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Helix mattress reviews are among the most diverse among the online mattress companies. Among the two we recommend, a Helix Plus is one of them. Despite the fact that it is designed for “big and tall” sleepers, the Plus could be of use to smaller people as well. The Helix Plus was one of the Notable contenders that we decided to rank among our Notable contenders in our 2020 guide regardless of the fact that we undertook the blind test for our 2020 guide in early 2020.

The Reasons to Trust Us

Over the past two years, I have covered sleep and mattresses for multiple publications for Reinierjong. Aside from writing about mattress buying, foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses and sleep trackers, I also researched and wrote Reinierjong`s guides on these topics. While working for Reinierjong, I allowed myself to be subjected to dozens of mattress tests at my home (including the Helix Midnight) and I conducted dozens of evaluations in-store and at factory expos and shows around the country to enable me participate in Helix mattress reviews. As someone who surveys dozens of mattress experts on a regular basis, I have also been able to get a sense of the mattress quality, durability, comfort, and safety.

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According to Helix mattress reviews, it offers a variety of options to fit every sleeping style and position, so your preferences play a big role in your decision. Side sleepers may choose between three Helix Sleep models: the Sunset (plush), Midnight (medium), and Twilight (firm). Each bed uses what the brand calls “Memory Foam Plus,” which is actually polyurethane foam (polyfoam), but offers an almost memory foam feel (as described by the company). Memory Foam Plus, according to its representative, is an air-filled foam which relieves pressure along curves while providing a superior product. Due to the fact that this is a proprietary material, it’s hard for us to comment on its durability. As part of our blind test in 2018, this bed felt less “sticky” and huggier than comparable memory foam models. Although I prefer a cool sleep, people who are naturally hot may find the Midnight more comfortable.

In addition to the traditional firm mattress, Helix also offers three other mattress options: the medium-firm option (Dusk), and the lighter option (Moonlight), designed for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs. These three beds have a comfort layer consisting of Helix Dynamic Foam, which is similar to latex in its ability to provide an extra level of support and cushioning compared to the side-sleeper model. These mattresses’ “Dynamic Foam” hasn’t been tested, so we can’t compare it to the real latex used in real mattress construction. It is recommended to have a back and stomach sleeper before a combination side-sleeper if you have a combination side-sleeper.

In addition to the memory foam plus, the dynamic foam, and the foam base (like all foam mattresses) Helix also uses a variety of materials, depending on the kind of mattress. According to Helix mattress reviews, Helix mattresses use different foam types, foam density, foam firmness levels, and foam thickness to achieve different feel by stacking the foam layers in a different order. The mattress, regardless of what kind of mattress it is, will have at least 789 individual, pocketed coils as a top layer.

It’s encouraging to see Helix offering such an extensive range of mattresses. We believe it to be in your best interest to take the Midnight mattress home and try it out at one of Helix’s partner retailers or Helix’s showroom in New York City, since the terms “Soft”, “Medium”, and “Firm” are really subjective concepts. (The following is our experience with the Midnight in terms of what we saw and what we experienced.

There is an option to upgrade from each of the six Standard Helix mattresses to Luxe (perhaps in order to confuse customers). Additionally, you will also receive a pillow top (an additional two inches in thickness) as well as an additional 341 coils. Further, there will be Tencel (a material intrinsically more breathable than polyester) as well as “zoned lumbar support” (where there will be firmer coils in the hip area and softer coils in the shoulder area) designed into this mattress. In the past, couples were able to book a split-king room that could be used on both sides at the same time.

If the add-ons don’t fit your needs, it’s possible they aren’t relevant. Sleeping in a cooler cover will not change much for people who sleep hot. Likewise, zoned comfort will not necessarily help the sleeping position unless your shoulders and hips are correctly positioned. Those weighing over 200 pounds may not be as durable as the Luxe versions. This mattress also features memory foam (rather than the polyester foam used in the standard version) in the Luxe version. That Luxe Midnight mattress contains 212 pounds of memory foam, which is less than the 3 pounds recommended by experts for people weighing 200 pounds and under. In theory, coils could make a mattress feel cradling, but before we can decide if Luxe’s upgrades are noticeable and worth the cost, we will have to test the Luxe alternatives and compare them with Standard ones.

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Novaform ComfortGrande

Costco customers love this mattress because its foam layers are nearly as dense (and almost as durable) as mattresses twice its price. Others found it too firm, while others found it cuddly and supportive.

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Loom & Leaf

Due to its thick quilted top and the highest density of foam that we’ve seen in a mattress, the Loom & Leaf feels more substantial than most mattresses under $1,000 (and is likely to last longer). There is no need to worry about off-gassing since it comes unboxed.

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The Original Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle Original mattresses do not contour to every curve since they lack memory foam. This mattress provides both support and cushion due to its soft top and firm underlayer.

Helix Midnight

According to Helix mattress reviews, it is designed for side sleepers, the 12-inch, Standard version of this mattress is the company’s most popular model, and it was our choice for testing. There are mattresses similar to this one from other brands, such as Casper and Leesa (both under $1,000), but this one is made of coils, providing plushness. A Midnight mattress costs much less per queen than a Casper, Leesa, or hybrid mattress, but they feel heavier and are considerably more expensive. Because many of our testers found the Midnight too soft because of its medium foam rating, it was not included in our guide to the best foam and hybrid mattresses.

During a week at home, I spent most of my time in the Midnight. Its faux memory foam was more comfortable than real memory foam, and I slept cool on it. Although I enjoyed the cushioning, however, the cushioning was not a big hit with my husband. He weighed 200 pounds, so the support didn’t feel as snug to him as he would have liked, and he wanted a little more support.

The Helix Standard mattress has 789 coils sandwiched between layers of foam, meaning that it has the same foam layers as all of the beds from the Helix brand. The mattress’ most dense layer (and the closest to human contact) weighs 212 pounds per cubic foot (which exceeds the minimum density recommendation of 2 pounds per cubic foot for individuals who weigh 200 pounds or more). There is no assurance that the bed will last for a very long time, and some online reviews may cause some concerns about its durability in the long run.

Helix Plus

Helix Plus mattresses range in size from 13 inches to 15 inches, making it rather substantial when compared with other Helix models (formerly known as the Nightfall). If you weigh over 200 pounds, you can still feel comfortable and supported when sleeping on this medium-firm mattress, no matter how heavy you are. Due to its tougher build, the bed has the potential to last for a long time. Despite its name, it could appeal to a broad range of people.

As one of the four hybrid mattresses we tested in 2020, the Plus led a group of participants who weighed less than 150 pounds in ranking it as the favorite or runner-up mattress of the group. We ranked the Helix Plus among the Notable contenders in our guide to the best foam mattresses, despite the fact that the plus did not enjoy a particularly wide appeal as our hybrid pick, the Leesa Hybrid.

The Plus is generally dense than the Hybrid, which weighs 128 pounds, however, I found it to be more compact. As the pillowtop was soft and cuddly, it did not sink at all. It was just a little firm enough to cuddle with. The Helix Plus is recognized by both myself and one of my co-testers as having good edge support, according to an individual who weighs slightly more than 200 pounds and sleeps on his back and stomach.

In comparison to Helix’s other 13 mattresses, the Plus has three denser layers of foam. In the mattress’ topmost layer, which is prone to wear and tear, Helix utilizes polyfoam that weighs 3 pounds per cubic foot, compared to 212 or 234 pounds in its other models. Second layer of memory foam is real memory foam (not the manufacturer’s proprietary Memory Foam Plus) and the density is about the same (both are 4 pounds per cubic foot) as Leesa Hybrid, our pick for the top of the line. Its standard models offer 968 wrapped coils (almost as many as those in its luxury range), and the layers of foam are extremely supportive and conforming.

Helix Plus devices can also withstand 500 pounds per side, according to the company. The density of our tested and used foam mattresses did not differ significantly, so I believe that claim is a bit ambitious. Those weighing between 200 and 300 pounds should be fine with the Plus.

Birch by Helix

The Birch by Helix mattress brand was launched by Helix in May 2019 as an independent brand that provides a hybrid mattress with coils, Talalay latex, wool, and cotton fabric. The mattress hasn’t yet been tested by us, but the information we’ve gathered from research indicates that we will be happy with it.

A advertisement for Birch takes pride in claiming that the products are made of “natural fabrics” and “natural fibers,” and are “sustainably sourced.”. Although it’s hard to say if Saatva’s Zenhaven is exactly as described (giving such similar characteristics) it’s probably not as bad as it seems. During our research on the mattress industry, it was found that there is a considerable amount of greenwashing which is going on there. There will be an update focusing on Birch by Helix’s specific claims in a future update.

It does include memory foam, but it cannot last for decades than the Helix Classic, Luxe, and Plus mattresses. Approximately half an inch of wool is used in the top layer (just beneath cotton, wool, and rayon cover). The latex used in the lower layer is derived from the milky sap of rubber trees. There are 1007 pocket coils, bolstered by 1057 8-inch coils, and a 3/4 inch wool base, all of which are then wrapped in 1/3 inch wool. Given the materials from which the mattress is made, this mattress is expected to last a very long time. Wool, steel springs, and latex are durable and strong materials that provide the mattress with a long-lasting lining. Wool is a durable material and is extremely resistant to wearing and tear.

Wool is not one of our favorite materials, but the latex and springs underneath it will make the bed feel cushioned and springy, even though wool doesn’t suit our style as well as foam. We recommend the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE as the best latex-innerspring mattress, which is more expensive than the other choices, as it has more layers of latex than just one, as well as natural fibers and coils that will make it softer to sleep on.

Birch and the Zenhaven, our pick for the best all-latex mattress, use Talalay latex, which is softer than Dunlop, which is often used. The Birch’s natural materials (cotton and wool) make it breathable so it shouldn’t make you sweat. Our findings when testing the Birch will be updated here.

Helix Mattress Reviews from the Owner

In recent years, online Helix mattress reviews have been lacking in high-quality and recent reviews. Most of the reviews on a brand’s website are positive, a reasonable assumption (and normal). You may gain some insight, however, based on some minor details. In recognition of the fact that many of those reviews were written before some of the company’s mattresses were changed, note that the company changed some of its mattresses since they were written. The notion of comfort, firmness, or support cannot be applied to such a case, since these are all subjective terms.

Despite these problems, we discovered 12 negative Helix mattress reviews for the Standard Helix (reviews that attacked the mattress rationally and included specifics). Five of the negative reviews mentioned issues with durability (such as sagging or body impressions). As a result of their failure to describe their weight and time spent with the mattress, and improper handling of the samples, the results are biased. No matter what specs the box lists, all items are capable of degrading before the warranty even expires, regardless of the quality of the specs. Our Luxe versions of our feedback do not permit us to make any inferences about trends.

It’s worth noting that none of the 11 negative Helix mattress reviews complained that the mattress was hard to maintain. This is despite the fact that the majority of customers do not know how long they have owned the Plus. There were more complaints about mattress firmness (four versus 1) than its softness. One of our staff members expressed dissatisfaction with the Helix Plus’s sponge-like feel, while another said it scored lowest in the test. This is the only context in which subjectivity is incorporated into firmness.

Customer complaints of softness outnumbered 5-star reviews (10 versus seven), but this trend isn’t consistent enough to warrant further monitoring. Mattresses weren’t considered hot, and those who gave this mattress the highest rating (5 out of 20) stated that other mattresses emanate chemical smells, so it wasn’t for everyone who participated in Helix mattress reviews feedbacks.