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With the Sleep Number bed reviews, you can make an informed decision about which mattress is best for you. The idea of paying thousands of dollars for a mattress full of air seems as ridiculous as paying inflated prices for bottled water. An enticing bonus and some effective marketing will allow you to accomplish even the most impossible task. It is possible to adjust the cushioning level of all 11 models of the leading brand in the category, Sleep Number. If people sleep alone and prefer their mattress to be firm, they may feel that Sleep Number is overpriced. A pair with very different preferences in mattress firmness may find it worth the extra money to invest in an adjustable air-filled chamber.


Why Trust Us

Since 2011, We Have Employed a Senior Writer to Write About Sleep Number Beds. Furthermore, I Write Mattress Buying Guides, Make Sleep Trackers, and Sleep Monitors. in Order to Gain This Knowledge, I Have Attended Virtually Every Mattress Trade Show in The Area and Tested Many Mattresses Myself. a Spokesperson of The National Sleep Foundation Explains how To Relieve Pressure Points, Align the Spine, and Develop a Comfortable Sleep Environment. Tests of Sleep Number Beds Led to The Creation of An In-Depth Review Guide. the Xbox 360 P6 Was Also My Possession During This Period.

How Sleep Number Bed Reviews Works

We offer two mattress lines from Sleep Number: one for our 360 Smart Bed linen collection and one for our Value Bed collection.

There Are Four Series of Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds, and Each Series Includes Multiple Models:

  • Series Classic
  • Performing Series
  • Innovate Series
  • The cooling memory foam

Offers Two Options:

  • An excellent bed
  • A good night’s sleep

A Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed, Value Bed, or Balance Bed offers both comfort and support in one layer due to the same layer of foam in the top and low structure. A Sleep Number mattress does not contain foam or springs. (Except in Classic and Value series). The air chambers and padding are designed differently. Air chambers can be as firm or as soft as couples desire. The bed comes with sleep trackers as well.

Based on Sleep Number Bed Reviews, Here’s how Each Component Works:

  • Changing the firmness level of your mattress is as simple as increasing or decreasing the amount of air in the chamber. A mattress can be adjusted with a 5-step increment (thereby offering 20 total settings) using the SleepIQ App or remote ($40 extra). It starts out at 5 (least firm) and goes as high as 100 (most firm). An attached tissue box-sized pump comes with it ($300 for a queen). A pump must be grounded otherwise. (The Value Beds can be used with any $300 compatible base, because their pump can be mounted on the floor.
  • Sleep Number mattresses have separate air chambers on each side, except for twin and full-size mattresses, so users can individually adjust the firmness with their partner. Responsive Air in 360 Smart Beds responds to your movements while sleeping. Rolling to your side during sleep may cause you to have difficulty breathing. In my testing at home, I did not notice any difference due to the small and infrequent adjustments. When a person’s bed is altered abruptly (or by an unintentional change), a low buzzing sound may awaken them. The likelihood of this happening is higher for those who light sleep.
  • In addition, the air chamber’s foam cushion. Cost of mattresses without dense foam is higher than that of mattresses with it. Even after spending thousands of dollars on Sleep Number, the company refuses to disclose what kind of foam it uses. (We believe customers should be fully informed when shopping.) Sleep Number mattresses, with the exception of Cooling Memory Foam (M7) beds, are generally made from polyurethane foam (also called polyfoam). Our foam mattress guide shows that the Tuft & Needle is similar to the mattress we tested. If you do not want to buy the Cooling Memory Foam bed (m7), you won’t find the Sleep Number mattresses to be exceptionally thick or cushiony. Compared to the Classic (c) and Value (s) lines, Innovation (i) and Performance (p) lines provide more cushioning.
  • Mattresses from Sleep Number include sensors designed to track your sleeping patterns. By measuring the heartbeat, breathing patterns, and movement patterns, SleepIQ is able to determine heart rate, breathing patterns, and movement patterns. The data is analysed by a cloud-based algorithm and a sleep report is generated to show when restlessness occurred. SleepIQ records your sleep so that you can improve it and learn more about it. You can wear a sleep-tracking sensor at any time (instead of a sensor that is only worn at night) without setting it up every night. Since the sensor begins tracking your movements as soon as you get into bed, if you read while asleep, the tracking will be split up (though if you are two hours apart, the tracking will be combined).

When we called for technical support, the customer service representative was shocked at how much information was available (“It appears that your husband woke up at 5:30 a.m. yesterday…”). Sleep Number claims that unless you give them permission to view your information, they will not be able to do so. (The privacy statement provides more information.) With the privacy setting, the sleep recorder will not send sleep records to you, so you will not be able to see sleep records.

There are many ways to track your sleep (each with their own pros and cons) whether you use a fitness tracker or an app. In the case of not having decided yet whether to buy an Sleep Number mattress, SleepIQ shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Sleep Number Bed Reviews Highlights

Invest in a mattress that provides more comfort than the one you are paying for now at a lower price. Listed below are our favorite mattresses (including foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and cheap mattresses). The Performance Series and Innovation Series are good choices if you want adjustable firmness and a flexible budget. Most of the mattresses from the Classic Series and Value Bed lines do not provide comfortably supportive sleeping surfaces. A plush mattress with good support is available with the Innovation Series beds.

Reviewers of Sleep Number beds note that their beds have foot-heating systems that enhance sleep quality. A similar solution is to raise your spouse’s bed to prevent snoring. Sadly, these features are not available unless you purchase an adjustable frame (sold separately). These bases can be quite expensive, considering their price range of $1,200 to $2,400.

The Following Is an Overview of The Mattresses

among Sleep Number’s Classic Series 360 Smart Beds

The Classic Series mattresses from Sleep Number certainly feel like entry-level mattresses despite their low price (under $1500 for a queen). A dormitory bed, I think, would be 8 inches thick and 2 inches of foam. In the bladder is a bladder full of air, which provides the mattress with the rest of its loft. In fact, there is an inch of extra foam, which makes the mattress not feel as cuddly. This series is not recommended for people who aren’t used to sleeping on mats or who don’t plan to buy a mattress topper.

Sleep Number will introduce “temperature-balancing” features in 2020, like breathable fabric and gel materials that will keep mattresses cooler and more breathable.

Bed Smarts Performance Series Sleep Number 360

Classic Series and Performance Series differ in a few ways. “Cooling” pSEs, which are 12 inches tall and 4 inches thick, achieve a height of 10 inches. Its most popular mattress, an 11-inch mattress, is given an extra layer of cushioning.

The P6 mattress had a more comfortable surface compared to the P5, and was rugged, where the P5 was more flexible. At home, I felt as if the P6 was made of rubber. Even with the air bladder slightly softer, I still found myself too warm. Because the bed was less supportive and less fluffy after letting the air out, I didn’t feel comfortable. A conventional mattress offers a firmer bottom layer followed by a softer top layer (foam, fiber, or microspring). In order for Sleep Number beds to achieve the same thing, an upgrade to the pillowier Innovation Series mattress is required, as is more air pumped into the chamber.

The P6 worked for my partner as well. It was the first time he could accept my preference for medium soft mattresses without compromising (aka relenting). He was very sad when he had to return this mattress. When I visited Sleep Number, I didn’t see PSE (special edition), but a Sleep Number spokesperson claimed the foam bed mattress was “softer and plusher” than P series mattresses. Sleep Number doesn’t share any details about how its foam works, so we do not know exactly how it works.

The 360 Smart Bed mattress from Sleep Number will be more temperature-regulating in 2020, as noted above.

Innovation Series (i8, iLE, i10) by Sleep Number

Innovative Series mattresses are Sleep Number’s most luxurious products. These mattresses are “nice” even though they are relatively low plush compared to comparable foam or innerspring mattresses. My preference would be the Innovation line of Sleep Number mattresses for its extra cushioning if I could afford it. My husband, however, has less of a need for a luxurious mattress and is satisfied with a more affordable p6 mattress.

The foam is 6 inches thick and 12 inches thick (totalling 12 inches thick). I10 had just a little more padding, so it was just a bit fluffier. The iLE (limited edition) is designed to be soft and cooler, like the pSE from the Performance line.

Memory foam cooling (m7) from Sleep Number

Memory foam is only found in the m7 bed among Sleep Number bed reviews. You may want to consider the m7 mattress, even if it is rather pricey, if you prefer the feeling of a lighter memory foam mattress. There is no description of the foamy comfort portion, therefore we don’t know how dense or durable it is. As compared to a typical online foam mattress (such as Leesa or Casper), this one is much sinker. It lacks the assertive curve-conforming feel of something like the Tempur-Adapt.

Value Beds by Sleep Number

You can purchase Sleep Number’s Value Bed (s) as a “bed in a box”. Because of its contact-free delivery, the current Corona virus outbreak has lead to its extreme popularity, but it is set to be discontinued soon. There’s no difference in price between Value line (s3) and Classic (c) mattresses, but they have a quilted surface rather than a smooth one. There is also a layer of cushioning on two of the three sides of the quilt to help relieve pressure points. Foam in the different zones isn’t indicated on the company’s website. Despite being thicker than the entry-level Classic line C2 mattress, however, the comfort portion of this mattress does not exceed the two inches we found lacking in that bed, and the air pump appears to be in the floor instead of embedded in the mattress itself. The SleepIQ technology in these beds enables them to adapt their position based on your movements, however. It would be hard to imagine how quilting and zoned comfort layers could compensate for the thinness of the comfort layer. I doubt it will happen, especially since it seemed so sparse.

Sleep Number Bed Reviews: Owner Reviews

Among the Sleep Number bed reviews we searched online most were written by Sleep Number, the company from which Sleep Number mattresses are typically purchased. As of this writing, we have collected 34 negative reviews of our Classic (c) Series. Ten of those reviews mention problems with cushioning (they were specific, even-keeled, and written within the past year). There were some complaints that the mattress was too firm, too thin, bottomed out or did not relieve pressure well. Heavy sleepers may find the C series uncomfortable, while others report having more support after using a mattress topper.

In our study, we found that many of the negative reviews I found related primarily to the thinness of the mattress (only 1 out of 22 reviews mentioned it), which made up a majority for the Performance (p) Series. Of the 26 bad reviews, four were for the Innovation (i) Series mattresses. It is possible that the users expected more out of the mattresses since they cost so much more than others. There was a complaint made by three out of six owners who complained about a mattress with Cooling Memory Foam (M7) that was either too thin, too firm or did not relieve pressure.

Obviously, this isn’t a scientific sample. However, if you find a billowy mattress to be appealing, the lack of cushion in all Sleep Number bed reviews is a concern. After adding an aftermarket mattress topper (not necessarily from Sleep Number), some sleepers were satisfied with the mattress, but others were annoyed at having to spend more money or that the mattress topper wouldn’t stay on the mattress. A user complained that his adjustable bed frame was no longer warm enough due to the addition of the mattress topper. With only one layer of coating, the warming mechanism should still work, but with any additional coatings it won’t work.

The thin cushioning was also reported as a complaint (which might be related). Neither my husband nor I have ever encountered this issue, but I could see how some couples might feel frustrated if the cushion is too thick, your weight is excessive, and the firmness of the cushion is beyond what you and your partner are comfortable with. As part of the sleep number mattress, there is a foam base included for free, known as the “chamber lift.” This is positioned in the softer middle of the mattress. It is therefore suggested that a couple should both try out the mattress before buying it.

SleepIQ has received both negative and positive reviews on the Sleep Number website and on the app store. There has been a report that reading long stories in bed or having a dog there can disturb sleeping patterns (although these conditions will be recorded separately if at least two hours elapse between them). Some users were woken by noise when they changed positions in bed; others were not. It is common for the mattress to never even adjust to your body, so I am concerned it could be doing too little. Numerous users were frustrated with the functionality of the app. While I haven’t personally experienced the benefits of a strong Wi-Fi signal, my experience illustrates their importance.

Sleep Number Bed Reviews Compared by Size

Sizes of the ranges in the chart indicate the price ranges. Beds on the high end generally feature flexible tops, or split tops on California king beds. Only king- and California-king-sized mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases including Split and FlexTop. Split mattresses and flex top mattresses are generally the same price. According to the majority of sleep number bed reviews, split mattresses can only be used with adjustable structure that fits our upper bodies; flex tops are suitable for both upper and lower bodies as well.

Delivery, Returns, and Warranties:

Products by Value Bed (s) are delivered free of charge by UPS ground. In-person pickup is available for $200 per line. The Home Delivery team will install the air pumps on your Sleep Number Comfort Service Mattress and demonstrate how to use the iPhone app. If normal conditions apply, we deliver your mattress to your door. My mattress only had one chamber instead of the two I requested due to a New York traffic jam, although my delivery window was missed twice. I realized this after my third delivery attempt. A Sleep Number representative emailed me once my reorder had been confirmed. Customer service did not seem to be a major problem for most according to user reviews.

There is a 100-night trial period for Sleep Number mattresses, but you are only allowed to return the mattress after 30 days. Choosing to return the mattress also incurs a $200 restocking fee. There is no return policy for mattresses with adjustable bases.

The mattress warranty at Sleep Number is 15 years. Sleep Number’s operations will be aligned with industry standards if it keeps up with them. There are a variety of warranties included with the Sleep Number bed reviews accessories (for example, the remote is available separately with a 1-year warranty). Each year following the second, you will have to pay an increasing percentage of the repair costs. The cost of this can be quite high. The pump on a worker’s Sleep Number mattress broke after six years, following her participation in our firm’s reviews of sleep number mattresses.

It is likely that

Sleep Number plans to release its Climate 360 Smart Bed in 2022. Temperature and firmness preferences will be taken into account in the design of the bed. During a sleep session, the bed will measure heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate. It adjusts the temperature and firmness of the bed based on the movement of your body. Sleep Number bed reviews also provide a new children’s bed.