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Chronic pain is exhausting and I understand how difficult it is to just take care of yourself when you don’t know what way your body is going. After a long, stressful day at work and a day spent on the road, all one wants to do at the end of the day is lay down and get some sleep. There is no doubt that, sleeping with Arthritis is a problem to the individuals.

sleeping with arthritis

The United States is one of the leading countries in the world for chronic pain caused by arthritis, where nearly 54 million people suffer from it. The condition called painsomnia is often associated with arthritis sufferers because it is a closely related condition.

A pain-induced insomnia in other words, is the insomnia that comes as a result of pain caused by sleeping with arthritis. Many experts and doctors consider painsomnia a real condition, despite not having a clinical term for it. Sleeping can be difficult when you have chronic pain. You may feel tired the next day if you don’t get enough sleep. 

If you are struggling with arthritis, this article will provide you with tips and recommendations on choosing the perfect mattress for your situation. 

How to Sleep Better When You Have Arthritis

You might have trouble sleeping with arthritis. Getting comfortable enough to fall asleep may be difficult if you are sore and stiff. During the night, you might feel pain that keeps you awake. Cortisol levels aren’t as high at night as they are during the day, which could cause your pain to be more prominent at night. Your circadian rhythm is responsible for how you move from daytime to nighttime during the 24-hour cycle of the day. 

After midnight, production picks up, then slows in the evening. Inflammation can be controlled by cortisol, which is a hormone. As a result of too little cortisol production at night, those with arthritis, including those who have rheumatoid arthritis, are more likely to suffer from inflammation the next day.

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Here Are Six Tricks to Try if You Can’t Sleep Due to Arthritis:

  • Take a hot bath before bed. In case joint pain keeps you awake, try applying a heating pad before going to bed. You may not be able to sleep through the night, but you might feel relieved enough to do so. 
  • Pillows should be used wisely. Your spine and neck need to be aligned in order to get the best sleep. As well as extra pillows, you may need to adjust your sleeping position. Consider placing one between your knees, for instance, if you sleep on your side. 
  • Engage in daily physical activity. Exercising regularly can help you manage arthritis and improve your mobility. Focus on low-impact exercises that you can do right at home such as walking, biking, or swimming for about 20 to 30 minutes a day. 
  • Ensure that you are sleeping well. Despite arthritis pain, you can fall asleep more easily if you make your bedroom a haven for sleep. For a warm, dark, and quiet bedroom, use blackout curtains if necessary. Creating a bedtime routine may also be helpful. 
  • A heated blanket is a good investment. Your nighttime joints might feel more comfortable if you use a heated blanket or mattress pad. By keeping your joints warm, you might not wake up with sore joints the next morning. 
  • Take a sleep apnea test. Sleep apnea can lead to sleeping problems, so you’ll need to see a doctor if you’re experiencing them. Sleep apnea occurs when you occasionally stop breathing. You may not be able to sleep well due to it. 

Another option that you could try is to change your mattress. Your spine may become out of alignment if you sleep on an old or unsupportive mattress. If you suffer from arthritis pain, finding a better mattress might be the answer. 

A New Mattress Could Help You Sleep Better

Consider the mattress that you are currently using for a moment. Is it something that you have had for a long time? Is it comfortable and supported for you to sleep at night? This is probably the right time to move on to another interview, if you cannot answer these questions.

As it stands, the right mattress can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep at night, but there is also evidence to suggest that it might help you reduce arthritis pain as well. A mattress that provides you with proper support and keeps your spine in its natural alignment is imperative since you spend almost a third of your life sleeping. The product should be helpful in cushioning your joints, reducing pain and stiffness if you have arthritis. 

It’s important to look for support when buying a mattress for someone with arthritis. People experiencing back pain or joint pain should choose a medium-firm to firm mattress. In addition to supporting your body weight, you will need a mattress with enough give to prevent your joints from being over-stressed. 

Memory foam mattresses conform perfectly to the shape of your body, relieving pressure where it is required. Latex has a flat surface – a good feature for those who do not want to sleep on their mattress or “in” it, as opposed to “on” their mattress, meaning they do not want to sleep “in” it. As long as the top layer provides enough pressure relief, modern innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses can also be an excellent choice. 

Seven of The Best Mattresses for Arthritis Sufferers

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Arthritis can cause different symptoms depending on the type, but most of them cause joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and swelling of the muscles around the joints. Sleeping with arthritis can be uncomfortable because of symptoms like these, but a good bed can reduce pressure on your joints and make you more comfortable. 

Below Is a List of Seven of The Best Mattresses for Arthritis Sufferers:

Saatva Classic Mattress

With a queen size retail price of $1,499, this Saatva mattress is a luxurious innerspring mattress made from high quality material. There are two height options for this mattress: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches, and three levels of firmness to choose from. It is specially designed to provide optimal spinal support that can relieve back pain and help to relieve joint pain as well. The mattress is covered in layers of memory foam topped with individually pocketed coils and built on top of a tempered support coil base.

Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

An Amerisleep AS3 mattress is 12 inches tall and medium firm. Offering a 100-night sleep trial will allow a mattress to be customized to fit the sleeping patterns of most people. Both mattresses use plant-based Bio-Pur foam to keep you cool while you sleep and also come in a hybrid model made of memory foam and coils.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

With DreamCloud mattresses, you’ll have the impression that you are sleeping on a cloud because each mattress is made of a combination of memory foam and coils to provide a luxurious balance of support and comfort. Five layers of this mattress are included in the retail price of $1,598 for queen size. A layer of foam serves as the framework, with coils wrapped in foil individually wrapping support sections, and memory foam atop.


Layla Hybrid Mattress

The copper-infused memory foam in hybrid mattresses protects your spine and cushions your joints at the same time. You can choose between the soft and firm sides of this mattress by flipping it over to find out which is best for you. With this mattress you can try it out for 120 nights for free. 


Caspar Mattress

Caspar Original mattresses are available both in all-foam and hybrid versions, so you can sleep cool and comfortably no matter which model you pick. Zoned support in this mattress takes pressure off your joints by ergonomically aligning your spine. AirScape foam also helps circulate air over night, keeping you cool.

WinkBed Mattress

Sleep quality is improved with WinkBed mattresses. A number of features are offered in this mattress, such as individually pocketed coils, an Extra Edge support system, a Euro pillowtop with gel-infused memory foam, and a Tencel cooling cover. The mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty and a lifetime sleep trial for your convenience.

Bear Pro Mattress

With a queen size of 1,295 dollars, the Bear Pro is a foam-only mattress. A 5-layer memory foam mattress includes both copper-infused foam and gel memory foam. The Bear Pro mattress features a solid high-density foam foundation that prevents pressure points from forming and conforms to your body while providing ultimate pressure point relief.

You Can Sleep Better With Arthritis 

If you have arthritis pain, it shouldn’t take control of your life or prevent you from sleeping well. Getting treatment options and a new mattress are two things you may wish to consider. We’ve listed some of the best mattresses above that you could choose from if you are in need of a new mattress and in need of reducing the effects of sleeping with arthritis. Good luck!