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Top Pick: Saatva Classic Mattresses

If you’re looking for the best mattress, but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then just go for this one.

After long research, we recommend Saatva Classics Mattress as our first choice.

The types of mattresses largely remain unchanged despite the many innovations that startups and old-school companies announce concerning games-changing technology. The vast majority of mattresses fall into three main categories: spring (or innersprings), foam, and hybrids. We go into great detail about what you should be looking for in a mattress in our mattress buying guide, but if you’re looking for a new mattress, we recommend that you at least try out a couple of different types – maybe nothing will surprise you.

Innerspring Mattresses

Because these types of mattresses are what you are familiar with as a child, it’s highly likely that you slept on these mattresses as a child. As an example, the bed provides support in the form of a grid of springs and coils, topped with layers of padding, so it is a great way to sleep at night. Its top layer is incredibly bouncy, so you won’t feel like you’re in a cradle while sleep, instead, you’ll be held up rather than cradled. In our opinion, there are different types of coils available; however, the coils are usually pocketed, creating improved motion isolation and better contouring than available in normal open coil systems at the moment. In terms of mattress edge support, you can have foam or coil edging that is firmer just as an envelope. There is a possibility that the transition layers will include padding, and sometimes these transition layers will even contain foam, microsprings (but not as much as in a hybrid mattress), or a combination of both.

The top layer of an innerspring mattress contains fabric wrapped in fibers such as cotton, polyester, and wool, or foam that enhances the comfort level of the mattress. There is generally agreement that innerspring mattresses with foam are considered hybrids, and innerspring mattresses with quilted tops are considered innersprings, and innerspring mattresses with sock covers (simple fabric stitched over the entire mattress) are considered innerspring beds. Mattresses with pillow tops come with an innerspring cushion sitting on top of the fabric cover on the mattress. Euro-top mattresses have a fabric covering which is sewed onto a padding underneath. A tight top is a top without any additional padding as suggested by its name.

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We Recommend

Saatva Classic

Innerspring Mattresses Are Dependable

The Saatva mattress offers a classic innerspring bounce that combines it with the comfort of an understated euro top. With this bed, you won’t be completely engulfed in your mattress, but still have time to cuddle beside it. I think that there are some issues with the motion of the phone, but it is still a pretty decent phone.

Foam Mattress

It is important to note that foam mattresses are constructed of layers of foam; their absence of springs tends to mean that they are not particularly bouncy and tend to cradle the body. These types of mattresses became very popular in the 1990’s after Tempur-Pedic was introduced and today the vast majority of online mattress shops are offering such a type of bed. The difference between layers of foam is the amount of support it provides (e.g. polyurethane and latex foam from the bottom layer to the transition layer), the amount of comfort it provides (memory foam from the top layer to the comfort layer), etc. As a rule, mattresses made of all-latex foam will have more support and sink less than those with a top layer of memory foam, which may be described as having a “hug” effect. In a foam mattress there is a subtle transition between the top layer and the bottom layer that has an important role to play in the comfort of the mattress. It is due to this reason that when you buy a mattress that is more expensive, you will often find that there are several layers of foam sandwiched between the foam layers.

Our Recommendation

Novaform ComfortGrande

For Less than $1,000

I believe this Costco bestseller to be an excellent value, as its numerous layers of denser foam are likely to be stronger (and possibly more durable) than mattresses which are twice more expensive. It was confirmed by a couple of the test subjects that this product would give them a warm cuddly feeling while remaining supportive on the other hand.

Our Recommendation


Latex Mattresses

There are less expensive versions of the all-latex Zenhaven mattress on the internet, but I believe that the all-latex Zenhaven mattress is going to prove to be more durable and breathable in comparison to many foam mattresses (and therefore, probably feel cooler as well). This latex mattress, in our opinion, is a good deal, considering the fact that good latex mattresses are normally very expensive.

Hybrid Mattress

In a hybrid mattress, there types of mattresses generally a coil-and-foam support layer on the bottom and then a layer of foam topped with the comfort layer above it. It is actually possible for some people to enjoy the bounce and cradling sensation of an innerspring mattress as well as the stability and support of a foam mattress because hybrid mattresses combine both of these features. In terms of the proportion of foam to springs, it depends on the model and the brand of the mattress. As for the transition layer, this might also be a micro spring or foam layer, but foam is usually used as a transition layer.

Our Recommendation

Leesa Hybrid

Appealed to Everyone.

Its sink was just the right size for our staff members. These types of mattresses that Leesa offers is great at providing edge support for its customers. This mattress is comprised of individually wrapped coils and four layers of foam to create a more luxurious feeling of support.

Other Types of Mattresses

There are a variety of types of mattresses available today, which include innersprings, foam, and hybrid mattresses. You have the option to choose between either of these two, or you could choose another that takes a less conventional approach to cushioning and supporting your body.

Types of Mattresses with Adjustable Heights

There’s no doubt that when we think of air beds we immediately think of the relatively inexpensive ones used when guests come to stay with us but adjustable air beds will require you to put in a little bit more effort so that they remain comfortable throughout the night. At any time you can adjust the firmness level of the mattress using your smartphone or a remote control, while on the go. It is possible to adjust the side of your bed to suit your personal preferences with a variety of products, such as Sleep Number and ReST Bed.

Customizable Foam Mattresses

Essentially, these types of mattresses open up at the top and the inside spaces are filled with foam components that have varying degrees of firmness, making it possible for you to select the level of support that you require. The types of mattresses are also equipped with different ways of being set up on both sides, just like adjustable air beds, making it possible to meet the needs of multiple partners. Upon receiving a Reverie mattress, you will be prompted to create what the company calls DreamCells that are supported by different zones every part of the rectangle so that you can create the right sleep setting for you. In this program you have the option to remove and rearrange any components according to your preference – thus, if you are pregnant, you can have the program configured in a certain way, but differently once you have a child. As such, the M3 system offered by Bedgear comes with, among other features, an adjustable coil layer, offering you the possibility to adjust the comfort and support to suit both sides of the mattress at the same time.


The waterbed industry has dominated the popular culture for more than two decades, but in recent years they have not been as popular as they once were (although, a new company, Afloat, has been started by the original maker of the Pleasure Bed in an attempt to change that). In today’s world, most waterbeds come in the form of regular mattresses, which make them easy to use. It is surrounded by an enclosure, either made of wood or a cloth-covered frame that is able to contain the water chamber.

Note: Always go for products from reputable stores (some highlighted above) when choosing these types of mattresses