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Top Pick: Pancake Pillow

If you’re looking for Best Pillows for Neck Pain, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Pancake Pillow as our first choice.

As we scroll through Instagram and screen share on our smartphones, and type at an awkward angle, tech neck seems inevitable. You can also change your pillow as another way to soothe aching necks, according to our chiropractor. Getting a heating pad wrapped around your neck can provide long-term relief, not instant relief.

In order to be healthy and fit, you need the best pillows for neck pain, says Dr. Riccardo Tersigni of USA Sports Therapy in Florida. According to Tersigni, it’s quite simple to choose the right pillow – “make sure that your neck remains neutral,” he emphasizes. “If you sleep on a pillow that does not allow your spine and neck to be in a neutral position, your muscles will be constantly tense. This tension will eventually manifest as sore muscles, headaches, and tingling in your hands and arms,” Tersigni says.

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Doctors we spoke with all agreed that the best pillows for neck pain were those that kept the cervical spine, or cervical vertebrae, in a proper alignment. David Perna, chiropractor at Back & Body Medical, recommends lining up your skull’s midline with that of your sternum’s and your pelvis’ midline. Most people are most likely to achieve this alignment when they are sleeping on their side or back. Those suffering from neck pain should sleep on their side or back, according to Randi Jaffe. As the head is rotated and the spine isn’t in a neutral position, stomach sleeping puts a lot of strain on the head, neck, and upper back. From a completely organic pillow to an orthopedically designed option for more severe cases of neck pain, chiropractors share their recommendations for the best pillows for neck pain.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain

  1. Cervical Pillow Tri-Core by Core Products
Best Pillows for Neck Pain

Her previous recommendation appeared in our guide to the best side-sleeper pillows. Jaffe has been using this treatment extensively for neck pain on all levels for many years. Both positions will keep the neck from moving forward or bending to the side. There is also the advantage of maintaining a nice position because it provides a bit of an arch in the neck.” However, there are a number of other benefits as well. According to Jaffe, it provides headache relief, upper back and shoulder pain support, three sizes, and two firmness levels. It is possible to choose which side of the pillow feels best because one end is firmer than the other. Also on the Tri-Core bandwagon is strategist Alison Freer. Her neck pain disappeared and sleeping became more restful after using it.

2. A Firm Neck Pillow from Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic Ergo Neck Pillow Firm Support

The pillow that Perna loves most has no less than three distinct “rolls” on its side for added comfort. The memory foam from Tempur-Pedic is dense, and since it will hold the body weight of the user, it’s crucial that the pillow has a certain amount of resistance in order to prevent the user from falling off during sleep. In addition to maintaining your neck’s natural curve, it is firm enough to fill in the gap between your head and shoulder without causing an unnatural bend. In addition, a smaller version is also available with a narrower frame.

3. Cervical pillow of BioPosture BioMemoryFoam

This pillow was also recommended by Jaffe since it has the same shape and has two sizes: a shorter contoured one for sides or back sleepers, and a taller one for back sleepers. The proprietary material it is made of, Celliant, can reflect and absorb body heat. Therefore, it is capable of regulating body temperature. In addition, it helps speed up your muscles’ recovery by returning infrared heat to your head and neck area.

4. Pillows with Goose Down Feather Pure Down

puredown Goose Down Feather White Pillows

According to Washington chiropractor Dr. Jordan Duncan, those who experience neck pain should use a pillow that is soft and malleable. Because it’s filled with the fluffiest down, he highly recommends it. The stool sinks into the head and neck where it rests and does not force the head and neck into extreme flexion. A goose-down pillow also offers different levels of firmness and softness depending on who is using it.

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

5. Shoulder Relief System, from MedCline LP,

Even though it may be advantageous to sleep on your side for spinal alignment, sleeping unsupported can cause neck and shoulder strains. It is sometimes difficult to sleep on one’s side without excessive pressure on the neck, says Perna, so many people struggle to maintain it. The effect of a high loft pillow when you lie on your side can be to raise your neck too high. Side sleepers who are looking to relieve neck pain should consider the MedCline. Its graduated wedge shape provides comfort. Aside from that, the bottom arm can be slipped through the hole to reduce the stress on the shoulders.

Neck Pillows with Adjustable Height

6. Pancake Pillow, Adjustable Layer

According to Perna, adjustable pillows, such as this one, are more personalized if you fall between the two above pillows. A person who sleeps on his or her side, especially if the shoulder is narrow, requires a smaller pillow under their neck. The right amount of support can be achieved by adding or removing layers as appropriate, based on your size.

7. Select Foam Cervical Pillow, Dual Core

Dr. Rudy Gehrman adheres to the principle of less is more when treating neck pain. He sleeps on his back or side, and places a folded towel under his neck when he sleeps on his back and thin pillows behind his head when he sleeps on his side. It is also important to ease into this approach, even though many people might not be able to handle it. There are four interchangeable support rolls that he likes for transition because they gradually reduce the plushness. His recommendation is to anyone who wants to reduce the number of pillows they use, and possibly only one, to a minimum.

Pillow Best Suited for Treating Neck Pain

8. Pillowise

A one-size pillow won’t fit everyone, says Body in Balance chiropractor Jan Lefkowitz. This is because our shapes and sizes are so different. I discussed the matter with a chiropractor. As far as best pillows for neck pain are concerned, one size does not fit all. When buying a pillow, it’s essential to make sure the neck is properly aligned, says Tersigni. Even the softest, firmest, and fluffiest pillow cannot satisfy me. Whether you use one or twenty pillows. Based on your neck and shoulder measurements, sleep position, mattress firmness, and sleeping position, Pillowise determines the most appropriate pillow for you. In my experience, a pillow’s effectiveness rests largely on its fit,” Lefkowitz told us. It is important for spinal health and for relieving neck tension to use pillows and supportive memory foam, says Stern. Pillowise is a favorite with colleagues, and Dr. Lefkowitz says, “I couldn’t live without mine.”.

Choosing a Pillow to Reduce Neck Pain

9. Orthopedic Pillows by Therapeutica

The extra-firm pillow comes with a lumbar wedge that provides back support, making it similar to a cervical spine pillow. The treatment option is recommended by Dr. Jaffe for those who suffer from migraines and tension headaches, as well as those experiencing severe neck pain. A pillow, according to her, restores a person’s neck’s natural curve, and prevents excessive neck movement while they sleep.

An Ideal Water Pillow to Relieve Neck Pain

10. Pillows by Mediflow

The firmness level of water pillows is dependent on how much water is used, according to Rahul Shah, MD, a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon. According to Jaffe, most pillows are filled with water. Some may prefer the idea of a water-filled mattress if they are allergic to down or synthetic fillings. For people who prefer not to use many pillows, Gehrman recommends the adjustable water pillow as well. Its water base and hypoallergenic fillings make it a favorite among chiropractor Karen Erickson’s favorite pillows.

An Organic Pillow that Relieves Neck Pain

11. By Sachi Organics Buckwheat round neck pillow

A Japanese-style cylindrical pillow filled with buckwheat is good if you are a buckwheat-sensitive person or simply prefer something all-natural. This pillow “keeps the cervical-spine aligned properly and provides good support.

Pillows that Regulate Neck Pain’s Temperature

12. Buckwheat pillow from Sobakawa

According to Dr. Veera Gupta, this pillow is suitable to treat mild, moderate, and severe neck pain. The buckwheat hulls are covered in muslin cotton, which is meant to deflect heat. Pillows should be as comfortable as Goldilocks’ porridge was.

Cervical Roll Best Added to Pillows

13. McKenzie Roll Original by OPTP

You should use a cervical roll instead of replacing your current pillows when you sleep on your back with the best pillows for neck pain. A stretchy pillowcase like this one is easy to insert into any standard pillowcase. It supports the natural curvature of the neck, he says.