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Your mattress dimensions should fit your bedroom, as well as fit within your budget. You are less likely to wake up with stiff joints and muscles if you can stretch out as much as you need to. If you won’t be the only one sleeping in the bed, making sure you have enough room is especially important.

We have prepared the following tips to help you select a mattress that is suitable not only for the room, but also for your entire family. I recommend that you follow my recommendations so that you can rest and relax in your bed – not have to constantly point your toes.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Dimensions

A late-night elbow is not something anyone wants to encounter. When you share a bed with a partner, children, or animals, you’re going to have to buy a bigger mattress. While 53 by 75 inches is plenty for a single sleeper, you’ll need more room if you have a child, partner, or pets.

The distance between people on a full-sized bed is only 27 inches, unlike a twin bed. If at all possible, you should choose a queen bed since that’s roughly the size of a crib.

Below Are Some of The Most Common Mattress Dimensions:

MattressSize in inches
Crib52 by 27
Twin75 by 38
Twin XL80 by 38
Full75 by 53
Full XL80 by 53
Queen80 by 60
King80 by 76
California king84 by 72

Bedroom Space-Saving Tips

By downsizing your mattress dimensions rather than splitting it in half, you can save space in your bedroom. A small bedroom can be made more spacious by following these tips:

  • Consider Buying a Bed with Integrated Storage. It’s possible to lift some beds from the ground, which allows you to gain storage space under the bed and inside the bed. Alternatively, you can buy a bed that has storage drawers.
  • Install Sliding Doors. Make your closet, bathroom, and other spaces more functional by installing sliding or pocket doors. Space is saved by not having to swing open these doors to let light into the room.
  • Get Organized. Use a designated storage container for your bedroom. By gaining more space, you can better organize your belongings.
  • Hideaway Beds. A big difference is not just in the size of the bed. It creates space that isn’t taken up by a bed while you’re asleep. Alternatively, use an easy-to-store folding bed.
  • Arrange the Room According to Your Needs. Your bed plan should be re-evaluated. You can maximize the minimum space around your bed by moving items to create more walking space. 
  • Furniture Selection Is Important. Furniture should be selected carefully. Using side shelves and mounted end tables can make your room more space-efficient. 
  • Consider the Room’s Height. Working on the floor is not the only thing you can do. Rather than adding a floor bed, you can use wall shelves.

Choosing the Right Mattress Dimensions for Your Room

Your bedroom dimensions are the most important factor when choosing a new mattress. While big beds are nice, you should also leave enough space for you to move around in your room comfortably. However, people who do not wish to sleep over each other may have difficulties obtaining a comfortable sleep when the bed is pushed against the wall.

Measure the bed frame first, not the mattress itself. Ensure that the headboard is not forgotten. Place painter’s tape on the floor where you plan to place the bed to mark the footprint of the frame. To walk around the bed and the foot of the bed, you will need at least three feet. Ensure you have sufficient space to open any closet doors or armoires as well as to pull any drawers on dressers. Also, make sure the nightstands fit. Likewise, consider whether making the bed will be easy.

There should not be any clutter in your room, since you don’t want it to feel claustrophobic. Free movement should be possible in a comfortable environment. Even so, you can go one size down if the room feels tight or get a platform bed for extra storage and to eliminate an extra dresser. Our guide to closet organization recommends Underbed Storage Boxes from Sterilite, Clear Weathertight Totes from The Container Store, and Misslo Folding Breathable Jumbo Storage Bags. Dust will be kept at bay.

Choosing the right mattress dimensions for your room might be hectic sometimes, that’s why our team highlighted some of the best mattresses in the market. Check them here.