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Top Pick: Sheets – Brooklinen Classic

If you’re intending to buy the best printed sheet without going through much research, then just buy this one.

We rank Sheets – Brooklinen Classic as our first choice.

When Reinierdejong staff tests sheets for home-goods editors, we typically use white sheets. Despite seeming data-driven, our staff is actually design geeks obsessed with prints and colors. Our picks for the best sheets we’ve tried are our favorites. The best printed sheets can transform a room for the better, and here we’ve compiled our favorites.

We have rounded up the best printed sheets that we recommend, as well as a few favorites that I have been using in my daughter’s room for years. Among our wonderful assortment are blankets in check patterns all year long, modern prints in a few colors, budget-friendly sheets in dozens of styles, organic cotton baby sheets in dozens of styles, and cute, affordable prints for your kids. Each print overlaps the other. We have tips for cleaning colored and printed sheets to prevent them from fading. White sheets, on the other hand, will not fade with time. If there are any other prints you would like to see, please let us know. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

1. Sheets – Brooklinen Classic

From Classics to Quirky Prints

It feels cool and crisp against the skin as well as crisp. These prints are frequently changed and can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles.

The Classic Core Sheet Set by Brooklinen is one of our best printed sheets for summer, coming in a variety of modern prints. It feels cool, crisp, and breathable against the skin if a sheet is made of percale weave. Despite its thin sheets, this set is crisp and airy to sleep between, unlike L.L.Bean’s top pick for percale sheets. Their long-staple cotton provides a smooth, robust feel that lasts for years. They’re Oeko-Tex certified. I tested several sets over the past four years, and I kept washing them constantly. They’re durable, but they don’t soften quite as much as L.L.Bean sheets do. During that time, if you don’t like them, you have the option of returning them.

L.L.Bean’s prints are much more traditional. Brooklinen’s prints change every quarter, however. A timeless classic is the pin stripe, while some truly abstract patterns are available, too. Colorful, graffiti-like patterns, blue waves, and geometric shapes have attracted my eyes recently. As soon as the prints become available, make sure to buy them right away, because they tend to sell out fast. We love these sheets for students with sophisticated, artistic taste who want to upgrade from dorm sheets. Since years, Brooklinen Classic Duvet Covers have been recommended to match your bedding.

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2. A Performance Sheet Set with 400 Threads

Budget Prints Galore

Compared to the other picks on our list, these cotton sheets are hard to beat, as they come in more prints.

Our budget pick for Target’s Threshold 400 Thread Count Performance Sheet Set since 2016 is the Threshold 400 Thread Count Performance Sheet Set. In comparison to percale weave sheets, sateen weave sheets feel smoother, darker, and denser. It’s warmer and softer than many pricier sateens I’ve worn, I’ve owned several Threshold printed sets. The colors do not fade, and they last for years. Threshold’s sets are also the only ones printed on sateen, which means they’re less scratchy than percale sheets from Brooklinen. There are no prints on this pick that are meant for adults. We have seen them on sale for less than $50 for a queen set of best printed sheets that are Oeko-Tex certified. Whenever you are not satisfied with a Threshold item for a full year, you can return it to Target, which owns the brand.

Target offers a wide range of queen-size sheets in various patterns, from stripes to florals to snowflake designs, but selection and availability can fluctuate a lot. A little less striking than Brooklinen is the muted color palette with less bold yellows and reds. Brooklinen has the advantage of allowing you to choose from a variety of prints.

3. Made of 280 Thread Count Pima Cotton by L.L. Bean

It is breathable, durable, and gets softer as it is washed, so this is the best percale we’ve ever tried. Two patterns may not be the hottest, but you may find that they work well for you.

For percale best printed sheets, we haven’t found anything better than the L.L.Bean 280-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set. They can be used as often as you like without any problem. Even when you touch them, they’re cool. They become softer with each wash. Because percale floats on top of your body, it is more breathable than denser sateens that sink into every crevice. Percale, the thicker fabric in Brooklinen, is likely to cause overheating. The latter is not the case with L.L.Bean’s. Both prints are available and the fabric is an Oeko-Tex-certified long-staple cotton.

L.L.Bean’s percale prints feature a circular pattern and a blue and white windowpane design. Garnet Hill and Brooklinen sheets have a few similarities to Target Threshold sheets, such as muted colors, soft lines, and simple shapes. We would like to see some more updated colors in this company, since they don’t really do bedding. Classics that are timeless and impeccable are made by this brand.

4. Set of Four Percale Sheets by Garnet Hill

A Colorful Array of Dots

Dotted sheets are our favorite dorm room sheets, but they are so fun that they can also be used for adult bedrooms.

Garnet Hill offers students such a beautiful Polka-Dot Percale Sheet Set all year long in twin XL and it is durable yet comfortable enough to last the duration of a student’s college experience. Colorful dots are loved by everyone around the world because they’re so cheerful. Flannel sheets are also available for warmer weather. Although they were not as soft as L.L.Bean’s percale sheets, these sheets performed better than other best printed sheets we tested. Since Garnet Hill offers a lifetime guarantee, it is the best return policy we found.

There are five color combinations available in these Garnet Hill sheets, each of which adds a whimsical touch to a room that’s more refreshing than austere stripes. A polka-dot pattern works everywhere. As of right now, we have only tested Garnet Hill’s polka-dot fabric, but they offer plenty more. Check out their turtle, whale, hot-air balloon, and lemon prints, too. The company’s prints we love are available in other fabrics, so I suggest you check them out. There is a lot of great stuff from Garnet Hill.

5. Organic Sheet Set by Pottery Barn Kids

Prints for Kids of All Ages

Kids can choose from dozens of different designs that are soft, comfortable, and durable, all of which can also be customized in a variety of different prints.

When my child, who is now almost 9 years old, was a toddler, I regularly bought organic sheet sets for him from Pottery Barn Kids. As a matter of fact, I am reasonably certain that the sheets I am purchasing are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. As a matter of fact, they have not been tested by Wirecutter, but I am confident that these sheets will perform well. In the same time, it was light, robust, and airy. As a result of multiple washes plus multiple spills and sick days with my children, it is much softer than Target PillowFort sheets.

The prints and colors are also more varied than in any other option. Over forty kid-friendly designs and patterns are currently available on the site, so you can find the ideal design to match every classroom and child’s excitement for the moment. For example, when my daughter discovered sharks, she loved unicorns. In addition to Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse products, Paw Patrol products are on sale at the shop. PB Teen has these fun Pac-Man sheets made from this fabric, found by senior editor Kalee Thompson. You can get great sheets from Pottery Barn Kids if you can get past their heavy gender bias. In the coming months, we will test the flannel version of the cozy blanket from PB Kids.

6. Set of Pillowfort Cotton Sheets

Cute Kids Sheets at An Affordable Price

It comes in a few different designs to suit a range of preferences, and is the most affordable choice out of all the sets we reviewed for young children.

Cute, upbeat prints can be added to a kids’ bed for a minimal budget. My favorite purchase from Target is a Pillowfort Cotton Sheet Set. Due to the fabric’s rough texture and the eye-catching print, these twin sheets have not bothered my sensory-sensitive toddler. As of 2016, Target offers cotton options for Pillowfort sheets, which have originally been made from microfiber. However, they contribute to water pollution, and parents found them less pleasant and more expensive than cotton sheets. It’s no secret that the choice of fabric can sometimes be overshadowed by delighting children. Whenever possible, I recommend that you get cotton sets. Despite the softness of the microfiber sets, they have faded a little and thinned just a bit since I bought them a few years ago.

As of now, Target offers 10 different Pillowfort sheets on its website, such as animal tales, cars and trucks, and whale watches. Currently, Target has confirmed that the sheets are not off-limits. We believe retailers are clearing out old inventory to make way for new ones. Designs of the best printed sheets frequently change throughout the year. The difference between the Pillowfort sheets is that they are on their own page, which makes it easy to miss one as you browse. The Pillowfort collection also consists of microfiber sheets and cotton blend sheets. Make sure that the product name clearly indicates that it is cotton.

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Set of Flannel Sheets from L.L. Bean

Play to Your Strengths as a Lumberjack

There is nothing better than the warmth, softness, and durability of flannel sheets. In addition, these quilts are also available in several checked patterns for you to dress your bed in a really rustic appeal.

Choose from L.L.Bean’s five checked prints to outfit your bed if you love the aesthetic of Very New England, or just crave the warmth of your favorite flannel shirt from the ’90s. During our testing we have never found anything that comes close to the performance, cost, and softness of Ultrasoft’s cotton flannel sheets. Even though the original test set pilled over the years, it has not thinner or lost its softness. In addition to being Oeko-Tex certified to be free of harmful substances, these flannel sheets from L.L.Bean come with the same one-year return policy as our top pick on our list, the percale sheets from L.L.Bean.

We like the Ultrasoft pattern options from L.L.Bean, which is also among our picks for a softer upgrade. Ultrasoft best printed sheets have a woodsy aesthetic that makes them particularly comforting on a cold night for their blue, green, and gray checks. As an additional option, the duvet cover can also be customized to match the flannel, which we strongly recommend. In these pandemic times, we have an ideal bed-and-breakfast right in our home – and you won’t even have to leave your home.