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Top Pick: Weighted Throw by Nest Bedding

If you’re looking for the best weighted blanket, but don’t want to go through long research and compare prices, then just go for this one.

After ample research, we rank Weighted Throw by Nest Bedding as our first choice.

We could all benefit from a hug from time to time of the best weighted blankets. I think an animal that is big and fluffy would be a wonderful addition to your home. It serves as a soothing alternative when neither of the two previous options is available. A heavier throw or blanket is an alternative for when neither of these options is available. It is important to start with quality and washability when deciding on the best weighted blanket. We can’t determine what one person considers “gentle pressure” while another may think “I’m trapped!”. The following four blankets were identified as being notably comfortable, solidly constructed, and easy to care for after spending over a week chilling under twelve best weighted blankets, bringing them into the washing machine, and drying them from there.

It was originally created for those with disabilities such as autism, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, but weighted blankets are now used by those who simply look for comfort when they need it. X-ray smocks and blankets are weighted and can provide a similar level of relaxation, but the science is a little squishy, so the best weighted blankets may be worth trying.

In the case of people with respiratory issues or joint problems, or anyone who feels claustrophobic or hot under heavy bedding, this trend should be avoided. A weighted blanket is not recommended for children under five years old or those weighing less than 50 pounds according to experts.

Our Picks

Choosing the best Weighted blankets are personal preferences, so it is difficult to define which one is “the best.”. However, everyone is interested in a reasonable trial period and responsive customer service, as well as machine-washability when making purchases. These are all the features you’ll find in our picks.

1. Weighted Throw by Nest Bedding

The Perfect Snuggle Buddy

You can select which side of the blanket feels best against your skin by pulling it to one side with cotton or the other with fleece, so you feel warm and comfortable while sleeping at night. Despite not having a cover, the light-gray comforter does come with a plain aesthetic, so you have to like it if you don’t have a preference for all-white décor.

  • Best for. Having a cozy bed or couch that is not so hot to sleep on is a great option for someone who doesn’t like to overheat while sleeping.
  • The way it feels. You’d keep it near the fireplace like a cuddly throw.
  • What makes it great. It is made of smooth, soft cotton on one side, and it is lined with the thickly-furred “minky” fleece on the other side. The tester who loved this blanket the most, however, stated that, “When it’s cold, I prefer sleeping with it on the fuzzy side, while when it’s warm, I prefer sleeping with it on the cotton side”. It was quite pleasing to our tester to feel the softness both of the cotton and fleece sides of this blanket. There were a couple of factors that distinguished the fleece side of the blanket from the popular Gravity Blanket that needs to be hand washed.

We followed the instructions on the label and tumble-dried the clothing on low heat after washing it in cold water. Initially, the fleece side of the blanket was damp, but it was fluffy again after a second wash. In this case, there is no duvet included in the whole set, which means that the cost is lower, but washing is an additional step. Nevertheless, one tester stated that he was not concerned that this was allowed, even if he wasn’t a fan of it. Due to the fact that there are so many blankets underneath duvet covers anyway, blankets tend to pile up underneath them anyway.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws. As a result, the weight of the bed is based on the dimensions of the bed, in order to make it heavier. There is not much of a difference in the size of your body between one size and the next, as the weight is evenly distributed around your whole body. Those who would prefer more of a pressure may not find the blanket adequate enough. Further, the fleece is made out of polyester, so people with very hot bodies might not find it as suitable as it is. Although most of the testers liked it, there was one tester who wasn’t pleased with it. During that time, the experience felt somewhat sticky, similar to how fabric upholstery feels in a car. Some testers enjoyed the washed out gray color of the Nest, but others did not, due to the limited color options.

2. Weighted Cotton Blanket by Bagaloo

An Easy-To-Maintain Quilt

In addition to the numerous reasons that make this blanket a great choice for dressing up your bed, it is well balanced, crisp, and quilt-like in appearance. Both machine washing and drying of this product are possible. I think that you will find that the linen duvet cover, which is available separately, is very lovely, but I think it could have been a bit more secure if there were a few more loops added to it.

  • What makes it great. It feels soft, smooth, and sturdy. Best Weighted blankets usually use round beads sewn into pockets. In contrast, the Baloo bead set uses geometric shapes rather than rows of 5-inch squares, which prevent the beads from clumping together. Weighted blankets with this design appear almost like quilts, being crisp, smart, and stylish.

This blanket was very well received by our testers because of its smooth covering, as well as its strong and close stitching in comparison to other cheaper alternatives. According to one tester who selected the Baloo over all the rest, this blanket feels as though it is made from higher-quality cotton than the Luna – the least expensive blanket we recommend.

Its versatility as the best weighted blanket made with glass beads, as well as its capabilities as a machine washable and dryable blanket, make the Baloo ideal for both children and adults. In order to achieve this, Bago uses thicker cotton, cotton batting, and more tough cotton for the lining and batting, so that the product is more durable. In testing this blanket, we washed and dried it three times; the results were good, and we will continue to provide updates based on the results. It may be necessary to cover the blanket with it’s machine washable and dryer-friendly duvet cover when you have small children, pets or a tendency to eat under it. It is sold separately. Regardless of the material, the duvet cover comes in a range of soothing colors and is soft to the touch.

A Baloo blanket can also be returned within 30 days, whether it has been used or not. It will no longer be necessary for you to return the blanket in new condition or in its original packaging, as the company will let you return it, regardless of its condition, for a full refund less the shipping charge, which will be around $11 for a 15-pound blanket. Additionally, the materials and workmanship come with a lifetime warranty.

Among those who have tried it for an extended period of time, the Baloo has garnered some of the most enthusiastic feedback. After more than three months of use, the cover continues to be in good condition, even after being washed and dried by machine, according to one tester in long-term use. It was also reported by another tester that while he’d used the Baloo during the summer, he had not experienced any hot spots.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws. Only two loops and three buttons hold the duvet cover in place on each short end, and three buttons hold it on the sides. Some gaping is thus expected between them. The product’s clumping behavior has been reported by another tester as being dissatisfying. At the time of publication, a queen-size cover and blanket cost around $300, which is a lot of money for just one item. With no cover, you can save about 40% on the total cost by letting the blanket sit bare-white with no cover if you don’t mind washing it more frequently.

You will save even more money if you choose to purchase a 12-pound throw blanket that is 42-by-72 inches. The queen is smaller than the 15-pound queen, but the weight of the smaller queen is about the same as the larger queen. Having such a small, light weight blanket makes it easier for you to wash and dry, and it is ideal for those who do not like the weight of down comforters but do like the feel of a small, lightweight blanket.

In addition to having additional filler, batting can also prevent the best weighted blanket from being as close to your body as one without it. A benefit of the filler, however, is that it prevents beads from slipping out if a rip occurs. Many of our testers reported feeling like they were sitting on beanbags when they tested bead-filled blankets, which was also consistent with many of the other blankets we tested.

3. Beeaby The Napper

Blanket Woven Loosely

We have never seen anything more beautiful than Bearaby Napper’s weighted blanket. In spite of its warm nature, this option is difficult to wash and dry.

  • Best for. It is only those who love design, are not hampered by cold temperatures, have room for large wet blankets to air dry, and those who do not possess a car.
  • What it feels like. I like the chunky and loose look of this cotton sweater.
  • What makes it great. There is no better option than the Bearaby Napper for anyone looking for a soothing best weighted blanket. A loose and loopy knit, it looks like an oversize sweater, and is incredibly heavy due to the cotton yarn. Throws come in rainbow colors and can be matched seamlessly with a variety of sofa colors.

Its loose weave prevents it from trapping heat as effectively as a comforter-style throw filled with beads. Due to the fact that the blanket is made up of layers of cotton yarn rather than pouches filled with microbeads or plastic pellets, the blanket exerts pressure equally across your entire body. A long-term tester of the Bearaby has been using it for three months, not only as a lap blanket, but also as a duvet topper. According to her, the weight was comfortable and she liked the fact that it was not too hot.

Additionally, the blanket can be machine washed as it is composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Our lab has not yet tested the other two materials in the blanket. Weaved velvet is currently unavailable, but new colors will be available in mid-November. At this writing, the company states it will replenish its stock of the “tree” blanket, which is made from wood pulp derived from eucalyptus trees.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws. As a result, the blanket absorbs a large amount of water during the wash cycle since the blanket alone is weighing 40 pounds; our 20 pound blanket became 36 pound after having been washed. My wet blankets needed to be air-dried flat to be dry, which was why I had to flop on top of a rolling cart. A number of hours later, there were mostly dry conditions in most parts of the country, but for the most part it was still damp. It did not take more than 10 hours for the Bearaby to be completely dry after having been in our office for that period. You may be able to machine wash this blanket and allow it to air dry if you have a huge drying rack at home. Furthermore, the midnight blue color faded a little after washing the blanket we tested, but it was still very appealing after washing. Also, the clothes were tumble-dried at low temperatures. It was relatively dry by the end of the process after three cycles.

If you were looking for a fluffy blanket to keep warm when you were going to bed, this would not be the blanket you would find. The product has a few holes and according to one observer, “I don’t like them.”. According to our long-term tester, the blanket has been lengthening slightly over the past three months, although she says that it has not been a major change. During testing, it was apparent that this blanket conformed well to the body of additional long-term tester, but much to her surprise, it was not as heavy as expected. Apparently, the blanket did not seem to be as heavy as she had expected, perhaps due to its being more evenly distributed.

4. Weighed Blanket Luna

Cheap but Not Cheap-Feeling

As far as the Luna blanket is concerned, it feels and looks very much like a more balanced blanket when placed against the skin. This is true especially when the cover that it comes with is attached. In spite of its softness, however, the duvet cover is not stitched as tightly as others that we have seen, while the zipper also appears to be of poor quality.

  • Best for. Weighted blankets are an affordable option for bedrooms.
  • What it feels like. A heavier comforter than a standard one.
  • What makes it great. The Luna is a low cost option that many testers prefer over pricier options despite its weight of 15 pounds and its low price. The Luna is even less expensive than cheaper versions available at discount stores and Amazon, the main difference being the customer service team and the decent quality for the price. Although the glass microbeads in the Baloo blanket are not that pooled as you see in weighted blankets we have seen, they are not distributed evenly as they are in other blankets we have tried.

During testing it was noted that this product feels like a blanket more than a cushion. Another tester mentioned that the blanket’s surface “felt smooth and high-quality.” Weights did not move around on the blanket, and yet it did not feel stiff.”

Despite the label’s instructions, washing and air drying the blanket was not too difficult. The blanket remained in good condition after one cycle of air drying. Infrequent tumble-drying is also possible with Luna. There are a variety of colors and sizes available, and customers can return the Luna for a full refund if they do not like it.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws. A cotton blanket and duvet cover feels thin compared to the fabric of the Baloo, but it is soft to the touch. In contrast, Luna is half the price. An early tester said that it felt like a Target shirt, and it too dried wrinkly. Compared to the Gravity and Luxome blankets, Luna’s stitching felt cheap, and the duvet cover’s zipper was somewhat loose. It has already begun to detach from the seams of the Luna’s $26 duvet cover after a few times of covering and uncovering it.

A blanket bought from Luna’s website can only be returned in “new” condition after it has been received from Luna, and it needs to be in its original packaging. Shipping fees are usually around $10 for a 15-pound item. The return policy of Amazon is more lenient than that of Walmart, where this duvet cover and blanket can be found.

The fact has been brought to our attention that some customers have complained that the glass beads are leaking out at the seams. According to a representative of the company, if something like this were to happen, the device would be covered by a lifetime warranty, for which a replacement would be free.

5. Best Weighted Blanket by Sommerfly

Kids Will Love This Weighted Blanket

In summation, Sommerfly’s blankets are designed thoughtfully to last a long time, are durable, and offer friendly customer service. Kids’ heads are safely covered with the top cutout. Although adults did not like the beanbag-like appearance of the blanket.

  • Best for. Kids who like to have their shoulders pressed into the ground and having pressure applied to the rest of their bodies. If your child weighs less than 50 pounds or is under 5 years of age, you may want to discuss using a weighted blanket with his or her pediatrician or occupational therapist. You should make sure your child knows not to place inedible objects in their mouth, can take the blanket off by themselves, and has no known medical issues.
  • The way it feels. Compact yet substantial, like a comforter.
  • What makes it great. Despite the fact that the larger Sommerfly blankets were littered with beads that pooled, the beanbag feel of the smaller Sommerfly blankets did not bother our adult testers. There is also a corduroy option for this blanket. Its cotton cover feels solid.

A licensed occupational therapist with more than 30 years of experience, Kristi Langlet cofounded Sommerfly in 2005. Summerfly was also shipping blankets to various hospitals and clinics in addition to The Koomar Center, where Teresa May-Benson works and Sommerfly is a supplier. We expect the Sommerfly to be durable enough to stand up to regular kid use in the home setting, since the best weighted blankets are used in clinic settings frequently and are typically washed weekly.

The company offers several “custom” options, such as polka dots and dinosaurs, if you are patient enough. While we initially wondered why there was a U-shaped cutout at the top, we soon realized it was a fantastic way to cover your child’s shoulders without bunching the in-between fabric so their faces wouldn’t be exposed. Despite being convenient for everyone, we consider it a convenient safety feature as well.

In spite of the fact that this blanket was cleaned and dried properly, it did not lose its shape. You could also add a duvet cover, which you would have to pay for, if you want to reduce the burden. We appreciate seeing that a company has a telephone number for its customer service department. Buying a tool for your child is an important decision to make, especially if you are buying the tool for yourself.

The Sommerfly has a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with it. As a result of the fact that children tend to be fickle at times, this is very important. It was an interesting idea at first, but after about a month my school-aged son became tired of it.

  • Not a deal breaker, but flaws. Adult testers disliked the “beanbag” feeling, which was caused by the lack of batting and plastic pellets. The incident didn’t faze my child in the least. As the Sommerfly does not contain any batting inserted within the weighted compartments, it is generally more huggable and cools more quickly.

I find that the cotton Sommerfly is neither as soft nor as smooth as the Luna or the Baloo. As far as the corduroy version is concerned, we haven’t tried it. Despite this, we think it’s imperative that it’s a durable toy for children, since it is more likely to be washed frequently.

The duvet cover and blanket are not kids-priced-an extra-small blanket, for example, started at $136 at the time of publication. For an extra-small duvet cover, prices start at $56. The Luna can be purchased at a significantly lower cost in a smaller version.

Do Best Weighted Blankets Need to be Heavy?

Except in a few cases, most weighed blankets contain beads or pellets, not down or fibers. A large adult-size blanket, then, should weigh approximately 12 to 25 pounds, so as to accommodate its size. There are plenty of options to choose from since most bedding and furniture brands have jumped on the trend by launching their own lines. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Poundage. The blanket you choose should be 10 percent heavier than your body weight, this is the recommendation recommended by many experts. Yet, you would have to crawl out of a weight that was so heavy that you could not move out of, not one that you could not move under at all. In order to be considered healthy, an individual must weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. People with breathing, joints or low-weight conditions should not use any type of best weighted blanket, whether they are overweight or smaller than 50 pounds.
  • Weight types. There are various materials used to fill weighted blankets; however, the materials most commonly used are plastic pellets or glass microbeads, which are spheres about as big as a sand grain. There are various ways by which blanket fibers can be stitched together, interconnected, or separated so that the weight can be evenly distributed. Weight distribution tends to be more even when compartments are smaller.
  • Addition of fibers and batting. The action of adding these to the blanket is what turns it into a comforter rather than a backpack. By adding filler material to blankets, you trim down their amount of “floppy” feeling while also reducing their “huggy” factor.
  • Duvet covers. Duvet covers are available with some blankets, and others do not. It may not even be necessary to cover your blanket if the cover of the blanket is machine washable. Electric blankets would reduce the frequency of washing your blanket, thereby lowering the amount you have to do. Cotton, Minky, and Chenille are the most frequent materials used to make duvet covers. Heat can be trapped in the duvet cover if it is thicker.
  • Dimensions. The dimensions of the best weighted blankets are typically 42 inches by 72 inches, which is plenty big to move around comfortably. They are designed to cover the body, not the bed, so they cover your body instead of your bed. Individuals are usually covered by blankets such as these. Many brands today, especially bedding companies, sell weighted blankets by mattress size. The top of the blanket is covered instead of the front as if it were a regular blanket. When choosing a blanket for your bed, take your partner’s preferences into consideration. Remember, too, that a larger blanket may cause weight distribution to appear distorted. A blanket that is twin-sized is more likely to be heavier than one that is queen-sized, as the weight is more evenly distributed.

Your health, happiness, and wellbeing would improve if your bedding were thick enough, they will tell you. This isn’t true, of course. When we are touched deeply, our sympathetic nervous system is supposed to calm, allowing us to relax. Swaddling babies makes them less likely to cry, as we know that hugs and massages make us feel good. Science has mixed results regarding deep pressure touches such as massage and their effects on anxiety. A 2016 paper in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggests that Swedish massage may help with generalized anxiety disorder, but a study published in the Depression and Anxiety journal found that therapeutic massage did not improve calming ability.

There are a number of factors that are critical to the science of weighted blankets, especially those that affect weight distribution. There was a study published in 2015 on occupational therapy and mental health. 60 percent of participants in a study that used best weighted blankets to reduce anxiety symptoms among 30 hospitalized adults with mental health issues reported significant reductions in anxiety during the study, although physical markers were unable to prove the impact.

Despite this, weighted blankets have their benefits. Since you are the one who knows what you like, scientists cannot predict what you will like. We focused on brands without a trial period because people need to know what to expect from a product, according to Susan L. Hyman, MD, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at the University of Rochester. If you don’t try one, you’ll never know.”

Do Kids Need Weighted Blankets?

Occupational therapists were using weighted blankets for children with autism, ADHD, and sensory difficulties before stressed out or sleep-deprived adults reached for them. Children without any of these conditions may also find comfort in weighted blankets.

Whether you have a child who kicks off blankets while they sleep or if your child squirms away from bear hugs when touched, a weighted blanket may not be right for them. Kids, on the other hand, tend to behave in a strange way sometimes. I have a 7 year old cousin who, in spite of his dislike of sleeping with his comforter, enjoys reading on the couch while under our weighted blanket pick.

As there are so many options available for kids’ weighted blankets, deciding on one is not difficult. It is recommended that children’s weight be ten percent of their height, but this can be adjusted based on their needs, according to The Koomar Center in Newton, Massachusetts. Weighed blankets are not recommended for children under the age of five or those who weigh more than 50 pounds. Furthermore, children should avoid chewing on things. If you purchase a blanket, pay attention to the seams. Using a weighed blanket alone is not recommended for children. May-Benson advises removing the blanket as soon as your child falls asleep, regardless of whether their cover is on or not. In case of doubt, speak to your doctor or occupational therapist.

Picking and Testing

My research for this guide included Amazon, bedding sites, and weighted blanket articles. As part of the testing process, we also interviewed doctors, therapists, and public relations personnel about the 11 blankets we submitted for evaluation. The best weighted blanket category consists mostly of machine-washable items, with the exception of Gravity Blanket, arguably the most well-known brand in this category. The blankets from companies like Helix, Saatva, Casper, and Purple didn’t qualify due to this reason.

In addition to testing the blankets on beds and couches, we also shared our opinions on how they felt and looked. My colleague Jackie Reeve, who writes about bedding and bath, and I talked about the reasons for the popularity of these blankets. After washing and drying the top picks according to the instructions, I noted how they performed. Aside from contacting customer service departments to gauge their responsiveness, I reviewed literature on therapy using weighted blankets. Under the covers, I worked many hours on my laptop after my interviews. Ultimately, we selected the products based on comfort, value, responsive customer service, sizing, care and maintenance ease, and the willingness to try them for a limited time. In order to test our blankets over the long run, we will update this guide as needed.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning instructions can vary greatly from one brand to another depending on the product. For more details about your blanket, carefully read it’s label or ask customer service if it’s not clear.

There are many weighted blankets on the market that say you are only allowed to spot clean them. In most cases, you can just throw the duvet covers into the washing machine and dryer to clean them, so you should only have to do this once a year. Putting a duvet cover on top of a weighted blanket isn’t exactly an easy task, despite what it might seem like. When you have to wrestle plush comforters into duvet covers, what do you think is the worst part? Similar to the aforementioned process, but a lot more exhausting.

Whenever you’ve had a major accident, you’ll have to wash your weighted blanket by hand. The cleaning process is described by some brands as dry cleaning. Best Weighted blankets were not familiar to all of the dry cleaners we spoke to. Cleaners usually charge for material and size. We can dry clean twin-size fleece blankets weighing 15 pounds for $25 to $50.

There is a difference in drying times between machine-washing and air-drying blankets. Make sure you have adequate space in your yard or home for this if you are the latter. If you want to wash your blanket in cold water, most blankets will instruct you. To get a fluffy blanket back, it could take a couple of cycles to tumble-dry in the machine. If a blanket is able to be dried in a machine, it may need to be dried on a low setting. You should consider throwing fluffier blankets into the washer for another partial cycle just to be safe, especially if the pockets contain extra batting and fibers.

Another Blanket We Like that Is Weighted

The majority of our testers preferred the cover’s fleecy/velvety texture and balance. This brand is internationally recognized for its best weighted blankets that are lined with fabric and filled with microbeads that are stitched into a duvet cover. However, the blanket cannot be washed by machine. You might want to consider this if you are not afraid to spot-treat or hand-wash. It has plenty of attachment points, neat stitching, and a sturdy zipper. A responsive customer service system is also available. I love the blanket because it is comfortable, attractive, and well-constructed. A machine-washable Gravity would have been a great choice. Sometimes I feel fine on the couch, but sometimes [the weight] overwhelms me, said our long-term tester.

As soon as the body warms up, Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket becomes warm very quickly. Oddly enough, bamboo duvet covers resemble rayon slips, while cotton weighted blankets are almost like sleeping bags. After two dryer runs and a machine wash, the batting slightly clumped up. Due to the included duvet cover, the Baloo blanket is cheaper in the long run. Luxome is attached to a duvet cover more securely using a zipper rather than buttons. Our picks are made from cotton or linen fabrics, so, overall, we think they offer a broader appeal than the materials they are made from after washing and drying. Despite Luxome’s promises of quick response, we found it inconsistent.

The Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket received a higher rating from panel testers than its cotton counterpart. One of the participants recalled feeling as if a friendly bear hugged him. The blankets that are stitched with plastic pellets, however, both suffer from the uneven feel and noise associated with sandbags. Just like it indicated on the tag, the blanket survived being washed and dried. Customer service is responsive and the company offers lifetime warranties. As the company founder told us, if they make a mistake with the stitching, a pre-paid shipping label will be sent for them to fix and return it. You can, however, only test it for ten days. The long-term tester keeps the blanket in the living room and only uses it occasionally since she finds it overwhelming sometimes. Even though “it gets hot quickly,” she was fond of its softness.

The best Weighted blankets have a puffy coat, SensaCalm. The comforter’s softness, plush feeling, was our recommendation previously. It was found to be too narrow by some testers in 2018. In comparison to most adult blankets, SensaCalm measures 38 inches wide. A 2 inch difference appears to have been made. Despite the “comfortable nice fabric,” the long-term tester says it fits her just right despite her height of 5 feet 3 inches. Weighted blankets are less drapey with fluffy blankets, which is what some people believe makes them more effective. We appreciate SensaCalm’s hands-free and machine-drying capabilities, and its prompt, courteous customer service. Shipping is charged for returns, but exchanges are free. Budget versions of blankets are not as thick as the thicker versions, so they may not be as comfortable for you. As well as being 45 dollars cheaper, this blanket has softer fabric and a wider diameter than the regular SensaCalm blanket.

The Competition

It is one of the best-selling Amazon items and is available in a wide range of styles. In both the washer and the dryer, the blanket was in decent shape, with its weight evenly distributed. Cotton covers are typically less expensive; these were preferred by those who tested the Luna. No response from customer service was a dealbreaker.

In the cotton version, the beanbag-like feel is not disguised, nor is the noise muted as it would be with a thicker version. Chenille was popular among many people. Compared with the chenille version, our testers preferred the extra drapey blanket; however, this blanket is eligible for the same lifetime warranty. A lighter cotton surface also allows the Magic blanket to trap less heat.

The best weighted blankets we tested is made of cotton. As far as the overall feel goes, test subjects mentioned that this blanket was like a beanbag, similar to an adult-size Sommerfly or cotton Magic Weighted Blanket. The good news is that you’ll be able to choose from dozens of styles in cotton and “minky” which you can machine wash and dry. The minky version may mitigate the beanbag-like feel and noise as with the Magic best Weighted Blankets, we believe.