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Top Pick: Saatva Classic Mattress

If you want to buy the best Saatva Mattress, but don’t have the time to do research on them and compare their prices, then just go for this one.

After long research, we recommend Saatva Classic Mattress as our first choice.

The Saatva mattress, according to saatva reviews, stands out among the online mattress market. Mattresses are delivered by truck rather than by box. The company, unlike many others, typically sells products over 1000 dollars that are considered luxury items online.

It’s worth mentioning that Saatva’s mattress doesn’t seem to be the only luxury mattress on the market with a high coil count and fine materials. Fortunately, the company’s mattresses are among the best designed and constructed online. We rank Saatva Classic Innerspring and the Loom and Leaf Memory Foam Mattress as the top mattresses in the guides on both foam mattresses also innerspring mattresses. Our team also tested a variety of Saatva beds, including their hybrid Latex model.

Our Recommendation

Saatva Classic

This Mattress Is Soft and Supple

When you want convenience of shopping online but likes innerspring mattress, Saatva’s Classic mattress is perfect. Mattresses come with free trial periods of 180 days, and there are 3 firmness levels so you can find the right fit for you.

Saatva Classic stands out among online mattresses, which are usually foams/hybrids. Online shopping is one in few convenient ways to buy innerspring mattresses. In addition to a plush top and pocketed coils near the top, Saatva Classic features pockets of coils for good bounce. Saatva Classic mattress is shipped in the box, not by movers, just like all other mattresses from Saatva Company. The Saatva trial period is generous, and has a 180-day return policy.

Our Recommendation

Leaf & Loom

No Bounce, Luxury Feel

Despite its price tag, this mattress features some of densest foam density we’ve seen in a mattress under $1,000. It is more long lasting than most foam mattresses. Both firmness levels can also be able to accommodate the majority of sleep positions.

As a result of its density, Loom and Leaf memory foam mattresses sag very little. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone weighing above 200 pounds. Compared to typical foam mattress covers, this mattress’ thick, quilted top is plusher and less squishy. Memory foam allows the Loom and Leaf to reduce motion more effectively than Saatva Classic.



Mattresses Made of Latex-Foam

In comparison to many comparable foam mattresses, a Zenhaven mattress could cost $1,000 more comparable alternatives online, but it would be more durable, breathable, and cooler. We may think this latex mattress is a good value, even though it is expensive.

For Zenhaven’s foam structures, Talalay latex is the product of rubber trees that grow in the Talalay area. The Dunlop latex mattresses, on the other hand, are much stiffer than Talalay latex mattresses. There is also the possibility of using Zenhaven mattresses if you are not sure which firmness would be best for you (the Luxury Plush side is medium-firm, while the Gentle Firm side is firm). Even though this mattress lacks softness, it provides excellent edge support to provide the sleeper with a better night’s sleep. A rock of this kind should be able to support the weight of a person who weighs at least 200 pounds, based on its natural attributes.

Our Recommendation

Saatva Classic

A Soft Innerspring Mattress

We think that Saatva Classic may be one of best options if you’re looking for a mattress you can order online but like an innerspring. 3 firmness levels are available to accommodate all sleeping positions; you can test it for 180 days.

Our Recommendation

Leaf & Loom

No bounce, luxury feel

Despite its price tag, this mattress features some of densest foam density we’ve seen in a mattress under $1,000. It is more long lasting than most foam mattresses. Both firmness levels can also be able to accommodate the majority of sleep positions.

Our Recommendation


Mattresses Made of Latex-Foam

Compared to foam mattresses, this mattress should be more resilient, breathable, cooler, and more durable. Although the mattresses may be costly, we believe they are a good price for what you get.

Saatva Classic

Our Recommendation

Saatva Classic

A Comfortable Innerspring Mattress

We think Saatva Classic is one of the best options if you’re looking for a mattress you can order online but like an innerspring. Three firmness levels are available to accommodate all sleeping positions; you can test it for 180 days.

  • Its purpose. People that prefer a sturdy, resilient feel might prefer its soft top layer. Among Saatva’s mattresses you will find Luxury Firm selection (also known as the Medium option). Those who sleep on their sides prefer Plush Soft, and those who sleep on their backs or stomachs should choose Firm.
  • What it’s like. Luxury Firm bounced well during our testing, and we found it to be plush and supportive on top. After a little while, the mattress feels a little softer, though it is still medium-firm.
  • The things we like. Among the few mattresses(innerspring) available online, Saatva Classic is available to buy online by ease. 684 individual, more-pliable coils are wrapped on top, while 416 wider, thicker coils support the base required for support. In addition to the top layer of foam, the mattress has a three inch polyfoam also fiber Eurotop (another cushion layer sewed beneath the surface), which provides the best cushioning. The result is a feeling of resiliency, plushness, and support.

Assuming that Avocado, Parachute, and WinkBed are grouped in the first three positions in the top pick voting, Saatva Classic was ranked second. We tested mattresses from nine different companies, and those which were rated by five mattress testers were regarded as the best mattresses among the nine, even among mattresses using twice as much material. Two other mattress testers rated the Saatva Classic as the second best mattress.

Sleeping in this bed sounded great, and I looked ahead to using it every night during the home test. As someone who is not a fan of overly billowy beds, I found the Classic’s Euro top optimal for cuddling. The bounce in the bed didn’t cause me to wake up quite as much as when my husband rolled over. The buoyant feeling makes up for the loss of motion isolation for me.

Tempur-Pedic’s Saatva Classic feels and looks great and is surprisingly affordable for innerspring mattresses. It generally retails for $1,500 it isn’t on sale. The three types of firmness are available, so regardless of whether you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach, there is likely to be one that suits you. Our mattress guide suggests Saatva Classic as an alternative to the more expensive WinkBed (so that fresh mattress smell got dissipated before delivery), and it is delivered for free. The warranty offered by this company goes for 15 years in addition to the 180-day free trial period.

  • Our dislikes. If you are sensitive with your partner’s movement while you sleep, then Saatva Classic isn’t the mattress for you. Despite top coils being individually wrapped, bottom coils aren’t. This results in the bed being less motion-isolating than the WinkBed, for example. Those that prefer clothing without bounce will prefer Saatva’s Loom and Leaf.

Saatva Classic requires some inbreak time as well. After trying the mattress for the first time in 2018, we found to be medium-firm, but it has become softer (at least for me). Those that prefer it might be interested in Plush Soft model, which we haven’t tested; it’s a “soft” mattress, but not one that’s “soft”.

With active Zone technology (Lumbar) Luxury Firm still had to offer more support to my husband (60 pounds). It isn’t yet in our copy of Firm, so we don’t know if it is available there. The fact that people come with all sizes and with shapes and can sprawl unexpectedly means we usually aren’t overwhelmed by zoned technology.

These mattresses are denser in the core than Saatva’s Loom and Leaf. An employee of the company refused to provide more specific information regarding the density of memory foam and polyfoam. The qualities of this innerspring mattress are typical to those within this price range, even though the density and the features are lower than the ones found in the Loom and Leaf. Steel coils keep the mattress from making body impressions, and its quilting may help with joint pain. Saatva mattresses have been enjoying long life for some, according to this Reddit thread. Due to the size and also shape of the sleeper, we believe this might be the case. In the long run, your Euro-top mattress as well pillow-top mattress may sag if you weigh more than the weight limit recommended for the mattress. In other words, you should alternate your mattress every 6 months so as to ensure equal comfort.

Owner Feedback on Saatva Classic

In total, 39 highly rated owner reviews (which had been posted in 2019 to 2020 and were not fake or vague) were found. Saatva’s customer service accounted for nearly 30 percent of the best comments, despite the small sample size. We’ve noticed that the percentage has been much higher with other online companies.

The reviewers who complained about sagging did so nonetheless; six reviewed under 200 pounds, while the rest weighed less or did not mention weight. Most owners of the mattresses had been using them for over 1 year before they came to hate them. Mattress with latex foam is intrinsically durable than one with innersprings, which may be especially helpful for heavier people, especially those who prefer innerspring mattresses.

Our Recommendation

Loom and Leaf

No Bounce, Luxury Feel

This thick foam filling and quilted top compare well to mattresses well under $1,000 (and should last longer). Additionally, its 2 firmness volume should allow it to accommodate most sleeping positions.

Is it recommended? Definitely.

  • The purpose of it. A memory foam mattress designed exclusively by Loom and Leaf will suit anyone who prefers a cradling feeling over sinking into it. If you sleep on your side, you may benefit from a mattress that has a Relaxed Firm feel. Firm version is recommended for those who sleep on their back or stomach. Firm may be the better choice for those whose weight is over 200 pounds, since it provides more support.+
  • What it feels like. We only saw the Firm (which is firmer) in the showroom, but it’s medium firm that cradles, while being semi-firm.
  • The things we like. Loom and Leaf mattresses have thick, quilted covers, like those you would find on the good mattress. Cover padding provides a softer feel than the usual one-note memory-foam mattress. As well as being cuddly, it is substantial. I hoped it would last at least one week. The mattress my husband likes is firm despite the fact that we both weigh less than 200 pounds.

With a density of four pounds/cubic foot, Loom and Leaf’s top layer is the most dense online mattress, and its cooling gel is well placed (even though perforations and gel don’t seem to matter much). A five-pound foam layer (memory) is also positioned beneath the top layer of the mattress. This mattress is able to withstand even heavier people like perhaps people who weigh above 250 pounds (please refer to the owner reviews below). In addition to providing motion isolation, this mattress is made of foam.

Compared to other mattresses, the Loom and Leaf mattress does not have as strong an edge support as some of them do. Despite everything, we were not afraid to fall. Among the mattresses tested in 2020, the Relaxed Firm from Loom and Leaf outperformed both the Serta iComfort and the Loom and Leaf (both of which are more than $1,000). Loom and Leaf was preferred by 20 respondents out of 29. The 2019 Casper Wave was softer than the 2018 wave. For 2019, the Wave and Loom and Leaf performed almost equally. The Casper Wave users report feeling more spacious than loom and leaf users.

Loom and Leaf mattresses are delivered by movers unboxed, as with all Saatva mattresses. Unlike many other mattresses, this is factory-made, so it has already off-gassed most of the time.

  • Our dislikes. Saatva’s Relaxed Firm provides a middle ground between Company Firm and Relaxed Firm. Though a hybrid mattress is more long lasting than one based on an online bed, it offers only slightly better edge support than most online beds. I was quite surprised that this mattress was quite hot, especially given the cooling gel technology and also pin core design. However, I wasn’t bothered much by winter. While durable, the coolant holes may cause foam’s elasticity to decline slightly. With a density of 4 pounds, the top layer of this mattress should be tougher than typical online mattresses worth $1,000.

Owner-Review for Loom and Leaf

We were able to find 16 recent, quality reviews regarding the Loom and Leaf. Positive customer feedback for Saatva Classic is highlighted by good customer service. It is not known how the Loom and Leaf feels, but it received bad reviews from guests in both 2019 and 2020 for being “too firm.” Loom and Leaf mattresses have not been specified whether they are soft and saggy, Relaxed Firm, or Firm in many reviews. Individuals who weigh between 250 and 500 pounds tend to sag with the Relaxed Firm version. We suggest you try the Firm version or the Tempur-Adapt mattress due to latex foam’s inherent durability.


Lax-Foam Mattress at Its Best

Even though it costs $1,000 more, the entire latex Zenhaven mattress will provide you with a mattress that is more responsive, breathable, and cooler. Despite being quite expensive, we believe this mattress offers good value for the money.

Is it recommended? Definitely.

  • The purpose of it. Sleepers who like soft cushion without sinking in should find the latex-foam Zenhaven to be ideal. In addition, people of any weight can use it, including those that who weigh over 200 pounds.
  • What it feels like. The handles on these foam mattress will make your life easier when choosing the mode of flipping. There are softer sides of this mattress than its Medium Firm side, so side sleepers can enjoy it as well. In general, the subtle Firm side is deemed to feel firmer (up to 20% firmer according to the company).
  • The things we like. There are two layers of latex present in the Zenhaven bed. Sleep On the Latex Green(Pure) is not the only Talalay mattress that is cheaper, cheaper, cheaper. We believe this mattress will be durable for those over 200 pounds since latex is naturally longer lasting than polyurethane foam or memory foam. On either side of Zenhaven, there is no stretch. Additionally, Dunlop latex mattresses tend to be breathable than other types of mattresses.

The Zenhaven was the place where I slept for several months. Though I preferred a more pillow-like feeling (like Saatva Classic), I now prefer the Zenhaven’s Luxury Plush side. After breaking it in for a few weeks, I became aware of its cushioned cradle and supple surface. It does not affect my ability to jump on it like my son, who is 10 years old. During the night, I am not awakened by his movements. A foam mattress such as the Loom and Leaf offers slightly better edge support than this mattress does. Even though he weighs less than 200 pounds also sleeps mostly on the back, Zenhaven has provided him with more support and comfort.

A Zenhaven mattress is transported by moving companies, so it does not have the same odor issues as a boxed mattress. Despite the fact that there are two firmness levels, you can turn between the Plush side as well as the Gentle side. To ensure your mattress is flipped once, Saatva will get movers to assist you with its weight (a queen mattress weighs 125 pounds).

  • Our dislikes. Zenhaven is still less fluffy than similar-priced innerspring or foam mattresses, despite being more luxurious-feeling than most other latex mattresses online. We reviewed 29 foam mattresses in 2020 for this review, and only two testers (out of 29) gave it a higher rating. I think it will last for long time, they both said, and it is comfortable and supportive. The PranaSleep Lotus Asana 6 in Plush was our overall winner in our blind test due to its combination of latex foam and polyurethane foam and its affordable price.

A sturdy, quality basis bed or boxspring and also frame that are in good shape is required to restrain the weight of Zenhaven. The Zenhaven is particularly heavy and two-sided. Saatva offers consumers two height options for their foundation (boxspring and metal frame).

Owner Review for Zenhaven

Only 18 owner reviews were available for Zenhaven – it’s hard to get them. Despite the small sample size, there can be no hard conclusions drawn about customer service. Although this owner of six feet four inches height (but not weight) wrote a particularly descriptive post, another owner who has owned the dog for a long time wrote another particularly descriptive post. As long as the mattress is rotated every 6 months, it remains comfortable and resilient, but he discovered an imprint on his hip when he hadn’t rotated it every 6 months. Our next step will be to collect more highly regarded reviews.

Hybrid Latex from Saatva Reviews

Is it recommended? There is no specific answer.

  • Its purpose. You can find all the sturdiness you need and all the sumptuousness you need in Saatva Hybrid. You should consider this bed if you’re a stomach or back sleeper, or if you have trouble staying asleep. Those weighing above 200 pounds should find it sturdy enough to use.
  • What it feels like. It’s a medium-firm hybrid mattress of latex and coils that measures 13 inches in height. There is some protection and some cradling in this product, which feels buoyant. Although not plush, the mattress is more like an extension of the bed.
  • Why we like it. The product is constructed with advanced technologies and made with high-quality materials. In the textile industry, a hand-tufted cotton quilt top can be described as an attached cotton quilt top. Additionally to its ability to last for a long time, tufting is also credited to its capability to reduce the odor of glue when compared to its use as a means of holding layers together. As an alternative to tufting, online hybrids can also be covered in socks-like covers which reduce body impression to a greater extent than tufting alone.

It uses half as much Talalay latex foam as the Casper Wave, a mattress made with 3 inches of Talalay latex foam. Due to its natural breathing and durability, latex is superior to polyurethane and memory foam. It often comes in cheap mattresses but lacks the breathability and feel of latex, while Talalay has minerals that give it a supple feel and more breathability than Dunlop.

The Saatva Latex Hybrid was tested in Courtney Schley’s home for several months by our supervising editor. In terms of both stability and support, it provided a significant amount of support. During that period, she was feeling buoyant, according to her. Although there are some cushions in this chair, there aren’t any luxurious ones. As a motion isolation material, Thermoplastic foam, similar to an innerspring mattress, does not provide shock absorption; however, it does provide some bounce and springiness. A thick fringe coils surround the edge of the mattress, which provides excellent edge support.

Saatva Latex Hybrid should heat up less than polyfoam mattresses and all-foam mattresses because of breathable materials. We have not tested the Saatva Hybrid (Latex) during the summer, so we have not found out how cool it is during warm weather.

Currently we don’t have enough Saatva Latex reviews to identify trends, but we will update this chart once more reviews become available.

  • Our dislikes. Although the coils may be individually wrapped, there could still be some movement such as the coils themselves may shift due to their construction. The Saatva Classic is less likely to experience motion transfer than the Saatva Elite, but it will yield the same level of comfort when paired with foam like the Loom & Leaf or Zenhaven.

We like Tempur-Adapt as well as Leesa Hybrid Mattress which have about 1,000 coils, but the Latex Hybrid has 789 coils (far fewer than our favorite hybrid mattresses). A mattress without coils may not conform to the body the way it should. Despite this, the resilience of the layer makes for it.

It is not an ahhh kind of bed, as Courtney observed. Instead of cradling you, it seems to lift you up. Pressure may also be accumulated in those who need cushioning on their sides, as mattresses often do. In addition to Courtney’s shoulders hurting, the Saatva Latex Hybrid caused her lower back to ache. In addition to the Saatva Latex mattress, the Saatva company offers an array of other mattress types. A colorful yarn tassel is attached to the decorative yarn on the tuftings of each latex hybrid. It took a few weeks for the tassel of her test mattress to rip. On the test mattress, the tassels ripped off after a few weeks due to poor attachment.

Adjustable Saatva Solaire

With Saatva’s Solaire, you can adjust the firmness level, which is controlled by a remote, by choosing foam on the top of an air chamber. This guide will be updated once we’ve tried Solaire. Let’s discuss what is known in meantime.

The Sleep Number i8 bed is a stiff competitor to Saatva’s Solaire bed. This mattress features a pillow top as well as Talalay latex and polyurethane gel-infused memory foam layers. Additionally, it is $800 cheaper on the i8 model. You’re unlikely to utilize all of Sleep Number’s 50 settings very often. Sleep Number beds seem to be better at providing comfort than polyurethane foam beds, at least according to what I have experienced. Our ability to determine whether or not a mattress is good or bad is determined by how it feels when we are lying on it. Due to Sleep Number’s lack of disclosure about the production process, there can be no comparison between the durability of the Sleep Number and the Solaire.

As standard model, the Solaire can be ordered in any size, be it twin, king, or even something in between. The above features are equipped with dual air sections so partners can choose their firmness level; these models are available in queen, king, and split king sizes.

With the standard model, any bed frame will work. Queen, king, and split king-sized mattresses are available in Upper-Flex. There is an adjustable platform for each side of each mattress that enables independent adjusting of both sides. Saatva also offers Upright Full and Upright Flex adjustable frames in addition to its Linear Adjustable Base Standard. Couples can position their heads and shoulders independently by using the remote control on the Upper-Flex frame. With the Split King Solaire, the upper-flex can also elevate the lower body of each individual separately.

Saatva HD

Saatva launched its Saatva HD mattress in May 2019 for people who weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. This mattress will be tested in the near future. In addition to a quilted top layer, Saatva HD features thicker layers of foam and coils.

We were particularly interested in a pillow top from HD since it indents particularly easily for heavier people. It has a heavyweight memory foam layer atop the latex layer. Further, the coils within this device have a thicker gauge than those inside the Big Fig and other devices of this company. Neither durability nor appeal are determined by this factor. To accommodate people who weigh over 200 pounds, we will also discuss these issues in a guide upcoming.

This mattress is strongly recommended to be used on a solid basis bed with a solid vertical support in the middle of the mattress. The representatives of HD on the other hand urged us to go with their durable slatted wooden foundation as opposed to inflatable foundations.The user reviews we found were surprisingly few and unhelpful. The results of my mattress testing and analysis of any trends will be reported back to you.

Saatva Youth

Saatva’s coil-and-foam youth mattress costs more than some adult mattresses. Its dual-sided construction allows its foam to expand with your child as a result of its double-layered construction. Zoned polyfoams range in density from 1.4 lb/ft3 to 1.8 lb/ft3. Kids 3 and older should use this side of the bin. There is a softer foam side and a coil side of the mattress. The program is best suited to their abilities. Saatva Youth bunks are fine as long as their guardrails are 5 inches higher than the mattress. For those who enjoy natural products, a cork mattress is an excellent choice. No online reviews are available yet, and we haven’t yet tested the mattress.

Deliveries, Warranties, and Returns

As a result of our partnership with a moving company, we will be able to deliver our mattresses free of charge. Having the package delivered on a day when you will be at home means that I would like to request a four hour window to make sure I get home in time. The process in which this mattress is being removed will not incur additional fees since your previous mattress will not be removed during this time.

Loom and Leaf and Saatva Classic both provide 15-year warranties for loom and leaf and hybrid products made from latex. The 25-year warranty from Solaire is higher than that offered by HD or Zenhaven. On the Saatva Youth Mattress, a 12-year warranty is included. You’ll be entitled to a free mattress for two years if you choose a prorated warranty. A $100 shipping fee is the only charge for any repairs made over the next two years.

It is important to note that Saatva mattresses do not offer a return, exchange, or trial policy. As compared to most of its competitors, the mattresses allow you to test them for 180 nights before you purchase them. In the event that you aren’t satisfied with the mattress, the refund amount will be less the shipping costs. The Saatva Group plans to open another store in New York City in addition to the one in New York City.