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Top Pick: Bamboo Sheets Queen Grey

If you’re looking for Best Linen Bed Sheets, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Bamboo Sheets Queen Grey as our first choice.

We have built a fixation on the linen bed sheets in the past couple of years. The number of new and exciting brands keeps increasing – Casper even got involved for a while, but now it’s gone. Overall, it’s a healthy trend. The likes of Tuft & Needle and Saatva, as well as more artisanal companies like Citizenry and Piglet have also developed sheets in the past few years. This latest version includes four new versions of the old-world bedding, making it 20 versions in total we have collectively tested.

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This naturally derived fabric is known for its ability to regulate temperature, creating an atmosphere that is cool in summer and warm in the winter. Aside from this, we learned that fabrics could have a subtle quality – some had a softer feel, while others were heirloom-quality or even colored as opposed to neutral. Choosing an option that is particularly robust in one category over another is not a simple task. On the web, you can find an affordable full-sized sheet set that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Additionally, a variety of brands manufacture twin mattresses, while others sell only queen-sized models. Click the brand name for more information regarding product sizes. A thin layer of linen atop or below the mattress is sometimes all that’s needed as opposed to sheets.

You Can Get Extra-Soft Linen Bed Sheets if You Want

  1. Egyptian Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases
Best Linen bed Sheets

I have never slept on softer sheets. No matter how long they are dried in an industrial laundry machine, the sheets remain soft, ripply, and breezy. Their durability is evident, with the properties of linen: breathability on hot days, warmth in a cold hotel room. Please note that they are generously sized. I have to cinch up excess fabric underneath the mattress so they feel taut – but if you have a super-tall mattress, it wouldn’t be an issue. There are only three colors in Snowe’s palette: white, gray, and pale blue. I would recommend these if you want a linen that feels soft and aren’t afraid to spend a little extra.

2. Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

They’re soft in a way that’s downy. In Jean Godfrey-June’s words, “Never have been so comfortable.” The greige sheets were a welcome change from the cream ones. It feels good to sleep in natural fabrics. Another thing I really appreciate is the fact that they come with the fitted and top sheets and pillowcases as a set. I’ve seen a lot of other sites where you’re forced to buy the sheets piecemeal. The fact that Morrow sells one sack of linen – exquisite linen – is a feat worth taking note of.

I adore Brooklinen linen sheets. There’s almost no sensation of them since they’re so light. It’s just like they caress your skin as you sleep. Whatever best linen bed sheets you used before, it will not even compare to the cotton sheets you used before. There is nothing like it. Buying these is a good idea if you don’t need a bold color. They are available in a variety of neutrals and earthy colors such as petal pink and navy chambray.

3. Mellanni Queen Sheet Set

In my experience with the best linen bed sheets, I am generally a cheap person. I bought my first set at West Elm during an in-store sale last Christmas. I have developed a deeper appreciation for elegant bedding in this genre after trying the Kassatex sheets I tried recently along with the linen-cotton blend from West Elm. As a result, Kassatex sheets are smooth and luxurious, yet also crisp and balanced by bamboo, so it feels like you are swaddling a baby in them. I lay them down, and my toddler immediately climbed up on the bed to rub her hands on them. She said, “These are so soft.” she then climbed up on the bed. I am more concerned with the way the fitted sheet fits around our thick mattress without making the room sloppy than it might look to some. Even after repeated washings, the pillowcases are large enough to contain my pillows, unlike my West Elm linen, which would have cost similarly if I hadn’t purchased it on sale. After the first few times in the wash, the sheets haven’t pilled anymore.

4. LuxClub 6 PC Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

Despite knowing the best linen bed sheets should be durable and breathable, I was not expecting them to be this luxurious. Despite their softness, these were not flimsy in the least. We have been making sheets in Northern California since 1996 at Bella Notte – though a mail room lock prevented us from accessing our sheets. I had to wait for my sheets to be dyed before I could get another set. My apartment was my shelter. The brand claims they “stand the test of time.” Despite their high price, I believe they will hold up over time.

This set stands out for its unique snapping system in addition to its nice weave – it feels like a soft chambray shirt that has been worn in; soft and not scratchy at all. I finally understood how the duvet cover connects to the top sheet after watching the video on their website. Now I can easily straighten up the bed each morning – I just raise and fluff the top sheet. Its main downside is that, despite its innovative design, if it gets too hot, you cannot easily remove the duvet cover. At $449 a set for a full-size bed, they are not cheap either. Being lazy certainly has its appeal, but it is also more convenient.

5. Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets

Because of their lightness, I would choose the Matteo sheets over anything else. I prefer the Matteo sheets since they are lighter. Matteo is one of the labels on the list, and they make their Status Sheets in Los Angeles, with the fabrics woven in Italy. The price reflects this, so you might think about waiting for them to go on sale or putting them on a registry and hoping to get lucky.

If You Are Looking for The Best Linen Bed Sheets with Some Weight

6.  French Natural Linen Bedding

Made by a family-run mill in Portugal, these sheets are from the global-artisan-centric brand The Citizenry. Although they’re soft, they are more sturdy when removed from their matching linen sacks. In addition to their baggy appearance, they also accommodate mattresses up to 15 inches deep, which my mattress isn’t. In spite of my initial disappointment, I have grown to appreciate these sheets over time. These are the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on, an aspect that is amplified when I switch back to my old sweat-inducing sheets when they are washed. While it says they may shed after a few washings, I have not experienced any problems with them. The eyelet stitching and pilling have also been eliminated.

7. Umchord French Linen Bed Sheets

The company debuted in the U.K. as early as 2017 and introduced a 100% French flax linen bedding collection in 2019. Piglet sheets have held up well even though I’ve been sleeping on them since September. They’re gauzier than ever but unworn. Neither the embellishments nor stitching are particularly striking in terms of aesthetics. My fitted sheet cinches over my mattress perfectly, but the top sheet hangs down to the floor because they are all-white and drapey. I have a full bed; Piglet usually starts at queen. The biggest quirk about the bundles is that they don’t contain flat sheets. For example, the starter sheet set only comes with two pillowcases and a fitted sheet. The nautical pinstripe is not too overpowering in the bedtime bundle, which also includes a deep teal color.

8. Danjor Linens Queen Size Bed Sheets Set

Saatva linen sheets, launched in 2020 by an eco-focused brand, arrived in the kind of pleasing packaging you might expect from a mattress startup. In comparison to my experience with inexpensive linen dresses, these felt thick and luxurious immediately, something that I had never experienced before owning the best linen bed sheets. After washing the Saatva sheets according to their instructions, I found that they were airy and significantly softer than before. The sheets are made of Belgian flax. In New York City, we’ve had a few days in the high 80’s, and the coolers were wonderful. The silk pillowcases of the set made my face feel scratchy, but even cotton pillowcases are too rough to be comfortable for me now. However, the heft I felt down the neck was very pleasing.

9. King Size Sheet Set – 4 Piece Set

Especially impressive were the sheets in the company store, especially the Quince sheets, which were about the same price as the Hotts sheets but slightly more on the “breezy, fluid” side of linen sheeting. It feels significantly more substantial when you buy sheets from the Company Store. In fact, they feel even more lived in after the first wash, and there are no signs of pilling or loose threads yet. I like the softness of these sheets, but they are not baggy like those of some other brands – my queen-sized mattress fits snugly on them despite their length. There are also ten other colors available, such as deep blue or marigold yellow, that can be mixed and matched as they are sold individually rather than as sets.

10. Simple&Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheet Set

One of the reasons I like Parachute is its tactile nature. Matteo is a great product, but I would have hesitated on spending $430 on sheets. The Parachute collection offers a good value given its mid-range price range, the superior quality of the linens, and the options for creating a cool-placid-hazy sleep environment; I ordered coal sheets and fog duvet covers.

I never thought twice about the best linen bed sheets until I saw Tiffany Thompson’s Instagram story. Hawkins NY sheets, Thompson’s favorite set, brought them into my life. The ultraluxurious, living-room look is created by using Belgian linen and stonewashing it in Portugal, giving it a soft and rumpled hand. After washing, the fabrics are still soft. However, the best thing about this set is the amount of material available for creative use. My bed does not need much making or remaking because there is a generous amount of fabric to prevent naked bits of mattress showing through. Though the pillows are basic white, they elevate white bedding that had been somewhat sterile to a whole new level.

11. PANDATEX Ultra Comfortable Linen

Although the sheets had been prewashed, they were still stiff after I removed them from their linen drawstring storage pouches. About a week after putting them out, the sheets softened up, but the graininess remained. This company, as its name suggests, specializes in linen everything – linen towels, linen sheets, linen curtains, linen duvet covers, all handmade in California. Other brands might do linen sheets as part of a larger line of fabrics, but not this company. Even though these sheets had a slight scratchiness to them, I found myself falling asleep more quickly with them than I do my cotton sheets because they managed to keep me cooler and more comfortable throughout the night. Sadly, I only had a short time to test them, so I cannot speak to how much softer they become with each wash. This brand is also more expensive than the others on this list, so some break-in time is necessary. There is a sale going on right now on full-size sets normally priced at $382.

12. 400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet

These have an heirloom-like feel, and I was immediately attracted to it upon unboxing. The Linoto sheets don’t go through an enzyme prewash prior to giving them a lived-in appearance. Many other brands do. In addition to regular washing and time, the founder of the company advised me to use conditioner instead of fabric softener to break in the sheets. As for the sheets, they have a good balance between softness and crispness, and they keep their shape. They shouldn’t wear out when handled properly.

You could spend the night wrapped in a sheet from Eileen Fisher. Compared to other best linen bed sheets I’ve felt, the linen of these sheets seems rougher. We know French flax is very durable, so it might be the reason it feels so sturdy. In fact, it has a burlap-like texture. I don’t have a washing machine in my apartment, so I don’t know how they’ll hold up to future washes. However, they are prewashed for an exquisite hand and are ideal for comfort throughout the year. However, it might also reflect the pricing, since Bella Notte linen bedding is sold as individual pieces rather than as sets. If you want a flat sheet and fitted sheet as well as two pillowcases, linen bedding will cost more.

Colorful Linen Sheets Are What You Need if You Want to Stand Out

13. Sweet Home Collection Fitted Sheet

As an added bonus, Ukrainian companies tend to offer very nice colors at a very affordable price point. Accessibility also plays an important role for me, so I appreciate this company’s work. The linen from Sea Me’s duvet cover and shams, on the other hand, feels good to the touch: sturdy. And I like that. No scratchiness. Compared to Linoto and Parachute, this is a heavy sheet-maker. There is no need to buy a top sheet for those who do not want one, as it is sold separately for $95.

14. Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Sheet

Towels and sheets are usually white for me since I like to keep things simple. As I had been locked inside for months, homesick for Los Angeles or Instagram, I was tempted to buy a monochromatic set–even though I was a little homesick for the sun. Instead of all three pieces having the same tone, I chose contrasts. In order to determine the price of the sheet sets and other items in this list, I compared pricing from various brands piecemeal. A company called Bed Threads, based in Australia, produces sheets manufactured from linen that is 100 percent French-flax. Additionally, I chose this brand due to the fact that basic bedding is available for the same price as a set. Bundling sheets would not give you any discounts, but you can also save money at the same time if you want exactly what you want in terms of colors. In addition to turquoise pillowcases and rust duvet covers, I used pink clay sheets to accent my desert rose decor. Despite taking quite a while to arrive, I was able to get the sheets from Bed Thread for free. The sheets are not as soft as my Snowe sample set, but they have kept me comfortable this winter. Furthermore, I have never had a more colorful or better-looking bed.

In this regard, Australian brand Cultiver competes with Parachute or Brooklinen, but their product range is more diverse. In spite of the higher price tag and the limited size, they are extremely soft and comfortable, similar to Morrow. My favorite is Cultiver’s use of color and the way he mixes those shades with such care. It’s one thing to have a purple linen sheet, but it’s another to have a berry-painted neutral color.

In Case You Want to Dip Your Toes Into the Best Linen Bed Sheets

15. Mayfair Linen 800 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Quince is also launching a new bedding line that includes the best linen bed sheets, in addition to its $50 cashmere sweaters. As a result of its cashmere collection, this brand can compete more competitively with more established brands. Two pillowcases and a fitted sheet are included in the company’s queen-sized sheet set, which costs $160. Fitted linen sheets and linen pillowcases are available from Parchute for $169; flat linen sheets cost $279, or $119 more than the frames from Quince. The best linen bed sheets from Parachute are much more substantial than those from Quince. Quince may not be the best option for beginners looking for heft. Keep reading, however, if you are searching for thin, superlight linen sheets with a slight texture. The sheets, in my opinion, are like gauzy, old-fashioned linen button-down shirts you wear in July. Because I live at home, the thermostat isn’t always controlled and I often sleep with the windows open. I maintain a comfortable temperature even when my mom turns up the temperature to 72 degrees. It’s absolutely fine for those who prefer pure white, but those who prefer brighter colors will enjoy the six additional options, which include beige, light gray, charcoal, light blue, and terra-cotta.

16. Tuft & Needle Full Mattress Protector

Tuft & Needle introduced linen sheets in late 2018, making them one of the first direct-to-consumer mattress companies. Prewashed, nonscratchy, and wrinkle-free makes them distinctive from linen sheets. I found these linen sets to be a good compromise for me: In the past, I have been dissatisfied with the look of other linen sets – too drab and not sufficiently worn. Smoothly draped over a bed, they appear to be made of percale cotton. My husband described these sheets as “exfoliating” the first night, but the crispness of their material made them feel like hotel bedding. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we had to leave the city before washing the sheets, but the sheets remained pristine despite several nights in the city.

17. DAPU Pure Linen Sheets Set, 100% French Linen

These linen sheets felt and looked as if they had just been washed, compared to my other best linen bed sheets. Despite still being soft, I felt a lot more clean and fresh compared to my previous Casper percale sheets. This is an introduction to linen. Besides, the elastic on the fit sheet was a lot tighter than on those I have tried before, so I felt extremely satisfied when laying on the fitted sheet. They would be great for the guest room.

18. Coyuchi – 300 Thread Count Sheet Set – 100% Organic Cotton – Percale Sheets

California-based Coyuchi was founded in the ’90s with a focus on sustainability. They offer organic linen sheets that feel fabulous. I’m confident this item will get even better as it is sturdy and substantial. Quite comparable to Parachute and West Elm. Across the top of the top sheet are tiny contrast stitches: a subtle yet beautiful stitching detail. Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice, recommends these products for their durability. Coyuchi offers 15 percent off its next purchase when you return your old set when the time comes for a new set. Some factory uses crazy machinery to upcycle the sheets, then liquefies carbon dioxide to refresh the fabric and repurposes it. Coyuchi sheets are then resold by 2nd Home Renewed at a discount to customers, allowing them to experience the brand at a reduced price. Note the best linen bed sheets start at queen size and are expensive if you decide to go full force on a new set.