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Top Pick: Massage chair Luraco IRobotics 7 Plus

If you’re in the market to buy the best zero gravity massage chair skipping the research process, then just go for this one.

We consider Massage chair Luraco IRobotics 7 Plus as our first choice.

The zero gravity massage chairs has become a standard of quality in the industry, but not all of these Chairs are created equal. It’s hard to believe, but the Luraco i7 is one of the most expensive chairs on the market which makes it not for everyone’s budget. On a stricter budget, the Kahuna LM-6800 is my #1 choice. Purchasing a zero-gravity chair is not just about price. It’s about many different factors, as well. To help you decide what is the best zero gravity chair for you, we have compiled this list of the top models in each category.

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Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Reviews

There are several categories of zero gravity massage chairs on the market. We’ve selected five of the best models in each category. Although most of these chairs have zero gravity, each of them has specific features that make them unique and different.

Massage chair Luraco IRobotics 7 Plus – Best Overall

There is no better zero gravity model than the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus. There is no better way to have a massage than to hire a masseuse. In addition, this chair comes with a host of Best awards, including Best of Show and Best of CES Awards, and it was made in the USA.

I7 Plus massages are guaranteed for 3 years, and the parts are guaranteed for 2 years. iRobotics 7 replaces the standard Luraco robot. Massaging chairs take a new level of comfort with its new speakers and control panel, along with new intensity settings and individual sections.

An airbag storm can be controlled by 100 airbags, while a health monitor can monitor your heart rate as well as your blood pressure.

Physique parts such as your head, feet, and even your hands can be selected, adjusted, and even excluded. You can choose between variable, constant, and percussion taping.

  • Quietest Chair. You can relax without being disturbed by too much buzzing as this chair utilizes quiet technology.
  • Made in the United States. We build and quality control this chair in the Philippines, with Taiwanese and American parts, and provide customer service in the Philippines. The chair is made to last and has been FDA approved, so you won’t have any problems dealing with retailers or customer service reps. If something goes wrong with it, which is highly unlikely, you won’t have to deal with firms that deny your problems.
  • Warranty of 3 years. It has a warranty of three years, plus an extended warranty of two years on the parts. It covers both parts and labor in-home for three years. So when the time comes for it to be replaced, you’ll know that your investment was well worth the costs.
  • A 3-tiered foot and leg massage. Now you don’t have to worry about sore calves. Airbags surround the calf and foot area to make sure your calves are not left untouched. All parts of your body receive the same treatment.
  • Adjustable roller intensity in 3D. It now has more adjustable settings than the i7. Calves, feet, and the lower and midback have become independent parts of the body. You can therefore set the intensity of each 3D massage roller separately or choose not to.
  • The airbag intensity can be adjusted. Specifically designed airbags now allow the calves and feet to be adjusted independently for even greater personalization.
  • Bluetooth Speakers. Quality has been improved on the Bluetooth speakers. As you lie back in the chair listening to your favorite music, the sound quality is crystal clear. You can play your favorite music with the wireless speakers as you relax when you pair them with any Bluetooth device.
  • Unique rhythms in the tapping. There are three settings for the i7 Plus, constant, variable, and percussion. To customize your massage experience even more, one can adjust the pace at which the constant setting is tapped.
  • Health Monitoring. Several massage chairs now offer health monitoring capabilities as well as the obvious body scanning features. During your massage, you can use this to measure things like heart rate and blood pressure.
  • 5 Customized Massage Memory. This powerful operating system allows massages to be programmed up to five times over and above already-installed programs.


  • Leading-edge technology.
  • One of the best chairs on the market.
  • This product is FDA-approved and has a limited 5-year warranty.
  • 6’7″ maximum height; 300 lb maximum weight


  • Depending on the severity of your back condition, Stretch Mode can be too gentle to target the right spots. It won’t separate you.
  • An investment worth making, but not cheap.

Key Takeaway. It’s the best massaging chair on the market, and it’s made by Americans for Americans. The zero-gravity feature of this chair is not its biggest selling point. Definitely a top contender, in both features and budget, but it’s still a rewarding purchase.  

2. Super Novo Massage Chair by Human Touch – Compact design

It takes just two inches of wall space to transform this chair from zero gravity to seated. A Virtual Therapist, who has predictive abilities, also operates via an Alexa control with docking station and complete Altec Lansing audio system. There are 38 auto programs as well as four-dimensional rollers, SL-track, and four-dimensional rollers.

Besides the SL-track massage technique, the Human Touch also has many great features, such as a unique advantage aimed at easing back pain affected by tight gluteal muscles.

  • Heated dual lumbar discs. It helps you relax and ease stress and tension by gently heating and loosening the muscles around your spine.
  • Whole-body stretch. You can stretch and lengthen your spine and legs using our full-body stretch function to ease joint and spine discomfort.
  • Audio system with premium quality. It has a Bluetooth connection, so you can listen to your favorite tracks while relaxing, and 8 preset nature tracks that are soothing and relaxing.
  • Leg Extension. Human Touch leg extensions include a bended knee for safety and can be adjusted directly to the knee joint for a full knee massage.
  • Foot and calf heating. Added pain relief can be experienced in your calves and knees when the heater is turned on. Reflexology rollers are also installed on the feet for massage.
  • Feel and look premium. Modern technology makes The Human Touch look like a space pod. You can recline the chair, even if the width bothers you, by adding 2″ of wall space.
  • 38 automatic programs. There are a variety of preset massage programs to choose from, including meditation massage programs and yoga studio programs.
  • Virtual therapist. You can use Alexa to activate it and get a personalized massage. As well as anticipating needs and likings, it gives you the feeling that you’re getting a real massage. SL-track can be set as fast as a real massage, or as slow as a relaxation massage.
    Designed for large and tall people. Even someone as tall as 6’9″ and weighing up to 300 pounds can use the Human Touch without difficulty.
  • Space-efficient design. The Human Touch takes up just 2″ of wall space, as opposed to most zero gravity massage chair models, which occupy more than 2″.


  • Ideal for taller individuals
  • Heated knee massage with SL-track 
  • Pressure and speed control
  • with voice-activated controls


  • There are no arm massagers
  • pricey
  • one-year, three-year, five-year warranties on labor, parts, and frames

Key Takeaway. You may not like this sofa if you’re big, tall, have pain in your hips or knees, but it’s a great option if you suffer from knee pain or lower back pain. The compact, sturdy model that will help you relax your lower back is somewhat pricey, but one of the most durable and compact models available to buy.

3. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair – Full-Body Zero Gravity – Top Budget Chair

The Kahuna LM 6800 is an excellent zero gravity massage chair that can be found on Amazon for a reasonable price. There is no difference between them. Though these budget chairs have uncomfortable calves and feet rollers, they are cushioned, and if you still find them uncomfortable you can always use a padded pad or fabric.

In spite of the LM 6800’s modest level of expertise, the chair comes with all the same features as some high-end chairs, like BodyScan, Zero Gravity, and Arm Massage. This chair allows you to choose from five different massage techniques as well as speeds and intensities, covering a wide range of different body parts.

  • L-track. By using the L-track’s four rollers, you can be relieved of lower back and buttock pain, as well as sciatica-related pain.
  • Zero Gravity Space-Saving Technology. three zero gravity positions can be achieved within three inches of wall space with the space-saving technology. In order to enjoy a massage effectively, zero-gravity is the best position.
  • Double foot rollers. The LM 6800 is one of the few budget chairs that features foot and leg massage. Dual-roller chairs may cause some discomfort, but by adding more padding, this can be easily resolved.
  • Computerized body scanning. In addition to being more affordable, this device includes an electronic body scan that measures your size and shape to tailor the massage to fit you.
  • A 5-step manual massage technique offers a variety of options for providers to choose from to provide the best massage for you, including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, and, in combination, Kneading / Tapping.
  • Six automatic programs. A series of stretching and massages increase circulation and revitalize your body. With SH-Chiro, you can get stress and tension out of your spine with the combined methods of shiatsu and chiropractic.
  • Heating Therapy. Provides relief from lower back and leg pain.
  • Options for personal adjustment. A range of roller speeds and air cell intensities can be selected, along with the option of directing massages to particular areas, including the upper back, the lower back, the entire back, and the whole back and body.


  • Cost-effective
  • Co-ordinates with high-end chairs in all their main functions 
  • Compact


  • A harsh foot roller 
  • difficult to adjust
  • is not suitable for people that are tall or heavy

Key Takeaway. Despite offering all the features that other massage chairs offer, this chair costs a fraction of what others may. It offers pre-set massage programs targeted at particular trouble areas and plenty of options for individual adjustment, making it an excellent choice. Zero gravity massage chairs models for the same price are hard to find.

4. Osaki OS-4000T Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair – A S-Track Chair with the best features

This OS4000T machine offers jaw-dropping shoulder and neck massages with a zero-gravity attachment.

There is also a foot and arm massage that targets specific points in the feet and arms for total relaxation.

The chair is not the best option for reducing upper-midback pain and tension, but it might be a good option for someone looking to relieve upper-midback pain.

  • Designed for zero gravity. During a relaxing massage, you will be in a weightless position thanks to the zero gravity massage chair design. The design of this model is not space-saving.
  • Design of superior S-Tracks. Neck, shoulder, and back massage robots are made to target specific areas. Micro-adjustments enable it to conform to your spine and become even more comfortable.
  • The program contains six pre-sets. The various functions of a massage program are Healthcare, Relaxation, Therapy, Smart, Circulation, and Demo.
  • 2 Auto-settings. The lower and upper body are both subject to automatic massage settings.
  • Manual Adjustments. If you require complete relaxation or special attention in a particular area, you can choose from three options for upper body massage, including full-body, partial-body, or fixed.

Adjustments include:

  • It has six different types of massage – rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish, and a combination Of these
  • – five speed levels and three
  • Types of width adjustment
  • options for lower and back airbags, calif
  • adjustable leg rest, and a removable backrest.

Tension and Pain are eased with specialized massages for specific areas:

  • Strong vibrating seat massage
  • Vibration Air Massage
  • Massage
  • Therapy
  • Back Heating
  • Cuddle Neck massage
  • Air Pressure Shoulder Rollers
  • Infrared heated foot rollers

LCD Display. You can set the LCD display to run for five, thirty, and even 60 minutes per week with the mini wireless controller. By the 46 airbags, the heat pads, and the S-track, all stresses are melted away.


  • Excellent price
  • massage for neck, shoulders, and back


  • Design is not space-saving 
  • – beeps after every massage

Key Takeaway. This chair is a good price for the Osaki OS-4000T. The S-track massage, however, is a really good feature. However, unlike the other models, it does not have an extremely space-saving design.

5. Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Best Under $1000 Massage Chair

Based on reliability and features, this is the best choice.

Bluetooth and six automatic programs are included with the new 2020 Real Relax model.

In general, this chair is considered to be a good buy for the price, although some customers complain that the shoulder massage is too weak, or that the leg cushions are too firm.

The chair is more reliable than comparable chairs in its class, and it comes with a %150-$200 delivery fee, as with most cheaper models.

  • Six automatic programs. Relax and reduce stress by using the chair’s six different auto programs.
  • Heated feet and back. The heat relieves tension and improves circulation in the lower back and feet, which speeds up the healing process.
  • Foot Massage. Rollers and airbags are included in the foot massage for complete relaxation. For people with longer legs, the footrests can also be extended.
  • Easily assembled, used, and moved. Even though the instructions aren’t perfect, assembling the chair isn’t difficult. A control panel with adjustable timers and intensity, is easy to use. Also, the chair is easily moved thanks to the rollers on its base.
  • Recline manually and zero-gravity. Although it doesn’t support power systems, the chair can still function as a recliner, just like most high-end chairs do.


  • Features of good quality 
  • excellent customer service


  • Fee for returns
  • 6’1″ maximum height

Key Takeaway. This chair under $1000 offers quality and features, but is also affordable. There are a lot of low-price zero gravity massage chairs available, but unfortunately this is your best choice if you are tall.

6. SL-Track Massage Chair from Kahuna SM-7300 – Ideal for Heavier People

The Kahuna SM-7300 is an affordable option, especially if you’re large, as most massage chairs have a weight limit between 250 and 300 lbs.

There are nine preset programs with individualized settings and individual adjustments, and the SMC-7300 offers the most advanced features found on higher-end devices, but at a fraction of the price.

As well as the familiar LM6800 features, the SM-7300 features a SL-track, an adjustable seat size, a set of auto-programs to offer a unique leg and foot massage, and a leg and foot covering for an equally relaxing foot massage.

  • A 6 wheel roller system with SL-Track. From your neck to your thighs, Sm 7300 massages your spinal column from the top down. For those with multiple forms of back pain, including tight glutes, this feature is an excellent option.
  • Wider & taller. There is an option for the small person too, so smaller people won’t feel overwhelmed. Taller or larger people will be comfortable in the new size without feeling like it is too big. 5’6″-6’5″ people can comfortably wear it
  • There are 9 automated programs. In addition to the new auto programs, Yoga Stretching, Fast Recovery, Relaxation, and Fast Recovery are included in new auto programs titled Athlete, Office Person, Golfer, Senior, and Dynamic Sport.
  • Upgraded Acupressure. There are acupoints planted on each roller, which are detected electronically so the correct spots are hit. Acupressure points are also used on the arms as on the LM 6800.
  • Massage that wraps around your body. There are three different ways to relax your calves with the new wraparound squeeze function.

LCD Controller. A new LCD-based controller offers five distinct levels of AI-intensity and is more user-friendly.


  • LM 6800 improvements 
  • Budget-friendly
  • bigger and more functional


  • It doesn’t have all the features and adjustability that high-end models have 
  • – a less than optimal control

Key Takeaway. A good option for taller/bigger people looking for affordable massage chairs is the SM7300. As well as all the high-end features of a massage chair, the massage chair is affordable. For the price, it is as sturdy and functional as you can expect. However, it does not have all the features that more expensive chairs include.


This is exactly what zero gravity is – space-grade technology. During launch, astronauts are subjected to high g-forces, but NASA discovered that their bodies were in the best position.

Though the reclined position appears to be weightless, it is actually much more even distribution of weight. By reclining and putting your feet above your heart in this position, you are not putting any strain or stress on a specific part of your body. In this way, all weight-bearing areas of your body can be completely relaxed.

In addition, by allowing yourself to “fall into” the airbags and rollers, you can enhance the massage chair’s effectiveness. This allows you to receive a more relaxing and effective massage since you won’t have to constantly resist the chair’s movement.

Key Takeaway. The feeling of weightlessness will arise when you are lying in zero gravity massage chair, which makes you feel weightless during a massage.

Advantages of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

A number of additional health benefits have been discovered in zero gravity massage chairs in addition to those mentioned above. You can read more about them below:

  • Better Circulation. Elevating your legs opens your veins, allowing better circulation. Increasing blood flow will also reduce pressure on your heart and lower blood pressure, as well as swelling in your legs. You can also expect better healing/recovery outcomes when the oxygenated blood reaches your cells.
  • Relaxation and stress relief. As your body floats in the air, all your stress and strain are removed. Your mental state will improve as a result of this as well. Stress relief is increased when your body is relaxed, since serotonin is produced when you are relaxed.
  • Pain Relief. Zero gravity massage chair reduces pressure on the weight-bearing parts of the body, which relieves some of the strain. There is a particularly noticeable difference in the neck area and lower back. We often spend a great deal of time sitting in less-than-optimal positions due to the demands of modern lifestyles, so a supportive, relaxing recline can benefit us from pain/bad posture.

Key Takeaway

Among the key advantages of modern Zero Gravity Massage Chairs is their ability to relieve pain, improve healing, and enhance wellbeing.