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Top Pick: Godinger Highball Glasses

If you’re looking for Maximalist Home Design, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Godinger Highball Glasses as our first choice.

The popularity of fig trees and white walls as a design scheme has reached its peak and replaced by Maximalist Home Design. It is no surprise that many people are taking notice of patterns punched into interior design and more decorative décor as a way to change the strict, minimalist look of homes and offices. “More is more” might not be the best approach in every case. If you don’t follow recommendations, you may end up wasting your time and money.

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Here are a few tips from unabashed Maximalist Home Design that will help you know how to get the look today. In many cases, the consultants would not recommend a complete remodel, but instead a slight change in the decor from a sleek and Scandinavian atmosphere to something a bit more vibrant and lively. Whether it is a drinkware upgrade or a “maximalist” candle, here are some tips from these experts.

1. Old Fashioned Double Tumbler by William Yeoward

The designer Miles Redd suggests installing a bar, preferably in the living room, and replacing your Bormioli glasses with some patterned or textured ones as one of the easiest (and funnest) way to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Immediately, he feels at home here. This noncommittal take on Maximalist Home Design involves taking high-balls and goblets out of the cabinets and displaying them alongside shakers and spirits. William Yeoward makes engraved baroque glasses and offered a baroque crystal set of tumblers from its collection.

2. Old Fashioned glass with French Perle lenox

I enjoy these Lenox old fashioned glasses because they have a similar effect to Yeoward’s glasses. I would be inclined to describe them as Art Deco in style.

3. Highball Glass with Gold-Leaf and Cherry Design Vintage

In addition to the two red-and-gold tumblers from her store, the decorator Sasha Bikoff also suggests some sturdy drinkware – perhaps even a set with cocktail recipes. Among the many drinkware sets that can be found on Etsy, there are some that are quite unique. By searching “cocktail glasses caddy”, you will find a number of cocktail glasses caddy’s printed with retro designs in the Tom Collins size.

4. Frankin Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

The tortoise print on these glasses is another Maximalist Home Design choice.

Dinnerware with a Painterly Design

If your décor is boho-minimalist, you might like to use a shiny white ceramic plate. Maximizing the dining space can be done by combining printed pieces. Alternatively, you should choose dishes with painted scenes rather than patterns or etched engravings. Christopher Stevens suggests, for instance, starting with a platter you love, and then going wild. His recommendation would be to start with painted-lady bowls like those from La Tuile à Loup.

5. Plates for the Versace Butterfly Gardens

Some of the most iconic brands, including Versace and Gucci, have just released loud, adventurous items in recent months. Alessandro Michele’s first Gucci collection included tiger heads embroidered on chairs, while Versace released this plate embellished with golden butterflies.

6. Dinnerware with a Turtle Motif

There is a very nice red botanical dinner plate that you can purchase online at Zara Home for a fraction of the cost. When you use plates with a turtle print, you instantly look maximalist with Maximalist Home Design.

7. Orange Plates by Twig Reve

They are perfect for serving desserts or appetizers.

8. Orange Art Print by Hagar Vardimon

Maximalist Home Design

Art should be approached as a salon, says Redd. It is best to cover the entire wall with your artwork if the artwork is to be displayed floor to ceiling. An investment from Natural Curiosities may be worth it since they have framed botanical sets. Buying several prints with the same color scheme would be a much easier method to achieve the same effect. A stunning print of a flower-head measuring 30 x 40 inches.

9. Bamboo Beaded Curtains Rosa Floral

For a more texture-rich yet equally covered hanging, look to these bamboo beads.

10. Removable Wallcovering of Palms

According to Ken Fulk, a strong background is a requirement for achieving a layered effect. His favorite wallpaper murals are those of the Fancy Ashlar collection by Adelphi Paper Hangings or de Gournay. In case you are not able to commit to such an upscale design choice, you might as well start with removable wallpaper.

11. Clare V. Wallpaper courtesy of Wallshoppe

Yellow wallpaper is an unexpected sight.

12. Faux-Fur Throw

Maximalist Home Design do not believe in leaving any piece bare of furniture whether it is a couch or an accent chair. In order to create a maximalist room, Redd advises adding layers and a touch of exoticism to the decorating. If you layer a faux-fur throw over your couch and add some ikat pillows on top, it is hard to go wrong. The PBteen throw has a ton of texture and is supersoft too.

13. Rawlings Pillow

Ideally, this pair would have been paired with these yellow and black vintage pillows – which seem similar to those she chose originally and are handmade.

14. Stool with Four Butterflies in Hexagonal Ceramic

Known for his extensive knowledge of large-scale ceramics and his love of soft objects, New York designer Rodman Primack loves mixing materials, as well. The work of Floris Wubben is something that Primack admires highly. This blue-and-white version could be used both as a coffee table and to display books.

15. Cowhide Rug by Ikea Koldby

For an ornamented interior, Prmack suggests layering rugs. Pair a natural weave rug like jute or sisal with an animal hide for a natural collection without making your living room too much of an opium den. He recommends laying an affordable sheepskin or cowskin over the top, especially from Ikea. The mats are durable, add softness to the feet, and we use them for various projects in the Maximalist Home Design.