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Top Pick: LectroFan EVO

This is the best white noise machine you can buy without having to do your own research or compare prices.

Our first recommendation is LectroFan EVO after a long search.

In addition to masking assorted sounds, such as yapping dogs or clanking radiators, best white noise machines can also be used to mask uncomfortable sounds, such as insomnia. During the day, you can also use these devices to reduce distractions. The LectroFan EVO is the best sleeping device available, according to sleep researchers and audio engineers, who verified it blocked annoying noises by testing 22 popular gadgets and apps since 2016.

LectroFan EVO

Despite having a second range of electronically generated sounds to choose from than the other machines, the LectroFan EVO conceals a broad spectrum of unwanted noises that its conventional models cannot.

LectroFan EVO emits a wide range of audio frequencies that are digitally generated and manipulated to reduce whimpering cats, barking dogs, and snoring roommates to the same or greater extent than similar machines of the same price range. I recently purchased a portable speaker that has an easy to use interface, a wide range of volume settings, and is under the size of a nightstand without overwhelming it.

Yogasleep Dohm

Fans of fan sounds may find the low-tech, whir of the Yogasleep Dohm more relaxing than the staticky white noise of the LectroFan EVO, but its volume range is much smaller and it conceals much less effectively.

If you prefer low-tech and fan sounds, Yogasleep’s Dohm is for you. The Dohm uses a variety of electronic noise options instead of a physical fan to produce white noise. The sound is therefore more earthy and natural (like a fan). Despite its inability to mask noise and its incompatibility to other machines that produce white, pink, or brown noise, some people prefer the Yogasleep Dohm. The Dohm is bulky and bulkier than the LectroFan, but it has the same features, which are pitch and volume control by twisting the casing.


Along with the variation of white noise that the machine offers, it also provides rich, customizable ambient sounds to be listened to.

Sound+Sleep offers more than ten categories of sound such as white noise, nature sounds, and ambient recordings. With a simple design and rich audio quality, it offers a great combination. In addition to layering several sounds, you can create a complete soundscape. Using the adaptive technology found on the Sound+Sleep, the sound volume automatically adjusts according to changes in the surrounding environment, allowing for a more comfortable sleep. If you want to relax to peaceful soundscapes as well as block out annoying noise among other benefits, we think Sound+Sleep is worth it even at the higher cost.


With myNoise you can customize the sound in a better way than with other white noise apps. In addition to being less annoying, noisy sounds can also be virtually eliminated.

Our favorite free app is MyNoise. The function is not available on any dedicated sound machine or app. White noise and nature sounds can be chosen as well as the intensity of the different frequencies to better mask the annoying noise. The full acoustic library of myNoise is available for $10. There is a decent selection of sounds in the free version of the app. White noise apps we’ve tested are significantly more expensive than ours. They require monthly subscriptions to fully access them. Experts say it is ideal that myNoise’s recorded sounds do not loop. (Please note that the volume will vary depending on whether you listen on your phone’s speakers, via headphones, or through Bluetooth speakers.

Who Should Buy This

Machine White noise machines work by obscuring noisy sounds that might trigger people to wake up earlier, which is why they are traditionally used to help people fall asleep. They blur distractions by creating boring sounds. Stanford University researchers have found that boredom can benefit people, especially at bedtime: humans need safety for them to sleep easily, and lack of safety makes them feel secure. In addition to helping you stay asleep, these machines can mask the unexpected noises that might wake you up at night, such as elevator dings and your roommate’s door clicking as they enter late at night. In this situation, white noise machines are helpful to anyone, whether they are at home or in an office setting, are with children, or have to work together with a noisy roommate.

If you find the sounds they produce relaxing, white noise machines might also benefit you. The act of turning to your computer every night as part of your bedtime routine is also highly associated with your ability to feel safe. Pelayo explained that establishing these habits is extremely important for a restful sleep. If you get a white noise machine, you don’t want to get rid of it right away; you want to stick with it once you have it.

By masking the surprise sounds that might wake you up in the middle of the night, white noise can be a beneficial technique for helping you stay asleep. Stream white noise on your voice assistant or a free app before investing in a dedicated machine if you’re primarily looking to block out distractions.

Despite its effectiveness as a sleep aid, white noise machines require further investigation. Multiple clinical reviews have been published examining the effects of white noise on sleep. The clinical reviews do report significant findings, however they also found that preceding studies did not necessarily offer any meaningful insights due to their small size, short length, and inconsistent results. If white noise machines are useful for you, they will depend on your sleeping preferences and circumstances. Insomnia is not solved by white noise, according to Matthias Basner, co-author of the review. Some people may not like how noisy these machines are, as they are also trying to block out other sounds.

It’s best not to buy the best white noise machine right away if the quality of your sleep has suddenly changed without knowing why. Scientist Michael Perlis from the University of Pennsylvania says sleep serves as a very sensitive health indicator. To begin with, it’s best to consult your doctor until you are sure ambient noise is responsible.

How White Noise Machines Work

An example of white noise would be a continuous, unobtrusive noise. There are other colors of white noise that have fuzzy-sounding characteristics, as well:

  • White noise. Contains equal intensities across the entire spectrum of audible frequencies. When there is no signal on a radio, a hissing sound is heard. A horizontal, straight line appears on the graph.
  • Pink noise. White noise sounds like rain when it’s on lower frequencies, whereas rainfall sounds like white noise only on higher frequencies. There is a downward slope in its sound graph.
  • Brown noise. Becomes even more intense at lower frequencies, so that it sounds more distant, like a waterfall’s deep rumble. Pink noise’s graph slopes downward more steeply.
  • Blue noise. It has a very high pitch and is brighter than white noise, being the opposite of the color brown noise. A steep slope seems to be present.

Because they often produce different sounds, it’s incorrect to refer to these devices as ‘white noise machines’. As well as white noise, the LectroFan EVO produces pink and brown sounds, while the Dohm, another great choice, could produce brown noise based on the settings. This type of device should be referred to as “sound generators,” suggests Pelayo in his book How to Sleep.

Sound generators can mask annoying sounds to a certain degree with white, pink, and brown noises, if the volume is turned up enough. Using a color that has a brighter intensity for the frequency range where the noise falls is a better method for masking unwanted sound. A sound rumble that resembles a downhill slope can easily be masked by brown noise at a relatively low volume, since brown noise is high in low frequencies. Unlike white noise, which blocks low frequencies immediately after muting it, white noise blocks low frequencies as soon as it is cranked up. This means that white noise will not block high frequencies because its sound graph is horizontal. Inefficient and unappealing sound. White noise and blue noise contain steady, high-frequency sounds, which may alleviate tinnitus.

Real sounds, such as those of ocean waves, rivers, and rain, can be found in Sound+Sleep, for instance. Depending on how soothing they are to you, they may help you sleep or focus. A similar sound may also mask the offending sound if the two sounds are similar enough. At the beach, ASTI’s founder realized the sound of the ocean resembled the noise coming from the freeway behind his home, so he created the Sound+Sleep and LectroFan. Upon returning home, he examined the recordings, where the crashing waves seamlessly masked the sound of the cars. Using a babbling stream to mask the roar of raindrops can act as a sound fix for a leaky faucet. Natural noise solutions cannot be effective if you are not at ease with it; otherwise, you will just be substituting one irritating sound for another.

How We Picked and Tested

The first best white noise machine was first tested in 2016. After studying eight devices, Yogasleep’s Dohm Classic, Rohm, and Hush were deemed to be the best: Dohm, Rohm, and Hush. In addition to LectroFan Classic, HoMedics Deep Sleep II, and Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, these technologies were considered by her. Over a period of several weeks in late 2020 and early 2021, I assessed new models and retested our current picks, several of which had been updated.

These Included:

  • Yogasleep has five new products.
  • The Clecfan EVO has been updated as well as Sound+Sleep models by ASTI
  • Amazon offers numerous affordable options, including the HoMedics SoundSpa SS-2000 and the Let’s Fit Sleep Sound Machine T126L
  • It’s possible to create advanced fan sounds with the Snooz machine

I tested each set of controls in broad daylight and at nighttime to find those that were easy to operate and intuitive. The acoustic quality of the sound, as well as whether the sound itself was enjoyable, was also taken into account, as well as the masking sounds each machine offered.

We played my laptop at extreme volumes in my living and dining rooms to test the performance of the best products, playing noises such as a drilling sound, a barking dog, and speeding cars. While the door to the room was closed, I put the best white noise machine on a dresser in the adjoining bedroom. The louder the volume, the harder it was to find sounds to mask the noise.

Brent Butterworth, Wirecutter staff writer and senior website editor, was also given five models for his consideration. The decibel levels of each candidate were measured 18 inches away, with a sound-level meter. As well as assessing the sound quality of each machine, he slept with it.

LectroFan EVO

Electronic sound masking is more prominent on the LectroFan EVO than other machines tested in its price range. With its robust strength and intuitive design, the LectroFan EVO is a highly effective acoustic shield that is surprisingly portable. EVO offers everything the Classic does with several thoughtful upgrades for the same price as the Classic, which was our previous top pick since 2016. Ten colored sounds and ten fan sounds are enhanced by two ocean noises generated electronically. Despite its heptagonal shape, the machine has sloped edges and all its buttons are placed at the top so that it is accessible from your bed and is easier to use in the dark. On/off switch and timer buttons are now separated, which prevents miscommunication and accidents. There’s a connector for headphones or speakers, and the EVO has a more grippy surface.

A couple of other products caught our attention, but we were particularly blown away by the LectroFan EVO. We were able to choose from low rumbles, rushing winds, static sounds, and variety of intensities, none of which were disturbing. Compared to other contraptions of similar size, the sound is noticeably clearer and richer: it’s not muffled or tinny at all.

A sound-level assessment of the device was conducted in 2021, measuring it to 87 decibels from “basically nothing.”. LectroFan EVO offers a larger range of frequency choices and has a lower volume setting, which can be used to improve noise insulation. Keeping dBA levels between the 40s and 50s dampened freeway noise; cinnamon masked hammer drill noise; and champagne quieted party chatters. It was easier to block dog barking when the machine is set to “coral”, even though it was less annoying.

Fans can soothe those who are stressed with LectroFan fans, such as box fans, attic fans, and heavy industrial fans. Yogasleep, however, uses an electronic fan that simulates the sound of a real fan. Those who love the distinct whir of an exhaust fan may find Yogasleep enjoyable since it provides the audio richness of an exhaust fan.

In addition to being slightly larger in diameter and height than the original Classic, the EVO is easy to take on the road. No comparison can be made between the new interface of the EVO and the Classic, or even with that of the competition. Upon switching it on, it plays indefinitely by default, but you can set a timer for it. It provides greater flexibility than most since it is based on a 60-minute increment. There is no timer option for the Dohm, and only three for the Duet among the Yogasleep products.

Faults, but Not Deal Breakers

In a place without an outlet, such as on a trip, we could use the EVO if it had a built-in battery. Our upgrade pick, the Sound+Sleep, also includes a labelled dial so you can see which sound is selected, although it uses toggle-button controls. Instead of setting the timer by the minute like with white noise apps, the timer can only be set by the hour. Moreover, even though the electronic ocean sounds are good, they don’t differ very much from colored sounds, ebbs and flows of “shhh’s” rather than the sound of distant shores lapping against each other. Naturalistic environment sounds will be provided by Sound+Sleep.

Yogasleep Dohm

White noise could be less staticky than the LectroFan EVO, as compared to its predecessor. However, the Yogasleep Dohm masks noise less effectively than the Yogasleep and has a smaller volume range as well.

Yogasleep Dohm is an excellent option if you enjoy the soothing sound of a fan when you sleep. Since 1965, the Dohm has had a devoted following for its use of actual fans. Compared to the white, brown, and pink noises produced by the LectroFan, this one is slightly more pleasant and earthier. We noticed a slight whining undertone when running the Dohm on its high setting, similar to the sound at the top of a seashell held over your ear or the sound of wind blowing through a field.

During our testing, we found the volume range of the Dohm to be narrower than that of the LectroFan EVO, and could not match the range of the Sound+Sleep. Brent measured that Dohm’s 62 dBA level was a lot louder than either of the other contender’s softest settings, measured from 18 inches away. We doubt you’d want an overly loud white noise machine, so we set the Dohm’s maximum volume at 69 dBA.

The nothing-frills, analog construction of the fan not only appeals to fans, but also its prevalence of fan noise. For the perfect tech-free bedroom, this is the perfect choice. In addition to the single button, there is a plastic housing that allows you to tweak the volume and tone by twisting. Using this, the plastic housing’s cutouts can be opened or closed. Despite the fact that it costs a few dollars more than the original design, we prefer the updated 2020 version. Having a contoured surface and raised ridges makes it easier to adjust it. We do not recommend Yogasleep Dohm Connect because you’d be better off getting the Snooz (also app-enabled) rather than the Dohm. On top of that, both of these options use your phone to adjust the volume.


The machine offers users more variations of white noises in addition to natural white noise, as well as other customized, rich ambient sounds.

The sound quality of Sound+Sleep is superior to other machines, and it comes equipped with both white noise variation options and realistic environmental sounds. This machine is probably capable of masking noise or relaxing you. Using a noise machine is not the best option if it doesn’t provide the desired result for you.

The Sound+Sleep’s nine ambient noises are more robust and organic than noises like that generated by the LectroFan EVO or Yogasleep Duet, which are also naturally recorded. Its larger, top-facing speaker contributes to Sound+Sleep’s fuller, more enjoyable acoustic quality. It is easy to navigate in the dark thanks to clearly labelled buttons and dials. Moreover, because of the responsiveness of these weapons, those who don’t have confidence in using their strength shouldn’t have any problems.

There are also several additional features unique to Sound+Sleep: added layers of recordings can be added to each sound using the “richness” button, creating a more complex and non-looping soundscape. In addition to the roar of the ocean, seagulls or foghorns can be added if you select the simple roar of ocean surf. Each time you hear it, the result is different.

It can also adjust its volume automatically according to environmental changes by pressing the “adaptive” button. Once you’re in bed, you won’t have to fiddle with the volume buttons since you’ll always have the right volume level in your hand. You don’t have to raise the volume too loud to camouflage annoying noises, but it almost took me by surprise how subtle the volume changes were.


An I Phone and Android App for White Noise

White noise apps we found have better customization than myNoise. In fact, it can almost eliminate nuisance noises. Many white noise apps for smartphones and tablets are free, and many of them provide an impressive array of sound options. If you wear decent headphones or have Bluetooth speakers, you can download a white noise app to find peace. Our recommendations don’t offer specific timer programming capabilities but most of the apps do. The app can be useful for sleeping better at night, focusing at work in a noisy office, or focusing on a task at hand whether you decide on a dedicated machine.

After testing 12 smartphone apps in 2016, as well as three more ones for this update, we still like myNoise best. myNoise was designed by Stephane Pigeon and is available on the myNoise website, iOS and Android. As part of the initial “all you can listen” bundle, you can listen to eight real-life sounds and colored noises for free. The individual sounds are $9.99* each or you can purchase the bundle for $10 if you wish to download additional sounds. MyNoise is different from the LectroFan EVO; it is a mobile app that utilizes real recordings instead of electronic sound effects, so the sounds sound more rich and realistic.

Our preference is to mask these sounds with MyNoise, which makes a hissing sound like sea spray. Mixing algorithms can also be applied to avoid discernible loops and to apply layered soundscapes. A UPenn sleep researcher advises calming down and falling asleep by not anticipating patterns.

In addition, myNoise can mask annoying sounds for a better listening experience. What do you mean? The noise intensity varies with frequency, with some noises having a greater intensity than others. MyNoise allows you to adjust the intensity of specific frequencies within recordings you’re listening to, which allows you to filter out unwanted sounds without adjusting the volume. The machines and apps we tested didn’t offer the customization and control we wanted. Use tissue instead of cardboard when wrapping a gift that is oddly shaped. To completely enclose the item, tissue makes a tight seal and molds tightly, while cardboard leaves gaps and may need to be combined with another sheet of paper.

My recent night of sleepless nights in a hotel made me aware of this. I wore my headphones, turned on the Tibetan choir option, and experimented with different frequencies after being afflicted by an eclectic range of snoring noises produced by more than one family member. In a matter of seconds I was transported to a monastery without being prompted to raise the volume at all.

White Noise Machines for Babies: Which One to Choose 

Many parents use the best white noise machines to assist their children in sleeping. Since it helps block out intrusive sounds that might startle your baby awake during naps and bedtime, white noise is particularly helpful during these times. We believe both LectroFan EVO and Yogasleep Dohm can be the right choice for babies be it heartbeat sounds, soothing lullabies, or womb sounds in addition to ambient sounds.

If you want to use white noise with your little one, here are a few tips from experts, despite the fact we didn’t test any of our picks specifically on babies. No matter which sleep choice you choose, your pediatrician should be consulted before you implement it in your baby’s routine.

Harvey Karp repeatedly recommends that parents and caregivers scream in order to calm down their children in his book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. The sounds can still be soothing to a newborn during the months following a baby’s birth, which Karp refers to as the fourth trimester.

The volume should be considered, however. A child in a neonatal intensive care unit can be protected from hearing damage by limiting the noise to 45 dBa. However, there is no official guideline regarding continuous-noise machines in the hospital. The beeps and alarms of these machines are low-pitched rather than the usual beeping and ringing of hospitals.

Hearing loss is a common condition that can result in louder sounds. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center audiologist Lisa L. Hunter explains that some devices are able to make sounds much louder than this. All of the study’s machines exceeded 50 dBa, and some produced sounds that were about 85 dBa or more.

Choosing a machine with a timer setting will further limit how long the infant is exposed to the sound. Hunter also recommended reducing the volume of the machine so that it doesn’t interfere with hearing quiet conversations.

Are there Alexa or Google Home?

Best White noise machines are common, and depending on the platform, you can choose how long you want them to play. You can check out Google Home’s 14 built-in features on its support page or use Alexa’s Ambient Noise skill. Brent played YouTube playlists on his smart speaker as well. Since these tech giants have so much power at their disposal, these smart speakers rival and easily surpass those of our picks. According to Brent, a good smart speaker has low frequency sounds that are more relaxing to me. In addition, you may or may not be satisfied with how your voice assistant renders ambient sounds. I prefer more versatility in my surf sounds, while Brent prefers the ocean option on Google Home over Amazon Echo due to the less distinct sound of crashing waves. You cannot take the sounds with you since they are not part of the hardware. In addition, the sounds may change over time.

Users could be concerned about privacy as well. The Amazon Echo and Google Home record your interactions with them in conjunction with responding to your voice commands – something you may not want your children to see in their bedrooms. You can manage your device’s security and privacy settings according to a recent article by Wirecutter’s PC team, Thorin Klosowski. “Thorin recommended having a white noise recording on the device to limit the possibility of misinterpreting the wake word. Brent and I did not notice any recordings during the testing.”.

Other Best White Noise Machines

  • Upgrade your fan-sound experience with this stylish device. Most best White noise machines are often hard-edged and clinical-looking, in contrast to its stylish, curvy design. Sound+Sleep, a similar-priced product, is almost as popular as Snooz. It can be controlled in 10 gradual steps from whisper-soft to nearly 75 decibels using the app’s automatic scheduler. Changing the volume through the app is simple, since it displays the volume in 10 gradual steps at any given time. You can alter the sound of this machine, ranging from the rumble of an airplane cabin to a tabletop fan, by rotating the outer ring. It is also far more powerful sounding than the Dohm Connect even at its maximum volume, without any whining or whining noise. Due to its high price for only one sound, we were unable to recommend the Snooz. You can, however, upgrade to this sound if you prefer it.
  • The noise options are plentiful at an affordable price, and the sound quality isn’t a concern. Yogasleep Duet is a miniature Google Home-like device that can be easily stowed on any nightstand irrespective of its size. With the Sound+Sleep, our pick for an upgrade, you’ll snooze to 30 variations of sound. The ambient sounds of the Duet are said to be derived from actual ambient noises, but in comparison to those of the Sound+Sleep, they sound muffled and less authentic and organic. Furthermore, music cannot be streamed at a specific time in the app. If you aren’t picky about sound quality and plan to use it with young children, these $40 white noise variations will do the trick. The USB cable that comes with the device is not a wall plug.
  • A baby option that is affordable. The Yogasleep Nod, along with the Yogasleep Duet, provides eight options for white noise, fans, and environments that are infant-friendly. In addition to being a nightlight, the light costs $25. On the other hand, the Sound+Sleep and Yogasleep Duet are better suited to adults due to their better sound quality and greater variety.

Other Best White Noise Apps

When you want to mix and match ambient sounds. White Noise Lite also offers oddball sounds like dishwashers and cars in addition to nature sounds and colored noises. In addition to creating playlists, mixing and matching sounds, and recording looped sounds, the companion app enables listening to others’ sounds, as well as creating your own. Additionally, the generator tools can be used to create recordings yourself. A few competitors offered cheaper subscriptions in 2020, but they were not effective. This was a fantastic deal considering both fees were one-time. For people who desire high quality sounds to mask noise, myNote is recommended. You can easily customize the features and choose non-looped recordings for a better option. It may be worth listening to White Noise Lite if you just want to discover new sounds.



It is easy to pack the HoMedics SS-2000 in a bag since it is flatter than the other machines we tested. The system includes one of the most user-friendly control panels we have seen, as well as individual buttons to control the power, timer, and individual digitally recorded soundscapes and white noise, which make accessing them in the dark easier. Our pick, the LectroFan EVO, offers a wider range of colors to mask varying noise, but this isn’t available with this unit. Additionally, the encasing feels flimsy to me.

With ten different colored sounds and ten variations of fan sounds, the LectroFan Classic is still a great choice. It’s the original version of our choice, the LectroFan EVO. Despite its ability to handle three sounds, the Classic doesn’t measure up to the EVO, which has two ocean sounds and has controls on the side.

This $25 sleep sound machine has excellent sound quality for a machine of its type, and it includes a nightlight. Lullabies; nature sounds; and white, pink, and brown sounds are among the 14 options available. Despite the fact that they are very scary, the ocean waves of Letsfit are more realistic than those of the LectroFan EVO. Despite this, Letsfit has a weak control system that leaves room for accidents, and that can be especially problematic in a nursery or shared bedroom. Touching the top of the machine will open up the machine, causing the night-light to come on accidentally. By accidentally pressing the button for too long, it is also possible to select the wrong volume or sound, so that can also startle others. In conclusion, the timer button makes the robot announce itself rather than quietly set itself. The frustrations were not worth the savings, despite the savings.

Due to its internal fan and sound conditioner, which looks like a knockoff of Dohm, our Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner did not meet our standards when turned on. While it is running, the fan shakes uncontrollably. Several Amazon reviews mention this issue. Sound+Sleep SE offers four variations of each of the six sounds, so the user has 64 choices instead of 30 in the original. Anyhow, you’ll get twice the features for half the cost. Two fan sounds, along with additional variations of colored noise, have not yet been tested, but most people should not miss them. While the device is still enclosed in retro black fabric, it features a white colored exterior and two USB ports and an external audio jack.

A great alternative to Yogasleep Dohm is the Yogasleep Dohm Classic. It has the same sound and feels the same as Classic, but the original ergonomic design is less well-rounded. The Yogasleep Dohm Connect comes in a Bluetooth version. You can adjust the volume and track your noise with the companion app-which is convenient since the machines work best when they are several feet away from you. The Snooz, though pricey, has a better sound and a nicer look, and it’s also compatible with mobile apps.

With Yogasleep Rohm, we were able to block sound well in our testing and adjust volumes with great precision. There are only two choices for colored noises, and the controls are on the side, which means you must pick up the machine to modify them. In addition, we found the buttons to be stiff. Though the LectroFan was designed for travel, it’s not much smaller than that. In general, a smartphone app can be used to create white noise while traveling.

Yogasleep Hushh has the same features as Rohm, with the exception of a few baby-specific features. Babies weren’t tested.

Yogasleep Whish seemed to be a logical upgrade to Dohm even though it costs $10 less. This sound machine offers a variety of sounds, including white noise, eight nature sounds, and six fans. With just a touch of a button, you have access to each. It is difficult to locate what you need in the dark due to the delayed response and crowded buttons. Compared with the Dohm, the noise also sounds harsh and synthetic.


Before myNoise, our iOS pick, developed an Android version, Noisli was our app recommendation for Android users. With the simple icon-based interface, you can choose from 13 ambience sounds and three colored-noise effects. You cannot blend multiple colored-noise sounds on myNoise, but you can layer them and adjust their volume, allowing you to customize their blend. We initially tested eight Android apps, including MyNoise, and the Android version had the most intuitive interface. Since Noisli’s app was last updated in 2017, its web version offers a more dynamic experience.

Sleep and meditation are actively promoted in Relax Melodies by the use of sound. Whichever tool you prefer, you can choose the soundscape you prefer, whether it is for sleep meditation or breathing exercises. The sounds are divided into 10 categories – including white noise and nature – and layered or blended. No matter whether you decide not to subscribe, you can find something soothing and masking. MyNoise allows you to mask nuisance noise with a “sculpture,” but this app loops the sounds, not sculpt them. You will also be interrupted by a barrage of advertisements.

Appearance of Deep Sleep Sounds on the screen. By categorizing and subcategorizing within categories, you can freely scroll through noises. We do not consider the annual subscription necessary for those who just want to mask noise or relax with music instead of listening to it continuously for eight hours. The free version gives you limited access to the full library of 80-plus sounds, and playing them continuously is only possible for eight hours. While we appreciate myNoise’s adjustable range and timer, we find the sound experience more versatile and pleasant with the free version of the best white noise machine.