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Top Pick: Leesa Hybrid Mattress

This is the best Leesa Mattress you can buy if you’re looking forward to buying one but don’t have time to research it.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress is our first choice after a long research process.

Leesa mattress reviews are one of the most spontaneous among its competitors. Leesa introduced its box-in-a-box service in 2014, with just one mattress (the Leesa Original, which consists of a foam mattress). Moreover, it will donate a mattress to an indigent family for every ten mattresses bought by the company. As part of the company’s continuing offering, the company now offers a choice of bed sizes as well as all of the previous services. Leesa has a number of retail partners nationwide, including Macy’s and West Elm, along with its own websites and showrooms. You can also find greater variety of newer options through Leesa.

Mattress companies rarely disclose details about their components, so Leesa deserves credit for showing what goes into its mattresses on their website.

Leesa Features the Following:

  • Studio
  • Original
  • Hybrid
  • Legend

Both of the Original and Hybrid have been thoroughly tested in the office, and we have slept on each at home. During the pandemic, we have so far only evaluated the Legend and Studio at home. Leesa’s two hybrid options, as opposed to its two foam options, are less likely to develop body impressions, based on specifications and owner feedback (both online and in real life). There is no better value than Leesa Hybrid.

Our Recommendation

Leesa Hybrid

Foam that Is Cradling and Bounces

Leesa’s hybrid mattress combines springs and memory foam for optimal comfort. Additionally, its cover is thicker and softer than those of its competitors.

Two of our staff members consistently rated the Leesa Hybrid as one of their favorite models during the last two group tests. Providing pressure point relief and a soft bounce, its foam layers and innerspring layers strike the right balance. People who sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides, as well as people over 200 pounds, are recommended to use this mattress. It comes with a 100-day money back guarantee and a 10-year guarantee.

Mattresses to Buy in 2022

  • It is highly individual what is the perfect mattress for you. In order to help you get a good night’s sleep, we’ve investigated and tested dozens of mattresses.

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Our Recommendation in Regards to Leesa Mattress Reviews

Leesa Hybrid

A Foam Mattress that Bounces Back

Leesa’s hybrid mattress combines springs and memory foam for optimal comfort. As well as its thick cover, the cover on the competition is softer than its.

  • Its purpose. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers will all enjoy Leesa Hybrid. People of any weight should be able to use it.
  • What it feels like. Even though the mattress is medium-firm, it feels comfortable and bouncy. Despite its medium-firmness, soft mattress lovers were discouraged from using it as a sidebed due to its firmness.
  • Why we like it. An innerspring and foam mattress combine in the Leesa Hybrid (formerly called Leesa Sapira). Over 1,000 6-inch coils give this mattress a little bounce, while three foam layers cradle the body. This mattress we think should last the time period covered by its ten year warranty, given that the top layer (thus typical for wear and tear) is made of polyurethane foam (aka polyfoam), which weighs 3 pounds/cubic foot. While Leesa’s hybrid mattress addresses some of the concerns about sleeping hot, the polyfoam in its polyurethane layer is denser than the 2 pounds/cubic foot expert consensus level. Also, memory foam’s bottom layer weighs 4 pounds/cubic foot and is constructed from cellular foam.

We conducted a blind test on hybrid mattresses (leesa mattress review) in 2019 and twenty-one people chose Leesa Hybrid as the runner-up mattress. Casper Hybrid received 18 votes, just one vote behind the 22 votes won by Tempur-Adapt and a significant improvement compared to Casper Hybrid, which won 16 votes, and Casper Wave, which won 11 votes. An early 2020 test for our online foam and hybrid mattress guide compared to Leesa Hybrid to Tempur-Adapt, Helix Plus, and BedInABox Dual Hybrid. Twenty-one in 29 testers rated Leesa either first or 2nd favorite in both categories.

“During 2018 when it was called the Sapira, I slept on it for a week” leesa mattress reviewer said. We think the in-home experience for the current Hybrid will be similar, even though it has ever-so-slightly more give than the previous one. Our analysis of owner reviews showed that heat retention did not appear to be a common complaint among them. My son accidentally fell into the bed in the middle of the night, but I wasn’t able to slide off since there was an edge support in place.

Specifically, the spring underneath Leesa Hybrid mattress gives it a lot of resilience and provides the edge support that our employee enjoys. The surface conformed to his body, not being soft to the touch. He found it comfortable, no matter how he slept.

Compared to the foam Leesa Original, Leesa Hybrid makes it easier for you to move from one position to another. As well, if you’re looking to get a more durable mattress, it would be a better choice. The springs on hybrid mattresses provide more support and the same time, denser foams will not leave behind dings or impressions. Two Leesa Original owners told me that after testing Leesa Hybrid in my apartment, they found it to be more comfortable than their own mattresses. There is no difference in my feelings whether I am tall and heavy or small and thin (5 feet 7 inches and 138 pounds) just as the Leesa owners did when it first came out.

Because Leesa hybrid mattresses have a higher density of foam, we recommend Leesa Hybrid mattresses to people over 100 kilograms. As a result, we could not draw definitive conclusions about whether that weight category matters because only seven of our participants in 2019 and five of our participants in 2020 fell into that weight category. It’s important to note, however, that Leesa Hybrid was generally rated as a favorite in both tests, along with one test subject who was in the weight category of Leesa Hybrid.

There are several top picks within this price range and one of them is Tempur-Adapt mattress. This mattress will give you a whole lot more memory foam hug and a lot less motion transfer than the Leesa Hybrid. If you are seeking a springier, plusher mattress (and if you are on a budget), the Leesa Legend mattress is what you’re looking for.

  • Our Dislikes. The Leesa Hybrid offers more motion transfer than Tempur-Adapt, our other favorite hybrid. Leesa’s Hybrid mattress might not be perfect for people who are sensitive to their partners’ motion.

In addition to the Leesa Hybrid’s powerful capabilities, which allows it to handle those that weigh up to 200 pounds, the Leesa Hybrid is also quite comfortable, and it provides a lot of support without feeling too oppressive. It might be preferable for heavier people to walk on a smoother surface. Nearly two years ago, our 120-pound employee slept in the Hybrid and loved it, but our 240-pound colleague began to develop back pain and was no longer able to sleep on the bed. They now prefer Tempur-LuxeAdapt, a highly customized upgrade of the original Tempur-Adapt. The decision has been welcomed by both parties.

Leesa Hybrid mattresses might not be the best choice for those who prefer innerspring mattresses. Despite the fact that our staff usually sleep on innerspring mattresses, one staff member who tried it recently returned it due to its difficulty in moving around. A bed made of innersprings is also easily ordered online if you are a fan of this type of bed.

Three times as many people described the Leesa Hybrid as firm (12) versus soft (4), according to online Leesa reviews from August 2020 to January 2021. This product is not ideal for those who prefer very soft mattresses, but it is apparent that those who prefer this firmness rating may not be satisfied with it. Having written for our firm`s sleep site for several years, Justin Redman likes softer mattresses. In general, he found Hybrid to be uncomfortable at home and wished it had more pressure relief for his shoulders.

Off-gassing was the second most common complaint among owners, behind solidness issues. It is best to let the bed air out for a few days before using it in a separate room with the window open.

Leesa Original

  • Is it recommended? Just if you absolutely adore its unique feel. There is a memory-foam mattress that costs less than the higher-end model.
  • Its purpose. This Leesa Original mattress would be perfect for a side sleeper, especially if they do not require a totally plush mattress. Weights over 200 pounds are not recommended.
  • What it feels like. These mattresses do not conform to your body the way memory foam does. Instead of feeling tight and cradling, they let you sink into the mattress. A member of our staff commented during our test group in July of 2019. “I liked the way the foam felt to my touch, but it wouldn’t allow me to sink too deeply.”
  • The things we enjoy. Our review of the Leesa Original, which is 10 inches thick, has since been updated with better mattress prices, but we still think it represents a good value for the money (for a queen bed).

An additional two inches of polyurethane foam are on the top of that, followed by another two inches of memory foam. The base is made up of two halves, one of which is polyurethane foam. There are three basic types of foam density, which can be found in mattresses that cost less than $1000 (3, 3 and 1.8 pounds, respectively). These mattresses will last for an extended period of time if a person weighs less than 200 pounds, or if they do not use the bed often. The mattress is used by several members of staff as part of their guest bedrooms and they report that it has held up well through the years. To date, it has not shown any signs of sagging or indentations even though, according to him, he sleeps in it about once a month.

We found that Original fans especially enjoyed its smooth “sink” that possessed a perfect balance between firmness and softness. My home had never experienced anything like this in terms of motion isolation prior to this. For the entire week it took me to test the mattress, I was able to sleep all the way through the night (per the nights that my son did not get in the bed).

It is difficult to find a foam mattress in the $1,000 range that has a more durable mattress cover than the Original. Despite the fact that it is made of simply polyester, the cover of the chair is thicker and more comfortable than those made by its rivals. Therefore, we believe that this will substantially reduce the likelihood of the mattress becoming thin over time or loosening over time, as well as ensure that the mattress fits snugly.

  • Our dislikes. Over 200-pound sleepers may experience sagging of the foam layers. Several readers who are heavier commented on body impressions. It took the wives of two couples (each weighing 115 pounds and 230 pounds) six months to discover that their husband’s side had changed. However, their husbands did not indicate that his side had changed either. Another body impression was noticed when the couple switched sides.

Compared to the Hybrid and Legend, the Original has a softer edge support since it does not have springs. An owner complained that he had difficulty sitting on the mattress when putting on socks.

There are an astounding 33 negative Amazon reviews on the product that all mention that the product sags after a short period of time, some of them after only six months. The Leesa Hybrid did not exhibit this problem as well. The company did not seem to have many complaints about the Original in its reviews; it appears most people complained after they bought it.

During our research for writing our guide to mattress shopping, we interviewed a number of experts. According to their advice, if you weigh more than 200 pounds, you may avoid choosing memory foam mattresses that have a density that is less than four pounds per cubic foot. Hybrid mattresses come in many different types, for example, the Leesa Hybrid, Tempur-Adapt (the medium hybrid bed) and the Loom & Leaf. The best thing you can do for your mattress is to rotate it at least every six months, regardless of how much weight you are, and don’t forget to sleep on each side of the mattress whenever you can to prevent body impressions from occurring.

Leesa Original mattresses are also less expensive than other mattresses with similar comfort levels. In terms of foam density, the Nexform ComfortGrande offers similar qualities and is often on sale for $500. On top, it’s a touch more cushiony. You should give the Leesa Original a few days to air out before sleeping on it, as off-gassing was another recurring complaint with the Leesa Hybrid.

Leesa Legend

Is it recommended? Your budget must be flexible.

  • Its purpose. A Leesa Legend mattress should work for everyone who prefers to sleep on the backs or stomachs with the occasional roll to their side. People who weigh more 200 pounds should also be able to use it.
  • What it feels like. The Legend is an almost-firm mattress out of the box. Nonetheless, the foam becomes increasingly pliable with time. Rather than conforming to your body, the Legend loosely cradles you. In this bed, there’s a lot of memory foam, but not too much to make it stick to your body; there’s just enough cushion to cushion the springs from the impact.
  • Why we like it. It feels sturdy in the hand. Foams and coils work together to create a cradling feeling. When it is delivered, the mattress is likely to be stiff, but after two weeks it will become softer and closer to what a medium-firm mattress should be. The bed we had at home felt softer than a showroom bed more than a year ago. This was probably due to others trying it before us.

As well, the Legend should last longer, and perhaps even better than the Leesa Hybrid. There are also 1,041 coils in the Legend’s support layer (even though they are slightly smaller than the Hybrid’s 1401). A layer of 756 pocketed microcoils is layered on top of the dense polyfoam, and then this layer is bolstered by 312-pound polyfoam. A soft and thick cover is included with all Leesa mattresses. A recycled plastic bottles thread was used for the stitching, and organic cotton and wool were used for the filling.

All positions were comfortable, especially as the foam began to feel more pillowy as the days wore on. Despite the memory foam sinking and sticking, the microcoils seem to have dampened this, while providing enough resilience for easy position changes. Despite the coils, the edge was strong, both for sitting on it and sleeping on it, and it had a surprising amount of motion isolation.

  • We dislike. Costs a lot. This microcoil mattress is a winner thanks to its denser foam and microcoils, but the organic cotton cover is more of a lifestyle accessory rather than a necessity. Our recommendation is to go with Leesa Hybrid in this case, as it is less expensive and offers a lot of bounce and a little stickiness. If you prefer latex over the Legend, you can buy the Zenhaven, which is made out of thicker latex, or the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE Mattress (during one of its frequent sales). It is also a latex mattress but has thicker coils.

It has been a while since I wrote a review for The Legend. Side sleepers on Reddit were not satisfied with the solution. Nine reviews were negative regarding Leesa’s firmness, however, mixed reviews were found regarding how Leesa felt. (As we found out) it started out firm, but then softened up (too soft for a couple). In three reviews, the mattress was found to be too firm, while in three others it was deemed too soft.

Designed by Leesa

Is it recommended? Not at all.

  • Its purpose. Those who sleep on their backs and stomachs and are looking for a mattress under $1,000 will find this mattress to be ideal. Most side-sleepers won’t like this mattress. Almost all adults who weigh over 200 pounds should avoid doing so (including most of those who weigh less).
  • What it feels like. Leesa’s website rates Leesa’s mattresses between an 8 and a 9 in terms of firmness, while studio mattresses are estimated to be between a 5 and a 7 (10 being firmest). You won’t feel as if you’re sleeping in the mattress, but rather as if you’re sleeping on top of it, since the memory foam sinks slowly without sinking deeply into the mattress.
  • Why we like it. It is easy to use right out of the box with the Studio by Leesa. Aside from its quilted cover, the Leesa Original sock cover also looks substantial and durable. The Casper Element, which costs a similar price, is monochromatic polyfoam; this mattress offers more. A couple of hundred pounds heavier than my husband agrees that the Studio is firm (which is rare for him). The sinking is subtle but unmistakable within your heaviest parts. With this mattress, I could sleep on my back, stomach, or side easily. I didn’t feel uncomfortable shifting on my side at all (despite the memory-foam top layer). Unlike other mattresses under $1,000, I did not feel like my shoulders or hips were hitting a “wall”; rather, I felt suspended in mid-air while lying on this mattress.

It also had a sturdy edge support. Even when I was pushed to its farthest borders, I never felt like I was falling off the bed. In addition, when you sit close to the edge, the Studio slopes a bit. As well as eliminating motion, it is very good at limiting movement: I felt no discomfort when my son sat next to me from a running start.

The Studio mattress seems to fit its name better than other models belonging to the same line, but its memory foam is not as dense as its rival in the high-cost category, the Original mattress.

  • Our Dislikes. Although Lesa’s entry-level price is a little more expensive than its rivals, it’s not terribly expensive either. If you were to purchase this as a queen, it would cost you between $800 ($700 on sale) and $950 ($780 on sale). Compared to a $ 200 mattress from Casper Element or a midrange Novaform ComfortGrande, this is a much more spacious mattress.

While the Studio has a substantial feel, its memory foam content is less than the recommended 3 pounds for adults weighing up to 200 pounds. In contrast to a denser Leesa Original, the Studio is expected to experience even more dramatic body impressions. It also has a memory foam top layer (whereas the Original’s was made of memory foam), which means that it is more prone to wear and tear.

The off-gassing I smelled even after a week was still there. The surface of the mattress was sometimes hot to the touch. It was similar to sleeping on a cheap mattress without springs, such as the Casper Element.

The mattress has relatively few reviews online. The mattress is described as firm on two separate websites (Amazon and Leesa). The sample size is hardly significant, but in our opinion, the assessments are accurate. Sleepers who prefer a plush mattress won’t find this mattress to their taste.

Return, Warranty, and Delivery Policies

Two Leesa hybrid mattresses, two Leesa original mattresses, one Leesa legend mattress, and one Studio by Leesa mattress will be delivered for free. For up to 100 nights after you receive your mattress, you can return it for a full refund (except for Alaska and Hawaii, which charge a $100 return fee). You must sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before the company will pick it up so that your body is comfortable with the new comfort level. Leesa offers 10-year warranties for the full replacement of mattresses it sells.

You can also purchase directly through the website of this mattress company, just as you can with most other online mattress retailers. You can also try the mattress at Leesa’s own retail stores, the Dream Gallery in New York City and Virginia Beach, where it is available for a minimum of three days in order to be one of the leesa mattress reviewers.