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The Offhours Homecoat was thoroughly evaluated at the beginning of February to start this year and upon study, I would have suggested that you purchase a $15 Snuggie rather than spend $300 on a robe you will only wear at home. I was visited by an overwhelming wave of cosmic energy, and I was blown up with the word “Ha”. A few days later, COVID-19, the world-wide pandemic that swept across the globe, broke out as I was working on the article.

I am not alone in spending much time in my apartment, but I also spent an important amount of time thinking of ways to make my experience as successful as possible during the last calendar year. Among the most important tips for surviving this epidemic is being kind to yourself, whether you go to the farmer’s market dressed in a cloth face mask, or you invest in a $545 office chair that has provided comfort to your back for years. The purpose of writing this article would be to endorse a product that resembles marshmallows and is made up of luxurious fabrics that will keep you warm and cozy while maintaining your mental health.

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For the price of $300, the Offhours Homecoat is a simple and unassuming piece of kit for your home. There is no doubt that this kind of robe with its price tag is quite pricey, but it is indeed not in the midst of a recession. I believe that the amount of the money could have been much better used to support organizations like the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, Feeding America,, and the American Civil Liberties Union; however, the amount seemed excessive.


It seems as though this much money is being spent on clothes that aren’t going to be seen by anyone. Is this justified? Obviously, it’s a matter of personal choice when it comes to that. I stumbled upon my electric bill from last month while writing this article, while I was writing it. As I was writing it, my eyes naturally fell on it. I could perhaps convince myself that buying the robe wouldn’t be worthwhile unless it kept me warm and made my extraordinarily high heating bills a small fraction of their size. The Homecoat was such a hit when I was testing it that I found myself giving up my apartment’s heat and only relying on my heater from there on in. To prevent extreme cold from making its way into my room, I could simply wear my Offhours Homecoat to keep warm. This plush cushioned walled jacket will keep you snug in its T-shirt-like fabric walls, with its giant cuffs and sleeves that extend out. Despite the fact that both robes are made of cotton, and they are both statement pieces, I feel like the Homecoat offers a completely different experience than the Lunya Robe: the Lunya is sleek and the Homecoat is puffy.

A homecoat is a cotton coat that is filled with polyester, and is lined with polyester only. They are produced in a way that feels like an old French terry towel that has been well worn. The way I see it, it feels as if our favorite comforter has been slathered with a belt and put under our favorite coverlet. One has the feeling that he or she is being swallowed up by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man whenever they wear the genderless, coverall-like Homecoat. The feeling is not really a feeling, but it has the appearance of a feeling. What is the advantage of the robe over a $75 robe that you could buy from L.L.Bean if you liked covering yourself better with it? Obviously, this isn’t the case. Then you will find it hard to accomplish any work if you, while sitting on the kitchen table, are wearing a robe purchased from L.L.Bean. What is the feeling like if Barney hugs you like a hug? Will it feel like he’s embracing you? It is not.

As a result of using Offhours Homecoat, I was pleasantly surprised. My five-pound weight felt comfortable and manageable. There was no greater weight to carry than I would be if I were walking around my kitchen making coffee. In addition, I didn’t think about wearing it at all.

I’ve also heard that they come out in the same condition as they went in when they are washed at a launderette, so the coat can be machine washed. The Homecoat website reports that there are many consumers who have been able to wash their clothes several times without wearing them down as a result of the product. You should avoid wearing the Homecoat once you have been inside for a while: even though it is snug and keeps you warm, the Homecoat will not keep you warm when the temperatures drop.

Offhours’ Homecoat came to mind when I analyzed the costs per wear. The method I followed during my evaluation was to divide the cost of whatever I planned to purchase by how many hours I would use it. Based on how often I use it, let’s estimate I do so for eight hours each day, seven days a week, which is probably a close match to what I actually do. The cost of 300 hours per month will be $1.25 per hour at 240 hours per month. Despite the fact that you might wear the Homecoat eight hours a day for the rest of your life, there’s no guarantee you’ll keep it on. I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of this cloud as it’s going to get cold in the winter, cloudy in the spring, and chilly in the autumn. I’d even say that it’s a worthwhile investment.