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Top Pick: Sweetnight Twin Size Mattress

If you’re in the shop for the best Purple Mattress, but don’t have the time to do your own research and compare prices, then just go for this one.

After a long research, we recommend Sweetnight Twin Size Mattress as our first choice.

Purple mattress reviews usually are described as using gel-like gel foam, which provides a surprising level of pressure relief compared to memory foam. Testers found the Purple Hybrid to be quite polarizing due to its soft, jiggly texture.

Purple Offers Four Mattress Types. in Addition to Polyfoam and Coils, These Mattresses Contain a Layer of Gel Lattice.

  • Mattress with purple cover
  • Hybrid purple
  • Premier Hybrid Purple
  • Child’s Mattress in Purple 

When we first published our guide to the best foam mattresses, one of our testers tested the Purple mattress. A new version of the mattress was tested two years later in a group test with 17 mattresses. Moreover, I tested the original Purple, the Purple Hybrid Premier, and the newly released Purple Hybrid.

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During my tenure as a senior staff writer at our company, I have spent hundreds of hours researching mattresses. My studies of materials science and the mattress industry go beyond visiting mattress factories and interviewing them. The original Purple and Purple hybrid models were reviewed by owners to see what they liked and disliked.

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How Does the (Grid)Purple Work?

Several mattress reviews mention Purple’s patented Purple Grid feature. Purple produces Hyper-Elastic Polymers, which are foams. Even when they are stretched greatly in a variety of directions, hyperelastic materials retain their original shape. Polymers are chemical compounds that repeat themselves. The Purple Grid is comprised of purple polymers formed into lattice patterns. The Purple Grid pattern is usually found on wheelchair cushions and other medical equipment. A 2-inch Purple Grid section is also included in the ergonomic seat cushion we picked for our guide. The dish looks and tastes like a gelatinous Belgian waffle to Melanie Pinola, but it’s good.

Furthermore, Purple Grid is said to give your mattress a feeling of pressure relief, breathability, support, durability, and resilience. First, you will have to adjust to it. Purple has a jiggly, waterbed-like quality that we discovered when we tested it in 2018. Feeling both cradled and buoyed at once. The mattress usually made crackling sounds as we shifted on it. Although many testers expressed disappointment with it, two staff members who own the Purple bed are content with it.

Purple Mattress

Is It Recommended? It Is only Available for People Who Are Familiar with The Purple Grid Foam’s (Gel) Feel.

  • Its purpose. If conventional foam and spring options fail to provide relief for those with sore joints and muscles, they may find the Purple appealing. We do not recommend this product for individuals weighing not less than 100 kgs.
  • The way it feels. Gel is hollowed out to create a grid structure that feels more flexible than memory or polyfoam. Despite the fact that the foam cradles you while buoying you, it’s hard to compare how firm it is. Despite its firmness, one tester asked: “How does it both feel and look soft the same period?” That’s like both the worst and best the same period.
  • This is what we prefer. Thanks to the open columns of gel top layer, which allows air to pass through, the Purple should sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses. People who sweat when sleeping on foam(memory) may find this benefit to be particularly appealing. As one of the most motion-isolating mattresses in my group test, the Purple is a great option for people who wake up easily when their partner moves.

We recommend that you try purple mattresses before you buy them (which is highly recommended by us) by visiting any of the Mattress Firm geolocations nationwide and Macy’s stores. Purple’s website allows you to check whether a store close to you carries the mattress.

  • We dislike. The bed’s strange texture and weird ridges were among the complaints in the 2018 blind assessment of seventeen mattresses. We found that cheaper mattresses provided better edge support, and the entire feel resembled a cross among the jiggly waterbed as well as bubble wrap.

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  • An extensive of purple mattress reviews of their components, and interviews with experts allowed us to determine the best mattresses for all the budgets.

Due to the lack of data on durability of the Purple Grid top layer, we are not sure on how well the mattress will hold over the long run. A few owner reviews mention that the quality has deteriorated over time. Three years after purchasing their Purples, staffers are satisfied with them. There have been no signs of body indentations/sagging on either him or his wife, despite their weights of 180 pounds and 130 pounds respectively.

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Owner`s Purple Mattress Reviews

Total of 261 negative purple mattress reviews and 43 positive reviews were included in the 96 reviews of the Purple Mattress that we analyzed between 2017 and 2019. Listed below are the most commonly discussed topics.

The company Purple asked people how they felt about its mattress a few years ago. Published reviews in 2017 equaled 96, and published reviews in 2019 equaled 96. There were no fabricated or vague reviews (no vague or fraudulent reviews). There are some patterns among the few comments. Poor quality is the second and premature sagging is the fourth most common complaint. There were two of these problems among three reviewers.

Over 75% of reviewers reported experiencing deterioration in quality or premature sagging as the proportion of such reviewed increases. According to the owners, weight wasn’t an issue. No matter how long the owners had owned there mattresses, those complaining of sagging as well as deterioration issues skyrocketed when we took weight into account. There were 15 owners with under 200 pound weights who had the same problem.

Nevertheless, 10 in the 43 positive reviews mention the fact that they “didn’t sleep hot”. There were only six purple mattress reviews that said the mattress slept hot. Compared to the other problems owners have reported the mattress, heat retention does not seem to be an urgent concern. We will Update this guide with newer feedback as soon as we receive more recent feedback on The Purple.

Purple Hybrid

Purple Hybrids are essentially Purples, but have innerspring layers added. In addition to the purple gel-foam layer (plus the Purple Grid), the Purple Hybrid has a 2-inch layer of foam on top. There are 540 coils in the Purple Hybrid, and these coils sit atop a 2 pound polyfoam layer.

As a Mattress Firm employee, I wasn’t able to compare Purple and Purple Hybrid. 2″ layer provided better edge support and had similar feel as Purple, but was more springy.

A good quality coil is evident here. In our lead to the best mattresses, we described pocketed coils that minimize motion transfer at a thickness of 1334 gauge (a measure of 13 – 15 indicates good support but coil gauge is not a good indicator of durability).

Though Purple Hybrid sleepers certainly enjoy it, there are likely to be folks who will like other hybrid mattresses as well. A selection of hybrid mattresses we recommend for our best hybrid mattress guide includes the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) and Leesa Hybrid. Both mattresses have disadvantages, however. We advise you to try out The Purple at the nearest Macy’s, Mattress Firm, or other retailer before making your purchase. You can determine if you have access to the Purple mattress by going to the website.

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Premier Purple Hybrid

If you choose the Purple Hybrid Premier, you’ll get 3 or 4 inches of Purple Grid instead of 2 inches. Purple Hybrid Premier mattress becomes softer and jigglier as the number of purple grids increases. With its distinct feel and look, Purple Hybrid Premiers are even more appealing.

Polyfoam covered with 540 pocket coils of 1334 gauge and 12″ long (the length of a twin). About two pounds of mattress material make up one cubic foot. Because a Wirecutter staffer and his wife suffer from musculoskeletal issues, we listened to multiple mattress reviews before choosing this mattress. An acquisition has taken place over the last year. Although the mattress is heavier than most spring mattresses, it is still more comfortable to the staff member who weighs 210 pounds. In one year, his wife could be counted on not to want to take another look at traditional mattresses, when she slept on the grid texture for about a year. When reviewing Purple Hybrid Premier, the reviewers noted that it kept a nice temperature during the summer, a nice feature during the summer, but a struggle during the winter.

Child’s Mattress in Purple

Both Purple Kid and Purple Kids Mattresses have some similarities, but the new one has a smaller thickness and a lower density of foam at the bottom. Aside from the fact that the frame is available in a single size, the cover of the bed can also be washed with a washing machine. It is a couple hundred bucks less than the Saatva Mattress (Youth), which is another new kids mattress at the same retailer. The mattress is equipped with an integrated waterproof barrier so that it is not removable, but the cover cannot be removed either.

Returns, warranties, and shipping

Aside from the fact that Purple mattresses are manufactured in Utah, the company also provides free shipping for orders within the contiguous 48 states of the United States-additional shipping charges will apply for Alaska and Hawaii. The COVID-19 outbreak currently prevents Purple from delivering, setting up, or removing existing mattresses from your home. The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress will be delivered and set up at your home, but assembly is required since it weighs almost 170 pounds in a queen size. Mattresses are also vacuum-sealed in tubes, in addition to having an overhead handle. The trial period will last 100 days after the goods have been delivered to the customer. Upon request from the customer, an agent will arrange for pickup and refund of the mattress (provided it is not damaged or dirty). Purple comes with a 10-year warranty. You will have to follow the policies of the store you purchase the purple mattress from if you purchase it from them and more importantly read the purple mattress reviews.