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Top Pick: Stand-up desk Uplift V2

If you are thinking about buying a standing desk but lack the time to research it, this is the best standing desk you can get.

We recommend Stand-up desk Uplift V2 as a top pick after looking into the available options.

An uncomfortable chair should not be used all day in the office. Additionally, standing all day can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. The best standing desk comes with an electric height-adjustable feature. Does being productive and energetic matter to you? If you want to move around while working, push the button to raise the desk. Do you want to spend a few minutes thinking about something? The desk can also be lowered by pressing another button. The Uplift V2 is the best option for the majority of people after testing four of the top models for over three months. During our rotation of our top picks, we also tested four of the top models to conclude that the Uplift V2 is the best option for the most people. There are many features you cannot find elsewhere, and it is stable at every height.

Our Choice

Stand-up desk Uplift V2

Our testing shows that the Uplift Standing Desk (V2) outperformed other best standing desks. Thanks to its quick-response control pad, you can control it with ease even at a high height. The fact that anyone under 5’4″ would be able to use it without footrest, despite the fact that it is designed to support men and women of average height is doubtful. We recommend bamboo standing desks or laminate standing desks to people with such factors, or a 3-stage frame that has a low-range base. A prior test of the Uplift’s curved bamboo desktops found them realistic and attractive and said they were very realistic. For those who could use more customization options, Uplift’s desktops come in over 20 different colors, including expensive wood species, such as pheasant wood, the frame and grommet colours, and the keypad color.

Also Good

Stand-up Bamboo Desk Fully Jarvis

It is available in a smaller size than many competitors and has a lower price than several of its competitors despite having a bamboo top. A person of height 4’9″ to 5’11” can use it.

Stand-up Laminated Desk Fully Jarvis

In addition to the laminate desk version of Jarvis, it is also available in 7 different finishes, as well as a large selection of recycled wood products. As with the other desks, this desk has the same frame.

There is a wide selection of top options available for a Jarvis standing desk. Standing desks we evaluated appeared to meet all of the requirements we seek in an adjustable-height desk: a large range of height adjustments, a good warranty, attention to detail, and a stability comparable to a traditional desk. We have been working on Jarvis’s suggestion since 2004. As a result of Fully’s improvements in the frame over the past year, it ranks highly on our list. A great mid-range choice for budget-conscious users, the Q-best Standing Desk costs 50 dollars less than our previous top choice, the V2-best Standing Desk.

Budget Choice

Stand-Up Electric Desk Vari

You should get the Vari desk if you are heavy typist and cannot tolerate any kind of wobble. The price is also quite reasonable. A limited number of laminate desktops are available, however.

It has the best stability of any best standing desk we have tested, and this is why we wrote the review. While the Vari frame no longer have crossbar, it remains rock-solid at its maximum settings due to the absence of a crossbar. The range of height is similar to Uplift V2. Apart from its ease of assembly, this desk has the best functionality among all the others in our group. There are five laminate options to choose from when customizing the tops. Some panelists disliked the replica butcher-block look from previous years’ testing, but chamfered edges make it less boxy. In addition to the 48-30 inches option, we also offer a 60-30 inch option. In addition, Vari offers only a 5-year warranty, rather than Uplift and Fully that offer a ten-year warranty.

The Target Market

The majority of people’s workday is spent sitting, either at the desks or at home. Besides sitting in transit, people drive, watch TV, and eat while they are on the road. Research shows that sitting too much may increase your risk for certain cancers, heart disease, also early death. If you experience pain immediately after sitting in a long time, standing desk may be the answer.

In addition, you shouldn’t stand for long periods of time. As Chambers pointed out to us in an e-mail exchange, prolonged standing poses health risks. Workers in manufacturing, retail, and healthcare frequently stand for long periods of time, which can result in knee degeneration, muscular injuries, and circulatory problems. Standing at a desk constantly for a long time is not recommended.

The solution can be the best standing desks with adjustable heights. Instead of sitting every few hours, we recommend standing for the duration of your workday. According to a study conducted by the University of Waterloo, standing at your desk is equally effective than sitting at it. It takes 15 minutes to sit and 45 minutes to stand during an hour.

Studies have shown that standing at a sitstand desk reduces abdomen pain significantly, according to Chambers. There is still much to study regarding several potential benefits of this technology as with any science. Stand up desks do not seem to improve your brain power, lose weight, as well as increase physical activity, even though some manufacturers claim this. The NYT reports that getting up from a desk does not equal exercising.

The best standing desk can also provide additional health benefits because users can alternate between sitting also standing. Besides being able to adjust a standing desk for comfort, you can set a sitting desk at a height that is more ergonomic and more comfortable for you. Depending on whether or not you are wearing shoes, you can adjust the height. Sitting or standing can be made more productive depending on how your energy also focus fluctuate during the day.

It’s easy to alternate between sitting also standing with our best Standing desks with electric height adjustment, but they’re an expensive purchase. If you want to stand or sit, you can raise or lower your keyboard also monitor by using a standing desk converter. The workspace is smaller, and the conversion desks do not adjust or have height memories. Converting desks are generally more affordable than fullsize standing desks. As well as offering these features, you will probably find a converter to be more affordable than those mentioned above.

Even if you haven’t bought one yet and are unsure if you should, you can make your own standing desk using cardboard boxes or several reams of paper. Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group at Cornell University says that a comfortable monitor should be selected, that the fingertips should be at elbow level while typing, and that the eyes should be two to three inches below the monitor’s top. Stand up and sit down at a table or desk, alternating from time to time, as appropriate.

Our Selection Process  

We have tested and used standing desks for many years, and we have also received feedback from our readers on the best standing desks. As part of our criteria, we considered:

  • Controlled electronically. Most convenient, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to raise and lower your standing desk is through an electronic table with motors. Our research shown that manually adjustable standing desks working with them is more difficult and may have issues with load balancing, so we generally do not recommend them. Our inclination to change positions was lessened by them, which is exactly what we were going for. The manual standing desks are more affordable, meaning we will consider testing those separately, despite the fact that some people interested in them.
  • Height range. Depending on the height of the user, the frame can be adjusted on standing desks. A study of survey data was conducted to determine which desks are suitable for people under 5’4″ and those for people over 5’4″. If you compare desks, you will note that some manufacturers charge an extra fee for the legs that cater to a wider range of heights.
  • Function over time. An adjustable height desk that is full-size typically costs not minimum $500. There has been a lot of investment there. We should expect stability and functionality for at least a decade. If you want to be sure the electronics and keypads will last as long as possible, you should choose a manufacturer with quick, reliable customer service.
  • Customization. The color and size of stand-up desks can usually be customized by their manufacturers. Desks can be bolted on to a desktop frame that is purchased separately. An ideal workplace and work style include looking good and being sized and shaped to suit an individual’s work area.
  • Assembling and purchasing. Customers in the continental United States should be able to order new desk for free also receive it within the week, saving them the expense of shipping. With free return shipping and thirty-day refunds, we favored companies. You only have to put together the desk once, so assembly should be relatively simple, at least doable considering how easy it is to assemble IKEA furniture. The option of in-home assembly can be helpful if you do not want to and are not capable of assembling desk yourself. Using drill and getting help from another person may be necessary if you need help lifting a desk after assembly; a typical 48inch standing desk weighs more than 100 pounds.

The Following Items Are Not Essential Extras:

  • Accessory and add-on items. In addition to cable management, some manufacturers provide privacy screens and PC holders as well as grommet guides. The accessories offered by desk manufacturers were evaluated for their usefulness, affordability, and sometimes even their status as our picks.
  • Heavy-duty design. Unless you need to raise also lower heavy equipment, a desk that can lift up to 350 pounds is not particularly meaningful, though. A typical tower computer will weigh approximately 100 pounds, together with the monitors and speakers, and the other computer accessories. Additionally, consider the weight and size of the desk: A hardwood desk that is 80 inches long weighs 70 pounds, while a laminate desk that is 60 inches long weighs 40 pounds.

To determine whether anything had changed from we last evaluated the electric standing desk market, we surveyed the market in late 2020. It was ultimately chosen as the best standing desk, along with the Jarvis standing desk, a FlexiSpot EC4 standing desk, and an Uplift V2 standing desk. Our Competition category now includes the low-range Jarvis frame in place of the Uplift Commercial frame.

The furniture retailer by Wayfair recommends that a typical office desk is 2.5 inches higher than the person sitting at it. Several Stand-up desk owners tested the guideline and the measurements collected proved to be fairly accurate. Fully Jarvis frames are best suited for people over 4’9″, while Vari and Uplift frames are best for people over 5’4″. Based on your leg length and torso size, you may get different mileage. The height of your standing desk will be dependent on the height in-terms of inches multiplied by 0.6. Over 6′ tall people should be able to work at these desks.

Testing Methods

I tested eight best standing desks after experiencing a pandemic of Coronavirus in November of 2020. The panelists in that city were absent when our staff tested in Long Island City, New York, over several months. A comparison of EC4 desktops has been conducted between Fully Remi, Monoprice Workstream, and FlexiSpot. I assembled the Uplift V2, Fully Jarvis, and the Vari desktop computers in my dining room after removing the Remi due to its limited height range and disqualifying the Workstream for assembly difficulties. As a result, all desks had laminate tops, 48″ wide, and programmable keypads to ensure uniformity. As well as laptops, portable keyboards, external mice, and 24-inch monitors, I used notebooks, pens, and books to evaluate each desk.

It took me about a half hour to assemble each desk and program each keypad height, which was 26 inches, 38 inches, and forty two inches. Once I’d done this for a week, I alternated between standing and sitting at each desk.

The Following Factors Were Evaluated During Active Testing:

  • Stability. When I type with the forearms each desk at their lowest and highest settings or lean on 1 side when writing, I deliberately applied pressure so that it wobbled if I pushed it hard enough. My laptop keyboard and mechanical keyboard were also used. By sitting each desk, I deliberately rocked it. I found the easiest way to predict wobble and vibration in desk by using a Bobblehead, regardless of the sophisticated methods available. Groot was better off dancing less in the case. The wobbliness of my hand while typing was also measured using iced water in a glass. My height magically increased from 5’2 1/2″ to 6’1 1/2″ with an aerobic platform.
  • Adjustability and noise. If your desk rotates smoothly and your motor noise is low, you are more likely to switch between sitting as well as standing. I used the NIOSH app from the CDC to measure the sound levels in the desks.
  • Overall appearance and feel. As significant investment, best standing desks should not only be attractive but also provide a secure place to work. Wirecutter’s photo editors reviewed the samples provided by desk makers.

Our Choice

Stand-up desk Uplift V2

Its height range allows it to fit people between 5 feet 4 inches and 7 feet tall. Uplift V2 has the most customizable desk we’ve tested so far.

In addition to a bamboo desktop measuring 72 inches, it is the most feature-rich best standing desk at a price that’s affordable for people 5’4″ and taller. Almost anyone can work at normal heights without shaking the walls, unless they heavily pound on the keyboard or they experience a passing train shake the walls. Our recommendation for those who are sensitive to any kind of wobbling is the Vari best Standing Desk. Aside from its quick and quiet movement between positions, it also has a ten year warranty and hundreds of desk materials to choose from. Uplift’s customer service is responsive, thorough and professional, as well as responsive.

According to reinierdejong Uplift V2 began to wobble once it reached a height of forty inches, especially at front-to-back angles. That remains the case based on our latest tests. Even with the desk height set to the maximum, a number of Wirecutter staffers use it without complaint. Those of us testing desks side on side may only notice the difference if we type heavily and even push into the V2’s surface.

There is a whistling sound that is audible from the Uplift V2 desk, but it is relatively quiet compared to others. As I raised the desk, it took about a second or two more than the other desks to raise to its highest setting. I was impressed with the level of precision with which the V2 desk lifted and lowered, compared to competing desks.

Moreover, Uplift’s desktops looked better than those of others. Previous tests, the Uplift desk’s curved front was favored over similar tops on other desks. There were fewer unsightly smudges on walnut laminate than on the Sherwin-Williams top. Compared to Vari laminates that look like thin strips Pasted with wood on the desk, the fake wood-grain finishes on both desks look pretty good. Uplift’s solid rubberwood and also pheasantwood desks stood out to Wirecutter photo editor Rozette Rago in her assessment.

Besides its wide selection of desktops – there are 21 currently available, including solid wood V2 allows you to customize the frame and accessories when ordering. A variety of multicolor frames are included in the package, along with grommets, keypads, casters, and keyboard trays. The best standing desks comes with 4 free accessories, including an under desk hook and a desk organizer kit. Adding your own desk assembly, selecting a matching the side table, and specifying your size specifications are all options. Standing desks offer unmatched customization options.

You can even get a free hammock when you order a desk 72 inches or wider. Hammocks are, of course, available. Raising and lowering the desk is possible with the help of a carabiner attached to the desk frame. A 200-pound man like Kevin Purdy could only bear the hammock for a limited time. Additional testers found it to be comfortable as well. One hammock was advertised as being capable of supporting 200 pounds or more. This desk is not only for sleeping under, but also for reclined use. The experience is enjoyable despite this.

Not a Dealbreaker, but Not without Flaws

In testing, it has been found that Uplift V2 is significantly less stable even at its highest settings than Vari Electric Desk. The majority of users find it to be stable enough. Whether you’re a fast keyboardist, a frequent mover, or just someone who likes their coffee without it rumbling, the Vari might be for you.

Based on the survey data, Uplift V2 specifically does not have footrest to accommodate someone who is under 5’4″ and over 7′”. This floor lamp is better suited to people shorter than 5’4″ since it has a low frame.

Customer service issues or uplift orders have caused problems for readers. The company told us many complaints were attributed to stock shortages and an unusually high damage rate during pandemic due delivery problems. Despite their presence in the Texas and the severity of the severe winter storm of 2021, the customer service reps all of our questions were answereds via chat while we were testing. If you are not satisfied with Uplift’s service or desks, please let us know.

Also Good

Stand-up Bamboo Desk Fully Jarvis

Best Standing Desk with Jarvis Laminated Top

A laminate top version of Jarvis is available in seven finishes made from the recycled wood. Like all Jarvis desks, it has a steel frame.

Uplift’s V2 Standing Desks and Jarvis’ bamboo standing desks have some similarities. Almost all of their differentiating features, extensions, and customizations arise from desktop software. A Jarvis desk has a depth of 24 or 27 inches instead of 30 inches, allowing for space saving and more work space while causing cramped working conditions. Price, warranty, appearance, and customization are all comparable between Jarvis and Uplift. V2-Commercial is a cheaper alternative to Jarvis, which is why people under 5 foot 4 inches should use it.

We have been using Jarvis desks for several years now and have not experienced any issues. In a recent comparison to the Jarvis, the V2 barely scored higher than the Jarvis in front-to-back stability. Grroot-dancing and ice drinks didn’t pose a problem to the Jarvis, so I expect most people to be happy with it.

It still puzzles us why Jarvis has an OLED keypad. Testing revealed that the panel was unresponsive, and we had to tap several times or to tap very precisely to move the desk. After it has been turned on, the adjustment must be made. Even though button pressing should be kept to a minimum, tactile buttons are more satisfying to use. Furthermore, Jarvis’ setup manual describes how to configure the desk height, convert inches to centimeters, and lock the height of the desk. We hadn’t seen this feature before, and our customer service representative couldn’t explain it to us over text chat. It is also possible to modify the desk’s collision sensitivity.

Offers different colors, sizes, and materials than Uplift. A quarter inch less is the thickness of the natural bamboo top compared to the Uplift desk. Natural bamboo with flat fronts has one more advantage being that it is more aesthetic and more efficient at transmitting vibrations. As our favorite during our last panel, we selected the dark bamboo 1-inch desktop. Our desktop was replaced after it was damaged during shipment, or we received a part of the purchase price back.

The Remi laminate desktop, in addition to the Jarvis, was also tested – black laminate on the Remi and walnut laminate on the Jarvis. Both finishes were attractive also looked realistic, also they could also smear. As a result of smudges on the walnut desktops of some employees, we replaced them with techwood desktops. When you encounter issues with your desk, company will make sure to fix them as soon as possible.

Upgrades are fewer in Fully than in Uplift, but they are generally of higher quality. Wirecutter also recommends Jarvis’ monitor arm, another product Wirecutter picked. Bamboo shelves that match your desk frames, as well as bamboo drawers and black drawers that need to be drilled into the desk, are easy additions you can make later. There’s a small but useful feature on the grommet covers in addition to the USB-C and USB-A ports.

Standing Desks with Vari Electric

The Vari best Standing Desks(Electric) we tested are the strongest, regardless of their height. A redesigned Vari desk was released late 2020, which was stronger and more stable than previous versions, but without a crossbar. The price drop, combined with its high quality, makes this a desk we would recommend to anyone taller than 5’4″. Despite the Vari’s benefits, it is a trade-off: It doesn’t have all of the options that are available with the Veint and the Jarvis. Currently, one can choose from five sizes of laminate desktops, ranging from 47 by 30 inches to 61 by 30 inches. Each company offers the same 5-year warranty. Vari desks are also ideally suited for people who are between 5’4″ and 7’4″ tall. The guidelines are simply estimates, since everyone’s torso and also leg lengths differ.

When I banged on my mechanical keyboard forcefully while pushing the Vari desk in all directions, it barely moved, even at 50.5 inches, the desk’s highest height. Despite the slight tinkling of our Groot, the water level in the glass remained level. Unlike Reflow V2 and Full Jarvis, this desk has T-shaped legs that offer more stability. While both C-style frames and T-style frames from Uplift provide the same level of stability, you might prefer the aesthetic appeal of C-style frames or T-style frames. Because the crossbar is located under the desk, it makes mounting items such as keyboard trays difficult. In comparison to the Uplift V2 and Fully Jarvis, the Vari provides almost 12 inches more under-desk clearance.

They are distinguished primarily by their 1.25-inch thick desktop, as opposed to the usual 1.25-inch thickness of other desks. Based on our testing, thicker desktops lead to more stable desks. Furthermore, Vari’s desktops comes with a crossbar attached to the bottom, so you don’t have to assemble it multiple times and risk making mistakes in the process.

However, compared to Uplift’s and Fully’s rectangular edges, Vari’s curved, chamfered edges are more pleasing to the eye. Instead of grommets, the back edge of the desk can be curved to hide cables instead of exposing them. The Morph Uplift V2 includes fourth preset in addition to the updated frame and frameless design of the Morph Uplift V2; the keypad has smaller buttons when compared to the Fully Jarvis. It was smooth to adjust the height on the Vari, but it was a bit slower than those on other desks. The software performs quite well despite these issues.

Furthermore, Vari offers no live chat service as well as a shorter warranty period. We sent a support request by email approximately three days ago, but we have not heard back from the support team. As a result of the pandemic situation, fewer inquiries were made during the period of a longer waiting time, so it is possible that the waiting period would be less long. This system consists of a movable desk, coasters, Velcro ties, and hooks under the desk in addition to the Vari desk.


The Uplift Commercial has previously been the top pick of ours, accommodating people of heights ranging from 4’9″ to 6’11”. Fully Jarvis also Uplift V2 both had slightly better stability at high heights, according to the tests we’ve performed previously. For those that did not fit within Uplift’s standard frame (V2) height range, the Jarvis offered the best overall value.

FlexiSpot EC4 starts at under $450, making it a budget-friendly best standing desk option. The laminate is available in nine types and several sizes. Although the EC4 was least stable of the bunch, it was much more stable than the Vari, Uplift V2, and Fully Jarvis. In light of the EC4’s wobble, we recommend picking up the Uplift V2, Fully Jarvis and more stable Vari for about $50 more. There is also a reasonable price for Juniper Desks (Think). In comparison by our picks, however, they have a narrower range of heights. Juniper desks only come in four laminate finishes in addition to having fewer memory presets.

Despite taking preorders in December 2020, the Autonomous 4 (SmartDesk) did not materialize. Additionally, Autonomous promised to monitor your exercise at work as well as adjust your desk height. It would also have been possible to track desk exercise with a reminder. The desk was removed from production after Autonomous learned about it. Although SmartDesk 2 had an anti-collision feature, it was prone to falling when bumped into something; therefore, children playing on or near it could sustain serious injuries.

Jarvis or any of other picks offer more customization options than Full Remi, which starts at $430. The tallness range of the product did not meet our recommendation since only 5% female survey respondents were at that height, as measured by average heights. Additionally, the desk started to wobble at around forty inches in height. For individuals who are taller than 5’8″ and don’t care about aesthetics or wobbling, Remi is a good option.

We’ve tested several standing desks, but Monoprice’s Workstream frame and five foot desktop are the cheapest one we’ve encountered. A variety of problems we encountered prevented us from recommending the desk. Since the predrilled holes on the desktop did not line up with frame, we were worried that the desk would not sit flat. We had drill new holes on the desktop for that reason. Customer support at Monoprice says this is common problem. The control boxes and keypads that came with the desk were defective, preventing the desk from being raised. The only desktop models available are four, and it only comes with a 1 year warranty.

We have collected more complaints and problems related to the Bekant best standing desk than any standing desk we have reviewed. Additionally, of desks we examined, IKEA’s is the least customizable, and the most expensive to ship if you cannot pick up in person.

There are many IKEA stores around, but the Id*sen desk is one of the best options. The desk’s keypad does not have adjustable height presets, even though you can adjust its height remotely with the phone as with our picks. Additionally, there are only four colors available for the laminate desktop. offers a similar two-legged best standing desk, the VertDesk v3, that we have tested, similar like the Vari. Because of its realistic wood look and light texture won panelists’ votes in previous tests as the best laminate desktop. Despite its more involved assembly process and its more restricted height range, we didn’t pick the VertDesk v3 for most people.

Despite StandDesk being quite stable, we did not like how it transferred movement to the Fully Jarvis. In addition, the control pads were more difficult to set up and the motor did not respond quickly as those on the Uplift also Fully Desk.

Xdesk Terra 2s has bamboo finish and metal legs that appear painted. We like the bamboo finish. The wide central grommet can be used to mount monitors and other accessories. The desk would need to be assembled entirely from start to finish with most desks. The desk in question, however, does not fit that description. The alternative costs twice as much as the recommended version, but it is noisier and less stable. Xdesk Terra is our first recommendation, since it is attractive and comfortable. Uplift has gotten better and more durable since then, as well as Terra and its competitors.

With EvoDesk as the parent company, Xdesk offers competitive pricing. In 2016, we had problems assembling the dark-bamboo 63-inch model because of tight and loose nailing that caused assembly to be difficult. While typing, Uplift desks wiggled more from front to back, and Fully desks wiggled more from side to side. This model, when configured similarly, has a higher price than our top pick. Here’s the best standing desk we came across first. The wire-management system by Elegant is clean and easy to use, but the control panel is cluttered, so it’s expensive.