pillows were overwhelmingly preferred by our side sleeper testers.

A memory foam pillow recommended as best pillow for side sleepers since 2016 is the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. In spite of the lingering chemical smell in over half of our pillows, its 30-day return policy and affordability make it worth considering. Also available from Sleep Number is the ComfortFit Pillow Ultimate, which can be customized according to your body shape. With shredded foam and an alternative to down, this pillow is the loftiest of all the shredded-foam pillows we tested. This product is easier to customize than others thanks to its three sealed, removable layers.

Which Is the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?

It is important for side sleepers to select a pillow that has the right combination of firmness and suppleness, and with a loft of between 4 and 6 inches. People on their sides require more support since there is a larger gap between their head and the mattress. Due to their wide shoulders, broad pillows are needed. When you stand straight, your neck and head should be roughly in the same position as on any pillow.

When you stand straight, your neck and head should be roughly in the same position as on any pillow.

Terry Cralle, a registered nurse and sleep educator, says that positioning your body while you sleep is crucial to health and quality of sleep. Sleeping and waking up are equally important. The pillow should be positioned so that your head and neck are in a neutral position. Your spine also needs support, so don’t just use your pillow for your head. A thinner pillow between the knees of side sleepers can make them feel more comfortable, according to Carlle. A body pillow with full-length support is the best pillow for side sleepers.

As we gathered information for our guide to bed pillows, we spoke with several experts, and they all agreed that pillows are a very personal choice. The human body differs from other bodies, that’s a simple truth. It may be necessary to use one pillow or two depending on which side you sleep on. As a base layer beneath a thinner down pillow, several employees use Xtreme Comforts and Easy Breather memory-foam pillows. To figure out what works for you, you are likely to have to go through a trial and error process. It’s essential that a pillow has a 30-day return policy so that you can test it at home before you purchase it.

To test your pillow before purchasing it, choose a pillow that allows you to return it for 30 days.

As part of our 2018 pillow guide, we tested 30 promising pillows for the first time. This is the fourth update to our full pillow guide over the years. Panel of individuals was then asked to try eight to ten pillows that best suited their sleep positions for a month. Three people tested each pillow and gave us feedback after sleeping with it for three nights. To find the perfect pillow, we had to consider comfort, well-constructedness, and affordability. Additionally, we wanted a pick that had a good return policy and a good warranty. You won’t remember the reason why you bought that pillow, but it will make the search worthwhile.

A Nest Bedding Cool Breath Pillow

Side-Sleepers Will Enjoy It

With this pillow’s moldable and customizable filling, back- and also side sleepers are provided with firm support. Our other complaints have been lingering chemical smells associated with other types of shredded foam. Side sleepers who need support and comfort will love this pillow’s smooth, flexible texture and adjustable fill. The thicker, softer cover of Tencel helps hide lumpiness better than other mattresses. Costs are associated with it, as well.

Despite being tall pillow, the Easy Breather has an adjustable fill. People can take out clumps of foam until the loft is just right, so it is flexible and adaptable to their bodies. Back sleeper said, “Realized after taking a third of the stuffing o the stuffing was cut by one third of this pillow that I like an understaffed pillow.”. I have met my match.”

Embraced by Tencel-blend fabric with stippled edges, the Easy Breather’s soft cover secretes indented foam fill. Despite being brand new, the Easy Breather had a better smell than the other pillows tested. The smell of memory foam is not uncommon, but the pillow we tested smelled much worse than others. No Easy Breather tester has ever complained about stinky pillows. In 2019, I received an Easy Breather which smelled unpleasant for few days.

Easy Breather provides a two-year warranty covering manufacturer defects, as well as 30 days return policy. We’ve tested pillows for years, and we haven’t found a competitor that offers a better warranty and better return policy. Although Sleep Number and Garnet Hill offer the most generous warranties, they are still more generous than the rest of the market.

Makes up For Its Low Price Tag with A Pillow That

Is Suitable to Side Sleepers.

It provides firm support for back, side and stomach sleepers, and is more affordable than other shredded-foam pillows we’ve tried. It might, however, smell strongly of chemicals.

In tests we conducted over the past four years, the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow consistently outperformed more expensive pillows, though we found something unpleasant about the two Xtreme Comforts pillows we tested recently. A shredded-foam pillow that doesn’t smell can usually be found for less than half the price of Nest Bedding’s. Loftier pillows can cause neck stiffness. Besides bamboo and polyester microperforated material, it also has removable microshredded foam fill to keep sleepers cool. Most of our back- and side- sleepers like the lumpier texture, though some have had trouble getting used to it. As one side sleeper put it: “I have never owned a pillow that supported my neck so well as this one.”

The Xtreme Comforts suits as the best pillow for side sleepers, according to our experts. The pillow is comfortable when lying sideways despite its lofty nature and its shredded fill keeps you from feeling stiff from most one-piece memory foam pillows. She praised the firmness and softness of the pillow: “I needed the support the Xtreme Comforts provided for my neck and head.”. “I had an old pillow made of solid latex, and it worked fine, but it was high and solid.”.”

Even though many people are surprised to hear this, squishy, moldable pillows actually provide better support than solid pillows. Think of how your head would feel if it were supported by a molded pillow during sleep rather than one-size-fits-all pillows. The Xtreme Comforts mattress did much more than improve the support of Ria Misra’s previous memory foam mattress.

Other types of pillows ranked much lower than the Xtreme Comforts among side-sleepers. Alex Arpaia of Wirecutter said her sleep has improved since switching to Xtreme Comforts: “I’ve been using Xtreme Comforts for quite a while now. My head and neck are supported well with it. It requires occasional fluffing, but so far it has worked. The feather pillows often don’t give me the support that the Xtreme Comforts do. I often think about going back to feather pillows, but when I do, they don’t provide as much support as they did before.”

Besides customizing the size of the pillow, you can also customize the amount of filling inside their pillows, which is something we haven’t seen with other pillows before. You can shape the shredded foam to fit your head and neck, which holds its shape better than other pillows we tried. By opening the inner cover, you can reduce the pillow’s loftiness. Daniel Varghese, Wirecutter staff writer, liked this feature for getting a soft yet supportive pillow. He continued removing foam until he reached the level of softness, yet support, he desired.

Xtreme Comforts can be adjusted to fit people of all sizes and shapes thanks to the flexible fill. Moving a lot at night will benefit those who do. The majority of test subjects were able to adjust to lumpy fill fairly quickly and were able to sleep more comfortably afterwards. The best surprise, however, is that it costs half as much as our other choice, the Nest Bedding Easy Breather. A 30-day return policy allows you to try it without risk, even though Xtreme Comfort has been very popular with our testers.

Ultimate ComfortFit Pillow by Sleep Number

The neck support this pillow provides sets it apart from other shredded foam pillows. As an added benefit, we offer memory foam shredded bed pillows that allow you to rest stress-free and without interruption. Our test in 2019 included three pillows that were adjustable. Having a foam pillow customized is easy with the Comfort Ultimate. The foam offers support and the down alternative provides softness. A suitcase has only one covering, whereas this one zips on 3 sides, allowing you to easily remove the three layers within. We found most shirts to be comfortable among our testers. After removing one the inserts, the sleeping tester said, “It works great!”. That’s the way I like it 

Testers enjoyed its streamlined, smooth, and soft feel, which masked lumps in foam and prevented it from overheating. Layers of filling are enclosed in layers of jersey knit fabric to create a soft, noiseless pillow. Even the Xtreme Comfort had a strong smell after a few days, so it needed airing out. As a result of his long-term use, one of the sleep testers has experienced no old down alternative left him with shoulder pain pillow while alternately sleeping on his side and stomach. People who want an extra lofty pillow should try our tallest high-density foam pillow.

Sleep Number does have some shortcomings, however. During the pandemic, Sleep Number stores, which we’d normally recommend, are not open, and an exchange is not allowed. In terms of return policies, this pillow might be returnable, but a better option would be Nest Easy Breath. We evaluated this pillow more than five years ago, and Sleep Number offered a year warranty which is crucial when choosing the best pillow for side sleepers.