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Top Pick: Safe Rest Premium

If you’re looking for the best waterproof mattress protector & pad, but don’t have the time to spare for the research process, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Safe Rest Premium as our first choice.

SafeRest Premium is the best waterproof mattress protector on the market, making it the perfect solution for Preventing accidents from spilling on your mattress or potty training, and pet accidents. After researching as well as testing 14 mattress protectors for 240 hours, the SafeRest felt the most comfortable. Multiple washings of the protector did not reduce its waterproofness.

Our Choice

Mattress Protector Safe Rest Premium

A waterproof protector that works

In our tests, we found that the cheap fitted mattress protector remained waterproof. You can sleep comfortably on it for an affordable price. SafeRest Mattress (Premium) Protectors were cleaned and dried a total of ten times and tested for leakage a total of twice. Although it was fully waterproof, nothing leaked. This waterproof mattress protector has received excellent reviews (and feedback from our staff). The quality of a child’s bed should be improved by changing it with two children. Cotton/polyester waterproof mattress protectors with terry tops are okay if they’re scratchier than quilted covers because they are under the sheets and not directly on the skin. SafeRests are available in various sizes.

Also great

UltraPlus Sheet Protector by Priva

A Waterproof Mattress Pad

Among the mattress pads we tested, we found the Ultra Plus (Priva) to be the easiest to use. The price of a waterproof mattress protector on Amazon is $18. Although fitted covers are more durable, these products are easy to use due to their washability and ability to maintain their shape. This pad passed the leak test with a perfect result in our only test. (Except for twin) Its leak-resistant construction covers a side of a bed. Priva, however, has a vinyl backing that cannot be certified as phthalate-free. Protectors made of polyurethane are ideal for pregnant women and children.

Among the Best

Linenspa Water-Resistant Sheet Protector

The best pad suitable for kids – It’s made of safer polyurethane than of vinyl, so it’s travel-friendly and easy to change for kids. Despite its ineffectiveness for protecting against leaks, Sheet protectors from Linenspa and waterproof are made from polyurethane, which is a safer material than vinyl; therefore, pregnant women or people with young children should consider it a top waterproof mattress protector. The puddles we encountered were not completely dried out, although waterproofness decreased slightly less than with. The Linenspa bed is easy to carry and comes in 3 sizes, making it an ideal potty training bed as well as an ideal bed for sick days.

Upgrade Choice

Mattress Pad Made of Waterproof Cotton by The Company Store

Soft waterproof topper. Protectors that conform to your body are waterproof, padded and more comfortable for sleeping on than the main pick. It is available in several sizes, that includes crib size. Furthermore, it was more cushioned than SafeRest and easier to wear than the other three mattress pads we tested. Despite softening your mattress, this mattress topper does not perform as well as a dedicated topper. In addition, it shrinks more than the other mattresses topper we’ve tested. We offer cribs, California king beds, and more. Additionally, there is an XL twin bed available.

Who Is Suitable for It

Mattress protectors are usually fitted sheets or waterproof pads which protect the mattress from spills and stains. A protector can help prevent moisture from getting on your mattress in addition to protecting it from spills, adult sweat, incontinence, and pet accidents. Instead of encasing your mattress (which covers the inside of the mattress), you should consider an encasement.

Our Selection and Testing Process of The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector

After talking with our staff, we interviewed experts and read reviews in order to determine some of the most significant aspects of a protector. In addition to Amazon’s top sellers and staff recommendations, we chose these 36 protectors from pre-tested bed sheet manufacturers and in-store products.

According to Our Research, the Following Features Make up The Best Waterproof Mattress Covers:

  • Providing long-lasting protection. The mattress protector should keep leaks from the mattress. Even when the protectors were new, there were complaints that they did not do this. Animals of this type have a short lifespan. Once enough times have passed since washing and drying, the waterproofing shall begin to fail. Polyurethane tops are breaking down in part because the adhesive holding them down is deteriorating. Different adhesives also degrade at different rates, in addition to their varying durability. The decomposition process is accelerated by frequent washings and rapid drying. To maintain their leadership position, King noted, retailers must maintain their washing machines even after multiple washings (5 or more). It is easy for a toddler to use up five loads of laundry during a month of potty training. As well as using thinner laminates because of their ease of handling and lower noise levels, King noted. The protectors we chose for our testing were chosen based on feedback from our employees as well as positive reviews.
  • Material safety. Our research indicates that parents are concerned about vinyl pads, even though some manufacturers claim polyurethane is more waterproof. Several types of plastic products, including PVC, are banned from containing phthalates (which are added to them). In the absence of phthalates, polyurethane, natural fibres, and vinyl have been considered as first choices. Mattress protectors are only good for a limited amount of time. Once enough times have passed since washing and drying, the waterproofing shall begin to fail.
  • Pad protectors and fitted protectors. were rated higher than other types of protectors. Waterproof protectors with stretchy sides keep you dry and comfortable. Their good art of protection and inaction on a bed makes them a good choice. Moreover, pads are less likely to have holes, and fewer are attached to bed (so they move about more). For potty training, spills, and bedsharing, they may be easily swapped in as well as out. It’s not recommended to buy Ikea toddler-sized mattress pads because the reviews are not great. Germs and dust mites are generally better protected from the sleeping surface by the mattress encasement.
  • A comfortable fit. We made sure these protectors were made from high-quality materials to ensure they would feel comfortable when worn. Neither you nor your partner will overheat, and neither will you slide around the bed. Users who complained about discomfort were taken into consideration.
  • Various sizes are available. In our research, we identified mattress protectors that came in a variety of sizes, which including cribs and California kings.
  • Affordability. Two-bed protectors allow you to always have a neat one on hand, so you don’t need to wash right away. It was important that the protectors we selected be affordable, so that more than one could be bought.

There was some consideration given to the cost, especially for comfort. Our chosen waterproof mattress protector met each and every one of these requirements. We washed each five times and sunbathed them according to the care guidance on the label. Remeasurement was done again to check for leaks and calculate shrinkage. A small spot inside each protector was filled with 2 cups (water) coloured with food colouring, and covered with a thick layer of paper towels to look for leaks.

Our first test was to see that any liquid can penetrate the protectors after one hour of weighing down the wet area with a one pound bag of beans. Once the towels had been removed, we checked for sign of moisture. The best waterproof mattress protectors were also tested for their ability to repel water from their backs. After the first encounter, only six of the 14 protectors remained. This time soak for two hours following five more washes and dried. Following the second test(leak) in which we tested three best waterproof mattress protectors, we left these protectors completely dry. During the night we slept on each protector to assess on how comfortable it was.

The best mattress protector: SafeRest Premium

Also great

“Priva Ultra Plus” Sheet Cover

A Waterproof Pad

Priva Ultra Plus performed the best waterproof mattress protectors our team tested. It was also the easiest mattress protector to remove from the bed. We like it better because it is more like a pad where as our top choice for quick bedding changes is more like a fitted sheet protector. It is possible to use it underneath the covers or on top of bed when it gets dirty, so there is no need to remove the covers from the bed. Contrary to our top pick, it does not cover your whole bed, and it is easier to set up than fitted pad. Children and pregnant women should not use this pad due to its vinyl backing. During all three of our tests, the Priva pad showed no signs of leakage. Despite its small size, it is very soft and has a larger quilted surface than SafeRest, which is ideal for washing and drying. This is a really good choice for couples who share a bed, since it offers full bedding protection in addition to the top as well as upgrade picks.

Priva’s top combines cotton and polyester, making it soft as well as cool to wear (although no of the tops we selected made us overheat). It seems to be more durable than other fitted covers we have tried. Priva protector pads feature cotton and polyester tops with vinyl backings for exceptional comfort. Even though the Priva shifted a little throughout the night, I felt comfortable. It was a little lumpy in the morning, but not enough to make the mattress susceptible. In addition to the 18 by 22-inch size, the Priva is available in 24`34-inch and 34`52-inch sizes. An adult-size pad would be adequate (this also happened with the pad from the line spa).

We tested ten pads, and none of them leaked after washing, and this one can hold an average grown up bladder’s output (2 cups). It was not tested to see if the pad could hold 8 cups of liquid or how durable it was. Compared to disposable pads, these are easier to clean, more convenient, and more economical to use. We do not have third-party data regarding the Prima Vinyl, so we recommend you purchase Linenspa best Waterproof mattress Protector, which is designed to eliminate phthalates.


Great, too

Protective Sheets by Linenspa

Suitable for kids.

Vinyl is less safe than polyurethane, which can be changed more easily. We found Linenspa Waterproof Protector to be a safer choice due to its polyurethane backing. In addition, the price is lower. After the first leak test, we didn’t see any leakage, but after the second test(leak), we noticed a very slight leak on the back of the Linenspa protector and paper underneath.

Even though it hasn’t failed completely, we don’t expect it to prove as reliable as Priva. Internet reviews say this protector has lasted several months when washed daily and more than 1 year when washed weekly. If the bedding wears out, it can be replaced without having to remove the entire bed. It can be used to cover a couch, sickbed, and travel with. (This time) linenspa forms measuring 34`36 and 34`52 inches were used.

This mattress pad is a better choice if you want a larger mattress pad than Priva. Babies, toddlers, and twin beds may need extra protection from children who move around a lot. For the soft top of the Linenspa, cotton and polyester are combined. It is very luxurious to lay on, but might bunch in the middle of the night compared to Priva. It’s hard to notice much difference in our sheet picks as compared to other picks. Because the beds were not rustling, it did not interfere by sleep in any way. Comparing Linenspa with Priva and SafeRest, it is softer. There is no warranty for Linenspa products.

Upgrade Choice

Mattress Pad with Cotton Top, The Company Store

A Waterproof Topper (Soft)

Among all our tested fitted protectors, a waterproof padded topper can be the most luxurious and durable. We picked it because of its extra comfort and higher price. Cribs come in a variety of sizes

A bed protector that offers waterproof protection and softens the mattress is the best product for comfort at The Company Store. With this protector, you get a soft and quiet sleeping surface, and you won’t have to worry about waking up during the night. SafeRest cannot provide additional comfort beyond what is offered by this product. SafeRest performs similarly, but at a higher cost. In addition, the bulkier material of the (best waterproof mattress protector) causes it to shrink more than any of the other top five picks. The quilted top caught many people’s attention. There are various sizes of Company Store protectors available, from cribs to kings. Someone said it was like covering a cloud by a blanket.

Urethane waterproofs the cotton top and back, and synthetic fills the quilting inner. On the back of the protector is a polyester layer (which is like a stiff interfacing for sewing). By combining these four layers, this mattress protector effectively moves liquids before they reach your mattress. After both testing rounds, the polyester behind was dry, as no liquid made its way through.

Out of all the models we tested, the fitted protector from Company Store has the comfortable top. Because its 22″ deep sides are wide, I can easily tuck in excess sheeting and smooth the whole thing out. We left the top with its jersey top, instead of waterproof top, because those edges shrank the most, about 2.6%.

It is possible to return this protector for a refund or exchange within 90 days after purchase. We will test the topper long-term to ensure it will continue to function far beyond the current timeframe. We found a small stain on one of the protectors, but a second wash (like on the others) removed them. With its bulkiness and the requirement to hand wash it, this pick is a little more challenging to clean than the others. Company Store protection may be needed even if the leak is small.

Care Instructions

By following care instructions, you can keep your mattress protector’s waterproof backing intact. To wash our best pick, the SafeRest protector, we recommend a warm temperature (95°F) or a hot temperature (200°F), but also it can also be sanitized at 212°F. It is only recommended to wash this item in such hot water for sanitizing purposes, not to use it every day. You can tumble dry all the protectors in our collection on low heat. According to some user reviews, it can be dried by air in order to prolong its life.

It’s not necessary to wash the mattress protector as often as sheets when you put it underneath. It is recommended that you wash your bed protector every three or four months if it does not leak or spill.


With fitted protection

As opposed to the main pick and upgrade pick, Weekender’s 5-sided Hotel-Grade Mattress Protector appears to be a smooth, T-shirt-like surface. When tested for the second time, the Luna Mattress Protectors failed to perform well and became soggy.

Malouf’s employees recommend that he invest in a Sleep mattress protector. During the leak test, we found a small spot of moistness (about one inch across). After washing and drying, Casper’s mattress protector shrank significantly more from any of the other mattress protectors we tested. The towel had a damp barrier at the start after it had been tested.

Weekender Mattress (Jersey) Protectors stretch while being washed, resulting in an incorrect fit. When we performed our preliminary leak test, we found the area to be damp. Natural Waterproof Fitted Protector Pad from NaturePedic does not use waterproof materials normally found in waterproof pads. During our first leak test, we found damp paper towels and found water on the bottom of the container.

Paper towels were soaked underneath Malouf Sleep five Sided Mattress Protectors for my first leak test. Under the Sealy Luxury Knit best Waterproof Mattress Protector (Stain-Release), we completely sopped the towels as well during first test (leak). As we did not perform tests on the mattress protectors that were considered, we do not recommend them.


Saddle Style’s waterproof protector did not prevent liquids from penetrating through to the cloth underneath.


On our first leak test, we discovered a deep indent on the towels left by Allearease Zippered Protector. Understanding the steps to choose the best waterproof mattress protector is essential.